Name Index


A Guide to Holy Trinity Church, Weare Giffard

Teignmouth, ARC Print, c. 1986

Index prepared by Michael Steer

Copies of these (homemade?) mimeographed booklets, bound with a single staple on their folded spines were placed as visitor guides in the church. A postscript to the booklet states,"No charge is made for this book but we shall be glad and grateful if you would please make as generous gift as you can towards the upkeep of the fabric. It is a heavy burden for a small parish so scattered as this. We are also in need of a new heating system" (p.11). The booklet is not paginated, so page numbers have been added as an aid to the genealogist.

Bilbie, Thomas of Cullompton    3
Bronescombe, Walter, Bishop of Exeter    10
Chichester, Elizabeth    8
Cromwell, Oliver    7
Denshille, Elizabeth    7
Denzell arms    7
Dillon, William    11
Edmund, King    9
Fortescue arms    6-8
Fortescue, Bartholomew    6
Fortescue, Eleanor    8
Fortescue, High    8
Fortescue, John    8
Fortescue, Sir Martin    7
Giffard family effigies    2
Giffard, Sir Walter    6
Honeycombe, Benjamin    11
Pomeroy arms    7
Specott, Maria    8
Warine (Rector of Weare Giffard, 1257)    10