Ministers and Incumbents of the Parish of Wembury (1611-1967)

Transcribed by Michael Steer

The following list has been extracted from: Tagg, Kenneth. The romantic story of Wembury church in Devonshire. (4th ed., 1967)

1611-1615   John Alford (?) Minister (A.V. Bible published 1611)
1616-1646Edwardus Elyot, Minister (Mayflower voyage, 1620)
1646-1653(?) (Presbyterianism established 1646)
1653-1676Johannes Williams, Presbyter, (Oliver Cromwell in power)
1676-1680William Rowe, Minister (Monarchy & Church restored 1660)
1680-1686Thomas Hill, Minister
1686-1693Mathew Atwill, Minister
1693-1695D... Griffin, Minister
1695-1738William England, Curate (Wesley's Society formed 1729)
1738-1782William Perry, Curate (Methodism formed, 1739)
1783-1796Benjamin Love, Minister
1796-1798Thomas Culme (? Culine), Minister
1798-1803Richard Hannah Jnr., Minister
1804-1807George Sullock, Minister
1807-1846G.M. Scott, Minister (Oxford Movement, 1833)
1848-1882Richard Lane, Minister, later Perpetual Curate (First Vicar)
1883-1923Charles Burgess, Vicar
1923-1936Anyon Herbert Duxbury, Vicar
1937-1941Charles ffolliott Young, Vicar
1941Charles Hugh Duffy Grimes, Priest in Charge
1941-1945Kenneth Tagg, Priest in Charge (War Charge)
1945-1954Kenneth Tagg, Vicar
1954-1960Gerard Noel Davidson, Vicar
1960-1967Arthur Bromham, Vicar
1967Kenneth Rowland Grey, Vicar