1861 Devon Census PRO Ref: RG9/1424 Enumeration District: 2

Reg. Dist - Kingsbridge; Sub. Dist. - West Alvington; Parish - West Alvington


Transcribed by Kathryn Barnett, 2002

(Note by K. Barnett - Where a word is difficult to read, I have placed my best guess in square brackets, thus [ ]. Where a letter or letters within a word cannot be deciphered, I have placed a dash, thus - . While all reasonable care has been taken to produce an accurate transcription, errors will occur and researchers are advised to view original source material for verification. )

Enumerator - John Arundel CRIMP
Description: Including Bagton Cottage, Preston and Hedeswell Farms, Bowringsleigh and Norden Villas, the Village of West Alvington and Vicarage House, Longbrook and Woodhouse Farms.

FolioPageSchedRoad, StreetNameSurnameRelationshipConditionSexAgeOccupationWhere BornH'cap
2311Bagton CottageJohnFABISHMM48Ag LabDEV Malborough 
2311Bagton CottageJohannaFABISWMF49 DEV Malborough 
2311Bagton CottageWilliamFABISS M10 DEV Malborough 
2311Bagton CottageElizabethFABISD F6 DEV Malborough 
2311Bagton CottageMary JaneFABISD F4 DEV Malborough 
2312Preston FarmRobertLAVERSHMM57Farmer of 200 AcresDEV Woodleigh 
2312Preston FarmElizabethLAVERSWMF57 DEV Aveton Gifford 
2312Preston FarmRobert HLAVERSSUM25Farmer's sonDEV Woodleigh 
2312Preston FarmSusan DBELLDMF28VisitorDEV Woodleigh 
2312Preston FarmRobertBELLGS M5VisitorDEV Dartmouth 
2312Preston FarmAndrew[PROWSE]ServWM56Farm ServDEV Loddiswell 
2312Preston FarmJosephLUSCOMBEServUM16Farm ServDEV Woodleigh 
2312Preston FarmRogerSHERIFFServ M15Farm ServDEV W Alvington 
2313Hedeswell FarmAaronADAMSHMM33Farmer of 220 Acres. emp 4 Lab, 3 boysDEV North Huish 
2313Hedeswell FarmCarolineADAMSWMF31 DEV W Alvington 
2313Hedeswell FarmRichardADAMSS M4 DEV W Alvington 
2313Hedeswell FarmAaronADAMSS M2 DEV W Alvington 
2313Hedeswell FarmThomasADAMSS M5mth DEV W Alvington 
2313Hedeswell FarmElizabeth JLANEServUF17House ServDEV W Alvington 
2313Hedeswell FarmJaneJOHNSServ F14House ServDEV W Alvington 
2313Hedeswell FarmJamesLANEServUM19Farm ServDEV South Milton 
2313Hedeswell FarmEdwardMADDICKServ M14Farm ServDEV Malborough 
2313Hedeswell FarmJohnPEARCEServ M14Farm ServDEV W Alvington 
2324Bowringsleigh HousePriestleyBIRCHHMM31GentlemanLAN Manchester 
2324Bowringsleigh HouseDoraBIRCHWMF34 LAN [Bold] 
2324Bowringsleigh HouseLionel L SBIRCHS M2 STS [Loxley] 
2324Bowringsleigh HouseMary CBIRCHD F1 STS [Loxley] 
2324Bowringsleigh HouseElizaWRIGHTServUF37NurseDBY Chellaston 
2324Bowringsleigh HouseEmilyDAWSONServUF17Nursery MaidDBY Little Eaton 
2324Bowringsleigh HouseMarySTEERServMF23CookDEV Holberton 
2324Bowringsleigh HouseJaneDAREServUF26House MaidDEV Charleton 
2325Norden Villa[Mottram]ANDREWSHMM55Lt Col Army, Retired, Half PayBKM Stow 
2325Norden VillaJulia BANDREWSWMF38 WIL Bromham 
2325Norden VillaMottram FANDREWSS M10ScholarDEV Tamerton Folliott 
2325Norden VillaJohn WANDREWSS M7ScholarYKS Scarborough 
2325Norden VillaHenry MANDREWSS M4 DEV Plymouth 
2325Norden VillaGordon [L]ANDREWSS M3 DEV Plymouth 
2325Norden VillaEdward MANDREWSS M1 DEV Kingsbridge 
2325Norden VillaDavid MANDREWSS M1mth DEV Kingsbridge 
2325Norden VillaElizabethROGERSNurseWF60Monthly NurseDEV Chillington 
2325Norden VillaMary JPRIDEAUXServUF24House ServDEV Modbury 
2325Norden VillaSarah APRIDEAUXServUF17NurseDEV Modbury 
2325Norden VillaMary A[SKEDGEL]ServUF23CookDEV South Milton 
2326Woods_ _ _ArthurHINGSTONHWM42Butcher and [Farmer}DEV Exmouth 
2326Woods_ _ _John HHINGSTONS M9ScholarDEV Kingsbridge 
2326Woods_ _ _EmmaHINGSTOND F4 DEV W Alvington 
2326Woods_ _ _AliceHEWITTM in LawWF70HousekeeperDEV Loddiswell 
2326Woods_ _ _SamuelPINNEYServ M11Farm ServDEV Dodbrooke 
2437LongbrookWilliam REDWARDSHMM31Farmer of 162 Acres Emp 2 men, 2 women, 3 boysDEV Sherford 
2437LongbrookAnna MEDWARDSWMF31 DEV Loddiswell 
2437LongbrookElizabethMARCHServUF31Dairy MaidDEV Charleton 
2437LongbrookJohnEDGECOMBEServUM16CarterDEV Malborough 
2437LongbrookFrancisJOHNSServ M12Cow BoyDEV W Alvington 
2437LongbrookJemimaWILLINGVisitorMF65Retired from BusinessDEV Kingsbridge 
2438Vicarage HouseDouglasMacDONALDHMM49Vicar of West AlvingtonWIL Broad Hinton 
2438Vicarage HouseFlora GMacDONALDWMF45 HRT Colway House 
2438Vicarage HouseFloraMacDONALDDUF20 DEV W Alvington 
2438Vicarage HouseFrancesMacDONALDDUF19 DEV W Alvington 
2438Vicarage HouseCeceliaMacDONALDDUF18 DEV W Alvington 
2438Vicarage HouseEvaMacDONALDDUF16 DEV W Alvington 
2438Vicarage HouseHelenMacDONALDDUF14 DEV W Alvington 
2438Vicarage HouseMauriceMacDONALDS M10 DEV W Alvington 
2438Vicarage HouseAngusMacDONALDS M8 DEV W Alvington 
2438Vicarage HouseGeorginaMacDONALDD F4 DEV W Alvington 
2438Vicarage HouseMariaLAYLANDGovernessUF31GovernessLND London 
2438Vicarage HouseGraceCOOKServUF38House ServDEV Chivelstone 
2438Vicarage HouseEmblemCLARKServUF17House ServDEV Malborough 
2438Vicarage HouseMary AWARDServUF20House ServDEV Aveton Gifford 
2438Vicarage HouseMaryPRYORServUF34House ServCON Gwennap 
2449Higher ButtsGeorgeHINEHMM50BlacksmithDEV W Alvington 
2449Higher ButtsElizabethHINEWMF46 DEV Churchstow 
2449Higher ButtsJaneHINEDUF16DressmakerDEV W Alvington 
2449Higher ButtsThirzaHINEDUF14 DEV W Alvington 
2449Higher ButtsGeorgeHINES M12 DEV W Alvington 
2449Higher ButtsThomasHINES M10 DEV W Alvington 
2449Higher ButtsSilvanusHINES M8 DEV W Alvington 
2449Higher ButtsPhilipHINENephew M17Smith ApprenticeDEV W Alvington 
24410Higher ButtsWilliamJOHNSHMM48SawyerDEV Ugborough 
24410Higher ButtsMary AJOHNSWMF45 DEV Slapton 
24410Higher ButtsWilliamJOHNSSUM19SawyerDEV W Alvington 
24410Higher ButtsFrances MJOHNSDUF9 DEV W Alvington 
24410Higher ButtsRichard HJOHNSS M6 DEV W Alvington 
24410Higher ButtsRobertJOHNSS M3 DEV W Alvington 
24410Higher ButtsRoseJOHNSD F1mth DEV W Alvington 
24411Higher ButtsWilliamHILLHMM24Ag LabDEV Charleton 
24411Higher ButtsMariaHILLWMF23 DEV Thurlestone 
24412Lower ButtsWilliamMARCHHMM25Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
24412Lower ButtsCharlotteMARCHWMF24 DEV Malborough 
24412Lower ButtsWilliamMARCHS M3 DEV W Alvington 
24412Lower ButtsAlbionMARCHS M7mth DEV W Alvington 
24413Lower ButtsWilliamPINHAYHMM30ButcherDEV Morley 
24413Lower ButtsLaura APINHAYWMF29 DEV Diptford 
24413Lower ButtsFrederick WPINHAYS M6mth DEV W Alvington 
24413Lower ButtsWalterBLAKEStepson M10 or 16 DEV Totnes 
25514Lower ButtsDinaCRISPINWMF22Gardener's wifeDEV Hockinham 
25515Lower ButtsEdwardPINNEYHMM56Ag LabDEV Charleton 
25515Lower ButtsAgnesPINNEYWMF53CharwomanDEV Holberton 
25516Lower ButtsCharlesGILLARDHMM28Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
25516Lower ButtsMaryGILLARDWMF27 DEV Loddiswell 
25516Lower ButtsWilliamGILLARDS M2 DEV W Alvington 
25516Lower ButtsJohnnGILLARDS M1 DEV W Alvington 
25517W Alvington VillageWilliamLUSKEYHMM73Farmer of 7 AcresCON North Hill 
25517W Alvington VillageJaneLUSKEYWMF63 CON Sheviock 
25517W Alvington VillageJaneLUSKEYDUF34 DEV W Alvington 
25517W Alvington VillageWilliamJARVISGS M13ScholarDEV South Huish 
25517W Alvington VillagePeggyMOONVisitorWF67 CON Sheviock 
25517W Alvington VillageElizabeth ASHERIFFServUF18Gen ServDEV Thurlestone 
25518W Alvington VillageFrancisCHAPMANHMM28MasonDEV Sherford 
25518W Alvington VillageMary JCHAPMANWMF26DressmakerDEV E. Allington 
25518W Alvington VillageJohn H DCHAPMANS M5ScholarDEV St Andrews Plymouth 
25518W Alvington VillageFlora JCHAPMAND F3ScholarDEV St Andrews Plymouth 
25518W Alvington VillageBertha MCHAPMAND F6mth DEV W Alvington 
25519W Alvington VillageElizabethPERRATON-UF48Tea DealerDEV Malborough 
2550W Alvington VillageUnoccupied        
25520W Alvington VillageBenjaminFRYLodgerUM33Farm BailiffSOM Dinder 
25521W Alvington VillageEdwardWARRENHMM69Builder & Farmer of 16 AcresDEV W AlvingtonDeaf
25521W Alvington VillageSarahWARRENWMF70 DEV Morley 
25521W Alvington VillageEdwardWARRENSUM30MasonDEV W Alvington 
25521W Alvington VillageAnnWARRENDUF35 DEV W AlvingtonDeaf
25622W Alvington VillageSusanBALLHWF44Landed ProprietorDEV Salcombe Malborough 
25622W Alvington VillageIdaBALLDUF21 DEV Salcombe Malborough 
25622W Alvington VillagePaulineBALLD F13ScholarDEV Salcombe Malborough 
25622W Alvington VillageThomasBALLS M12ScholarDEV Salcombe Malborough 
25622W Alvington VillageFannyBENNETServUF15ServDEV W Alvington 
25623W Alvington VillageJohnFORDHMM33Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
25623W Alvington VillageCharlotteFORDWMF36 DEV Thurlestone 
25623W Alvington VillageMary JFORDD F13ScholarDEV W Alvington 
25623W Alvington VillageElizabethFORDD F10ScholarDEV W Alvington 
25623W Alvington VillageCharlotte AFORDD F10mth DEV W Alvington 
25624W Alvington VillageWilliamMORGANHMM50BlacksmithDEV Modbury 
25624W Alvington VillageAnnaMORGANWMF41 DEV W Alvington 
25624W Alvington VillageWilliamMORGANSUM19BlacksmithDEV W Alvington 
25624W Alvington VillageJemimaMORGANDUF16ScholarDEV W Alvington 
25624W Alvington VillageAlbertMORGANS M11ScholarDEV W Alvington 
25624W Alvington VillageAmosMORGANS M5ScholarDEV W Alvington 
25624W Alvington VillageSidneyMORGANS M1 DEV W Alvington 
25624W Alvington VillageJohnCRANCHApUM16Blacksmith ApDEV W Alvington 
25625W Alvington VillageWilliamCRANCHHMM64Labourer & SextonDEV South Milton 
25625W Alvington VillageCarolineCRANCHDUF24 DEV W Alvington 
25625W Alvington VillageWilliam HWEYMOUTHGS M2 DEV W Alvington 
25625W Alvington VillageDorcasCRANCHGD F6mth DEV W Alvington 
25626W Alvington VillageAndrewRIDERHMM48Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
25626W Alvington VillageAnnRIDERWMF38 DEV Dodbrooke 
25626W Alvington VillageAnn ARIDERD F14ServDEV W Alvington 
26726W Alvington VillageEllenRIDERD F11ScholarDEV W Alvington 
26726W Alvington VillageNicholasRIDERS S8ScholarDEV W Alvington 
26726W Alvington VillageRobertRIDERS S6ScholarDEV W Alvington 
26726W Alvington VillageEdward ARIDERS S3 DEV W Alvington 
26726W Alvington VillageJohnRIDERS S1 DEV W Alvington 
26727W Alvington VillageWilliamBLANKHMM50Ag LabDEV Chivelstone 
26727W Alvington VillageElizabethBLANKDUF26DressmakerDEV Blackawton 
26728W Alvington VillageRichardVEALEHMM41MasonDEV W Alvington 
26728W Alvington VillageCharlotteVEALEWMF46 DEV Modbury 
26728W Alvington VillageLouisa AVEALEDUF20 DEV W Alvington 
26728W Alvington VillageCharlotteVEALEDUF16 DEV W Alvington 
26728W Alvington VillageRichardVEALES M9 DEV W Alvington 
26728W Alvington VillageRosa JVEALED F7 DEV W Alvington 
26728W Alvington VillageWilliam HVEALES M8mth DEV W Alvington 
26728W Alvington Village VEALEBoarderWM76MasonDEV W Alvington 
26728W Alvington VillageElizabeth ATUCKERMANBoarderUF24StaymakerDEV W Alvington 
26729W Alvington VillageSamuelPOUNDHWM45Ag LabDEV Thurlestone 
26729W Alvington VillageJaneBEERSis in LawUF50HousekeeperDEV W Alvington 
26730W Alvington VillageElizabethOSBORNHWF90 DEV Sherford 
26730W Alvington VillageLeonoraOSBORNDau in LawWF48 DEV Kingsbridge 
26730W Alvington VillageThirzaOSBORNGDUF17 DEV W Alvington 
26730W Alvington VillageElizabethOSBORNGDUF14 DEV W Alvington 
26731W Alvington VillageEdwardRUNDLEHMM69Ag LabDEV Malborough 
26731W Alvington VillageSusanRUNDLEWMF69 DEV Malborough 
26731W Alvington VillageJaneRUNDLEDUF33 DEV W Alvington 
26831W Alvington VillageSusanRUNDLEGDUF15 DEV Dodbrooke 
26831W Alvington VillageAmelia JRUNDLEGD F9 DEV W Alvington 
26832W Alvington VillageJohnFORDHMM77ShoemakerDEV W Alvington 
26832W Alvington VillageElizabethFORDWMF70 DEV South Sa _ _ e 
26832W Alvington VillageMary JMURCHGDUF17House servDEV W Alvington 
26832W Alvington VillageJohnMURCHGS M3 DEV W Alvington 
26833W Alvington VillagePeterCUMMINGHMM47WheelwrightDEV Stoke Damerel 
26833W Alvington VillageMary ACUMMINGWMF50 DEV Loddiswell 
26833W Alvington VillageElizabethCUMMINGDUF19DressmakerDEV W Alvington 
26834W Alvington VillageHannah APERRATONHUF49ShopkeeperDEV Malborough 
26834W Alvington VillageWilliam APERRATONBrotherUM37Ag LabDEV Malborough 
26835W Alvington VillageWilliamFABISHMM56Stone MasonDEV Kingsbridge 
26835W Alvington VillageElizabethFABISWMF57 DEV Loddiswell 
26835W Alvington VillageNicholasCRIMPBro in LawWM70InvalidDEV Loddiswell 
26836W Alvington VillageMaryWRIGHTHWF83HouseholderDEV North Huish 
26836W Alvington VillageDoraVEALEServ F11ServDEV W Alvington 
26837W Alvington VillageRobertHEATHHWM66ThatcherDEV W Alvington 
26837W Alvington VillageSarahHEATHDUF32HousekeeperDEV W Alvington 
26837W Alvington VillageGeorgeHEATHSUM18ThatcherDEV W Alvington 
26837W Alvington VillageJamesHEATHSUM16Shipwright ApDEV W Alvington 
26837W Alvington VillageJohn NHEATHGS M6 DEV W Alvington 
26838W Allvington Village, Wood CottageSarahGOSSHWF52FundholderDEV W Alvington 
26838W Allvington Village, Wood CottageM. S.JARVISNieceUF30DressmakerDEV Loddiswell 
26838W Allvington Village, Wood CottageSamuelJARVISBoarderUM59ThatcherDEV W Alvington 
27939W Alvington VillageRichardMARCHHMM48Gardeners' LabDEV Woodleigh 
27939W Alvington VillageJaneMARCHWMF49WasherwomanDEV Churchtow 
27939W Alvington VillageCharlesMARCHSUM18Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
27939W Alvington VillageWilliamMARCHS M9ScholarDEV W Alvington 
27939W Alvington VillageGeorgeSTENTIFORDStepson M13Blacksmith's AppDEV Churchtow 
27940W Alvington VillageJohnPATEYHMM33Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
27940W Alvington VillageJanePATEYWMF32 DEV W Alvington 
27940W Alvington VillageElizabethPATEYD F11ScholarDEV Dodbrooke 
2790W Alvington VillageUnoccupied        
27941W Alvington Village, Ring of BellsThomasMAJORHMM52Licenced VictuallerDEV Devonport 
27941W Alvington Village, Ring of BellsMaryMAJORWMF51 DEV [Ricel] 
27941W Alvington Village, Ring of BellsWilliamMAJORSUM17Cordwainer App.CON Launceston 
27941W Alvington Village, Ring of BellsLouisaMAJORD F14ScholarDEV Tavistock 
27941W Alvington Village, Ring of BellsGeorganaMAJORD F11ScholarDEV Plymouth 
27942W Alvington Village, Past Hill CottageJohnMADDICKHWM67Ag LabDEV Modbury 
27942W Alvington Village, Past Hill CottageJaneMADDICKDUF20 DEV W Alvington 
27943W Alvington VillageRobertBORROWDALEHMM48Chelsea PensionerYKS Westhouse 
27943W Alvington VillageElizabethBORROWDALEWMF38 DEV Loddiswell 
27943W Alvington VillageCharlotte ABORROWDALED F9 KNT Woolwich 
27943W Alvington VillageGeorge GBORROWDALES M6 KNT Woolwich 
27943W Alvington VillageRobert JBORROWDALES M4 KNT Woolwich 
27943W Alvington VillageElizabeth ABORROWDALED F2 DEV W Alvington 
27944W Alvington VillageJohnSHERRIFFHMM62Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
27944W Alvington VillageMarySHERRIFFWMF54LaundressDEV W Alvington 
27944W Alvington VillageAnnSHERRIFFDUF19 DEV W Alvington 
271044W Alvington VillageJohnSHERRIFFS M11ScholarDEV W Alvington 
271044W Alvington VillageJames ASHERRIFFGS M4mth DEV W Alvington 
27100W Alvington VillageUnoccupied        
271045W Alvington VillageWilliamWOODHMM55MasonDEV Brixton 
271045W Alvington VillageElizabeth SWOODD F19House ServDEV W Alvington 
271045W Alvington VillageWilliam TWOODS M17Carpenter's App.DEV W Alvington 
271045W Alvington VillageWalter HWOODS M14Mason's boyDEV W Alvington 
271045W Alvington VillageSamuel JWOODS M10ScholarDEV W Alvington 
271046W Alvington VillageRichardSHERRIFFHMM74CarpenterDEV W Alvington 
271046W Alvington VillageAnnSHERRIFFWMF80LaundressDEV Drewstanton 
271046W Alvington VillageWilliamSHERRIFFGSUM17CarpenterLDN London 
271047W Alvington VillageMary AANNISHUF54Postmistress & BakerDEV South Milton 
271047W Alvington VillageHarry TANNISBrotherUM57Assist. BakerDEV South Milton 
271048W Alvington VillageJohnGOODMANHMM54CastraterDEV Chivelstone 
271048W Alvington VillageJaneGOODMANWMF41SchoolmistressDEV Ugborough 
271048W Alvington VillageElizabeth HKINGBoarder F6ScholarDEV Woodleigh 
271049W Alvington VillageElizabethCAUNTER-WF76Labourer's WidowDEV Loddiswell 
271050W Alvington VillageMaryHYNE-WF79Late SchoolmistressDEV W Alvington 
27100W Alvington VillageUnoccupied        
271051W Alvington VillageSamuelREEVESHMM51Ag LabDEV Harberton 
271051W Alvington VillageBetseyREEVESWMF40 DEV Stokenham 
271051W Alvington VillageThomasREEVESSUM17Shoemaker's App.DEV Dodbrooke 
271051W Alvington VillageSamuelREEVESS M14Sailmaker's App.DEV Kingsbridge 
271051W Alvington VillageRobertREEVESS M9ScholarDEV Kingsbridge 
271051W Alvington VillageWilliamREEVESS M4ScholarDEV W Alvington 
281151W Alvington VillageJamesCHADDERNephewUM13Sailmaker's App.DEV South Poole 
281152W Alvington VillageRobertGILLARDHMM34Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
281152W Alvington VillageJaneGILLARDWMF38 DEV W Alvington 
281152W Alvington VillageArthurHEATHStepsonUM17Shoemaker's App.DEV W Alvington 
281152W Alvington VillageWilliamGILLARDS M9ScholarDEV W Alvington 
281152W Alvington VillageRobertGILLARDS M6ScholarDEV W Alvington 
281152W Alvington VillageHenryGILLARDS M3ScholarDEV W Alvington 
281152W Alvington VillageFrederickGILLARDS M1 DEV W Alvington 
281153W Alvington VillageJaneRUNDLEHWF81 DEV Ash Brenton 
281153W Alvington VillageSarah ALIDSTONEGDUF12 DEV W Alvington 
281153W Alvington VillageMary DLIDSTONEGD F8 DEV Malborough 
281154W Alvington VillageJohnPAINEHMM67Slater & PlastererMDX Marylebone 
281154W Alvington VillageMaryPAINEWMF72 DEV Kingsbridge 
281155W Alvington VillageGeorgeWHITINGHMM67Ag LabDEV Thurlestone 
281155W Alvington VillageMaryWHITINGWMF63 DEV Dodbrooke 
281155W Alvington VillageWilliamWHITINGSUM17Ropemaker's App.DEV W Alvington 
281156West Alvington, Church House InnGeorgeLUSCOMBEHMM46InnkeeperDEV Halwell 
281156West Alvington, Church House InnMaryLUSCOMBEWMF50 DEV Stokenham 
281156West Alvington, Church House InnJamesLUSCOMBESUM14Cordwainer's App.DEV Woodleigh 
281156West Alvington, Church House InnMaryLUSCOMBED F12 DEV Woodleigh 
281156West Alvington, Church House InnElizabethLUSCOMBED F7 DEV Blackawton 
281156West Alvington, Church House InnJoannaLUSCOMBEGD F1 DEV Blackawton 
281157W Alvington VillageThomasMURCHHMM62CarpenterDEV W Alvington 
281157W Alvington VillageElizaMURCHWMF52 DEV Modbury 
281157W Alvington VillageSophiaWHITELAMBDMF27 DEV Dodbrooke 
281257W Alvington VillageFrancesMURCHGD F7 DEV W Alvington 
281257W Alvington VillageThomasWHITELAMBGS M4 DEV W Alvington 
281257W Alvington VillageCharlesWHITELAMBGS M2 SOM Bristol 
281257W Alvington VillageMaryMURCHMotherWF88 DEV CharletonBlind
281258W Alvington VillageJohn WPROWSEHMM32ShoemakerDEV Dodbrooke 
281258W Alvington VillageMaryPROWSEWMF31 DEV Malborough 
281258W Alvington VillageJohnWOODEYBoarderWM90Retired WoolcomberDEV Malborough 
281259W Alvington VillageJohnSNOWDENHMM29Ag LabDEV Malborough 
281259W Alvington VillageElizabethSNOWDENWMF26 DEV Dodbrooke 
281259W Alvington VillageWilliamSNOWDENS M5ScholarDEV Dodbrooke 
281259W Alvington VillageJohnSNOWDENS M3ScholarDEV Dodbrooke 
281259W Alvington VillageJaneSNOWDEND F5weeks DEV W Alvington 
281260W Alvington VillageWilliamCOUSINSHWM44Carpenter & Joiner Master, employing 1 man, 1 boyDEV Chivelstone 
281260W Alvington VillageRobert RCOUSINSS-M5ScholarDEV W Alvington 
28120W Alvington VillageUnoccupied        
281261W Alvington VillageWilliamLAVERSHMM61Ag LabDEV Brent 
281261W Alvington VillageElizabethLAVERSWMF54 DEV W Alvington 
281261W Alvington VillageJohnLAVERSSUM27Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
281261W Alvington VillageGraceLAVERSDUF19ServantDEV W Alvington 
281261W Alvington VillageWilliamLAVERSS M10ScholarDEV W Alvington 
281262W Alvington VillageJohnBENNETTHMM46Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
281262W Alvington VillageAnneBENNETTWMF39 DEV East Allington 
28120W Alvington VillageUnoccupied        
291363W Alvington VillageJohnCHOPEHUM34General PorterDEV South Pool 
291363W Alvington VillageJamesCHOPEBrotherMM36Ag LabDEV South Pool 
291363W Alvington VillageSusannaCHOPESis LawMF41 DEV Portlemouth 
291363W Alvington VillageJohnCHOPENephew M6ScholarDEV W Alvington 
291363W Alvington VillageGeorgeCHOPENephew M4 DEV W Alvington 
291364W Alvington VillageWilliamFORDHMM48Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
291364W Alvington VillageElizabethFORDWMF42 DEV Churchtow 
291364W Alvington VillageWilliamMITCHELMOREFatherWM77 DEV East Allington 
291365W Alvington VillageRichardROGERSHMM48Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
291365W Alvington VillageAliceROGERSWMF44 DEV Thurlestone 
291365W Alvington VillageHonorROGERSDUF16 DEV W Alvington 
291365W Alvington VillageMatildaROGERSD F13 DEV W Alvington 
291366W Alvington VillageJennyGILLARD-UF59PauperDEV W Alvington 
291367W Alvington VillageEdwardRUNDLEHMM58Ag LabDEV Malborough 
291367W Alvington VillageJohnRUNDLESUM19Cordwainer ApDEV W Alvington 
291367W Alvington VillageArchelaus HRUNDLES M13Sailmaker ApDEV W Alvington 
291368W Alvington VillageJaneGILLARDHWF70Farmer's WidowDEV Portlemouth 
291368W Alvington VillageAnn EGILLARDDUF33 DEV Portlemouth 
291368W Alvington VillageEstherGILLARDGD F4 DEV W Alvington 
291368W Alvington VillageMary AGILLARDGD F9mth DEV W Alvington 
291369W Alvington VillageGeorge CGILLARDHMM29Ag LabDEV Portlemouth 
291369W Alvington VillageMary SGILLARDWMF25 DEV W Alvington 
291369W Alvington VillageGeorge HGILLARDS M2 DEV W Alvington 
291369W Alvington VillageFrederick R WGILLARDS M1 DEV W Alvington 
291470W Alvington VillageSarahRICHHWF74 DEV Malborough 
291470W Alvington VillageMaryMARCHDWF35 DEV W Alvington 
291470W Alvington VillageJohnMARCHGS M9ScholarDEV W Alvington 
291470W Alvington VillageSarah AMARCHGD F7ScholarDEV W Alvington 
291471W Alvington VillageClementFRIENDHMM50Ag LabDEV Malborough 
291471W Alvington VillageKeziaFRIENDWMF51 DEV Aveton Gifford 
291471W Alvington VillageJohnFRIENDSUM26MarinerDEV W Alvington 
291472W Alvington VillageSarahGILLARDHWF59WasherwomanDEV W Alvington 
291472W Alvington VillageGeorgeGILLARDSUM19SawyerDEV W Alvington 
291473W Alvington VillageWilliamSHERRIFFHMM45Greenwich PensionerDEV W Alvington 
291473W Alvington VillageSusanSHERRIFFWMF39LaundressDEV W Alvington 
291473W Alvington VillageWilliamSHERRIFFS M12ScholarDEV W Alvington 
291473W Alvington VillageJohn CSHERRIFFS M3ScholarDEV Plymouth 
291473W Alvington VillageThomas FSHERRIFFS M2ScholarDEV W Alvington 
291473W Alvington VillageRichardSHERRIFFS M2mth DEV W Alvington 
291473W Alvington VillageEmmaADAMSVisitorUF15InvalidDEV Salcombe 
29140W Alvington VillageUnoccupied        
291474W Alvington VillageWilliamPEARCEHMM47Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
291474W Alvington VillageMary APEARCEWMF45 DEV Dodbrooke 
291474W Alvington VillageWilliam HPEARCESUM24SawyerDEV W Alvington 
291474W Alvington VillageElizabeth APEARCED F12ScholarDEV W Alvington 
291474W Alvington VillageEmmaPEARCED F5 DEV W Alvington 
291474W Alvington VillageEva LPEARCED F4 DEV W Alvington 
291474W Alvington VillageLousia DPEARCED F18mth DEV W Alvington 
301575W Alvington VillageSimonPEPPERELLHMM37Ag LabDEV Slapton 
301575W Alvington VillageSusanPEPPERELLWMF29 DEV Charleton 
301575W Alvington VillageSarah APEPPERELLD F8ScholarDEV W Alvington 
301575W Alvington VillageSusanPEPPERELLD F6ScholarDEV W Alvington 
301575W Alvington VillageElizabethPEPPERELLD F4ScholarDEV W Alvington 
301575W Alvington VillageWilliam HPEPPERELLS M10mth DEV W Alvington 
301576W Alvington VillageJohnSKELTONHMM25Ag LabDEV Loddiswell 
301576W Alvington VillageMarySKELTONWMF23 DEV W Alvington 
301576W Alvington VillageElizabeth ASKELTOND F3 DEV W Alvington 
301577W Alvington VillageJohnPERRATONLodgerUM24Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
301578W Alvington VillageThomasNEWLANDHMM61Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
301578W Alvington VillageElizabethNEWLANDWMF52 DEV W Alvington 
301579W Alvington VillageJamesHINEHMM54Road LabDEV W Alvington 
301579W Alvington VillageElizabethHINEWMF52LaundressDEV Silverton 
301579W Alvington VillageSarahHINEDUF21InvalidDEV W Alvington 
301579W Alvington VillageEdmundHINESUM20TailorDEV W Alvington 
301579W Alvington VillageBenjaminHINES M12Errand BoyDEV W Alvington 
301579W Alvington VillageAnnHINED F14 DEV W Alvington 
301579W Alvington VillageJohnHINES M9ScholarDEV W Alvington 
301580W Alvington VillageWilliamHILLHMM60Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
301580W Alvington VillageSarahHILLWMF51 YKS [not given] 
301581W Alvington VillageHenryFOALEHMM21Ag LabDEV Dodbrooke 
301581W Alvington VillageSarahFOALEWMF21 DEV Aveton Gifford 
301581W Alvington VillageHenryFOALES M1 DEV W Alvington 
301682W Alvington VillageWilliamMARCHHMM50Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
301682W Alvington VillageElizabethMARCHWMF50NurseDEV W Alvington 
301682W Alvington VillageJaneMARCHDUF33Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
301682W Alvington VillageJohnMARCHGS M5ScholarDEV W Alvington 
301683W Alvington VillageJohnLANEHMM43Ag LabLDN London 
301683W Alvington VillageMargaretLANEWMF40WasherwomanDEV East Allington 
301684W Alvington VillageJohnPERRINGHMM32Ag LabDEV Stokenham 
301684W Alvington VillageElizabethPERRINGWMF34 DEV Malborough 
301684W Alvington VillageElizabethPERRINGD F10 DEV Slapton 
301684W Alvington VillageSusan MPERRINGD F7 DEV W Alvington 
301684W Alvington VillageJamesPERRINGS M4 DEV W Alvington 
301684W Alvington VillageGeorgePERRINGS M2 DEV W Alvington 
301684W Alvington VillageMaryMITCHELMORENurse child F2 DEV Dodbrooke 
301685W Alvington VillageRobertPOPEHMM37Ag LabDEV Dodbrooke 
301685W Alvington VillageSusanPOPEWMF28 DEV Kingsbridge 
301685W Alvington VillageRobertPOPES M12 DEV Dodbrooke 
301685W Alvington VillageMaryPOPED F15mth DEV W Alvington 
301686W Alvington VillageJamesWHITINGHMM25Ag LabDEV W Alvington 
301686W Alvington VillageElizaWHITINGWMF20 DEV W Alvington 
301686W Alvington VillageAlf - - dWHITINGS M1mth DEV W Alvington 
301687W Alvington VillageJohnHINEHMM62Ag LabDEV Lodiswell 
301687W Alvington VillageSarahHINEWMF64WasherwomanDEV W Alvington 
311788W Alvington VillageJohnPENGELLYHMM48Ag LabDEV Bigbury 
311788W Alvington VillageAnnPENGELLYWMF42 DEV W Alvington 
311788W Alvington VillageJohnPENGELLYS M9ScholarDEV W Alvington 
311788W Alvington VillageWilliam WPENGELLYS M6ScholarDEV W Alvington 
311788W Alvington VillageSamuel JPENGELLYS M4 DEV W Alvington 
311788W Alvington VillageElizabeth SPENGELLYD F1TwinDEV W Alvington 
311788W Alvington VillageRichard RPENGELLYS M1TwinDEV W Alvington 

Brian Randell, 30 Aug 2002