From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

ANSTEY, (WEST) is a small scattered village, on the acclivities of a lofty eminence, near the source of the river Yeo, and the borders of Somersetshire, 5 miles west of Dulverton, and 9 miles E. by N. of South Molton. It has in its parish 279 souls, and 3008 acres of land, including more than 1000 acres of open moorland, rising abruptly from the Duns Brook, which divides the two counties. Yeo Mill and a number of adjacent dwellings are on the banks of the river, a mile S. of the church. Lord Clinton is lord of the manor, which was held successively by the Le Moigny, Pillond, Cornu, Speccot, and Rolle families. The Hon. Newton Fellowes, Jas. Hill, Esq., Mrs. and Misses Fisher, J. Partridge, A. Smith, Esq., and several smaller owners have estates in the parish. The Church (St. Petrock,) is an antique structure, in the perpendicular style, with a tower and three bells, two of which were damaged, and the tower much injured by lightning, about ten years ago. The interior has several neat mural monuments, and a small gallery, erected in 1839. The Dean and Chapter of Exeter are appropriators of the rectory and patrons of the discharged vicarage, valued in K.B. at £10. 6s. 8d., and in 1831 at £132. The Rev. G.M. Slatter, B.D., of Exeter, is the incumbent, and has 37A. 2R. of glebe, occupied with the Vicarage House, by a farmer. The tithes were commuted in 1841, the vicarial for £78, and rectorial for £113 per annum. The latter are leased to J. Hill, Esq, and Mrs. Spencer. In 1760, James Handford left two yearly rent- charges out of South Hill estate, viz., £3 for schooling poor children, and £2 for the poor of this parish. The latter have also the interest of £30, given by various donors, and vested with the overseers. The Rev. J. Matthews, of East Anstey, is the curate.

Balls Mr John || Burnell Jno. par. clk
Catford Robert, shopkeeper
Elworthy Maria, schoolmistress
Fellowes Hon. Newton, Churchtown
Fisher Mrs Grace & Misses, Badlake
Heard Edward, blacksmith
Hill James, Esq. Woodlands
Hodge John, carpenter & wheelwght
Quick Eliz. & Burnell My. school
Shapcott Thos. vict. Partridge Arms
Shapcott Thos. & Moore Wm. tailors
Sowden John, shoemaker
Venner John, miller, baker, and beerseller, Yeo Mill


Bawden James, West Ringcombe
Bucknell Geo. || Catford Thos.
Cridge John || Elworthy Thos.
Harris Jas. || Hill Thos.
Hill Wm. || Kingdon Geo.
Maunder John || Pearce Geo.
Meed Edward, Snaily Park
Pearce Jas. || Quartly John
Tucker John || Veysey Robert
Webber Wm. Redbrook

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