Surname Index


West Buckland year book and kalendar for 1857

South Molton: W.Tucker (1857) [171]p: ill, 2 of pls.

Index prepared by Michael Steer

West Buckland is a small village located 8 miles (13 km) east-south-east of Barnstaple in North Devon. The hamlet of Elwell lies to its north-east. Formerly part of the Fortescue Estate, West Buckland is reached by a single track, steep hill up from the North Devon Link Road. The village may be best known for having given its name to the adjacent co-educational independent West Buckland School. The school was founded as the Devon County School in 1858 by Rev. J.L. Brereton to provide a public school education for sons of farmers and the middle class. Profits from the sale of this rather whimsical year book with its agrarian focus were given to the West Buckland Farming and Cottage Garden Societies. The book also contains a 'Sunday Supplement' of religious motivational readings. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy held in the Harvard University Library collection and is the gift of Daniel B Fearing (1915). It can be downloaded from https://books.google.co.uk/books, with a search by either author or title. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Acland, Mr36
Acland, Sir Thomas69, 105
Alban, Saint17
Albert, Prince21, 36, 71
Alfred, King38
Arthur, King (legendary)43, 77-8, 85
Augustin, Archbishop15
Austin, Mr37
Avery, Mr34, 36
Baily, Mr110
Bale, Mr35
Basset, Colonel105
Becket, Thomas à42, 106
Bedford, Wriothesley, Duke of105
Bedivere, Sir (legendary)43
Beer, John, Snr34, 37
Beer, J. Jnr37
Bellew, Mr Froude106
Boydell, Mr James79
Brayley, S37
Brereton, Rev J L34-7
Brooks, Mr W36
Brutus (legendary)40, 76
Buonoparte, Napoleon13, 15
Burdon, Mr George34, 36, 72
Burrell, Charles79
Cambridge, Duke of11
Canning, George21
Charles I7, 73
Charles II9, 15, 97, 99
Churchill, Colonel42
Columbus, Christopher13
Comins, Mr James36
Cook, Captain James90-1, 93
Cromwell, Oliver23, 29
Courtenay, Earl36
Courtney, G37
Courtney, James37
Davy, Mr71
Davy, Mr S T71
De La Bêche103
Despencer family43
Doone family (legendary)101
Drake, Sir Francis43
Dunstanville, Lord de86
Dyke, Mr105
Ebrington, Lord36
Edward I106
Edward II43
Edward III106
Fairchild, C37
Fairchild, M37
Fenwick, Captain106
Fortescue, Chancellor43
Fortescue, Earl35-6, 70, 72, 105
Fowler, Mr81
Gilbert, Mr106
Gill, John34
Graves, Lord105
Grey, Lord32
Harris, Mr James36
Henry V106
Henry VIII7
Herbert, George50
Ketter, William34, 37
Kingdon, Hannah37
Knight, Frederick Winn Esq, MP69, 72, 101
Knight, John Esq101
Langdon, Mr36
Leicester, Earl of71
Lock, Daniel37
Lodbrog, Regnar38
Lucas, Mr105
Johnson, Samuel29
Mechi, Mr81, 83
Merson, Mr R71
Miller, Mr34
Milton, John29
Monmouth, Duke of42
Muster, Mr J Chaworth36
Napoleon, Louis11
Nelson, Horatio23, 34
Newman, Mr36
Newton, Sir Isaac11
Normandy, Robert Duke of42
Orford, Earl of105
Pearse, Messrs75
Pigott, Mr37
Pole-Carew, Miss36
Quartley, Mr John72
Quartley, Rev Mr69, 71-2
Raleigh, Sir Walter43
Ransome, Mr83
Rice, William34, 37
Risdon65, 99
Robsart, Amy43
Robsart family43
Rooke, Sir G19
Saul, Mr35
Scott, Walter23
Shakespeare, William13, 113
Smith, Mr Robert102
Snow, Mr73
Swithin, Saint19
Tamlyn, Mr35
Tanner, Mr98
Thorne, Mr34-6
Tracey, William de106
Tucker, Mr W1
Tyrrwhit, Sir Thomas100
Victoria, Queen9, 15, 17, 36
Waldegrave, Henry (Literary figure)112, 114-5
Wales, Edward Prince of (Edward VII)27
Wales, Prince of43
Ward, Agnes37
Watts, Dr19
Way, Professor57
Wellington, Duke of23, 27
Wesley, John11
Wickliffe, John29
William III27
Worth, Mr105
Wrey, Sir Bourchier72
Youatt, Mr W62, 64