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Name Index


History of Whitchurch

Trans. Devon. Assoc., vol. 46, (1914) pp. pp. 265- 277.


W.N.P. Beebe MA (Oxon)

Prepared by Michael Steer

Whitchurch is in the West Devon local authority area, and within Tavistock Deanery for ecclesiastical purposes. Due to the expansion of Tavistock in recent years, it is now considered part of Tavistock, but historically, it was part of Roborough Hundred. It is believed that a church was present in Whitchurch as early as the 11th century, and most likely built from the white elvan found at nearby Roborough Down. This may be the derivation of the village's name. The main church currently standing in Whitchurch - St. Andrew - is for the most part a 15th century building made from granite as well as elvan. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Abina, Countess 267
Adobed, Ruald 265
Aisleghe, John of 267
Alford, Mr 265-6, 268
Algam, Master David 276
Arundell family 274
Barber, Master Robert 276
Baring Gould, Rev Sabine 274
Bedford, William BA 277
Beebe, William Henry Percy MA 277
Bere, Mr Montague QC 272
Bulteel Harris family 274
Burrell, William 266
Campbell, Abbot Robert 266, 268
Chambers, William Hampton DD 277
Chori, Sir Philip 276
Chubb, Stephen 270
Churleton, Roger de 268
Collier family 274
Courtenay family 266, 274
Courtenay, Sir Hugh, Knt 267
Cromwell, Oliver 269
Cudlipp family 274
Davy, Sir William 276
Deacon family 275
Denham family 265
Devon, Earl of 265-6, 271
Deynsell family 265
Deynsell, Richard 265
Doidge, Mr John 274
Doidge, Richard 270
Drake, Edmund 270
Drake family 274
Drake, Lt Colonel Joseph Esq 275
Drake, William MA 269, 276
Edmund Ironside, King 267
Edward I 265
Edward II 267
Edward IV 265-6
Edward VI 266, 269
Edwin 267
Elliston, John 277
Featherstone, Samuel BA 277
Featherstone, Samuel William BA 277
Foot, Thomas 272
Fortescue family 265
Franceis, Sir James 266, 268, 276
Furneaux, Christopher 270, 277
Gandy, John BA 277
Giffard, Emma 265
Giffard family 265
Giffard, Master Richard 265
Giffard, Walter 265
Gilbert, Willelmus 266
Glanville family 274
Gorge, Sir John 276
Harman, Thomas 270
Harris, Roger 270
Hele & Co, Messrs 272
Henry I 271
Henry II 265, 271
Henry VI 266
Henry VIII 269
Hicks, Philip, MA 277
Huxtable, John (also Hixtable) 269, 276
Irelande, Roger 276
Isabel, Queen 267
Jacob, Capt-Lieut John, gent 275
John, Abbot 269
Johnston, George BD 277
Le Abbe family 265
Livingus 267
Lyson 265
Macy, Sir William 276
Marshall, Anna 272-3
Marshall, John 272
Mewy, Matilda (also Meavy) 266
Mewy, Richard 266
Michell, William Pryce 272
Middeltone, Adam of 267
Moringe family 271, 274
Nicolas IV 266
Norman, Beard & Co, Messrs 272
Oliver 268
Ordulph, Lord 267
Pengelly family 270, 274
Pengelly, Master Henry MA 277
Pengelly, Francis 272-3
Pennington, Mr John 271
Polwhele, Degory 269-70, 277
Polwhele, John STB 277
Raddych, John 276
Radish, Sir John 276
Reddicliffe, Richard 270
Rideout family 274
Robert of Old Land (de veteri terra) 267
Robert, William father of Abbot 267
Robert, Ysote, mother of Abbot 267
Russell, Parson Jack 270
Salmon, Rt Rev Thomas MA, DD 270, 277
Scobell family 274
Scoble, John 270
Skirrett family 274
Skirrett, William 277
Slanning, Sir Nicholas 275
Sleeman, Peter MA 270, 272, 277
Sleeman, Richard BA 270, 277
Smyth, Henry 276
Smyth, William 276
Soltau, Mr H V 266
Stafford, Bishop 266
Stapledon, Bishop 266-7
Stapledon, Sir Richard, Knt 267
Stroud, Mr Peter 269
Trewin family 265
Warden, William 270
Weston, John MA 277
Wickwell, Richard 270
Widworthy family 265
Wolsey, Cardinal 269
Worth 275
Wynne, Sir John 276
Wyot, Sir Walter 276