Witheridge Churchwardens 1604 to 1941

Transcribed by David Taylor

1604 Thomas Melhuish and Hugh Elworthy
1605 James Stafford and John Vicary
1606 Robert Melhuish and John Gibbons
1607 Robert Melhuish and John Gibbons
1608 John Woodward and Thomas Grindon
1609 Hugh Thomas, Robert Lashbrook and John Stempson
1610 Thomas Maunder and Richard Chapman
1611 Mathew Coke and George Mortimer als Tanner
1612 John Killond and Nicholas Thomas
1614 John Hodge
1615 Hugh Tolley and Richard Bourne
1616 Vincent Upington and Hugh Meare
1617 Hugh Bidgood and Thomas Gater
1618 John Parkhouse and Robert Band
1619 John Hayes and Richard Shortrudge
1620 Richard Spurwaie and James Thomas
1621 John Crocker and John Norrish
1622 John Downe and Henry Cokram
1623 Richard Radford and William Garnesey
1624 Philip Hodge and Hugh Stephens
1625 John Parkhouse and John Sampson
1626 George Stenson and Thomas Cade
1628 Nicholas Thomas and Richard Vickery
1629 Thomas Upington and Walter Meare
1630 John Tolly and John Partridge
1633 Roger Beere and Richard Thomas
1634 Christopher Partrydge and William Parkhouse
1635 Andrew Thomas and Robert Norton
1636 Robert Lashbrooke and John Morice
1637 John Morice and John Croke
1639 Thomas Melhuish and James Thomas
1640 Thomas Mill and George Hagleigh
1641 Richard Thomas and John Bidgood
1642 William ....ill and ...Tolly
1643 Hugh Meare and Richard Thomas
1644 Roger Beere and John Greenslade
1646 Nicholas Thomas and Henry Cockeram
1648 Richard Shortrudge and John Partridge
1650 William Grindon and Philip Thomas
1651 John Cockeram and William Parkhouse
1652 John Walter and John Partridge Jun
1653 Henry Quicke and James Partridge
1654 John Melhuish and George Maunder
1655 Andrew Thomas and Hugh Grenslade
1656 William Playce and Jo Warren
1657 Richard Shortrudge and William Playce
1658 Richard Shortrudge and William Playce
1659 Robert Avery and John Sampson
1660 Thomas Hill and Andrew Thomas
1661 Thomas Hill and Andrew Thomas
1662 Richard Thomas and Peter Hole
1662 Mathew Tolly and Richard Clarke
1663 Edward Philip and Thomas Upington
1665 John Sampson and Benjamin Bidgood
1666 John Sampson and Benjamin Bidgood
1667 John Parkhouse and John Radford
1668 and 1667 Edward Bodley and Martyn Lea
1670 James Thomas and Andrew Partridge
1670 - 1 Lewes Nott and Hugh Greenslade
1672 Nicholas Crooke and Robert Moore
1676 Richard Shortrudge and Lewis Melhuishe
1679 Thomas Walter and Richard Cockram
1684 Humphrey Butler and Richard Greenslade
1727 George Bodley and Henry Stephens
1728 John Grant
1729 Edward Bodley and Edward Snow
1736 Thomas Ballyman and William Small
1737 John Govier and Hugh Greenslade
1738 John Cockram
1739 John Thomas
1740 Andrew Elworthy and Francis Cole
1742 Andrew Elworthy and William Elworthy
1743 Andrew Elworthy and William Elworthy
1748 William Comins and John Partridge
1749 Richard Shortrudge and Richard Cooke
1750 Arthur Ditchett and Humphrey Bodley
1752 Peter Ven
1753 John Partridge and Richard Cooke
1756 George Luxton
1757 Richard Elworthy and John Tan...
1758 George Luxton
1759 John Comins
1762 Francis Cole and Thomas Walter
1772 John Partridge
1776 James Cole
1794 Richard Melhuish and Thomas Elworthy
1797 William Comins and Robert Ven
1800 James Mathews and John Cooke
1817-1818 Charles John Cutliffe and Richard Comins
1819 Charles John Cutliffe and William Adams
1820-1822 Charles John Cutliffe and George Thomas
1823-1824 Charles John Cutliffe and William Bidgood
1825 Thomas Cole William Bidgood
1826 William Adams and William Bidgood
1827-1828 William Adams and William Thorne
1829 William Adams and Charles John Cutliffe
1830 Charles John Cutliffe and Samuel Bennett
1832 William Thorne and Thomas Gardener
1833 Charles John Cutliffe and William Smale
1834-1835 William Thorne and William Smale
1836-1842 William Thorne and John Comyns Leach
1843-1854 William Thorne and William White
1855-1856 William White and Thomas H Rattenbury
1857-1858 Thomas H Rattenbury and Henry Thorne
1859-1862 Thomas H Rattenbury and George Ayre
1863-1868 George Ayre and William Elworthy
1869-1871 George Ayre and John Selley
1872-1878 John Selley and Thomas Melhuish Comins
1879-1880 John Selley and William Wreford
1881 John Selley and George Ayre
1882-1884 John Selley and Richard Elworthy
1885 John Selley and Hill Partridge
1886 John Selley and Abraham Cole
1887-1890 George Henry Pullen and Abraham Cole
1891-1897 George Henry Pullen and Richard Elworthy
1898 Herbert John Mansfield and R Elworthy
1899-1902 H J Mansfield and William Lee
1903-1906 George Henry Selley and William Lee
1907-1915 Alfred Eli Barrow and George Henry Selley
1916-1920 Alfred Eli Barrow and H J Mansfield
1921-1923 Alfred Eli Barrow and William Tolley
1924-1925 Ernest Hutchings and William Tolley
1926- Ernest Hutchings and Samuel Heal
1927-1928 Edwin Cole and Samuel Heal
1929-1934 Edwin Cole and Ernest Hutchings
1934-1936 Ernest Hutchings and Fred Elias Blackford
1936-1938 F.E Blackford and James Woollacott
1938-1914 James Woollacott and Harold Henry Ayre
1941- James Woollacott and John Merson Adams.