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Help and advice for Wolborough: Ford and its associations (1901): index

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Name Index


Ford and its associations

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 33 (1901) pp. 693-713


R.W. Cotton

Prepared by Michael Steer

Ford House has provided hospitality for kings, queens, princes, princesses and numerous lords and ladies since the reign of Elizabeth I. It is named after a ford in the Aller Brook which carried the road to Shaldon, St Marychurch, and Aller, and lies within the ancient parish of Wolborough. Prior to the dissolution of the monasteries, Wolborough belonged to Torre Abbey. The present house bears the date 1610 and is built in the shape of the letter E, commonly thought to be in honour of Queen Elizabeth 1, who had just died. It is a plain, substantial structure built of rough-casted stone in the Elizabethan style. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Anne, Queen 702
Aylesford, Earl of 712
Bohemia, Queen of 698
Brandon, Charles 697
Brandon family 697, 703
Brandon, Lucy 695, 703
Brandon, Robert 695
Briwere, William 694
Burnett, Dr 710-1
Carew, Sir Peter 695, 711
Charles I 698-700, 702-3, 708
Cleaveland 708
Courtenay family 708-10, 712
Courtenay, Frances 712
Courtenay, Sir Francis 712
Courtenay, Lady Margaret 712
Courtenay, Sir William 708, 711-2
Courtenay, Sir William, 2nd Baronet 712
Courtenay, Viscount William 712
Courtenay, William 710
Courtenay, William (2) 710
Cromwell, Oliver 707, 709
Devon, Earl of 708, 712
Donne, Dr 705
Fairfax, Sir Thomas 707-9
Finch family 712
Finch, Frances 712
Finch, Heneage 712
Fowell family 696
Fowell, Colonel John 707
Gaverock, John gent 694-6
Guillim 697
Hele family 696
Henry VII 697
Henry VIII 695, 701
Hudson 712
Izacke, Richard 699
James I 698
Keats 693
Macaulay 710-1
Mary, Queen 711
May, Thomas 701
Murray 707
Orange, Prince of 710-1
Peckett 712
Percy family 697
Poulett, Mr 699
Prince, John 695, 712
Pulling, Serjeant 701
Redvers, Baldwin de 694
Redvers family 709
Redvers, Mary de 709
Reynell, Edward 706
Reynell family 696-8, 700, 702-3, 708
Reynell, Mistress Jane 695, 698
Reynell, Lady 703-4, 706-8, 710
Reynell, Lucy 695, 704-5
Reynell, Richard Esq snr 695
Reynell, Richard Esq 695-6, 698, 700
Reynell, Sir Richard 700, 702-5
Reynell, Richard, jnr 695
Reynell, Sir Thomas 700
Rich, Earl of Holland 699
Schomberg, Field Marshal 711
Spelman, Sir Henry 696
Sprigge 707
Stow 701
Strode, William 700
Suffolk, Duke of (Brandon) 697
Vandyk 700, 703
Villiers, Duke of Buckingham 699
Waller family 698
Waller, Jane 698, 704
Waller, Jane Lady 702-4
Waller, John 704
Waller, Margaret 702, 705-6, 708
Waller, Richard 702, 705
Waller, Sir William 698, 702, 705-7, 709
Weever, John 704
Westcote 699
Yonge, Mr John 700
Yonge, Sir John 700
Yonge, Lady 700
Yonge, Walter 700