Notes on the history of Newton Abbot


S.G. Harris

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 31, (1899) pp. 285-297.

Prepared by Michael Steer

In the mid-1200s the New Town of the Abbots (from Torre Abbey) was given the right to hold a weekly market. By 1300 the original settlements were renamed, with the lower ground named Newton Abbot, and the higher ground Newton Bushel. On the strength of the market, Newton Abbot quickly became a thriving town and a good source of income to the Abbots. The twin markets of Newton Abbot and Newton Bushel continued until 1633, when they amalgamated to a single weekly market under the ownership of Bradley Manor. - By 1751 there was also a smaller Saturday market with an annual cattle fair, a cheese and onion fair, and a cloth fair. As these markets continued to expand, a new market was built in 1826. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Ashworth, Mr 288
Beard, Mr 294
Beare, John 295
Bradford, John 293-4
Briwere family 286
Bruere, Lady Beatrix 286
Bruere, Lord William 286
Buckland, Rev William 292-3
Byrdell, Mr Thomas 294
Calamy, Dr 296
Calmady, Vincent gent 286
Charles I 287, 296
Charles II 296
Chype, Edward 287
Codner, John jnr 296
Courtenay, Lord Edward 286
Courtenay family 293
Courtenay, Henry Reginald 293
Courtenay, Lady Margaret 287
Courtenay, Lord Viscount 292-3
Courtenay, Sir William Bt 287, 292-3, 296
Courtney, Mr ffrancis gent 296
Cromwell, Oliver 294-6
Cromwell, Richard 295
Devon, Earl of 286-7, 290
Durham, Rev W E 291
Elizabeth I 292
Farley, Mr John 294
Frenshe, Robert 290
Gaverock, Jane 287
Gaverock, John 286-7
Gold, Colonel 296
Grandisson, Bishop 290
Gybbe, William 290
Hannaford, Mr 294
Harris, S G 286
Henry III 286
Henry IV 286, 290
Henry VIII 286
Heycraft, Josias 295
Honeywood, E 292
Hugo, Thomas 294
John, King 286
Lethbridge, Mr John 291
Lysons 291
Marshall, Bishop Henry 286
Moss, Mr 294
Norton, Abbot William 290
Oliver, Dr 286-9
Peterson, Dr William 296
Philip & Mary 286, 290
Phillpotts, Dr Henry 294
Pike, Mr 294
Reynell, Rev John 287
Reynell, Lady Lucy 289
Reynell, Sir Richard 287-8
Reynell, Mr Thomas JP 295
Reynell, Sir Thomas 287, 295
Richard I 285
Selman, John 295
Snelling, Edward 292
Stockman, Messrs 286
Totwill, Mrs 294
Tozer, Mr Aaron 294
Walker 294
Waller, Margaret 287
Waller, Sir William 287
Way, Mrs 294
Webb, Mrs Rebecka 296
Wertheim & Mackintosh 294
White, Mrs 289
Whitechurch, John 288
William III 287
Windsor, Mr 287
Wright, Mr Thomas 296
Yard, Thomas Esq 286
Yarde family 287
Yeo, Mr William 296