Will of Dame Lucie Brandon Reynell of Forde, Wolborough

Dated 1 Nov 1650, Proved 20 May 1652

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PROB 11/221/737, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Kathleen Noye

[Catalogued by TNA as the will of Lucie Peynell, widow of Ford]

In the name of the ffather the sonne and the holy Ghost Amen I Dame Lucie Reynell of fford in the County of Devon Widdowe beinge in perfict memorye (praised be Allmighty God of heauen and Earth) Knowinge that all mankind must die and appeare before his Divine Maiestie in Judgement acknowledginge myselfe the worst of synners doe desire to quiett my minde and settle such worldly Blessing[es] as it hath pleasede my bountifull God to giue vnto me that those cares beinge dis??ssed and my harte and minde setled wholy vpon my blessed God and Mercifull ffather in whome only I trust to receive remission of my sinnes by the death of my saviour Jesus Christ I triumph over death and hell because he hath made full satisfaccon for all true faithfull and repentinge Sinners and haueing himselfe for me he will giue vnto me all things needfull for my soule and body Therefore my hart reioyceth and in my songs I will praise him Death is swallowed vpp in victory and trustinge in the mirrett[es] [merits] of my Saviour which are become wholy myne by faith I doe willingly resigne my soule vnto God who gaue it and my body to the grave to become dust assuredly beleeveinge that at the last day they both shall bee vnited againe and myne eies [eyes] shall see him and on me his great mercye shall appeare by saveinge me in the blood of his sonn (who am vnworthy) And therefore that worldly cares cary not my thoughts to Earthy things I dis??se what God hath giuen vnto me in his free mercy in manner followeinge : ffirst I giue vnto the poore of the Parish of Wolborough the some of Tenn Pound[es] ffower pound[es] whereof I giue vnto the fower Ministers widdowes placed in the Widdowes howses there to each of them Twenty shilling[es] the other Six pound[es] to be distributed to the other poore of that p[ar]ish by the direccon [direction] of my seruant George Trosse within Three dayes after my funarell day Item I giue vnto the Minister that shall Preach my funarall Sermon the some of ffortie shilling[es] and one mourninge gowne or cloake to his election Item I giue vnto the Lady Margarett Courtney my deare Grandchild Thirtie Jewells of Gould sett with diamond[es] whereof in fowerteene of them are contayned fyve diamond[es] in each (one of them I gaue her heretofore and the other sixteene containe each of them one diamonde which were sometimes the Jeweles of my deare daughter her mother the Lady Waller And all other my Jewells and Ring[es] togeather with my Cabonett and all that is in it Alsoe my book[es] of Receiptes that shee may learne to doe good to poore deseased [diseased] and sicke people for Charitie sake Item my will is that all those my seuerall leases and graunt[es] of all those seuerall messuages Tenement[es] houses Orchard[es] gardens and closes of land meadowe and pasture with theire appurtenances togeather with the proffit[es] of the same leases and grauntes in trust to Sr George Chudley Barronett and George Trosse my Servant and to theire Executors and assignes and to eu[r]ye [every] and either of them (except such graunts and leases which I haue since graunted and deuised to any of my tennant[es]) be imployed and bestowed toward[es] the payments of any Debts Leagacies and fun[er]all Expences and the remaynder of them and the proffitt[es] thereof bee imployed and remaine to the benefit lawfull vse and proffitt of my dearly beloved Grandchild by lawe [grandson-in-law] Sr William Courtney Barrt [Baronet] his Executors and assignes Item I giue and bequeath vnto my Nephew Nicholas Downey Clarke the Some of Tenn Pound[es] Item I giue vnto my Nephew Charles Brandon the some of Tenn pound[es] Item I giue vnto my Neece Mrs Andrea Bradley the some of Tenn pound[es] Item I giue vnto my Nephew Mr Edward Reynell the some of Tenn pound[es] Item I giue vnto my faithfull and trustie servant George Trosse the some of ffortie pound[es] And whereas in my former will I did giue vnto my old longe trustly and faithfull servant Anne Trosse (who is since deceased) the some of one hundred pound[es] I doe declare further that my will is that the said hundred pound[es] soe giuen be equally divided and I doe giue the said some of one hundred pound[es] vnto Lucie Trosse Elizabeth Trosse George Trosse Ann Trosse and Charles Trosse Grandchildren of the said Ann Cross the elder and George Trosse her husband and the Children of Thomas Trosse theire some to be equally diveided amongst them And my will is that if any or either of them dye before the age Sixteene yeares the twenty pound[es] to the said Lucie Trosse Elizabeth Trosse George Trosse the younger Ann Trosse and Charles Trosse soe to be devided out of the foresaid hundred pound[es] shalbe and come vnto the survivour and survivours of him or her soe dyeinge Item I giue vnto the said Lucie Trosse my Godddaughter the some of Twentie pound[es] Item I giue vnto Anne Martyn my Se[r]vant the some of ffyve pound[es] Item I giue vnto Sara Hosegood [?] my servant the some of fyve pound[es] and the halfe of my wearing cloathes gownes Petticott[es] the hatt[es] Wastcoat[es] Lynnin[es] Item I giue vnto Richard Reynolds my servant and Cooke Tenn pounde[s] Item I giue vnto Mary Helmer and Allice Joanes widdowes my old and longe servants to ech of them the some of ffortie shilling[es] Provided that none none [sic] of my before named servantl[es] haue any of the legacies vnto them before respectively giuen but only such as shall be in my service at the tyme of my death And alsoe my will is that the seuerall Legacies giuen as aforesaid be paid and delivered vnto the seuer parsons aforesaid within Six month[es] after my decease . And I further will and ordayne that if it shall happen any contention strife contreversie or question in lawe touchinge or concerneinge this my last will and Testament or any part thereof to growe or arise att any tyme after my decease (which I hope will not) That what costs charges expences shall be layd out and disbursed there about shall be discharged and paid out of my good[es] and chattles Item I giue devise and bequeath vnto my trustie and welbeloued freind[es] Sr George Chadley of Ashton Barronet Sr Nicholas Martyn of Exton Knight Sr Henry Cary of Cockington Knight Edward Seymour Esquier sonn and heire of Sr Edwarde Seymour of Bury Castle knight and barronett Richard Cabill of ?rooke esquire George Chudley esquire sonn and heire of the said Sr George Chudley Barronett Thomas Reynell of Ogwells Esq Thomas Caren of Haccombe Esquire Gregory Hookmore of Buckland Barron, Esquire, Henry fford of Bagterr Esquire Arthur Vpton of Lupton Esqr John Were of Silferton Esquire : and George Trosse gent my ser[v]ant All these fower seuerall howses and habitacons each of them accomodated with three seuerall roomes & souerall herbe garden with an inclosed courtelage [grounds surrounding a house] before the said howses called by the name of the widdowes howses scituatt in a parcell of land called Churchill lyeinge within the sayd parish of Wolborough and Borough of Newton Abbott And alsoe one messuage to the said howses adioyneinge [adjoining] on the Northwest end thereof and the residue of the said Close called Churchill now in the tenure of one                    Downinge widdowe her assignee or assignes for the remaynder of Sixty yeares yett to come vnder the Annuall Rent of fforty shilling[es] And likewise all those messuages Orchard[es] gardens Tenement[es] Rent[es] Reuercons [reversions] and services with th'appurtenances scituate and lyeinge within the bourrough of Newton Abbott aforesaid bounded with the land[es] of Chrisopher Gildon on the East with Seuymore land and the land[es] sometymes Haymons on the South with the land[es] of the aforesaid Gregory Hookmore on the wist and with the streete there called the East streete on the north And moreover [?] All the land[es] called Bottombe Parke contayneinge two acres One close called Barne Parke contaneinge fower acres One close called Peasearrish contayneinge One Acre and one halfe acre One meadowe lyeinge by Jacketh Bridg contayneinge one Acre and two closes of land called Whitborroughe contayneinge Nyne acres scituatt in higher Yalborne in the parish of Paignton in the said county of Devon nowe in the tenure of one Robert Thraige his assignee or assignes for the the [sic] remainder of Sixty yeares yett to come vnder the Annuall Rent of Tenn Pound[es] And allsoe all that meadowe called Cletland mead containeinge Two acres and one halfe acre And all those closes of land called Grammer Parke contayneinge one acre and one quarter of an acre Way Parke containinge two acres, and Wester Parke Contayneinge two acres , with one litle marsh or meadowe plott therevnto adioyneinge with th'appurtenances scituate in the parish of Paignton aforesaid in the tenure of William ffurnea?? the Elder his assignee or assignes for the remaynder of Sixty yeares yett to come vnder the yearely Rent of Eight pound[es] To haue and to hould all the said before ?cited howses messuages Land[es] Tementent[es] Rent[es] Reuercons and Services with all and singuler theire appurtenances whatsoever vnto the said Sr George Chadley Sr Nicholas Martyn Sr Henry Cary Edward Seymour Richard Cabell George Chadley Thomas Reynell Thomas Caren Gregory Hookmore Henry fford and John Were Esquires and George Trosse Gent theire heirs and assignes foeuer to and for the only and sole Charitable vse and uses expressed and declared in one and more Indentures beareinge date the Tenth daye of March in the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand Six hundred and forty And to and for noe other vse or vses whatsoeuer And nowe vppon the great Good hope and affiance that I haue and the trust and Confidence which I repose in my said loveing freind John Were and my said Servant George Trosse I doe make and ordayne them Executors of this my last will and testament for and to the sole vse benefitt and behoofe of the aforesaid Sr Will[ia]m Courtney and the lady Dame Margarett his wife And for theire paines travill holy and assistance which they shall take herein and about the Execution and performance of this my last will and testament revokinge all other and former wills by me made I give vnto ech of them The some of Twenty Nobles Item I giue vnto my beforenamed servant Anne Martyn th'other halfe of my wereinge cloathes Gownes Petticoat[es] hatt[es] wastcot[es] and lynnins Item I giue vnto my two great Grandchildren William Courtney and Lucie Courtney to each of them One hundred pound[es] In witnes thereof of revokinge all former wills by me made I haue herevnto put my hand and seale the ffirst day of november in the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand Sixe hundred and ffiftie, Lucie Reynell./

This Will was Proved at London the One and Twentith day day [sic] of May One thousand Six hundred ffiftie and two before Sr Nathaniell Brent Knight Judge of the Prerogative court by the Oath of John Were and George Trisse Executors in trust of the said deceased To whom Administration was Comitted of all and Singuler the good[es] right[es] and Creditt[es] of the said deceased in this will named being first sworne by comission truely to Administer Exd [Examined]