Name Listing from the Newton Abbot Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Rowe, Ths: Academy (Classical)                                  East StreetBartlett: Attorney                                              Wolborough StreetBradridge, Peter: Attorney                                      East StreetFarley: Attorney                                                Wolborough StreetGribble, John: Attorney                                         Wolborough StreetPearce, Parmenas: Attorney                                      Newton BushelDoke, Wm: Baker                                                 East StreetHill, Ed: Baker                                                 Newton BushelHopkins, Rd: Baker                                              Newton BushelThorn, Wm: Baker                                                Wolborough StreetFarwell: BankerWise: BankerHannaford, Samuel: Boot Maker                                   Wolborough StreetHearder, Joel: Boot Maker                                       Wolborough StreetPhillips, Rt: Boot Maker                                        East StreetBuckland, John: Broker & Auctioneer                             East StreetGill, John: Brush Maker & Tin Plate Worker                      Wolborough StreetMurch, Joseph: Builder                                          East StreetWinsor, John: Builder                                           East StreetElliott, Ths: Butcher                                           Wolborough StreetLane, Thos: Butcher                                             Wolborough StreetLuscombe, Ed Mann: Butcher                                      East StreetHatchwell, Rt: Cabinet Maker                                    East StreetBowden, John: CarrierEdgcumbe, John: CarrierMedland, John: CarrierSmale, Robert: CarrierWoolcott: CarrierButchers, Rd: Cooper                                            Wolborough StreetBickford, Nich: Currier                                         Newton BushelBidgood, Wm: Currier                                            East StreetHinwood, Jas: Currier                                           East StreetLudlow, Wm: Currier                                             Wolborough StreetSweeting, Ths Knight: Druggist                                  Wolborough StreetMetherell, Ebenezer: Dyer                                       East StreetPope, Saml: Dyer                                                Newton BushelBranscombe, Saml: Fellmonger                                    Newton BushelBeane, Rd: Grocer                                               Wolborough StreetCoombe, John: Grocer                                            East StreetMayne, Ann: Grocer                                              Wolborough StreetBudd, John: Grocer & Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)          East StreetMills, Humphrey: Grocer & Maltster                              Wolborough StreetHarvie, Jemima: Haberdasher                                     Wolborough StreetHarvie, Rebecca: Haberdasher                                    Wolborough StreetCarne, Thos: Hatter                                             East StreetWeld, Wm: Hosier                                                East StreetGill, John: Iron Monger                                         East StreetHannaford, Nicholas: Iron Monger                                Wolborough StreetHolditch, Abraham: Iron Monger                                  Wolborough StreetBastard, John: Jeweller                                         East StreetFerris, George: Joiner                                          Wolborough StreetAlsop, John: Linen Draper                                       East StreetBranscombe, John: Linen Draper                                  East StreetClarke, Peter: Linen Draper                                     East StreetCrews, Wm: Linen Draper                                         East StreetJardine, John: Linen Draper                                     Wolborough StreetMetherell, Joseph: Linen Draper                                 Newton BushelMoore: Linen Draper                                             Wolborough StreetSnelling: Linen Draper                                          Wolborough StreetParker, Wm: Painter & Glazier                                   East StreetEzekiel, Ezekiel: Pawnbroker                                    Wolborough StreetHead, George: Plumber                                           East StreetSweeting, T K: Post Master                                      Wolborough StreetLuscombe, Rd: Printer & Bookbinder                              East StreetJacobs, Henry: Rag Dealer                                       East StreetJacobs, Wm: Rag Dealer                                          East StreetMardon, Thos: Saddler                                           Newton BushelNeyle, Rd: Saddler                                              Wolborough StreetPassmore, Jas: Saddler                                          East StreetStitson, John: Saddler                                          East StreetSweet, Wm: Saddler                                              Wolborough StreetTurner, Ths: Saddler                                            Wolborough StreetBanfill, Clement: Spirit Merchant                               Wolborough StreetEvens, Hugh: Spirit Merchant                                    Newton BushelLey, John: Spirit Merchant                                      Wolborough StreetCrossman, Henry: Stone Mason                                    Wolborough StreetCrespin, Geo: Surgeon                                           Wolborough StreetGaye, Chas: Surgeon                                             Wolborough StreetLeslie, Andrew: Surgeon                                         Wolborough StreetRadley, Wm Chappell: Surgeon                                    Wolborough StreetLamble, Wm: Tailor                                              East StreetStevens, Rd: Tailor                                             East StreetMatthews, Jas: Tallow Chandler                                  Wolborough StreetBranscombe, Samuel: Tanner                                      Newton BushelVicary, Moses: Tanner                                           Newton BushelCowell, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Bear)                                 Welborough StreetMackrell, Sarah: Tavern/Inn (Bell)                              East StreetTooley, Robt: Tavern/Inn (Commercial)                           Newton BushelFurness, Elr: Tavern/Inn (Compas)                               Wolborough StreetLamble, W: Tavern/Inn (Dartmouth Inn)                           East StreetBeazley, J: Tavern/Inn (Globe Inn)                              East StreetMurch, Jos: Tavern/Inn (Golden Lion)                            East StreetHannaford, Joseph: Tavern/Inn (Half Moon)                       Wolborough StreetPayne, Philip: Tavern/Inn (Jolly Sailor)                        East StreetRichardson, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Newfoundland Inn)                   East StreetSalter, J: Tavern/Inn (Seven Stars)                             Newton BushelEllicott, Dinah: Tavern/Inn (Ship)                              Wolborough StreetThorn, J: Tavern/Inn (Turk's Head)                              Wolborough StreetMajor, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Union)                                   East StreetWhiteway, Wm: Tavern/Inn (White Hart)                           East StreetMilward, John: Timber Merchant                                  East StreetStitson, Ths: Tin Plate Worker                                  East StreetBradford, James: Watch Maker                                    Wolborough StreetBulkeley, John: Watch Maker                                     East StreetDurckheim, Isaac Moses: Watch Maker                             East StreetJonas, Jonas: Watch Maker                                       East StreetMajor, Nicholas: Wheelwright                                    Wolborough StreetMilward, John: Wheelwright & Iron Merchant                      East StreetWhite, John: Whitesmith                                         East Street
Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999