Haydon of Woodbury and Ottery St Mary


W.H.H. Rogers

Devon Notes and Queries 1, 1900-1, illus. pp. 225-40.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Haydons were an old Devon family, descended from John Haydon de Boughwood in Harpford, who was living there in 1325. Risdon in his Survey of 1620, recorded that a descendant, John Haydon "builded at Cadhay a fair new house and enlarged his demesne." The fine new Tudor mansion built by John Haydon was apparently erected on the site of the former medieval hall. John Haydon built it about 1550. The south porch door of St Mary's Church at Ottery retains its ancient lock, the handle being dated 1575 with the initials of the donor, John Haydon of Cadhay. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Babington family239
Bikbur, Willielmus de225
Broughton, Erasmus229
Broughton family229
Broughton, Joan229
Broughton, Thomas229
Browning, Margaret229
Browning, Thomas229
Coke, Christopher233
Coke, Johanna232
Coke, John armig232-3
Coke, Margaret233
Coke, Prudence233
Coke, Thomas233
Coke, William Esq233
Collins, Family239
Collins, Grace239
Collins, Thomas239
Coram, Joan226
Coram, John226
Davie, John331
Davie, Margaret331
Dugdale, Sir W235
Ebford, Ralph de225
Edward I225
Edward III225
Edward IV226
Edward VI236
Elizabeth I229, 235-6, 238
Every, Margaret230
Every, John230
Every, William230
Fitch, Alice234
Fitch family234
Fitch, John234
Fitch, Sir Thomas234
Fry, Dorothy233
Fry, Henry233
Fry, Nicholas233
Garland, Margaret233
Gilbert, Jane226
Gilbert, Robert226
Godolphin, Prudence233
Gould, Elizabeth233
Gould family233
Gould, William233
Gove family229
Gove, Jane228
Gove, John gent228-9
Grendon, Simon235
Grenvile, Hugh235, 237
Grenvill, Jone235
Grenvill, Robert235
Grenville Family237
Hales, Joan239
Hall, John232
Hall, Mary232
Hare, Sir George Ralph, Bt238
Harvey, Anthony229
Harvey, Margaret229
Haydon, Agnes226, 240
Haydon, Alice228, 234
Haydon, Amias229, 231
Haydon, Amy229
Haydon, Ann240
Haydon, Anne231-2, 239
Haydon, Bridget229
Haydon, Catherine234
Haywood, Christian229
Haydon, Dorothy233
Haydon, Drewe230
Haydon, Ebett240
Haydon, Edward228, 238
Haydon, Francis239
Haydon, Eleanor (all Eleanors)233-4
Haydon, Eliza226, 228
Haydon, Elizabeth229, 233-4
Haydon family (also Heydon)225-7, 230-2, 234-7, 239
Haydon, Frances233
Haydon, George226, 331, 238
Haydon, George Raleigh233
Haydon, Gideon Esq (all Gideons)225, 229-35, 238
Haydon, Grace239-40
Haydon, Henry225
Haydon, James231
Haydon, Jane226, 228, 234
Haydon, Joan (all Joans)225-6, 228-9, 235-6, 239
Haydon, Johanna232, 237
Haydon, John de (all the Johns)225-6, 228-9, 231, 234-8, 240
Haydon, Julian225
Haydon, Margaret (all Margarets)229-34
Haydon, Maria233
Haydon, Martha228
Haydon, Mary229, 232, 234
Haydon, Meraud225
Haydon, Nicholas231-2
Haydon, Peter (all Peters)225-6, 229, 239
Haydon, Rebecca232
Haydon, Robert, armig. (all Roberts)225, 229-31, 233-5, 238
Haydon, Richard (all Richards)226-8, 232, 234, 236, 238, 239
Haydon, Roger225
Haydon, Sara230
Haydon, Simon240
Haydon, Susan238
Haydon, Thomas (all Thomas')225-6, 228-9, 231, 234-5, 238-40
Haydon, Walter232
Haydon, William gent (all Williams)225, 233-4, 239
Henry IV226
Henry VIII226, 235-6
Huntly, Amy229
Huntly, Edmund229
Huntly, John229
Jervice family230
Jervice, Frideswith230
Jervice, William230
Kelly, Alice228
Kelly, Henry228
Lee, Dorothy233
Leigh, Mary229
Leigh, Walter229
Martyn family232
Martyn, Mary232
Martyn, Susan232
Martyn, William232
Mary I236
Merifeild, Agnes226
More, Hugh235
Morties, Herbertus de225
Nonaunt, Guido de225
Oliver, Dr226, 239
Parke, Susan238
Paulet, Sir Amias, Kt, PC229
Paulet family230
Paulet, Joan229
Paulet, Margaret229
Pole225, 234-5, 238
Polwhele232, 234, 236
Prestwood, Susan232
Prestwood, Thomas232
Prince225, 228, 231, 235
Richard II225
Richmond, Henry St George225
Rose, Martha228
Rose, Nicholas228
Searle, Ebett240
Searle, John240
Sherman, Bridget229
Sherman, John229
Sherman, William gent235
Southcote family331
Southcote, George331
Southcote, Margaret331
Stokes, Catherine234
Towell, Jane229
Towell, John229
Trent, Joan226, 239
Trent, Morris226
Trent, William235
Trevill, Joan239
Trosse, Anne231
Trosse family232
Trosse, Henry armig231-2
Tyrell family239
Tytherleigh, Christan229
Tytherleigh family239
Tytherleigh, Johanna229
Tytherleigh, Robert229
Upton, Arthur233
Upton, Elizabeth233
Veysey, Bishop226
Ware, Elizabeth232
Ware, John232
Weekes family239
Weekes, Joan228
Weekes, Richard228
Williams, Jane228
Williams, Richard228
Williams, William Peere Esq238
Yarde, Dorothy233
Yarde, Rev Gilbert233
Yorke, Richard238
Yorke, Susan238