Estate Duty Office Will of of John Bath, Devon (Woodleigh)

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Devon Record Office 1078/IRW/B459

Transcribed by Melba Jarvis Miller

IRW   Inland Revenue Wills

For the Stamp Office

Copy of the Will of John Bath late of Woodleigh Devon Yeoman decd.
With one Codicil amended

Executor John Bath of Harberton, Devon Yeoman

Proved in the Archdeacon's Court of Totnes 4th March 1820

Effects sworn under  £1500, Walter Prideaux, Deputy Registrar

NO 2 REG AB 1820 FOL 337

FORMS of AFFIDAVITS to be required and received from Persons applying for Probates of Wills, and Letters of Administration,of the Value of Personal Estates and Effects of the Deceased


John Bath of Harberton in the County of Devon, Yeoman the sole
Executor named in the last Will and Testament WITH Codicil annexed of John Bath late of the Parish of Woodley in the said County who died on the 27th Day of October 1819 maketh oath and saith that he hath made diligent search and due enquiry after and in respect of the Personal Estate and Effects of the said Deceased, in order to ascertain the full amount and value thereof; and that to the best of his knowledge, information and belief, the whole of the Goods, Chattels & Credits, of which the said Deceased died possessed within the Archdeaconry of Totnes and Diocese of Exeter (exclusive of what the Deceased may have been possessed of, or intitled to as a Trustee for any other Person or Persons and nor beneficially, but including the Leasehold Estates for years of the Deceased, whether absolute or determinable on Lives, and deducting anything on account of the Debts due and owing from the Deceased), are under the Value of £1500 ~~~And this Despondent further saith that the said Deceased had a Personal Estate and Effects at the time of his decease within the providence of York to which he this Deponent need to Administer.

John Bath
Sworn on the fourth Day of March 1820 before me [.........]
£ 1500
Every such Affidavit to be exempt from Stamp Duty, and to be transmitted to the Commissioners of Stamps, together with the Copy of the Will to which it shall relate under a Penalty of £50.
In The Name of God Amen, I John Bath of Woodleigh in the County of Devon, Yeoman do make this my last Will and Testament in manner following I give and bequeath to each of my said daughters, Jane Hext, Elizabeth Jarvis and Ann Adams the sum of two hundred pounds Sterling. Also I give and bequeath to my son William Bath a like sum of Two Hundred pounds and I also give and bequeath to my Grandson John Hext the sum of fifty pounds of like money. All which said legacies I wish my Executor to pay at the end of six months next after my Decease and I do hereby confirm the Bond I entered into on the marriage of my Daughter Mary Symons and all money, sundries for money good chattels and effects whatsoever of which I own or may die possessed of or entitled unto [.....]  [......] payment of my debts, legacies and funeral expenses, I do hereby give and bequeath unto my son John Bath and appoint him my sole Executor and I hereby revoke all former wills or codicils by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of August One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventeen.
Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared by the said Testator John Bath as and for his Last Will and Testament in presence of us who at the request and in presence of him and each other have subscribed our Names as Witness thereto.
Thomas Wyse
John Wise
The Mark of the Testator
John Bath      X     (his mark)

WHEREAS since making and executing my within written Will, I have determined [............] several of the legacies thereby given as they now have been broken upon my son and Executor John Bath, I therefore hereby revoke the several legacies of Two Hundred Pounds a piece thereby given to each of my daughters, Jane Hext, Elizabeth Jarvis and Ann Adams and to my son William Bath and instead thereof do only give and bequeath to each of my said [..........] Daughters the sum of One Hundred and Eighty Pounds and to my said son William Bath.
John Bath the sum of One Hundred and fifty pounds only to be paid to them respectively at the end of Six months after my Decease. But if I shall in my life time advance or lend my said son William Bath any sum or sums of money to put him into business again or otherwise in each case I Will and wish that all such sums shall be allowed by him so as retained by my Executor in part or in full of the aforesaid legacy hereby given to him. And I do also wish that the legacy of fifty pounds given by my said Will to my grandson John Hext shall not be paid at all if he shall die before he attains his age of Seventy One years, but sink into my fiduciary Estate and lastly I do Will and declare that if any of my securities for money should turn out to be defective and not be fully paid that each of my legatees and my Executor shall bear a proportion of the loss thereby sustained according to the benefit they will be entitled to out of my effects under my said Will and this instrument which I declare to be a Codicil to and part of my said Will which I in other respects hereby confirm in Witness whereof I have hereunder at my hand and seal this nineteenth day of August 1817.
Signed, sealed, Published and Declared by the said John Bath the Testator within and above named as and for Codicil to his within Will in presence of us.
The Mark of John X Bath The Testator
John Adams
Thomas Wyse

The above and preceding Will contains a true copy of the original Will and Codicil of John Bath deceased the same having been herewith carefully examined by us.
Clerks to Walter Prideaux, Deputy Registrar of the Archdeacon's Court of Totnes
J.L. Willis Sr.

Words were spelled as written.