Woolfardisworthy (West) 1850


from White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Devonshire (1850)

                   transcribed by Brian Randell

WOOLFARDISWORTHY, commonly called Wolsworthy, is a large village, 5 miles 
W. of Hartland, and 9½ miles S.W. by W. of Bideford. Its parish 
contains 988 souls, and 5960 acres of land, rising boldly from the river 
Torridge and two of its tributary streams. Sir James H. Williams, Bart., 
is lord of the manor of Bokish, commonly called Bucks, but a great part 
of the parish belongs to W. W. Melhuish, John Trathen, and B. Prust, 
Esqrs., (who have neat houses here,) and many smaller owners. The Church 
(St. Michael,) is a small antique structure, containing memorials of the 
Cole, Hamlyn, Saltren, Duerdon, and other families. Mrs. Loggin is owner 
of the tithes, which formerly belonged to Hartland Abbey. She is also 
patroness of the perpetual curacy, valued in 1831 at only £91, and now in 
the incumbency of the Rev. J. W. Smyth, D.D. He has a stipend of £20 out 
of the tithes, and also about 70 acres of land, partly purchased with 
Queen Anne's Bounty. The poor have 10s. a year from £10 left by James 
Burdon, in 1747.

Andrew Job, tailor 
Cleverdon John, carpenter 
Cleverdon Richard, butcher 
Davy Robert, mason
Friendship Thos. vict. Hotel 
Hopgood Richard, blacksmith 
Lee Thomas, edgetool maker 
Melhuish Walter Wm. Esq 
Penington Wm. corn miller 
Prust Bartholomew, Esq 
Petherick Daniel, mason 
Smyth Rev John, D.D. incbt. Cranford
Trick Wm. corn miller 
Vanstone George, beer seller 
Westway Thos. carpenter

Eastbrook John
Eastbrook Wm.
Penington Wm.

Andrew Wm.
Andrew James
Andrew John
Andrew J. jun
Andrew Joseph
Bailey John
Bartlett John
Bartlett Thos.
Beadlick Thos.
Blake Chas.
Bond Grace
Bond John    
Boundy Susanna
Britton Wm. 
Burrow Jph.    
Burrow Jph. jun. 
Cann Thos.
Cann Wm.
Ching Wm.
Cory Francis
Cory John
Cory Susanna
Dark Thos.
Daymon Peter
Dunn John
Falley Wm.
Grigg Wm.
Harding Thsn. 
Harding Richd.
Heywood Walter 
Hewitt John   
Lane Josiah    
Marquiss Geo. 
May John    
Moase Philip
Moase Wm.
Prance Saml.
Prance Wm.
Pridham Lnce.
Prouse Chas.
Pyke Samuel
Sanders Thos.
Short John
Short Richard
Short R. jun
Slee Thomas
Stevens Jas.
Sundercock Frs.
Tawin Thos.
Trathen John, Duerdon
Vanstone Jas.
Vanstone John
Vanstone Saml.
Vining John
Walkey Saml.
Walter John
Brian Randell, 26 Aug 1999