Will of John Crocker of Lynham

Proved 1 February 1521

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/20/78, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Kathleen Noye

In the name of god Amen The xvj Day of January The yere of our lorde [1520] I John Crocker of Lynham in the Countie of Devonshire Esquier being sike in body and hole in mynde and freshe of Remembrance make my testament in this maner ffirst I geve and bequeth my soule to almighty god our Lady saint Mary his blessed mother and to all the holy company of hevyn my body to be buried in holy grave in the litell Chapell of or blessed lady saint mary within the p[ar]isshe Church of Yalhmpton where Sir John Crocker Knight my fader is buried Also I will that Immediatly after my decesse there be v [5] masses of the fyve wounds of our lorde Jhu [Jesus] criste said for me / and also a trigintall of masses for my soule [trental, an office for the dead continuing 30 days, 30 masses] wtn [within] iij Daies next after my decesse Also I geve and bequeth vnto the store of saint Barthlmewe at Yalhmpton forsaid xx [shillings?] / Also I bequeth vnto my sonne John Crocker my best basyn of siluer wt [with] the ewer therto belonging and my best salt of siluer with the Couer [cover] of the same and my best bolle of siluer gilt wt the Couer of the same and also my flatt boll of siluer gilt that is pounced [indented, a type of ornament used for plate] with the Coure [cover] to the same belonging / Also I bequeth vnto Elizabeth my wyfe a bason of siluer wt the ewer belonging to the same and also one gilt salt of siluer with the Couer of the same / A standing Cupp of siluer gilt / ij white bolls of siluer oon [one] pounced and an other vnpounced / one doscyn [dozen] of spones of siluer and ij spones of siluer gilt / And also I geve and bequeth vnto the said Elizabeth my Wife all my Tynne workes wt [within] the Countie of Devonshire to haue and to holde to her and to her assignes terme of her lyfe after the custume of the Stannery to thentent [the intent] therwith to help fynde my Children and her / Also I bequeth vnto my fader in Lawe sir Lewes Pollard knyght a standing Cupp of siluer and gilt to pray for my soule and for the soules of my fader and moder / And also if my said fader in Lawe wolbe at my burying or at my monthes mynde [month's mind, a requiem mass celebrated a month after a person's death, in memory of the deceased] and to help so this my last will pformmed [performed] and kept / I will that he haue for his labour and payne v mrcs [5 marks] / And also yf my cosyn Thomas Copleston Wolbe at my burying and moneth mynde and putt his goode help therunto / I woll that he shalhaue for his labour and payne fyve mrcs and a blak gowne to pray for me / Also I will that my Cosen John Copleston of Yalhmpton shalhaue a blak gown / yf he wilbe at my burying and at my monethes mynde to pray for me / Also I will that sir John Hunt my preest shalhaue vj li [£6] euery yere during the tyme of v yeres next ensuyng after my decesse to syng for me in the Chapell where my body shalbe buried And if the said sir John by reason of any benefice to him gevyn cannot conuenientlye [conveniently] attende this to doo / that then I will som other honest preest be provided after the discrecion of my executors to syng for me in the said Chapell during the said yeres / and that preest to haue for his wage yerely vj li [£6]. Also I woll that of the Residue of my goodes not bequethed that the forsaid Elizabeth my Wyfe shalhaue the thirde parte therof / or one hundred pounds in money at her pleasure / Also I will that if it fortune my said wife to be abiding at Lynham that at any conuenyent tyme shall please her comannde the said preest to saye masse at Lynham that he so doo specially remembring to pray for my soule the soules of my fader and moder / and at euy [every] masse to say deprofundes ["out of the depths"] wt a speciall Collet [collect?] for the soules abouesaid The Residue of all my goodes not bequethed I geve and bequeth them vnto the abovesaid sir Lewes Pollard knyght and vnto the abouesaid Thomas Copleston / Which sir Lewes and Thomas I ordeyn and make myn executors to dispoase for the welth of my soule and of my Childern as by them shalbe thought moost necessary / In witnesse wherof I the said John Crocker haue putto my Seall The yere and day abouesaid . Thise Witnessing sir John Hunt preest sir Edmund Cryspyn preest Curat of Yalhampton forsaid John Blakeford John Stebbell John Arkesworth and other.

Probatum fuit Testamentum suprascript[um] defuncti Coram D[omi]no apud Lamehith ./ Primo Die mensis ffebruarij Anno D[omi]ne Mill[es]imo quingentesimo xxjo Jurament Lodowici Pollard milite psot puth et Thome Copleston in psoa Chome Argall procuris sin ?? hac pte executore in h[uius]mo[di] test[ament]o nom[in]at de approbat infumat Et com[m]issa fuit admistrand[o] omn[ium] & sing[u]lor[um] bono[rum] et debit[orum] di[cti] defuncte dicte executori?? De b[o]n[orum] et fidel[iter] Admistrand[o] &c de pleno et fideli[ter] Jur[rament]o ??tra fest?? Pasche prox futur exhid nonio de pleno ?vero compoto reddon? Ad s[an]c[t]a dei Euangelia in debita iuris forma Jurat

Translation: The above will was proved in Lambeth [, Surrey] on the first day of the month of February in the year of our Lord one thousand five hundred 21, sworn by Sir Lewis Pollard knight and Thomas Coplestone…to whom administration was granted of all and singular the goods and debts of the said deceased…to well and faithfully administer etc. fully and faithfully…feast of Easter…on the Holy Gospels…