"The ecclesiastical parish of Shotton was formed from Easington in 1862, and includes part of the township of Shotton, and that part of Haswell known as Haswell Moor. The village of Old Shotton is not included, it being still in the parish of Easington. The population in 1891 was 2050.

"Shotton Township, the principal proprietors of which are R. Burdon, Esq., Lord Northbourne, Anthony Wilkinson, Esq., the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and the Haswell and Shotton Coal Company, contains 3701 acres, of the annual value of £4949. The Hartlepool branch of the North-Eastern railway extends into this township.

"The village of Shotton is about two miles south from Easington, and twelve from Sunderland.

"New Shotton is an extensive colliery village in this township, consisting principally of workmen's houses, many of which, in consequence of the closing of the collieries, are now deserted."

[From History, Topography and Directory of Durham, Whellan , London, 1894]