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A Short History of Gateshead - CHAPTER 11

 © Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council, 1998


1835 George Hawks     1860 James Hewitt
1836 Michael Hall     1861 Benjamin Bigger
1837 James Pollock     1862 Benjamin Bigger (second term)
1838 John Barrass     1863 George Crawshay (third term)
1839 William Henry Brockett     1864 Isaac Charles Johnson
1840 William Hymers     1865 Edmond Crawshay
1841 George Sowerby     1866 George Miller
1842 Robert Davis     1867 Robert Stirling Newall
1843 William Kenmir     1868 Robert Stirling Newall (second term)
1844 Thomas Cummins     1869 William Brown (second term)
1845 Thomas Cummins (second term)     1870 John Marriner Redmayne
1846 Thomas Revely     1871 Richard Wellington Hodgson (second term)
1847 John Cuthbert Potts     1872 William Muschamp
1848 George Hawks (second term)     1873 George Charlton
1849 George Hawks (third term)     1874 George Charlton (second term)
1850 Joseph Robson     1875 William Galloway
1851 Charles John Pearson     1876 William Galloway (second term)
1852 John Lister     1877 John Walton Robinson
1853 David Haggie, jnr.     1878 John Walton Robinson (second term)
1854 Richard Wellington Hodgson     1879 Edward Smith Hindmarsh
1855 James Smith     1880 Edward Smith Hindmarsh (second term)
1856 George Crawshay     1881 William Affleck
1857 Bryan John Prockter     1882 William Affleck (second term)
1858 William Brown     1883 Robert Rankin
1859 George Crawshay (second term)     1884 Thomas McDermott

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1885 Thomas McDermott (second term)     1911 William John Costello (second term)
1886 George Davidson     1912 John Maccoy
1887 George Davidson (second term)     1913 John Maccoy (second term)
1888 John Lucas     1914 William Edward Wardill
1889 John Lucas (second term)     1915 William Edward Wardill (second term)
1890 Silas Kent     1916 John Maccoy (third term)
1891 Walter de Lancey Willson     1917 John Maccoy (fourth term)
1892 Walter de Lancey Willson (second term)     1918 John Maccoy (fifth term)
1893 William Henry Dunn     1919 William Clough (second term)
1894 William Henry Dunn (second term)     1920 William Clough (third term)
1895 John Tulip Scott     1921 Sir John Maccoy (sixth term)
1896 John Tulip Scott (second term)     1922 Sir John Maccoy (seventh term)
1897 William Clough     1923 Sir John Maccoy (eighth term)
1898 Francis Joseph Finn     1924 Thomas Peacock
1899 John Bradshaw     1925 Thomas Peacock (second term)
1900 Alexander Gillies     1926 William Edward Wardill (third term)
1901 Alexander Gillies (second term)     1927 William Edward Wardill (fourth term)
1902 Walter de Lancey Willson (third term)     1928 William Edward Wardill (fifth term)
1903 Lancelot Tulip Penman     1929 William Hall
1904 Lancelot Tulip Penman (second term)     1930 William Hall (second term)
1905 Lancelot Tulip Penman (third term)     1931 Jonathan Hodgson Ritson
1906 Alexander Gillies (third term)     1932 Jonathan Hodgson Ritson (second term)
1907 Alexander Gillies (fourth term)     1933 Timothy Armstrong
1908 Alexander Gillies (fifth term)     1934 Timothy Armstrong (second term)
1909 Alexander Gillies (sixth term)     1935 James White
1910 William John Costello     1936 James White (second term)

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1937 William John Pickering     1956 Allan Henderson
1938 William John Pickering (second term)     1957 Abraham Crossley
1939 Peter Strong Hancock     1958 Joseph William Roberts
1940 Peter Strong Hancock (second term)     1959 William John Pike
1941 John George Orton     1960 Elizabeth Ann Hardy
1942 Mary Gunn     1961 Christopher Hetherington Wheatley
1943 Sidney Alfred Hepple     1962 Mary Bell
1944 Thomas Ryan     1963 Thomas Wilkinson
1945 Henry Kegie     1964 William Collins
1946 Norman McCretton     1965 Robert Ninian Baptist
1947 William Finnie Barron     1966 John Coulson Snowdon Wheatley
1949 Charles Richard Flynn     1967 Albert Victor Turnbull
1950 Stanley George Bell Tyrrell     1968 Charles Ryans
1951 James Arthur Hutchison     1969 William McKelvie Colligan
1952 John Thomas Etherington     1970 Joseph William Roberts (second term)
1953 Michael Grant     1971 William Collins
1954 Ben Nicholson Young     1972 Frank Conway
1955 Frank Pattison     1973 Leslie Carr

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"A Short History of Gateshead". © Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council, 1998