Gateshead Terraces, Houses etc.


Local Studies Family History

Compiled by Eileen Carnaffin,
Local Studies Librarian, Gateshead

Terraces, houses etc. listed under street names in the trade directories of 1897-8, 1918 and 1939, for the town of Gateshead and the villages of Low Fell and Wrekenton.


Abbey Terracelisted underDurham Road
Albert Houselisted underDurham Road
Aldersydelisted underDurham Road
Alexandra Terracelisted underDerwentwater Road
Alma Valelisted underKell's Lane
Arkendalelisted underHighfield Road
Ashfieldlisted underDurham Road
Ashfieldlisted underElysium Lane
Ashleighlisted underKellfield Avenue
Balmoral Terracelisted underDurham Road
Bank Chamberslisted underSwinburne Street
Bank Chamberslisted underWest Street
Bar Holtlisted underChurch Road
Beacon Loughlisted underSodhouse Bank
Beacon Villaslisted underKell's Lane
Beaconsfieldlisted underCoatsworth Road
Beaconsfield Terracelisted underPrince Consort Road
Beaconsidelisted underKell's Lane
Bedford Houselisted underBensham Road
Bedford Placelisted underBensham Road
Beechmountlisted underChurch Road
Beechwoodlisted underSaltwell Road
Beechwood Terracelisted underAlexandra Road
Belford Terracelisted underDurham Road
Belgrave Terracelisted underBensham Road
Belle Vue Cottageslisted underAlum Well Road
Belmontlisted underKell's Lane
Belvederelisted underDurham Road
Bensham Grovelisted underBensham Road
Bensham Lodgelisted underBensham Road
Bensham Low Lodgelisted underBensham Road
Bensham Vicaragelisted underRectory Road
Bensham Villaslisted underBensham Road
Bircholmelisted underDurham Road
Bloomfieldlisted underDurham Road
Blyth Terracein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Borough Cottageslisted underMulgrave Terrace
Boundary Cottagelisted underChow Dene Bank
Bracken Denelisted underBelle Vue Bank
Brackenrigglisted underChurch Road
Bradleighlisted underAlveston Avenue
Braemar Houselisted underChurch Road
Braesidelisted underChurch Road
Breadalbane Terracelisted underBensham Road
Brentwoodlisted underChurch Road
Briermedelisted underEarl's Drive
Bright Terracelisted underWhitehall Road
Brookwoodlisted underKell's Lane
Brunswick Streetin 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Burghfield Grangelisted underBensham Road
Burt Terracepart ofAlexandra Road
Bush Yardlisted underHigh Street
Bush Yardlisted underOakwellgate
Bute Terracelisted underDurham Road
Byre Lanelisted underHigh West Street
Cannon Rowlisted underSodhouse Bank
Carisbrookelisted underLaburnum Avenue
Carlingford Terracein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Carr Hill Farmlisted underCarr Hill Road
Carr Hill Houselisted underCarr Hill Road
Catherine Terracelisted underHigh West Street
Cavendish Terracelisted underPrince Consort Road
Central Buildingslisted underDurham Road
Central Buildingslisted underHalf Moon Lane
Charlotte Terracelisted underAlexandra Road
Chatsworth Paradelisted underKell's Lane
Cheviot Viewlisted underChurch Road
Chez Nouslisted underChurch Road
Chow Dene Farmlisted underKell's Lane
Chow Dene Hall Farmlisted underDurham Road
Claremont Parklisted underBewick Road
Clontarflisted underDenewell Avenue
Coatsworth RoadformerlyUnion Lane
Coleridge Cottagelisted underColeridge Avenue
Collingwood Terracelisted underBensham Road
Coronation Buildingslisted underHigh Street
Cotfield Lodgelisted underBensham Road
Cotfield Terracelisted underRectory Road
Cox Heath Quarrylisted underHigh Street Wrekenton
Craigielealisted underDurham Road
Cramer Terracein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Crathielisted underLaburnum Avenue
Crossley Terracelisted underDerwentwater Road
Cruddas Terracelisted underFirst Street
Dandotelisted underChurch Road
Dartmouth Lodgelisted underBelle Vue Bank
Deckham Hall Farmlisted underCarr Hill Road
Deckham Placein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Dene Holmelisted underDenewell Avenue
Dene Houselisted underChow Dene Bank
Denecroftlisted underDurham Road
Denesidelisted underAlveston Avenue
Denewell Houselisted underDenewell Avenue
Derwent Crook Farmlisted underBelle Vue Bank
Dobson's Courtlisted underBottle Bank
Dryfe Houselisted underDurham Road
Dun Cow Yardlisted underHigh Street
Dunelmlisted underChurch Road
Dunster Lodgelisted underEarl's Drive
Durham Houselisted underDurham Road
Durham Terracein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Earl Grey Yardlisted underHigh Street
Earlswoodlisted underEarl's Drive
Easbylisted underAlveston Avenue
Edgton Houselisted underDurham Road
Eighton Banks Vicaragelisted underSpringwell Road
Eldon Cottagelisted underColeridge Avenue
Elmgrove Terracelisted underAlexandra Road
Elmsteadlisted underLaburnum Avenue
Elmsydelisted underDurham Road
Elysium Placelisted underBensham Road
Endsleighlisted underSaltwell Road
Enfieldlisted underDurham Road
Enfield Villaslisted underDurham Road
Eslington Villalisted underBelle Vue Bank
Evelyn Terracelisted underDurham Road
Fairholmelisted underDurham Road
Fell Cottagelisted underKell's Lane
Fellsidelisted underBelle Vue Bank
Fenwick Terracelisted underSplit Crow Road
Fern Cottagelisted underKell's Lane
Fern Dene Terracelisted underFirst Street
Fern Villaslisted underKell's Lane
Ferndale Houselisted underKell's Lane
Ferndenelisted underWest Park Road
Ferngalelisted underBelle Vue Bank
Fernleighlisted underKellfield Avenue
Ferry Terracelisted underKell's Lane
Field Houselisted underCarr Hill Road
Fifth StreetlaterSidney Grove
Ford Houselisted underSunderland Road
Fountain Avenuelisted underDurham Road
Fountain Cottagelisted underDurham Road
Frank Terracelisted underSunderland Road
Freeman's Placelisted underMulgrave Terrace
Frimleylisted underKell's Lane
Garden Terracelisted underCarr Hill Road
Garden Villalisted underSplit Crow Road
Garthowenlisted underChurch Road
Glen Cottagelisted underEarl's Drive
Glenbrookelisted underChow Dene Bank
Glendenelisted underAlveston Avenue
Glenholmlisted underDurham Road
Glentarnlisted underSaltwell Road
Glyn Craglisted underChurch Road
Glynwoodlisted underDurham Road
Granville Houselisted underDurham Road
Grebanlisted underKell's Lane
Guildfordlisted underKellfield Avenue
Half Moon Laneknown briefly asMarble Street
Hardwicke Terracelisted underJackson Street
Harewoodlisted underBelle Vue Bank
Hawk Yardlisted underBottle Bank
Hawks' Houselisted underNew Gateshead
Haydn Terracein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Heatherlealisted underChurch Road
Heathfieldlisted underDurham Road
Heaton Terracelisted underBensham Road
Heddon Viewlisted underKell's Lane
Hereford StreetrenamedSt Alban's Terrace
Highburylisted underDurham Road
Highfieldlisted underChurch Road
Hill Crestlisted underChurch Road
Hill Houselisted underBelle Vue Terrace
Hillcroftlisted underChurch Road
Hillcroftlisted underHigh Street Wrekenton
Hillcroft Northlisted underBelle Vue Bank
Hillcroft Southlisted underBelle Vue Bank
Hillsidelisted underBelle Vue Bank
Hillsidelisted underChurch Road
Hillsidelisted underSaltwell Road
Holly Houselisted underPark Terrace
Holmeheadlisted underChurch Road
Holmlealisted underBelle Vue Bank
Holmsidelisted underKell's Lane
Holy Trinity Vicaragelisted underDurham Road
Home Houselisted underKell's Lane
Home Villalisted underBelle Vue Terrace
Horsleylisted underDurham Road
Hunter's Buildingslisted underSunderland Road
Hyde Park Terracelisted underSaltwell Road
Hyltonlisted underDurham Road
Hylton Houselisted underCoatsworth Road
Hymer's Courtlisted underHigh Street
Ilsenburglisted underKell's Lane
Inglesydelisted underKellfield Avenue
Inglewoodlisted underDurham Road
Invermorelisted underKell's Lane
Ivybanklisted underKellfield Avenue
Jubilee Terracelisted underKell's Lane
Kell's Placelisted underKell's Lane
Kellcotelisted underKell's Lane
Kensington Terracelisted underDurham Road
Kerklandlisted underKell's Lane
Kilcregganlisted underWest Park Road
Kingsboro' Terracein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Lancefieldlisted underKellfield Avenue
Landscape Cottagelisted underChurch Road
Lesbury Terracelisted underAlexandra Road
Limecroftlisted underBelle Vue Bank
Lincoln Terracelisted underAlexandra Road
Lindenlisted underDenewell Avenue
Lindisfarnelisted underDenewell Avenue
Lindum Houselisted underDurham Road
Lobley Hill Roadcontinuation ofBensham Road
Long Viewlisted underChurch Road
Lonisterlisted underLaburnum Avenue
Loraine Terracelisted underChurch Road
Lyndhurstlisted underDurham Road
Malt House Yardlisted underHigh West Street
Marburylisted underLaburnum Avenue
Mardale Paradelisted underRectory Road
Martin Terracelisted underSunderland Road
Mayfield Villalisted underBelle Vue Bank
Millfield Houselisted underBensham Road
Millfield Terraceon theWindmill Hills
Millfield Terrace Easton theWindmill Hills
Millicent Terracelisted underDerwentwater Road
Millrigg Terracelisted underDurham Road
Milne Terracelisted underDurham Road
Milnshawlisted underDurham Road
Molendine Terracelisted underJackson Street
Monarch Terracein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Mozart Terracein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Musgravelisted underDurham Road
Myeelisted underAlveston Avenue
Myrtle Cottagelisted underKell's Lane
N'dirilisted underLaburnum Avenue
Neswicklisted underKell's Lane
Netherby Houselisted underKell's Lane
Netherwardenlisted underSaltwell Road
Newbiggin Villalisted underKell's Lane
Newlandslisted underKellfield Avenue
Noble Terracelisted underDurham Road
Norham Terracelisted underFirst Street
Normanby Terracelisted underBewick Road
Normountlisted underKell's Lane
North Denelisted underDurham Road
North Endlisted underAlveston Avenue
North View Terracelisted underSunderland Road
Northbanklisted underKellfield Avenue
Novarlisted underChow Dene Bank
Oakfieldlisted underChow Dene Bank
Oakleighlisted underKellfield Avenue
Oakwoodlisted underKell's Lane
Old Rectory, Sheriff Mountlisted underOld Durham Road
Orchard Houselisted underSaltwell Road
Osborne Placelisted underBensham Road
Overdalelisted underDurham Road
Pallinsburnlisted underDurham Road
Park Viewlisted underDurham Road
Plantation Houselisted underChurch Road
Plough Yardlisted underHigh Street
Popplewell Houselisted underChurch Road
Powell's Courtlisted underHigh Street
Primrose Placelisted underBellevue Bank
Prospect Terracelisted underDurham Road
Quaker's Passagelisted underBridge Street
Queen Anne Terracelisted underAlexandra Road
Raby Terracein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Radbourne Terracelisted underAlexandra Road
Raglan Terracelisted underHigh Street
Railway Passagelisted underHigh Street
Ratcliffe Houselisted underBensham Road
Rathkeellisted underAlveston Avenue
Ravenshilllisted underDurham Road
Ravenshurstlisted underDurham Road
Ravensworth Crescentlisted underKell's Lane
Ravensworth Viewlisted underChurch Road
Ravensworth Villaslisted underHigh Street Wrekenton
Rectory Cottagelisted underRectory Road
Rectory Terracelisted underBensham Road
Red Houselisted underDurham Road
Redheugh Villalisted underTeams
Rhubarb Terracelisted underHigh Street
Richmond Villalisted underChurch Road
Roath Houselisted underBelle Vue Bank
Rock Cottageslisted underHigh Street Wrekenton
Rokeby Houselisted underHigh Street Wrekenton
Romulus Terracelisted underBensham Road
Rose Cottagelisted underElysium Lane
Rose Cottagelisted underHigh Street Wrekenton
Roseneathlisted underKell's Lane
Rosevillelisted underBensham Road
Roughcotelisted underKellfield Avenue
Roughsidelisted underChurch Road
Roxburgh Houselisted underSodhouse Bank
Rye Holmlisted underKell's Lane
Salisbury Terracelisted underPrince Consort Road
Saltwell Cottagelisted underSaltwell Road
Saltwell Denelisted underSaltwell Road
Saltwell Grovelisted underSaltwell Road
Saltwell Halllisted underSaltwell Road
Saltwell Hall Farmlisted underSaltwell Road
Saltwell Terracelisted underBensham Road
Saltwell Vale Houselisted underDurham Road
Salvin Cottagelisted underColeridge Avenue
School Houselisted underHigh Street Wrekenton
Scott's Yardlisted underHigh Street
Selborne Terracelisted underDurham Road
Seymour Terracein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Shaftesbury Placelisted underPrince Consort Road
Shandon Houselisted underKell's Lane
Sheriff Hill Halllisted underChurch Road
Sheriff Mount Northlisted underOld Durham Road
Sheriff Mount Southlisted underOld Durham Road
Shipcote Farmlisted underDurham Road
Shipcote Villalisted underDurham Road
Shotley Houselisted underKell's Lane
Sidney GroveformerlyFifth Street
Sills Houselisted underSunderland Road
Smith's Yardlisted underHigh Street
Snowball Terracelisted underSt. Cuthbert's Road
Somerset Placelisted underSunderland Road
South Closelisted underDurham Road
South Dene Houselisted underChow Dene Bank
South Dene Towerlisted underSaltwell Road
South Paradelisted underPrince Consort Road
South Viewlisted underBensham Road
Southendlisted underWorley Avenue
Southend Terracelisted underSodhouse Bank
Springfieldlisted underDurham Road
Springfieldlisted underKell's Lane
Springfield Cottagelisted underChurch Road
Springwell Terracelisted underSpringwell Road
St Alban's TerraceformerlyHereford Street
St Bede's Terracelisted underSunderland Road
St Chad's vicaragelisted underWestminster Street
St Edmund's Placein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
St Edmunds Vicaragelisted underDurham Road
St John's Rectorylisted underKellfield Avenue
St Joseph's Presbyterylisted underHigh West Street
St Mary's Terracelisted underCarr Hill Road
St Paul's Vicaragelisted underDerwentwater Road
St. Helen's Terracelisted underBellevue Bank
Stella Houselisted underDurham Road
Stewart Placein 1939 part ofOld Durham Road
Stirling Terracelisted underSaltwell Road
Stoverlisted underAlveston Avenue
Strathedenlisted underKell's Lane
Strathmore Houselisted underCarr Hill Road
Suncroftlisted underColeridge Avenue
Sunniside Houselisted underChurch Road
Sunnyvillelisted underChurch Road
Swale Cottagelisted underColeridge Avenue
Taylor Terracelisted underSplit Crow Road
The Bungalowlisted underChurch Road
The Cedarslisted underDurham Road
The Cottagelisted underKell's Lane
The Croftlisted underKellfield Avenue
The Croftlisted underSpringwell Road
The Crosswayslisted underDurham Road
The Datchalisted underAlveston Avenue
The Denelisted underAlum Well Road
The Gableslisted underDurham Road
The Grangelisted underOld Durham Road
The Hermitagelisted underOld Durham Road
The Manselisted underChurch Road
The Manselisted underDurham Road
The Mountlisted underChurch Road
The Rectorylisted underBensham Road
The Rectorylisted underSunderland Road
The Rhodefernslisted underDurham Road
The Summitlisted underChurch Road
The Vicaragelisted underBewick Road
The Viewlisted underChurch Road
Thorn Cottageslisted underCarr Hill Road
Thorne Cottagelisted underKell's Lane
Thorpe Cottagelisted underColeridge Avenue
Thorsgriflisted underDurham Road
Town Halllisted underSwinburne Street
Town Halllisted underWest Street
Town Hall Buildingslisted underSwinburne Street
Tregennalisted underAlveston Avenue
Trelissicklisted underKell's Lane
Trevelyan Terracelisted underDurham Road
Tyne Viewlisted underKell's Lane
Tynedalelisted underChurch Road
Underfelllisted underBelle Vue Bank
Underhilllisted underKell's Lane
Union LanelaterCoatsworth Road
Vernon Gardenslisted underWhitehall Road
Victoria Lanelisted underBensham Road
Victoria Terracelisted underDurham Road
Victoria Terrace Southlisted underDurham Road
View Field Houselisted underWrekenton Row
Waggon Yardlisted underHigh Street
Wakefield Terracelisted underCarr Hill Road
Walker Terracelisted underBensham Road
Walker Terrace Northlisted underBensham Road
Warburton Houselisted underCarr Hill Road
Warkworth Terracelisted underAlexandra Road
Wellwoodlisted underBelle Vue Bank
Wensleydale Terracelisted underDurham Road
West Shipcotelisted underPrince Consort Road
West Viewlisted underBensham Road
West Viewlisted underDurham Road
West Viewlisted underHigh Street Wrekenton
Westbanklisted underDurham Road
Westholmelisted underEarl's Drive
Westminster Terracelisted underSaltwell Road
Westmoreland Houselisted underBelle Vue Bank
Westoverlisted underBelle Vue Bank
Whinney House Farmlisted underSpringwell Road
Whitlowlisted underWest Park Road
Wilberforce Terracelisted underPrince Consort Road
Wilson Terracelisted underDurham Road
Windsor Terracelisted underPrince Consort Road
Wingrovelisted underKell's Lane
Wishaw Houselisted underDurham Road
Woodbine Houselisted underChurch Road
Woodbine Villalisted underVilla Place
Woodburnlisted underDurham Road
Woodhouse Terracelisted underBewick Road
Woodlandlisted underChurch Road
Woodlandslisted underDurham Road
Woodlandslisted underWest Park Road
Woodsidelisted underSaltwell Road
Woolson Lanelisted underHigh West Street
Wrekenton Houselisted underSpringwell Road
Wycliffe Terracelisted underAlexandra Road
Wyvenhoelisted underLaburnum Avenue
Ythan Villalisted underDurham Road

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