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Help and advice for Gateshead County Borough - War Dead 1914-1918

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Gateshead County Borough - War Dead 1914-1918

Names A-F

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Laurence Binyon 1869-1943

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Adams, C.
Private, 42595, South Staffordshire Regiment
Adams, R.
Private, 202621, Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)
Adams, S.A.
Lieutenant, Royal Navy
Adamson, F.
Private, 9438, Royal North Lancashire Regiment
Adamson, J.G.
Private, 265647, Northumberland Fusiliers
Adamson, J.W.
Private, 28623, Border Regiment
Agar, G.A.
Private, Po/1307, Royal Marines
Ainsworth, H.
Private, 33048, Durham Light Infantry
Airey, W.
Lance Corporal, 18503, Durham Light Infantry
Albert, R.
Private, 44919, The Manchester Regiment
Alderson, B.
C.E.R.A., Royal Navy
Alexander, S.
Private, 205436, Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
Allan, J.
Corporal, 83, Northumberland Fusiliers
Allan, J.F.
Private, 22313, Durham Light Infantry
Allen, R.
Private, 30617, Lincoln Regiment
Allen, S.
Private, 16906, Yorkshire Regiment
Allison, J.
Corporal, 19/676, Northumberland Fusiliers
Allman, W.R.
A.B., R.X. 324, Royal Naval Division
Almond, J.J.
Private, 22394, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Anderson, A.
Lance Corporal, 21893, Durham Light Infantry
Anderson, G.S.
Sapper, 471250, Royal Engineers
Anderson, J.
Private, 325332, Durham Light Infantry
Anderson, P.
Lance Corporal, 53733, Durham Light Infantry
Anderson, R.W.
Private, 30594, Lincoln Regiment
Anderson, T.
A.B., T.Z./2486, Royal Naval Division
Anderson, W.R.J.
Private, 36207, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Angus, W.
2/Corporal, 7741, Royal Engineers
Annison, L.M.
Driver, 2021, Royal Army Service Corps
Appleby, A.F.
Private, G 22933, Royal Sussex Regiment
Appleby, J.
Driver, 786308, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Appleton, G.W.
Private, 37151, East Yorkshire Regiment
Appleton, R.A.
Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Appleyard, W.W.
, Mercantile Marine
Archbold, W.E.
Sapper, 1441, Royal Engineers
Archer, D.
Private, 106114, Nottinghamshire and Derby Regiment
Arkless, G.
Sergeant, Durham Light Infantry
Arkless, J.W.
Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Armitage, W.
Private, 32047, Durham Light Infantry
Armstrong, J.G.
Private, 21074, Northumberland Fusiliers
Armstrong, J.W.
Sergeant, 54013, Royal Army Medical Corps
Armstrong, T.
Private, 2445, Durham Light Infantry
Armstrong, T.L.
S.S.M, M2/115632, Royal Army Service Corps
Armstrong, W.
Private, 14577, Border Regiment
Arrowsmith, G.E.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Ashbridge, R.
Private, 7063, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Ashurst, C.
Private, 11091, Border Regiment
Aston, J.T.
Private, 93337, Royal Fusiliers
Atkinson, G.A.
Private, 3203, Northumberland Fusiliers
Atkinson, G.R.
Private, 93567, Nottinghamshire and Derby Regiment
Atkinson, J.
Private, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Attwood, W.H.
Private, 235569, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Aukland, C.
Private, 18908, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Avery, J.
Private, 101539, Durham Light Infantry

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Baggaley, F.G.
Private, 1347, Durham Light Infantry
Bailey, S.
Private, 4695, Northumberland Fusiliers
Baker, W.L.
Private, 235516, Yorkshire Regiment
Ball, H.
Private, 71, Northumberland Fusiliers
Bamborough, J.M.
Lance Corporal, 23137, Princess of Wales' Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Baptist, G.
Private, 30188, Lincoln Regiment
Barber, A.
Private, 24684, Grenadier Guards
Barbour, G.
Private, 5685, Northumberland Fusiliers
Barker, A.E.
Lance Corporal, 470736, Royal Engineers
Barker, D.W.
Private, 11155, Northumberland Fusiliers
Barker, T.
Private, 51642, The Manchester Regiment
Barnes, J.
Private, 350194, Highland Light Infantry
Barrass, W.R.
Private, 13897, Durham Light Infantry
Barratt, J.T.
A.B., 2675, Royal Naval Division
Barron, J.
Corporal, 366397, Gordon Highlanders
Barron, L.J.
Private, 26492, West Riding Regiment
Barrow, J.T.
Private, 72832, Durham Light Infantry
Barry, J.
Private, 1758, Northumberland Fusiliers
Barwick, J.
Private, 13597, Machine Gun Corps
Baston, P.
Private, 50265, Lancashire Fusiliers
Batey, E.
Private, 7388, Coldstream Guards
Batey, T.W.
A.B., 2455, Royal Naval Division
Baugh, J.G.
Stoker, 109714, Royal Navy
Beattie, J.A.
Sapper, 459933, Royal Engineers
Beattie, J.R.
13417, Durham Light InfantryPrivate
Beautyman, W.
Private, 834, Northumberland Fusiliers
Beck, D.
Private, 1109, Northumberland Fusiliers
Beldon, J.
Rifleman, 9171, The King's Royal Rifle Corps
Belgian, W.W.
Sergeant, 1467, Northumberland Fusiliers
Bell, A.
Private, 13820, Durham Light Infantry
Bell, A.
Private, 24276, Durham Light Infantry
Bell, E.R.
Corporal, 325389, Durham Light Infantry
Bell, F.J.
Sergeant, Ch/16277, Royal Marines
Bell, G.
Private, 78512, Durham Light Infantry
Bell, G.A.
Private, 51304, West Yorkshire Regiment
Bell, J.
C.E.R.A., 773, Royal Navy
Bell, J.
Private, 1122, Canadian Colonial Forces
Bell, J.
Private, 205399, Durham Light Infantry
Bell, J.
Private, 23103, Durham Light Infantry
Bell, J.B.
Lance Corporal, 302269, Durham Light Infantry
Bell, R.
Lance Corporal, 1441, Northumberland Fusiliers
Bell, R.
Private, 1244, Northumberland Fusiliers
Bell, S.
Private, 242769, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Bell, T.
Private, 9994, Northumberland Fusiliers
Bell, T.A.
Private, 62990, Royal Fusiliers
Bell, W.E.
Private, 40278, Durham Light Infantry
Private, 1279, Durham Light Infantry
Bennett, J.
Private, 11071, Gordon Highlanders
Bennett, J.
Private, 60649, West Yorkshire Regiment
Benson, M.J.
Private, 761, Seaforth Highlanders
Beresford, A.
C.E.R.A., Royal Navy
Bestford, R.
Corporal, 38597, Durham Light Infantry
Bestford, W.T.
Lance Corporal, 1242, Royal Engineers
Bidmead, J.F.
Lance Corporal, 22937, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Binning, J.
Corporal, 2019, Northumberland Fusiliers
Binning, J.W.
Lance Corporal, 19689, Northumberland Fusiliers
Birkenshaw, W.
Private, 27877, Northumberland Fusiliers
Birks, T.
Private, 129963, Machine Gun Corps
Birmingham, M.A.
Private, 4911, Northumberland Fusiliers
Birney, R.
Private, 732, Northumberland Fusiliers
Bishop, G.T.
Private, 39077, Yorkshire Regiment
Bishop, W.J.
Private, 34804, Yorkshire Regiment
Black, A.L.C.
Private, 3693, Durham Light Infantry
Black, G.R.
Private, 765, Northumberland Fusiliers
Blacklock, R.W.
A.M., 49852, Royal Air Force
Blackturn, T.D.
Private, 162, Northumberland Fusiliers
Blakeley, E.
Lance Corporal, 389, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Blakey, J.
Corporal, Durham Light Infantry
Blakey, T.
Private, 44767, Royal Berkshire Regiment
Blanshard, H.S.
Private, 200623, West Yorkshire Regiment
Blenkinsop, W.M.
Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Blues, A.
Sergeant, 3465, Northumberland Fusiliers
Boggon, J.L.
Private, 92005, Durham Light Infantry
Bolam, J.W.
Sub Lieutenant RNR, Mercantile Marine
Bolan, D.
Lance Corporal, 23671, Northumberland Fusiliers
Bonney, J.
Private, 81218, Durham Light Infantry
Booth, G.
Private, 28770, Roylal Warwickshire Regiment
Booth, J.
Private, 26063, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Booth, T.
Private, 27689, West Yorkshire Regiment
Borthwick, C.W.
Lance Corporal, 1024, Northumberland Fusiliers
Bourn, J.T.
Private, 1444, Northumberland Fusiliers
Boutland, R.P.
Private, 307017, Nottinghamshire and Derby Regiment
Bowen, R.
Private, 243857, King's Liverpool Regiment
Bowman, C.
Private, 1748, Durham Light Infantry
Bowman, H.A.
Second Lieutenant, King's Liverpool Regiment
Bowman, J.N.
Private, 5768, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Bowman, M.
Private, 14972, Durham Light Infantry
Box, J.W.
A.B., 175583, Royal Navy
Boyle, T.W.
Private, 10345, Coldstream Guards
Boyle, W.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Brady, E.
Private, 194240, Durham Light Infantry
Brady, F.
Private, 41798, Lincoln Regiment
Brady, J.
Gunner, 89778, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Brady, J.B.
Private, 42384, Bedfordshire Regiment
Brash, J.C.
Private, 37169, Durham Light Infantry
Brewis, F.J.
Chief officer, Mercantile Marine
Brewis, R.W.
Private, 27339, Grenadier Guards
Brewis, W.
Sergeant, 2456, Durham Light Infantry
Briggs, A.
, Mercantile Marine
Briggs, J.J.
E.R.A., M/16852, Royal Navy
Brockett, H.N.
Lance Corporal, 459696, Royal Engineers
Bromley, J.R.
Private, 44591, Lincoln Regiment
Broomfield, R.N.
Private, 1015, Northumberland Fusiliers
Brown, A.
Private, 21174, Northumberland Fusiliers
Brown, B.
Private, 29545, Grenadier Guards
Brown, C.C.
Private, 34534, Yorkshire Regiment
Brown, E.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Brown, G.
Private, 16300, Durham Light Infantry
Brown, H.
Private, 235505, Lancashire Fusiliers
Brown, J.
Private, 1086, Durham Light Infantry
Brown, J.
Private, 302071, Durham Light Infantry
Brown, J.
Private, 3546, Northumberland Fusiliers
Brown, J.
Private, 17735, South Lancashire Regiment
Brown, R.
Private, 243047, Yorkshire Regiment
Brown, R.W.
Lance Corporal, 325431, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Brown, T.H.
Private, 2052, Durham Light Infantry
Brown, W.
Private, 2278, Durham Light Infantry
Brown, W.
Private, 19173, Durham Light Infantry
Brown, W.
Sapper, 102603, Royal Engineers
Brown, W.G.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Brownless, W.
Private, 1778, Durham Light Infantry
Bruce, A.
Private, 302072, Durham Light Infantry
Bruce, G.
Private, 1519, Northumberland Fusiliers
Bruce, J.A.
Private, 16/890, Northumberland Fusiliers
Bruce, R.
Private, 9748, Durham Light Infantry
Bruce, R.
Private, 38925, Yorkshire Regiment
Bryan, R.H.
Private, 41377, Highland Light Infantry
Buchan, J.
Corporal, 2831, Northumberland Fusiliers
Buchan, R.T.G.
Private, 10681, Coldstream Guards
Buglass, J.
Private, 28895, Durham Light Infantry
Buglass, N.
Sergeant, 790, Northumberland Fusiliers
Burge, W.H.J.
Private, 1355, Northumberland Fusiliers
Burgess, W.M.G.
Gunner, B/3611, Royal Navy
Burn, R.W.
Corporal, 3228, Australian Colonial Forces
Burn, W.
Lance Corporal, 883, Northumberland Fusiliers
Burnip, E.R.
A.B., T.Z./4884, Royal Naval Division
Burnip, T.R.
Gunner, 128129, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Burns, D.
C.S.M., Northumberland Fusiliers
Burns, F.
Private, 3/11229, Durham Light Infantry
Burns, J.T.
Private, 16932, Yorkshire Regiment
Burton, A.
Private, 43837, Durham Light Infantry
Burton, E.
Private, 1585, Durham Light Infantry
Burton, F.
Private, 48197, Northumberland Fusiliers
Burton, W.A.
Private, 24084, Durham Light Infantry
Butterfield, J.W.
Private, 23131, Northumberland Fusiliers
Butterfield, W.
Private, 21224, Cheshire Regiment
Butterfield, W.
Private, 4521, Northumberland Fusiliers

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Caffrey, J.
Private, 26891, Machine Gun Corps
Cain, J.
Private, 45763, Durham Light Infantry
Caisley, A.
Private, 235841, East Lancashire Regiment
Caldwell, A.
Sergeant, 325226, Durham Light Infantry
Callaghan, J.
Private, 73801, Durham Light Infantry
Calvert, A.
Private, 46407, Durham Light Infantry
Campbell, H.
Private, 252, Northumberland Fusiliers
Campbell, J.
Private, M2/081055, Royal Army Service Corps
Campbell, J.W.
Private, 325528, Durham Light Infantry
Campbell, V.
Private, 50310, King's Liverpool Regiment
Candlish, R.
Private, 380, Royal MArines
Cardwell, G.
, Mercantile Marine
Cardwell, J.M.
Private, 706980, Canadian Colonial Forces
Carey, R.
Private, 2776, Durham Light Infantry
Carlaw, N.A.
Private, 251849, Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)
Carmichael, R.O.
A.B., K.P./843, Royal Naval Division
Carney, F.
A.B., 586, Royal Navy
Carr, D.
Private, 8129, Northumberland Fusiliers
Carr, J.
Private, 97088, Nottinghamshire and Derby Regiment
Carr, J.E.T.
Private, 42043, Yorkshire Regiment
Carruthers, D.
Private, 23507, Dorset Regiment
Carruthers, W.
Private, 41094, Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)
Carthew, W.
Lance Sergeant, 11340, West Yorkshire Regiment
Cartner, R.
Private, 43275, West Yorkshire Regiment
Cartwright, J.J.
Private, 16/1469, Northumberland Fusiliers
Carver, E.
Trooper, 4602, 2nd Life Guards
Carver, J.S.
Private, 8514, Northumberland Fusiliers
Carver, W.E.
Lance Corporal, 325019, Durham Light Infantry
Cavanagh, J.
Private, 783, Northumberland Fusiliers
Cavanagh, T.
Private, 265694, Northumberland Fusiliers
Chambers, C.F.
Private, 3887, Durham Light Infantry
Chantler, A.E.
Private, 260205, Royal North Lancashire Regiment
Chantler, J.
Private, 38, Northumberland Fusiliers
Chapman, J.
Private, 290402, Northumberland Fusiliers
Charlton, J.W.
Private, 1416, Durham Light Infantry
Charlton, T.
Private, 1017, Northumberland Fusiliers
Charlton, W.
A.B., T.Z./2425, Royal Naval Division
Charters, P.A.
Lance Corporal, 882, Northumberland Fusiliers
Charters, R.J.
Corporal, 884, Northumberland Fusiliers
Chipchase, G.E.
Private, 722, Northumberland Fusiliers
Chipman, F.A.
Private, 40684, South Wales Borderers
Christie, W.G.
Private, 42486, South Staffordshire Regiment
Clark, A.
Corporal, 74680, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Clark, E.
Private, 38380, Yorkshire Regiment
Clark, F.F.
Private, 78034, Canadian Colonial Forces
Clark, G.
Private, 887, Northumberland Fusiliers
Clark, H.
Private, 2705, Durham Light Infantry
Clark, H.
Sergeant, 1723, Royal Army Medical Corps
Clark, J.
Private, 200901, Durham Light Infantry
Clark, J.G.
Private, 7028, Royal Fusiliers
Clark, J.H.
, Mercantile Marine
Clark, J.S.
Sergeant, 331619, Canadian Colonial Forces
Clark, N.
Gunner, 262921, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Clark, R.
Gunner, 1739, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Clark, R.
Private, 592513, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Clark, S.
Private, 76340, Durham Light Infantry
Clark, T.J.
Private, 17623, Grenadier Guards
Clark, W.
Private, 27177, Durham Light Infantry
Clarkson, J.
Private, 20321, Royal Irish Fusiliers
Clasper, H.A.
Sergeant, 11498, Durham Light Infantry
Clay, J.
Private, 17102, Northumberland Fusiliers
Clemenson, A.
Private, 30591, East Yorkshire Regiment
Clews, W.
Private, 24856, Northumberland Fusiliers
Clifford, H.R.
Lance Corporal, 18357, Durham Light Infantry
Clough, G.
Private, 27082, Durham Light Infantry
Clough, W.
Private, 150, Northumberland Fusiliers
Coates, C.C.
Private, 277162, Durham Light Infantry
Coates, T.B.
Lance Corporal, 34629, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Coates, W.C.
Driver, 457682, Royal Engineers
Cockburn, J.E.
Private, 76788, Durham Light Infantry
Cockett, J.
Private, 71175, Royal Fusiliers
Codling, T.
Private, 1993, Northumberland Fusiliers
Cole, J.S.
Private, 76788, Durham Light Infantry
Cole, R.
Private, South African Colonial Forces
Cole, T.W.
Private, Army Cyclist Corps
Collin, R.
Private, 42007, Yorkshire Regiment
Collingwood, J.
Driver, 646490, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Collins, M.
Private, 1996, Durham Light Infantry
Collins, W.A.
Bombardier, 95990, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Collinson, J.
Private, 6783, Yorkshire Regiment
Collinson, W.E.
Lance Corporal, 279, Durham Light Infantry
Conlin, J.
Private, 21674, Durham Light Infantry
Constantine, R.
Sergeant, 1636, Durham Light Infantry
Cook, G.
Private, 2877, Durham Light Infantry
Cook, G.W.
Trimmer, Royal Navy
Copland, J.C.
Private, 273054, Durham Light Infantry
Copper, J.G.
Private, 205115, East Yorkshire Regiment
Copper, J.W.
Private, 302089, Durham Light Infantry
Corbett, A.E.
Private, 86160, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Corcoran, P.
Private, 2435, Durham Light Infantry
Corston, J.
Private, 316932, Labour Corps
Couley, T.S.
Corporal, 18664, Durham Light Infantry
Coulson, J.
Private, 838, Northumberland Fusiliers
Counsellor T.
Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Counsellor, J.
Sergeant, 270140, Durham Light Infantry
Cowell, E.H.
Gunner, 91564, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Cowen, T.W.S.
Sergeant, 2288, Durham Light Infantry
Coxon, P.H.
Captain, Border Regiment
Craig, W.G.
Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Crane, A.J.
Private, 27122, Labour Corps
Crankshaw, D.
Private, 40564, Durham Light Infantry
Cranney, J.
Private, 277193, Durham Light Infantry
Cranney, M.
Private, 33390, Durham Light Infantry
Crawford, J.E.
Private, 24269, Durham Light Infantry
Crawford, W.
Private, 51838, Cheshire Regiment
Crawley, J.
Lance Corporal, 3142, Durham Light Infantry
Crawley, R.
Private, 1754, Northumberland Fusiliers
Cree, J.
Private, 245047, Durham Light Infantry
Crinnion, W.
Lance Corporal, 325407, Durham Light Infantry
Crombie, J.
Private, 14593, East Yorkshire Regiment
Crozier, R.C.
Private, 1919, Northumberland Fusiliers
Crumbie, T.
Private, 28206, Durham Light Infantry
Cummings, J.
Private, 27289, Grenadier Guards
Cundle, T.W.
Lieutenant, South African Colonial Forces
Curran, H.
Private, 3323, Coldstream Guards
Died 4 Jan 1915 and buried in Gateshead East Cemetery - Grave Ref: 1.13
Currie, R.
A.B., D.N.C./316, Royal Navy
Curry, G.J.
Private, 28041, Durham Light Infantry
Curson, W.
Private, 25448, Durham Light Infantry

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Daglish, W.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Dale, E.J.
Private, 7681, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Daniels, J.P.
Private, 2665, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Davey, G.E.
Private, 77373, Durham Light Infantry
Davey, J.W.
Private, 932, Northumberland Fusiliers
Davidson, G.
Private, 32749, Durham Light Infantry
Davidson, T.
Private, 12228, Durham Light Infantry
Davidson, W.
Gunner, 6886, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Davies, F.
Private, 325593, Durham Light Infantry
Davis, J.
Private, 16805, Royal Fusiliers
Davison, H.W.
Regimental Sergeant Major, 9099, Durham Light Infantry
Davison, J.H.
Private, 8615, West Yorkshire Regiment
Davison, M.
Private, 42326, Lincoln Regiment
Davison, R.
Private, 31570, Durham Light Infantry
Delaney, J.
Private, 896, Northumberland Fusiliers
Delaney, J.T.
Private, 8121, Northumberland Fusiliers
Delaney, P.
Private, 24004, Durham Light Infantry
Dellow, J.
Corporal, Durham Light Infantry
Dellow, J.
Private, 46204, Yorkshire Regiment
Dennison, F.J.
Private, 2769, Durham Light Infantry
Dennison, J.R.
C.Q.M.S., 470089, Royal Engineers
Devlin, F.
Private, 893, Northumberland Fusiliers
Dick, E.
Private, 27126, Durham Light Infantry
Dick, J.
Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Dickie, W.
Sapper, 45939, Royal Engineers
Dickinson, T.
Sapper, 57445, Royal Engineers
Dickinson, T.H.
Corporal, 10154, Northumberland Fusiliers
Dickison, C.A.D.
E.R.A., Royal Navy
Dickson, A.S.
Gunner, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Dickson, F.
Sergeant, 150, Northumberland Fusiliers
Dillion, A.
Private, 193366, Royal Fusiliers
Dinning, R.
Private, 50123, King's Liverpool Regiment
Dinsley, G.
Private, 24262, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Disten, J.
Private, 4790, Durham Light Infantry
Dix, E.
Private, 81101, Durham Light Infantry
Dix, M.H.
Private, 37286, Durham Light Infantry
Dix, T.G.
Private, 1757, Durham Light Infantry
Dixon, C.J.
Private, 79, Durham Light Infantry
Dixon, E.
Bombardier, 99944, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Dixon, M.G.
Armourer, M/8062, Royal Navy
Dixon, R.
Private, 24718, Northumberland Fusiliers
Dixon, W.
Private, 233, Northumberland Fusiliers
Dobson, R.
Private, 30795, East Lancashire Regiment
Docherty, P.
Sergeant, 10847, West Yorkshire Regiment
Docherty, T.
Private, 12116, Durham Light Infantry
Dodds, F.
Private, 47050, Northamptonshire Regiment
Dodds, L.H.
Rifleman, 13751, The King's Royal Rifle Corps
Dodds, V.B.
Private, 23598, Durham Light Infantry
Dodds, W.
Sapper, 149481, Royal Engineers
Donaldson, C.
Private, 100100, Nottinghamshire and Derby Regiment
Donnelly, A.
Private, 22106, Royal Army Service Corps
Donneson, R.W.
Private, 40377, Northumberland Fusiliers
Donnison, J.
Private, 62062, West Yorkshire Regiment
Donovan, J.
Sergeant, 9629, Durham Light Infantry
Doran, A.
Private, 24189, Northumberland Fusiliers
Dorman, S.
Private, 39655, Leicestershire Regiment
Dougall, A.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Dougall, A.
Private, 3036, Durham Light Infantry
Dougall, J.T.
Sapper, 164681, Royal Engineers
Douglas, T.M.
Private, 235410, Yorkshire Regiment
Douglas, W.
Private, 3640, Durham Light Infantry
Douglass, G.E.
Sapper, 256379, Royal Engineers
Dourish, J.W.
Private, Northumberland Fusiliers
Dow, J.
Private, S/13539, Gordon Highlanders
Dow, M.C.
Corporal, 750076, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Downie, T.
Private, 74937, Durham Light Infantry
Downs, T.
Sapper, 457274, Royal Engineers
Dowsen, G.
Private, 22089, Coldstream Guards
Doyle, T.
Private, 652, Northumberland Fusiliers
Drummond, C.
Lance CorporalDrummond, C., 8144, Northumberland Fusiliers
Drummond, J.P.
Sergeant, 9667, Durham Light Infantry
Dryden, G.E.
Private, 265734, Northumberland Fusiliers
Dryden, R.H.
Private, 38919, Lancashire Fusiliers
Dryden, T.
Private, Z/548, Rifle Brigade
Dston, J.T.
Private, 1267, Durham Light Infantry
Duff, T.E.
Private, 20332, Royal Irish Fusiliers
Duggan, M.
Private, 228, Northumberland Fusiliers
Duke, T.A.
Private, 4619, Durham Light Infantry
Dumble, J.T.
Private, 34462, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Dunlavey, F.
Private, 17560, Northumberland Fusiliers
Dunn, E.
Private, 81414, Durham Light Infantry
Dunn, E.R.
Private, 325730, Durham Light Infantry
Dunn, F.
Lance Sergeant, 1176, Northumberland Fusiliers
Dunn, J.J.
Corporal, 1131, Northumberland Fusiliers

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Easter, G.
Private, 14203, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Eaton, W.D.
Private, 647, Northumberland Fusiliers
Edgar, T.
Private, 36769, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Edgar, T.
Private, 72921, Durham Light Infantry
Edgar, W.
Private, 23138, Durham Light Infantry
Edminson, N.
Private, 1330, Durham Light Infantry
Edwards, W.
Private, 419, Northumberland Fusiliers
Egdell, A.B.
Lance Corporal, 3901, Durham Light Infantry
Elderbriant, J.
Private, 213, Northumberland Fusiliers
Elliott, G.L.
Sub Lieutenant, Royal Navy
Elliott, A.
Private, 19232, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Elliott, A.J.
Private, 224189, Grenadier Guards
Elliott, C.E.
Private, 3534, Durham Light Infantry
Elliott, J.L.
Petty Officer, J55088, Royal Navy
Elliott, J.L.
Petty Officer, J55088, Royal Navy
Elliott, R.
Corporal, 750359, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Elliott, R.
Lance Corporal, 43444, Durham Light Infantry
Elliott, R.
Sergeant, 2438, Northumberland Fusiliers
Ellis, A.
Private, 13542, Gordon Highlanders
Ellis, N.
Private, 204334, Northumberland Fusiliers
Ellison, T.S.
Private, 38937, Yorkshire Regiment
Elwen, G.N.
Sergeant, 19516, East Yorkshire Regiment
Sapper, 466055, Royal Engineers
Emery, E.J.
Rifleman, 4583, London Regiment
Emmerson, G.
Private, 2294, Durham Light Infantry
Emmerson, N.
Private, 16376, Coldstream Guards
Emmet, F.
Lance Corporal, 167802, Durham Light Infantry
English, J.
Leading Stoker, Royal Navy
Evans, E.
Private, 13916, Durham Light Infantry
Evans, R.
Private, 79602, Royal Fusiliers
Evans, T.H.
Private, 2714, Durham Light Infantry
Ewart, R.
Private, 9645, Durham Light Infantry

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Fairbairn, H.
Bombardier, 295877, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Fairbairn, J.
Private, 8683, Durham Light Infantry
Fairgrieves, A.
Private, 13133, Durham Light Infantry
Falkington, H.
Private, 5884, Blackwatch (Royal Highlanders)
Fallon, J.
Private, 31418, Durham Light Infantry
Farnell, J.
Private, 13475, Irish Guards
Farrage, W.
Sergeant, 325207, Durham Light Infantry
Faulkner, S.R.
Private, 010514, Royal Army Ordnance Coprs
Fawcett, A.
Private, 2342, Durham Light Infantry
Fawcett, W.
Private, 2628, Northumberland Fusiliers
Fawcus, C.A.
Private, 2180, Durham Light Infantry
Felton, J.J.
Private, 48244, South Wales Borderers
Fenwick, J.
Private, 18728, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Fenwick, W.
Private, 20104, Coldstream Guards
Ferguson, A.
Lance Corporal, 995, Durham Light Infantry
Ferrier, J.R.
Private, 47788, Lancashire Fusiliers
Fielding, J.
Private, 65654, Northumberland Fusiliers
Finch, S.C.
Lance Corporal, Worcester Regiment
Private, 18444, Northumberland Fusiliers
Firby, A.
Private, 1967, Durham Light Infantry
Fisher, C.
Private, 39063, Yorkshire Regiment
Fisher, H.
Second Lieutentant, Northumberland Fusiliers
Fisher, H.L.
Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Fisher, J.H.
Private, 34959, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Fisher, J.H.
Second Lieutenant, West Riding Regiment
Fisher, R.
Private, 50300, Lancashire Fusiliers
Fisher, W.N.
Private, 8930, Durham Light Infantry
Fitzpatrick, J.
Lance Corporal, 10230, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Fitzpatrick, J.
Private, 3134, Northumberland Fusiliers
Fitzpatrick, R.
Private, 24007, Machine Gun Corps
Fitzsimmons, H.
Private, 40090, West Yorkshire Regiment
Flanigan, C.J.
Private, 9936, East Yorkshire Regiment
Flintoff, C.
Private, 1724, Yorkshire Regiment
Fogg, H.R.
Private, 23999, Grenadier Guards
Ford, G.
Private, 290585, The Welsh Regiment
Ford, J.B.
Private, 6161, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Forest, J.
Private, 673, Northumberland Fusiliers
Forster, C.H.
Private, 31521, Durham Light Infantry
Forster, J.F.
Private, Labour Corps
Forster, J.G.
Private, 7360, Royal Fusiliers
Forster, T.
Sergeant, 90201, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Forster, W.
Private, 1501, Northumberland Fusiliers
Forster, W.R.
Private, 17529, Royal Marines
Fortune, W.
Lance Corporal, 202505, Durham Light Infantry
Foster, F.W.
Private, 9449, Border Regiment
Fox, F.
Private, 73092, Durham Light Infantry
Frank, W.
Private, 27204, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Fraser, O.
Private, 34254, The York and Lancaster Regiment
French, T.
Private, 386343, Royal Army Medical Corps
Frisken, G.W.
Private, Canadian Colonial Forces
Fullard, S.
Sapper, 46464, Royal Engineers

Further information on the dead of both world wars can be obtained from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

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