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Help and advice for Gateshead County Borough - War Dead 1914-1918

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Gateshead County Borough - War Dead 1914-1918

Names G-N

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Laurence Binyon 1869-1943

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Gallagher, J.
Private, 1714, Northumberland Fusiliers
Gallon, J.
Private, 1893, Army Cyclist Corps
Gallon, W.C.
Private, 19212, Yorkshire Regiment
Garbutt, W.L.
Private, 1611, Durham Light Infantry
Gardener, R.O.
Private, 302306, Durham Light Infantry
Gardner, A.
Private, 910, Northumberland Fusiliers
Garrett, W.
Private, 44968, Yorkshire Regiment
Garthwaite, J.
Private, 19371, Durham Light Infantry
Gates, H.R.
Private, 794, Northumberland Fusiliers
Gatiss, T.W.
Private, 96395, Durham Light Infantry
Gatiss, W.
Private, 293, Northumberland Fusiliers
Gee, A.
Private, 6565, Durham Light Infantry
Georgeson, H.
Private, 1432, Durham Light Infantry
Gibson, C.G.
Private, 20223, Royal Army Medical Corps
Gibson, G.P.
Private, 203444, South Lancashire Regiment
Gibson, H.F.
Private, 700134, Canadian Colonial Forces
Gibson, R.E.
Private, 1272, Northumberland Fusiliers
Gibson, W.
Private, 18417, Border Regiment
Gibson, W.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Gibson, W.
Private, 4237, Northumberland Fusiliers
Gibson, W.
Sergeant, 187732, Durham Light Infantry
Gifford, J.
Corporal,, 29889, Leicestershire Regiment
Giles, P.
Private, 10018, Northumberland Fusiliers
Gillie, G.
Gunner, 7671, RoyalNavy
Gillie, R.
Private, 31610, Durham Light Infantry
Gilmore, J.
Private, 235559, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Gilroy, E.
Private, 28837, Durham Light Infantry
Gilroy, J.
Private, 2285, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Gilroy, J.
Private, 10379, Royal North Lancashire Regiment
Girdlestone, H.
Sergeant, 1623, Durham Light Infantry
Glass, A.D.
Private, 39988, Lincoln Regiment
Glass, J.S.
E.R.A., M/12566, Royal Navy
Glen, W.
Sergeant, 19853, Gloucester Regiment
Goddard, W.
Private, 761, Northumberland Fusiliers
Golden, J.
Private, 21412, Durham Light Infantry
Goldthorp, S.T.
Lance Corporal, 12148, Northumberland Fusiliers
Golightly, A.
Sergeant, 265460, Northumberland Fusiliers
Golightly, D.
Private, 17035, Northumberland Fusiliers
Golightly, E.
Private, 14207, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Goodman, J.
Private, 20990, Northumberland Fusiliers
Gorley, J.
Driver, 80482, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Gorman, A.
Lance Corporal, 866, Northumberland Fusiliers
Goudy, L.
A.B., T.Z./188, Royal Naval Division
Goulding, R.
Saddler, 107580, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Gowans, J.
Sapper, 235991, Royal Engineers
Graham, G.D.
Private, 325248, Durham Light Infantry
Graham, J.M.
Private, 230, Northumberland Fusiliers
Graham, M.
Private, 3635, Durham Light Infantry
Graham, R.
Private, 11001, Durham Light Infantry
Graham, R.
Lance Corporal, 325204, Durham Light Infantry
Graham, T.H.
Private, 327093, Durham Light Infantry
Graham, W.
Gunner, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Grant, A.
Private, 27094, Durham Light Infantry
Grant, C.
Lance Corporal, 46473, Northumberland Fusiliers
Grant, F.
Lance Sergeant, 70901, Durham Light Infantry
Grant, J.
Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Grant, M.
Private, 6045, Durham Light Infantry
Gray, A.W.
Private, 15223, Royal Munster Fusiliers
Gray, G.
Lieutenant, Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Gray, H.
Private, 27489, Durham Light Infantry
Gray, J.
Private, 4793, Durham Light Infantry
Greason, C.W.
Private, 23734, West Riding Regiment
Green, C.A.
Second Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery
Greenwell, D.
Stoker First Class, K/46324, Royal Navy
Gregory, J.
Sergeant, Durham Light Infantry
Grey, G.A.
Private, 36319, Durham Light Infantry
Grey, Y.R.
Private, 2488, Durham Light Infantry
Grieve, R.M.
Sergeant, 470108, Royal Engineers
Griffin, E.
Private, 37840, Northumberland Fusiliers
Griffin, J.
Private, 85067, Northumberland Fusiliers
Grundy, H.
Private, 5056, Durham Light Infantry
Guffogg, W.S.
Private, 95288, King's Liverpool Regiment
Gustard, H.
Private, 2761, Durham Light Infantry
Guthrie, F.
Private, 3344, Durham Light Infantry
Guy, J.
Corporal, 1670, Durham Light Infantry

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Haag, J.R.
Trooper, 171108, Northumberland Hussars (Yeomanry)
Hackett, B.
Corporal, 8164, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hackett, B.
Sergeant, 1864, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hall, G.
Private, 1031, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hall, G.
Private, 203050, West Yorkshire Regiment
Hall, G.R.
Private, 6602, Durham Light Infantry
Hall, I.
Private, 18794, Durham Light Infantry
Hall, J.W.
Corporal, 33499, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hall, M.
Private, Royal Marines
Hall, R.
Lance Corporal, 325210, Durham Light Infantry
Hall, R.B.
Private, 919006, Canadian Colonial Forces
Hall, S.
Private, 325228, Durham Light Infantry
Hall, T.
Private, 22996, Durham Light Infantry
Hall, W.
Corporal, 302124, Durham Light Infantry
Hall, W.W.
Private, 80126, Nottinghamshire and Derby Regiment
Halliday, J.T.
Private, 10635, Royal Army Service Corps
Halliday, W.
Private, 8343, Durham Light Infantry
Hamilton, H.
Private, 350160, Highland Light Infantry
Hamilton, L.
Private, 69759, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hamilton, S.
Private, 41675, Norfolk Regiment
Hamilton, W.
Private, 38542, Durham Light Infantry
Hancock, W.
Second Lieutentant, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hann, M.
Sergeant, 325323, Durham Light Infantry
Hannan, J.
Private, 3891, Durham Light Infantry
Hannen, D.
Private, 72948, Durham Light Infantry
Hansom, B.
Private, 28028, King's Own Royal Lancaster's
Harbron, R.A.
Private, 15138, Royal Marines
Harding, L.
Private, 6601, Durham Light Infantry
Harding, R.H.
Corporal, 242587, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Hardman, C.G.
Private, Border Regiment
Harker, J.E.
Private, 215, Northumberland Fusiliers
Harkness, G.
Private, 17359, Durham Light Infantry
Harle, G.D.
Private, 306, American Expeditionary Forces
Harper, J.A.
C.S.M., 1064, Northumberland Fusiliers
Harris T.W.
Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Harris, D.
Lance Corporal, 5279, Northumberland Fusiliers
Harris, G.
Private, 291934, Northumberland Fusiliers
Harrison, C.
Corporal, 1013, Northumberland Fusiliers
Harrison, G.
Private, 38631, Durham Light Infantry
Harrison, J.
Private, 251118, Durham Light Infantry
Harrison, J.W.
Driver, 12632, Canadian Colonial Forces
Harrison, P.
Private, 24038, Lancashire Fusiliers
Haselgrove, B.H.
Second Lieutenant, London Regiment
Havery, H.
Private, 39175, Durham Light Infantry
Hawkins, A.E.
Driver, 470649, Royal Engineers
Hawkins, I.
Private, 84991, Machine Gun Corps
Hawkins, J.
Private, 31555, Durham Light Infantry
Hays, J.R.
Bandsman, 22334, Durham Light Infantry
Hazeldine, A.
Private, 321708, Royal Army Service Corps
Head, G.
Private, 40882, South Wales Borderers
Heal, M.
Private, 951, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hebron, W.
Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Heckles, J.M.
Private, 203082, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Hedley, J.J.H.
Lance Corporal, 1420, Durham Light Infantry
Heenan, J.
, Mercantile Marine
Helmrich, C.R.
Private, 204269, Durham Light Infantry
Henderson, A.
Lance Corporal, 73726, Machine Gun Corps
Henderson, A.
Private, 15820, Suffolk Regiment
Henderson, F.L.
Sapper, 598, Royal Engineers
Henderson, H.A.
Private, 38867, Durham Light Infantry
Henderson, J.
Private, 21683, Durham Light Infantry
Henderson, J.
Private, 302113, Durham Light Infantry
Henderson, J.
Private, 250369, Royal Army Service Corps
Henderson, R.
Gunner, 770560, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Henderson, W.
A.B., 4156, Royal Naval Division
Hendrie, L.H.
Bombardier, 66298, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Henry, M.
Private, 18006, Durham Light Infantry
Heppell, W.S.
Gunner, 111360, Royal Regiment of Arillery
Hepple, R.R.
Private, 38923, Lancashire Fusiliers
Hepworth, J.W.
Corporal, 11872, Durham Light Infantry
Herring, G.W.
Lance Corporal, 39508, Durham Light Infantry
Herron, J.P.
Sergeant, 31170, Machine Gun Corps
Heslep, R.
Private, 12293, Durham Light Infantry
Heslop, E.
Second Lieutenant, West Yorkshire Regiment
Hetherington, J.
Rifleman, 12657, Rifle Brigade
Hetherington, T.B.
Private, 13500, Dorset Regiment
Hewitson, A.
Private, 5122, Australian Colonial Forces
Hewitt, G.M.
Private, 38530, Northumberland Fusiliers
Private, 325245, Durham Light Infantry
Hick, S.
Private, 2418, Durham Light Infantry
Higgins, J.
A.M., 196901, Royal Air Force
Higgins, J.
Lance Corporal, 8366, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hill, J.
Private, 15767, Cheshire Regiment
Hinchcliffe, H.
Gunner, 127431, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Hind, J.
Stoker, Royal Navy
Hind, T.
Private, 25327, Durham Light Infantry
Hind, w.
Private, 1028, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hindmarsh, J.J.
Private, 235565, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Hindson, W.
Private, 100244, Durham Light Infantry
Hinshaw, J.
Private, 15820, Somerset Light Infantry
Hirst, W.H.
Private, 1376, Northumberland Fusiliers
Private, 204138, Durham Light Infantry
Hodgens, W.P.
Private, 302119, Durham Light Infantry
Hodgson, G.
Corporal, 3619, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hodgson, R.
Private, 92354, Durham Light Infantry
Hodgson, R.V.
Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Hodgson, T.W.
Gunner, 65829, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Private, 6765, Durham Light Infantry
Hodson, F.G.
Private, 1757, Australian Colonial Forces
Hodson, J.
R.S.M, 21/1121, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hoey, J.C.
Private, 85163, Durham Light Infantry
Hogarth, A.N.
Gunner, 168204, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Hogg, F.C.
Private, 25677, West Surreys (The Queen's Royal Regiment)
Holloway, E.
Private, 2565, Durham Light Infantry
Holloway, F.
Lance Corporal, 1110, Northumberland Fusiliers
Holloway, H.W.
Private, 5000, Royal Army Service Corps
Holmes, H.G.
Sergeant, Durham Light Infantry
Holmes, L.
Private, 29554, East Yorkshire Regiment
Holmes, P.
Private, 881, Northumberland Fusiliers
Homer, T.
A.B., 5510, Royal Naval Division
Hood, J.
Private, 2848, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hope, G.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Hope, G.W.O.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Hope, J.
Private, 10749, Scottish Rifles
Hope, J.G.
Private, 8745, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hopkinson, J.
Sergeant, 13451, Durham Light Infantry
Hopper, T.
Trooper, 2883, 1st Life Guards
Hornsby, H.
Lance Corporal, 10424, Durham Light Infantry
Hornsby, H.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Hornsby, R.M.
Private, 107522, Nottinghamshire and Derby Regiment
Houston, F.
Private, 41001, West Yorkshire Regiment
Howe, T.J.
Private, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Howes, A.
Private, 16524, Durham Light Infantry
Howourth, H.
Private, 5537, East Yorkshire Regiment
Howourth, W.
Corporal, 22908, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Howstan, H.
Gunner, 2361, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Howstan, J.
Private, 23382, Royal Iniskilling Fusilers
Huggan, R.
Private, 95, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hughes, T.
Private, 1904, Durham Light Infantry
Hughes, T.
Private, 50064, Lancashire Fusiliers
Hull, F.
Private, 2233, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hull, J.
A.B., 6/189, Royal Navy
Hume, N.V.
Private, 3549, Northumberland Fusiliers
Humphreys, E.
Private, 2532, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hunter, T.
Private, 15434, South Staffordshire Regiment
Huntley, J.F.
Lieutenant, Northumberland Fusiliers
Hutchinson, R.H.
Private, 21232, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Hutchinson, T.
Private, 11819, Durham Light Infantry
Hutt, E.
Lance Corporal, 2167, Durham Light Infantry
Hutton, R.
Corporal, 21237, Durham Light Infantry

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Iley, C.C.
Private, 20982, Army Cyclist Corps
Iness, A.P.
Private, 325198, Durham Light Infantry
Iness, W.
Private, 30534, Durham Light Infantry
Ingledew, G.
Private, 1188, Northumberland Fusiliers
Inglis, A.
Sergeant, 307153, West Yorkshire Regiment
Inglis, J.
Petty Officer, T.Z./3389, Royal Naval Division
Inglis, T.
Sergeant, 22130, Durham Light Infantry
Inglis, W.
Corporal, 351, Northumberland Fusiliers
Ingram, W.
Private, 17777, Durham Light Infantry
Inness, J.T.
Private, 9454, Northumberland Fusiliers
Inness, T.
Private, 3735, Northumberland Fusiliers
Iredale, G.
Private, 990, Northumberland Fusiliers
Iredale, R.S.
Corporal, 325106, Durham Light Infantry
Ireland, W.
Private, 325436, Durham Light Infantry
Irving, A.
Private, 136439, Machine Gun Corps
Irving, J.
Bombardier, 48131, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Irving, J.
Private, 39331, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Irving, J.
Sapper, 471821, Royal Engineers

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Jackson, E.H.
Corporal, 34666, West Riding Regiment
Jackson, J.W.
Private, 529312, Northumberland Fusiliers
Jackson, R.
Private, 6604, Durham Light Infantry
Jackson, W.
Private, 1770, Royal Army Medical Corps
Jefferson, T.W.
Private, 220623, East Yorkshire Regiment
Jeffrey, J.
Private, 1483, Northumberland Fusiliers
Jewers, T.
Lance Corporal, 245221, Royal Engineers
Jewitt, G.
Private, 3513, Northumberland Fusiliers
Jobling, R.
Sergeant, 974, Northumberland Fusiliers
Jobson, G.
Fitter, 147557, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Johnson, A.
Private, 8658, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Johnson, A.W.
Private, 38683, Durham Light Infantry
Johnson, B.
Private, 4811, Northumberland Fusiliers
Johnson, E.J.
L.S./ H. G., T.Z./4295, Royal Naval Division
Johnson, F.
Private, 381, Royal Marines
Johnson, H.J.
A.B., T.Z./4550, Royal Naval Division
Johnson, J.
A.B., 147, Royal Naval Division
Johnson, J.
A.B., 2/1169, Royal Naval Division
Johnson, J.G.
Private, 13383, Durham Light Infantry
Johnson, J.T.R.G.
Private, 2111, Royal Army Medical Corps
Johnson, L.
Private, 26404, East Surrey Regiment
Johnson, N.
Corporal, 201947, Scottish Rifles
Jones, A.
A.B., 170, Royal Naval Division
Jones, A.
Corporal, 181670, Durham Light Infantry
Jones, B.
Private, 554625, Labour Corps
Jones, J.
Private, 203641, Durham Light Infantry
Jones, W.
Gunner, 19214, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Jopling, R.M.
Private, 4302, Durham Light Infantry
Jordan, E.
Lance Corporal, 20516, Durham Light Infantry
Joseph, D.
Sapper, Royal Engineers
Joslin, A.E.
A.B., T.Z./1405, Royal Naval Division

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Keedy, (R.)?
Private, 2912, Northumberland Fusiliers
(Ralph Keedy, 200957, 14th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers)
Kelly, H.
Sapper, 471259, Royal Engineers
Kelly, J.
Lance Corporal, 325368, Durham Light Infantry
Kelly, J.
Private, 1144, Durham Light Infantry
Kelly, J.
Private, 3508, Durham Light Infantry
Kelly, J.
Private, 3/9283, Durham Light Infantry
Kelly, J.
Private, 205430, Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
Kelly, J.
Private, 22871, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Kelly, J.T.
Private, 40313, Durham Light Infantry
Kelly, W.
Private, 3509, Durham Light Infantry
Private, 204694, Durham Light Infantry
Kemp, P.
Private, 3301, Australian Colonial Forces
Kennedy, A.
A.B., 668, Royal Naval Division
Kennedy, A.
Steward, Mercantile Marine
Kennedy, N.J.
Bugler, T.Z./3815, Royal Naval Division
King, T.
C.S.M., 731, Northumberland Fusiliers
King, W.A.
Private, 100589, Durham Light Infantry
Kinnafick, J.E.
Lance Corporal, 19059, Durham Light Infantry
Kirton, M.
Private, 228, Northumberland Fusiliers
Kirton, W.N.
Private, 2220, Durham Light Infantry
Knopp, W.
Private, 8574, Durham Light Infantry
Knott, A.
Private, 2362, Durham Light Infantry
Knox, J.
Lance Corporal, 3655, Durham Light Infantry
Krapton, R.A.
Private, 81126, Durham Light Infantry

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Lacey, A.
Private, 36766, Durham Light Infantry
Lackenby, E.
Leading Seaman, 2411, Royal Naval Division
Laidlaw, J.
Private, 3440, Northumberland Fusiliers
Lake, B.
Private, 48251, Northumberland Fusiliers
Lamb, J.
Private, 12984, Durham Light Infantry
Lamb, J.W.
Rifleman, 573844, London Regiment
Lambert, G.
Private, 28632, Durham Light Infantry
Lancaster, W.
Lance Corporal, 18/772, Northumberland Fusiliers
Langford, R.
Private, 38843, Durham Light Infantry
Larkin, R.
Private, 204365, Northumberland Fusiliers
Latty, J.G.
Private, 9808, Durham Light Infantry
Lavery, J.
Private, 641370, Labour Corps
Private, 2198, Northumberland Fusiliers
Lawrie, W.
Private, 33571, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Laws, A.E.
Private, 219161, Royal Army Service Corps
Laws, R.
Private, 365, Royal Army Service Corps
Lawson, J.
Sapper, 48454, Royal Engineers
Lawson, W.
Private, 27464, Durham Light Infantry
Lazenby, C.
Private, 37078, West Yorkshire Regiment
Lazenby, W.
A.B., K.P./270, Royal Naval Division
Le Blanc, M.
Private, French Colonial Forces
Leask, T.
Private, 30792, East Lancashire Regiment
Lee, G.
Private, 16389, Royal marines
Lee, J.H.
Bombardier, 64513, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Lee, J.R.
Private, 29639, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Lee, R.
Private, 40868, East Yorkshire Regiment
Lee, W.
Private, 325111, Lancashire Fusiliers
Lee, W. L.
Private, 221, Northumberland Fusiliers
Leith, A.
Corporal, 2200, Northumberland Fusiliers
Lennard, J.M.
Private, 929, Northumberland Fusiliers
Lennox, J.R.
Sergeant, 8864, Border Regiment
Levene, J.
Sapper, 470911, Royal Engineers
Liddle, J.
Lance Corporal, 16026, Durham Light Infantry
Liddle, W.
Driver, 115139, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Lightfoot, J.W.
Private, 2428, Durham Light Infantry
Lishman, J.M.
Private, 28237, Durham Light Infantry
Lishman, W.
Private, 202602, Durham Light Infantry
Litchfield, W.
Sergeant, 8253, Scottish Rifles
Little, J.R.
A.B., D.P./05987, Royal Navy
Littlefair, W.
Private, 49900, King's Liverpool Regiment
Logan, W.
Private, 49852, The Manchester Regiment
Long, J.
Private, 23637, Durham Light Infantry
Long, T.
Private, 117670, Durham Light Infantry
Longstaff, A.S.
Gunner, 111994, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Longstaff, G.
Lance Corporal, 5901, The King's Royal Rifle Corps
Private, 240876, Northumberland Fusiliers
Lonsdale, J.C.
Private, 28345, Durham Light Infantry
Lowery, W.E.
Private, 18/849, Northumberland Fusiliers
Lowrey, J.
Private, 69748, Northumberland Fusiliers
Lucas, E.
Private, 1516, Northumberland Fusiliers
Lucas, T.W.
Private, 3338, Durham Light Infantry
Luke, J.
Private, 40240, Durham Light Infantry
Luke, W.G.
Private, 11142, Royal Army Veterinary Corps
Lumley, R.
Private, 3/5172, Connaught Rangers
Lumley, T.
Rifleman, 572995, London Regiment
Lumsden, W.
Private, 45546, Durham Light Infantry
Lynch, H.
Private, 1132, Durham Light Infantry
Lyon, T.W.
Private, 4672, Durham Light Infantry

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Maccoy, P.
Private, 90990, Canadian Colonial Forces
Mack, J.
Petty Officer, 306793, Royal Navy
MacKenzie, D.
Private, 201322, Durham Light Infantry
Mackin, P.
Private, 22188, Durham Light Infantry
MacPhearson, H.
Private, 14090, Durham Light Infantry
Madden, Cormack
Private, 2187, Durham Light Infantry
Died 31 Oct 1916 and buried 6 Nov 1916 Gateshead East Cemetery - Grave Ref: 0.3198
Maddison, J.R.
Private, 2149, Army Cyclist Corps
Maddison, W.
Private, 20694, Northumberland Fusiliers
Makepeace, S.L.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Makepeace, T.W.
Private, 39082, Yorkshire Regiment
Makepeace, W.
Private, 270030, Durham Light Infantry
Mallaburn, D.
Private, 10649, Northumberland Fusiliers
March, G.H.
Leading Seaman, T.Z./1359, Royal Naval Division
Marks, B.
Private, 4431, Durham Light Infantry
Marshall, J.R.
Private, 60003, Northumberland Fusiliers
Martin, J.
, Mercantile Marine
Martin, J.M.
2nd Lieutenant, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Martin, R.
Private, 203402, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Martindale, C.H.W.
Sergeant, 203403, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Mason, J.W.
O.R., 61666, Royal Navy
Mason, R.E.A.
Private, 931, Northumberland Fusiliers
Masterman, J.T.
Private, 41759, Royal Scots
Masterman, R.F.
Private, 1896, Durham Light Infantry
Maxwell, D.
Private, 12232, Durham Light Infantry
May, M.
Private, 10, Northumberland Fusiliers
Mc Cabe, J.B.
Second Lieutenant, Lancashire Fusiliers
Mc Cauley, G.
Private, 27033, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Mc Comb, J.
Private, 262, Northumberland Fusiliers
Mc Donald, W.L.
Private, 22913, West Surreys (The Queen's Royal Regiment)
McAdam, J.H.
Corporal, 28836, Durham Light Infantry
McAlhone, J.
Private, 12226, Durham Light Infantry
McAndrews, J.
Lance Corporal, 275218, Durham Light Infantry
McBryde, J.
Private, 4704, Durham Light Infantry
McCabe, F.
Private, 161487, Machine Gun Corps
McCann, J.
Driver, 32175, Royal Regimentof Artillery
McCann, J.
Private, 43212, Seaforth Highlanders
McCartney, R.
Private, 6366, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
McCaughey, D.
Private, 65722, Northumberland Fusiliers
McClarence, J.
Private, 5162, Northumberland Fusiliers
McColl, A.
Private, 19738, Durham Light Infantry
McCormick, C.
Rifleman, 23104, Royal Defence Corps
McCulcheon, J.L.
Private, 14467, Royal Marines
McCullough, W.
Gunner, 73687, Royal Regiment of Artillery
McDonald, J.G.
Private, 25332, Durham Light Infantry
McDonald, M.
Private, 26/1126, Northumberland Fusiliers
McDougall, W.
Lance Corporal, 798, Seaforth Highlanders
McFadden, W.J.
Private, 38948, Yorkshire Regiment
McGee, J.
Private, 6771, Durham Light Infantry
McGiffen, J.
Private, 1138, Royal Irish Rifles
McGiffen, R.
Private, 14647, Border Regiment
McGill, J.
Private, 139529, Northumberland Fusiliers
McGiven, J.
A.B., T.Z./7136, Royal Naval Division
McGurk, A.
Private, 203104, Highland Light Infantry
McGurk, E.
Rifleman, 738200, London Regiment
McGurk, G.
Private, 7087, Durham Light Infantry
McIntyre, R.
Private, 12156, Durham Light Infantry
McKearan, J.
Gunner, 89746, Royal Regiment of Artillery
McKee, W.
Lance Corporal, 37809, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
McKibbin, D.
Private, 618, Northumberland Fusiliers
McLanaghan, C.F.
Private, 521, Northumberland Fusiliers
McLaughlin, J.S.
Sergeant, 18176, Durham Light Infantry
McLaurin, T.
Private, 325129, Durham Light Infantry
McLean, A.
Private, 8978, Durham Light Infantry
McLean, H.A.
Corporal, 1841, Durham Light Infantry
McLean, J,.
Private, 20876, Northumberland Fusiliers
McLerman, J.
Lance Corporal, 5165, Northumberland Fusiliers
McManus, T.
Private, 64700, Royal Army Medical Corps
McMillan, G.W.
Bombardier, 47573, Royal Regiment of Artillery
McMulligan, J.
Sapper, 193101, Royal Engineers
McMulligan, T.
Private, 3618, Northumberland Fusiliers
McNeill, J.E.
Corporal, 28240, Durham Light Infantry
McPhail, D.
Corporal, 1740, Northumberland Fusiliers
McQuillan, H.
Private, 203774, Scottish Rifles
McWilliams, T.
A.B., T.Z./4427, Royal Naval Division
Meadows, A.G.
Private, 17164, East Yorkshire Regiment
Mearns, W.M. MB.
Surgeon, Royal Navy
Medd, S.
Private, 36115, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Meek, H.J.
Private, 204612, Northumberland Fusiliers
Melrose, R.
Private, 1864, Durham Light Infantry
Menzies, W.E.
Sergeant, 265075, Northumberland Fusiliers
Merr, J.
Gunner, 92392, Tank Corps
Metcalfe, H.N.
Private, 43285, West Yorkshire Regiment
Mewes, J.E.
Private, Po/5/579, Royal Marines
Middleton, J.H.
Private, 43297, West Yorkshire Regiment
Miles, G.T.
Private, 41012, Leicestershire Regiment
Miles, H.
Private, 2438, Northumberland Fusiliers
Millar, T.O.
O.R., Royal Navy
Miller, A.
Private, 9888, Durham Light Infantry
Miller, G.
Private, 21888, Labour Corps
Miller, G.
Private, 59316, The Welsh Regiment
Miller, J.
Private, 250836, Durham Light Infantry
Miller, J.E.
Private, 31135, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Corporal, 16984, Yorkshire Regiment
Millican, J.W.
Private, 42162, West Yorkshire Regiment
Milligan, J.
Lance Corporal, 31537, Durham Light Infantry
Mills, R.R.M.
Private, 10131, East Lancashire Regiment
Miln, R.B.
Corporal, 2395, Durham Light Infantry
Mingay, S.
Private, 74878, Durham Light Infantry
Mitchell, T.F.
Lieutenant, Nottinghamshire and Derby Regiment
Moffat, T.G.
Lance Corporal, 1216, Durham Light Infantry
Moffet, J.
Private, 41414, Lincoln Regiment
Moffit, J.
Private, 41272, Northumberland Fusiliers
Moghie, J.R.
Private, 73089, Durham Light Infantry
Monaghan, L.P.
Private, 30/127, Northumberland Fusiliers
Monaghan, M.
Private, 40195, Durham Light Infantry
Monaghan, P.
Driver, 26714, Royal Field Artillery
Monk, H.
Corporal, 9576, Scottish Rifles
Monkhouse, S.
Private, 19269, Northamptonshire Regiment
Monkhouse, W.
Private, 9056, Durham Light Infantry
Moon, L.R.
Private, 9581, Northumberland Fusiliers
Moon, T.H.
Sergeant, 386, Northumberland Fusiliers
Moon, W.J.
Sergeant, 17466, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Moor, E.E.
Sapper, 2501, Royal Engineers
Moor, W.
Private, 63420, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Moor, W.R.
Private, 10203, Northumberland Fusiliers
Moore, J.E.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Moreland, A.
Private, 250533, Durham Light Infantry
Morgan, J.
Private, 3355, Northumberland Fusiliers
Morgan, J.
Private, 61366, Yorkshire Regiment
Morris, G.C.
Private, 2208, Durham Light Infantry
Morris, J.
Gunner, 64262, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Morris, J.
Private, 2209, Durham Light Infantry
Morris, P.
Corporal, 273032, Durham Light Infantry
Morris, P.
Private, 273032, Durham Light Infantry
Morris, R.E.
Corporal, 23489, Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)
Morris, T.C.
Private, 32676, Durham Light Infantry
Morrison, D.
Captain, King's Own Royal Lancaster's
Mortimer, E.
Private, 30596, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Morton, R.
Private, 48137, South Staffordshire Regiment
Moscrop, D.
Private, 469, Northumberland Fusiliers
Moss, T.J.
Sergeant, 470234, Royal Engineers
Mossman, F.R.
Private, 285003, East Yorkshire Regiment
Mouat, A.H.C.
Lieutenant, Royal Navy
Moul, F.J.
A.B., I./233, Royal Naval Division
Mounsey, G.T.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Mountford, T.
Corporal, 23063, Durham Light Infantry
Mowbray, E.
Sergeant Major, West Surreys (The Queen's Royal Regiment)
Mowbray, J.
Private, 7832, Durham Light Infantry
Mullen, F.
Private, 11135, West Yorkshire Regiment
Mullen, H.H.
Private, 13719, Army Cyclist Corps
Mulligan, T.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Mullinder, F.
Private, 81132, Durham Light Infantry
Mulvaney, T.
Private, 140377, Machine Gun Corps
Munaghan, T.
Private, 10262, Durham Light Infantry
Munro, H.D.
Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Murdoch, J.R.
Gunner, 107557, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Murphy, J.W.
Private, 6626, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Murray, J.
Private, 48353, The North Staffordshire Regiment
Murray, M.R.
Gunner, 113394, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Murray, O.B.
Private, 938, Northumberland Fusiliers
Private, 11978, Durham Light Infantry

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Naxon, J.
Lance Corporal, 18248, Durham Light Infantry
Naylor, J.
Private, 205174, Durham Light Infantry
Neale, G.H.
Private, 37374, Royal Army Medical Corps
Nell, M.
Private, 14220, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Nelson, J.
Private, 5807, Northumberland Fusiliers
Nesbitt, J.
Private, 204608, Northumberland Fusiliers
Nevin, T.
Bombardier, 750477, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Newby, T.
Private, 366862, Labour Corps
Newby, T.E.
Private, 11961, Durham Light Infantry
Newell, J.
Private, 24745, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Newton, C.
W /Engineer, Royal Navy
Newton, H.
Private, 1263, Northumberland Fusiliers
Newton, J.
Lance Corporal, 1927, Durham Light Infantry
Nichol, H.
Private, 39195, Durham Light Infantry
Nicholson, E.A.
Gunner, 130974, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Nicholson, F.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Nicholson, F.S.
Private, 141260, Canadian Colonial Forces
Nicholson, J.W.
Private, 4146, Durham Light Infantry
Nicholson, R.
Private, 8750, Durham Light Infantry
Nicholson, R.B.
Corporal, 6179, Northumberland Fusiliers
Nicholson, R.F.
Private, 16441, Durham Light Infantry
Nightingale, T.
Private, 9237, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Nisbet, S.
Private, 100333, Durham Light Infantry
Nixon, E.H.
Private, 11882, Durham Light Infantry
Nixon, E.M.
Private, 2265, Durham Light Infantry
Nixon, G.T.
Private, 204138, Durham Light Infantry
Nixon, J.G.
Sergeant, 750554, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Noble, J.J.
Private, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Noble, R.
Sergeant, 16/226, Northumberland Fusiliers
Noliveaux, J.V.
Sapper, 326364, Royal Engineers
Norman, G.H.
Petty Officer, 1505, Royal Naval Division
Nunan, J.S.
Private, Durham Light Infantry

Further information on the dead of both world wars can be obtained from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

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