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Gateshead County Borough - War Dead 1914-1918

Names O-Y

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Laurence Binyon 1869-1943

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Oliver, G.
Drummer, 1343, Northumberland Fusiliers
Oliver, T.R.
Lance Corporal, 643, Northumberland Fusiliers
O'Brien, J.
Private, 2454, Durham Light Infantry
O'Brien, J.
Private, 33146, The York and Lancaster Regiment
O'Brien, W.
Private, 1156, Northumberland Fusiliers
O'Hara, E.
Private, 052286, Royal Army Service Corps
O'Neil, W.J.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Ord, B.P.D.
Private, 12106, Northumberland Fusiliers
Ord, E.D.
Sergeant, 17/342, Northumberland Fusiliers
Ord, J.B.
Private, 302159, Durham Light Infantry
Oswald, R.
A.B., K.P./843, Royal Naval Division
Ovington, M.
Private, The Manchester Regiment
Owens, J.
Lance Corporal, 273071, Durham Light Infantry
Oxley, J.
Private, 8542, Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)
Oxley, M.
Private, 9475, Highland Light Infantry
Oxley, W.
Private, 327020, West Riding Regiment

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Page, J.
Corporal, 774, Durham Light Infantry
Palmer, J.J.
Private, 129748, Machine Gun Corps
Park, F.
Private, 204448, Yorkshire Regiment
Park, W.
Corporal, 325262, Durham Light Infantry
Parkes, J.
Private, 18609, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Parkin, F.W.
Private, 1443, Northumberland Fusiliers
Parkinson, D.
Company Sergeant Major, 12148, Durham Light Infantry
Parkinson, S.S.
Private, 27560, Grenadier Guards
Patrickson, J.
Private, 16/1783, Northumberland Fusiliers
Patterson, F.W.
Private, 45720, Durham Light Infantry
Patterson, G.F.
Lance Corporal, 13450, Durham Light Infantry
Patterson, J.E.
Lance Corporal, 738, Australian Colonial Forces
Patterson, J.R.
Private, 57161, West Yorkshire Regiment
Patterson, T.
Private, 161379, Northumberland Fusiliers
Patterson, W.
Gunner, 108605, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Pattison, D.N.
Private, 245230, Durham Light Infantry
Pattison, E.
Private, 19746, Northumberland Fusiliers
Patton, I.K.
Lieutenant, Royal Air Force
Paynter, P.
Major, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Pearce, W.
Private, 19835, Border Regiment
Pearson, J.H.
Private, 11465, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Pearson, R.W.
Private, 24748, Durham Light Infantry
Pearson, T.
Private, Northumberland Fusiliers
Peary, W.R.
Private, 238, Northumberland Fusiliers
Peebles, E.
Private, 5270, Northumberland Fusiliers
Peebles, J.
Private, 31515, Durham Light Infantry
Peel, J.
Gunner, 49615, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Pegram, R.
Private, 37030, Durham Light Infantry
Pegram, T.J.
Private, 295051, Durham Light Infantry
Penaluna, R.
26541, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
Pendrick, E.S.
E.R.A., 307046, Royal Navy
Pentney, W.M.
Private, 785135, Canadian Colonial Forces
Peverley, R.
Private, 36888, Durham Light Infantry
Philips, E.
Sergeant, 38200, Northumberland Fusiliers
Philips, G.H.
Company Sergeant Major, 52319, Gloucester Regiment
Philips, W.E.
Gunner, 152898, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Philipson, J.
Private, 1651, Northumberland Fusiliers
Phillips, T.H.
Private, 63778, Yorkshire Regiment
Pigg, J.W.
Lance Corporal, 242631, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Piggford, A.F.
Chief Engineer, Mercantile Marine
Pinkney, A.
Leading Seaman, 2400, Royal Naval Division
Porteous, F.J.
Private, 27256, Durham Light Infantry
Portus, J.
Private, 43634, Scottish Rifles
Potter, C.R.
Lance Corporal, 22506, Durham Light Infantry
Potter, J.
Second Lieutenant, Worcester Regiment
Potter, R.
Private, 124383, Royal Army Service Corps
Potter, R.N.
Lieutenant, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Poulton, J.H.
C.S.M., 12334, Northumberland Fusiliers
Prescod, G.M.
Private, 3922, Australian Colonial Forces
Price, T.
Private, 16676, East Yorkshire Regiment
Price, W.S.
Private, 12230, Northumberland Fusiliers
Proud, J.
Private, 28794, Durham Light Infantry
Proud, P.
Private, 85297, Machine Gun Corps
Proudfoot, A.S.
Private, 1330, Northumberland Fusiliers
Pugsley, J.W.
Sapper, 164679, Royal Engineers
Purdy, R.
A.B., Royal Naval Division

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Quigley, J.W.
Private, 16559, Border Regiment
Quinn, F.
Private, 92964, Durham Light Infantry
Quinn, J.
Private, 10170, Durham Light Infantry
Quinn, T.
Private, 2403, Northumberland Fusiliers
Quinn, W.
Private, 1491, Durham Light Infantry

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Rae, J.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Raffell, J.W.
Private, 28066, King's Own Royal Lancaster's
Raper, J.
Private, 6095, Durham Light Infantry
Raven, H.H.
Sergeant, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Rawnsley, J.G.
Private, 37369, Durham Light Infantry
Rawson, G.
Private, 2308, Northumberland Fusiliers
Rawson, J.
Private, 1906, Durham Light Infantry
Ray, J.W.
Private, 302249, Durham Light Infantry
Read, J.E.
Private, 58102, Northumberland Fusiliers
Reay, G.
Corporal, 1747, Northumberland Fusiliers
Reay, R.
Lance Corporal, 2938, Northumberland Fusiliers
Reay, R.
Private, 14650, Border Regiment
Reay, R.
Private, 51848, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Redshaw, J.
Private, 17082, East Yorkshire Regiment
Redshaw, J.
Private, 3462, Northumberland Fusiliers
Reed, A.E.
O.R., Royal Navy
Reed, G.
Private, 1233, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Reed, J.
Private, 2274, Durham Light Infantry
Reed, J.T.
Corporal, 7863, Royal Fusiliers
Reid, C.S.
Lance Corporal, 325339, Durham Light Infantry
Reid, J.
Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Reid, W.H.
Private, 1380, Durham Light Infantry
Reidy, F.
Private, 29528, Durham Light Infantry
Reidy, J.
Gunner, 23404, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Reilly, J.
Corporal, 13258, Durham Light Infantry
Renforth, S.B.
Private, Northumberland Fusiliers
Renforth, W.
Private, The King's Shropshire Light Infantry
Renner, W.
Leading Seaman, T.Z./4294, Royal Naval Division
Renton, A.
Private, 30940, Labour Corps
Rice, T.W.
Private, 105, Northumberland Fusiliers
Richardson, A.
Cadet, Royal Air Force
Richardson, A.F.W.
Private, 496371, Labour Corps
Richardson, F.A.
Private, 12025, Northumberland Fusiliers
Richardson, J.
Private, 120409, Highland Light Infantry
Richardson, N.
Private, 205431, Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
Richardson, R.
Private, 7087, Army Cyclist Corps
Richardson, T.
Private, 8506, Durham Light Infantry
Richardson, T.
Private, 27542, Durham Light Infantry
Richardson, W.
Private, 19616, Cheshire Regiment
Richardson, W.
Signaller, 55/66, Royal Navy
Richmond, P.J.
Private, 270058, Durham Light Infantry
Riddell, J.
Corporal, Northumberland Fusiliers
Ridley, J.
Private, 8703, Durham Light Infantry
Ridley, J.
Corporal, 8703, Durham Light InfantryDurham Light Infantry
Ridley, N.
Driver, 74818, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Ridley, R.
Private, 1329, Durham Light Infantry
Rigby, J.
Acting Corporal, 32290, Durham Light Infantry
Riley, E.
Private, 10121, Border Regiment
Riley, M.
Sergeant, 7575, Durham Light Infantry
Riseborough, S.
A.B., T.Z./8309, Royal Naval Division
Ritchie, W.E.
Private, 1396, Northumberland Fusiliers
Ritson, R.
Private, 1054, Northumberland Fusiliers
Robbins, J.
Sapper, 459312, Royal Engineers
Roberts, R.H.
Private, S/41842, Gordon Highlanders
Robertson, G.
Captain and Adjutant, Northumberland Fusiliers
Robertson, H.
Private, 9474, Border Regiment
Robinson, A.S.
Bo's'n, Mercantile Marine
Robinson, J.H.
Private, 57800, Lancashire Fusiliers
Robinson, M.
A.B., 8836, Royal Navy
Robinson, S.
Private, 201350, Durham Light Infantry
Robinson, W.
Lance Corporal, 203818, Durham Light Infantry
Robinson, W.
Sapper, 244238, Royal Engineers
Robinson, W.
Sergeant, Durham Light Infantry
Robson, C.
Private, 202543, Northumberland Fusiliers
Robson, E.
Private, 39379, Durham Light Infantry
Robson, G.
Private, 9599, Durham Light Infantry
Robson, J.
Private, 3421, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Robson, J.
Corporal, 17778, Durham Light Infantry
Robson, J.
Gunner, 497, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Robson, J.
Private, 325529, Durham Light Infantry
Robson, J.
Private, 31711, The North Staffordshire Regiment
Robson, J.
Second Lieutenant, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Robson, J.C.B.
Gunner, 750898, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Robson, J.G.
Sergeant, 1193, Northumberland Fusiliers
Robson, J.H.
Corporal, 854, Northumberland Fusiliers
Robson, J.R.
Private, 1436, Northumberland Fusiliers
Robson, J.R.
Sergeant, 45945, Durham Light Infantry
Robson, J.W.
Private, 22158, Durham Light Infantry
Robson, P.L.
Private, 42132, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Robson, R.
Lance Corporal, 5883, Royal Sussex Regiment
Robson, R.
Sapper, 4603, Royal Engineers
Robson, T.
Private, 8170, Coldstream Guards
Robson, T.H.
Private, 37828, Northumberland Fusiliers
Robson, W.
Private, 1885, Durham Light Infantry
Robson, W.
Private, 39667, Durham Light Infantry
Rodgers, T.
A.B., T.Z./2929, Royal Naval Division
Rogers, P.
Private, 38974, Yorkshire Regiment
Rogerson, P.
Private, 19343, Durham Light Infantry
Rogerson, T.E.
Private, 5451, Northumberland Fusiliers
Rollo, T.W.
Captain, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Roper, J.H.
Private, 476, Northumberland Fusiliers
Rose, F.
Private, 29101, Lincoln Regiment
Ross, J.
A.B., T.Z./4522, Royal Naval Division
Ross, J.
Private, 1243, Northumberland Fusiliers
Ross, W.
Private, East Yorkshire Regiment
Routh, J.H.
Corporal, 1839, Durham Light Infantry
Routh, M.J.
Corporal, 19627, Yorkshire Regiment
Routledge, T.C.
Private, 4099, Northumberland Fusiliers
Rowden, H.
Bandsman, 1328, Durham Light Infantry
Rowden, H.N.
Private, 6660, Durham Light Infantry
Rowell, W.A.
Private, 241764, Highland Light Infantry
Rowland, R.W.
Private, 71900, Northumberland Fusiliers
Ruddick, J.
Private, 11048, Blackwatch (Royal Highlanders)
Ruddick, S.L.
A.M., 220729, Royal Air Force
Ruddick, T.H.
Corporal, 11077, Machine Gun Corps
Rule, G.R.
Private, Po/S.S./91, Royal Marines
Runciman, J.R.
Private, 411, Northumberland Fusiliers
Russell, E.
Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Russell, R.F.
Private, 36521, East Yorkshire Regiment
Rutherford, A.
A.B., T.Z./3764, Royal Naval Division
Rutherford, F.
Lance Corporal, 11392, Durham Light Infantry
Rutherford, G.
Private, 65759, Northumberland Fusiliers
Rutherford, J.
7486, Scottish Rifles
Rutherford, J.
Private, 50589, Lancashire Fusiliers
Rutherford, J.
Sapper, 465928, Royal Engineers
Rutherford, W.
Private, 362, Northumberland Fusiliers
Ryan, J.
Private, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Ryder, W.
Sapper, 79105, Royal Engineers
Ryles, M.
A.B., Royal Navy
Ryott, E.
Private, 563, Northumberland Fusiliers

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Salmon, T.
Private, 69027, Northumberland Fusiliers
Sampson, J.
Private, 42297, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Sanderson, T.
Private, 370394, Durham Light Infantry
Sanderson, T.W.
Private, 235271, West Yorkshire Regiment
Sanson, H.C.
Lance Corporal, 171023, Durham Light Infantry
Sanson, W.
Corporal, 10380, Coldstream Guards
Savage, M.
Private, 32560, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Schofield, G.W.
Private, 1481, Northumberland Fusiliers
Schoolar, W.
Private, 20338, West Yorkshire Regiment
Scope, J.W.
Private, 19340, Durham Light Infantry
Scott, D.
Private, 45566, Northumberland Fusiliers
Scott, F.J.
A.B., 2251, Royal Naval Division
Scott, J.
Private, 25951, East Surrey Regiment
Scott, J.
Private, 35786, Northumberland Fusiliers
Scott, R.
Corporal, 325249, Durham Light Infantry
Scott, R.
Private, 242002, Northumberland Fusiliers
Scott, W.
Private, 21771, Durham Light Infantry
Scurfield, R.W.B.
Corporal, 2240, King's Liverpool Regiment
Private, 10269, Durham Light Infantry
Sewell, H.
Driver, 1773, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Sewell, R.
Private, 32824, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Shackleton, W.
Gunner, 89508, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Sharp, W.
C.E.R.A., Royal Navy
Sharp, W.
Petty Officer, 2373, Royal Navy
Shaw, J.
Gunner, 42264, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Shaw, T.
Private, 456722, Durham Light Infantry
Sheperd, T.W.A.
Private, 28072, King's Own Royal Lancaster's
Sheraton, R.A.
Private, 7144, Durham Light Infantry
Shiel, E.P.
A.B., 857, Royal Naval Division
Short, J.
Pioneer, 540391, Royal Engineers
Shotton, J.G.
Gunner, 152808, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Shotton, S.
Private, 53228, West Yorkshire Regiment
Shotton, W.
Driver, 82901, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Shyvers, F.H.
Purser, Mercantile Marine
Siddle, J.G.S.
Private, 242722, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Simmons, E.
Private, 32283, Durham Light Infantry
Simons, E.M.
Private, 21/1017, Northumberland Fusiliers
Simpson, A.H.
Sergeant, 47, Northumberland Fusiliers
Simpson, D.
Private, 20405, Durham Light Infantry
Simpson, G.
Lance Corporal, 54539, The Manchester Regiment
Simpson, W.H.
Private, 57835, King's Liverpool Regiment
Sinclair, J.
Corporal, 20962, Northumberland Fusiliers
Skelton, A.
Private, 78462, Durham Light Infantry
Slater, J.J.
Lance Corporal, 204592, Northumberland Fusiliers
Slater, R.
Private, 27209, Durham Light Infantry
Slater, T.H.
Private, 45453, South Staffordshire Regiment
Small, H.G.
Gunner, 64401, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Small, T.
Private, 504, Northumberland Fusiliers
Smeaton, J.
Private, 46954, Durham Light Infantry
Smith R.
Private, 66729, Northumberland Fusiliers
Smith, A.
Private, 39359, Durham Light Infantry
Smith, C.
Lance Sergeant, 9597, Durham Light Infantry
Smith, D.B.
Private, 14650, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Smith, D.B.
Private, 14650, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Smith, D.N.
Rifleman, 231, South African Colonial Forces
Smith, F.
Private, 72946, Durham Light Infantry
Smith, G.W.
Private, 325093, Lancashire Fusiliers
Smith, H.
Private, 30589, Lincoln Regiment
Smith, H.
Private, 1662, Northumberland Fusiliers
Smith, J.
Private, 4030, Northumberland Fusiliers
Smith, J.H.
Lance Sergeant, 9052, East Surrey Regiment
Smith, J.H.
Private, 1622, Durham Light Infantry
Smith, J.H.
Private, 9687, Durham Light Infantry
Smith, J.W.
Private, 241890, Northumberland Fusiliers
Smith, R.H.
Corporal, 580276, Royal Fusiliers
Smith, T.
Sergeant, 277199, Durham Light Infantry
Smith, T.H.
Private, 16/590, Northumberland Fusiliers
Smith, T.R.
Private, 37353, Durham Light Infantry
Smith, T.R.
Private, 37352, Durham Light Infantry
Smith, W.R.
Sergeant, 19895, Royal Army Medical Corps
Snowball, J. G.
Private, 78385, Durham Light Infantry
Snowball, R.
Private, 16237, Durham Light Infantry
Southern, M.
Second Lieutenant, East Yorkshire Regiment
Sowerby, G.E.
Private, 2336, Durham Light Infantry
Spanton, C.H.
Second Lieutenant, Royal Army Service Corps.
Spencer, T.
Sapper, 180097, Royal Engineers
Stamp, W.N.
Private, 40058, West Yorkshire Regiment
Statters, H.
Signaller, T.Z./8699, Royal Naval Division
Stephenson, J.J.
Petty Officer, 303364, Royal Navy
Stephenson, A.T.
Private, 79609, Royal Fusiliers
Stephenson, E.
Private, 26/637, Northumberland Fusiliers
Stephenson, E.W.
Sapper, 459585, Royal Engineers
Stephenson, G.W.
Gunner, 234359, Royal Navy
Stephenson, L.
Lance Corporal, 19392, Coldstream Guards
Stephenson, N.
Private, 18679, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Stephenson, R.
Private, 43485, Durham Light Infantry
Stephenson, (T.W.)?
Private, 50502, Lancashire Fusiliers
(Thomas William Stephenson, 50532, Private, 7th Battalion Border Regiment)
Sterling, C.
Private, 1988, Durham Light Infantry
Stevens, H.
First Class Petty Officer, 228726, Royal Navy
Stevenson, H.
Private, 78471, Durham Light Infantry
Stevenson, T.
Private, 5197, Northumberland Fusiliers
Stevenson, W.
Private, 21255, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Stewart, W.
C.E.R.A., 238401, Royal Navy
Stewart, W.
Corporal, 5448, Gordon Highlanders
Stobart, A.E.
Private, 48335, Yorkshire Regiment
Stobart, M.A.
Private, 295128, Durham Light Infantry
Stobart, R.W.
Private, 41058, Northumberland Fusiliers
Stobbs, R.R.
Private, 16413, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Stobert, T.W.
E.R.A., Royal Navy
Stockdale, E.
Private, 22022, Northumberland Fusiliers
Stokoe, H.
Private, 302564, Royal Army Service Corps
Stokoe, H.
Private, 470, Royal Marines
Stone, J.
Corporal, 14236, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Storey, J.R.
Private, 92975, Durham Light Infantry
Story, R.
Private, 13978, Northumberland Fusiliers
Stott, J.W.
Private, 393314, Royal Army Medical Corps
Stout, F.
Bombardier, 89509, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Strachan, H.
Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Stranger, J.
A.B., 880, Royal Naval Division
Surtees, A.
Private, 1168, Durham Light Infantry
Sutherland, E.
Private, 40303, Bedfordshire Regiment
Sutherland, J.
Private, 458, Northumberland Fusiliersv
Sutton, H.C.
Private, 43494, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Sutton, J.W.
Private, 21967, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Swaddle, G.
Private, 21072, Northumberland Fusiliers
Swan, R.E.
Private, 7025, Royal Fusiliers
Swan, S.
Steward, Mercantile Marine
Swan, W.
Captain, Nottinghamshire and Derby Regiment
Swanston, D.
Private, 1774, Durham Light Infantry
Sweeney, R.
Lance Corporal, 302893, Durham Light Infantry
Swindon, E.W.
Private, 51042, East Yorkshire Regiment
Swindon, G.U.
Private, 1687, Northumberland Fusiliers
Symm, J.W.
Private, 1231, Northumberland Fusiliers

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Tait, J.
Sergeant, 457053, Royal Engineers
Tait, W.
Private, 66753, Northumberland Fusiliers
Tait, W.J.
Engineer, Mercantile Marine
Tallentine, J.
Private, 7136, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Tatters, J.
Lance Corporal, 21602, Durham Light Infantry
Taylor, A.
Private, 1263, Northumberland Fusiliers
Taylor, J.
Private, 20365, Royal Irish Fusiliers
Taylor, M.A.
Private, 10450, Northamptonshire Regiment
Taylor, R.
Private, 43738, Durham Light Infantry
Taylor, R.
Sergeant, 2500, 10th Hussars
Taylor, S.
Private, 31474, Lancashire Fusiliers
Taylor, T.
Private, 31139, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Taylor, W.
Private, 30532, Durham Light Infantry
Teasdale, A.
Private, 7602, The North Staffordshire Regiment
Teasdale, J.
Private, 54619, West Yorkshire Regiment
Telford, E.
Private, 51876, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Telford, F.N.
Private, 3417, Durham Light Infantry
Telford, G.
Private, 11919, Seaforth Highlanders
Ternent, J.
Private, 496, Northumberland Fusiliers
Thierens, C.
Private, 81155, Durham Light Infantry
Thirwell, R.
Lieutenant, Royal Navy
Thirwell, W.
Private, 39668, Durham Light Infantry
Thomas, J.
Private, 74805, Durham Light Infantry
Thompson, A.
Private, 30612, Lincoln Regiment
Thompson, F.
Private, 210, Durham Light Infantry
Thompson, G.
Private, 2735, Durham Light Infantry
Thompson, G.
Private, 201886, The Manchester Regiment
Thompson, H.
Corporal, 19361, The King's Royal Rifle Corps
Thompson, J.
Corporal, 459521, Royal Engineers
Thompson, J.
Gunner, 56349, Royal regiment of Artillery
Thompson, J.
Private, 22751, Durham Light Infantry
Thompson, J.
Private, 26242, Northumberland Fusiliers
Thompson, J.E.
A.M., 106375, Royal Air Force
Thompson, J.E.
Private, 1324, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Thompson, R.
Lance Corporal, 19938, Durham Light Infantry
Thompson, R.
Private, 19947, Durham Light Infantry
Thompson, R.H.
Private, 44110, Durham Light Infantry
Thompson, S.
Private, 1655, Northumberland Fusiliers
Thompson, T.
Private, 1269, Northumberland Fusiliers
Thompson, W.
Private, 22652, Durham Light Infantry
Thompson, W.
Private, 24280, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Thompson, W.V.
Corporal, 6689, Durham Light Infantry
Thompson, W.V.
Lance Corporal, 6689, Durham Light Infantry
Thomson, J.
Gunner, 81023, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Thomson, J.R.
Private, 693, Northumberland Fusiliers
Timms, J.E.
Lance Corporal, 34973, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Tinning, D.R.
Pioneer, 210100, Royal Engineers
Tinsley, G.E.
Private, 2514, Durham Light Infantry
Todd, W.
Private, 37845, East Yorkshire Regiment
Todhunter, T.
Private, 2001, Durham Light Infantry
Tomlin, R.
Private, 329, Northumberland Fusiliers
Tomlinson, T.D.
Sergeant, 93509, Northumberland Fusiliers
Tomlinson, W.
Sergeant, 270692, Northumberland Hussars (Yeomanry)
Trainer, J.J.
Private, 6684, Durham Light Infantry
Trotter, J.L.D.
Private, 16/81, Northumberland Fusilers
Truran, J.
Private, 325871, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Tuck, J.C.
A.B., 9003, Royal Navy
Tuff, J.
Private, 3619, Durham Light Infantry
Tully, H.O.
Corporal, 1947, King's Own Royal Lancaster's
Tully, J.
Private, 1794, Durham Light Infantry
Tully, T.L.
Private, 9966, Northumberland Fusiliers
Tunnah, W.
Private, 3312, Welsh Guards
Turnbull, G.
Private, 2201, Durham Light Infantry
Turnbull, J.
Lance Corporal, 2352, Durham Light Infantry
Turnbull, J.
Lance Corporal, 6108, Durham Light Infantry
Turnbull, N.E.
Leading Seaman, T.Z./4370, Royal Naval Division
Turner, A.
Private, 22536, Durham Light Infantry
Turner, R.W.
Private, 399516, Royal Army Medical Corps
Tweedy, J.
Private, 27/1259, Northumberland Fusiliers
Tyrie, C.
Private, 14628, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Tyrie, S.C.
Private, 12/1816, New Zealand Colonial Forces

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Usher, F.C.
Private, 66756, Northumberland Fusiliers
Uteerson, P.
Private, 49889, King's Liverpool Regiment
Utterson, W.
Rifleman, 5863, The King's Royal Rifle Corps

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Varley, A.
Private, 30539, Durham Light Infantry
Vasey, W.
Private, 2050, Durham Light Infantry
Veitch, E.W.
Private, 16688, Royal Fusiliers
Verow, J.
Private, Northumberland Fusiliers
Viner, F.H.
Second Lieutentant, Northumberland Fusiliers
Voase, C.
Private, 17050, Northumberland Fusiliers

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Waitt, H.E.
Private, 2816, Royal Army Medical Corps
Wales, C.
Private, 43504, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Walker, J.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Walker, J.
Private, 226111, Northumberland Fusiliers
Walker, R.L.
Private, 28839, Durham Light Infantry
Wallace, E.
Private, 23055, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Wallace, G.
Private, 433, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wallace, R.
Private, 702, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wallace, S.S.
Private, 5477, Gordon Highlanders
Walton, G.H.
Private, 388528, Royal Army Medical Corps
Walton, H.
Private, 202579, Durham Light Infantry
Ward, G.A.
Private, 37381, Durham Light Infantry
Ward, P.
Private, 4099, Durham Light Infantry
Private, 19024, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wardle, J.
Private, 31511, Northumberland Fusiliers
Warner, R.W.
Private, 260208, Royal North Lancashire Regiment
Warwick, J.C.
E.R.A., Royal Navy
Watchman, C.
Lieutenant, Royal Navy
Waterson, R.
A.B., 4456, Royal Naval Division
Private, 411215, Northumberland Fusiliers
Watson, A.R.
Private, 235690, Northumberland Fusiliers
Watson, E.
Private, 53003, Durham Light Infantry
Watson, G.
Private, 7216, Northumberland Fusiliers
Watson, G.
Private, 22585, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Watson, J.
Private, 79641, Royal Fusiliers
Watson, J.
Private, 16063, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Watson, J.R.
Private, 204309, Northumberland Fusiliers
Watson, J.T.
Private, 1066, Northumberland Fusiliers
Watson, M.R.
Private, 242308, The York and Lancaster Regiment
Watson, T.G.
Private, 155012, Machine Gun Corps
Watson, T.J.
Sergeant, 6350, Northumberland Fusiliers
Watson, W.
Private, 3265, Northumberland Fusilers
Waud, E.H.
Lieutenant, Northumberland Fusiliers
Waud, H.F.
Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Waugh, G.W.
Private, 4520, Northumberland Fusiliers
Waugh, R.W.
Private, 33343, Durham Light Infantry
Wearmouth, G.
Corporal, 6510, Northumberland Fusiliers
Weatherhead, M.J.
Private, 71900, Machine Gun Corps
Weatherhead, R.V.
Lance Corporal, 1398, Northumberland Fusiliers
Webb, F.
Private, 3141, Northumberland Fusiliers
Webb, G.
Trumpeter, 6543, 2nd Dragoon Guards
Websell, T.
Private, 665666, Machine Gun Corps
Weddle, E.R.
Private, 242751, West Riding Regiment
Weddle, W.
Private, 12720, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wedgwood, W.A.
Second Lieutenant, Royal Air Force
Welch, J.R.
Driver, 245473, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Whaley, M.
Corporal, Northumberland Fusiliers
Whalley, J.S.
Private, 24091, King's Own Royal Lancaster's
Wharrier, J.
Private, 11314, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wharton, D.L.
Private, 8554, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wharton, J.
Lance Corporal, 19042, Durham Light Infantry
Wharton, W.
Private, 36997, East Yorkshire Regiment
Wheatley, G.
Private, 37839, Northumberland Fusiliers
Whelan, M.
Corporal, 1297, Northumberland Fusiliers
White, A.
Private, 43809, Durham Light Infantry
White, A.
Private, 8696, Northumberland Fusiliers
White, J.
Private, 4620, Durham Light Infantry
White, T.
Private, 12483, Northumberland Fusiliers
Whitfield, B.
Corporal, 72130, Canadian Colonial Forces
Whitfield, G.
Gunner, 196867, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Whitmore, E.
Private, 2668, Durham Light Infantry
Whittle, G.R.
Sapper, 44699, Royal Engineers
Wilcock, T.H.
Private, 58483, The Manchester Regiment
Wild, E.
Private, 42475, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wilde, J.
Lance Corporal, 991, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wilkie, E.G.
Private, 6338, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wilkie, J.
A.B., 6632, Royal Naval Division
Wilkin, J.
Private, 6416, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wilkins, M.
Private, 36562, Durham Light Infantry
Wilkinson, C.H.
Gunner, 96694, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Wilkinson, J.
Lance Corporal, 21/769, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wilkinson, J.
A.B., 421, Royal Naval Division
Wilkinson, J.
Private, 28095, Durham Light Infantry
Wilkinson, J.W.
Gunner, 75175, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Wilkinson, T.R.
Cadet, 173694, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Wilkinson, T.W.
Corporal, 66582, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Wilkinson, W.
Private, 18499, Durham Light Infantry
Wilkinson, W.E.
Private, 789, Northumberland Fusiliers
Williams, A.J.
Private, 344, Northumberland Fusiliers
Williams, H.
Bandsman, 325106, Durham Light Infantry
Williams, J.E.
Lance Corporal, 3089, Durham Light Infantry
Williams, T.
Private, 2157, Durham Light Infantry
Williams, W.G.A.
Private, 1860, Durham Light Infantry
Williams, W.J.
Private, 7118, Northumberland Fusiliers
Williamson, J.
Sergeant, 10900, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Williamson, W.
Rifleman, 534997, London Regiment
Willis, G.
Sergeant, 1440, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson T.
Private, 203204, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wilson, C.
Private, 44799, The Manchester Regiment
Wilson, E.
Private, 10297, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, E.B.
Rifleman, 1830, London Regiment
Wilson, G.H.
Private, 73394, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, G.R.
Private, 33205, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, H.G.
Private, 43699, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, I.
Lance Corporal, 100115, Royal Fusiliers
Wilson, J.
Private, 22048, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, J.W.
Private, 45738, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, J.W.
Private, 18863, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wilson, N.
Private, 104588, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, P.A.
Private, 100252, Royal Fusiliers
Wilson, P.C.
Private, 23/44, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, R.
Private, 45752, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, R.
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, R.S.
Private, 24278, West Riding Regiment
Wilson, S.
Private, 2493, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, T.
Lance Corporal, 46703, Royal Engineers
Wilson, T.
Private, 33236, Durham Light Infantry
Wilson, T.
Private, 242753, West Riding Regiment
Wilson, W.
Private, 42832, South Staffordshire Regiment
Wilson, W.
Private, 65790, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wilson, Z.
Lance Corporal, 100115, Northumberland Fusiliers
Winchester, W.
Private, 1883, Durham Light Infantry
Winship, W.D.
Private, 28806, Durham Light Infantry
Winter, C.
Corporal, 241663, Scottish Rifles
Winter, W.W.
Private, 783, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wishart, R.E.
Sapper, 4605, Royal Engineers
Woo, J.
Private, 754, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wood, A.W.
Private, 43265, West Yorkshire Regiment
Wood, G.
Private, 267371, Northumberland Fusiliers
Wood, G.
Sapper, 1043, Royal Engineers
Wood, J.H.
A.B., Z/4862, Royal Naval Division
Wood, T.
A.B., Z./471, Royal Naval Division
Wood, T.
Lance Corporal, 21193, Cheshire Regiment
Woodhead, A.
Lance Corporal, 203392, Durham Light Infantry
Wootton, J.F.
Private, 52608, Durham Light Infantry
Wren, J.W.
Private, 33336, Durham Light Infantry
Wright, A.
Private, 6479, Royal Irish Rifles
Wright, F.J.
Private, 32792, Durham Light Infantry
Wright, J.
Private, 1933, Durham Light Infantry
Wright, M.
Sergeant, 10137, Durham Light Infantry
Wright, R.H.
Private, 2217, Durham Light Infantry
Wright, T.
Sergeant, 25569, Durham Light Infantry

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Yetts, R.L.
Private, 40830, King's Own Royal Lancaster's
Youd, J.L.
Private, 63757, West Yorkshire Regiment
Young, J. H.
Lieutenant, Royal Navy
Young, J.
Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry
Young, J.W.
Private, 24233, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Young, R.
Lance Corporal, 8736, Durham Light Infantry
Young, S.
Private, 1335, Northumberland Fusiliers
Young, T.
Private, 11155, West Yorkshire Regiment
Younger, R.
Private, Border Regiment

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Not Named

? ?
A.B., 39147, Royal Navy

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