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Help and advice for Names from the WW1 Memorial - at St James' Church, Gateshead

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Names from the WW1 Memorial - at St James' Church, Gateshead

Adams, C. Private
Allen, R. Private
Archer, D. Private
Armstrong, J.M. Private
Armstrong, W. Private
Atkinson, R.W. Private
Bailey, H.W. Private
Bailey, J. Private
Bailey, S.J. Private
Bainbridge, T. Private
Barrass, J.S. Private
Beldon, J. Private
Bell, J. Chief Engineer
Bell, J. Private
Bell, J.W. Private
Bell, J.W. Private
Birks, T. Private
Blakey, E. Private
Blues, G.A. Sergeant
Brown, J. Private
Burn, G. Private
Butler, J.W. Private
Caisley, A. Private
Carney, F. Private
Cartwright, J.J. Private
Cavanagh, J. Private
Chantler, F.C. Private
Charlton, J.T. Private
Clark, G.A. Private
Clay, H. Private
Connelly, J. Private
Cooper, C. Private
Crinnion, W. Private
Crow, J.H. Private
Crow, N. Private
Cummersdale, G. Private
Cuthbertson, W. Private
Cuthbertson, W. Private
Davidson, G. Private
Davison, J. Private
Dickson, F. Private
Dillon, P. Private
Dinning, R. Private
Dix, E. Private
Dixon, C.A. Private
Dixon, J.H. Private
Dixon, J.H. Private
Dixon, R. Private
Donohue, P. Private
Douglas, W. Private
Easter, G. Private
Edgar, T. Private
Edwards, J. Lance Corporal
Elliott, J.L. Private
Elliott, T.W. Sergeant
Etherington, H. Private
Etherington, J. Private
Evans, E. Private
Evans, L.H. Sergeant
Fawell, E. Private
Fenwick, J. Private
Fenwick, J. Sapper
Ferguson, A. Private
Gardner, D. Private
Gardner, S. Private
Garret, W. Lance Corporal
Garthwaite, J. Private
Gaughan, T. Private
Gilder, J.W. Private
Golightly, E. Private
Golightly, G.E. Private
Golightly, T. Private
Gorman, A. Lance Corporal
Gorman, J. Private
Graham, G.D. Private
Graham, R. Corporal
Granger, D. Private
Grant, A. Private
Gray, A.W. Private
Habron, R.A. Private
Hackett, B. Private
Hall, G.R. Private
Hall, H.C. Lance Corporal
Hall, H.C. Lance Corporal
Hall, J. Private
Hall, R. Private
Hamilton, H. Private
Hamilton, J. Private
Hamilton, S. Private
Harrison, T. Private
Hebron, W. Second Lieutenant
Henderson, J. Private
Heslop, F. Second Lieutenant
Holloway, F. Private
Holloway, F.C. Private
Holmes, J. Private
Hopkinson, J. Private
Houghton, C. Private
Hutchinson, T. Private
Igo, T. Sergeant
Inglis, J. Petty Officer
Inglis, T. Private
Inglis, W. Private
Iredale, H.R. Private
Iredale, R. Private
Ireson, E.W. Private
Jackson, A. Private
Jackson, E.H. Corporal
Jaques, W. Private
Jones, G.W. Private
Jones, J. Private
Kay, T. Private
King, T. Quartermaster Sergeant
Kingwall, E. Private
Kingwall, W. Private
Lambert, G. Private
Lambert, R. Private
Lambert, R. Private
Lazenby, E. Private
Liddle, J. Private
Lishman, J. Private
Long, T. Private
Lowery, J. Private
Lucas, J.W. Private
Mack, A. Private
Maddison, A.W. Private
Makepeace, T.W. Private
McCaughey, D. Private
McCauley, G. Private
McCauley, R. Private
McCloy, J. Private
McGahan, P. Private
McKenna, J.E. 1st Sd
McKinney, W.T. Quartermaster Sergeant
McLanaghan, C.F. Private
McLean, J. Private
McLeod, A. Private
McPeak, P. Private
Miller, A. Private
Millican, J. Private
Miln, R. Corporal
Moffatt, J. Private
Monkhouse, G.W. Private
Moon, C. Private
Mowbray, E. Sergeant Major
Munro, R. Private
Munro, W. Private
Murthwaite, W. Private
Musgrove, R. Private
Nesbitt, J. Private
Nicholson, C. Private
Nicholson, D. Private
Nicholson, J. Private
Nixon, J.G. Private
Noble, J.J. Private
Nugent, N. Private
Ord, D. Sergeant
Oxley, W. Private
Park, W. Corporal
Parkin, J. Private
Paterson, J.E. Lance Corporal
Peters, H.E. Private
Piggford, A.F. Chief Engineer
Poole, T. Private
Porteous, F.J. Private
Porteous, S. Private
Portous, J. Private
Quinn, F. Private
Rafferty, P.J. Private
Rawnsley, J.G. Private
Rawson, G. Private
Reay, R. Private
Reed, G. Private
Reed, J. Private
Reed, W. Private
Richardson, J. Private
Richardson, R. Private
Richmond, J. Private
Rickerby, T. Private
Rigg, W. Private
Riseborough, S. Private
Robertson, H. Private
Robertson, W.N. Private
Robinson, J. Private
Robson, J. Corporal
Robson, W. Private
Rollins, J. Private
Rutherford, G. Private
Rutherford, W.C. Private
Ryan, J. Private
Salmon, T. Private
Sample, E. Private
Scott, D. Private
Scott, R. Corporal
Sharp, G.A. Private
Short, E. Private
Short, J. Private
Smith, J.H. Private
Snee, J.E. Private
Sneeth Private
Souley, R. Private
Sowerby, G. Private
Stephenson, G.W. Private
Steward, W. Corporal
Stokes, J.W. Private
Sweeney, J. Private
Sweetlove, F.C. Private
Swindon, E.W. Private
Tait, W. Private
Telford, E. Private
Thompson, S. Lance Corporal
Timms, J.E. Private
Totton, R. Private
Tully, H. Private
Turnbull, J. Private
Walton, W. Private
Watson, J. Private
Watson, R. Private
Watson, T. Sergeant
Watson, T.W. Private
Watts, C. Private
Webb, F. Private
Webb, G. Private
Wharrier, J. Private
Wharton, W. Private
White, A. Private
White, J. Private
Wilkinson, G.H. Private
Wilkinson, J. Private
Williams, T. Private
Williamson, G Private
Wilson, A. Private
Wilson, J. Private
Wilson, T. Private
Wilson, W.A. Private
Wootton, J. Private
Wright, M. Sergeant
Wright, R. Private
Wright, R. Private

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