Victims of the - 1854 Fire and Explosion in Gateshead


Transcribed by Emily M.C. Middleton

In the early hours of 6th October 1854, a fire in a worsted factory on the riverside in Gateshead spread into an adjoining warehouse containing large quantities of chemicals. The resulting explosion blasted stone and burning debris over large areas of Gateshead and Newcastle, causing destruction and loss of life on a scale not equalled until the terrible Autumn of 1941 when death and fire once more rained down from the skies. For a detailed account of the disaster see: The Great Fire - 6th October 1854.

The casualty lists reproduced here are taken from an early publication entitled The 1854 Fire and Explosion in Gateshead (author and publication details not known).


Material supplied by J.T. Middleton O.B.E.