Victims of the - 1854 Fire and Explosion in Gateshead


Gateshead Dispensary Patients

Transcribed by Emily M.C. Middleton


Name Index

Alexander Ainslie9Church WalkBurns
Mary Ainslie59HillgateWounds and bruises
Hannah Bainbridge9Church WalkFace wounds
John Bell38Church WalkFace wounded
James Bennet Church WalkBruises
William Bishop16HillgateEyeball destroyed by a stone
William Bramwell50High StreetBurns
James Brown40Church WalkBruises and wounds
Matthew Brown42HillgateBack bruised (removed to the infirmary)
R. Brown26Church StreetBurns
Manasseh Cain Church WalkScalp Wounds
W. Campbell18HillgateArm severely crushed
Mary Carr70OakwellgateHead injury
Mary Corby67HillgateScalp wound
Joseph Corby72HillgateInjury to leg
James Croll Church WalkContused foot
William Dobson27OakwellgateFractured ribs
Thomas Docherty7Church WalkSevere wounds on thigh
Catherine Donelly27Leonard's CourtBruises
Michael Donelly7Leonard's CourtBruises
Thomas Eraily13South ShoreInjury to fingers
William Elliott19 Scalp wound
Henry Fairburn23HillgateSevere cuts
Sarah Frayin33Lambton StreetFracture of the metacarpel bones
Peter Gallagher38OakwellgateArm crushed by a stone
Thomas Goodman44Church WalkHead severely crushed
Jane Gray70OakwellgateBurns
Mary Gray60Church WalkContusions
John Hall19HillgateBruises
Elizabeth Hawkins34HillgateScalp wounds etc
Mary Hayhurst51HillgateScalp wounds etc
James Henderson30Church StreetInjuries to foot
Thomas Henderson20Hymers CourtLeg and arm bruised (leapt from his window)
Nichol Henderson7HillgateBurns
Caroline Hutchinson50Church WalkFractured leg
Robert Iley30OakwellgateInjury to side
William Johnson40OakwellgateFace and scalp wounds
Henry Jones60PipewellgateScalp burns
Mary Kelly23High StreetBruises
William Leek9High StreetSeverely crushed by paving stone in his own house
Ann Ludlow OakwellgateArm torn off by the stone (died in the infirmary)
John McClasky30PipewellgateInjury to foot
Martha McGuire18Church StreetFractured clavicle
Mary MacKay47Bell's YardWounds and bruises
J. McMenemy37Church WalkCrushed
Andrew Michael27HillgateBurns
Alexander Moffatt7High StreetFace wound
Elizabeth Morrison27Church WalkKnee severely bruised
Edward Morrison4Church WalkWounds
Alexander Nathan7Church WalkBruises
Archibald Nicholson50HillgateSevere cuts
Jane Nicholson30Church WalkFace crushed
Michael Nicholson6Cannon StreetInjury to foot
Peter Nicholson12Church WalkHead extensively cut
Peter Nicholson17Church WalkLeg burnt and bruised
Thomas Oley19High StreetHead and shoulder severely crushed
Thomas Paceby3Nuns LaneEye injury
Henry Pearson40High StreetSprained ankle
George Shanks52High StreetBurns
John Shanks14High StreetScalp wound
Mary Shanks50High StreetCrushed
Michael Shanton OakwellgateBruises
Mary Shields27Church StreetInjury to eye
John Siltry56Church WalkInjury to back
Elizabeth Simm9High StreetBruises
Mary Skelleen54OakwellgateInjury to arm
Jane Smith60HillgateWound of temporal artery
Mary Smith53Church StreetContusions on face
Alexander Thompson35BottlebankFracture of fore arm
James Thompson25Church WalkBruised toes
Peter Tomline34HillgateBruises
Mary Turner32HillgateBurns
J. Valentine16HillgateBruised toes
Thomas Wake9Hymers CourtBruises
Ellen White10High StreetCut on knee
George White38HillgateWounds and bruises
Margaret Wilson29OakwellgateFace wounds
Thomas Winter47GatesheadCut face

Material supplied by J.T. Middleton O.B.E.