Daniel Lewellin (died 1666) of Chelmsford


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Daniel Lewellin (D1666) of Chelmsford, County Essex. Lewellin was very active in Charles City County of Virginia in the 1640 to 1660 period, and most likely was a mariner claiming head rights on each return trip. It appears he may have been employed by or contracted by the London Company of Virginia. He owned 1,000 acres in one tract in 1645 as well as other smaller tracts. Daniel Lewellin Sr. and George Baker entered the colonies by 1633 as a headright of Capt. William Perry on Turkey Island which is in the James River just north of "Neck of Land" and near Varinae and adjacent Mr. Walter Aston. Perry's wife Elizabeth was the widow of Richard Pace whose daughter Mary Pace had married Richard Baker.

(This is Col. Walter Aston (1607-1656) grandson of Sir Walter Aston of Tixal. His wife Hannah remarried Col. Edward Hill of Shirley Plantation.) (Henry Perry, master of the ship ELIZABETH, son of William Perry of Buckland. Henry Perry's wife was Elizabeth Minifie, daughter of George Minifie who sat on the privy council of Virginia and was involved with Captain Francis Potts in the rebellion against Gov. Harvey. Elizabeth was his step sister.)

In 1650, Lewellin patented 270 acres at the head of Shirley Hundred and next to Walter Aston for 6 persons including Edward Baker. Most likely the same Edward Baker who also was a mariner. Baker's brother-in-law Captain Francis Potts had mentioned the Astons in his will and that Aston's son-in-law, Henry Perry, was a cousin of Francis Potts. Cap Daniel Lewellin lived adjacent to Walter Aston on VIRGINIA COMPANY LAND in 1645 on TURKEY ISLAND.

In a 1656 deed dated August 20, 1656: Dan Llewellin of Essex, England and Charles City Co. sells to Colonel Edward Hill of Shirley Hundred, 60 acres "lately purchased of Dorothy Baker (widow of John Baker (D1655) on which I lately lived ... Provided always and it is agreed upon betweene me and the said Col. Hill that the said Col. Hill shall keepe the housing free for the enterteinment of one Mr. Thomas Noathway for and during the terme and time of seaven yeares"( Recorded Oct 4, 1656., Pg 64) Daniel Lewellin married Ann, the widow of Jonathon Price (D1635) and they lived near the now famous Shirley plantation on the James River which John Price patented near Turkey Island in 1619.

  • Daughter Martha Lewellin married the Rev. Richard Jones (S/O Richard). Their property adjacent to Richard Baker of Merchants Hope.
  • Son Daniel Lewellin (B1647) married twice, his second to Jane Stith (a cousin)
  • Margaret Lewellin married Mr. Cruse

Possible relation: John Lewellin a resident of St Marys City about 1670. Mentioned in will of Sheriff John Baker (wife Elizabeth Bateman of St Marys)

Other Comments: In 1634, Lewellin witnessed a land transaction at Flourdieu Hundred (William Barker), and in 1636 to land transactions involving Richard Johnson (who claimed head right for William Mumms) and Abraham Wood. He patented land next to Joseph Royall in 1642. In 1650, he claimed as headrights Edward Baker, Francis Clarke, Edward Shepard, and John Slocomb. In 1656, he claimed headrights along the Rappahannock River for Edward Baker. Edward Baker of Charles City County was apparently in Charles County, Md. by 1662 as he was mentioned in dispositions by John Needs, Samual Price, and Captain John Meeos. We also later found an obscure reference to relict Dorothy Baker, Edward Baker, and Daniel Lewellin which would indicate that Edward Baker was a brother or son of John Baker.

Jonathon Price

Jonathon Price (1585-1638) (county unknown), Ancient Planter, came on the STARR in 1609, married Ann who remarried Roger Hollum, then remarried Daniel Lewellin (D1666).
Jonathon Price (D1635) married (1) Anne Price married (2) Daniel Lewellin

  • Matthew Price (inherited land at "Neck of Land"
  • Jonathon Price (W1672) (W 16 Jan 1672 - witness Hugh Baker, Wm Flowers). John Price's land was adjacent land of Col. Wm Clairborne. Wm Clairborne claimed a head right for Ann Baker, and Jonathon Baker made a gift of a heifer to his daughter Ann Price.
    • Ann Price
    • Jonathon Price

John Baker (1604-1655)

John Baker (1604-1655) (county unknown) married (3) Dorothy Harris Baker (of Kent County)

  • Edward Baker (D1664)
  • Daniel Baker (D1667)
  • Susanna Baker married Thomas Eyre married Francis Potts (brother of Gov. Potts) married Wm Kendall
  • John Baker - probably sheriff of St Marys County, Md.
  • Hugh Baker (D1664)