The Diary of Ralph Josseline 1616-1683

                    THE DIARY OF RALPH JOSSELIN

    The following names are indexed from :

               The Diary of Ralph Josselin 1616-1683

    Ralph Josselin was vicar of Earles Colne, Essex 1641/83.
    His diary was edited by Alan MacFarlane as a university-supported
    research project.  It is a substantial book with detailed references
    and a very detailed index, plus lineages of the more "important" families.
    The diary was stolen and lost for many years and eventually turned up on
    a London book stall.

    MacFarlane has retained Josselin's spelling, with all its many variations.
    My index clearly has some duplicate refs, but these are valuable in giving
    additional information.  Some may NOT be duplicates.

    To my knowledge there are at least two copies in New Zealand, one at the
    University of Waikato and one in the National Library.  There may well
    be some others.

        Indexed by Mike Foster, Wellington, 1993    Abbr EC = Earles Colne

    The first section below is indexed from the text of the diary.  The second
    section is based on Macfarlane's appendix 2, which gives biographical
    notes on Earles Colne families.  My third section is a few notes on items
    of "interest", hopefully.
    ABBOT                    EC, sick with smallpox Sept 1650              215
    ABBOT      Harry         EC villager, 1646                              78
    ABBOT      Henry         EC, his wife buried 20/8/1645                  44
    ABBOT      Robert        Visited EC 31/12/1656-3/1/1657                387
    ABBOTT     Edward        Quaker, but at EC church October 1676         595
    ABBOTT     H             EC, died August 1655 - "old Hy Abbott"        351
    ABBOTT     Henry         EC, ill-disposed to the church, 7/4/1656      366
    ABUTT      Robin         EC, died 1/1/1678                             606
    ABUTT      Rose          EC, betrothed to Marryon of Braintree May 1675585
    ADAM       William       EC, criticised Josselin 1/4/1651              241
    ALSTONE    Daniel        Stisted, baptised by Josselin 24/12/1646       81
    ALSTONE    Mr            Stisted                                        81
    ANGER      Elizabeth     Ex Thorpe yeomanry, buried EC 28/5/1657       401
    APPLETON                 EC, neighbour of Josselin 1648                145
    APPLETON                 EC, Josselin settled father/son dispute 1656  361
    APPLETON                 EC, discussed barn addition with RJ Jan 1651  231
    APPLETON   Richard       EC parishioner 1644 (wife very ill 1648 p120   28
    APPLETON   Richard       EC, neighbour, Josselin lent 5 pds 23/7/1651  252
    AYLETT     Mrs           Stisted, buried 31/8/1677                     602
    AYLWARD    Bridget       EC, buried c 19/4/1663                        497
    AYLWARD    Bridgett      Josselin repaid debt of 40/- 10/2/1652        272
    AYMES      Henry         EC, chosen as constable 8/1/1645               31
    AYMES      Henry         Gave up tenancy (Colne Priory)   Hy Hunt 10/46 73
    BEARMAN    John          Agreement with Josselin 16/8/1649             176
    BECKWITH                 EC. His wife died March 1649                  161
    BELL       Edward        Lent 5/- to Josselin 1636                       5
    BENYON     Mrs           EC, a tenant of Josselin. Buried 1/7/1677.    600
    BESSE      John          EC, alleged father of child by Mary Grant 1645 39
    BIFORD     J             Alleged to be a witch                         379
    BORODALE   John          Vicar of Steeple Bumpstead 1622/49              3
    BOWLES     John          Mowed Josselin's grass 16/7/1652 for 13/4d    282
    BRACKLEY   Mr            Colne Engaine, died Jan 1653                  293
    BRACKLEY   Thomas        Vicar of Colne Engaine 1628-. RJ dined 1646.   71
    BRAGE      Mrs           Josselin sowed in her land October 1676       594

    BRAND      William       EC, sick 2/60, funeral 11/4/62 (p488)         459
    BRAND      William       Josselin repaid debt of 5 pds 15/7/1651       251
    BRAND      William       EC, Josselin paid him 5 pds 21/4/1651         243
    BRETT      John          White Colne, 5-hearth house in 1662           380
    BREWER                   Josselin's near neighbour EC 1646              63
    BREWER                   EC, Josselin's tenant, s-i-law of Spooner      65
    BREWER     Adam          EC, re-admitted to church meeting 28/7/1659   449
    BREWER     Revd Edward   Castle Hedingham, d 8/58, bur 23/8/1658       429
    BREWER     Samuel        EC, died 25/8/1646 leaving w + 2chn            67
    BRIDGE     Roydon        Witnessed agt between RJ & tenant 5/8/1656    376
    BROWNE     Sarah         Maid to the Josselins in 1641                  11
    BROWNSON   Cornelius     Day of prayer at his house 14/9/1651          256
    BRUCE      Jeffery       Yeoman, White Colne, d1645                     34
    BUCKLEY    William       Vicar of Mayland, died Sept 1652              285
    BULKLEY    Mrs           Her funeral at Stanway 29/9/1654              512
    BULL       George        His funeral 5/9/1656                          379
    BULL       Grace         EC, married Thomas Prentice 8/7/1647           98
    BURROUGHES Mr            Pebmarsh, buried 25/8/1652                    284
    BURROUGHS  Mr            Pebmarsh, Xtian mtg at his house 28/10/1647   107
    BURTON                   Neighbour of Josselins EC 1644                 24
    BURTON     Samuel        EC, Quaker, died 22/12/1661                   484
    BURTON     Samuel        EC, Bell Inn, chimney fell 27/9/1648          139
    BURTON     Susan         EC, sick with smallpox 28/10/1651             260
    CAPLYN                   EC, Josselin lent 5 pds for 3 wks, 24/10/1651 260
    CARR       Gamaliel      Rector of Markshall 1642/46                    24
    CARTER     Robert        EC parishioner 1644                            28
    CHANDLER   Francis       Vicar Woodham Ferrers -1653.  Kelvedon/Theydon306
    CHRISTMAS  John          EC, miller, buried 18/3/1659                  393
    CHURCH     Mrs           EC, fell badly 23/9/1644                       22
    CHURCH     Mrs Mary      EC, died 20/12/1658, buried 21/12             436
    CHURCH     Mrs Mary      EC,Josselins' friend. Many refs. d2/6/50,b4/6  58
    CLARKE     Edward        EC, noted as sick 26/8/1651                   255
    CLARKE     Edward        EC, friend of Josselin, ill in Aug 1644        17
    CLARKE     Edward        EC, chosen as a constable 20/10/1646           73
    CLARKE     Elizabeth     Buried 21/5/1668                              542
    CLARKE     John          Vicar of Colne Engaine 1653/62                369
    CLARKE     John          EC, noted as ill July 1646                     64
    CLARKE     Jonathan      Attacked and killed by a spade 8/12/1667      539
    CLENCH     Mrs Jane      @ funeral (8yrs) Mary Josselin 28/5/50 +p304  203
    CLOPTON    Mr            EC, visited London Jan 1649                   159
    CLOPTON    William       Vicar of Markshall 1646/54   Rettenden        129
    COB        Ann           dau of Edwd & Ann Cob, baptised 21/5/1672     563
    COBS       John          EC. Josselin baptised his son 22/11/1668      545
    CONSTABLE  Jane          Olney, Bucks. Married Josselin 1640             2
    COUSINS    William       Schoolmaster at EC 1641                        11
    COWELL     Thomas        EC, gave wood to Josselin 1/1747               83
    COWELL     Thomas        EC, lent money to RJ (repaid 5/48 p124)        93
    COWELL     William       EC, discussed Lords Supper with RJ Feb 1651   235
    COWELL     William       EC, day of prayer at his house 9/7/1651       250
    CRANE      Mrs           EC, gave Josselin pr of gloves 7/9/49 re wager178
    CRANE      Robert        Coggeshall                                     12
    CREEK      Thomas        Little Coggeshall, 5-hearths, @ EC 12/6/1658  426
    CRESSENER  Edward        Lodged with Josselin at EC 1641                11
    CRESSENER  Edward        d January 1649                                156
    CRESSENER  Mrs           EC, died 24/7/1649                            174
    CRESSENER  Ned           EC, died 24/10/1656, buried 27/10             383
    CRESSENER  Toby          Carried letters for Josselin Sept 1646         69
    CROW       Giles         Visited Josselin 5/7/1656                     373
    CROW       Giles         Josselin sold him pasturage 30/9/1656         382
    CROW       John          EC,13/3/1656 dislocated shoulder in wrestling 364
    CROWE      Anne          Transfer of tenancy in EC 1646                 73
    CROWE      Giles         Transfer of tenancy in EC 1646                 73
    CROWE      Robert        EC, died Nov 1650                             221
    CROWE      Robert        Witness to will of Mary Church 1/6/1650       204
    DAVY       Robert        EC butcher, hit s-i-law Kendall with cleaver   33
    DAWKIN                   Paid rent to Josselin 28/6/1650               208
    DAY                      Halsted. Josselin bought two cows March 1651  237
    DAY        James         EC, a meeting at his house 6/1/1657           387
    DAY        James         Josselin paid him 32/- for wheat 5/1/1652     268
    DEATH                    EC, tender to Robert Reeve 19/4/1651          242
    DEATH      Susanna       EC, widow, buried 20/4/1670                   553
    DEATH      Susannah      Daughter of Susanna, bptised 20/4/1670        553
    DEATH      William       EC, died 27/1/1653, buried 28/1               295
    DEATH      William       Great Tey, buried 25/7/1669                   553
    DENHAM                   Gave eels to Josselin on visit 28/7/1651      253
    DOUGHTIE   Mrs           Physician 1678 for Josselin's bad leg         614
    DOWNING    Joseph        Rector of Layer Marney 1628/46                 90
    DRANE      Mr            EC, funeral 5/9/1660                          469
    EDEN       John          Ballingdon, essex, 1640s                      177
    ELDRED     Elizabeth     Baptised by Josselin 23/4/1661                478
    ELDRED     John          m Margt Harlakenden 1657                      403
    ELDRED     Mr            Stanway, gave Josselin sugar-loaf 19/12/1653  315
    ELLIN      Mrs           Much Lees, dau of Jane Harlakenden & Hy Clench102
    ELLISTON                 EC, promised to support RJ 1648, dined RJ 7/11138
    ELLISTON   Edward        EC, died 18/4/1663, buried 20/4               497
    ELLISTON   Mabel         EC, died 1/4/1657, buried 4/4/1657 in church  395
    ELLISTON   Mr            Collected tithes for Josselin May 1646         61
    ELLISTON   Mr            Helped Josselin when sick 19/9/1647           104
    ELLISTON   Mrs Mabel     EC, gave 20/- to Josselin                     172
    ELMES      Thomas        Lilford amd Green's Norton                      7
    ELMES      William       Died July 1754 after falling from horse       326
    ERLE       Christopher   Toppesfield, gent., visited Josselin 20/4/1646 58
    FALCONER   Daniel        Vicar of Aldham 1624/45, d 1653                82
    FARINGDON  Mr            Dined with Josselin 23/10/1644                 25
    FINCH      John          Halsted 4-hearth ho, Quaker, barn burnt 1666  529
    FOSSETT                  EC, dug a well for Josselin 7/1/1647           82
    FRENDS     Thomas        EC villager 1647                               98
    FULLER     John          Vicar of Stebbing, preached @ EC 4/1/1653     292
    GARRAD     Annis         d of Thomas & Grace, b 14/12/1656             393
    GAUNT      John          Cranham. Visited Josselin 1/7/1646             63
    GAYNES     Mr            At Olney, Bucks, 1640                           8
    GIBSON     Martha        Servant maid to Josselins from 6/4/1658       423
    GIFFORD    Richard       Vicar of Olney, Bucks, 1638/40                  7
    GISBOROUGH Francis       Minister at Middleton 1645/47                  68
    GLADWIN    Mrs           Clothmaker, Coggeshall, funeral 10/2/1659     439
    GLOVER     Hugh          Rector of Debden 1642/52, @ C Engaine 9/2/53  296
    GRANT      Mary          EC villager                                    39
    GRAY       Robert        Sometime vicar of Mashbury                     42
    GRIMSTON   Mr            Advised Josselin re inheritance 10/1646        71
    GURDON     John          Assington Sfk. Josselin visited 24/5/1652     279
    GUYON      Robert        Curate at White Colne 1634/44                  57
    HADLEY     Susan         EC, servant to Josselins from 8/12/1658       435
    HARDING    Thomasin      EC, buried c 19/4/1663                        497
    HARRINGTON               Builder, worked on Josselin's hall Jan 1649   152
    HARRIS     Toby          Josselin visited his sick wife 21/1/1661      457
    HATCH                    EC, bought a pasture from Josselin Sept 1650  216
    HATCH      Bat           Servant to Josselin 12/59-12/60 @ 10d/day     453
    HATCH      R             His house burgled 24/11/1656                  385
    HATCH      Widow         EC, funeral 5/3/1660                          460
    HATCH      William       EC, noted as sick 9/9/1647                    103
    HECKFORD                 Halsted, RJ bt suit 8/9/1652 for 18/-         285
    HECKFORD   William       Halsted. Sugar loaf to Josselin 15/1/1650     188
    HEDGE                    Paid rent to Josselin 28/6/1650               208
    HICKFORD   William       Josselin repaid 12 pds debts 19/10/1651       259
    HODSON     Isaac         Began as servant to Josselins 7/10/1667       538
    HODSON     Thomas        Josselin lent him 20 pds 7/11/1657            409
    HUMPHRY    Thomas        Sick with smallpox 29/3/1657, d 8/4/57        395
    HUMPHRY    Thomas        EC, ill Sept 1653 but recovered               312
    HUMPHRYS   William       Scottish, schoolmaster EC 1770, died 1672     557
    HUNT       Joseph        Great Tey, 5-hearth house in 1662             278
    HUNWICKE                 EC, Josselin lent him money 1/11/1653         313
    HUNWICKE   John          Braintree, informing on non-conformists 1670  554
    HURELL     Nicholas      Sible Hedingham, d Jan 1648, will proved 1649 110
    HURRELL    Nicholas      Josselin paid him 8/- 20/2/1653               297
    HURRELL    Nicholas      EC, Josselin repaid loan 9/12/1651            265
    HUTTON     Guy           Sometime at EC                                514
    HUTTON     Henry         Sometime at EC                                514
    JACOB      Mrs           Visited Josselin for prayer 9/8/1649          179
    JESSOP     Revd Thomas   Vicar of Coggeshall 1661 - c1678              493
    JOHNSON    Edward        Witham. His funeral 20/9/1669                 549
    JOHNSON    Robert        Witness to will of Mary Church 1/6/1650       204
    KEMP       Mr            Sutton, Bedfordshire                            5
    KENDALL    William       Lawsuit with Harlakenden family 1647           85
    KENT       John          Father of Widow Bental of EC                   64
    KIGHLEY    Isabell       Ilford. Day of prayer 16/6/1652. RJ visited.  281
    KING       Eliza         m to Mr Potter 21/2/1650                      190
    KING       Mrs Eliza     Wife of Potter, died in childbirth 1651       231
    LANE       Thomas        Tutor at Jesus College, Cambs, 1632             3
    LAYER      Dorothy       EC, bp 12/28, m Thos Carter, d 8/9/58 ch'birth430
    LAYES      A H           Messing, paid tithe to Josselin 25/6/1650     208
    LAYES      John          Farmer (?) at EC                               23
    LAYFIELD   Edward        Rector of Wakes Colne 1640/46                 120
    LAYFIELD   Mr            3rd wife Jan 1657, girl of 21 (he c 60yrs)    388
    LAYFIELD   Mrs           d of raging fever, buried 26/8/1656           378
    LEIGH      Thomas        Headmaster Bishops Stortford School 1621/66     2
    LESTRANGE  Alstone       Landowner at Stisted 1644                      24
    LEWIS      Mr            Paid Josselin 11/- on 24/2/1648               115
    LINNETT    James         Colne Engaine                                 309
    LITTLE     Jeffery       Rode journey with Josselin 23/9/1646           70
    LITTLE     John          Halsted, Vicar 1651 ?                         258
    LONDON     Roger         Colne Engaine, Bromptons Morant Manor d 1648  115
    LONDON     Sarah         Colne Engaine bur 12/1/1672 (will ERO 57CR9)  562
    LORKYN     John          Vicar of Markshall 1645   Ongar 1662  +p70     43
    LOWRY      Thomas        Vicar of Great Braxted                         64
    LUCKIN     Capell        RJ visited 24/6/1656 (@ Stortfd Sch with RJ)  372
    LUDGATER   John          Schmstr Kelvedon 1664, vicar of EC 1690/1710  591
    LUDGATER   John          Sequestered from living of Gt Birch 1645       43
    MARKHAM                  EC 11/1644, a "Separatist"                     27
    MATHEW     Christopher   EC, chosen as a constable 20/10/1646           73
    MATHEW     Christopher   Buried 28/8/1670                              424
    MATHEW     Mrs Mabel     Noted very ill 9/1/1652                       268
    MATTHEW    Bridget       EC, bur Newport 28/7/1672 (will ERO 210BR9)   564
    MATTHEWES                EC, neighbour to Josselin 1648                127
    MEDCALFE                 Messing, paid tithe to Josselin 25/6/1650     208
    MERRILL    John          Vicar of Kimbolton 1637/40                      7
    MILDMAY    Mrs Francis   Chelmsford. Josselin visited 8/1/1646          52
    MILDMAY    Mrs Mary      At the baptism of Mary Josselin 1642           12
    MILES      Edward        Cousin of Josselin                             31
    MITCHELL   William       Rector of Chickney, visit to Josselin 10/9/44  20
    MOLE                     EC, villager with nonconformist views         230
    MORLEY     John          Chapel (nr EC) sold Josselin trees 22/1/1657  388
    MOULE      Francis       EC, chosen as constable 8/1/1645               31
    NEALE      Mr            Deane, Bedfordshire                             5
    NETTLES    Stephen       Lexden.  Said to be a bad character.           17
    NEVIL      Peg           m to Butcher by Josselin 10/5/1655            346
    NEWCOMEN   Mathew        Lecturer at Dedham 1637-62                     48
    NEWTON     John          EC, re-admitted to church meeting 28/7/1659   449
    NICCOLS    James         EC, his house nearly caught fire 11/1644       28
    NICHOLS    Robert        Colne Engaine, 7-hearth house 1662, Quaker    271
    NICHOLSON                Neighbour of Josselin, burgled 23/9/1649      179
    OATES      Samuel        f of Titus, @ EC 1646  (1610/83)               63
    OVERELL                  Paid rent to Josselin 28/6/1650               208
    OWEN       John          Puritan divine, Fordham 1646,   Coggeshall     57
    OWERS      John          EC, servant, died of drink April 1677         599
    PAIN                     EC, very strong old workman, buried 18/4/1680 627
    PARTREE    William       EC butcher, drowned 28/1/1673 (? Peartree)    572
    PAUL       Obadiah       Rector of Easthorpe 1670/1703                 614
    PEAKE      Mary          Josselin paid her 20/- 23/11/1652             290
    PEAKE      Mary          EC, her cottage burned down 23/6/1655         348
    PEARTREE   William       Josselin bur his dau 24/2/1664, long illness  506
    PELHAM     Herbert       Bures Sfk. Josselin lent him 50 pds 29/10/1651260
    PENHACKE   Guy           EC, "sick to death" 3/9/1644, servant 1646     18
    PENHACKE   Jo            EC, married Mary Potter 14/10/1658            432
    PENHACKE   Sarah         Began as maid to Josselins 5/10/1669          549
    PERKINS    Revd Thomas   Rector of Colne Engaine 1671/86               581
    PERRY      Nathan        EC, paid Josslin 8 pds 19/- 22/10/1651        259
    PERRY      Nathaniel     Tenant of Josselin. Payment 30/4/1655         345
    PIGGOTT    Mrs           Boarding sch @ C'chester (RJ's chn there)     460
    PILGRIM    Mrs           d March 1647, EC, described as "old"           84
    PILGRIM    Revd Thomas   Vicar of Wormingford, died 1644                18
    PINDAR                   Wethersfield, died Sept 1652                  285
    POTTER                   EC, Josselins neighbour, dined with RJ 4/1/49 151
    POTTER     Edward        s of Edmund Potter, bp 5/9/1585, bur 16/6/1668542
    POTTER     George        EC. His child buried 14/10/1645                47
    POTTER     Margaret      Came to live with Josselins 19/12/1649        186
    POTTER     Margaret      Left Josselins' service 22/12/1650            224
    POTTER     Mary          EC, married Jo Penhacke 14/10/1658            432
    POTTER     Robert        His child baptised 13/9/1646                   66
    PRENTICE   Thomas        EC, m Grace Bull 8/7/1647,   USA 1648 (p127)   98
    PRENTIS    Thomas        EC, almost killed by kicking horse 1644        29
    PRENTIS    William       Of Colne Engaine, m Mary Prentis EC 1/4/1656  366
    PRYOR      Thomas        His wife buried at EC 15/8/1643                16
    PYOTT      John Esq      Lowe Leighton, sworn as sheriff 12/1646        80
    RAYMAN     Paul          Funeral 20/2/1668, Elder @ Lexden 1648        383
    RAYNER     Joan          EC, buried 10/5/1651, d from smallpox         245
    READ       Henry         5-hearth ho Gt Tey 1662, his wife d 1666      531
    READ       John          Buried at EC 15/8/1643                         16
    READ       John          EC parishioner 1644                            28
    REEVE      Grace         EC, died 4/1658                                38
    REEVE      John          EC, died 1624                                  38
    REEVE      Robert        EC, tender from goodman Reeve 19/4/1651       242
    REYNER                   Fell from cart, d 14/7/1656, left w + 9chn    375
    REYNER     Sarah         dau of John & Mary, bptised 3/3/1654          575
    RHEA       Revd Ambrose  Rector of Wakes Colne 1678/92                 532
    RICHARDS   John          Colchester, buried at EC 19/6/1663            498
    RICHMOND   Joan          died April 1659 (ex servant of Harlakendens)  442
    ROBJOHN    John          Cranham, Essex, 1640                           10
    ROGERS                   Wethersfield died 9/52, noted as "old"        285
    ROGERS     Daniel        Vicar of Wethersfield,  Josselin 10/1/48 p145  90
    ROGERS     Mr            Teyne, d1649, described as "young"            153
    ROGERS     Nehemiah      Given licence to teach/preach 1656            388
    ROLLE      Richard       Vicar of Witham 1645/53                       141
    RUGLES                   EC, Quaker, unruly   ho/correction 17/10/1675 587
    RUSHBROOKE Jo            A tenant of Josselin to Sept 1649             179
    RUST                     EC, drowned himself 1646                       60
    SAMS       John          Vicar of Kelvedon 1652, later Coggeshall      274
    SARJANT    Revd Mr       Chapel Vicar 1663/83 m Bridgett Nevill 31/8/58430
    SAVILLS    Elias         Lawsuit 1647, to pay to Thos Harlakenden      107
    SAWYER                   Burgess of Colchester 1648                    127
    SAYER      Mr            Wrote to Josselin about money from Feering     74
    SEAMOR     Anne          Robbed Thos Josselin's shop EC 11/12/1669     550
    SEAVER                   Agreed to grub bushes for Josselin 3/5/1651   244
    SEDGWICK   Obadiah       Vicar of Coggeshall 1639/46                    42
    SEWELL     Alse          EC villager 1646                               54
    SHEPPARD   Edward        Unpopular vicar of Maplestead 1639 -           40
    SIMONS     Richard       EC, "young", "sadly distracted"                93
    SIMPSON    John          Vicar of Bures, Sfk                           370
    SOMERSON   Edward        Transfer of tenancy in EC 1646                 73
    SOMERSON   Katherine     Transfer of tenancy in EC 1646                 73
    SPARROW    William       s of Rev Sparrow, Josselin bptised 11/3/1653  299
    SPARROW    William       Halsted vicar, debt repaid 23/1/1652 +p292    269
    SPOONER                  EC. Helped deliver logs June 1649             170
    SPOONER    Goodwife      EC, funeral 14/3/1662                         487
    STEBBIN    Captain       Buried at Teyne by Josselin 9/11/1672         565
    STEBBING                 Church member at Coggeshall 1657              405
    STEBBING   William       Gt Tey landowner, deal with RJ 24/1/1653      294
    STEVENS    Edward        EC, charged at court 20/7/1662                491
    STOCKTON   Revd Owen     Colchester, d 1680 - DIARIST                  468
    SYBLYE     Mary          EC, buried 28/6/1677                          600
    SYMONDS    Revd Samuel   Rector of Colne Engaine 1662                  493
    TALBOT     Mr            EC, fell down stairs and killed 22/5/1665     518
    TAVERNER   John          Husbandman Cranham, essex (will ERO 330BW57)    9
    THOMPSON   Robert        Rector of Copford 1639/62                      72
    THORNBECKE               Friend & adviser of Josselin c1636              5
    THURGOOD   Mr            Cranham                                        81
    TIBBALD                  Tenant of Josselin, buried 15/9/1662          492
    TIBBALL                  EC, married by Josselin 23/11/1655            357
    TIFFIN     Mrs           EC, died 17/12/1648                           149
    TIFFIN     Mrs           EC.  False labour 19/12/1645.                  51
    TINDALL                  Burgess of Colchester 1648                    127
    TINGLE     Elizabeth     w of Gilbert,robbed Thos J's shop EC 11/12/69 550
    TINGLE     Gilbert       Robbed Thos Josselin's shop EC 11/12/1669     550
    TOMSON     Revd Mr       Wakes Colne. 9th child b 31/12/1657           414
    TURNER     Thomas        Minister at Wormingford briefly 1646           68
    WADE       John          Halsted. Sent candles to Josselin 15/1/1650   188
    WADE       Mr            Halsted. Entertained Josselin 2/4/1652        276
    WAITE      Thomas        m Grace Burton (sister of Samuel Burton)      332
    WAKERING                 Kelvedon, entertained Josselin 6/4/1651       241
    WALLER     Ambrose       EC, a land transaction Sept 1649              181
    WARREN     John          Olny Bucks, visited Josselin 12/1/1661        474
    WASNEY     Edward        Halsted, had a 4-hearth house in 1662         208
    WATSON     Revd Mr       Vicar of Cranham 1646, m to dau of Thurgood    81
    WATSON     Robert        Vicar of Cranham 1645/52                       63
    WEALE      Mr            Josselin paid him for land 1657               394
    WEALS      Henry         m Grisella Nevill (land suit ERO D/DPr 23)    370
    WEBB       Elizabeth     EC, Josselin pd 50 pds ex Mary Church's will  473
    WEBB       William       EC, agreed to ditching etc for RJ 26/11/1651  264
    WESTLEY    John          Stanway Vicar 1650, preached Coggeshall 1646   64
    WESTLYE    Mr            EC, Xtian friend of Josselin, house meetings   92
    WESTON     Lydia         Maid to the Josselins 1643/44                  15
    WHARTON    Revd Samuel   Vicar of Felsted                                9
    WHEELYE    John          Chelmsford, arr to m Marie Clarke widow 1658  430
    WHITING    John          Rector of Easthorpe 1647, later   Lexden      101
    WHITING    Revd Mr       Lexden Vicar, finger bitten gangrene died 8d  402
    WILLOWS    Ann           EC, buried 2/3/1658                           420
    WILSBY     Mrs           EC, died of fever 19/7/1646                    64
    WISEMAN    Mary          Baptised 19/5/1659 EC (with older bro/sis)    400
    WITHERS    Mrs           EC set dislocated arm 22/8/60 for RJ dau Mary 468
    WOLPHS     Mr            Grantham.  Josselin lodged there 11/9/1645     45
    WOODCOCK   Revd Thomas   Rector of Gravely, Cambs, 1655                213
    WOODTHORP  John          Josselin's first g'child, buried 4/6/1672     563
    WOODTHORP  Jonathan      EC, tanner, courted Josselin's dau 1670       551
    WOODTHORP  Mrs           b Lamersh,d18/12/1670,bur20/12(m of Jonathan) 557
    WRIGHT                   EC, his malt kiln burned down 16/3/1670       552
    WRIGHT     Laurence      Physician to Oliver Cromwell                  126
    YOUNG                    Halsted. Josselin lent money & bt wheat 1651  263
    Appendix 2 - biographical notes on Earles Colne Families (condensed)
    Dates are given as exact even where MacFarlane is not sure.

    ABBOTT     Dorothy       (?-1881) w of Henry(1). No chn by him, but
                             some from earlier marriage.
    ABBOTT     Edward        1638-1712. s of Henry(1) & Joan, gent, draper,
                             m Mary. Sometime in Copford, later EC.
    ABBOTT     Henry(1)      1595-1655. s of Hy & Thomasine. Yeoman, fmr,
                             m Joan & Dorothy.  EC constable.
    ABBOTT     Henry(2)      1623-1700. s of Hy(1) & Joan, yeoman, clothier,
                             m Rose, Quaker ?
    ABBOTT     Robert(1)     1601/78. s of Hy & Thomasine, never married,
                             problem with tithes, imprisoned.
    ABBOTT     Robert(2)     1625-?, s of Hy(1) & Joan. Married. Wealthy.
    ABBOTT     Rose          1654/76, d of Hy(2) & Rose, m John Marryon (Btree)
    ADAM       William       1595/1666, s of Wm (ex vicar EC) & Joan, mercer &c
                             m Elizabeth Towers 1616.
    ALLEN      William       1617/80. s of Jas & Clemence, grocer. m Anne
                             Stallon (Cambs) 1673, Quaker.
    ALSTON     John          m Joan Clarke, dau of Bartholomew Clarke
    AMES       Henry         ?-1669, s of Daniel/Margt of Markshall, m Ellin
                             Prentis. Inherited Lt Broadfield EC, sold 1646
    AMIES      John          -1680, s of Daniel/Margt Markshall, m Joan Andrews
                             1637. Husbandman, blind.
    AYLWARD    Bridget       1596/1663. d of John/Grace. Unmarried.
    BARRET     John          Servant, m Susanna Smith 1670, chn bp EC 1671/3
    BECKWITH   Robert        m Mary. Trouble re non-attendance @ church.
    BENTAL     Ann           -1701. d of John Kent & Ann. m Geo Bental 1637 &
                             Hy Penhacke 1646. Inherited Mallories from mother.
    BIFORD     John          -1659. Widow Mary bur 10/1/1680, "drowned"
    BOWLES     John          m Bridget c1630 & Katherine Hecklington 1640.
    BRAND      William       1576/1662, s of Richd, m Mary (wid of Sam Brewer)
                             Harlakenden bailiff.  Left a will.
    BREWER     Adam          1613-?, s of John, m Rose c1632.
    BREWER     Mary          d of Edwd Spooner & Ann, m Sam Brewer & Wm Brand.
                             2 chn, Mary & Ann.
    BREWER     Sam           -1646, s of Wm & Mary (Gt Tey), m Mary, house-
                             holder, leased Mallories from Josselin.
    BROCKE     Frances       -1665. Singlewoman.
    BROWNE     Edward        -1663, husbandman, m Alice Wade 1612, then Lettice
                             who died 1661.
    BROWNE     Mary          -1660, d of Edwd Cressener, m Robt Browne 1641 &
                             Richd Bridge of Wakes Colne 1657.
    BROWNE     Robert        Yeoman ?-1652, ex Sible Hedingham.
    BROWNE     Sarah         -1678, servant. d of Nathan, m Thos Cowell of Gt
                             Tey c 1663 (is in his will). Bt cottage in EC.
    BROWNSON   Cornelius     1610/57, s of Roger/Mary. Labourer, m Martha 1636
                             Left a will worth 17 pds.
    BULL       Mathye        Servant, 1629-?. d of Geo Bull of Wh Colne. As
                             servant to Josselin.
    BULLOCKE   John          1617/93, s of John/Anne, m Elizabeth in 1657 (She
                             died 1671) & Mary Brownson c1672.
    BUNNER     Richard       -1682, m Anne Pamphlin, Mary, & Elizabeth Relton
    BURTON     Anne          1616/81, d of John/Ann Read. m Sam(1) Burton 1633.
                             Made a will (79 pds). Quaker, unlicensed midwife.
    BURTON     John          1604/82, s of Francis, miller, m Sarah (she was
                             buried 1679).
    BURTON     Sam(1)        1609/61, s of Sam/Anne, chandler, m Anne c1633.
                             Left a will. Quaker.
    BURTON     Sam(2)        1640/1708, son of Sam(1)/Anne, ch'warden,m Frances
                             c1662. 6 hearths by 1675.
    BURTON     Susan         1633-?, d of Sam(1)/Anne, m Jno Place (Sudbury)
    BYAT       Francis       Draper in 1661, 2-hearth house.
    CAPLIN     James         1648/65, s of Richd/Mary, bur 19/6/1665.
    CAPLIN     Mary          -1671, d of Hunwicke, m Richard.
    CAPLIN     Richard       -1696, innkeeper, constable, m Mary c1641.
    CARTER     Robert(1)     -1671, baker, m Anne, ch'warden 1664, named in
                             will of 1609.
    CARTER     Robert(2)     1640/80, s of Robt(1)/Anne, yeoman, m Sarah.
    CATT       Paul          m Susan Allen 1630. Several times in court.
    CHRISTMAS  John          1628/57, miller, s of Thos/Agnes, m Anne c1654
                             Bur 18/3/1657. Anne remarried 1666 (John Bond, EC)
    CHURCH     John(1)       -1654, s of John/Rose. m Mary Cressener & later
                             Frances Fletcher.
    CHURCH     John(2)       1636-?, s of John(1)/Frances.Left 100pds by Rose.
    CHURCH     Mary          1610/50, d of Robt/Rose, gentlewoman, unmarried.
    CHURCH     Rose          -1658, d of Geo Cowper (Nfk), g'woman, m Robt D D
    CLARKE     Bartholomew   Tailor, m Jane Ellis 1609, & Elizabeth Prentis
                             post 1623 (dau of Clement Turner)
    CLARKE     Edward        Bailiff to Richd Harlakenden, m Mary Lenton 1636
    CLARKE     Elizabeth     1596-?, d of John/Eliz Brewer, m Jno Clarke 1628
    CLARKE     John          -1646, tailor, m Elizabeth.
    COB        Daniel        1654/1703, s of Jno/Frances,m Elizabeth Hales 1673
    COBBS      John          1634/1703, s of Jno/Margt, labourer, remarried
                             1699 Anne South.
    COLEMAN    John          m Mary, then Elizabeth Bunner (widow) 1683
    COSIN      William       -1648. Schoolmaster EC, aged in late 1620s (Thos
                             Shepard, founder of Harvard, lodged there 1620s)
    CRESSENER  Edward        -1649, s of George, gentleman, m Elizabeth Halsall
    CRESSENER  George        1618/77, s of Edwd/Elizabeth, gentleman. m Mary
                             Haling 1644. 11-hearth house.
    CRESSENER  John          1620/97, s of Edwd/Elizabeth, grocer, m Anne
                             Welde (Herts), buried EC.
    CROWE      John          1631/98, s of Giles/Ann (C Engaine), m Ann Day
                             c1656. Buried in Quaker ground. Non-payments to ch
    CROWE      Robert        1598/1671, s of Robt/Fayth. f was innkeeper.
                             Yeoman, servant of Richd Harlakenden, unmarried
    DANIEL     Thomas        Servant, m Mrs susan Lawson 1677.
    DAVY       Katharine     1588/1657, d of Edmund/Margt Porter, m Robt(1)
                             Davy in 1610.
    DAVY       Robert(1)     -1680, butcher, breaker of the peace.
    DAVY       Robert(2)     -1683, s of Robt(1)/Katharine, butcher, m Hellena
                             Burton, also breaker of the peace.
    DAY        Anne          -1683, m Edmund, left a will worth 122 pds.
    DAY        Edmund        -1657, yeoman, m Anne, left a will.
    DAY        James         -?1682, miller, yeoman, m Grace.
    DEATH      Elizabeth     -c1667, m William, d intestate
    DEATH      William       -1653, m Elizabeth, Will incl land in Rivenhall
                             & Gt Tey.
    DENHAM     Henry         dau baptised in EC in 1645
    DOW        Elizabeth     1596/1656, d of Jno/Elizabeth Brewer, m John
                             Clerke 1628, and Hy Dow.
    DOW        Henry         -1652, m Anne Ashfield 1621, later Elizabeth
    ELLISTON   Edward        -1663, s of John (B Notley) & Alice, gent, m Mabel
                             Harlakenden, EC c 1636.
    ELLISTON   Mabel(1)      1603/79, d of Thos/Dorothy Harlakenden, m Edwd.
    ELLISTON   Mabel(2)      1627/57, d of Edwd/Mabel Elliston
    FINCH      Hannah        -1675, m John Finch 1664 (? ne Fuller)
    FINCH      John          1636/81, s of Robt/Anne, b'smith, m Hannah.
    FINCH      Robert        1630/78, s of Robt/Anne, b'smith, m Rachel Johnson
                             1656 (she bur 1657) then Mary Josselin 1661 (sis
                             of Josselin. Left will worth 51 pds.
    FLETCHER   John          -1679, grocer, m Mary. Ex Yeldham.  Bought land
                             in EC and his son later innkeeper in EC
    FOSSETT    William(1)    -1657, s of William, mason, m Mary Ashfield 1661
    FOSSETT    William(2)    1624/1702, s of Wm(1)/Mary, carpenter/brickie, m
                             Katharine Summerson (widow) 1650, m Susannah 1661.
    FOSTER     John          -1682, baker, m Mary, highwayman
    GAME       James         1635-1658, s of Sam & Jane
    GARRAD     Anthony       1602/59, s of Adam/Judith, m Anne Sillito 1628
    GARRAD     John          1622/88, s of Jno/Eliz, gent, maltster, army capt.
                             m Anne 1665, Katherine 1676, Quaker, gave part of
                             land for meeting house in 1678.
    GARRAD     Thomas        1605/87, s of Adam/Judith, m Susan Smyth 1637,
                             Grace Carter 1648.
    GIBSON     Martha        1638/1720, servant, d of Jas/Grace, g/d of Ambrose
                             Waller, m Wm Allen (Colchester) and 1681 Abraham
                             Vangover (both Quakers). Bro a draper in EC.
    GRANT      Mary          1604/61, nat d of Thos Allen & Mary Grant, one of
                             several. Died unmarried.
    HARDING    Thomasine     -1663, unmarried.
    HARRINGTON James         1628/50, s of Wm/Eliz, taught @ EC, educ St Johns
    HARRIS     Edward        1614/88, s of Edward/Edith, unmarried
    HARRIS     Robert        1627/94, s of Edwd/Edith, m Mary, ch'warden 1670
    HARRIS     Theodosia     -1678, m Robt Stamer, m Toby Harris 1656. Dau
                             Rosamund 9/1/1659.
    HARRIS     Toby          1617/70, s of Edwd/Edith, innkeeper, m Theodosia,
                             left a will.
    HATCH      Bartholomew   1621/1700, servant, s of Robt/Joan, m Elizabeth
    HATCH      Dorothy       -1698, d of Jno Wenden (C Engaine), yeoman, & Joan
                             m Hy Hatch 1645.  Left a will.
    HATCH      Henry         1621/90, s of John/Anne, butcher, overseer 1676
                             Infant s born 12/1/1656, bur 6/2.
    HATCH      Richard       1615/80, s of John/Anne, butcher, m Susan Rookes
                             1636, m Mary Day 1643, left a will.
    HATCH      Sarah         1654-?, d of Hy/Dorothy, m John Wenden 1673
    HATCH      William(1)    1592/1647, s of John, m Anne Newton 1633, buried
    HATCH      William(2)    1617/91, s of Robt/Joan, fisherman, m Elizabeth
                             Harvie 1641.
    HAUKESBEE  Richard       1621-?, s of John (vicar EC)/Dyonis. Colchester.
    HAUKESBEE  Sarah         1629/81, d of John/Dyonis, m John Beereman. Will.
    HAUKESBEE  William       1625-81, s of John/Dyonis, Vicar of Bulphan.
    HOLDEN     John          -1677, weaver, m Anne Game 1643, later m Margaret
                             Inventory of 304 pds.
    HUMPHRY    Thomas        -1657, s of John/Dorothy, nephew & servant of RJ
    HUMPHRY    William       -1673, schoolmaster at EC
    HURRELL    Nicholas      Groom to Richd Harlakenden.
    HUTTON     Guy           1618/62,s of Hy(1)/Anne,m Alice Brown, she d 1690
    HUTTON     Henry(1)      1591/1665, s of Thos/Joan, servant, married
                             Anne Garrad 1610
    HUTTON     Henry(2)      1636/1700, s of Guy/Alice, workman, m Alice
    ISERSON    John          -1682, m Sarah Wall, seldom at church
    JOHNSON    Robert        Former servant of Richd Harlakenden
    KENT       John          -1662, m Anne Parker, m Helen Finch 1625,m Margery
                             Smith 1640. She was buried 1659.
    LAYER      Dorothy       1630/58, d of Edmund/Eliz, m ?Carter 1658
    LEA        Robert        1605/60, s of Daniel/Eliz, m Margaret Sheldrick
                             1625, both died of plague.
    LEAPER     Daniel        1640/1717, servant, s of Daniel/Eliz, yeo, m.
    LUDGATER   John          -1711, s of John/Margt, m Anne, schmaster, later
                             Vicar of EC
    MARKHAM    Abraham       -1660, m Alice Turner 1633,
    MATHEWS    Bridget       -1672, d of John Pigge (Newport Pond)/Margt, m
                             Christopher, bur 28/7/1672.
    MATHEWS    Christopher   -1670, yeo, cordwainer, left a will.
    MIGHILL    Robert        -1668, m Ruth Grant 1621, m Grace Hodson 1653 at
                             Markshall, m Elinor Harris 1661.
    MOLE       Francis       m Rose Alcocke 1641, to Colne Engaine ?
    MOLINS     John          -1664, s of Hy Molins, C Engaine, yeoman, m
                             Elizabeth, died intestate, troublemaker
    MORLEY     Henry         1610/93, s of Hy/Grace, brickie, m Elizabeth
                             Dobson 1631, ch'warden 1670/85
    NEVILL     Richard       1622/54, s of Wm/Mary, gentleman, left will.
    NEWTON     Elizabeth     -1674, d of Saml/Margt, perhaps W Colne, unmar.
    NEWTON     Grace         1632-?, servant, d of John/Alice
    NEWTON     Samuel        1614/89, s of John/Eliz, yeo, m Margaret Davy 1636
                             Lived Wh Colne ?  Will mentions EC.
    NICCOLS    James         -1645, yeoman, m Edith.
    OSBORNE    Thomas        -1657, m Alice Finch 1638
    OWERS      John          -1677, servant to Bowes, m Elizabeth & later Sarah
                             Occupied part of Colneford Mill.
    PAIN       John          1655/95, s of Robert Pain.
    PAIN       Robert        Alias ALLEN, 1625/80, nat s of Thos Allen & Lidia
                             Paine, labourer, m Rose and then m Grace.
    PEAKE      Mary          1594/1679, d of John/Rebecca, unmar.
    PEARTREE   Anne          1638/64, d of Wm/Elizabeth
    PEARTREE   William       1616/74, s of Esdras/Mary, butcher, m Elizabeth
                             Hatch 25/4/38 and Susan Stevens 5/12/39. His dau
                             Anne bp 25/11/38.  He d 30/1/74, drowned.
    PEASE      Walter        -1673, m Frances Hewit 1631, tailor. Dau Grace m
                             Philip Mole.
    PENHACKE   Guy           1618/84, s of Jas/Rose, farmer, unmar.
    PENHACKE   John          1631/86, s of Wm/Anne, m Mary Potter 1658
    PENHACKE   Sarah         1647-?, servant, d of Anne (ex widow Bental)
    PILGRIM    John          1599/1652, s of Geo/Sarah, m Cicely. Will 5/12/50
    PINDAR     John          Child bp EC 12/6/1678, wife Mary.
    POLLY      John          1613-?, s of Adam/Joan, m Jane
    POTTER     Edmund        -1668, miller, m Anne Sachre 1628, left a will.
    POTTER     Edward        1585/1668, s of Edmund/Margt, yeo, m Susan, m Mary
                             Hull 1634, many court arraignments.
    POTTER     George        1649/72, s of Edwd/Mary, yeoman, unmar.
    POTTER     Mary          1638-?, d of Robt/Margt, servant, m John Penhacke
                             in 1658
    POTTER     Robert        -1675, s of Wm, yeoman, m Margaret (d1651), then
                             Judith Tanner 1653.  Daus Elizabeth & Judith.
    PRYOR      Thomas        1577/1645, s of Albery/Mary, yeoman, m Anne
                             Greenwood & Mary Baker 1618. Land to Elliston.
    READ       John          1615-?, s of John/Anne, m Ellen, overseas 1649
    REEVE      Grace         -1658, m John Reeve 1612 (he died 1624)
    REYNER     Thomas        -1656, m Priscilla 1639, 1 ch bp EC, tho 8 others.
    RUGGLES    Edith         -1667, d of Thos Smith, m Thos Ruggles baker. He
                             was buried 1643.
    RUSHBROOKE John          1611/89, s of John/Mary, fishmonger, m Mary
                             Harvie 1636.
    SCOT       John          -1699, carpenter, m Bridget (d1659), m Mary (d
                             1679). Old when he died.
    SEWELL     Alse          -1633. Servant to Ed Potter.
    SILLITO    Calvin        1615/72, s of Albon, m Anne, chn bp from 1652.
    SPOONER    Edward        -1658, yeoman, m Anne (she d 1662). Ch'warden 1630
    SPRINGAT   Susannah      Was a tenant of Swinesty in 1640.
    STEVENS    Edward        -1684, m Mary (d1658), m Hellen (d1664), m Mary
                             Bowles 1664.
    TALBOT     Thomas        -1665, newcomer to EC.
    TAYLOR     Edward        1589/1659, s of Moses/Alice, carpenter, m 1614
                             Agnes Polly, m Joan Bosely 1624, m Susan Andrews
                             1641, m Mary Pilgrim 1653 (widow)
    TIBBALL    Robert        -1662, farmer, remarried 1655 Sarah Brown (widow)
    TOLLER     George        -1712, gent, m Elizabeth Abbott (d of Hy(2). Will
                             incl land at Stanway/Copford/Fordham/Wh Colne/EC
    TURNER     Clement       1562/1644,s of Clement/Helen,lab/weaver, m Cicely
                             Mortimer 1592 (d1641). Dau Alice m Abraham Markham
    WADE       Robert        -1671, 1st wife d of plague 1666. Then m Margaret.
                             Possibly Quaker. Son Robt was Quaker   USA 1675.
    WADE       Thomas        -1685, m Sarah. Possibly a Quaker.
    WALLER     Ambrose       -1653, m Susannah (d 8/1658), ch'warden.
    WILLOWS    An            -1658, troubles in court.
    WISEMAN    Henry         -1688, m Priscilla, then m Anne Smith 1647. Chn
                             were prob Ann (8/9/49) and Henry (15/9/53).
    WRIGHT     Robert        -1679, yeoman, m Katherine. Land in Linsey Sfk,
                             buried in "Quaker ground".
    Some pieces of history :

    1.  Josselin reports a very hard winter, very cold and with snow
        lying continually on the ground from 11/11/1659 to at least
        29/1/1660, and deep in places.

    2.  On 18/2/1662 Josselin reports a great storm with violent winds
        throughout the kingdom, much damage to trees and buildings.

    3.  In 1655 Josselin had terrible trouble with his teeth, as
        these extracts show (just think of your 17th century ancestors
        and what many of them went through) :

         From Ralph Josselin's Diary 1655

         22 Apr  ... my aguish listles distemper with the illness of my face
         and gums continued, yett god in mercy gave mee to goe through with my
         emploiement ...

         16 Apr   in the morning my jaw beneath was very much swelled, my gums
         better, I hope my ilnes will remove by degrees ...

         22 Apr  ... my gums and face swelled but the paine through mercye
         abateth ...

         29 Apr  ..  the pain was gon, though the swelling continued ...

         6 May   ... my face a trouble to me, but not hinder my worke through

         8 May    I drew a tooth, very well, I was much satisfied in spirit, in
         seeking and eying god to doe it, and it was corrupted, and the flesh
         within it, most loathsome, it bled very much my swelling asswaged
         presently, the issue I wait on god to accomplish.

         10 May  the night before I felt something in my tooth place jaggy: my
         wife looked; and found something in it, as a bladder, this morning
         early in bed I pulled out a piece of bone by the place where my tooth
         stood: it drew outwardly of itself, and fell of from the other part of
         my upper jaw of itselfe, it was firm, but I conceive begun to rott, it
         was putrefied round about, it must needs have been dangerous if god
         has not directed me to draw my tooth, but no such matter was feared
         as this, the lord make me thankful ...

         13 May  .. the lord very good in the matter of my face ...

         20 May  God good to mee in my face, I did not find any hurt or pain in
         it ...

         27 May  .. I hope my face doth well, yett I feare some dregs and
         remains of ill humour there ...

         23 June  .. a small peice of bone came out at that place, where my
         tooth was drawn, this was not corrupted.

            (All spelling as in Josselin's diary.  Note ilness for illness etc)