Emmison's Elizabethan Life -- Morals and the Church Courts

An index of names from :
            Elizabethan Life : Morals and the Church Courts
                     by Dr F G Emmison

 This is the sixth in my series of indexes based on Dr Emmison's books on
 Elizabethan Life in Essex.  Although there are comparatively few
 genealogists whose research takes them back to the late 1500s, these
 books are a great storehouse of Elizabethan names in the county.  They
 come from a time when the county population was no more than about 50000
 (it has been estimated as 35000-40000 adults) so the indexes are a large
 sample of the population and may often indicate whether particular names
 were widespread, localised, or uncommon.  See also my textfile ESS16C.TXT
 which is a general note on Dr Emmison's work in this area.

 In the nature of this book it is essential to make use of several
 abbreviations to save space, and I have based them on Dr Emmison's
 usage.  PMI = pre-marital incontinence, EMI = extra-marital incontinence,
 "burnt" means to infect with venereal disease.

 Other obvious abbreviations are Bradwell(M) = juxta-Mare & the like.

 The book was borrowed from the library of Otago University.
 It has been indexed by Mike Foster of Wellington, New Zealand
 ABBOT      Katharine  Romford, fiancé Robt Dewgard blew cold, 1589      151
 ABBOTT     Henry jnr  E Colne, drunk and lewd, 1590                      47
 ABDALE     Edward     Terling, was struck by Jn Stephens 1590           123
 ABELL      Wallgrave  Bergholt 1591 (Stephen Newton his svt)            163
 ACTOR      John       Gt Horkesley sugeon, obliged to show licence 1580 319
 ADAMS      John       Terling, lodged a wedding party 1589               12
 ADAMS      Mistress   Colne Engaine, scold to her husband, 1587          66
 ADAMS      Revd       E Colne vicar, c1589                              159
 ADAMS      Thomas     Lambourne, won claim to particular pew 1595       132
 ADAMS      Thomas     Aveley, lighterman, must attend Aveley church 1580 85
 ADAMS      William    E Colne vicar, married excommunicate pair 1598    307
 ADDAMS     goodwife   W Ham, rumoured betrothed to Jn Eaton, he denied  149
 ADDAMS     Rev        E Colne vicar 1591                                  9
 ADYE       Nicholas   E Mersea, died 1588 or 1589                       176
 AILWARD    William    Gt Oakley, allegedly burnt by Joan Nele 1580       34
 AKERSON    John       Kelvedon fuller, evidence vs Jn Yeoman, 1599      273
 AKERSON    John       Kelvedon, tendered dues 1601 to Revd Thos Simpson 106
 ALBOROUGH  goodman    Danbury, quarrelsome, disturbed neighbours, 1566   67
 ALBOROWGHE            Danbury, couple divorced 1566 (mutual fighting)   166
 ALCOCK                Wakes Colne, immorality alleged w Agnes Underwood  23
 ALDERTON   Geoffrey   Ardleigh vicar, testified for Jn Almond 1576      293
 ALEFOUNDER Edy        Gt Holland, pin in buttocks during service time   118
 ALESAUNDER Dorothy    Barking, niece of Nick Weaver, incest charge 1564  39
 ALESWAYE   Anthony    Colchester, abused rector Robt Goode 1588         209
 ALISON                Hornchurch, his wife named in Wylcockes case 1566  51
 ALLEN      John jnr   Ardleigh, dismissed on EMI charge, 1599           296
 ALLEN      Robert     Witham ch/wdn, parted Wm Chapman & his wife 1597   35
 ALLEN      Thomas     E Colne, struck by Jn Reynolds 1582, bled         121
 ALLEN      Zachariah  Gt Leighs, compurgator for Nicholas Want 1598     295
 ALLETT     Thomas     High Laver, advised Alice Kynge to leave hsbd 1579 67
 ALLISON    George     Coggeshall, missed communion 1581, had objections 104
 ALLSAUNDRE Nicholas   Barking, aka Weaver                                39
 ALMOND     John       Ardleigh, denied EMI w maidsvt Helen Sawye 1590   293
 ALMOND     John       Ardleigh, maid in b/doom, suspected of EMI 1590    15
 AMANS      Alice      W Ham harlot, 1565                                320
 AMCOTTS    Henry      Cranham, accused by maidsvt 1599, will 1607        55
 AMIE       John       Hutton, in discord with svt Wm Robinson 1598      109
 ANDERKIN   John       W Hanningfield, indebted, feared to go to ch, 1587 84
 ANDERKYN   Jasper     Creeksea ch/wdn, accused as negligent 1572        237
 ANDERSON   Joan       Maldon, m Wm 1579 thinking 1st hsbd dead          169
 ANDERSON   William    Maldon, m Joan Carpenter "believed widow" c1579   169
 ANNAND     Gilbert    Boreham vicar                                     301
 ANOND      Gilbert    Boreham vicar, rejected persons fm communion 1575 104
 APPLEFORD  William    Whitham, to repair part of chancel 1588 x tithes  252
 APPLETON   Robert     Colchester, Middle Mill, supported Jn Gwye 1592   123
 ARCHER     Richard    Lt Wakering vicar, penance for divers disorders   291
 ARGENT     John       Purleigh, got Thos Strayte to lodge woman 1584     30
 ARTESLOWE  Edward     Downham esq, kept unlicensed sch/mstr 1589        319
 ARTHUR     Giles      Colchester St Giles, rates unpaid 1587            279
 ASHEBIE    Isabel     Langdon Hills, EMI often with Revd Jn Goldringe   297
 ASHEBIE    Robert     Langdon Hills, his wife admitted EMI 1589         297
 ASHETON    Edward     Hornchurch, marr niece of 1st wife 1587, charged   42
 ASHETON    William    Wennington rector, harangued court 1585           311
 ASHETON    William    Wennington rector, deprived 1581                  194
 ASHLEY     Joan       S Ockendon, once betrothed to Richd Bateman       158
 ASHPOLE    Revd       Peldon vicar 1597 ?                               211
 ASKEWE     Joan       Chingford, m Jn Cordell, incest charge dropped     43
 ASKEWE     Robert     Hempstead, unreverent to vicar in church, 1599    126
 ASSER      Henry      Divorced wife Elizabeth 1569 (where ?)            167
 ASSHEN     Jane       Romford, evidence in Wyllet/Baker case 1561       145
 ASTEN      John       W Ham parish clerk, aided vicar to marr h/self    155
 ATKINS     Mary       W Ham, fled with William Clark, 1580              153
 ATKINS     Revd       Romford curate 1583 (see Hawle)                   108
 ATKINS     Richard    Romford curate, rented ch/yd for grazing 1583     270
 ATKINS     Richard    Romford curate, often drunk 1585, excommunicated  226
 ATKINSON   Brian      Wivenhoe rector, dispute with Wm Morley 1591 +p215128
 ATKINSON   Brian      Wivenhoe rector, debarred/ejected Thos Bettes 1591104
 ATKYNSON   John       Nevendon rector, gave cake &c at communion 1567   236
 ATKYNSON   John       Barking, woman delivered @ his ho 1587, unpunished 29
 ATWOD      James      E Tilbury, charged re chapel @ Lt Thurrock 1577   246
 AUNCELL    Thomas snr Kelvedon, problem re his church seat 1592         247
 AUSTEN     Richard    Lt Oakley, incest w Judith Shynne, svt/niece 1576  39
 AUSTEN     Thomas     Aveley vicar, indicted for a common barrator 1598 229
 AUSTEN     Thomas     Aveley vicar, 1602 (+ p107, 176)                  122
 AVIS       Robert     Markshall, carried off svtmaid (pregnant?) 1595   234
 AWDLEY     mistress   Berechurch and in Norfolk (see Thos Dybble)        81
 AWDLY      Thomas     Stanway, 2m from church, ordered to go more, 1580  85
 AYLETT     Thomas     Fyfield, contempt of court official, 1584         313
 AYLETT     Thomas     Leaden Roothing, rectory out of repair 1561       273
 AYLETT     William    Lt Laver, broke Young's head to stop fight 1579   123
 AYLEWARD   Robert     Debden, 1599, abusive to vicar Hodshon            211
 AYLWARD    Clement    Debden, charged w disordered bellringing          138
 AYLWARD    Edward     Debden, charged w disordered bellringing          138
 AYLWARD    John       Debden, charged w disordered bellringing          138
 AYLWARD    Richard    Debden, charged w disordered bellringing          138
 AYLWARD    Robert     Debden, charged w disordered bellringing          137
 BACHELOR   widow      Romford, acted as midwife, unlicensed, 1584       320
 BACON      John       Greenstead(Col), svt to Sir Thos Lucas 1598       231
 BADCOCK    William    Gt Waltham, not @ church thru age, 1579, fined     86
 BADCOCKE   John       Rayleigh, drunk at mother Larkinge's 1589          70
 BAILEY     Hugh       Romford, H'chch ch/wdn, evidence re Cox/Luckin     60
 BAILEY     Humphrey   Leigh, asunder from Joan 1590 (if ever married)   162
 BAILEY     Joan       Leigh, asunder fm Humphrey 1590 (if ever married) 162
 BAILEY     John       Merchant 1592,  Turkey leaving intended pregnant    5
 BAINBRICK  Thomas     Norton Mandeville vicar, neglected a burial 1593  173
 BAITE      John       E Tilbury, accused of going to W Tilbury chch 1586 76
 BAKER      Jasper     Bowers Gifford, rated for Fobbing ch repair 1587  277
 BAKER      Joan       Romford, breach case by Geoffrey Wyllet 1564      145
 BAKER      John       Fordham, oath-taker for Thos Baker 1584           293
 BAKER      John       Frating constable, abused by Roger Stephen & wife 117
 BAKER      Katherine  Braintree, w/child by Rev Robt Basseloe 1562      218
 BAKER      Mr         Helions Bumpstead, constable ?                    131
 BAKER      Richard    E Hanningfield (wdn ?), allowed unruly bellringing137
 BAKER      Richard    Romford, penance 1583 for heretical doctrines     110
 BAKER      Richard    W Ham, betrothed but o'seas with Francis Drake      5
 BAKER      Robert     Lt Bromley, suspect in Joan Riche case 1600        14
 BAKER      Thomas     Kelvedon, RC, charge of idols, images etc, 1583    96
 BAKER      Thomas     Kelvedon, common slanderer of neighbours 1584     292
 BAKER      Thomas snr Pontisbright, case against Crowche 1583            52
 BALES                 Witham gmn, refused 3/4d for church repairs, 1591?276
 BALL       John       Lt Horkesley, fought with vicar in ch/yd 1584     129
 BALL       John       Lt Horkesley, m 1st wife's niece, acquitted 1590   42
 BALL       Thomas     Maldon gmn, accused of EMI w Eleanor Francis 1575 292
 BALLARD    James      Leyton rector, brought defamation case 1578       213
 BALLARD    Mrs        Sandon, attended Mildmay wedding @ Terling 1589    12
 BAMBRIDGE  William    Tolleshunt rector, hit Jn Mullner 1584            129
 BANBRICK   Jeffery    Mount Bures curate, showed bible exercise 1585    199
 BANBRICK   William    Tolleshunt vicar, vicarage ruinous 1588           274
 BANCKES    goodman    Gt Wenden ch/wdn, "vicar threshed in ch porch"    271
 BANCKES    Roger      Gt Wenden, ch/wdn, suspected of incontinence 1596 234
 BANCKES    Thomas     W Ham gmn, suspected of excessive usury 1581       73
 BANGOR     William    Stanford(R) curate, guilty of paternity 1599      224
 BANKES     Alice      Woodham Ferrers, wife of Robt                     145
 BANKES     Fr         Gt Wenden, alleged to have funds for commn cup    259
 BANKES     Robert     Woodham Ferrers, evidence re Nevell/Fyssher 1561  145
 BANKS                 Kelvedon smith, beaten by his wife, 1588           66
 BARBER     Joan       Ingatestone, charge of harlotry 1564               17
 BARBER     William    Ulting, head struck by dagger (Revd Kynett) 1597  130
 BARICK     Henry      Gt Tey, Eliz Hindes abused vicar to him 1591      210
 BARKER     Gabriel    Ashdon ch/wdn, evidence for Jn Whitehand 1596     299
 BARKER     George     Feering, he & wife married by candlelight 1603    157
 BARKER     Matthew    Messing shoemaker, some elementary teaching 1600  317
 BARKER     Richard    Wix, svt of Jn Wade, jointly charged 1593          14
 BARLEY     William    Patron of living of Springfield Richards          310
 BARNARD    Margaret   Colchester, brothel charge 1573                    23
 BARNARD    Stephen    Upminster labr, evidence re slander 1569          214
 BARNARD    William    Wh Colne lay rector, cited re ch repairs 1589     251
 BARNES     Elizabeth  Married w/out ring, made to remarry 1585 (where?) 155
 BARNES     Ralph      Married w/out ring, made to remarry 1585 (where?) 155
 BARNES     Robert     St Osyth, allegedly burnt by Joan Nele 1580        34
 BARNISHE   Anthony    Fryerning gmn, used Doddinghurst priest 1584      141
 BARRETT               Ulting, prosecuted Jas Dowtye 1590. Jas acquitted. 52
 BARRETT    Anthony    Navestock, named in John Fox case                 146
 BARRETT    Dorothy    Stanford(R), bore illegit. child to Wm Bangor 1599224
 BARRETT    Edward     Aveley, Belhus mansion, d 1585                    156
 BARRETT    Goodman    E Ham, Thos Kinge betrothed to his maidsvt 1580   146
 BARRETT    Richard    Pontisbright, compurgator for Thos Baker 1584     292
 BARRINGTON Katherine  Feering ?  Married but prob a local harlot          8
 BARRY      William    Walden, got svt via Harrison but w/child, returned 26
 BARTON     Rose       Dedham, not @ commn, quarrel with Bettes' wife    109
 BARWICK    Henry      Gt Tey, set horns on Wm Welles's door 1595         54
 BARWICKE   Lawrence   Rawreth, collector for the poor (see Jn Troughton)117
 BARWICKE   Thomas     Gt Stambridge parson, 1585, barred Robt Kinge     104
 BASSELOW   Robert     Braintree cleric 1562, deprived 1852 or 1853      218
 BASTWICK   Susan      Stondon, accused of wearing mens' clothing, 1578   18
 BASTWICKE  John       Romford, he and wife missed communion 1561        102
 BATEMAN    Joan       S Ockendon, wed at W Thurrock 1580 w/out banns    158
 BATEMAN    John       Tendring, objected to rate for surplice 1582      280
 BATEMAN    John       Rainham ferryman, charged as child born there 1597 29
 BATEMAN    Richard    S Ockendon, wed at W Thurrock 1580 w/out banns    158
 BATES      William    Purleigh, charged with "detaining chalice", 1567  257
 BATTELL    Margaret   Eastwood, m Jasper Dormer, parted after 11yrs     169
 BATTLE     Henry      W Ham, wife named in EMI charge with Jn Caine 1586 19
 BAWBY      Edward     Kelvedon, refused 6d towards bell repair 1590     265
 BAWDEN     William    Upminster, informed against Wm Latham 1574        127
 BAYARDE    Thomas     Mucking, allegedly defamed Hy Hoye 1563           181
 BAYNING               Mistley, his wife involved with Bennett 1590       40
 BEALE      Thomas     Gt Oakley, svt of Mr Rochester, fought in ch, 1601115
 BEAMAND    Stephen    Easthorpe rector, w/out surplice, &c              196
 BEAN       James      Gt Oakley, his wife called witch by David Tarver   66
 BEARD      Thomas     Beauchamp Roothing, compurgator Edwd Nevell 1585  294
 BECHAM     John       Springfield Boswell rector 1576, but non-resident 185
 BECHING    John       Springfield Boswells rector 1580                  141
 BECKWELL   Richard    Gt Horkesley, svt of Jn Bound rector 1600          28
 BECKWITH              Married widow Catche of Cressing 1590             159
 BECON      Mr         Chancellor of Norwich 1580                        169
 BEDINGFIELDEdmund     Huntingfield Sfk, owed money to Jn Jerningham 1581167
 BEERE      Richard    Gt Sampford, burnt by incontinent living 1594      34
 BELL       Henry      Lt Horkesley clerk, fought Jn Ball in ch/yd 1584  129
 BELL       Joan       Fobbing, living asunder 1587/88 but re-united     162
 BELL       John       Fobbing, living asunder 1587/88 but re-united     162
 BELLSTED   Mary       Boreham, assaulted by hsbd Thos, asunder 1577     162
 BELLSTED   Thomas     Boreham, allegedly assaulted wife Mary, 1577      162
 BELSTED    Elizabeth  Terling, accused Grace Payne in Fairstead Ch 1600 115
 BELVIS                Goldhanger, abused local minister                 207
 BENBRICK   Edward     W Ham, charged 1591, Martha Tompson abed @ his ho. 30
 BENNET     John       Romford, buried svt of Jas Quarles 1589 illegally 173
 BENNET     John       Stapleford Abbots rector, 1560-72                 185
 BENNETT               Mistley, EMI w Mrs Bayning ? Mrs B his wife's dau  40
 BENNETT    Richard    W Ham, chosen as sideman 1584 but objected        239
 BENNETT    Thomas     Windsor, f-i-law of Jn Cotton, case of 1587       163
 BENNITT    Edward     Mistley, wife wd not cohabit 1589 (his will 1610?)162
 BENNOLD    Nicholas   Colchester, unsure if chosen ch/wdn 1590          233
 BENTLEY    Cecily     W Ham, wdw of Wm, found guilty of slander 1590     62
 BENTLEY    William    W Ham, pre-deceased Cecily (pre-1590)              62
 BERD       John       Lt Thurrock, living with widow Shoxborowe 1586     11
 BERIFFE    mistress   Pontisbright ? Named in Crowche allegations 1583   52
 BERRYMAN   John       Rochford rector, to counsel Augustine Draper 1587 110
 BERYE      John       Fordham, oath-taker for Thos Baker 1584           293
 BERYE      Thomas     Fordham, oath-taker for Thos Baker 1584           293
 BERYMAN    John       Rochford rector, ch roof leaking upon him 1602    245
 BESOWTHE   John       Gt Tey, compurgator for Thos Baker Kelvedon 1584  292
 BESOWTHE   Robert     Gt Tey, compurgator for Thos Baker Kelvedon 1584  292
 BEST       John       Stock, marital behaviour offended neighbours 1575   8
 BETSON     Thomas     Wanstead cptr, tenant of Jn Eaton of W Ham        149
 BETT       Thomas     Wrabness, interrupted funeral (Godfrie) 1598      174
 BETTES                Dedham, his wife illnamed Rose Barton 1582        109
 BETTES     Thomas     Wivenhoe, debarred fm communion 1591, thrown out  104
 BEXWELL    Roger      Buttsbury, wdn(?), note re selling chalice 1564   257
 BEXWELL    William    Barking, defamation suit brought by Revd Tyrwhytt 205
 BIGG       David      Dedham, EMI w wife's sister   child, 1591          41
 BILLINGE   Agnes      S Ockendon, accused of incest with son.            38
 BILLINGS   Lewis      Barking, too poor to afford compurgators 1591     299
 BINDER     Edmund     Blackmore rector, 2 unbaptised chn died 1584      139
 BINGER     Robert     Leigh, witness against Augustine Draper 1587      110
 BIRCHLEY   Mr         E Hanningfield, his male svt in court 1576        296
 BIRD       Clemence   Ingatestone, a troublesome scold 1600              65
 BIRD       Elizabeth  Salcott, assaults by Revd Roberts 1596            223
 BIRD       Robert     Colchester, "collector of the hospital" 1571      161
 BIRD       William    Ingatestone, hsbd of the troublesome Clemence      65
 BIRTCHE    John       Goldhanger, died 1591, sexton refused a knell     174
 BISLEY     Bernard    Coggeshall ex-wdn, detained commn cup 1579        258
 BITTE      John       Danbury, marr maidsvt of Mrs Elmeare 1599 @ Ldn   157
 BLABY      Tristram   Stanford(H), preacher, conflict with Clipsam      114
 BLACK      Richard    Rayleigh curate, puritan leanings, 1584            98
 BLACKE     John       Leigh, not @ ch thru wk at Runwell Hall, 1580      85
 BLACKSHAWE Edward     Helions Bumpstead, struck vicar 1581              129
 BLAKE      ChristopherGt Baddow, must pave a church grave, 1590         171
 BLAKE      Mr         Lt Baddow, named in Joan Moreton accusation        28
 BLAKELEY   Thomas     Wennington, marr Margery Dunston c1575, bigamy ?  170
 BLATCH     Thomas     Gt Waltham, let fence lie open to ch/yd, 1597     268
 BLOCK      Francis    Colchester, PMI with Barbara Vanderheyden 1578      3
 BOALE      Elizabeth  Walden, compurgator for Margt Richard 1599        296
 BOARDMAN   Edward     A vicar, but when or where ?                      161
 BOLTON     Henry      Wix cooper, wife gone to Spalding Lincs, 1588?    164
 BONAM      Benjamin   Fingringhoe, MA, said service but illegal, 1591   316
 BOND       John       Ingatestone, allowed @ ch tho excommunicate 1561  306
 BONE       Richard    Upminster (42) hsbdmn, evidence in Larder case     58
 BOOTHE     Robert     Ramsden Bellhouse rector, wdn't purge Goldringe   297
 BORDMAN    Edward     Fyfield rector, charged to repair chancel 1574    250
 BORDMAN    Edward     Fyfield rector, drunken and negligent, 1574       226
 BORDMAN    Edward     Fyfield rector, defamed by Richd Ryder 1575       206
 BORDMAN    Edward     Fyfield rector, common drunkard &c, 1576          297
 BORNE      Margaret   Bobbingworth, married Robt Masson 1587 (tho sick) 157
 BORNE      Mr         Bobbingworth, dau was married in his house 1587   157
 BOSSETT    John       Dedham, betrothal (to Butter) not witnessed, 1593 144
 BOSWELL    Elizabeth  W Ham, called whore by Agnes Brathwayte 1590       55
 BOSWELL    Nicholas   W Ham, hsbd of Elizabeth                           55
 BOSWELL    Nicholas   W Ham? Name in evidence in Boulton/Eaton case     147
 BOTESLYE   Thomas     Pontisbright ?  Name in Baker/Crowche case 1583    52
 BOTFISHE   John       Tendring, wrongly debarred 1586 by curate         108
 BOTFISHE   Petronilla Tendring, wrongly debarred 1586 by curate         108
 BOULTER    Agnes      Romford (40), b Maidstone, w of Thos.              60
 BOULTER    Thomas     Romford tailor(60), sued Eliz Stephens for slander 59
 BOULTON    Margaret   W Ham, gt suit re promised legacy fm Jn Eaton     147
 BOUND      John       Gt Hawkesley rector, sent svt Hasellastanke away   28
 BOUND      John       Gt Horkesley rector, irregular baptism charge 1592139
 BOURCHER   John       Will proved 1559, money for commn chalice, where? 259
 BOWER      Elizabeth  Walden, objected to Margt Richard's compurgators  296
 BOWER      George     Walden, hsbd of Elizabeth, 1599                   296
 BOWLAND    Richard    Margaretting lay rector, 1565                     182
 BOWLTON    John       Ugley curate, excommunicated, reviled vicar 1588  126
 BOXAR      James      Woodham Ferrers, hired minister, drunkard 1598    228
 BOXER      William    Chelmsford, apparitor for Archdeacon 1586          59
 BOYDEN     John       His son wrote rhymes in church (but where?)       119
 BOYLAND    Boyland    Upminster, named in Larder slander case 1585       58
 BOYTON     John       Defamed with horns 1585 (but where ?) (v Edwardes) 54
 BOYTON     William    Walden scrivener, not in church, fined (d c1596?)  78
 BRADBURY   Ann        Wicken Bonhunt, discord with parson Swynho 1583   108
 BRADBURY   William    Wicken Bonhunt gmn, to rebuild burnt vicarage 1594274
 BRADDOCK   Alexander  Colchester, unlicensed surgeon ? 1593             319
 BRADLEY    Ralph      Berden curate, omitted ring in marriage, 1588     155
 BRADLEY    Rev        N Weald minister c1590                             60
 BRADLIE    William    Boxted ch/wdn 1590, accusation against Rev Rilgatt202
 BRADOCK    Thomas     Eastwood (Wallasea I), to attend Eastwood Ch, 1580 92
 BRADOCKE   Thomas     Bradwell(M), absentee communicant 1565            100
 BRADWAY    Richard    Maldon, heard confession of Robt/Helen Woodhouse  289
 BRAINE     Thomas     Cranham curate, made obscure statement 1579        54
 BRAME                 Hadstock curate, bigamist, forged orders, 1589    225
 BRAMSTON   John       Colne Engaine, notary public, stood for Wm George  70
 BRANHAM    Hugh       Lt Oakley rector, parsonage ruinous 1583          274
 BRASIER    Anthony    Ingatestone rector, 1600                           65
 BRASIER    Revd       Ingatestone, wd pave grave of Edmund Tyrrell      171
 BRATHWAYTE Agnes      W Ham, slandered Eliz Boswell as a whore 1590      55
 BRAUNSHE   Mr         Theydon Garnon, svt to Earl of Worcs, Wales, 1579 164
 BRAYNE     Thomas     Cranham curate, suspected of papist leanings 1578  96
 BRECKNOCK             Hatfield Peverel, wife kissed by Walter Willmott   18
 BRETT                 Ramsden, to pay 4/- for 4 Sundays not in ch, 1567  77
 BRETT                 Broomfield, to have ch seat suited to degree 1603 134
 BRETT      Roger      Fryerning ch/wdn, sale of porch not agreed 1589   246
 BREWER     Robert     Paglesham "cared not for the bawdy court", 1596   313
 BREWSTER   Martin     W Ham, evidence on behalf of Isaac Hewes 1591     299
 BRIANT     William    Gt Bromley, ch born in his house but buried        26
 BRICE      Richard    Bradwell(M), curate, 1565                         100
 BRIDGE     Edmund     Maldon, followed Robt Browne, congregation'st 1601 99
 BRIDGE     Edward     Ramsey, one of the wealthier parishioners 1594    277
 BRIDGE     John       N Shoebury, violent hands on minister 1588        129
 BRIDGE     Richard    Layer Marney svt, contemptuous in church 1596     126
 BRIDGMAN   Henry      Gt Birch, suspected of incest w Joan Peverell 1599 39
 BRIGHT     Henry      Bulphan ch/wdn, case against Anthony Ramsey 1600  268
 BROCKAS    John       Havering, lay reader 1565 (they had no minister)  185
 BROCKE                Easthorpe attorney, c1585                         208
 BROCKET    Nicholas   Willingale Doe, lord of the Manor                  46
 BRODEWATER Andrew     Foulness rector 1576                               91
 BROKE      John       Bradwell(M)(New Hall), absentee communicant 1565  100
 BROWGHTON  Andrew     Corringham ? Toasted by Cottes/Smith/Landish 1598  70
 BROWN      John       E Horndon rector, cardplayer, 1564                228
 BROWN      Juliana    Coggeshall, kept school, prob unlicensed, 1587    317
 BROWN      Robert     Fobbing rector, suspect EMI with Perrye's wife    219
 BROWNE                Feering apparitor 1591, called "bribing knave"    314
 BROWNE     Cecily     Rayleigh, w of Jn, ready to rejoin him, 1575      163
 BROWNE     John       Rayleigh, living apart in pique ? 1575            163
 BROWNE     John       Kelvedon, denied liable for chancel repair 1573   249
 BROWNE     John       Lt Oakley ch/wdn, pleaded poverty 1593            243
 BROWNE     Lawrence   Colchester, mentioned in Mott/Wilson case 1588     16
 BROWNE     Mary       Tolleshunt, incest charge re Peter Salmon, 1590    44
 BROWNE     Revd       Fobbing rector, "ch is of devil pre-baptism" 1576 141
 BROWNE     Richard    Colchester, cattle-drover, church excuses 1587     88
 BROWNE     Richard    E Hanningfield, he & wife debarred by Revd Seredge105
 BROWNE     Thomas     Woodham Ferrers, slept with Margaret manister 1572 41
 BROWNE     Thomas     Good Easter, PMI with widow Alice Kelly 1562      218
 BROWNE     Weston     Non-communicant at his own church 1571            102
 BROWNE     William    E Colne miller, seduced Peryn's daughter 1599      14
 BROWNING   Jonas      Maldon, heard confession of Robt/Helen Woodhouse  289
 BROWNINGE  James      Peldon, will proved 1591                           52
 BROWNRIDGE John       Arkesden vicar 1598                               126
 BRUGES     Stephen    Lt Totham, not @ church, roving wild, 1585         84
 BUCK       John       Manuden, fathered svt's child, 1572 ?             287
 BUCK       Revd       Rainham, felt everyone was against him             61
 BUCK       William    Rainham vicar, lving w wife of goodman Harte 1599 224
 BUCKLEY    William    Lt Leighs rector, deprived 1609                   194
 BULL       Joan       Fobbing, living apart 1587/88, re-united (=Bell?) 162
 BULL       John       Fobbing, living apart 1587/88, re-united (=Bell?) 162
 BULL       Stephen    W Ham, maliciously defamed Margt Townsend 1584     53
 BULLOCKE   Edward     Gt Tey, his child baptised @ home by Revd Cooke   140
 BULMAN     Margaret   Gt Wakering, assigned penance 1580 for contempt   312
 BUMBEY     Thomas     Prittlewell, alleged to have defamed Eliz Eaton    12
 BUNDOCKE   Charles    Downham, procured women to lewdness 1578           22
 BUNDOCKE   Mary       Black Notley, dau in law of Jn Catraule            40
 BUNTYNGE              Buttsbury, obscure divorce story, 1564            165
 BURGHLYE   Mr         Coggeshall sch/mstr, unlicensed, went away, 1590  315
 BURGIN     Godfrey    Lt Wenden rector, various accusations, 1589 (p197)200
 BURLES     Thomas     Terling ? suspected of EMI with Mrs Cornwall       18
 BURRE      Faith      E Horndon, maidsvt of Hamo Carter, 1595           106
 BURRE      Mr         Barking, missed 2 Sundays 1564, fearing plague    107
 BURRE      Nicholas   E Horndon poulter, evidence re Wittham, 1600      214
 BURRES     Mr         Walthamstow, a Roman Catholic family              141
 BURROW     Agnes      Bentley wdw, pregnant, married Freborne, d1600    153
 BURROWE    James      Mistley, svt of Sam Cromer, PMI with Agnes Snowden  5
 BURROWES   John       Gt Burstead, not in church, drunk, blasphemer 1599 78
 BURTON     Jeremy     Elmstead, railed openly against Revd Metcalfe 1590209
 BURTON     Jeremy     Elmstead, came to church tho excommunicate, 1590  125
 BURTON     Joseph     Walthamstow vicar 1580                            124
 BUSH       John       Salcott, chch absence, ship-searcher (corn), 1597  79
 BUSH       Nicholas   Stock, his wife abused Revd Pynder 1588           209
 BUSHE      Barnard    Braintree, drunkard, church penance, 1561         289
 BUSSARD    Mr         Colchester alehouse by church (St Peter), 1600    269
 BUTLER     John       Mile End warden 1601                               38
 BUTTER     Frances    Dedham, betrothal (to Bossett) not witnessed, 1593144
 BUTTER     William    Dedham layman, filled in mother Gyrton's grave    173
 BYATT      William    Bradwell(Cog), too wet for compurgators, when?    299
 BYGRAVE    Agnes      Gt Chesterford, m Ralph Hall c1571, was divorced  169
 BYNDER     Edward     Blackmore curate 1589                             197
 BYNDER     John       Named in Freborne/Skarfe case 1600                154
 CAINE      John       W Ham, EMI charge with Hy Battle's wife 1586       19
 CALLIS     John       Stanway, indebted & dared not go to church, 1597   84
 CAMBER     Edward     E Tilbury, lessee of rectory w Wm Egelffelde 1574 250
 CAMMOCK    Roger      Layer Marney gmn, removed some church seats 1603  135
 CAMP       Robert     Nazeing, not @ church thru "sickness/weather" 1597 86
 CAMPER     Thomas     Woodham Ferrers, named in Nevell/Fyssher case 1561145
 CANNON     Henry      Cold Norton, took communion outside parish, 1584  102
 CAPPERTON  John       Canewdon, victim of rumour by Jn Wood, not pursued 51
 CARD       Edwar      Bradfield vicar 1579                              207
 CARD       Edward     Bradfield vicar, defamed by Robt Pilgrim 1579     308
 CARLES     William    Hornchurch, aka Wm Charles                         51
 CARNELL    John       Leigh, witness against Augustine Draper 1587      110
 CARPENTER  George     Maldon, 1st hsbd of Joan Anderson, appeared 1590  169
 CARPENTER  John       Hsbd of Judith (but where ?)                       68
 CARPENTER  Judith     Called neighbour's wife whore 1588 (but where ?)   68
 CARR       William    Ingatestone, maliciously defamed 1593 re EMI       51
 CARRELL    John       Pyrgo chaplain, in matrimonial case 1567          159
 CARTER     Hamo       E Horndon, gave offering 2d, but barred fm commn  106
 CARTER     Roger      W Ham, @ supper with Jn Eaton & margt Boulton     148

 CARTER     Roger      W Ham minstrel, confirmed Eaton/Boulton troth 1584148
 CARTER     Thomas     W Colne, alleged lewdness with Mary Graunte 1600   10
 CARVER     Margery    Stanway, dau of w of Wm Harvye, incest charge 1590 40
 CASER                 Colchester, sexton of St Runwald 1592             123
 CASTLE     Thomas     Gt Sampford curate, held wdg @ night 1599         157
 CASTLEFORD Joan       Burnham, charge of EMI with Jn Tilbrook 1598      309
 CASTLEFORD Peter      Burnham 1598, hsbd of Joan                        309
 CATCHE     widow      Cressing, married a Beckwith 1590 tho excommun.   159
 CATER      widow      Prittlewell, kept house with Peter Udall 2yrs      16
 CATRAULE   John       Black Notley, denied sleeping w dau in law 1588    40
 CAVELL                High Easter grocer, used papist bks as wrapping   180
 CAWSTON    Simon      Ramsey, borrowed 2/- fm Reg Hedge, barley interest 73
 CHACE                 Svt of Mr Weston Browne 1571                      102
 CHADDESLEY Richard    Hatfield(BO), witness for Jn Luddington 1585      297
 CHADWICKE  Charles    Danbury curate, puritan leanings, 1584             98
 CHADWICKE  Richard    Leyton, Tower wdn, hence not @ his local chch 1580 79
 CHALLENER  Revd       Colchester (St James) preacher, 1576              227
 CHALLICE   John       Foulness, rumour of incest against him 1576        37
 CHALLONER  Nicholas   Colchester "preacher" 1578                          3
 CHAMBERLYN Edward     Married wife's brother's daughter, charge 1578     42
 CHAMBERS   Thomas     Langford rector, rumoured incontinence 1569       220
 CHAMPNES   Richard    Stanford(H) lessee rector, bldgs ruined, 1598     274
 CHAMPNEYE  James      E Tilbury ch/wdn, attested re Thos Cranmer 1594    90
 CHAPMAN    Jane       Childerditch wdw, was married in her own ho 1600  158
 CHAPMAN    John       Childerditch, "late" hsbd of Jane Chapman in 1600 158
 CHAPMAN    John       Cited in divorce of Agnes Bygrave, c1572/3 ?      169
 CHAPMAN    Thomas     Alleged father ot Bridget Smith's child, 1591      29
 CHAPMAN    William    Witham, burnt by wife, ch/wdns parted them, 1597   35
 CHARLES    William    Hornchurch, defamed Hugh Wylcockes 1566            51
 CHARVILE   Thomas     Romford, buried svt of Jas Quarles 1589 illegally 173
 CHASE      Alice      Dedham, Wm Cock sentenced for EMI with her 1581   287
 CHASE      William    Burnham curate, attacked by Thos Howell 1587      130
 CHATTERTON Judith     Coggeshall, unlicensed surgery 1593 ?             319
 CHESSHIER  William    Wix, swore & railed in church 1596                114
 CHEVELEIGHEFrancis    W Hanningfield, "called minister knave" 1584      207
 CHEVELIE   Edmund     Stock, archdeacon's court 1579, reason unknown    294
 CHISHALL   Mr         Gt Tey, Eliz Hindes abused vicar to him 1591      210
 CHOPPELL   John       Danbury ? Mentioned in Anne Pease case 1565         7
 CHOPPIN    Richard    Layer de la Haye, defamation allegation 1588      105
 CHRISTMAS  Joan       Manningtree, "lay with her brother", 1571          38
 CHRISTOPHERThomas     Hadstock, caused upset re church seating 1598     134
 CHURCH     Thomas     Runwell Hall, 1580                                 85
 CHURCHE    John       Wh Colne gmn, in court re ch repairs 1589         251
 CLARCKE               Woodford, aka Silvester                           102
 CLARCKE    widow      Gravesend, "had the lead" for E Tilbury chancel   250
 CLARCKE    William    Hornchurch minstrel, defamed Hugh Wylcockes 1566   51
 CLARK      George     W Ham, his wife called whore by Agnes Brathwayte   55
 CLARK      George     Gt Oakley, RC, mass book in his house, 1584        96
 CLARK      William    W Ham, betrothed 3x, fled with Mary Atkins 1580   153
 CLARKE     Agnes      Woodford, betrothed to Wm Turner (prev   Wm Hix)  151
 CLARKE     Agnes      E Hanningfield, debarred by Revd Seredge 1580s    105
 CLARKE     John       Fryerning curate, c1584                           172
 CLARKE     John       Romford, sued re defamation of his wife 1566       52
 CLARKE     William    Colne Engaine ?  His wife seduced by Jn Kinge 1590 16
 CLARKE     William    Coggeshall ch/wdn 1595                            285
 CLARKE     William    S Weald, taught reading to few chn, 1591          317
 CLAYDON    John snr   Ashdon, excuses for church absence rejected 1584   89
 CLAYDON    Margaret   Ashdon, excuses for church absence rejected 1584   89
 CLAYTON    Lawrence   Aythorpe Roothing rector 1561                     218
 CLAYTON    Oliver     Stock rector, called banns 1565 but couple reneged146
 CLAYTON    Oliver     Stock vicar, c1566                                107
 CLAYTON    Oliver     Stock rector, ritual infringements 1564           195
 CLAYTON    Roger      White Roothing rector 1561                        218
 CLEAR      John       Witham constable, Agnes Burrow abed @ his house   153
 CLEERE     William    Stanway, fracas in the belfry 1588                138
 CLEGG      James      Apparitor in Revd Bangor case 1599                298
 CLEMENT    John       Doddinghurst, slandered by Edwd Maggett 1581       56
 CLEMENTE   Thomas     Dunton ? Named in Thryeing/Samwell case 1565      146
 CLERCKE    Robert     Fryerning ch/wdn, sale of porch not agreed 1589   246
 CLERK                 Henham (Old Meade), better ch seat as deaf, 1600  135
 CLERK      William    Gt Bromley, Jas Lyttlebury his svt 1596           115
 CLERKE     John       Walden ch/wdn, in court re Cornell case 1585      303
 CLERKE     Nicholas   Gt Totham attorney, failed to act as ch/wdn 1590  232
 CLEVELAND  Henry      Colchester, collector for poor 1589, councillor   239
 CLIFF      John       Rawreth, to pave grave of Edmund Tyrrell 1578     171
 CLIFFE     Nicholas   Ingatestone rector, succeeded Brasier             301
 CLIPSAM    Martin     Stanford(H) rector, conflict w Tristram Blaby     114
 CLOUGH     Thomas     Elmdon vicar, didn't repair part of ch fence 1570 268
 CLOVER     Andrew     Colchester, prepared to be ch/wdm, 1598           233
 CLOVER     Lucy       Layer de la Haye, allegedly defamed Richd Choppin 105
 CLOVILE    Eustace    W Hanningfield, Clovile Hall, JP                   81
 COCHMAN    Jeremiah   Coggeshall surgeon, licence granted 1594          319
 COCK       Katherine  Dedham, married her cousin Andrew Fuller, 1589     40
 COCK       William    Lt Warley, not in ch but @ W Horndon, OK'd, 1591   81
 COCK       William    Dedham, severe penance/fine 1581 (EMI charge)     287
 COCKE      George     Beaumont, mentioned in Leach case.                 26
 COCKE      John       Romford, stpsn of Thos Prior, 2 paternities 1578   26
 COCKES     Eme        Stanford(H), mother of Jn Sammes                   57
 COCKETT    Mr         Messing, farmer of rectory, peasebolt reqd 1599   247
 COCKLEY    John       Gt Chishall, to pay 3/4d for ch buried in ch 1598 171
 COFIELD    William    Stanway, EMI charge, with Rose Durrell, 1596       45
 COKER      Edward     Madlon, borough bailiff 1558                      165
 COKER      John       Goldhanger sexton 1591, slandered by Roger Cowper  67
 COKER      John       Goldhanger sexton, refused a knell 1591 (Birtche) 174
 COKERELL   George     Springfield rector, gave beer at communion 1564   236
 COLBORNE   George     Lt Warley parson, missing for four years, 1565    184
 COLBURNE   George     Lt Warley, Eleanor Jellson his svt, 1579           19
 COLE       Geoffrey   Gt Burstead, @ Sweting's ho after mumming 1575      9
 COLE       George     Rainham, taken by constable @ church-time, 1585    89
 COLE       Jasper     Dovercourt, his wife in adultery with Jn Robinson  45
 COLE       John       Helions Bumpstead vicar 1595                      131
 COLE       Thomas     Kelvedon (rector of Ongar/Stanford Rivers)         51
 COLEMAN    John       Bradwell(M), often from home & not @ ch, 1597. OK  81
 COLEPOTES  Revd       Brentwood vicar, 1592                             288
 COLFIELD   Thomas     Stanway ch/wdn, negligent of church fabric 1591   243
 COLFILD    William    Stanway, charged with delaying marriage, 1591     152
 COLFILDE   Thomas     Wakes Colne, oath-taker for Thos Baker 1584       293
 COLFORD    William    Navestock, m Ann Saling @ Stapleford Tawney 1586  157
 COLLARD    George     Walthamstow, charge of absence from church 1567    81
 COLLEN                Chelmsford parishioner 1586                       196
 COLLEN                Pattiswick, begat harlot w child 1600             157
 COLLETT    William    Ramsey, svt of Mr Lucas, read/preached 1582        97
 COLLIN     Edward     Beauchamp Roothing, excommunicate 1591            306
 COLLIN     Henry      Moze, "drunken in service time" 1591, ch penance  290
 COLLIN     Roger      Beauchamp Roothing, s of Edwd, visited parents    306
 COLMAN     Helen      Ramsey, evidence re preaching by Wm Collett 1582   97
 COLMAN     Robert     Lt Wenden, pd 2/- towards church repairs, 1570+   248
 COLTE      Thomas     Heydon, kept surgeon suspiciously in his ho, 1587 319
 COMMIN     Robert     Doddinghurst rctr did not appear for Bangor 1599  298
 CONDELL    Abraham    Lt Oakley, one of parish hierarchy 1593           243
 CONSTANTINERichard    Coggeshall, reqd to allocate church seating 1598  131
 CONVER                Collier Row, his wife mentioned by Luckin 1591     60
 COOKE      ChristopherThorrington 1591, apparitor                       306
 COOKE      Edmund     Mile End, accusation of incest (Payse) 1601        38
 COOKE      George     Foulness, defamed Jn Challice (of incest) 1576     37
 COOKE      Mr         Gt Tey schoolmaster, bawdy behaviour 1594          47
 COOKE      Revd       Langford, baptised Bullock's child 1600 Gt Tey    140
 COOKE      Simon      Gt Birch rector, inducted 1585                    208
 COOKE      Simon      Gt Birch rector, gaoled Colchester 1588, but why? 227
 COOKES     John       Colchester St Martin, constable 1600              232
 COOPER     Joan       Gt Burstead, hung horns on neighbour's fence 1575  54
 COOPER     John       N Weald, mentioned in Spranger case 1590           60
 COOPER     John       Lawford, missed 18 Sundays, fined 12d/day, 1598    77
 COOTE      Robert     Ickleton, later Chelmsford 1594                   223
 COPLAND    John       Coggeshall, had bells rung, pretended dying, 1586 175
 COPT       John       Bradfield, marr widow Hewett 1600                 155
 COPWITH    John       Radwinter, Beatrice Fordham was his servant        12
 CORBETT    John       Newport, borrowed from Thos Parish at 10%, 1580    73
 CORDALL    Alice      Chingford, w of Jn, public confession @ churching   4
 CORDALL    John       Chingford, 1st ch ex PMI, public confession 1575    4
 CORDELL    John jnr   Chingford, m Joan Askewe, incest charge 1602       43
 CORDIE     Ellen      Called Arthur Dixson a cuckold 1574                54
 CORNELL    Anthony    Walden ? Sued Nicholas Wright for defamation 1595 303
 CORNWALL   Jacob      Terling, wife charged with EMI w Thos Burles 1592  18
 COTESFORD  Samuel     Doddinghurst curate, criticised Edwd Fage 1583     77
 COTTEN     Henry      Moze, not at church, insolence to ch/wdns 1592    312
 COTTES     Richard    Orsett, late night drinks in field 1598 (Corr'ham) 70
 COTTESFORD Samuel     Doddinghurst, baptised ch for Ant. Barnishe 1584  141
 COTTINGHAM Revd       Dovercourt curate, showed good diligence 1585     200
 COTTON     John       Gt Chesterford, s of Jn,  7 pa in his will 1591   163
 COTTON     John       Langley, wife returned to Thos Bennett, Windsor   163
 COTTON     John       Gt Chesterford esq, will of 1591                  163
 COTTON     Judith     Gt Chesterford, w of Jn,  25 pa fm his will 1591  163
 COURTMAN   John       Tollesbury, appeared to have several "wives"      168
 COWDGE     widow      Colchester, kept White Hart inn, 1589             176
 COWEL                 Gt Tey, wife 60, lame. Required to attend ch, 1588 85
 COWLAND    Richard    Gt Waltham, remote but to be @ ch once/month, 1603 86
 COWLE      Joan       Hempstead wdw, 1599, to pay for hsbd's ch burial  171
 COWLE      John       Helions Bumpstead vicar 1581                      129
 COWPER     Grysel     W Ham, divorced "but lately hath a child" 1599    168
 COWPER     Roger      Goldhanger ch/wdn 1591, argumentative             175
 COWPER     Roger      Goldhanger wdn, slanderer, drunk, blasphemer, 1591 67
 COX        Elizabeth  E Ham, her penance wrongly negated 1591 by Pollmer291
 COX        Ralph      Dedham, failed to have dau punished for bastard ch 27
 COXE       John       Collier Row, slander suit vs Geoff Luckin 1591     60
 COYSE      Mr         N Ockendon, set up "noisome pew", 1599            135
 CRABB      Thomas     Colchester, "abused the court" 1584               309
 CRACHRODD  Thomas     Gt Tey, deep debt, feared to go to church, 1593    84
 CRACKBONE  Dionise    Kelvedon, published rumours re Jas Dowtye 1590     52
 CRACKNELL  John       Hatfield Peverel, his wdg halted 1588, no ring    155
 CRACKNELL  Richard    Hatfield Peverel, marr w/out ring 1590 (Wilmot)   155
 CRANE      Henry      Rivenhall rector, to deal with Thomasine Stookes   51
 CRANEFELD  Richard    Easthorpe ploughwright & ch/wdn, helped Beamand   196
 CRANMER    Thomas     E Tilbury esq, statement 1594 re church-going      90
 CREAMER    Elizabeth  Romford, denial in Kempe case, 1583                14
 CREE       John       Leaden Roothing wdn, papist bks sold/defaced 1561 180
 CRESSYE    Mary       Tendring, aka Rivet, marr John Rivet, sundered     43
 CRIPES     Katherine  Gt Waltham, m Nicholas Satch 1585. He died 1598   151
 CRIPPES    Robert     Foulness, dispute re Foulness/Sutton churches 1576 91
 CRISPE     Edward     Wallasea island, lax in church-going, 1593         92
 CROBROOKE  Anthony    Colchester, let church porch to Wm Maynard 1587   272
 CROMER     Samuel     Mistley, 1592 reference                             5
 CROWCHE               Pontisbright, s-i-law of Thos Baker, defamation    52
 CROWE      Thomas     Fobbing, 7m from church, 1586                      86
 CROWE      Thomas     Broomfield, "misused vicar" in ch/yard 1600       128
 CROWLYE    Thomas     Excommunicate for half year, Popish ? 1584        304
 CRUSHE     John       Margaretting, burnt by harlot 1566 but denied      34
 CULPACH               Colchester currier, dried leather in ch/yd 1592   272
 CULPACK    John       Colchester, often abused the ch/wdns, 1591         64
 CURTICE    John       S Fambridge, wife evil, to cohabit/divorce, 1592  168
 CURTIS     William    Gt Leighs, svt to Mr Fitche, spoke for him, 1587   84
 CUTLER     ChristopherC Hedingham, penance for EMI w Margt Marten, date?283
 CUTTE      Richard    Debden, lease of Debden Hall, will 1592           133
 DAILE      Audrey     E Hanningfield, "used secret conventicles" 1584    98
 DAILE      Matthew    E Hanningfield, "used secret conventicles" 1584    98
 DALE       Alice      Widford, w of Wm, consorted w Revd Hy Palmer 1587 221
 DALE       William    Widford, 1587                                     221
 DALIAN     Elizabeth  Chigwell, suspected assn with Jn Lewis 1590        50
 DALIAN     William    Chigwell, hsbd of Elizabeth, svt of Jn Lewis       50
 DANIEL     William    Springfield R rector, shingles for chancel 1595   252
 DANIELL    Avice      Downham, signatory of Easter document 1582         95
 DANIELL    William    Springfield parson 1600                             4
 DANISHE    Dorothy    Inworthe, w of Thos, charged being with other men   9
 DANISHE    Thomas     Inworthe, his wife with other men c1595             9
 DANISHE    Thomas     Stisted pumpmaker, EMI charge 1596                 19
 DARBYE     widow      Sandon, ct w Richd Wybeard, c1600                   9
 DARCY      Brian      Bradwell JP 1585                                   10
 DARLO      George     Ugley vicar, witness for Jn Luddington 1585       297
 DARLOE     George     Ugley, vicar to 1593 ?                            106
 DAVIES     John       Theydon Garnon, enticed by another's wife, 1579    12
 DAVYE      Agnes      Mistley, charge of PMI with Jas Burrowe 1592        5
 DAVYE      Alice      Mistley, sister of Agnes                            5
 DAVYE      Frances    Barking, w of Nick Weaver, divorce a/c incest      39
 DAVYE      Henry      Wethersfield, aka Henry Reade                     169
 DAVYE      Henry      aka Henry Davye (but where?)                      163
 DAVYES     Thomas     Ashdon rector, to repair parsonage, 1561/2        273
 DAVYES     Thomas     Rivenhall, kept hat on in court (in ch) 1585      309
 DAVYES     Thomas     Ashdon rector, to mend chancel/parsonage, 1562    248
 DAWES      Richard    Barking, wife taught reading, unlicensed, 1590    317
 DAWES      William    Woodham Walter rector 1565, held 3 benefices      185
 DAWS       Thomas     Waltham, his wife delivered @ ho of Thos Strayte   30
 DAWSON     Edward     Walthamstow, to repair ruinous chancel 1575       250
 DAWSON     Simon      Mistley ch/wdn, court appearance, 1600            309
 DAWTRYE    Walter     Buttsbury, reported Jn Rayllde, drunkenness 1561  180
 DAY        George     Gt Wenden, evidence re fund for commn cup, 1588   258
 DAYE       Margery    Stanford(H), defamed by Thos Waples 1584           57
 DAYE       Margery    Standford/L/H, accused of EMI with Rattle 1584     55
 DAYE       Nicholas   Cressing vicar, married wdw Catche & Beckwith 1590159
 DAYE       Thomas     Gt Wenden, let his daughters go mumming 1596       18
 DAYNES     John       Rayleigh, absence fm church, pleas rejected, 1585  89
 DEATHE     Robert     Feering, ploughed the church/bier path 1599       273
 DEBBENHAM  Andrew     Gt Oakley, his child baptised 1585 in Wix         141
 DEMYN      John       Foulness, defamed Jn Challice (of incest) 1576     37
 DENHAM     Edward     Lawford liquorman, bawdery charge 1588             23
 DENT       Arthur     Danbury curate, trouble over wdg 1578 but twas OK 156
 DENT       Arthur     S Shoebury rector, to counsel Augustine Draper    110
 DENY       George     Fyfield, kept school in church 1599               315
 DERINGTON  John       Tolleshunt, lessee of house near church 1587      268
 DERINGTON  John       W Ham, married himself 1576                       155
 DERINGTON  Robert     Walthamstow, reviled the vicar Joseph Burton 1580 124
 DETHICKE   Robert     Stanford(H) gmn (22), evidence in Waples case      56
 DEVENISH   John       Inworth, rector twice barred fm communion 1592    104
 DEW        John       Gt Wakering, slander case 1567                    305
 DEW        Mary       Gt Wakering, w of Jn, slandered by Eliz Sputtell  305
 DEWGARD    Robert     Romford, ordered to marry Kath Abbot as promised  151
 DIER       John       Gt Baddow, bellfounder, 1584                      266
 DIER       Richard    Margaretting, denied EMI with Ursula Lopar 1600   154
 DIGLET     Thomas     W Mersea, possibly sexton, abused vicar 1584      129
 DIGLETT    Mary       Messing, taught without licence 1600              317
 DILLICK    Edward     Dedham, no clothes suitable for church, 1597       90
 DINES      Agnes      Cressing, sister of John Dines (kept in barn ?)    68
 DINES      John       Cressing, misused John Dynes his brother, 1588     68
 DISBOROUGH Richard    Fingringhoe curate, showed bible exercise 1585    199
 DIXON      Robert     Lt Leighs vicar, reqd to show parish register 1583261
 DIXON      Robert     Lt Leighs vicar, cited for church repairs 1580    250
 DIXON      William    N Weald, hsbd of Elizabeth                        150
 DIXSON     Arthur     Sued Ellen Cordie 1574 for defamation (where ?)    54
 DONKYN     William    Eastwood, harboured pregnant dau 1590, accused     27
 DONNYNG    James      W Mersea, d c1597, laughed at Nicholas Wright     116
 DOORE      widow      Cranham, slandered by Hy Packer for 20/-, 1579     54
 DORE       widow      Cranham, apparently enticed Henry Packer 1579      13
 DORMER     Jasper     Stanford(H) gmn, m Battell c1576, Ive c1591       169
 DOVE       Thomas     Walden vicar, named re Wicken problem 1583        247
 DOVE       Thomas     Walden vicar, c1587 ?                              95
 DOW        Revd       Stratford Sfk preacher, wdg w/out banns 1587      156
 DOWDALE               Colchester, charge of incest with daughter, c1590  37
 DOWDALE    Patience   Colchester, m Osias Johnson (also incest charge)   37
 DOWSETT    George     Ingatestone, defamed Wm Carr with Thos Sweeting    51
 DOWTIE     William    Moreton, confessed to a swearing charge, 1571      72
 DOWTYE     James      Kelvedon, charged a/c jealousy of 2 local girls    52
 DRANE      Richard    Gt Waltham, s-i-law of Sabina Rame, witness       150
 DRAPER                Stanway palemaker, away @ fair, @ other ch, 1587   82
 DRAPER     Augustine  Leigh, denied immortality of soul 1587, counselled110
 DRINKWORTHERevd       Gt Holland curante, preaches without licence 1603 198
 DRIVER     Barbara    Stock, incontinent living with several, 1583       24
 DRIVER     ChristopherStock, hsbd of Barbara, immorality charge 1583     24
 DRIVER     ChristopherStock, no commn 1566, vicar alleged drunkard      107
 DRYVER     ChristopherStock, alleged rector was a drunken man, 1566     226
 DRYVER     John       Lt Baddow, alleged to be whore-keeper 1583         23
 DRYVER     Richard    Strethall, left church early, strangury, 1599     120
 DRYVER     Thomas     Danbury, Studley Grn, refused Rettendon rate 1601 277
 DRYWOOD    George     S Ockendon rector, chancel very ruinous 1590      252
 DRYWOOD    Humphrey   S Benfleet, cited for church repairs 1585         251
 DRYWOOD    John       Hornchurch, presented on charge of burning, 1587   33
 DRYWOOD    Thomas     N Ockendon gmn, evidence re Bulphan ch fence 1600 269
 DRYWOOD    William    Downham rector c1582, a riotous parson (+p201)     95
 DUK        Isaac      Lexden, supported Jn Gwye 1592                    123
 DUNCKHORNE Elizabeth  Greenstead(Ong), incest with bro Edwd Wickes 1585  38
 DUNSTED    Richard    Hatfield Peverel, ct with Humphrey's wife 1585      8
 DUNSTON    Margery    Wennington, m Thos Blakeley, 1st/2nd hsbds alive ?170
 DUPLACK    Francis    Langham, maidsvt, claimed paternity vs Jn Warner   14
 DUPLETT    Thomas     N Fambridge, spoke for Jn Richmond, 1579           80
 DURANT     Roger      Leyton, penance commuted to cash, 1569            290
 DURDEN     Robert     Gt Tey lay rector, chancels ruinous 1602, liable  252
 DURIFALL   Edward     Ramsey, present at Collett preaching in wood 1582  97
 DURRELL    Rose       Stanway, EMI/rape involving Wm Cofield, 1596       45
 DURRIFALL             Hatfield Peverel, Newman/Harris event in his field 46
 DYBBLE     Thomas     Colchester, svt of mistress Awdley, 1596, not @ ch 81
 DYNES      John       Cressing tailor, false accusn re Stookes 1590      51
 DYNES      John       Cressing, apparently kept Agnes Dines in a barn    68
 EARLE      Joan       Bradfield Sfk?, widow, visit to Thos Gladwyn 1573  15
 EATON      ChristopherE Tilbury, allegedly defamed Hy Hoye 1563         181
 EATON      ChristopherE Tilbury vicar, defamed parishioner 1561         215
 EATON      Elizabeth  Prittlewell, charged Thos Bumbey defamed her 1592  12
 EATON      John       W Ham, died 1584 before marr to Margt Boulton     147
 EATON      Mr         Broomfield, lay rector 1566, ch in bad repair     244
 EATON      Richard    Cousin of Jn Eaton of W Ham, 1584                 147
 EATON      Robert     Springfield rector, charged to repair, 1574       250
 EATON      Robert     Springfield rector c1570, chancel in decay        248
 EBORNE     John       W Ham curate, took money for fast marriages, 1590 157
 ECKFORD    John jnr   Canewdon, EMI charge (maidsvt) 1575 - all in jest  18
 EDIN       Robert     Mayland vicar, instituted 1562                    219
 EDMONDES   Robert     Mayland clerk, refused to wear surplice 1586      195
 EDMUNDS    John       Woodham Ferrers gmn (22), evidence re Nevell 1561 145
 EDMUNDS    Robert     E Mersea rector, mortuary gift case of 1589 +p210 176
 EDWARDES   Edward     Helions Bmpstd, horns on Jn Boyton's stool 1585    54
 EDWARDS               Manningtree, suspected re maidsvt 1600             15
 EDWARDS    Thomas     Servant of Lord Mounteagle, 1595                   21
 EGELFFELDE William    E Tilbury farmer, declined to repair chancel 1574 250
 EGLES      Mr         Bradfield-in-the-Manger, Sfk (Gladwyn/Earle case)  15
 ELINOT     Thomas     Gt Holland, alt spelling of Elmot                 196
 ELKIN      Gabriel    Beaumont curate 1598                              240
 ELLIOTT    Elizabeth  Sheering, "living a long time" w Revd Some 1594   223
 ELLIOTT    Thomas     Farnham 1594                                      223
 ELLIS                 Heydon surgeon, unlicensed & marriage doubted 1587319
 ELLIS      Henry      Tollesbury curate, called parishioner liar 1599   215
 ELLIS      Lancelot   Wimbish vicar, called curate a "sauce box" 1585   208
 ELLYS      Thomas     Boreham, reported slanderous rhyme 1597            53
 ELMEARE    mistress   Danbury, her maid absconded with John Bitte 1599  157
 ELMER      George     Canewdon curate, drinker, card-player, 1586       228
 ELMES                 Lawford, previous tenant of Saml Sparhawke's land 243
 ELMES      Nicholas   S Benfleet, contemned & abused vicar in ch/yd 1596127
 ELMES      William    Dedham sexton, bur mother Gyrton w/out prayers    173
 ELMOT      Thomas     Gt Holland, charged with wrong teaching 1572      196
 ELYE       John       Lt Bromley wdn, sold bell, lived in Weeley, 1584  267
 EMERYE     Mr         Wakes Colne svt, abused Revd Rosse 1589, "knave"  127
 ENEWE      Henry      Coggeshall clothier, misbehaved in church 1595    285
 ENNES      Thomas     Colchester, windows broken by w of Jas Tomlinson   65
 ERRINGTON  Anthony    Stock, named in connection w Barbara Driver 1583   24
 ETONYE     John       Easthorpe, ct with Kath Barrington 1585             8
 EVANS      Gabriel    Grays, maliciously charged 1591, acquitted        299
 EVANS      John       Romford, took away unchurched whore 1580           25
 EVANS      Rice       Downham, attacked/raped Joan Somers, 1590          45
 EVANS      William    Peldon, quarrel w vicar, drew dagger, 1597        129
 EVE        Edward     Maldon, EMI charge, bribed apparitor 10/- 1592    314
 EVE        John       Chignal St J (Bedells Hall), died c1579/80 ?      172
 EVE        John       Rochford ch/wdn, to get/inscribe new register 1576261
 EVE        Richard    Chignal St M, exctr of Jn Eve, gravestone reqd    172
 EVE        Thomas     Lt Leighs, late vicar (1580).                     172
 EVERARD    Richard    Black Notley, marr Mary Whitbread                  42
 EVERARD    Richard    Gt Waltham (Langleys?), interrupted vicar 1563    113
 EVERED                Colchester currier, dried leather in ch/yd 1592   272
 EVERED     Mary       Black Notley (=My Everard ?)                       42
 EVERED     Matthew    Rettendon, dispute about his church seating 1596  247
 EVERED     Thomas     Ardleigh, his wife a disorderly scold 1589         47
 EXCETER    John       Shenfield wdn 1568, ch & ch/yd in poor order      188
 EYON       Sarah      Gt Burstead, Thos Folkes svt, ch by Thos Hopkins   11
 FAGE       Edward     Doddinghurst gmn, not in ch 1583; preached against 77
 FANNINGE   Edmund     Hatfield Peverel, hindered wife's churching 1586  160
 FARRANT    Elizabeth  Aveley, svt @ Belhus, married by Wm Tayler 1584   156
 FARRAR     William    Rayleigh, idling/sleeping instead of church 1585   89
 FARRER     Revd       Lt Braxted, took candlelight wdg in 1603          157
 FARRINGTON William    Stanford(R)curate, read service tho suspended 1601202
 FARRINGTON William    Ch Ongar clerk, living idly, malicious, etc, 1599 229
 FAUNCE                Maldon, present at Wm Walker's conventicle 1583    99
 FAUNCE     William    Ashdon curate, spoke on behalf of Jn Whitehand    299
 FAUNTE     Nicholas   N Ockendon, didn't pay 13/4d rate   new bell 1602 265
 FAWCKNAR   Richard    Mucking, ch/wdn 1563 ?                            181
 FAYRFEILD  Owtrey     Lexden, no surgery till licence shown, 1598       319
 FELDE      William    W Mersea, of superstitious mind, kept cope, 1588  184
 FELL       Thomas     E Tilbury vicar, 1594                              90
 FELSTED    John       Lt Wenden, evidence re fund for commn cup, 1588   259
 FELTON                Colchester, struck minister of St Runwald 1590    129
 FELTWELL   John       Lt Wenden, accuser of Revd Burgin 1585, falsely ? 200
 FENNER     Margery    Married her cousin Lancelot Mundaye (sisters' chn) 40
 FENNING    Dorothy    Ramsey, evidence re preaching by Wm Collett 1582   97
 FENTON     Margery    W Ham, sister of wife of Edwd Lum, incontinent     54
 FERNE      Cutlacke   Witham, non-communicating, tore up process 1589   313
 FERNE      Goodacke   Witham, non-communicating, tore up process 1589   313
 FERNE      Patrick    Sandon rector                                     113
 FERNE      Patrick    Sandon rector, brawling words during service, 1574128
 FERRAR     Revd       Colchester, St Nicholas, minister c 1590          129
 FEWWILLIAMSHumphrey   Lt Warley ? Charged with Eleanor Jellson 1579      19
 FILOLL     Henry      Aveley, refused commn 1602; vicar severe piles    107
 FILOLL     Mary       Aveley, w of Henry, refused commn 1602            107
 FINCH      Thomas     Gt Burstead, his wife had disappeared 1583        162
 FINSHE     William    Chigwell, in debt, feared to go to church, 1587    84
 FISON      Mr         Gt Bentley, abused by Robt Wigge in church 1601   116
 FITCHE                Gt Leighs, indebted, afraid to go to church, 1587  84
 FLETCHER   Thomas     Barking, often drunk (at the Bull in Barking)      69
 FLEXMAN    Edward     Hempstead, lock on chancel door for Mordaunt 1599 254
 FOAKES     Richard    W Mersea, laughed at Nicholas Wright 1597         116
 FOAKS      Abraham    Abberton, vouched for good name of Eliz Westbrowne 79
 FOKES      Robert     Layer Breton, not at church, sham ailment ? 1584   87
 FOLKES     Thomas     Gt Burstead, his svt sent away when pregnamt 1599  11
 FOORD      Thomas     Lexden, didn't send chn to learn catechism, 1599  143
 FOOTE      Nicholas   E Horndon, debarred 1590 - abused the minister    105
 FORDE      William    Gt Tey, Eliz Hindes abused vicar to him 1591      210
 FORDHAM    Beatrice   Radwinter, Jn Copwith's svt, w/child 1585 ran away 12
 FORDHAM    John snr   Lt Chisall (80), nr Gt Chisall church, case 1588   87
 FORTHE     Mr         Suffolk justice 1591                               41
 FORTHE     Richard    Gt Holland rector, defended Thos Hilles 1589       16
 FORTHE     Richard    Gt Holland parson, does not preach, 1603          198
 FOSKUE     Elizabeth  aka Eliz Smith (born Foskue ?)                     28
 FOSTER     Anne       Barking, defamation suit brought by Revd Tyrwhytt 205
 FOSTER     Revd       Marks Tey parson 1595, otherwise unrecorded.      129
 FOSTER     William    Barking, incest charge with daughter 1596          37
 FOULER     Julian     Hornchurch, aka Rogers (born Fouler ?)            167
 FOUNTAIN   Revd       Gt Braxted curate 1589 (see Geo Rowland)          227
 FOWEY                 Witham, lodged Agnes Burrow 4 nights, 1600        153
 FOX        John       Braintree, married maidsvt of S Weald (1580?)     146
 FOXE       John       Widdington, told to stop bell ringing. Acquitted. 137
 FOXE       William    Springfield, ch absence, caring for wife, 1592     88
 FRANCIS    Nicholas   Kelvedon, abused vicar 1576, retaliation ?        206
 FRANCIS    William    Wivenhoe, had bells rung falsely, 1592            175
 FRANCKE    Richard    Maldon lay rector, has let chancel decay, 1585    250
 FRAUNCIS   Eleanor    Maldon ? Accused of EMI with Thos Ball gmn 1575   292
 FREBORNE   William    Witham, party in horrific widow Burrow case 1600  153
 FREEBODY   Mr         Rochford, leased Commes in Lt Stambridge, 1590    277
 FREMAN     Thomas     Radwinter, claimed was overrated 1594             278
 FRENCH     Robert     Walden scholar, accused as fr by Wm Barry's svt    26
 FRESSHE    Mr         Stow Maries, Nevell/Fyssher plighted @ his ho     145
 FRITH                 Upminster, witness to Wm Latham abusing Wassher   127
 FRITH      John       Rainham, accused of roguery by Revd Buck 1600      61
 FRITH      Katherine  Rainham wdw, charged to repair chancel 1574       250
 FRITH      William    Upminster, churching complaint re rector (when?)  161
 FROST      John       Gt Sampford, excommunicate, son of clothier       304
 FRYER      Francis    Gt Totham vicar, marr Cracknell/Wilmot w/out ring 155
 FRYER      Ralph      Sandon, to repair part of ch fence, 1580          269
 FULHAM     Nicholas   Woodford, betrothed to Joan Smithe 1590, absconded152
 FULLER     Andrew     Dedham, married his cousin Katherine Cock, 1589    40
 FULLER     Henry      N Weald, father of Thos.                           60
 FULLER     John       Blackmore, called minister whoremaster knave 1584 207
 FULLER     Katherine  N Weald, wife of Henry                             60
 FULLER     Richard    Langford, abused minister, coarse slander, 1591   210
 FULLER     Richard    Langford, unpaid fine 10/- 1591 (not in church)    77
 FULLER     Richard    Langford, abused ch/wdns, swore, stole, 1591       66
 FULLER     Thomas     N Weald, s of Henry/Katherine, EMI w cousin ?      60
 FULLER     William    Shenfield wdn 1568, ch & ch/yd in poor order      188
 FULLER     William    Elmstead, generally irreverent in church, 1591    120
 FYDLINGE   Richard    Loughton parson (when ?)                          123
 FYNCH      John       Feering, harbouring neighbour's wife, 1579         65
 FYSHBORNE  Avice      Wife of Jn, excommunicate for 6mos, Popish ? 1584 304
 FYSHBORNE  John       Avice was his wife                                304
 FYSHER     Agnes      Gt Chesterford, m Ralph Hall 1570s                169
 FYSHER     Robert     Latchingdon, perversely excommunicate, 1600       305
 FYSSHER    Margery    Woodham Ferrers, breach of marriage case 1561     145
 GAGE       Mr & Mrs   Leyton, to pay  20/month as recusant, 1591 case    78
 GALL       Elizabeth  Walden, compurgator for Margt Richard 1599        296
 GALLOWAIE  Joan       Havering, in child-bed named 5 men, 1578           34
 GALLOWAIE  Richard    Ramsey, wife attending Collett preaching 1582      97
 GALVANO    Gabriel    Leyton, EMI charge with maidsvt 1566               25
 GAMAGE     Woilliam   E Ham, esq, refused full rates on pastures 1598   278
 GAMMES     John       Ardleigh, penance attestation inadequate 1590     284
 GARDINER   John       Heybridge, present at Wm Walker's conventicle 1583 99
 GARLYNG    Edmund     Lt Birch, living in the church 1598 (disused?)    272
 GARRATT    John       S Benfleet vicar, ministry without surplice 1566  195
 GARRETT               Colchester cobbler, unlicensed surgery ? 1593     319
 GARRETT    Robert     Wivenhoe, contemptuous at court hearing 1589      308
 GASCOIGNE  George     Walthamstow, a notable Roman Catholic recusant     93
 GASKIN     Anthony    Lt Bromley, living asunder from his wife, 1587    162
 GATELYE               Colchester ch/wdn, sold bell to Lobell ?          267
 GATTON     Eugene     Mucking gmn, to repair his church seating 1587    247
 GAWEN      Katherine  E Ham widow, alleged couple wed under a bush 1599 158
 GEE                   W Ham, wife an unlicensed midwife 1565            320
 GEFFERY    Thomas     Wickford, refused to be ch/wdn tho chosen, 1575   233
 GEIGE      Nicholas   Stisted, his wife allegedly with Robt Wallys 1593  10
 GEORGE     John       Bradwell(M), incontinent with Alice Mellowes 1585  10
 GEORGE     William    Colne Engaine, gt drinker, encouraged others 1603  70
 GESLYNG    Isaac      E Tilbury constable, attested re Thos Cranmer 1594 90
 GIBBES     Thomas     Hornchurch, imprisoned for incontinence 1589       10
 GIBBINS    Robert     Boreham, barred fm communion 1585, abused parson  104
 GIFFORD    George     Maldon, regular conventicles during week           98
 GILBERT               Inworth, wife gave birth 1589                     161
 GILBERT               Maldon apparitor, bribe by Edward Eve 1592        314
 GILBERTE   William    Fingringhoe vicar, Mr Bonam said service, 1591    316
 GILDER     Thomas     Chelmsford, victim of Thos/Joan Nocke trickery     13
 GILES      Alice      Wivenhoe, unlicensed surgery 1593 ?               319
 GILES      William    Wivenhoe, hsbd of Alice (surgery)                 319
 GILGATT    Philip     Boxted vicar (Silgate?), irregularities 1590 ?    202
 GILL       Hugh       Lt Baddow, not at church thru arthritis, 1587      87
 GILLATT    Lawrence   Colchester ? With unprotected girls at night 1573  16
 GILLMAN    goodwife   Stanford le Hope, defamation case 1567             51
 GIPPS      Edward     Danbury, lodged a run-away bride 1599 (see Bitte) 157
 GIVER      Margaret   Woodham Ferrers, aka Giver or Gyver                41
 GLADWYN    Thomas     Lexden, evidence re Joan Earle visit 1573          15
 GLASCOCK   Andrew     Stanford(R), one of many Catholics there, 1565     96
 GLASCOCK   Frances    Manningtree, first wife of Robt Glascock gmn      171
 GLASCOCK   Robert     Manningtree, buried wife in ch 1584, 6yrs unpaved 171
 GLASCOCK   William    Henham, ch/wdn prevented him ringing, 1587        137
 GLASCOCKE             Chelmsford shoemaker, tore baptism pp fm p/bk 1586196
 GLASCOCKE  Edward     E Hanningfield, bed shared w wife/svtmaid, 1587    15
 GLASCOKE   BartholomewBobbingworth rector, took wdg in private ho 1587  157
 GLOVER     Richard    Colchester curate, churched woman at home 1571    161
 GLOVER     Robert     Dedham, named 1600 in charge re Margt Gravenor     50
 GODFREY               Stanway man, ruptured, not at ch, penance 1597     87
 GODFREY    John       Ramsey, one of the wealthier parishioners 1594    277
 GODFREY    William    Goldhanger, wife slandered by Roger Cowper 1591    67
 GODFRIE    Edward     Wrabness, died 1598 (poss owed money to Thos Bett)174
 GODSAFE    Alice      Blackmore, w/child 1597, accused Wm Smith           7
 GODSAFE    Widow      Blackmore, w/child 1597, father tailor unknown      7
 GODWARD    Margaret   Gt Birch, involved in incest charge c1595          37
 GOFF       ChristopherGt Waltham, nailed up a ch/yd gate 1599           273
 GOFFE      ChristopherGt Waltham vicar, apparently a barrator 1598      229
 GOFFE      John       Ramsey, blasphemed in ch/yard 1595                125
 GOLDE      Mr         Colchester curate, criticised 1589                 23
 GOLDE      Revd       Colchester curate, must summon/teach young, 1584  143
 GOLDING    Erasmus    E Donyland, charged 16d for shotting ch bell 1591 265
 GOLDINGHAM James      Ramsey, one of the wealthier parishioners 1594    277
 GOLDRINGE  John       Langdon Hills rector, sheep in ch during snow 1579271
 GOLDRINGE  John       Langdon Hills rector (+adultery chge 1589 p297)   113
 GOLLINGE   Richard    Divorced on sexual grounds 1561 (but where?)      165
 GOODALE    Edmund     Arkesden, married Eliz Howland 1597               156
 GOODAY     Richard    Braintree gmn, pew dispute with Joseph Man 1584   133
 GOODE      Robert     Colchester rector 1588                            209
 GOODE      Robert     Colchester, rector of Holy Trinity 1589            23
 GOODEY     Thomas     Greensted(Ong) wdn, refused ann. presentment 1585 313
 GOODIN     Thomas     Tilbury miller, paternity alleged 1592             19
 GOODIN     William    E Tilbury, involved in ch/yd prank 1600           175
 GOODWIN    Edward     Thorrington curate, drunk @ Wivenhoe 1590         227
 GOODWIN    Frances    Colchester, w of Marcel, unsavoury character ?    116
 GOODWIN    Marcel     Colchester (St Giles). Wife rowdy 1600 & 1601     116
 GOODWIN    Roger      Layer/d/l/H curate, suspended 1592, no exercise   199
 GOODWIN    Roger      Layer de la Haye, debarred Lucy Clover 1588       105
 GOOSE      John       W Tilbury, unlicensed teacher, ABC/reading c1565  186
 GOOSE      John       E Tilbury, reinstated to communion 1574           104
 GORE       John       Colchester, Holy Trinity, slovenly beggar 1596    212
 GOSSE      John       Ramsey, taught neighbours' children 1582          317
 GOULDTHWAITE John     Kelvedon, rape accusation, denied, cleared, 1590   44
 GOWLDRINGE John ygr   Chigwell, false(?) charge re Anne Stondon 1590     12
 GRAFTON    goodwife   Romford, abused a hsbd with "undecent words"       65
 GRAME      Arthur     Childerditch vicar in 1600                        158
 GRAUNTE    Elizabeth  Virley, 2nd wife of Richd Mott, divers children    42
 GRAUNTE    Margaret   Virley, 1st wife of Richard Mott                   42
 GRAUNTE    Mary       Harlot, locality not stated                       294
 GRAUNTE    Mary       E Colne, alleged lewdness with Thos Carter 1600    10
 GRAVE      Agnes      N Weald, cousin of Thomas Fuller                   60
 GRAVENOR   Henry      Dedham, defended his wife Margt against charges    50
 GRAVENOR   Margaret   Dedham, suspected EMI with Robt Glover 1600        50
 GRAVES     Robert     Coggeshall, confession to vicar/vestry, 1577      288
 GRAVES     William    E Hanningfield ch/wdn, slept during service 1587  119
 GRAVES     William    W Hanningfield ch/wdn, slept in church 1587        90
 GRAY       John       Wivenhoe, reproved for not going to church, 1572   63
 GRAY       Nicholas   Coggeshall, ch/wdn (?) 1598                       131
 GRAY       Peter      Wivenhoe, reproved for not going to church, 1572   63
 GRAY       Robert     Coggeshall, PMI charge 1591, wedding was late       4
 GRAYSEBOROWRevd       Langford, barred Sibthorps but kept their offering106
 GREEN      Margaret   Colchester, lived w Revd Sea 1589, recent widow   222
 GREEN      Mr         Chelmsford innkeeper, New Inn, 1585                 8
 GREENE     John       Markshall rector c1600                            262
 GREENE     William    Tollesbury, away in service & not @ ch, 1599. OK   81
 GREENLEAF  John       Frating, svt of Thos Sayer, ran away 1588          11
 GREGYLL    John       Barking vicar to c1560                            206
 GRENE      John       Dedham, not @ ch thru attending law court, 1580    84
 GRENE      William    Rainham, his wife (sis of Jn Frith) named in suit  61
 GRENWAIE   Anthony    Esq, compurgator for Thos Ball of Maldon 1575     292
 GREVE      Enoch      Feering, burnt via EMI, drowned himself, 1590      35
 GREVERS    Guners     Gt Bardfield, abused ch/wdns re bells 1585        175
 GREYE      Thomas     Coggeshall, debarred fm communion (grudge w revd) 105
 GRIEVE     John snr   Coggeshall, surgeon, healed burning cases, 1588    36
 GRIFFEN    Thomas     Upminster, sued Geo Larder for slander (1585?)     58
 GRIFFIN    Margaret   Leyton, alleged assault by Revd Ballard 1578      213
 GRIFFIN    Richard    S Ockendon curate 1588                            119
 GRIGGES    Joan       Ickleton Cambs, child by Robt Coote, 1594         223
 GROVE      John       Blackmore, agreed to cart bell back   ch, 1575    267
 GUBBERD    Margaret   Stock, named in EMI charge 1598                   295
 GUBBERD    Thomas     Stock, his wife named in EMI charge 1590 (Younge) 295
 GURNELL    Miles      Wivenhoe, drunk, brawling, incontinent &c 1588     66
 GUYAN      John       Coggeshall, confessed/convicted of incest 1576     40
 GUYON      John       Coggeshall wdn, checked fair for ch absentees 1595 82
 GUYVER                Pattiswick or Stisted, 1600                       157
 GWIN       Eleanor    Clavering widow, mother of Joan, a bawd 1588       22
 GWIN       Joan       Clavering, the local whore 1588                    22
 GWYE       John       Colchester, fought with Peter Smith 1592          123
 GYLCHRIST  William    W Ham, mocked at a wedding ceremony 1602          155
 GYON       John elder Coggeshall, wife living in Sfk, 1588              164
 GYON       William    Coggeshall, made private penance 1581, accepted   289
 GYRTON     mother     Dedham, died/buried 1588 (see Elmes)              173
 GYVER      John       Woodham Ferrers, bro-in-law of Margt Manister      41
 HADDON     Mr         Barking, refused commn 1564, priest had gt pocks  107
 HAILES     Matthew    Burnham, abandoned his child's baptism, 1587      142
 HAINES     Ann        W Ham, incontience w cousin Hy Lewter (Luter?)     39
 HAINES     Thomas     Romford, ch/wdn, mentioned in Cox/Luckin case 1591 60
 HALES      Giles      Gt Waltham, brawling with Audrey Howell, 1578      65
 HALES      Susan      Grays, single, found EMI w Rev Jas Wallinger 1599 223
 HALIWELL   Richard    Gt Totham, separated from his wife, 1589          168
 HALL       Edward     Witham vicar, 1584 charge of incontinence         220
 HALL       John       Walthamstow, brothel charge 1564 with wife         20
 HALL       John       W Ham curate, confirmed banns of Eaton/Boulton    149
 HALL       Ralph      Gt Chesterford, marr Agnes Fysher 1570s           169
 HALL       William    Colchester, already ch/wdn 6-7yrs, excused 1598   233
 HALLES     Thomas     Hempstead 1598,"men are worse for hearing sermons"215
 HALLIDAY   George     W Ham sideman, malicious charge vs Isaac Hewes    299
 HAMANS     Thomas     E Tilbury, held a lease from Mary Skott            82
 HAMELYNG   Thomas     Rivenhall, kept hat on in court (in ch) 1585      309
 HAMMON     Thomas     E Tilbury constable, attested re Thos Cranmer 1594 90
 HAMNER     David      Lt Warley, must repave wife's chancel grave 1593  171
 HAMON      Mr         Bobbingworth, alleged PMI, 1587                    11
 HAMON      Richard    Moreton, compurgator for Edwd Nevell 1585         294
 HAMOND     Robert     Bobbingworth, failure to attend church &c, 1586    76
 HAMOND     Thomas     Woodham Walter, suspected of EMI with Harrys 1563 165
 HAMPDER    John       Billericay, the Crown innkeeper, 1600             214
 HANCOCK    William    Colne Engaine, svt of Jn King, not in ch (when?)  102
 HANGER     Robert     Walthamstow, not paid for knell for son, 1599     174
 HANSON     John       Stapleford Tawney recotr, c1565                   185
 HANWORTH   ChristopherCreeksea, rectory farmer, repair chancel ? 1575   249
 HARDING    John       Doddinghurst, arbitrator re Clement/Maggett case   56
 HARDINGE   John       Doddinghurst hsbdmn, deposed vs Jn Clement 1581    56
 HARDINGE   Robert     Loughton, let pregnant svt leave, 1564, acquitted  26
 HARDMAN    Michael    Margaretting, fought in Ingatestone ch/yard 1590  123
 HARDY      John       Good Easter, ejected fm communion by Josselyn 1602195
 HARE       Walter     Hatfield Peverel constable 1585, ct Richd Dunsted   8
 HAROLDE               Black Notley, brief ch entry during sermon 1593   119
 HARR       John       Tollesbury, called rector scurvy priest, 1591     210
 HARR       Robert     Gt Tey, charged with absence from church 1584      82
 HARR       William    Coggeshall fuller, witness of break-in 1584       240
 HARRINGTON Alexander  Lt Bardfield, sent away a bell, 1595              266
 HARRIS                Woodham Mortimer, suit to outlaw Thos Poplit       83
 HARRIS     Clement    Hatfield Peverel, horseplay by Thos Newman, 1579   46
 HARRIS     Hugh ap    Mountnessing, woman delivered @ his ho, 1574       29
 HARRIS     John       Layer Breton, exposure case 1581                   46
 HARRIS     John       Messing vicar, EMI with goodwife Pemerton 1588?   221
 HARRIS     Mary       Rayleigh, niece of 1st wife of Jn Killingmarshe    42
 HARRIS     Percy      Elmstead, guilty on usury charge 1588              73
 HARRIS     Priscilla  Tolleshunt, aka Priscilla King                    220
 HARRIS     Richard    Rainham (More Hall), went mainly   Aveley Ch, 1574 85
 HARRIS     Robert     Gt Waltham (Black Chapel) had papist books 1561   180
 HARRIS     Thomas     Mundon, chancel/chapel decay 1603 (s of Vincent?) 249
 HARRIS     Vincent    Mundon, allowed Mundon church to decay, 1572      249
 HARRIS     William    Messing vicar c1599                               262
 HARRIS     William    Mundon, father of Vincent (Mundon Hall) ?         249
 HARRISON   George     Colchester, obscure charge re rates payment 1599  278
 HARRISON   John       Thorpe, adultery charge (Younge's wife) 1566       33
 HARRISON   Thomas     Walden, gave svt   Barry 1585, she proved pregnant 26
 HARRYES               Kelvedon, beaten by his wife (dau of smith Banks)  66
 HARSNETT   Samuel     Chigwell vicar, founded Chigwell School 1629       50
 HART       John       Hornchurch, protested rate assessment 1602        279
 HARTE                 Rainham farmer, evicted by Jn Frith ?              61
 HARTE      goodman    Rainham, North End, 1599, his wife unfaithful     224
 HARVELL    Thomas     Springfield, accused of PMI 1600 but said married   4
 HARVEY     Edward     Langford, named re St Peter's, maldon, 1565       183
 HARVEY     John       E Donyland, charged 6/8 for shotting ch bell 1591 265
 HARVYE     William    Stanway, EMI with Margery Carver, 1590?            40
 HARVYE     William    Stanway, punished but again charged, 1599          10
 HARWOOD    Thomas     Lt Bardfield, debarred 1599 despite offering given106
 HARWOOD    William    W Horndon rector, 1542 . nearly 1592              195
 HASELLAST..Judith     Gt Horkesley rector's svt, sent off pregnant 1600  28
 HASELLWOOD Henry      Coggeshall, rowdy in (Gt Tey) church 1600         116
 HASTLER    John       Prittlewell gmn, false(?) charge vs Thos Bumbey    12
 HASTLER    Robert     East Mersea, not at home when wife ct w Stockley    9
 HASTLER    Ursula     East Mersea, ct abed w Jn Stockley c 1600           9
 HATCHMAN   Thomas     Boreham, ex-wdn, withheld a chalice &c, 1576      258
 HATECK                Coggeshall fishmonger, taught friend's chn 1591   317
 HATTER     Joan       Rainham, maid, buried Easter 1600                  61
 HATTON     John       Gravesend, leased E Tilbury tithes   Egelffelde   250
 HAVEN      George     Coggeshall, licensed sch/mstr 1587                317
 HAVEN      George     Black Notley, disorderly, seldom at church, 1591   67
 HAWES      William    Lawford rector, chancel ruinous, to repair, 1603  252
 HAWGHTON   Jane       London, named 1598 in Richd Stanton charge          7
 HAWKES     Peter      Layer Breton rector, 1581                          47
 HAWKIN     mistress   Pontisbright ? Named in Crowche allegations 1583   52
 HAWKS      Robert     N Shoebury vicar, wife burnt Wm Steven 1566        33
 HAWLE      Randall    Romford, missed commn 1583, discord with curate   108
 HAWSE      Thomas     E Tilbury ch/wdn, attested re Thos Cranmer 1594    90
 HAYWARD    William    N Shoebury minister, c 1588                       129
 HAYWOOD    John       Boreham, barred fm communion 1575, a/c behaviour  104
 HEAPE      tHOMAS     St Lawrence, preached 1588 w/out preaching licence199
 HEARD      Robert     Stifford, to fill gap in ch fence 1597 (ho taken) 268
 HECKFORD   Elizabeth  Elmstead, parsons are "dissemblers & liars", 1591 215
 HECKFORD   John       Gt Bromley curate 1596, abused by Riche           126
 HECKFORD   John       Elmstead, 1591, hsbd of Elizabeth                 215
 HEDGE      Jonas      Manningtree sidesman, abused by Richd Turner 1600  64
 HEDGE      Reginald   Ramsey, lent 2/- to Simon Cawston 1581             73
 HELDEN     Derickus   Lt Stambridge rector, puritan leanings, 1584       98
 HELDER     William    Lt Wenden, farmer, to repair chancel 1570         248
 HELLAM     snr        Stanford(R), claimed infirmity but ordered ch 1602 88
 HENSLOWE   Philip     Owned Bankside playhouses, brothels etc            21
 HERD       John       Lt Oakley, one of parish hierarchy 1593           243
 HERD       Nicholas   Upminster, wife defamed by Geo Larder 1585         58
 HERDE      Mr         Ramsey, one of the wealthier parishioners 1594    277
 HERON      Robert     Aveley vicar, bawdery with maidsvt 1566 &c &c     220
 HESTER     Henry      Walthamstow, harboured Eliz Smith 1598, charged    28
 HEVENINGHAMJohn       Goldhanger, debarred by Revd Knight a/c slander   105
 HEWES      Alice      Fryerning, svt of Revd Maddock, EMI 1565 ?        219
 HEWES      Alice      W Ham, suspicious conduct with Jn Senior 1584     146
 HEWES      Isaac      W Ham, victim of malicious accusation 1591        299
 HEWES      Lewis      Kelvedon H rector, didn't appear for Bangor 1599  298
 HEWES      Thomas     Alresford ch/wdn, disclaimer re ch repairs 1588   245
 HEWETSON   Robert     Pitsea rector, dissolute living w his maid 1596 ? 223
 HEWETT     Mary       Barking, not allowed to marry Jn Loggen 1578      170
 HEWETT     widow      Bradfield, married John Copt 1600                 155
 HEYWARD    John       Ramsey ch/wdn, complained of court fee, 1588      308
 HEYWARD    Richard    E Colne, away from church, Prince's business, 1578 79
 HEYWARD    Robert     Wrabness ch/wdn 1570                              213
 HICKES     Francis    Danbury, he & wife kept house of incontinence 1578 22
 HICKLETT   William    Canewdon ferryman, admitted chch absence 1579      80
 HILLES     Edward     Fryerning, priced church porch for sale 1589      246
 HILLES     Thomas     Gt Holland, charge of EMI w Joan Milles, acquitted 16
 HILLES     William    Colchester, unlicensed surgeon ? 1593             319
 HILLS      Joan       Lt Leighs, defended hsbd in court 1592             64
 HILLS      Thomas     Lt Leighs, a lame man, abused ch/wdns for pushing  64
 HILLS      Thomas     Tendring questman 1582, negligence charge         239
 HINDES     Elizabeth  Gt Tey, a vicious scold, slandered vicars, 1591   210
 HIX        William    Woodford, was betrothed to Agnes Clarke 1577      151
 HIXSON     Revd       N Fambridge curate, spoke for ferrymen 1579        80
 HOBSON     John       Terling, gamester 1590, chn not catechised        315
 HOBSON     Thomas     Prittlewell, still had popish vestments 1565      184
 HODSHON    Richard    Debden minister 1599                              212
 HOGG       William    Colchester, bro of wife of Revd Knevett           270
 HOGRAVE    Stephen    Abberton, contentious, abused ch/wdns, 1584        64
 HOLLAND    John       Gt Dunmow rector 1564-                            113
 HOLLINGSWTHWilliam    Stondon Massey, kept Mrs Ryvet @ his ho unlawfully 29
 HONE       Gabriel    Danbury, railed at minister/sidesmen 1576         206
 HOOKER                Aveley, house at Lion Quay (Mar Dyke outlet ?)     19
 HOPE       William    Doddinghurst constable 1581                        56
 HOPKIN     Edward     Hornchurch, lodged Jerningham/Rogers 1585         167
 HOPKINS    John       Nazeing vicar, deprived 1589                      194
 HOPKINS    Thomas     Gt Burstead, svt of Thos Folkes, EMI w Sarah Eyon  11
 HOPPWOOD   Thomas     S Fambridge, derided the church wardens (when ?)   89
 HOPWOOD    Ann        W of Jn Sell, accused of living asunder 1587       34
 HORNE      Lettice    Gt Sampford, involved with vicar ?                213
 HORNER     Revd       Goldhanger, former curate (as at 1589)            104
 HORSEFALE  John       London, rector of St Peter, Paul's Wharf, 1579     27
 HORTON     John       Barking curate, baptismal irregularities 1579     141
 HOSKINS    John       Writtle, compurgator for Edwd Nevell 1585         294
 HOSKYNNE   John       Beauchamp Roothing, in bed, not in church, 1576    89
 HOTSPUR    Thomas     Lt Baddow, communicated but once 1574             102
 HOUGHTON   Thomas     Theydon Mt curate, debarred a communicant 1584    104
 HOWE       John       Laindon, rated for Fobbing ch repair 1587         277
 HOWELL     Agnes      Grays, malicious charge against Gabriel Evans 1591299
 HOWELL     Audrey     Gt Waltham, brawling with Giles Hales, 1578        65
 HOWELL     Thomas     Paglesham rector, hit curate @ Burnham Ch, 1587   130
 HOWELL     Thomas     Paglesham rector, denied EMI w Avice Page 1591    222
 HOWES      George     Colchester, declined as ch/wdn Mile End 1593      232
 HOWLAND    Elizabeth  Arkesden, married Edmund Goodale 1597             156
 HOWLAND    John       Wicken Bonhunt, constable 1580/6, declined ch/wdn 232
 HOWLAND    Robert     Widdington, seldom in church, far off, 1578        85
 HOWSDEN    Mr         His maid erred with Richd Weston 1588. Where ?     19
 HOYE       Alice      Wormingford, wife of Wm Hoye                      106
 HOYE       Henry      Mucking, slandered as idolatrous, 1563            181
 HOYE       Martha     Wormingford, daughter of Wm Hoye                  106
 HOYE       William    Wormingford, his simple svt debarred fm commn 1591106
 HUBBERD    Grace      Thorrington, m John Munt 1600, PMI confession       4
 HUETTSON   Robert     Pitsea rector, wd not purge for Revd Goldringe    297
 HUICKE     Mr         London, Chancellor of Bp of Ldn, LLD              167
 HULKE      George     Fobbing, 7m from church, 1586                      86
 HUMBER     Richard    Aveley, married Eliz Farrant 1584                 156
 HUMFREY    John       Walden, sentenced to private confession 1579      288
 HUMFRYE    John jnr   Gt Sampford, rang church bells on Sabbath         137
 HUMFRYE    John snr   Gt Sampford, rang church bells on Sabbath         137
 HUMPHREY              Hatfield Pvrl sawyer, wife ct with Richd Dunsted    8
 HUNT       James      Moze, Jn/Susan Royse were his lodgers c1587         4
 HUNT       Robert     Manningtree, lodged Patterick/Sawcer c1595          9
 HUNTER     Robert     E Horndon parson, barred Hamo Carter 1595         106
 HUNTER     Robert     E Horndon rector, was abused in church 1575       124
 HUNTER     Robert     E Horndon, bigamy charge 1593                     225
 HUNTLEY    Joan       Cranham, unmarried mother, kept by Hy Packer 1580  55
 HUNWICK    John       Lt Birch, accused of living with Kath Barrington    8
 HURLYE     William    Hatfield Peverel, wagered Walter Willmott 1597     18
 HURTE      John       Bulphan, owner of Slowe House, c1578              269
 HUTTOFFE              Fyfield, wife linked with Revd Edwd Bordman 1575  206
 HYCKES     John       Leyton, often away from home/chch. To prove, 1580  81
 HYLLS      William    Sandon, beat his wife (who beat his sister) 1593   68
 HYLLS      William    Otten Belchamp, penance in ch in white sheet 1561 282
 HYLTON     Ellen      Dunton, svt of Rev Sadler, rumoured EMI 1562      219
 HYLTON     Jervice    Cranham rector, in court on ritual charge 1561    180
 INCHE      Hugh       Ch Ongar rector, censured for wdg @ Staplefd Tny  157
 INGOLD     William    Stondon, cited by Jn Searle in his defence 1584    62
 INGRAM     Gabriel    Gt Holland, horseplay in his house 1599            17
 INGRAM     Katherine  Gt Holland, wife of Gabriel                        18
 IVE        Agnes      Rushmere, m Jasper Dormer c1591, 1st wife alive   169
 JACKSON    goodman    Colchester, overseer of the poor, 1600            232
 JACKSON    Robert     W Tilbury, refused to pay rate for new bell, 1579 265
 JAQUES     Leonard    Lt Baddow svt to Mr Blake, accused by Joan Moreton 28
 JELLIBROND John       Hadstock, injured boy's head in church 1598       115
 JELLIBROND John       Hadstock, wife involved in ch seat dispute 1598   134
 JELLSON    Eleanor    Lt Warley svt, EMI with Humphrey Fewwilliams 1579? 19
 JENCKES    William    E Ham, Eliz Cox charged for EMI with him, 1591    291
 JENKYN     Peter      Colchester St Botolph, glover, supported Jn Gwye  123
 JENNER     Revd       Gt Bardfield rector, 1576                         143
 JENNINGES  Robert     W Ham, baptised child in basin not font, 1597     140
 JENNINGS   Elizabeth  Hatfield P, PMI with Richd Shorten, mother present  5
 JENNINGS   Thomas     Hatfield Peverel tailor, father of Eliz.            5
 JENNYNGES  BartholomewBradfield ymn, buried 2 soldiers in field 1587    172
 JERMIN     Anne       Stanway, kept ill rule in her house, 1590         314
 JERMIN     William    Stanway, kept ill rule in his house, 1590         314
 JERNINGHAM John       Hornchurch, procured Rogers' divorce, m Julian    167
 JEYE       Revd       Theydon Garnon curate ? 1587                      110
 JOANES     Hugh       Steeple rector, deprived in 1567                  248
 JOHNSON    Joan       Kelvedon, denied charge of burning Jn Pyke 1574    35
 JOHNSON    John       Bow, bro of wife of aunt of Edwd Benbrick          30
 JOHNSON    Nicholas   Woodham Ferrers rector 1568-1611                   55
 JOHNSON    Osias      Kelvedon clothier, m Patience Dowdale              37
 JOHNSON    Revd       Chignal rector, not examine godparents, 1567 +p201141
 JOHNSON    Rooke      Gt Sampford, night wdg @ his house 1599           157
 JOHNSON    William    Chignal SS M/J parson 1565, drunkard, wholly unfit188
 JOICE      John       Gt Chesterford, brawled/railed in church 1598     114
 JOLLYE     John       E Colne, tried to marry 1589 tho excommunicate    159
 JOLLYE     John       Fordham, compurgator for Thos Baker 1584          292
 JONES      Elizabeth  Barking ? aka Eliz Vaughan                         28
 JONES      Robert     London, St Katherine's,  reported hsbd of Eliz J   28
 JOSSELYN   Geoffrey   Good Easter vicar, communion w/out surplice 1602  195
 KEALE      John       Woodham Ferrers, to church in Danbury 1585         76
 KEBLE      John       Pontisbright, evidence in Underwood case 1592      23
 KEBLE      Richard    E Mersea, alleged attempt on Harvey's wife 1592    45
 KEEBLE     mistress   Gt Holland, next to Mrs Woody in ch, was punched  134
 KEELER     Richard    Manningtree, farmer for lord of manor 1597        231
 KELLY      Alice      Good Easter wdw, w/child by Revd Thos Browne 1562 218
 KEMPE      Thomas     Romford, suspected of EMI with mistress Creamer    14
 KENDALL    John       E Colne, called apparitor "varlet", when?         313
 KENTON     John       Langdon Hills, interrupted communion service 1584 124
 KENWELMARSHHumphrey   Woodham Ferrers, slandered his neighbours 1575     55
 KETTLE     Robert     Lawford, abused his vicar 1602                    127
 KEYE       Helen      Former svt of Anthony Cornell (v also Nich Wright)303
 KILLINGMA..John       Rayleigh, not allowed to marr Mary Harris 1589     42
 KING       John       Colne Engaine, victim of ill rumour 1589, denied   51
 KING       John       Colne Engaine (when ?)                            102
 KING       John       Colne Engaine, housed incontinent persons, 1587    63
 KING       Priscilla  Tolleshunt 1579, named with Jn Mather 1579        220
 KINGE      John       Colne Engaine, notable lecher, 2 charges in 1590   16
 KINGE      Robert     Gt Stambridge, bar fm communion, no reason given  104
 KINGE      Robert     Gt Tey, oath-taker for Thos Baker 1584            293
 KINGE      Thomas     E Ham, betrothed to 3, married one, 1580          146
 KNAPPE     Edmunde    Wix ymn, owned park, liable to pay rate, 1599     278
 KNEVETT               Colchester (Mile End) rector, hogs in ch/yd 1590  270
 KNEVETT    Thomas     Colchester, Mile End, rector 1587, non-surpliced  193
 KNIGHT     Esias      Tollesbury seafarer, cdn't be sideman 1589        239
 KNIGHT     John       Goldhanger rector, 2 chancel graves to pave 1591  171
 KNIGHT     John       Goldhanger rector, damaged register, 1591         261
 KNIGHT     John       Goldhanger rector, baptism w/out witnesses 1589   141
 KNIGHT     John       Gt Sampford curate, abused by Lancelot Ellis 1585 208
 KNIGHT     Knight     Goldhanger vicar, many disputes in parish 1589    104
 KNIGHT     Revd       Goldhanger parson, 1591                            67
 KNIGHTBRIDGAndrew     Rayleigh, his wife burnt by Edwd Leggatt, 1596     35
 KNIGHTE    John       Fryerning, involved in illegal burial 1584        172
 KNIGHTLYE  Mr         Thorrington, master of Jn Sherman 1588            239
 KNIGHTON   John       Brentwood minister, 1587                           42
 KYNETT     Edward     Ulting vicar, struck Wm Barber with dagger, 1597  130
 KYNGE      Alice      High Laver, "lived unquietly with her hsbd" 1579   67
 KYNGE      Robert     High Laver, "lived unquietly with his wife" 1579   67
 KYRBY      Thomas     Henham, a ch/warden 1595 ?                        131
 KYRBY      William    E Donyland rector 1588, used alehouses/harlots ?  221
 LADBROOKE  Mercy      Wrabness, told of EMI with Revd Thos Sayer 1578   221
 LAGDEN     goodman    Hempstead ch/wdn, evidence in Mordaunt case 1599  254
 LAGDEN     William    Hempstead, called communicants rotten sheep       207
 LAMBE      Arthur     Colchester, refused 4/- for Virley ch repair 1603 277
 LAMBERD    Richard    Helions Bumpstead, set up horn in chancel         127
 LAMBERT    Revd       Hornchurch vicar                                  161
 LAMBERT    Richard    Helions Bmpstd, horns on Jn Boyton's stool 1585    54
 LANDISH    George     Barking, late night drinks in field 1598 (Corr'hm) 70
 LANE                  Aveley wife, 1564 dispute with another @ communion122
 LANGER     John       Gt Stambridge wdn 1584, bell not back from repair 266
 LANGLEY    Richard    Colchester layman, improper burial of child 1587  172
 LANGLEY    Thomas     Colchester, fr of ch buried by Richd Langley ?    173
 LANGLYE    Elizabeth  Aveley, railed against neighbours/vicar 1602      122
 LANGLYE    Richard    Colchester, took lead off church 1588 w/out leave 245
 LANGLYE    Richard    Aveley, his wife was Elizabeth                    122
 LARDER     George     Upminster hsbdmn                                   58
 LARKINGE   mother     Rayleigh, kept alehouse, 1598                      70
 LASTON     William    Kelvedon, refused 8d towards bell repair 1590     265
 LATHAM     William    Upminster, lord of manor of Gaines, 1574 (+p134)  127
 LAURENCE   John       Peldon, his sheep defiled churchyd 1600           270
 LAWNCELLETTJohn       Danbury, threw stones @ minister 1583             129
 LAWRENCE   Dorcas     Peldon, w of Jn, abused the minister 1597         211
 LAWRENCE   Joan       Colne Engaine, abetted hsbd re Jane Wright 1579    13
 LAWRENCE   Joan       Colne Engaine (91), negligent re churchgoing, 1580 88
 LAWRENCE   John       Peldon, left ch early to remove thorn in leg 1597  79
 LAWRENCE   John elder Colne Engaine, seduced his svt Jane Wright 1579    13
 LAWRENCE   Thomas     Colchester, non-communicant but lunatic, 1590     102
 LAWRENCE   William    Colchester, bro of Thos, spoke for him 1590       102
 LAWSON     John       Walden vicar                                       94
 LAYLAND    John       Thundersley rector, cards/dice all week, 1563     228
 LAYTHAM    William    Cranham (Berdens), to pay for burial of 2 chn 1586171
 LEA        Edward     W Ham tanner, often far from home, acquitted 1575  81
 LEA        John       Gt Tey, Eliz Hindes abused vicar to him 1591      210
 LEA        John snr   Gt Tey, rejected fine levied by court 1591        309
 LEACH      Margaret   Beaumont, svt of George Cocke. Date ?              26
 LEAPER     William    Burnham, taught unlicensed, unwholesomely, 1586   315
 LECHE      John       Romford, master of charity school, c1589          173
 LECHE      John       Hornchurch, sch/mstr, preached at home c1584 +p311 98
 LEE        John       Aveley, hsbd of Katherine                          45
 LEE        Katherine  Aveley, abed with Robt Wrignelles, 1585            45
 LEECH      John       Hornchurch, his scholars were not at church, 1600 316
 LEGATE     John       Hornchurch rector, curates' houses in decay 1576  274
 LEGATT     Thomas     Hornchurch gmn, evidence re John Leche, c1584      98
 LEGGATT    Edward     Hockley, allegedly burnt w of Andrew Knightbridge  35
 LEGGATT    Thomas     Hornchurch gmn, kept child unbaptised 1yr, 1589   142
 LETTON     John       S Benfleet ymn, 20mks in will to the church 1576  257
 LEVETT     John       Greenstead(Ong) lay rector, cited for repair 1585 251
 LEVIT      Revd       Leaden Roothing, gaming/hunting &c, 1584, d1591   228
 LEWES      Alice      Woodford, alleged defamation against Mrs Jn Clarke 52
 LEWES      Philip     Walden, suspected "incontinent living" 1599       295
 LEWIS      Bridget    Chigwell, wife of Jn, jealous re Dalian assn       50
 LEWIS      John       Chigwell, suspected assn with Eliz Damian 1590     50
 LEWTER     Henry      Woodford, incontinence charge w Ann Haines 1583    39
 LEWYSE     William    Steeple rector, refused to wear surplice 1586     195
 LINCOLNE   Edmund     Stondon, called vicar vile fellow in own ho 1596  210
 LINDSELL   Martin     Terling, charge, prob EMI, 1598, acquitted        294
 LOBELL     Hugh       Colchester, used church bell as own clock 1603    267
 LOCK       Isaac      Wivenhoe, non-communicant, great swearer, 1580s   102
 LOCKER     Anthony    Colchester, drunk, "cometh little to church", 1593 69
 LODGE      John       Quendon rector, refused to say service 1577       195
 LOGGEN     Jane       Barking, w of Jn, left Kent, remarried ?          170
 LOGGEN     John       Barking, wished to marry Mary Hewett 1578         170
 LOMELINUS  James      Gt Tey, aka James Lounlye                         252
 LOMMES     Joan       Rainham, wife of Laurence, "I am an old woman"     61
 LOMMES     Laurence   Rainham hsbdmn. Rev Buck complained of his wife    61
 LONDON     Roger      Tolleshunt, said overcharged on ch rate, 1588     278
 LONE       John       Rayleigh, called parsons prattling knaves, 1579   214
 LONE       William    Billericay, witness to Wittham slander 1600       214
 LONG       Robert     Salcott, called ministers' wives whores, 1571     214
 LOPAR      Ursula     Margaretting, dwelt with goodman Ramme 1600       154
 LORANCE    John       Hornchurch, protested rate assessment 1602        279
 LORKIN     Thomas     Lt Waltham rector, puritan leanings, 1584 (+p105)  98
 LORKINNE   Robert     Foulness, dispute re Foulness/Sutton churches 1576 91
 LOUNLYE    James      Gt Tey rector, to repair decayed chancel 1589     252
 LOVEKIN    Agnes      Wife of Thos, didn't attend divorce hearings      167
 LOVEKIN    Thomas     Sued wife Agnes for divorce 1575                  167
 LOVEKIN    Thomas     Mundon, "refuseth his wife", 1575                 163
 LOVELL     Walter     Gt Baddow, excuse for ch absence not accepted 1590 87
 LOWE       John       Tolleshunt Major, quarrel w Jn White 1597         121
 LOWE       Nicholas   Witham ch/wdn, parted Wm Chapman & his wife 1597   35
 LOWEN      William    Bulphan parson c1578                              268
 LOWTH      Mr         Maldon, heard confession of Robt/Helen Woodhouse  289
 LUCAS      John       Virley rector, suspended, no bible exercise 1588  199
 LUCE       William    Manningtree, not at evening prayer, boating, 1585  89
 LUCKIN     Geoffrey   Collier Row, alleged EMI of his wife with Jn Coxe  60
 LUDDINGTON John       Gt Sampford rector, charge of Romish views 1585   297
 LUDHAM                Kelvedon, kept Unicorn Inn, c1599                  11
 LUDINGTON  Stephen    Lt Burstead rector, wdn't purge for Revd Goldringe297
 LUM        Edward     W Ham, kept a disorderly house 1584                54
 LUNE       Robert     Maldon, debarred fm communion a/c EMI, admitted it105
 LURKIN     William    Colchester, put his hat on in court, 1584         309
 LUSON      John       Greenstead(Col), no commn 1581, vicar filthy hands107
 LUTER                 Kelvedon, aka Robson, 1596                         21
 LUTHEY     Wilfred    Tendring? Dispute with vicar John Spenser 1591    108
 LUTTMAN    James      Hadleigh, cattle in ch/yd and ch porch 1601       271
 LYDE       Lawrence   Ardleigh vicar, alleged baptism w/out godparents  140
 LYLLE      Michael    Fryerning smith, kept fm ch by work, fined 4d 1564 81
 LYNCH      Nicholas   Theydon Garnon, betrothal of 1580 broken off 1584 151
 LYNCH      William    Beauchamp Rthg rector, drunkard, heavy fine 1564  226
 LYNCOLN    Joan       Hornchurch, 1st wife of Edwd Asheton               42
 LYNE       John       Tolleshunt, refused 16d towards new bell, 1588    265
 LYNE       Robert     Court Register (sic)                              311
 LYNNET     John       Woodford, Joan Smithe betrothed in his gdn 1590   152

 LYNSEY     Thomas     Matching, objected to purging of Edwd Nevell 1585 294
 LYTTLEBURY James      Gt Bromley, Wm Clerk's svt, set on Rebecca L's dau115
 LYTTLEBURY Nicholas   Gt Bromley, dau near stifled in ditch by Jas L    115
 LYTTLEBURY Rebecca    Gt Bromley, w of Nicholas, complaint re dau 1596  115
 LYVING     ChristopherMaldon, heard confession of Robt/Helen Woodhouse  289
 LYVINGE    Elizabeth  H Easter, alleged EMI w Revd Edmund Styleman 1561 218
 MACHAM     Richard    Leyton, drunkard, swearer, etc, 1576              289
 MACHARIDGE            Feering, his dead hog stank in ch/yd 1564         270
 MACHYN     Richard    Walthamstow ? Found in raid on John Hall 1564      20
 MADDOCK    Lewis      Fryerning rector, alleged EMI w Alice Hewes 1565  219
 MADOCKE    Lewis      Fryerning rector, gave poor relative lodging 1578 274
 MADOCKE    Lewis      Fryerning rector, and curate of Buttsbury, c1587  108
 MADYSON    Joan       Buttsbury, hit minister & drew blood 1597         129
 MAGGETT    Edward     Doddinghurst, defamed Jn Clement re woman 1581     56
 MAGGETT    Thomas     Doddinghurst, to church @ Maldon/Hutton 1584       76
 MALE       Alice      Hornchurch, incest w cousin Geo Thorogood   child  39
 MALE       George     Barking, defamation suit brought by Revd Tyrwhytt 205
 MAN        Edward     Fingringhoe miller, seduced a svt wench 1572       14
 MAN        Joseph     Braintree, pew dispute with Richd Gooday 1584     133
 MAN        Miles      Colne Engaine, lured away from wife by Jn Kinge    16
 MAN        Richard    Foulness (Lt Borwood), church absence 1599         92
 MAN        William    Foulness, defamed Jn Challice (of incest) 1576     37
 MANFELD    William    Leigh, accused of adultery, 1587                  295
 MANING     Agnes      Colchester ? With child by Wm White 1590           11
 MANISTER   Margaret   Woodham Ferrers, incest w bro-i-law et al, 1572    41
 MANLE      Thomas     Brentwood, feoffee of Free School c1570           248
 MANNE      Thomas     Wh Colne sidesman, absence from church, 1590       75
 MANNINGE   John       Hadleigh curate, no license to preach ?  1602     198
 MANNOCK    Mr         Lt Oakley (Oakley Hall) farmer, c1593             243
 MANNOCKES  Henry      H Ongar, maid in b/room, suspected of EMI 1587     15
 MANSHIP    Amos       Colne Engaine, quarrel in sermon time 1595        121
 MAPELTOFTE William    Langdon Hills curate, wd not purge for Goldringe  297
 MAPPLETOFT William    Stock sch/mstr, said service illegally 1587       316
 MARCHALL   Richard    Greensted(Ong) wdn, refused ann. presentment 1585 313
 MARDEN     George     Doddinghurst, b1520, statement re Clement case     56
 MARDEN     Richard    Doddinghurst, arbitrators met at his house 1581    56
 MARKANT    Roger      Coggeshall clothier, will proved 1602             289
 MARKES     Rebecca    Wix, alleged EMI with kinsman William, 1601        44
 MARKES     William    Wix, alleged EMI with kinswoman Rebecca, 1601      44
 MARKES     William    E Donyland, lvg apart fm wife 1589, says she mad  163
 MARLER     William sr Kelvedon, reqd @ K'don ch tho others nearer, 1592  85
 MARSH      Revd       Gt Wenden vicar, threshing in ch porch 1597       271
 MARSH      Robert     Gt Wenden vicar, wdgs w/out banns/licence 1597    156
 MARSHALL   John       Danbury, held services tho unlicensed, 1574       316
 MARSHALL   Stephen    Gt Wenden, "no justice in court", 1587            310
 MARTEN     Henry      C Hedingham? Claimed as late hsbd by Margt Marten 283
 MARTEN     Margaret   C Hedingham, penance for EMI w Margt Marten, date?283
 MARTEN     Nicholas   Fobbing, wife's churching refused (when?)         161
 MARTIN     John       Dedham, his wife named with Revd Parker 1589      222
 MARTYN     John       Walthamstow ? Found in raid on John Hall 1564      20
 MARTYNDALL Thomas     S Shoebury rector, dice/cards, lost  3, 1565      228
 MARVIN     Edward     Gt Bentley, jostling w Mercaunt, church seat 1596 134
 MASLIN                Colchester, mentioned in Mott/Wilson case 1588     16
 MASSON     Robert     Bobbingworth gmn, marr Margt Borne 1587           157
 MASSYE     Mr         Springfield churchwarden 1600                       4
 MATHER     John       Tolleshunt rector, incontinent living 1579        220
 MATHEW     Richard    Chigwell, struck one Purcas 1576                  123
 MATHEWE    John       Colchester, public confession of PMI ordered, 1588  3
 MATHEWE    Thomas     Woodham Ferrers, hit by Wm Style in church there  115
 MAVIS      Robert     Salcott miller, Edward Man there in 1572           14
 MAWLE      George     Upminster hsbdmn (22), evidence in Larder case     59
 MAXEY      Mr         Bradwell(Cog), his maid in trouble 1601            11
 MAYDSTON   Thomas     Gt Oakley, abusive remarks about parson 1584      208
 MAYDSTONE             E Donyland, his wife accused Revd Wm Kyrby 1588   221
 MAYER      Henry      Colchester, married Alice Rosemary wdw (1580?)    146
 MAYERS     Benedict   Bradfield, "ministers oughtn't marry, used not to"215
 MAYERS     George     Bradfield, 1599, hsbd of Benedict                 215
 MAYERS     John       Ramsey, falsely implicated in EMI slander 1593     52
 MAYNARD    William    Colchester (Runwald), sold shoes in ch porch 1587 272
 MEADE      Robert     Ugley, church clerk, incident with Waylett 1595   121
 MEADE      William    Gt Waltham, betrothed to Margaret Rame 1576       150
 MEASAUNTE  Thomas     Henham ch/wdn, stopped bellringers 1587           137
 MELL       Joan       Havering ? Named in connection with Revd Carrell  159
 MELLOR     John       Coggeshall, ordered to marry his betrothed, 1599    3
 MELLOWES   Alice      Bradwell(M), incontinent with Jn George 1585       10
 MELLYS     Thomas     Gt Oakley, abusive remarks about parson 1584      208
 MERCAUNT   John       Gt Bentley, jostling w Marvin re church seat 1596 134
 MERCER     ChristopherLt Wakering vicar, a common drunkard, 1601        228
 MERCER     ChristopherLt Wakering vicar, to repave chancel, 1587        171
 MEREDITH   Thomas     N Benfleet rector, gave details of ch seating 1590131
 MEREDYTHE  Hewes      Fryerning. Alice Hewes his lodger 1565 ?          219
 MERICKE    Thomas     Horndon-on-the-Hill, unlicensed school, c1565     186
 METCALFE   Reginald   Elmstead rector, had to list non-communicants 1599101
 MICHELL    Robert     Foulness, dispute re Foulness/Sutton churches 1576 91
 MIDDLETON  Alice      Billericay, the rumoured wife of Marmaduke        293
 MIDDLETON  Marmaduke  Billericay sch/tchr, rumoured lvg in sin 1576     293
 MIDDLETON  Thomas     Billericay, son of Marmaduke ?                    293
 MILBYE     Thomas     Fordham, brawled with Jn Upcher in church 1593    115
 MILDESBE   Joan       Bowers Gifford, refused full penance 1600         285
 MILLER     John       Gt Horkesley ch/wdn, charge re dead body 1589     174
 MILLES     Joan       Gt Holland, Thos Hilles charged regarding her 1589 16
 MILLES     William    Romford, fraudulent marriage contracts 1579       153
 MILLS      Hugh       Stock, kept cattle fodder in belfry 1591          272
 MILLSON    Richard    Dedham, refused baptism for his child             140
 MILTON     Elizabeth  Wife of John, excommunicate 6mos, Popish ? 1584   304
 MILTON     John       Elizabeth was his wife.                           304
 MINGSDEN   Richard    Maidstone Kent, 2nd hsbd of Margt Wattes          225
 MINKES     Thomas     Salcott ch/wdn, took home unused commn wine 1593  236
 MINORS     Jane       Barking, kept ch unbaptised for 1 month 1597      159
 MINORS     John       Barking, hsbd of Jane                             159
 MINORS     Richard    Woodford, pawned ch chalice 1576 (was owed money) 258
 MOMFORD    Edward     Radwinter ch/wdn, told to repair ch fence, 1586   268
 MOMFORD    goodman    Radwinter, Bendish Hall, 1594                     278
 MOND       John       Woodford gmn, evidence re Nicholas Fulham 1590    152
 MONKE      Robert     Wakes Colne rector, disorder in church seats 1594 131
 MONKE      Robert     Wakes Colne rector, compurgator of Thos Baker 1584292
 MONSON     Mr         Colchester, chosen ch/wdn 1590                    233
 MOODYE     BartholomewTollesbury rector 1591                            210
 MOORE      Thomas     Ramsden, to pay 4/- for 4 Sundays not in ch, 1567  77
 MOORE      Thomas     Notary public, appeared for Jn Dryhwood 1587       33
 MOORE      William    Pattiswick, 74yrs, too sick to be ch/wdn, 1597?   233
 MORCOTT    John       Gt Horkesley sexton 1600, escorted Hasellastanke   28
 MORDAUNT   Robert     Hempstead, put lock on chapel door, 1599          254
 MORECROFT  Edward     Dengie rector, absent in 1565 (in Italy)          185
 MORETON    Joan       Lt Baddow, svt, charged as pregnant (date ?)       28
 MORLEY     William    Wivenhoe, argued w Rev Atkinson (who to apologise)128
 MORRICE    Philip     Greenstead(Ong), to repair chancel, 1585          251
 MORRIS     John       Stanford(R) constable 1563 (rang illegal peal)    136
 MORRIS     Thomas     Layer Marney rector, let excommunicate in ch 1589 307
 MORRYSE    John       Maldon, heard confession of Robt/Helen Woodhouse  289
 MORTIMER   William    Stratford butcher, supplied wdg meat to Jn Eaton  149
 MOTT                  Gt Horkesley molecatcher, ct w Bart Waters' wife   19
 MOTT       Mr         Feering, named in case of Jn Etonye 1585            8
 MOTT       Richard    Virley, married Graunte sisters, 2nd c1580?        42
 MOTT       Robert     Colchester bailiff, 1578                            3
 MOTT       Robert     Colchester, defended immorality case 1588          16
 MOUNDSHAWE William    Collier Row, constable, charge acquitted 1600      26
 MOUNTAINE  Robert     Gt Stambridge wdn 1584, bell not back from repair 266
 MOUS       John       Lt Stambridge, called parsons' wives whores 1592  215
 MULBERRYE  John       Mile End warden 1601                               38
 MULCASTER  Revd       Stanford(R) rector, reduced height of pew, 1597   135
 MULCASTER  Richard    Stanford(R) parson 1601, supported Jn Nobbes      203
 MULLNER    John       Thorrington, clerk, assaulted by Rev Wm Bambridge 130
 MUNDAYE    Lancelot   Berechurch, married his cousin Margery Fenner 1601 40
 MUNDES     John       Chigwell ymn, will proved 1595                    152
 MUNT       John       Thorrington, to admit PMI @ marriage ceremony 1600  4
 MUSCHAMP              London goldsmith, Lombard St, 1560                256
 MYCHELL    Mary       Springfield, accused of PMI 1600 but said married   4
 MYDDLETON  goodman    Terling, named in wedding account 1589             12
 MYLLER                Second hsbd of Margery Dunston                    170
 MYNCKES    Thomas     Salcott, late curate Mr Roberts was tosspot, 1588 227
 MYNKES     Henry      Sued for divorce by wife 1563 (where ?)           165
 MYNKES     Katherine  Wife of Henry, sued him for divorce 1563 (where?) 165
 NALLINGHURST Edward   Gt Baddow, still had a papist book, 1561          180
 NASHE      William    Arkesden ch/wdn, accused minister in church 1598  126
 NEGUS      William    Leigh rector, to counsel Augustine Draper 1587    110
 NEGUS      William    Leigh rector, deprived 1609 (+p204 in detail)     194
 NELE       Joan       Gt Oakley, burning charges 1580                    34
 NELLSON    Revd       Lt Thurrock curate c1579                          197
 NEPPE      John       Coggeshall, wife burnt by unknown man, 1600        35
 NEVELL     Edward     Lt Laver, successfully purged by 5 people 1585    294
 NEVELL     John       Havering ch/wdn, kept communion book, 1591        263
 NEVELL     Mr         Woodham Ferrers, breach of marriage case 1561     145
 NEVELL     William    Witham, non-communicating, tore up process 1589   313
 NEVELL     William    Woodham Ferrers, confirmed son & Fyssher betrothed145
 NEWHOUSE   William    Shenfield parson, missing 1565, deprived 1567     185
 NEWLAND    William    Stanway, interfered with bellringers 1588         138
 NEWMAN     Agnes      Romford widow, kept a brothel, 1580                36
 NEWMAN     Lawrence   Coggeshall vicar, charge against Jn Wade 1591      16
 NEWMAN     Lawrence   Coggeshall vicar, Feering men attended there 1583  76
 NEWMAN     Thomas     Hatfield Peverel, tumble w Clement Harris, 1579    46
 NEWMAN     William    Stock, spokesman for parish 1587 vs vicar         107
 NEWPORT    Edward     Manuden, absentee communicant 1594                101
 NEWTON     John       Black Notley curate, showed bible exercise 1591   199
 NEWTON     Joshua     Aldham, swore in Colchester court 1590            308
 NEWTON     Richard    Coggeshall innkeeper, The Cock, disorder 1600      71
 NEWTON     Stephen    W Bergholt, svt of Abell 4yrs, wife "unquiet" 1591163
 NEWTON     Stephen    Gt Birch, accused 1585 by pregnant servant         14
 NICHOLSON  Mr         Cambridge bellfounder, made Gt Bardfield bell     266
 NICHOLSON  Segare     Downham rector, on death-bed 1564/65              185
 NICHOLSON  William    Havering (40), evidence in Willet/Shouncke case    58
 NICOLLSON  Thomas     Stapleford T, did not appear for Revd Bangor 1599 298
 NIXON      Elizabeth  N Weald (60), evidence re Saml Wright/Wodell 1584 149
 NOBBES     John       Stondon parson 1601                               203
 NOCKE      Joan       E Hanningfield, w of Thos, victimised men, 1572    13
 NOCKE      Thomas     E Hanningfield, extortion via phoney brothel 1572  13
 NOLLARD    Eligeus    Creeksea rector 1565, complex story               219
 NORDEN                Woodham Ferrers curate, c1575                      55
 NORDEN     Philip     Colchester, drunk/disorderly in ch service 1597   115
 NORRIS     John       Billericay, refused to purge for M'duke Middleton 293
 NORRYES    John       Shellow, still had some Papist books, 1561        179
 NORTON     Richard    Colne Engaine ch/wdn, stuck Jn Spurgin 1588       114
 NOSEWELL   Nicholas   Prittlewell, drunk and abusive, 1586               69
 NOWELL     Revd       Pattiswick vicar, charge of unclerical remark 1591156
 NOWELL     Revd       Pattiswick parson, otherwise unknown              233
 NOWELL     Roger      Dengie curate, local chn not taught faith, 1576   143
 NUMAN      Edward     Witham, lodged Agnes Burrow 1 night, 1600         153
 NYCOLAS    Richard    Purleigh, sought divorce 1566                     165
 ODELL      John       Ashdon, debarred 1588 for being forsworn          105
 OKEDEN     John       Barking, stocks for bed shared with maid 1588      10
 OLIVER     Margery    Romford, witness in Boulter/Stephens case          59
 OLWIN      William    Fryerning rector, "alehouse haunter" 1588         227
 ONYON      Mr         E Ham, Thos Kinge betrothed to his daughter 1580  146
 ORGAR      Elizabeth  Wife of Thos, excommunicate 6mos, Popish ? 1584   304
 ORGAR      Thomas     Elizabeth was his wife                            304
 OSBORNE    Amy        Gt Wakering, unwitting bigamist, case of 1588     169
 OSBORNE    Edmund     Mistley, charge of PMI with Anne Shenne 1588        5
 OSBORNE    John       Manningtree, aka Jn Osboston                      265
 OSBORNE    Nicholas   Left Amy, thought dead but m Prudence Thorocke    169
 OSBOSTON   John       Manningtree, refused 6/- towards new bell 1598    265
 OSWALD     John       Gt Waltham vicar, carge of drunkeness &c 1698, sic263
 OVERED     William    Ashdon, made water in church 1587                  47
 OWEN       Morris     Alleged hsbd of Eliz Vaughan (case of 1596)        28
 OWERS      William    Rainham, taken by constable @ church-time, 1585    89
 OWTING     John       E Mersea, slandered the minister, c1597           211
 OWTING     John       E Mersea, "called apparitor knave", 1597          314
 PACKER     Henry      Cranham, enticed by widow Dore to keep her warm    13
 PACKER     Henry      Cranham, implicated by Thos Braine 1579            54
 PAGE       Avice      Paglesham, suspected EMI w Revd Thos Howell 1591  222
 PAGE       John       Alresford wdn, "spoke in anger" to judge, 1601    309
 PAINE      goodwife   W Ham, rumoured betrothed to Jn Eaton, he denied  149
 PAINE      John       Alresford, ch/wdn shortly before 1588             245
 PAINTER    widow      Romford, never had commn, thought a witch         109
 PAKE       John       Broomfield rectory lessee 1586, not to mend stools246
 PAKEMAN    Bridget    Wrabness, alleged assault by Revd Sayer 1570      212
 PAKEMAN    ChristopherWalden ch/wdn, in court re Cornell case 1585      303
 PALGRAVE   Nicholas   Romford, unlicensed sch/master 1569 (will 1574)   315
 PALMER                Upminster, mentioned in Larder case, 1585          58
 PALMER     Henry      Widford rector, suspected sin w Alice Dale 1587   221
 PALMER     John       Fyfield, compurgator for Edwd Nevell 1585         294
 PALMER     Philippa   Gt Oakley, brawled with David Tarver, 1601         66
 PALMER     Richard    Stanford(H) rectory farmer, chancel repair 1566   248
 PALMER     Robert     Maldon, All Saints & St Peter vicar, 1595         129
 PALMER     Robert     Gt Oakley, his wife was Philippa                   66
 PAMFLIN    Edward     Widdington, told to stop bell ringing. Acquitted. 137
 PANTON     William    Creeksea ch/wdn, accused as negligent 1572        238
 PARBYE     John       N Fambridge (30+), evidence re Nevell/Fyssher     145
 PARGETER   Thomas     Barking, performed a penance 1580                 284
 PARISH     Thomas     Berden, guilty of usury 1580 (tho rate was legal)  73
 PARISHE    Leonard    Colchester, to pay 5/- towards new bell 1589      265
 PARKE      John       Barking, hsbd of Margaret                         132
 PARKE      Margaret   Barking, disputed (unsuccessfully) given pew 1598 132
 PARKER     Anthony    Lt Sampford, chch absence thru Prince's work 1587  79
 PARKER     ChristopherLt Waltham, debarred by Thos Lorkin               105
 PARKER     James      Billericay, 1576                                  293
 PARKER     John       Littlebury (Nether Hall), repair ch fence, 1571   269
 PARKER     Margery    Billericay, w of Jas, suspected EMI w M'duke M'ton293
 PARKER     Mr         Bradwell(Cog), maid with child, sent away, 1601    11
 PARKER     Mr         Peldon sch/mstr, preached @ Goldhanger 1588       316
 PARKER     Richard    Dedham vicar, secy Dedham Classis 1580s (+p221)   193
 PARKER     Robert     Canewdon smith, described as deceased, 1601       264
 PARKER     Thomas     Gmn, compurgator for Thos Ball of Maldon 1575     292
 PARNELL    ChristopherStock, ch/yard affray with cudgel 1600 (see Skott)122
 PARNELL    George     Broomfield vicar 1584, faults re baptism 1584     139
 PARNELL    George     Broomfield vicar 1600, abused by Thos Crowe re cow128
 PARNELL    George     Broomfield vicar, Chris Parker to go to him       105
 PATERSON   John       Boreham ch/wdn, no bread/wine for service 1579    236
 PATTERICK  John       Beaumont, assoc with Eliz Sawcer @ Manningtree      9
 PAWNE      William    H Onger gmn, to repair Norton Mandeville ch ?     250
 PAYNE      Charles    Buttsbury, an unreverent blasphemer, 1593          72
 PAYNE      Grace      Fairstead, accused of theft 1600                  115
 PAYSE      Rose       Mile End, accusation of incest (Cooke) 1601        38
 PEACHYE    Robert     Gt Holland ch/wdn, lost the commn cup ? 1597      259
 PEACOCKE   John       Abbess Roothing, claimed vicar prattled, 1589     143
 PEANORTHE  Joan       Colchester, reported for PMI 1588, did not marry    3
 PEASE      Anne       Danbury, marr, accused of incontinence 1565         7
 PEASE      William    Gt Burstead vicar, absence from parish 1600       199
 PECKE      Robert     Walthamstow, aka Robt Derington                   124
 PEKE       Thomas     Leigh, objected to purging of Augustine Draper    294
 PEMERTON   goodwife   Messing, EMI with Revd Jn Harris ?                221
 PENNETT    William    Ardleigh, missed commn thru discord/strife 1589   109
 PEPPER                Stanway mandatory, hit with tongs by Anne Jermin  314
 PEPPERCORNEgoodman    Bulphan (Slowe House), made part of ch fence 1578 268
 PERRIN     Nicholas   S Fambridge ferryman, admitted chch absence 1579   80
 PERRYE                Fobbing, wife's alleged EMI 1563 with Revd Sadler 219
 PERRYE     John       Henham questman, negligence charge 1594           239
 PERRYMAN              Gt Birch, followed Robt Browne, congregat'st 1601  99
 PERY       Robert     Walthamstow, lodged Eliz Vaughan 1596 (gave birth) 28
 PERYN                 Wethersfield, Codham Mill, 1599                    14
 PETCHIE    John       Fryerning, ch baptised late (3 wks) 1587, acquit'd140
 PEVERELL   Joan       Gt Birch, suspected of incest w uncle Hy Bridgman  39
 PEWTERER   family     Langham, all slandered vicar Thos Farrer 1590     209
 PEXWELE    Edward     Dedham (baker?) shared bed with mother, 1593       38
 PEYTON     John       E Ham curate, m Jerningham/Rogers bigamously 1585 167
 PHILIPPS   Peter      Manningtree, extortion from Thos Stonarde 1587    314
 PHILLIPS   William    Maldon, load of broom in St Peters, 1599          272
 PHILPOT    Thomas     Burnham, Jn Tilbrook wd not heed his advice, 1598 309
 PHIPES     Thomas     Gt Tey, Eliz Hindes abused vicar to him 1591      210
 PICKAS     Robert     Colchester, supported Jn Gwye in fight 1592       123
 PICKETT    Robert     Coggeshall church clerk, 1586                     175
 PIERPOINT             Weeley, officer of local court, 1587              314
 PIGBONE    John       Tollesbury, tried to beat the apparitor, 1588     314
 PIGEON     Richard    Ashdon ? aka Richd Walker                          47
 PILBOROW   John       Hatfield Peverel, non-cummunicant 2 yrs, 1585     103
 PILBOROWE  John       Hatfield P gmn, kept register from ch/wdns 1585   262
 PILGRIM    Robert     Bradfield, played cards at evg prayer time 1579   308
 PINCHIN    Gregory    Sandon, penitential "sorry" for assault, when?    290
 PINDER     William    Stock vicar 1587, on bad terms in parish          107
 PIRTON     Edmund     Bradwell JP 1585                                   10
 PITCHER               E Donyland, wife called a light woman, 1588       221
 PLATE      Richard    Romford wvr, charged with false opinions 1583     110
 POINTES    Gabriel    N Ockendon, parsonage to be repaired, 1591        274
 POKINS     John       S Hanningfield, brawled with wife, 1592           229
 POLLARD    Robert     Tollesbury, refused Tolleshunt ch rate 1590       278
 POLLMER    Thomas     E Ham ch/wdn, wrongly negated a penance 1591      291
 POMFRETT   William    Radwinter, probably curate c1588                  129
 POND       Peter      Fryerning ch/wdn, sold the church porch 1589      246
 POND       William    Langdon Hills, conventicle at his house, c1584     98
 PONDE      John       Walden, "the court is a bawdy court", 1569        310
 PONDE      William    Langdon Hills, rectory barn to be repaired, 1584  274
 POOLE      Edward     N Weald ch/wdn, evidence in Spranger case 1590     60
 POOLE      John       Fyfield, usury charge 1584, but acquitted          73
 POOLES     William    Boreham, barred fm communion 1575, a/c behaviour  104
 POPKYN     Katherine  W Ham, bought for 5/- fm other marriage contract  153
 POPLIT     Thomas     Rochford, not @ ch because outlawed                83
 PORTER     Thomas     Witham miller, lewdness charge 1600                19
 PORTER     Thomas     Kelvedon, soul peal illegally rung for him 1563   136
 POSFORD    Robert     E Mersea, complained of court extortion 1584      309
 POTTER                Marks Tey, violent on parson, drew blood, 1595    129
 POTTER     Edward     E Colne, abusive to people in church, 1582        121
 POTTER     Edward     E Colne constable, abused by Edwd Reade in church 117
 POTTER     Elizabeth  Peldon, seduced by Jn Wilson in his mill 1590      14
 POTTER     Richard    Gt Coggeshall wdr, ct with Audrey Underwood 1590    8
 POWELL     John       Gt Warley curate, wd not purge for Revd Goldringe 297
 POYNER     William    Upminster, left ch early 1588 (to got to wedding) 119
 PRAGLE     Isabel     Disputed her allocated pew 1588 (but where ?)     133
 PRAGLE     Richard    Bro of Isabel, ymn, abused ch/wdn re pew 1588     133
 PRATT      Nicholas   Barking, defamation suit brought by Revd Tyrwhytt 205
 PRATT      Thomas     Hornchurch, "liked nothing in the sermon" 1585    208
 PRATT      William    Kelvedon, liable for chancel repairs 1588         252
 PRENTICE   William    Gt Chishall, abused vicar in ch/yd, 1594, penance 127
 PRESSON    Mr         Stock sch/mstr, chancel burnt by fire for chn 1586315
 PRESTON    Thomas     Maldon, heard confession of Robt/Helen Woodhouse  289
 PRINCE     Thomas     Gt Chesterford vicar, abused 1584                 207
 PRINCE     Thomas     Gt Chesterford rector, to pave wife's grave 1595  171
 PRIOR      Thomas     Romford, charged re stepson Jn Cocke(who ran away) 26
 PRISE      Dorothy    Witham ? Ct @ night with Wm Saulter, c1590          9
 PUCKERING  Thomas     Hadstock rector, dispute over church seating 1598 134
 PUDNEY     Thomas     Easthorpe hsbdmn & ch/wdn, assisted Beamand 1583  196
 PULLEYN    William    Aldham Sfk, married Barbara Waye 1587             156
 PULLIVER   mistress   E Ham, Thos Kinge betrothed to her maidsvt 1580   146
 PUPLET     Thomas     Leigh, witness against Augustine Draper 1587      110
 PURCAS                Chigwell ?  Struck by Richd Mathew nr ch/yd 1576  123
 PYDD       William    Colchester, his wife illnamed Frances Goodwin 1601116
 PYE        Alexander  N Fambridge, cow in ch/yd, milked sheep, 1602     271
 PYE        John       Colchester, died 1587, bur by Hy Vincent          173
 PYKE       John       Kelvedon, accused Joan Johnson of burning him      35
 PYNKMAN    Elizabeth  Divorced wife of Henry Asser                      167
 PYRTON     Mr         Elmstead, farmer (lessee) of rectorship 1593      243
 QUARLES    mistress   Romford, w of Jas, her svt buried 1589 illegally  173
 QUICK      John       Aveley labr, gave evidence in Frith/Buck suit 1600 61
 QUILTER    George     Gt Waltham, party in Rambe case, 1590 (pro Mary)   38
 RADELEY    Richard    Ramsden Bellhouse, kept pregnant woman, acquitted  25
 RAMBE      John       Gt Waltham, estranged hsbd of Mary, 1590           38
 RAMBE      Mary       Gt Waltham, suspected incest with brother, 1590    38
 RAMBOLD    Edward     Walden curate, in court re Cornell case 1585      303
 RAME       Ellen      Blackmore, adultery with Revd Edwd Binder 1586    220
 RAME       Joan       Gt Braxted, kin of widow R, worked with her 1585   22
 RAME       Margaret   Gt Waltham, dau of Sabina, betrothed to Wm Meade  150
 RAME       Sabina     Gt Waltham, evidence 1577 re daughter's betrothal 150
 RAME       Thomas     Theydon Garnon, also farm at Lt Dunmow, 1574       85
 RAME       widow      Gt Braxted, kept bawdy house 1585                  22
 RAMME      Francis    Romford, clerk of the peace, 1600                  26
 RAMME      goodman    Margaretting, tried top marry off Ursula Lopar    154
 RAMSEY     Anthony    Bulphan (Slowe House), reqd to mend ch fence ?    268
 RAND       Helen      Blackmore, alleged an assault by Jn Worme 1586     59
 RATTLE     goodman    Stanford(H), mentioned in Waples case 1584         57
 RATTLE     Thomas     Stanford le Hope, will proved 1579                 55
 RAVEN      John       Kelvedon, hsbd of Judith, 1591                    320
 RAVEN      Judith     Kelvedon, operated as unlicensed midwife 1591     320
 RAWLINS    Cecily     Rayleigh, lvg asunder 1597 but ordered together   162
 RAWLINS    Edward     Rayleigh, lvg asunder 1597 but ordered together   162
 RAYLLDE    John       Buttsbury, informed against for drunkenness 1561  180
 RAYNER     Henry      Terling, abused local minister 1599               211
 RAYNES     Thomas     Maldon, not guilty re maidsvt's misbehaviour 1595  14
 RAYNOLD    Mr         Stapleford Abbots, to fence part of ch/yd, 1598   268
 READE      Edward     E Colne wdn, abused Ed Potter in ch chancel 1578  117
 READE      Henry      Wife living aprt 1562, but Henry willing          163
 READE      Henry      Wethersfield, case re "pretendeed wife" 1562      169
 READE      Margaret   Wife of Henry but living apart, 1562              163
 READE      Margaret   Wethersfield, sworn as imbecile by Hy Reade 1562  169
 READE      William    Colchester St Trinity, minister 1599              126
 REDDERICHE Revd       Hutton vicar, at Wm Pond's conventicle             98
 REDDITCH   Thomas     Hutton vicar, baptising without surplice, 1581    142
 REDE       Alice      Ulting, separated 10/11yrs, "very old", 1579      164
 REDRICK    Thomas     Hutton, puritan vicar 1584-ish                     76
 REIGNOLDS             Gt Waltham sch/mstr, said service illegally 1598  316
 REIGNOLDS  George     Theydon Garnon, debarred 1587, cdn't say catechism110
 RENOWLDES  Isaac      Hornchurch, protested rate assessment 1602        278
 REVE       Ralph      Coggeshall, helped Jn Copland's trick 1586        175
 REVE       Richard    Blackmore (Reve of the Bridge), charged re ballad 109
 REYNOLDS   Elizabeth  Wix, svt of Jn Wade, seduced by him/Barker 1593    14
 REYNOLDS   John       Lambourne curate, objected to purging by Wylkin   295
 REYNOLDS   John       Nazeing, not at church through "foul weather" 1597 86
 REYNOLDS   John       E Colne butcher, drew blood in ch/yard 1582       121
 REYNOLDS   John       Bardfield, wife read too loud in church 1585      119
 REYNOLDS   Nicholas   Mucking, mocked vicar's surplice 1574             127
 REYNOLDS   Richard    Lambourne parson, verbally abused 1571            206
 REYNOLDS   Richard    Doddinghurst constable 1581                        56
 REYNOLDS   Thomas eld Gt Chesterford, brawled/railed in church 1598     114
 RICH       Edward     Gt Bardfield, s of Stephen, spoke for him 1598     85
 RICH       Stephen    Gt Bardfield, aged/lame, nearer to Lt Bardfield ch 85
 RICH       William    Elmstead constable, not in church 1596, absolved   80
 RICHARD    George     Walden, wife named with Philip Lewes 1599         295
 RICHARD    Margaret   Walden, to purge on charge of EMI (Lewes) 1599    296
 RICHARDES  John       Tendring curate 1586 (Botfishe incident)          108
 RICHARDS   John       Bradfield vicar, buried excommunicate ex Sfk 1593 307
 RICHARDS   Morgan     Lt Sampford rector, buried an excommunicate 1588  307
 RICHARDSON Thomas     Fryerning, bought the church porch 1589           246
 RICHARDSON Walter     Kelvedon rector, compurgator for Thos Baker 1584  293
 RICHE      Edward     Langford, got drunk to avoid ch/wdn job 1599      233
 RICHE      Joan       Lt Bromley, svt of Robt Baker, seduced there 1600  14
 RICHE      Stephen    Gt Bromley, railed at curate pre service 1596     126
 RICHE      Stephen    Lt Bromley, father of Joan Riche, evidence 1600    14
 RICHE      William    Elmstead ch/wdn, failed to bring bread/wine, 1601 236
 RICHMAN               Billericay, witness to Wittham slander 1600       214
 RICHMOND   Dorothy    Gt Holland, pin in Alefounder   disquietness 1593 118
 RICHMOND   John       N Fambridge, ferryman, chch absence allowed, 1576  80
 RIDLEY     Thomas     W Ham, kept unmarr woman, said she was Mrs Edwards 21
 RIVERS     Thomas     Romford, unlicensed sch/master 1569               315
 RIVET      John       Tendring, marr My Cressye, incest charge 1584      43
 ROBERT     William    Hawkwell, wife bur. in Dengie ch, not repaved 1574171
 ROBERTES   Joan       Theydon Garnon, betrothal of 1580 broken off 1584 151
 ROBERTES   Thomas     Gt Burstead, burnt his wife 1588                   33
 ROBERTS    Marian     Moze, disorderly, slandering house to house, 1593  65
 ROBERTS    Peter      Salcott tailor, bro of Stephen ? 1596             224
 ROBERTS    Stephen    Salcott, "late curate", 1588 (& gaming p228)      227
 ROBERTS    Stephen    Salcott curate, attempts on Eliz Bird 1596        223
 ROBERTS    Stephen    Salcott curate, non-preacher                      209
 ROBERTS    Thomas     Ramsden Crays rector, 1582                         95
 ROBIENT    Thomas     Blackmore, encouraged unlawful bellringing 1585   175
 ROBINSON   Henry      Fairstead rector 1585                             208
 ROBINSON   Henry      Fairstead rector, to deal with Thomasine Stookes   51
 ROBINSON   Henry      Fairstead rector, objected to purging by Nich Want295
 ROBINSON   James      Terling minister 1590                             315
 ROBINSON   John       Dovercourt butcher, EMI with Mrs Jasper Cole 1584  45
 ROBINSON   Samuel     Coggeshall, away fm ch Whitsunday 1590, acquitted  82
 ROBINSON   William    Hutton, svt of Jn Amie 1598, quarrel with him     109
 ROBIONT    Thomas     Blackmore, encouraged unlawful ringing, fined 6d  137
 ROBSON                Kelvedon, taverner, charge re brothel 1596         21
 ROCHESTER  Mr         Gt Oakley                                         115
 ROCHESTER  Thomas     Gt Oakley rector, c1584 (+p208)                   147
 RODES                 S Weald, unlicensed teacher with Wrights, 1589    319
 RODES      Richard    Dedham, defiled ch/yd with his cattle 1596        270
 ROGERS     George     Rayleigh curate, married excommunicate wmn 1600   159
 ROGERS     John       Stondon Massey, confirmed Searle's defamation 1584 62
 ROGERS     Julian     Theydon Garnon, w of Thos, bigamy w Jn Jerningham 167
 ROGERS     Richard    Wethersfield curate, puritan preacher, 1580s      194
 ROGERS     Thomas     Theydon Garnon, was paid to divorce his wife 1585 167
 ROGERS     William    Colchester, railed against Frances Goodwin 1600   116
 ROLFE      John       Wix, brawled with Wm Townes in church 1582        114
 ROOKE      Agnes ?    W Ham, cared for maidsvt of Gabriel Galvano        26
 ROOKE      Harry      Aveley, abused by Elizabeth Langlye, 1602         122
 ROOKE      William    W Ham gmn, pew dispute with Jn Shipman 1576       133
 ROOTE      John       Pontisbright, behaviour offended neighbours 1573    7
 ROSEMARY   Alice      Colchester, married Henry Mayer (1580 ?)          146
 ROSSE      Revd       Wakes Colne curate, abused 1589 by Emerye         127
 ROWLAND    George     Gt Braxted, proclaimed curate as scandalous 1589  227
 ROYSE      John       Beaumont, hsbd of Susan, m 1587, denied paternity   4
 ROYSE      Susan      Beaumont, 2 chn b 6 wks after marriage, 1587        4
 RUDD       John       Rickling, allegedly burnt by harlot, 1585          34
 RUDDIE     Robert     Hornchurch, not @ ch because under arrest, 1575    84
 RUSHE      Priscilla  Woodham Walter, hsbd's grave to be covered, 1575  171
 RUSSELL    ChristopherFeering, wife named in case of Jn Fynch 1579       66
 RUSTE      Revd       Felsted vicar 1599                                 10
 RYCHMONDE  Robert     Barking, defamation suit brought by Revd Tyrwhytt 205
 RYDER      Richard    Fyfield, defamed rector Edwd Bordman 1575         206
 RYVET      Mistress   Stondon, charged living w Wm Hollingsworth 1591    29
 SACHE      George     Gt Tey, collector for the poor 1588, declined wdn 232
 SACHE      William    Tollesbury, 3 miles from church, 1599              86
 SADLER     Gabriel    Walden, contemptuous speech to Wimbish vicar 1598 211
 SADLER     George     Wix, 5-road junction, gave evidence 1593           14
 SADLER     John       Langham, poor man, cdn't pay church rate 1591     279
 SADLER     John       Dunton rector, rumoured EMI w svt Hylton 1562     219
 SADLER     William    Walden, "begotten w child his late svt", 1586     288
 SAFFOLD    Thomas     Maldon ? Arranged Freborne/Burrow marriage 1600   153
 SALING     Ann        Stanford(R) wdw, m Wm Colford 1586 (v Hugh Inche) 157
 SALING     Edmund     Woodford, at Fulham/Smithe betrothal 1591         152
 SALINGE    John       Ch Ongar, burnt by Geo Witham's wife, 1570         35
 SALISBURY  Robert     Gt Holland rector, gaming/cards/ale/&c 1585       228
 SALLOWES   John       Lt Oakley, one of parish hierarchy 1593           243
 SALMON     Peter      Tolleshunt, incest with kin Mary Browne, case 1590 44
 SALTER                Witham, a court mandatory, intimidated 1600       314
 SALYE      Margaret   Layer Breton, wife of Richd, excommunicated       167
 SALYE      Richard    Langham, tried to divorce his wife Margt 1570     167
 SAMFORD    Mr         Markshall, house/land leased to Thos Till 1600    269
 SAMMES     John       Stanford(H) lbr (38), evidence in Waples case      57
 SAMON      Thomas     Blackmore hsbdmn, evidence re Blackmore ch 1583   253
 SAMWELL    John       Dunton, PMI with Edgata Thryeing, reneged 1565    146
 SANDER     John       Coggeshall ex-wdn, detained commn cup 1579        258
 SANDER     William    Lt Coggeshall 1589, wdn't be questman             239
 SARGIANT   William    Walden, aka Wm Sadler                             288
 SATCH      Nicholas   Gt Waltham, forbade banns of Wm Meade & Margt Rame150
 SAULTER    William    Witham, found @ night with Dorothy Prise c1590      9
 SAUNDER    John       Foulness (Gt Borwood), church absence 1599 + wife  92
 SAUNDER    William    Fairstead, compurgator for Nicholas Want 1598     295
 SAUNDERS   Edward     Gt Stambridge, shared bed with mother, 1601        38
 SAUNDERS   Elizabeth  Woodham Ferrers, named by Humph Kenwelmarsh 1575   55
 SAUNDERS   Ely        Woodham F, fined 20d 1574 for contempt of court   312
 SAUNDERS   Henry      Woodham Ferrers, named by Humph Kenwelmarsh 1575   55
 SAUNDERS   John       Weeley, called court officer knave & rascal 1587  314
 SAUNDERS   John       Faulkbourne, lived nearer Witham ch, charge 1590   85
 SAVAGE     Thomas     Hempstead, violent hands on minister, 1581        128
 SAVAGE     William    N Benfleet rector, 1572/82                        132
 SAVELL     Thomas     Ugley, debarred by Geo Darloe, so went to Harlow  106
 SAVERING   William    Stock ch/wdn, accusation against parson 1576      235
 SAWARD     Thomas     Thaxted bailiff, rept on Dunmow/Thaxted fairs 1578 83
 SAWCER     Elizabeth  Colchester, assoc with Jn Patterick @ Manningtree   9
 SAWYE      Helen      Ardleigh, maidsvt of John Almond, 1590            293
 SAYER      Thomas     Wrabness vicar, abused 1577 (+p212)               206
 SAYER      Thomas     Frating, EMI by svt Jn Greenleaf w other svt 1588  11
 SAYER      Thomas     Wrabness parson 1593, instigated slander re Mayers 52
 SCATTLE               Beaumont sexton, misbehaved in church 1598        240
 SCOFIELD              Gt Bromley sch/tchr, said service 1587 (licensed) 316
 SCOT       Anne       Gt Sampford, slandered vicar/wife 1584            213
 SCOTT      Thomas     Fairstead, called rector a "farting priest" 1585  208
 SCOTT      Thomas     Fairstead, penance + new book for church 1580     288
 SCOTTE     Philip     Stock, svt of Eustace Clovile, sabbath charge 1581 81
 SCROGGS    Mr         Farnham, ex-master of Dionisia Snell, paternity   283
 SDVANNE    William    Wrabness seafarer, declined as ch/wdn 1599        232
 SEA        Francis    Ulting vicar, lived w Marget Green of Colchester  222
 SEARLE     Humphrey   Gt Bentley, wife died 1603, no knell (see Todde)  174
 SEARLE     John       Stondon Massey, slandered all his neighbours 1584  62
 SEARLE     Revd       Lexden rector, 1576                               143
 SEARLE     Robert     Lexden rector, kept register from ch/wdns 1604    263
 SEARLES    John       Aldham, oath-taker for Thos Baker 1584            293
 SEISLEY    Mr         Barking JP                                         30
 SELFSCALE  John       Lt Dunmow, theft of cow 1600, his brother was hung103
 SELFSCALE  Thomas     Feering, non-communion charge, already hung, 1600 102
 SELL       Ann        Gt Oakley ? aka Ann Hopwood                        34
 SELL       John       Accused of living asunder scandalously 1587        34
 SELLENDINE William    Foulness, fathered child of Jn Challice's dau 1576 37
 SELROWE    Edward     Goldhanger, twice debarred by Revd Knight         105
 SENIOR     John       W Ham, banns called re Joan Tyler, 1584           146
 SEREDGE    William    E Hanningfield vicar 1584, puritan leanings +p139  98
 SEXTON     William    Radwinter, struck the minister (curate ?) 1588    129
 SEXTON     William    Radwinter, fined 40/-, not @ church for 9mths 1580 77
 SEXTON     William    Radwinter, abused temporary minister              209
 SHARPE     John       Hatfield Peverel, mocked vicar's surplice 1586    127
 SHAWE      Joan       Kelvedon, long excommunicate, 1589                304
 SHAWE      Joan       Kelvedon, named in false charge re Jas Dowtye 1590 52
 SHAWE      Revd       Chingford rector, not burying/preaching, 1595     173
 SHELLEY    Thomas     Loughton, not @ ch, at Bp's Ct for 9/10 wks, 1587  84
 SHENNE     Anne       Mistley ?  Marriage promised by Edmund Osborne      5
 SHERBROKE  Edmund     Hadstock rector (named re Wicken problem 1583)    247
 SHEREBOURNEJohn       Gt Warley rector, reported absent in 1565         185
 SHERMAN    John       Thorrington, declined sideman office 1588         239
 SHERWOOD   John       Dedham, layman, buried dead illegally 1588        176
 SHETHER    William    Witham ch/wdn, parted Wm Chapman & his wife 1597   35
 SHIPDEN    Margaret   Sutton, charged with school teaching, when ?      317
 SHIPMAN    John       W Ham gmn, pew dispute with Wm Rooke 1576         133
 SHONCKE    John       Havering ch/wdn, kept communion book, 1591        263
 SHORTEN    Richard    Hatfield Peverel, PMI with Eliz Jennings 1600       5
 SHOUNCKE   John       Hornchurch, suit against Hy Willet 1585            58
 SHOXBOROWE widow      Lt Thurrock, charge of living with Jn Berd 1586    11
 SHYNNE     Judith     Lt Oakley, niece of Richd Austen, incest charge    39
 SIBTHORP   John       Langford, paid ch offering but debarred, 1595     106
 SILLING    John       Norwich, fathered child of Joan Gwin, 1588 case    22
 SILVERSTONERichard    Mistley, excuses re church-going rejected, 1590    88
 SILVESTER             Woodford, not communicated for two years          102
 SILYARD               W Hanningfield, "his man" absent fm communion 1565187
 SIMON      Nicholas   Blackmore, not @ commn 1588, discord w Richd Reve 109
 SIMONS     Revd       Buttsbury vicar, hit by Joan Madyson 1597         129
 SIMONS     William    Gt Burstead, appted reader 1600                   199
 SIMPSON    David      Gmn, compurgator for Thos Ball of Maldon 1575     292
 SIMPSON    Mark       Pitsea rector, usury charge 1578, not convicted    73
 SIMPSON    Thomas     Kelvedon minister, 1596                           126
 SIMPSON    Thomas     Clavering vicar, ministered without surplice 1581 195
 SIMPSON    Thomas     Kelvedon, vicar (?) 1601                          106
 SINGLETON  Edward     W Ham, aka Lea, charged with absence from church   81
 SKARFE     William    Tendring, objected to rate for surplice 1582      280
 SKARFE     William    Gt Bentley hsbdmn, admitted EMI w Agnes Burrow    153
 SKEGGES    Thomas     Woodford charcoal burner, evidence re Nich Fulham 152
 SKINGLE    Jane       Terling, w/child by Martin Lindsell, 1598         294
 SKIRTON    Matthew    Colchester, stole St Giles' font cover 1579       196
 SKOTT      Mary       E Tilbury gwmn, lodging with Thos Hamans, 1587     82
 SKOTT      Pierce     Stock, ch/yard affray 1600 (see Parnell)          122
 SKOTT      William    Barking, incest charge w wife's daughter, 1575     40
 SLAYTERFORDFrisewith  Stanford(H), wife of Jn, faced slander charge      55
 SLAYTERFORDJohn       Stanford(H), defamed Rattle/Margery Daye 1584      55
 SLEDD      Henry      Eastwood vicar, held no Sunday services (when ?)  197
 SLOWMAN    George     Kelvedon, penance commuted to fines, 1570         291
 SMITH      Bridget    Walthamstow, svt to Robt White, bastard ch 1591    29
 SMITH      Elizabeth  Delivered at Geo Syday's house, 1589               28
 SMITH      Elizabeth  Walthamstow ? Harboured by Hy Hester, hsbd o'seas  28
 SMITH      goodman    Radwinter Hall, 1594                              278
 SMITH      Henry      Walthamstow ? Overseas with Lord Essex, 1598       28
 SMITH      Joan       Wh Colne, 1591, forbidden to marry Clement Wiborow151
 SMITH      John       Corringham, late night drinks in local field 1598  70
 SMITH      John       W Bergholt, feared arrest as surety, not @ ch 1601 84
 SMITH      John       Hsbd of Elizabeth Foskue, o'seas with Drake Spain  28
 SMITH      John       Manningtree, punished for incontinence 1590        10
 SMITH      Joseph     Billericay, unlicensed sch/mstr, adulterer, 1596  315
 SMITH      Peter      Colchester, attacked Jn Gwye 1592, probly drunk   123
 SMITH      Richard    Wix, aka Richd Barker                              14
 SMITH      Robert     Colchester gmn, chosen ch/wdn 1590                233
 SMITH      Thomas     Blackmore, lord of manor, suit 1583 (ch repairs)  253
 SMITH      Thomas     Fairstead, compurgator for Nicholas Want 1598     295
 SMITH      Thomas     Blackmore gmn, brawled in church 1577             115
 SMITH      William    Blackmore, cited by Alice Godsafe 1597              7
 SMITHE     Henry      Colne Engaine, hsbd of Joan                        51
 SMITHE     Joan       Colne Engaine, raised rumour against Jn King 1589  51
 SMITHE     Joan       Woodford, breach suit against Nicholas Fulham 1590152
 SMYTH      ChristopherW Ham victualler, charged re Mary Udall & child    29
 SMYTHE     Alice      Kelvedon, dissatisfied wife of Robt, 1585         166
 SMYTHE     Mr         Blackmore, grew hay in Holmes mead 1585            59
 SMYTHE     Robert     Gt Sampford, said to have recd commn sitting 1584 117
 SMYTHE     Robert     Kelvedon, marriage unconsumated for 12yrs, 1585   166
 SMYTHE     Robert     Coggeshall sexton, witness of break-in 1584       240
 SMYTHE     Thomas     Barking, missed Easter communion 1590 "big crowd" 101
 SNELL      Dionisia   Farnham, barefoot penance in wh sheet in ch, 1562 283
 SNOWDEN    William    Mistley, stepfather of Agnes/Alice Davye            5
 SNOWE      Mr         Svt of Ld Mordaunt, rang illegally 1569           137
 SOLME      Edward     Sandon, brawling during service in ch, 1574       128
 SOME       Leonard    Sheering parson 1594                              223
 SOME       Zachary    Sandon, called minister prattling fool, 1592      210
 SOMERS     Joan       Downham, attacked in field by Rice Evans 1590      45
 SOMERSHAM             Gt Tey, kept an alehouse 1601 ?                    71
 SOMNER     Helen      Lt Laver, w of Reginald, recd commn sitting 1587  117
 SOMNER     Reginald   Lt Laver, explained wife gt with child 1587       117
 SOOTON     John       Maldon, Beeleigh Mill, denied church absence 1595  79
 SORRELL    Revd       Gt Waltham, chancel ruinous c1570                 248
 SORRELL    William    Gt Saling, will 1589, forgave debts               259
 SORRELL    William    Gt Bardfield, reported as not in church, 1599      77
 SOUTHCOTE             Lt Totham gmn, prevented Christmas service 1599   125
 SPACIE     Revd       Ramsden Bellhouse ex-curate, school teacher c1565 186
 SPACKMAN   Thomas     Chigwell,  70yrs, too weak to be ch/wdn, 1592     233
 SPARHAWKE  Samuel     Lawford, refused rate for church repair 1603      243
 SPARROW    Robert     Childerditch, negligent, not @ church 1599         86
 SPEDE      Gilbert    W Bergholt, insulted rector 1581                  207
 SPENCER    Daniel     Wix cptr, refused church work till paid, 1596     254
 SPENCER    Daniel     Wix, (incestuous) wife died shortly pre-1589       44
 SPENSAR    George     S Benfleet, didn't pay 4d for bellringers, 1590   265
 SPENSER    George     S Benfleet ? 1590, failed to pay bellringers      138
 SPENSER    John       Tendring? Dispute w Wilfred Luthey (Lutie?). Old. 108
 SPENSER    Richard    Greenstead(Col) curate, drunk, penance, 1576      226
 SPISEALL   mother     Colchester, "Mother Spiseall's corner"             15
 SPITTLE    Henry      Barking ch/wdn, confirmed Jn Okeden's punishment   10
 SPITTYE               Rayleigh court official 1597, recd bribe          314
 SPRADBOROWE           Witham, abused vicar of Cressing 1592             210
 SPRANGER   Robert     N Weald, alleged to have slandered Fuller h'hold   60
 SPURGIN    John       Colne Engaine, aged 16/17, hit by Richd Norton    114
 SPUTTELL   Elizabeth  Gt Wakering, slandered Mary Dew 1567, convicted   305
 SQUIRE     Samuel     Pattiswick, arrived late @ church 1602, laughed   119
 STAGRAM    David      Barking, denied unlicensed surgery 1602           319
 STAINE     Edward     Boreham, his wife barred fm communion 1585        104
 STAINE     Richard jr High Ongar, aggravated Wm Staines & his wife       65
 STAINE     Richard sr High Ongar, aggravated Wm Staines & his wife       65
 STAINE     William    High Ongar, "misused wife with stripes", 1587     162
 STAINE     William    High Ongar, beat and misused his wife, 1588        65
 STAINES    Richard    Stratford hsbdmn, invited to Jn Eaton's wedding   149
 STALLERY   Agnes      Walden, compurgator for Margt Richard 1599        296
 STAMMERS   William    Prittlewell ch/wdn, wdn't give a/cs   new wdn 1600237
 STANBANKE  Thomas     High Laver rector, died 1566                      143
 STANDELEY             W Ham woman, kept a brothel 1563                   35
 STANTON    Richard    W Ham gmn, accused of various incontinences 1598    7
 STANTON    Robert     W Ham, wh sheeted penance for svt's pregnancy 1566287
 STANTON    Robert     W Ham                                               7
 STEBBING   John       Colne Engaine, suspected brothel with wife, 1603   23
 STELLIMAN  John       Woodham Ferrers, named by Humph Kenwelmarsh 1575   55
 STEMPE     Thomas     Burnham curate, "frequented alehouse", 1588       227
 STENT      Geoffrey   Fobbing, tried to escape due to maintain ch hedge 268
 STEPHEN    Agnes      d of Jn, married Edwd Asheton 1587                 42
 STEPHEN    John       Hornchurch, decd pre 1587                          42
 STEPHEN    Nicholas   Maldon, marr two daus of Thos Whitt, 2nd in 1572   41
 STEPHEN    Nicholas   N Weald wvr, evidence in case vs Spranger 1590     60
 STEPHEN    Ralph      Gt Wakering, cited for preaching privately, c1584  98
 STEPHEN    Roger      Frating, he and wife abusive in church 1590       117
 STEPHENS   James      S Benfleet, 1590 failed to give 12d to bellringers138
 STEPHENS   John       Terling ch/wdn, struck Ed Abdale in ch/yd 1590    123
 STEPHENS   Nicholas   Maldon, penance and 40/- to poor, 1572            287
 STEVEN     Margaret   Hornchurch, charged with Thos Leggatt 1589        142
 STEVEN     William    N Shoebury, EMI charge with vicar's wife 1566      33
 STEVENS    Elizabeth  Romford, shouted slanders at neighbour via wall    59
 STEVENS    Thomas     Brentwood, penance + Book of Martyrs 1592         288
 STEWARD    Andrew     Colchester, made sails in St Leonards, 1592       272
 STINTE     John       Upminster, his wife a scold & ill dealer, 1596     63
 STOCKLEY   John       Kelvedon tailor, ct w Ursula Hastler by searcher    9
 STOKDALE   Robert     Barking, defamation suit brought by Revd Tyrwhytt 205
 STONARD    John       Loughton JP c1564                                  26
 STONARD    Thomas     Kelvedon, refused 3/4d towards bell repair 1590   265
 STONARDE   Thomas     Manningtree, conned for 2/6d by Philipps 1587     314
 STONDON    Anne       Chigwell, w of Thos Stondon                        12
 STONDON    Thomas     Chigwell, employed Jn Gowldringe as labourer 1590  12
 STOOKES    Thomasine  Cressing, denied rumour abt Jn Dynes & herself     51
 STOWE      Thomas     Wix, sworn at in church by Wm Chesshier 1596      114
 STOWERS    Mr         Lexden, named as possible ch/wdn 1591             233
 STOWERS    William    Wakes Colne, incontinence charge 1590 (woman dead) 10
 STRAIGHT   Mary       Stanway, betrothed to Wm Colfild, but wdg delayed 152
 STRAYTE    Thomas     E Mersea ? Lodged woman who proved pregnant, 1584  30
 STUBBING   Giles      Helions Bumpstead, dispute re ch seating 1596     131
 STURGIN    Joan       Colchester, lived in little ho in ch/yd 1590      234
 STUTVILDE  Mary       Wakes Colne, 80, sick/blind, ordered  church 1590  88
 STUTVILDE  Thomas     Wakes Colne, 80-ish, ordered to attend church 1590 88
 STYLE      William    Mountnessing, hit Thos Mathewe in church 1577     115
 STYLEMAN   Edmund     H Easter vicar, EMI charge, b c1500, d1566        218
 SUMMERSON  Joan       Rivenhall, rape case (John Gouldthwaite) 1590      44
 SUMMERSON  widow      Gt Tey, Eliz Hindes abused vicar to her 1591      210
 SWANSON               Gt Holland, named in Turner/Ingram affair 1599     18
 SWARTON    Richard    Spoke for Lady Throgmorton, Catholic recusant      94
 SWAYNE     Geoffrey   Rayleigh, bound to repair church, 1561 (=George)  275
 SWAYNE     George     Rayleigh, bound to repair church, 1561 (=Geoffrey)253
 SWEETING   Humphrey   Gt Waltham, party in Rambe case, 1590 (pro Mary)   38
 SWEETING   Thomas     Ingatestone, appr of Wm Carr, defamed him 1593     51
 SWETING               Gt Burstead                                         9
 SWETINGE   John       Upminster tailor (48), evidence in Larder case     58
 SWETMAN    Richard    Ingatestone, tolled bells illegally 1597          175
 SWINHO     Revd       Wicken Bonhunt, chose Jn Howland as ch/wdn 1586   232
 SWINYARD   Joan       Bradfield, mocked Copt/Hewett wdg couple 1600     155
 SWYNHO     William    Wicken Bonhunt parson, 1583 (+p247)               108
 SYDAY      ChristopherGt Horkesley, suffered false(?) allegation 1579    12
 SYDAY      George     Bradwell(M), lodged stranger who gave birth, OK    28
 SYMNELL               Colchester constable ? Mott/Wilson case 1588       16
 SYMOND     John       Blackmore hsbdmn, evidence re Blackmore ch, 1583  254
 SYMONS     William    Buttsbury, opposed purging by Geo Younge 1590     295
 SYMPSON    Mark       Pitsea rector, young wd not come 1572 2 b taught  143
 SYMS       John       Romford, aka Jn Clarke                             52
 SYSSELL    William    Hornchurch, b YKS c1525, evidence in Willet case   58
 TABOR      John       Sandon, brawling during service in ch, 1574       128
 TABOR      Nicholas   Ramsden Bellhouse, problem w ch a/cs 1590 (?)     237
 TAILER     Thomas     Horndon, rated for Fobbing ch repair 1587         277
 TAILLOR    John       Stock, named in connection w Barbara Driver 1583   24
 TAILOR     Henry      Gt Bentley miller, maid customers seduced 1591     14
 TARVER     David      Gt Oakley, multiple slanders &c, 1601              66
 TATE       Ellen      Pitsea, maidsvt of Revd Robt Hewetson 1596, EMI?  223
 TAVERNER   John       Upminster gmn, absent from court 1584             300
 TAVERNER   Rumbold    Buttsbury, wdn(?), note re selling chalice 1564   257
 TAVERNER   Thomas     Colchester, apptd to St Peter's 1589              173
 TAYLER     William    Aveley vicar, marr w/out sufficient banns, 1584   155
 TAYLFORD   Thomas     Doddinghurst, arbitrator re Clement/Maggett case   56
 TAYLOR                Gt Braxted (Bunge Row), usury charge 1597          73
 TAYLOR     Romball    Stock constable, couldn't always be in chch, 1579  79
 TAYLOR     William    Springfield B rector, chancel repairs reqd 1600   252
 TEMPEST    Rowland    Gt Wakering, m Amy Osborne, believed widowed      169
 TEY        William    Peldon rector, not wearing surplice &c 1593       101
 TEYE       William    Peldon rector, Mr Parker @ communion illegally    316
 THAIRE     Richard    Gt Baddow, troubled with the stone, 1587           87
 THIMBLE               Bradwell(M), 3 men that name non-communicant 1565 100
 THOMESON              Aveley wife, 1564 dispute with another @ communion122
 THOMLINSON James      Colchester, called rector a drunkard, 1588 +p253  209
 THOMPSON              Tolleshunt, left chyd open by removing house 1589 268
 THOMPSON   Roger      Hornchurch, harboured pregnant girl 1579 (but kin) 27
 THOMPSON   William    Hornchurch, kin of Roger, hsbd of girl of 1579     27
 THORNE     Robert     Dedham, his wife named with Revd Parker 1589      222
 THORNTON   Richard    W Ham, encouraged adulteress in church 1595       291
 THORNTON   Thomas     Sandon, widow Darbye was his lodger, c1600          9
 THOROCKE   Prudence   m Nicholas Osborne, whose wife Amy still living   169
 THOROGOOD  George     Hornchurch, incest w cousin Alice Male 1577        39
 THOROWGOOD Jeffery    Walden, recusant, now dutifully attending ch 1587  95
 THRESHER   William    Aveley, charge re repair of church clock, 1601    267
 THRUSSELL  Joan       Danbury, "green woman", not churched 1586         160
 THRUSSHE   John       Stow Maries (28), evidence in Nevell/Fyssher case 145
 THRYEING   Edgata     Dunton, svt of Thomas Clemente, 1565              146
 THUMBLETHORPE Francis Manningtree, refused 2/6d towards new bell 1598   265
 THURGOOD   mistress   London, buried by Rev Turner, Pontisbright.       307
 THURLAND   John       Rayleigh, charge of PMI, bribed official 1597     314
 THWAITES   James      Wrabness, appeared for Thos Sayer on 1578 charge  221
 THWAITES   William    Notary Public, Buttsbury, 1599                    135
 TIBALL     John       Ramsden Bellhouse, problem w ch a/cs 1590 (?)     237
 TIFFIN     William    Wakes Colne, lord of manor of Wakes Hall c1594    131
 TILBROOK   John       Burnham, EMI charge (Joan Castleford) 1598        309
 TILER      John       Goldhanger, debarred fm communion 1589            104
 TILL       Ambrose    Coggeshall wdn, checked fair for ch absentees 1595 82
 TILL       Thomas     Coggeshall, took hewn stone fm church porch 1599  246
 TILL       Thomas     Coggeshall clothier, repairs at Markshall 1600    269
 TINGE      William    Stanford(R), rang soul peals, fined 12d 1565      136
 TIRRELL    Anthony    Dengie rector, deprived 1606                      194
 TIRRELL    Thomas     E Mersea curate, refused local burials, 1581      172
 TISTONE    Agnes      aka Agnes Lovekin                                 167
 TODDE      John       Gt Bentley vicar, refused knell for Searle 1603   174
 TOLEKEARNE John       Horndon (H Place), liable for chapel repair 1597  253
 TOMLINSON  James      Colchester ch/wdn, wife was a scold, 1558          65
 TOMPSON    Martha     Rochford, w of Phoenix, gave birth 1591 in W Ham   30
 TOMPSON    Phoenix    Rochford, deceased, prob 1591                      30
 TOMSON     John       Barking, suspected of bigamy 1561                 168
 TORNAR     Robert     Ch Ongar, rambling complaint at judge, 1564       311
 TOTNAM     Robert     E Hanningfield, debarred by Revd Seredge 1580s    105
 TOTNAM     William    E Hanningfield, debarred by Revd Seredge 1580s    105
 TOWISON    Katherine  Havering, svt to Wm Nicholson, slandered 1585      58
 TOWLER     Joan       Downham, went to church in man's attire 1596       18
 TOWNES     William    Wix, brawled with Jn Rolfe in church 1582         114
 TOWNSEND   Margaret   W Ham, victim of false rumour 1584                 53
 TOWNSEND   Nicholas   W Ham, hsbd of Margt.                              53
 TRAMELLS   Susan      Fobbing, abused & beaten by Jn Warde, 1585         68
 TRAPPES    John       Paglesham, squabble w person unknown 1597         121
 TRICKER    Katherine  Gt Birch, kept suspected brothel 1591              22
 TROUGHTON  John       Rawreth gmn, attacked Lawrence Barwicke in ch 1602116
 TRUSSELL   John       Purleigh, refused to be ch/wdn 1566, excomm.      233
 TURKE      Richard    E Hanningfield, cd not say creed, debarred 1580s  105
 TURKE      Thomas     Romford gmn, non-communicant 1585                 103
 TURNAR     John       Gt Burstead, wd not kneel for communion, 1583     117
 TURNER     Elizabeth  S Weald, 2nd w of Rev Robt Hunter, c1565          225
 TURNER     Isaac      Gt Holland, found under Ingram's bed at night      17
 TURNER     John       Walthamstow sch/mstr 1565, resisted ousting       317
 TURNER     mistress   Pontisbright ? Named in Crowche allegations 1583   52
 TURNER     Mr         Colchester, high constable, abused in ch 1578     117
 TURNER     Richard    Manningtree, not at church, abused the sidesman    64
 TURNER     William    Woodford, married Agnes Clarke c1577/8            151
 TURNER     William    E Colne, brawled with vicar in service 1581       124
 TURPIN     William    Gt Sampford, irreverent during sermon time 1596   118
 TURRE      Adria      Upminster (60), evidence re Margery Whyte 1569    214
 TURREL     Thomas     E Mersea curate, somewhat negligent, 1582         128
 TWIDE      Thomas     Buttsbury, obscure divorce story, 1564            165
 TWITTIE    William    Esq, compurgator for Thos Ball of Maldon 1575     292
 TWYNE      Nicholas   Radwinter, squabbling in ch, excommunicated 1586  120
 TYE        Mr         Thorrington, denied unlicensed teaching 1598      316
 TYFFIN     Elizabeth  Wakes Colne, sis-i-law of Richd Underwood ?        23
 TYLER      Henry      Southchurch, still had popish vestments 1565      184
 TYLER      Joan       W Ham, banns called re Jn Senior, 1584            146
 TYLER      Richard    Hornchurch, drinking in Nicholson's ho 1585        58
 TYRELL     Thomas     Bro of Sir Henry Tyrell                            95
 TYRRELL    Edmund     Hockley, farmer of tithes, to repair chancel 1574 250
 TYRRELL    Edmund     Rawreth, died 1576, lord of Manor of Beches       171
 TYRWHYTT   Richard    Barking vicar 1563, complex defamation case, d1584205
 TYSDALE               Sandon, uttered "whoreson wretch" during service  128
 TYSON      Peter      Nazeing, excuses for not attending church 1597     86
 UDALL      Mary       W Ham lodging (Smyth) 1584, suspect activity       29
 UDALL      Peter      W Ham, denied attack on Agnes Warren in 1602       46
 UDALL      Peter      Prittlewell, kept house w widow Cater 2 yrs, 1600  15
 UMFREY     John       Shenfield, disquieted parson during service 1574  124
 UNDERWOOD  Agnes      Wakes Colne, immorality charges 1592               23
 UNDERWOOD  Audrey     Lt Tey, ct @ night with Richd Potter 1590           8
 UNDERWOOD  Richard    Kelvedon, to show those to repair ch fence, 1595  268
 UNDERWOOD  Richard    WakesColne, EMI charge re Eliz Tyffin (sis-i-law?) 23
 UNTON      John       Tolleshunt gmn, constable 1597 (d 1609 ?)         121
 UNWIN      Sarah      Hadstock, disorderly sch/mistress 1587            317
 UPCHER     John       Fordham, brawled with Thos Milbye in church 1593  115
 UPCHER     Revd       Colchester (St Leonard's) minister 1577           289
 UPTON      Jane       Walthamstow, name in charge vs Revd Jn Horton 1579141
 VALE       John       Colchester, Sir Thos Lucas's svt, Sunday chge 1581 81
 VANDERHEYdnBarbara    Colchester, divorced from Clare v d Heyden 1578     3
 VANWILDER  Henry      Leyton, he & family not at communion 1591         100
 VAUGHAN    Edward     Barking, reported harbouring Eliz V w/child 1586   28
 VAUGHAN    Elizabeth  Barking ? reported w/ch @ Edwd Vaughan's house     28
 VAUGHAN    James      Barking gmn, reported Eliz Vaughan married 1584    28
 VAUGHAN    William    W Ham, bought Kath Popkyn for 5/-, 1588           153
 VEAR       William    Cranham, named in statement by Thos Braine 1579    55
 VERNON     William jr Maldon, jostled/threatened minister 1595          129
 VESYE      William    Wix gmn, strawed ch/yd 1594 for his cattle        271
 VEYSEY     Abraham    Wivenhoe, rate unpaid for parchment regstr 1598   280
 VICARIE    John       Hatfield Peverel vicar, stopped a wdg as no ring  155
 VINCENT    Henry      Colchester, bur Jn Pye w/out prayer, vicar absent 173
 VINCENT    John       Prittlewell butcher, abuse vicar, lewdness, 1565  188
 VINCENT    Stephen    Hockley, slandered woman 1601 (re stock losses)    66
 VIXAR      William    Fyfield curate, harboured his pregnant dau 1595    27
 WADE       John       Goldhanger, barred fm communion by Revd Horner    104
 WADE       John       Coggeshall, defended lechery charge 1591           16
 WADE       John       Wix, charged re unpaid Moze rates 1591            279
 WADE       John       Wix, alleged EMI with Eliz Reynolds his svt 1593   14
 WADE       Katherine  E Colne, banns with Clement Wiborow, 1591         151
 WADE       Lancelot   Rawreth, cohab with late wife's sis, Joan Wright   42
 WADE       Magdalen   Gt Burstead, sat on bed w Geoffrey Cole 1575        9
 WADE       William    Dengie, neglected bells on coronation day 1600    138
 WADEMAN    John       Theydon Garnon, svt of Wieat, divorced 1566       167
 WAINE      Richard    Thorrington, suspended 1589, theology wanting     198
 WAINEWRIGHT           Barking, mentioned in case of Jn Okeden            10
 WAKEFEILD  Henry      Bulphan, rebuked parson for false doctrine 1591   127
 WAKELIN    John       Hempstead, "ministers ought not to marry", 1596   215
 WAKELIN    John (2)   Hempstead, "ministers ought not to marry", 1596   215
 WAKELINGE  Robert     Radwinter, squabbling in ch, excommunicated 1586  120
 WALE       Geoffrey   N Fambridge, spoke for Jn Richmond, 1579           81
 WALFORD    William    S Fambridge, betrothal annulled 1598 as deceived  152
 WALKER     Anthony    Burnham, lunacy, charge of EMI 1584 modified       43
 WALKER     John       Barking, defamation suit brought by Revd Tyrwhytt 205
 WALKER     Richard    Kelvedon, excommunicate, abused vicar 1596        126
 WALKER     Richard    Ashdon ?  Exposure case 1588                       47
 WALKER     William    Cold Norton, conventicle in his house, 1583        99
 WALKER     William    Cold Norton, took communion outside parish, 1584  102
 WALL       John       Rainham, scolding, drunk, incontinent, &c, 1567    66
 WALL       Simon      Ingatestone, EMI charge and burnt, 1587            34
 WALLES     Nicholas   Pentlow parson, 1584 charge of incontinence       220
 WALLINGER  James      Langdon Hills curate, EMI with Susan Hales 1599   223
 WALLIS     Ancheras   Ramsey, attended woodland lunch, Collett preaching 97
 WALLIS     William    Stanford(R), living w wife in s porch of ch, 1600 272
 WALLYS     Robert     Pattiswick, allegedly with Nick Geige's wife 1593  10
 WALPOLE    Mr         Svt of Ld Mordaunt, rang illegally 1569           137
 WANT       George     Fairstead, compurgator for Nicholas Want 1598     295
 WANT       Nicholas   Fairstead, morality charge 1598, acquitted        295
 WAPLES     Thomas     Stanford(H), accused of defaming a woman 1584      56
 WARD       Mr         Walden, corn stolen by Stallery, Gall or Boale    296
 WARD       Thomas     Colchester St Botolph sexton, swearer, 1584 &c    240
 WARDALL    Thomas     Chelmsford, victim of Thos/Joan Nocke trickery     13
 WARDE      Agnes      W Ham, w of Robt, gave evidence in Eaton case 1584148
 WARDE      John       W Ham, he and wife kept brothel 1585               21
 WARDE      John       Fobbing, abused & beat Susan Tramells 1585         68
 WARDE      Robert     W Ham hsbdmn, evidence in Boulton/Eaton case 1584 147
 WARE       Thomas     Hatfield(P) chpmn traded in Ingatestone ch/yd 1589273
 WARNER     Francis    W Mersea rector, hit sexton in ch porch 1584      129
 WARNER     Francis    W Mersea, 1584 charge of adultery                 220
 WARNER     John       Langham, accused by Francis Duplack 1590           14
 WARNER     widow      Lexden, mention 1599 as widow with a son          143
 WARREN     Agnes      W Ham, alleged attack by Peter Udall 1602          46
 WARREN     John       Feering, complained of court extortion 1590       309
 WARREN     John       Wakes Colne, compurgator for Thos Baker 1584      292
 WARREN     John       Gt Chishall, his ch's 1587 baptism delayed a week 141
 WARREN     John       Gt Chishall, taught unlicensed again, 1595        315
 WASHER     William    Upminster rector (when?)                          161
 WASHER     William    Upminster rector 1569, wife questionable ?        214
 WASSHER    Revd       Upminster parson, reviled by Wm Latham 1574       127
 WATERS     BartholomewGt Horkesley, ct wife with Mott (molecatcher) 1593 19
 WATERS     Richard    Stapleford Abbots, wife defamed neighbours 1601    53
 WATSON     Ralph      Gt Easton curate 1561                             218
 WATTES     Augustine  Gt Burstead, wd not kneel for communion, 1583     117
 WATTES     Margaret   Maidstone, 1st w of Robt Hunter, m Richd Mingsden 225
 WATTS      James      Cressing, clerk to Francis Harvey, 1594 ?         231
 WAYE       Barbara    Dedham, married Wm Pulleyn 1587                   156
 WAYLETT    John       Ugley, abused the church clerk (Meade) 1595       121
 WAYLETT    John       Ugley, kept fm communion by Rev Geo Darloe 1592   106
 WAYNE      Richard    Weeley curate, incontinence charge 1588, excomm.  221
 WAYTE      William    Blackmore labr, evidence re Blackmore church 1583 253
 WEAVER     Nicholas   Barking, incest w niece Alesaunder 1564            39
 WEBB       Mary       Coggeshall, recd communion tho in contempt 1581   104
 WEBB       Thomas     Maldon ex-wdn, left parish with commn cup 1598    258
 WEBBE                 Ardleigh, father of Jn Greenleaf (cited 1588)      12
 WEBBE      Peter      Colchester, abused minister at St Trinity 1599    126
 WEEKES     Thomas     Horndon cooper, abused vicar at the Lion, 1602    212
 WELER      Henry      Gt Burstead ch/wdn, refused to hear Wm Simons     199
 WELLES     William    Colchester, assessed 2/-   ch fence repair 1590   269
 WELLES     William    Gt Tey, defamed by horns on his door, 1595         54
 WELLES     William    Gt Tey, Eliz Hindes abused vicar to him 1591      210
 WELLES     William    Greenstead(Col), 74yrs, unable to be ch/wdn, 1597 233
 WELLS      Richard    Gt Tey, called vicar "evil person, naughty", 1584 207
 WENDEN                Wakes Colne, immorality alleged w Agnes Underwood  23
 WENDEN     John       Wakes Colne ch/wdn, reported other wdn 1587       234
 WENHAM     Edward     Clavering, step-bro of Joan Gwin, accessory 1588   22
 WENT       Richard    Widdington, seldom in church, far off, 1578        85
 WEST       Edmund     Debden (Mole Hall), ch absence, seat dispute, 1577133
 WEST       Mary       Maldon, EMI with Robt Lune, c1583                 105
 WEST       Rev        Doddinghurst curate, 1581                          56
 WESTBROOK  Thomas     Gt Sutton ex-wdn, dispute re commn cup, 1597      258
 WESTBROWNE Elizabeth  Abberton, see Jn Lawrence, thorn was in her leg.   79
 WESTLEIGH  Goodman    Helions Bumpstead, constable ?                    131
 WESTLEY    Robert     Hempstead, referred to psalms as bellowing, 1599  120
 WESTLYE    John       Hempstead, payment for bur of Mr Cowle 1599       171
 WESTON     Richard    Erred with Mr Howsden's maid 1588. Where ?         19
 WESTON     Roger      Wormingford, debarred svt of Wm Hoye 1591 - simple106
 WHARTON    Ralph      Inworth parson, 1592-ish, barred Mr/Mrs Devenish  104
 WHARTON    Robert     Bradfield, buried soldier in a ditch, 1587        172
 WHEELER               Woodham Ferrers, named by Humph Kenwelmarsh 1575   55
 WHEELER    Edmund     Dengie, hsbd of Joan, 1595                        236
 WHEELER    Joan       Dengie, brawled at commn service 1595             236
 WHEELER    William    S Weald, wife kept undesirable company, 1597      163
 WHELEHOWSE James      Lt Baddow vicar, induced to drink by friends 1597 227
 WHETLE     Mr         Ardleigh, wife named in connection w Jn Allen 1599296
 WHISKARD   Charles    Stock miller, spokesman for parish 1587 vs vicar  107
 WHITBREAD  John       Writtle gmn, rumoured EMI with My Evered, sister ? 42
 WHITBREAD  Mary       Wh Notley, marr Richd Everard, Blk Notley          42
 WHITBREAD  Thomas     Wh Notley Hall, Jn his son, Mary his sister        42
 WHITE      Francis    Chadwell rector, absent fm spcl service 1579      197
 WHITE      John       Ramsey vicar, 1584 charge of scandalous life      220
 WHITE      John       Tolleshunt Major, quarrel w Jn Lowe 1597          121
 WHITE      John       Ramsey vicar, not teaching young folk, 1584       143
 WHITE      John       Ramsey vicar, cited for non-repair of chancel 1584251
 WHITE      John       Ramsey vicar, cited as ignorant/ineffective 1584  198
 WHITE      Philip     Robbing rector, kept his farm stock in ch/yd 1580 270
 WHITE      Philip     Fobbing rector, refused a churching (when?)       161
 WHITE      Robert     Walthamstow, harbouring charge (svt & child) 1591  29
 WHITE      Simon      Birchanger, borrowed from Thos Parish @ 10%, 1580  73
 WHITE      Thomas     Woodham Mortimer sexton, 1563                     136
 WHITE      William    Tolleshunt, EMI with Agnes Maning, 1590            11
 WHITEHAND  John       Ashdon, victim of malicious charge 1596           299
 WHITFIELD  Leonard    Lt Baddow, pursued maidsvt 1583 (wife was away)    45
 WHITHANDE  Thomas     Walden, "this court is a patch court", 1587       310
 WHITHED    Katherine  Danbury, abusive in church 1578 (for churching)   160
 WHITHED    Stephen    Danbury, hsbd of Katherine                        160
 WHITLIN    Ralph      Corringham rector, drunken & negligent 1574       226
 WHITT      Thomas     Maldon, let dau marr Nick Stephen, already s-i-law 41
 WHITTELL   Mr         London, Bishop's Commissary, 1600                 252
 WHYTE      Henry      Lt Henny, annuity switched to gen ch funds 1561   180
 WHYTE      Margery    Upminster, alleged rector's wife loose woman 1569 214
 WHYTE      William    Sheering rector 1561                              218
 WHYTNEY    Mr         Svt of Ld Mordaunt, rang illegally 1569           137
 WIBOROW    Clement    Wh Colne, banns with Kath Wade were forbidden 1591151
 WICKES     Edward     Greenstead(Ong), incest w sister Eliz Dunckhorne   38
 WICKES     Robert     Gt Baddow 1577 ?  Name is on oldest Stock bell    266
 WICKS      Phineas    Bulphan hsbdmn, evidence in case vs Ramsey 1600   268
 WIDGARTEN  Mr         Cranham, perhaps sexton or curate ? 1586          171
 WIEAT      Francis    Theydon Garnon, master of Jn Wademan 1566         167
 WIERSDALE  Mark       Maldon, puritan vicar of All Saints 1584-ish       76
 WIGFEILD   Revd       Wix, curate, baptised ch of an excommunicate 1585 141
 WIGGE      Robert     Gt Bentley, violently abused Mr Fison in ch 1601  116
 WIGNALL    Richard    Barking vicar, acquitted Minors after enquiry     160
 WILKINSON             Stanway? Uncle of Mary Straight. Employed her 1591152
 WILKINSON  Elizabeth  Nevendon, wdw of Wm, named whore by Jeremy Wittham214
 WILKINSON  John       Stansted m/f vicar, witness for Jn Luddington 1585297
 WILKINSON  William    Nevendon vicar, d1599/1600                        214
 WILLES     Ralph      W Ham, kept whore in Abbey Mill, 1595              21
 WILLET     Henry      Hornchurch, defndnt in case by Jn Shouncke 1585    58
 WILLFORD   Dorothy    Aldersgate,  20 in 1604 will of Jn Lewis, Chigwell 50
 WILLFORD   William    Aldersgate, hsbd of Dorothy                        50
 WILLIAMSON John       Colne Engaine, long time excommunicate 1591 +p308 305
 WILLMOTT   Robert     Horndon vicar, 1602                               212
 WILLMOTT   Walter     Hatfield Peverel, kissed woman for wager 1597      18
 WILLSON    ChristopherHer Majesty's employee, hsbd of Eliz W.            29
 WILLSON    Elizabeth  w of Christopher Willson, ch born @ Jn Atkynson's  29
 WILLTON    John       Aldham rector, compurgator for Thos Baker 1584    293
 WILMOT     Joan       Gt Totham? Marr Richd Cracknell w/out ring        155
 WILSON     Anne       Weeley (80+), age/sickness   church absence 1591   88
 WILSON     Arthur     Colchester, hsbd of Joan                           16
 WILSON     Joan       Colchester, w of Arthur, EMI w Robert Mott denied  16
 WILSON     John       W Mersea miller, ct seducing Eliz Potter 1590      14
 WILSON     Mary       S Ockendon, w of Thos, common scold/bawd &c, 1601  23
 WILSON     Thomas     Kelvedon, refused 8d towards bell repair 1590     265
 WILSON     Thomas jnr S Ockendon, his wife charged 1601                  23
 WINCHE     Robert     N Ockendon, refused church unless a sermon, 1599   77
 WINKFIELD  William    Wix curate, suspect activity w maidsvt 1592       223
 WISEMAN    Mr         Gt Wigboro, refused 16d to shotting of bell, 1591 265
 WITHAM     George     Ch Ongar, kept bawdy house with wife, 1570         35
 WITHAM     Richard    Doddinghurst, arbitrator re Clement/Maggett case   56
 WITHAM     Thomas     H Ongar, disputed ch rate on Blackmore land, 1600 277
 WITHER     Samuel     Cressing vicar, called shitten fellow, 1592       210
 WITHERS    Charles    Foulness, implicated in Challice case 1576         37
 WITHERS    Robert     Foulness, defamed Jn Challice (of incest) 1576     37
 WITHERS    Robert     Foulness, dispute re Foulness/Sutton churches 1576 91
 WITTAM     Thomas     Steeple, he & wife absent from Steeple ch 1584    100
 WITTHAM    Jeremy     Nevendon, defamed wife of Revd Wm Wilkinson 1600  214
 WODELL     Audrey     N Weald, betrothed to Samuel Wright 1584          150
 WOLBERD    Joan       Fyfield (27), evidence in Worme case 1586          59
 WOLBERD    Nicholas   Barking, late hsbd of Joan, died pre-1586          59
 WOOD       George     Springfield rector, refusal to baptise, 1580      141
 WOOD       Henry      S Benfleet parishioner, c1566                     195
 WOOD       John       Canewdon, raised a rumour against Jn Capperton     51
 WOOD       John       Navestock vicar, did not appear for Bangor 1599   298
 WOOD       Thomas     Coggeshall sch/mstr, claimed licensed, 1595       315
 WOOD       William    Rainham, sheriff's svt, non-communicant 1600      102
 WOODCROFT  Jeffrey    Hornchurch (29) wvr, drinks in Nicholson's ho 1585 58
 WOODD      Mr         Broomfield, "troubled in the law", no commn 1565  187
 WOODHOUSE  Helen      Maldon, anticipated matrimony 1592, confess in ch 289
 WOODHOUSE  Robert     Maldon, anticipated matrimony 1592, confess in ch 289
 WOODWARD   John       Woodham Ferrers, vicar not called   sick wife 1572174
 WOODY      mistress   Gt Holland, next Mrs Keeble in ch 1596, punched   134
 WORME      John       Blackmore, attempt on Helen Rand who defamed him   59
 WRIGHT                Inworth, he and wife at Tiptree Fair, 1591         82
 WRIGHT     Ellis      Fobbing, (young) wife at Havering, he sick, 1595  164
 WRIGHT     George     Unlicensed surgery for neighbours, where ?        319
 WRIGHT     Henry      Wickford recotr, c1565                            185
 WRIGHT     Jane       Colne Engaine, EMI with hsbd of Joan Lawrence      88
 WRIGHT     Jane       Colne Engaine, svt of Lawrences, seduced by them   13
 WRIGHT     Joan       Rayleigh, "pretended wife of Lancelot Wade" 1575   42
 WRIGHT     John       Wimbish ?  Troubled a Wimbish woman 1583           52
 WRIGHT     John       S Weald recusant, Mary was his wife               319
 WRIGHT     Margaret   Ramsey, ex Lt Bromley, unlicensed surgeon &c 1598 319
 WRIGHT     Mary       S Weald recusnat, kept illegal sch/mstr Rodes 1589319
 WRIGHT     Nicholas   W Mersea c'stable, wdns said he brawled in ch 1597116
 WRIGHT     Nicholas   Said Cornell paid his svt to sleep with him       303
 WRIGHT     Richard    Feering, abused apparitor Browne 1591             314
 WRIGHT     Robert     Brentwood, feoffee of Free School c1570           248
 WRIGHT     Samuel     N Weald, betrothed to Audrey Wodell 1584          150
 WRIGNELLES Robert     Purfleet waterman, alleged assault vs Kath Lee     45
 WRITE      Thomas     Rochford ch/wdn, to get/inscribe new register 1576261
 WROTH      Robert     Chigwell, farmer of the parsonage, 1590           245
 WYBEARD    Richard    Sandon, ct abed w widow Darbye, Thornton's house    9
 WYLAND     Edmund     Ch Ongar, at church 1601 though excommunicated    305
 WYLCOCKES  Hugh       Hornchurch, case against Clarcke/Charles 1566      51
 WYLDMAN               Hempstead, vicar or curate c1599                  126
 WYLE       Mr         Barking, defamation suit brought by Revd Tyrwhytt 205
 WYLKIN     Richard    Lambourne, bastardy charge 1579, to purge         295
 WYLLET     Geoffrey   Romford, false betrothal case vs Joan Baker 1561  145
 WYNNYFF    Joan       Beaumont, suspiciously in Ingram's ho at night     17
 WYNNYFF    Richard    Beaumont, hsbd of Joan                             17
 WYTHIPOLE  Edmund     Walthamstow church patron c1570                   248
 YAWLINGE   Richard    Woodham Mortimer, absent from local church 1584    76
 YEOMAN     John       Kelvedon, blocked church access footpath 1599     273
 YNGLANDE   Robert     Thurrock, to give details of ch gear sold c1563   181
 YOUNG                 Lt Laver, his son accidentally hurt by Aylett     123
 YOUNG      Marmaduke  Colchester, "buried the dead without prayer" 1587 173
 YOUNG      William    Gt Bentley, made loan of 20 nobles @ 10% 1593      73
 YOUNGE                Gt Wakering, wife charged (EMI with Harrison) 1566 33
 YOUNGE     George     Buttsbury, EMI charge w Margt Gubberd 1590        295
 YOUNGE     Margaret   Burnham, victim in Anthony Walker case (incest)    43


                       ELIZABETHAN ESSEX  -  MOBILITY

   In his book Elizabethan Life : Morals and the Church Courts, Dr F.G.
   Emmison throws some incidental light on people's mobility.  In citing
   evidence given in a number of law suits he notes the ages and places
   of abode of several witnesses.  They show a surprising amount of


   (p56) John Hardinge, husbandman, who had lived there [Doddinghurst]
   for about 16 years and before that in the parish of South Weald, aged
   40 &c ....

   (p57) The deposition of John Sammes, labourer, of the same parish
   [Stanford le Hope], where he had lived for about 10 years, and before
   that at Corringham, aged 38, runs as follows ...

   (p58) William Syssell of the parish of Hornchurch, where he had lived
   about three years and before that at Wiggington in Yorkshire, aged
   about 60, &c ...

   (p58) William Nicholson of the same parish [Hornchurch], where he had
   dwelt about 20 years and before that at Frissenton in the parish of
   Arlecdon in Cumberland, aged about 40 years, said &c ...

   (p58) Jeffery Woodcroft, weaver, of the same parish [Hornchurch],
   where he had dwelt for six years, before that at Blackmore about nine
   years, and before that at Stondon, aged 29, said &c ...

   (p58) Richard Bone, husbandman, of Upminster, where he had dwelt
   about five years, before that at Great Stambridge about five years,
   and before that at Stoke Nayland in Suffolk, aged 42, deposed &c ...

   (p58) John Swetinge, tailor, of Upminster, where he had dwelt about
   30 years and before that at Hornchurch, aged 48, declared &c ...

   (p59) George Mawle, husbandman, of Upminster, where he had lived
   about twelve weeks and before that at Hornchurch, aged 22, stated ...

   (p59) Joan, widow of Nicholas Wolberd of Barking, formerly of
   Blackmore for about 16 years, born at Fyfield, aged about 27.

   (p59) Thomas Boulter, tailor, of Romford, where he had dwelt since
   infancy, aged 60, deposed &c ...

   (p60) Agnes [Boulter] his wife, who had lived at Romford for 26
   years, formerly at Maidstone in Kent, aged 40, said &c ...

   (p60) Hugh Bailey, of the sign of the Cock in Romford, where he had
   dwelt since birth, aged 53, said &c ...

   (p60) Nicholas Stephen, weaver, of North Weald Bassett, where he had
   dwelt for one year, before that at Canfield for 20 weeks, and before
   that at Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire, born at Fyfield, about 30.

   (p60) Edward Poole, one of the churchwardens of North Weald Bassett,
   where he had lived for eight years, before that at Bobbingworth six
   years, before that at Willingale, before that at Ingatestone about
   six years, and before that at Bobbingworth, said &c ...

   (p61) Joan wife of Laurence Lommes of Rainham husbandman, where she
   had lived for 20 months, before that at Stifford for three years, at
   Aveley 12 years, born at Redlington in Rutland, aged about 56,
   deposed &c ...

   (p61) Laurence Lommes of Rainham, where he had lived for ten years,
   born at Howgate in Leicestershire, aged about 40, said &c ...

   (p61) John Quick of Aveley labourer, who had lived there for 20
   years, born at Romford, aged about 30, added &c ...

   (p147) Robert Warde, husbandman, of West Ham, where he had dwelt
   about 21 years and previously at Blackwall in Middlesex, aged 40,
   deposed &c ...

   (p148) Agnes, Warde's wife, who had dwelt at West Ham for about 23
   years, and previously at Canborne in the Isle of Wight, said &c ...

   (p148) Roger Carter minstrel, of West Ham, where he had dwelt about
   28 years and previously at Queenhithe in London about three years and
   before that at Kirkaynton in Derbyshire, aged 43, also referred &c

   (p148) Nicholas Boswell of West Ham, where he had lived about 14
   years, before that at Stratford Bow about two years, Brentwood about
   10 years, and Thames Street in London, aged 30, deposed &c ...

   (p149) Thomas Betson, carpenter, of Wanstead, where he had lived
   about two years, previously at Bulphan about eight years, Brentwood
   about 24 years, and Rotherham in Yorkshire, aged 71, said &c ...

   (p149) John Hall, curate of West Ham, where he had lived about three
   years, and earlier in London about 10 years, at "Casseholter"
   (Carshalton ?) in Surrey about six years, and "Stopwalt" (Stopham ?)
   near Chichester, aged 50 years, said &c ...

   (p149) William Mortimer, butcher, of Stratford Langthorne, where he
   had lived for about 30 years, aged 37, said &c ...

   (p149) Richard Staines, husbandman, of Stratford Langthorne, where he
   had lived about six years, previously at Theydon Bois about 15 years
   and at Henham, aged 42, declared &c ...

   (p149) Elizabeth Dixon of North Weald, where she had lived about 27
   years and before that at High Ongar, aged 60, being examined &c ...

   (p152) John Mond of Woodford, gentleman, where he had dwelt for about
   five years, before that at St Giles-without-Cripplegate, London,
   about three years, and before that in the Queen's service about eight
   years, born in Cornwall, aged 42 or 43, deposed &c ...

   (p152) Thomas Skegge of Woodford, charcoal-burner, where he had dwelt
   for about 20 years, born at Stapleford Abbots, aged about 50, deposed
   &c ...

   (p214) Upminster ... Stephen Barnard, labourer, who said he had dwelt
   there "half his age of 40 years" and was formerly of Brentwood,
   alleged &c ...

   (p214) Adria Turre, who had lived there (Upminster) for 24 years,
   formerly at Hornchurch, aged 60 or more, deposed &c ..."

   (p214) ... the deposition of Nicholas Burre, "poulter" (poulterer),
   of East Horndon, aged 58, who had dwelt there for twenty years and
   before that at Shellow Bowells.

   (p253) William Wayte, labourer (aged 80) (of Blackmore) where he had
   dwelt for about 60 years, formerly of Great Bardfield, said &c

   (p253) Thomas Samon, husbandman (about 60) (of Blackmore), where he
   had dwelt from birth, likewise declared &c

   (p254) John Symond, husbandman (about 80) (of Blackmore), where he
   had lived for about 75 years, formerly at Brentwood, said &c

   (p254) Geoffrey Wyat, husbandman (about 60) (of Blackmore), where he
   had dwelt since birth, said the same.

   (p268) Phineas Wicks of Bulphan, husbandman, where he had dwelt for
   24 years, born at Great Burstead, aged about 53, stated &c.

   (p269) Thomas Drywood of North Ockendon gentleman, where he had lived
   for six years, before that at Danbury five years, and before that at
   Bulphan 10 years, born at Dunton, aged about 50, also deposed &c.