Abstracts from

WILLS 1541 - 1571

for Berkeley, Stone and Hill.

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Note that this selection contains the abstract of an exemplary probate record, that of Agnes SANAGAR of Berkeley, from 1549. It names her late husband William CLUTTERBUCK and her sons Robert and Thomas CLUTTERBUCK. She also mentions her brother John TANAR (Tanner), so that is probably her maiden name. If only all of the documents had such information!


GRIFFITH, Thomas - Berkeley (dispersed)


SCOTTE, John - Berkeley (dispersed)

WELSH, Richard - Berkeley (PCC)


PACKER, Richard - Pedenton, Berkeley

dtr Margt; son in law Thos Link; Jone dtr of Thos Biddell of Tetbury; execs: wife Julian & son Jn

SMITH, John - Oldminster, Berkeley

son Wlm; dtr Eliz Taylor; dtr Johane Swanley; Jn son of Wlm S; Thos son of Jn S; wife Alice exec

SMITH, Thomas - Bevington, Berkeley


BROWNE, William - Bradstone, Berkeley

youngest son Jn B exec


COLLE, Agnes - Berkeley

son in law Jn Howling; son Thos; Kath, Margt, Isab & Thos Colle; Alice & Jane Hawling

DYRYATT, William - Yearche, Berkeley

child Wlm, Jn & Jone; svt Agn; house in Woldbury to son Rob; wife Alice exec

HILL, Elizabeth - Hill, Berkeley, widow

dtr Ellen; Jn son of son Jn H; Jane; Eliz Howell; son Rich H & his dtr Margery; exec son Jn H

RUSSELL, William - Berkeley

dtr Joan; wife Joan exec


APPOWELL, Thomas - Berkeley

child Thos, Rich, Jn, Morris & Alice; wife Margt exec

BAYLE, John - Gynton, Berkeley

Thos Atwood; Wlm & Jn Denyng; wife Margt exec

BERCON, William - Hill, Berkeley

bro Thos B; Wlm Horseman; Thos Bridges; Jn Abridges; Roger Shyre; Rob Nyclas; son in law Jn Coles; svt Maud; son in law Edw Coles; wife Margt exec

BROWN, Richard - Stone

children & wife (not named); overs Thos Uptomas

DENING, John - Berkeley

child Jn, Thos, Wlm & Margery; wife exec

GOFFE, Richard - Berkeley

sons Larry, Wlm & Francis; dtr Joane; Alice; wife Alice exec

HORNE, Thomas - Hywean, Berkeley

execs: son Rob & wife Jane

MERSTON, Margery - Stone

dtr Margery Bowill; Isab & Jone Berkeley; Alice & Margt Gowhe; mistress Sergeant; Alice Harberd; Matthew Gowhis; Margery Hubliston; Margery Abernsdale; Henry & Margery Mallett; svt Maud; Thos Pre; Margery Canape; Jn Goding; Raynold Lane; Wlm Phillips; son Thos Berkeley exec

PYLAND, Henry - Hill

sis Isab P; bros Rich & Geo; Alice Bacon; Jn Howell; wife Margy exec; overs: Rob Rosell


ADE, Isabel - Hill

son Thos Sondrene; Thos & Jane Colyar; Jane Dyer; Wlm Davys; Margt Syndyrbe; Rich Hull; Rich Rosell; dtr Margery Rosell; exec son Thos Rosell

BAKER, William - Berkeley

Margt, Anne & Nich Baker; wife Agn exec

HARVEY, John - Stone

sons Jn & Wlm; eldest dtr Alice at Dursley; dtr Philippa; wife exec; overs: Jms Edi & Thos Uptomas

RAWLETT, John - Stone

exec Jn Brok; overs: Wlm Oockeland & Miles Benson

RUSSELL, William - Hill, husb

dtr Joan; Thos Pyell clerk; bros Rob, Rich & Henry; sis Alice; mother; Wlm Bond; wife Joan exec

SANAGAR, Thomas - Berkeley

sons Rich & Thos; wife Isab

SMITH, David - Hill

dtrs Isab & Margery; wife Margery; exec son Hugh; overs: Rob Jonys of Crollyle

SWANLEY, John - Berkeley

dtrs Agn, Isab & Alice; wife Joan exec


ATWOOD, Jane - Berkeley

sis Ellen; Isab Hart; bros Jn & Wlm; execs: dtrs Margt & Jane & bro Wlm

ATWOOD, Robert - Berkeley

dtrs Joan, Agn & Margt; father & mother; svt Thos; bros Morris, Thos & Wlm; Wlm Heyward; exec wife Alice

BAKER, Thomas - Berkeley

dtr Eliz; Wlm Baker; wife Julian exec

BOWER, John - Berkeley

child Mary, Rich & Alice; wife Eleanor; execs: sons Wlm & Nich; overs: Morris Bocher & Thos Payge

CORNOCK, Thomas - Berkeley

wife Joan exec

JAMYS, Alice - Berkeley

Thos, Wlm & Henry sons of Jn Jamys; Wlm & Rob sons of Rich Jamys; son Rich J exec; overs: Jn Tybott

MALLETT, Richard - Berkeley

son Jn; Ellen Burkett; wife Alice exec


BOWER, Isabel - Berkeley

son Jn B exec

BOWER, Thomas - Berkeley

sons Jn & Morris; Walt son of Morris Bower; wife Joan exec

CALLOHILL, William - Berkeley

Alice Sanagar; execs Morris Sanagar & bro Thos Hurne

CLUTTERBUCK, John - Hinton, Berkeley

child: Agn, Jn, Eliz, Margt, Rich & Joan; wife Joan exec

DENNING, William - Berkeley

child Wlm, Joan & Morris; wife Eliz exec

HART, Thomas - Berkeley

3 dtrs by first wife; sons Jn; 3 child by wife Kath; exec wife Kath

HEYWARD, John - Ham, Berkeley

child Wlm & Elnr; wife Joan exec; overs: Jn Baly & Thos Smythe

HURNE, Richard - Berkeley

Margery Hopkins; Rich Clotbock; child Thos, Morris, Jn, Jms & Margt; wife Isab; execs: son Anth & dtr Isab

MALLATT, John - Berkeley

bro Wlm M; David & Henry Mallatt; execs: wife Alice & son Wlm

ROGERS, Richard - Berkeley

wife Cath exec

SKODER, William - Berkeley

wife Alice exec

SMYTH, Ellen - Berkeley

son Wlm Hyxe & his wife; Rob Hilne & his wife; Ellen Smyth; Agn Meyes; Rob Hyx; Jn & Walt Gane; son Rich Hyx exec

SMYTH, James - Berkeley

execs: sons Jn, Rob & Thos; guardians Rich & Rob Smythe

SONAGAR, Isabel - Berkeley

dtr Margt Spenss; Jane Fydler; Alice Sanagar; Jn Spensse; Alice Wally; Joan Laden; execs: sons Thos & Rich


BURNAM, Richard - Berkeley

sons Jn & Anth; wife Joan exec

CARTWRIGHT, George - Stone

Eliz C; Edw Elytt; wifes dtr Margt Elytt; wife Eliz exec

ELLYATT, Thomas - Wick, Berkeley

father Jn E; dtrs Alice, Margt & Eliz; wife Agn exec; overs: Jn Cole & Thos Apowell

HEYWARD, Joan - Berkeley, widow

son Jn; (mother?) Margery Tyllas; overs: Rich Atwod, Jn Heyward & Wlm Smyth

ITHELL, John - Hill

sons Jn & Rob; dtr Agn & her bro Thos; Raynold Peryn; sis Alice I; Jn & Agn Harbart; wife Margt exec

LASYES, Thomas - Hill

child Thos & Susan; wife Joan exec

NELME, John - Berkeley

dtr Joan; wife Edith exec


BYRTE, Ellen - Berkeley

bro Wlm Byrte; execs: sis Kath & bro Jn B

CLUTTERBUCK, Thomas - Berkeley

child Jn, Thos, Eliz, Joan & Margt; Joan Bower; Walt Bessop; wife Alice exec

FLODYETT, Thomas - Berkeley

child Thos & Eliz; wife Isab exec

HARBART, Robert - Stone, weaver

wife Alice exec

HENY, Robert - Berkeley

child (Hugh?), Rich & Agn; wife Joan exec

JOBINS, Richard - Berkeley

bur at Thornbury; Joan dtr of Rob Worlock; wife Margery exec; overs: Rob Worlock & Rob Jobins

MACHYN, Thomas - Berkeley

dtrs Alice & Edith; (Wheldye?) Bysse & her child at Penborne; sisters dtr at Tetbury; svt Henry Compire; sis Eliz Baker; Edy Smith; Morris Hoper; Cicely wife of Wlm Lawrence; bros wife Eliz M; son Wlm exec; overs: Thos Fidmeson, Wlm Lawrence, Rich Hyxe & bro Jn M

SANAGAR, Agnes - Berkeley

late husb Wlm Clutterbuck; son Wlm King; sons Rob & Thos Clutterbuck; Gyllyan Lewes; bro Jn Tanar; Thos son of Thos Teysand; dtr Joan Teysand; execs: son in law Wlm Clutterbuck & his wife Margt; overs: Rich Atwood & Mr Seaye

WESBORO, Agnes - Berkeley

dtr Joan; Margt Sanagar; son Jn; son Wlm exec


BLANE, Richard - Berkeley

son Rich exec

CLUTTERBUCK, William - Berkeley

dtrs Joan, Kath, Margt, Margery & (Sibyl?); Alice Mill; wife Alice exec; overs: Jn Evrard & Wlm Malatt

HALL, Thomas - Berkeley

wife Eliz exec

KNEYTE, Agnes - Ham, Berkeley

Margt Atwod; Joan Capman; Agn & Joan Bayle; son Thos Bayle exec

MILL, Alice - Berkeley

execs: dtrs Eliz & Christian


ABARNESDALE, John - Stone, clothier

son Morris; Alice Herbert, widow; son Thos exec

ATWOOD, Robert - Newport, Berkeley

son Thos; dtr Kath; wife Joan exec

BANDE, James - Hill

Jane Cayle; Kath Buller; Agn, Rob, Geo, Eliz & Susan Wesboro; Thos Hobes; Margt Luke; Jn Bayle; Thos Band; Jane Rycards; Wlm Lace; Jn Jonys; Wlm Janes; exec Agn Band; overs: Thos Band, Rich Tyladan, Rob Leg & Wlm Yerle

BAYLY, John - Ham, Berkeley

son Jn; dtrs Joan, Alice, Frances & Agn; Wlm Raynold; Wlm Lewes, Thos Smythe, Thos Scolle & Thos Bayle; wife

BOOCHAR, Morris - Berkeley

wife Joan exec

DENYNG, John - Berkeley

dtrs Agn & Margery; wife Margt exec

LEWYS, John - Hinton, Berkeley

Alice Wesboro, not presently married; son Jn; wife Gylyn exec

MALLET, Edward - (Hill?)

Jn Wod; Rich Coladan; bros son Jms (document very faded)

ROGERS, Catherine - Hinton, Berkeley

Joan Morys & her dtr; Joan Hurne; Wlm son of Edw Dyryat; Rich Doppe; exec Morris Hancoke

TYBBOTTS, John - Hill

sons Rob, Alex, Jn, Edw & Wlm; dtr Agn; dtr Margt & her bro Thos; Thos Smythe; Agn Harbarde; Rich Tylladan, Jn Jamys, Thos Byrrye & Jn Hygins; wife Agn exec


BOWER, William - Bradstone, Berkeley, husb

sons Jn & Wlm; wife Isab; execs: Rich Tyndale, Jn Trotman & Wlm Fynymore

COOKES, John - Hill

son Thos; child of bro Wlm C; wife Joan exec; overs: Jn Hill, Thos Russell & Philip Howell

ELLYATTS, John - Wick, Berkeley

Jane dtr of Rich Ellyatts; son Rich; wife Eliz exec

EVERARD, John - the Marche, Berkeley

child Rich, Alice, Joan & Eliz; Jn Evrard; Chyles wife; Alice Shere; wife Kath exec

JAMYS, John - Hill

sons Jn & Henry; Eliz, Wlm, Thos & Jn Boyes; wife Agn exec; overs: Wlm Jamys, Jn Fryg, Thos Byrry & Wlm Jamys of Hanbury

PARTRIDGE, Thomas - Hill

dtr Joan; son Wlm & his dtrs Joan & Isab; execs: dtrs Elnr & Alice; overs: Jn Hall & Wlm Partridge

RUSSELL, Robert - Hill

4 dtrs; wife Joan exec

VAUGHAN, Thomas - Odyn, Berkeley, husb

wie Agn exec; overs: Ralph Wilcoke, clerk & Rob Russell


ATCOKES, Thomas - Hill

Thos & Agn Obbes; Wlm Atcokkes; Henry Skey; Thos Byren; exec Wlm Tybbotts

BAKER, Robert - Pedonton, Berkeley

sons Thos; bro Rob Hyxe of London; dtr Margery; Jms & Alice Atcokes; child of Margery Bely; wife Isab exec; overs: Jn Somers & Wlm Hyxe

BANDE, Thomas - Berkeley

Jn Jamys; Joan Dayler; Agn Wesborow; Agn Bande; Thos Clutterbuck; son Rob Dyryat; Wlm & Jn Dyryat; Agn dtr of Wlm Bande of Hill; wife Alice exec

BARROWE, John - Wodford, Berkeley

dtr Frances; Nich Barrowe; Wlm Barrowe of Wotton; exec wife Joan

DENYNGE, Agnes - Wanswell, Berkeley

son Thos & his 4 child; Ellen & Margt Deninge; Agn dtr of Jn D; dtr in law Margt D; dtr Margt D; Rich & Thos Wylkyns; Margery Knyght; exec son James D

EDES, James - Stone

son Andrew; Jn Burmans 2 sons; Jane Brysto; wife Kath; exec son Nich; overs: Jn Bayenes & Jn Sparkes

FRAPE, John - Berkeley

Jn Bowen; sister Edith exec

HERBERT, William - Hill

son Jn & his sons Rob & Anthony; son Thos; child of Rob Herbert; Agn & Elnr Herbert; Roger Shere; execs: wife Agn & child Jn & Agn H

HURNE, Robert - Pocan, Berkeley

sons Jn, Thos, Rich & Wlm; wife Margt exec; overs: Jn Somers

HYXE, William - Berkeley

dtrs Kath, Joan & Ellen; wife Agn exec

RUSSELL, Thomas - Hill

bro Thos Sothern; bro Thos; Jane Boore; Thos Atcok; Roger Shere; Margt Hall; Henry Malet; Wlm Purlyn; wife Margt exec

RYSELL, Jane - Hill

dtr Alice Webe; godson Thos Rysell; Ellen & Joan Rysell; son Rob Rysell & his dtrs Alice, Agn & Margt; Jn Rysell & his dtrs (Aubrow?) & Alice; son Henry exec; overs: Ralph Wylcock priest & son Rich R

SANAGAR, John - Berkeley

sosn Thos & Morris; dtr Agn; wife Margt exec; overs: Rich Atwod, Morris Sanagar & Rob Wallys

UPSEVERNE, Robert - Stone, clothier

dtr Margery; sis Alice & Joan; sis Agn & her dtr Alice; Jn Lyrye; Wlm Undyhill minister; Rich Pkar; Thos Abernsdale; Roger Paylom; wife Maud; unborn child; execs: Thos Baglond & Humphrey Nechylls; overs: Thos More & Rhys Gryffyn


BODYNGE, John - Bradstone, Berkeley

child Thos, Jn & Kath; execs: sons Henry, Morris & Edw; overs: Wlm & Rich Bodynge, Wlm Parteriche & Thos Andrews

BURYE, Thomas - Berkeley

sons Wlm & Thos; father Wlm B & mother; dtr Agn; Alice Veggelar; dtr in law Joan Hall; Elnr Hare; uncle Wlm Smyth; wife Agn exec; overs: father Wlm B, Jn Hyll & Humphrey Symons

COLE, Thomas - Beynam, Berkeley

sons Jn & Rich; 4 dtrs; wife exec

EVEROD, Richard - Pedenton, Berkeley

child Jn, Thos, Eliz, Gylyan & Alice; wife Alice exec

FRYGGE, John _ Berkeley

Kath Banton; son Matthew; wife Eliz exec; dtr in law Agn Banton; overs: Rich Tyladam & Wlm James

HALLE, Elizabeth - Berkeley

dtr Elnr; Agn Sutton; son Edw; Jn Brunnynge of Fromton; Nich Baker; exec dtr Joan; overs: Thos Franson gent & Thos Barkeley gent

JOBYNES, John - Newport, Berkeley

Thos Cloterboke; wife Margt exec

LUCAS, Thomas - Ham, Berkeley

Rob & Wlm Bayle; Rob & Agn Gryffyn; exec Thos Gryffyn

TESTE, Thomas - Berkeley, clerk

wife Joan exec


BAKER, Nicholas - Ham, Berkeley

dtrs Elnr & Eliz; Griffin Loryeman; wife Elnr exec; overs: Jn Fryer, Thos Smythe & Wlm Herynge

BENNETT, William - Berkeley

wife Ann exec

BERE, Margery - Berkeley

son Jn; Margt Bere; Joan Wytne; Margt Gryffyn & her 2 child; Margery Sanar; Thos Charney; execs: Jms & Alice Bere; overs: Thos Gryffyn

BROWNE, John - Berkeley

Thos Teyson jr; Margt Burdley & her son Wlm; mother Edith B; exec dtr Mary; overs bro Edw B

COLE, John - Newport, Berkeley

son Thos; dtr Agn Dymry & her dtrs Eliz & Mary; Henry Mychell; Wlm Beryatt; Margt Pulley; Wlm Marton; son Rich exec; overs: Thos Dymary, Jn Smythe of Wotton & Anthony Bochar

CROME, Philippa (not Philip as given in

index) - Berkeley bros Henry & Rob Crome; Alice Browne; Thos Dawsell of Tortworthy; exec Nich Crome

DYRYAT, Edward - Berkeley

child Wlm, Walter, Jn, Ellen & Eliz; svt Kath Stevynes; exec son Edmund; overs: Wlm Smyth of Nymesfylde, Thos Denynge of Berkeley, Wlm Smythe of Wanswest, Morris Hopper, Thos Atwode & Morris Atwode

OSWALD, William - Berkeley

sist; execs: sons Edward & Walter

PHELPES, William - Hinton, Berkeley, husb

son Jn & 6 other child; wife Alice exec; overs: wifes bros Thos & Jn Cowles & kinsman Wlm Phelps of Wotton under Edge & Jn Cloterboke

SMYTHE, Richard - Wick, Berkeley

child Agn, Wlm, Rich, Henry, Rob, Morris, Geo & Alice; 2 sons named Jn; execs: wife Agn & son Thos

TRAPLYNGE, John - Berkeley

son Wlm; son in law Rich; wife Ellen exec

TURNER, John - Berkeley

child Rich, Alice, Wlm, Jn & Kath; Thos Turner; wife Agn exec

WARREN, Thomas - Berkeley

son Wlm; bro Jn W & his sons Wlm, Jn & Anthony; Margt Drever; Rich Oll; exec wife Bridget; overs: Jn Parker, Rich Hix & Jn Somers


ATWODE, John - Berkeley

child Thos, Wlm, Isab & Margt; Margery Hyll; Lenett Atwode; exec son Morris; overs: Jn Atwode of Stinchcombe

BOCHER, Anthony - Newport, Berkeley

dtrs Joan & Eliz; bro Jn Bocher; Rich Taylor alias Powell; exec wife (Gale?); overs: Wlm Machyn, Michael Woodwarde & Rich Taylor

HERVY, John - Bradstone, Berkeley

son Edward; Jane, Margrt, Jn, Rich & Thos Davys; 4 dtrs; Morris, Jn & Margery Hervy; Jane, Cristen & Agn Blane; Margt Wyndowe; Cristen Webb; bro Wlm Hervy; son Thos exec; overs: Jn Wyndowe & Rich Blane

NELME, John - Sanagar, Berkeley

dtr Joan; unborn child; Thos Wylkynes; Agn Atkynes; wife Jane exec

STEVYNES, Denise (not Dennis as given in index) - Hinton, Berkeley, widow

dtr Margt; exec son Jn

TANNER, John - Berkeley

Joan Teysand Bocher; Wlm Kynge; Morris Hopper; Jn Smyth of Stone; wife Agn; Jn Denyng; wife of Rob Cloterbock; exec Margt Cloterboke


COLE, Thomas - Ham, Berkeley

dtrs Elnr, Margery, Kath, Gylyan, Isab, Eliz, Alice, Agn & Margt; exec wife Eliz

CURNOCKE, Morris - Berkeley

son Thos; Wlm Lege & his 4 childr; Jn Gamon; son Jn exec

DAVIS, Ambrose - Berkeley

dtrs Agn & Margery - their mother deceased; 5 younger childr; wife Agn

DOWLE, John - Berkeley

svt Margery Fowler; Eliz Dyrrett; Agn Morgan; Margt Sutton; Jn Woodward; svt Myles; bros son Chris; (Owins?) Palfer; Edmund & Agn Cachemayd; sis Agn; Thos Cloterbock; exec bro Wlm D

DOWLE, John - Berkeley (addendum to will)

sis Agn Cachemayde exec; bro Wlm D

GOODWYNE, William - Berkeley

svt Joan Clotrboke; Thos Butler senr & jr; execs: wife Margt & son Jn

JAMYS, Richard - Berkeley

dtr Margt; Jn son of Wlm Jamys; exec wife Joan

SMITHE, Thomas - Hill

sons Jn & Rob; sis Kath Bower; 3 childr of bro Jn S; wife Alice exec

SMYTHE, Robert - Berkeley

son Jn & his dtr Eliz; childr Thos, Rich & Alice; 5 childr of Rich Elyatt; Thos Corryare; Rob son of Thos Smythe; dtr Margt Ellyat; Jn Smart of Nibley; wife Alice exec; overs: Thos Lynke & Rich Come

TYBBOTTS, Alice - Hill

bur Berkeley; sis Margt Peryn & her dtr Eliz; Marian Yrelande & her dtr; Agn dtr of Wlm Herbert; exec Wlm Herbert

TYLLADAM, Thomas - Berkeley

son Rich; dtrs Alice & Christian; execs: wife Joan & son Wlm


ADYE, Thomas - Hill

childr Wlm, Jn & Alice; dtr Jane Wydere; 3 childr of Edward Baly; Jms Porlyn; Alice Lynke; execs wife Agn & son Rob; overs Ralph Wylcocks, Jn Wydere & Wlm Tybotts

ATWOODE, Thomas - Hinton, Berkeley

dtr Margt; dtr Agn wife of Rich Crome & their childr Eliz, Eddy & Rich; dtr Julian wife of Nicholas Eddy & their childr Eliz & Jn; Wlm, Julian, Eddy, Eliz & Isab Evrode; svt Margt Felpes; present wife Eliz; son Jn exec; overs Wlm Laurence, Rich Atwode & Jms Tought

BAKER, Robert - the Marsh, Berkeley

dtrs Joan, Eliz & Agn; sis Joan Baker; exec son Edward; overs Wlm Nycolas & Jn Baker

BAREBONE, John - Newport, Berkeley

son Rob; wife Judith exec

BAYLYE, Robert - Berkeley

son Thos; dtrs Alice, Margery, Frances, Margt & Eliz; wife Joan exec

BAYLYE, Robert - Hill

dtr Joan; execs wife Agn & son Edward; overs Jn Wyder & Rich Michell

BENALL, John - Stone

childr Jn, Wlm, Isab, Joan & Philippa; wife Agn exec

BLANE, Richard - Berkeley

children; wife Alice exec; overs Wlm Laurence & Jn Wyndowe

BROWNE, John - Bradstone, Berkeley

dtrs Eliz & Edith; son Jn; wife Eliz exec

BROWNE, Thomas - Hinton, Berkeley

sosn Jn & Wlm; exec son in law Thos Harberd

CAM, Nicholas - Berkeley

Rob, Rich & Margt Came; execs wife Joan & son Jn; overs Jn Newman & Nicholas Androwes

COWLEY, John - Berkeley (registered twice)

dtrs Ellen, Margt & Isab; execs wife Cath & son Simon; overs Jn Atwood & Morris Hoppey / Thos Cowley

DENNINGE, Thomas - Ham, Berkeley

sons Wlm; dtr Margt Perce; Jn Carpynter; Alice Bayly; Margt Atkynes; Wlm & Joan Perce; son in law Jn Perce; execs wife Margt & son Thos; overs Thos Perce & Thos Smythe

DENNINGE, William - Ham, Berkeley

dtr Susan; wife Agn exec

EVEROD, John - Berkeley

childr Wlm, Julian, Ede, Eliz & Isab; Edward Gryffyn; wife Margt exec; overs Thos Atwood, Jms Thor, Jn Atwood, Jn Smyth, Jn Lewes & Rob Everod

GRIFFIN, Thomas - Ham, Berkeley

childr Edward & Joan; Wlm Bayly; execs wife Margt & son Rob; overs Jn Boddynge & Thos Smythe of Ham

HARVIE, Thomas - Berkeley

dtr Joan; bro Edwards childr; land in Wanswell; Joan, Thos & Myrela Davys; Jn Blane; sis Ann Davys; Derytte Hobbs; execs Rich Blane & Thos (Deare?); overs Edward Harvye & Nicholas Trottman

HARVYE, William - Berkeley

dtr Margery; wife Alice exec; overs Edward Harvy & Thos Andres

HAYE, Andrew - Stone

wife (Isab?) exec

HILL, John - Hill

sons Thos, Anthony & Wlm; bro in law Jms Oswold; svt Margery Hill; wife Alice exec; overs Wlm Tybotts & Jms Nosewold

HORNE, Elizabeth - Berkeley

uncle Jms H & his childr Rob, Thos, Wlm & Eliz; uncle Rob H & his dtr Agn; Dorothy Bartelete; Alice Colle; execs Jn & Walter sons of uncle Rob Horne

HURNE, Thomas - Berkeley

childr of Thos Humfreys; goddtr Jane Hyx; Jn & Thos Carpenter; Francis Nycolas; Jn Baker; Rich son of Thos Tylladam; Wlm Hurne; Eliz Hyx; bros & sists in law; Edward Bayly; Agn Jamys; Wlm Dyryat; Eddy Hurne; Jn son of Rich Tylladam; wife Joan exec; overs Rich Hyxe & Wlm Tylladam

LAWRENCE, Nicholas - Berkeley

Margery Allrege; dtr Kath, Ellen & Margery; wife Agn exec

LEWIS, William - Berkeley

childr Jn, Wlm, Jms, Anthony & Grace; bro Jn; sis Ellen Clotterbock; Wlm Clotterbock; wife Juliane exec; overs Jms Thorthe, Jn Everod & Jn Atwode

LEY, Peter - Berkeley

wife Elizabeth Peter exec

LUSTIE, Thomas - Newport, Berkeley

wife Isab exec

LYNKE, Richard - Berkeley

sist Alice & Agn; Kath, Jn, Mary & Rich Baker; Thos Taylor; Jn Barton; sis Joan; land in Newland & Hill; bro Thos exec

NELME, Alice - Sanagar, Berkeley

Joan dtr of Jn Nelme; Margery Nelme of Hinton; Alice Atkynes; wife of Jn Atkynes of Wick; exec son Jms

NELME, William - Berkeley

Agn Atkynes; Wlm son of Rob Nelme of Rockhampton; wife Alice exec; overs sons Jn & Jms N

PEARSE, William - Berkeley

bro Rich; sis Ellen P; wife Eliz exec

PYLAND, Margery - Hill, widow

son Jn Matowe; dtr Joan Mathew; son Wlm Matowe exec

RICHARDS, John - the Vyne, Berkeley

childr Julian & Jn; wife Joan exec

SHAN, Elizabeth - Berkeley

Wlm Shan; son Jn exec

SMYTH, Alice - Pedonton, Berkeley

bro Wlm Tylladam; execs childr Thos, Rich & Alice; overs Thos Lynk & Wlm Combe

SMYTH, John - Berkeley

childr Rich, Anthony, Jn, Joan & Kath; wife Eliz exec; overs Jms & Rich Tought

SMYTH, Richard - Berkeley

childr Morris, Rich, Thos & Jn; dtr Eddy; wife of Anthony Hurne; Isab Cowells; Margt wife of Thos Cowells; Thos, Eliz & Morris Hurne; svt Thos Smythe; wife Isab exec; overs Jn Rycards of the Baye, Morris Sanagar, Anthony Hurne & Thos Smythe

SMYTH, Robert - Berkeley

sis Cath Bower; Jn Smethe alias Tylldadam; Eliz, Rich & Alice Tylladame; bro Jn Smiths 3 childr; exec Rich Tylladam senr of Hill; overs Thos Adie & Jn Hyggyns

SMYTH, William - Berkeley

house at Hetfylde to son Jn; son Thos; wife Joan exec

SPENSER, John - Berkeley

sons Jn & Wlm; house in Dursley to son Thos; wife Margt exec

VIDLAR, John - (Hildemar?), Berkeley

father Wlm V; exec uncle Jn Gybbs


COWLEY, Katherine - Bradstone, Berkeley

Isab dtr of Thos Cowley; Rich C, uncle of said Isab; svt Agn Mead; son Rich C exec

GOOTHE, John - Stone

Edmund Gooth; mother; Rob Harrold; sis Margt & Margery; execs: dtrs Joan, Margt, Alice & Cecily; overs: father Matthew G, Thos Mors & Wlm Phyllyps

MODEY, John - Berkeley

sons Thos, Rich & Wlm; wife Alice exec; overs Wlm Parker

NYCHOLAS, Philip - Stone

childr Thos, Jms, Jn, Joan, Eliz & Rich; wife Ellen exec

ORGAYNE, Richard - Bradstone, Berkeley

childr Jn & Mary; dtr of Ellen Byrte; son Rich exec; overs: Wlm Parterige & Wlm Bocher

PUTLEY, Isabel - Berkeley, widow

land in Stinchcombe; execs: childr Eliz, Maryan, Margt & Morris; overs Wlm Thorpe, gent & Jms Putley

TEYSAND, Alice - Berkeley, widow

Wlm Arter, his wife Margt & their son Morris; svt Bridget Thurston; Jane Goodwyne; Edward Red; Jms Teysand; exec son Morris T

WYLLYS, Robert - Berkeley

sis Eliz Craft & her 5 child; bro in law Henry Sprote; childr of Walter Craft; Frances Roberts; Eliz Coke; bro Edward W exec


BAKER, Thomas - Berkeley

childr Wlm, Thos, Alice, Agn, Joan & Margt; wife Alice exec; overs Rob Hurne, Rob Smythe, Jn Baker & Rich Drever

COLE, William - Hinton, Berkeley

childr Rich, Cath, Ann, Eliz, Jn & Joan; wife Eliz exec

COLEY, Katherine - Bradstone, Berkeley

execs dtrs Margt & Isab; overs Wlm Payne & Thos Andres

DREVER, Walter - Wick, Berkeley

Frances Drever; wife Kath exec

HARBETH, Robert - Hill

childr Anthony, Elnr & Agn; Margery dtr of Rich Mychell; bros Jn & Thos H; bro Wlm Tybotts; wife Margt exec

HEYRING, Thomas - Ham, Berkeley

bros Rich & Wlm; sisters childr Jn & Rich Gryffyn; Joan Goodyng; mother Gylyan H exec

LEGGE, John - Wick, Berkeley, husb

son Wlm & his sons Matthew & Philip; sons Jn & Rob; dtr Joan exec

MALLETT, Catherine - Beverton, Berkeley

son Jn; Agn wife of Wlm Horsman & their son Thos; Margt Walkar; Rich son of Rich Malat; Jn & Joan Coke; Wlm & Agn Shepard; Eliz Bayne; Thos Clotterbuc; Rich Horseman; Henry Malatt; execs Thos Horsman & Joan Colle; overs Wlm Nycolas & Wlm Tylladam

SHEWRYNG, Stephen - Berkeley

childr Stephen, Jn & Joan; dtrs in law Ann & Eliz; wife Jane exec; overs Wlm Lawreans, Rob (Wylson?) & Alex Ryche

STRINGER, John - Hill

Jn Godwyne; childr Wlm & Joan; dtr in law Eliz Smyth; wife Alice exec; overs Wlm Tybbattes & Wlm James


DAVIS, William - Hill

dtr Margt Icheld & her son Rich; bro Ambrose & his 5 childr; grandsons Wlm & Nicholas Davis; execs sons Rich & Thos

HARROLD, John - Woodford, Berkeley

house in Stone to son Anthony; dtr Joan & Margery; sons uncle Thos Hortte of Alyson; wife Eliz exec

MORSE, Thomas - Stone

childr of Jn Edwards; bro in law Jn Dosell; son Thos; dtrs Philippa & Agn; Margt Robyns; Geo & Austen Edwards; Jn Moore; execs wife & childr; overs Thos Dosell, Jn Webbe, Thos Baylie & Nicholas (Hemyalt?)

NEWEMAN, John - Halmar, Berkeley

dtr Margt; dtrs Joan & Maud, & their child; Frances Were; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Mody, Jn Lewes, Jn Cames & Rich Fryer


BAKER, Agnes - Benyton, Berkeley

dtr Cath & her 3 child; Thos, Alice & Agn Wesboro; dtrs childr Margt, Joan & Wlm Baker; svt Agnes Mares; exec son Rich Dryver

COLLEY, Margaret - Bradstone, Berkeley

Thos & Isab Heryng; execs bro Simon & sis Isab; overs Wlm Payne & Rich Payne

DENYNG, Thomas - Berkeley

childr Ellen, Joan, Jn & (Chris?); execs wife Joan & son Thos

HYGGINES, Eleanor - Hill

son Nicholas; Nicholas Horseman; exec Thos Davys; overs Jn Jamys & Wlm Reddynge

LAWRENCE, Agnes - Berkeley, widow

dtr Margt exec

LAWRENCE, Juliane - Stone

Kath Aparke; Thos Fowler of Cleeve; Jn Stone; Jn Newman; mother in law; Wlm Sigges of Cleeve; execs: sisters childr Jn, Agn & Margt Aparke

PERSSE, William - Berkeley

childr Wlm, Mary & Joan; Francis Wesboro; sis Joan; bros Rob & Jn; goddtr Joan Goodyng; exec wife; overs Wlm Flemyng, curate, Wlm Tyladam, Jn Goodyng, Rich Hyx, Wlm Hurne & Jn Towt

SMYTHE, Richard - Ham, Berkeley

Wlm, Rich & Margt Smythe; Kath Perse; wife Frances exec; overs Thos Smythe, Wlm Bayly & Rob Wallys


ADYE, John - Hill

Jn & Thos Wether; bro Rob; Thos Jones; sis Alice; Alice More; mother Dager; Thos Hobes; Jn Archard; Rich Barton; Agn Hill; mother Agn Adye exec

ADYE, William - Hill

Edward Dyll curate; mother Agn Adye exec

DRYVER, Richard - Stone

childr Thos, Ellen & Isab; present wife Elnr exec; overs Humphrey Michell & Walter Mory

HOWITHE, John - Stone

dtr Joan; present wife Agn

MYCHELL, John - Hill

son Wlm; Jn Dylle; cousin Walter Michell; cousin Joan Davis; son Thos & his dtr Dorothy; son Rich & his dtr Margt; Francis Michell; Edward Dyll curate; 3 childr of Edward Balie; Eliz Wyndow; svt Isab Davis; wife Ann; son Rich exec; overs Wlm Tybbott, Rob Benett & Ralph Wylcocks parson of Rockhampton

NICOLAS, Robert - Hill

Friswide Coriare; wife exec

ROGERS, John - Sanagar, Berkeley

childr Jn & Margt; wife Alice exec


GRIFFIN, Katherine - Berkeley

son Phil; Agn & Joan Shewen; Agn Bavinton; Kath Wodward; Joan dtr of Anthony Buchear; late husb Wlm Buchear; son in law Jn Saven; exec son Jn Griffin

HALLYNG, Thomas - Bevinton, Berkeley

childr Jn & Joan; wife Agn exec; overs Rob Tyladam & Jn Dyryett

HAMMONS, Agnes - Hinton, Berkeley, widow

childr Eliz, Wlm & Jms; exec son Edward

HURNE, James - Bevinton, Berkeley

Henry Draper; Joan Adams; Thos Belle; Thos West; Jn Lyrage; godson Thos Smythe; exec wife Margery

NYCOLAS, William - the Marshe, Berkeley

childr Jn, Ellen, Eliz & Thos; wife Joan exec; overs Wlm Tyladam

SMYTHE, John - Middleton, Berkeley

sons Wlm, Nicholas & Henry; Alice Atwode; wife Margt; son Jn exec; overs Rich Tyndal of Stinchcombe, Wlm Bocher of Bradstone & Jn Troteman of Cam


ADYE, Agnes - Hill (given as Adis in index)

late husb Thos; Agn Hill; Agn Nycolas; Alice More; Margery Webe; Thos Rusal; Jn & Thos Wither; Jn Taylor; Thos Hobas; goddtr Margt Dyll; Sebastian Barton; dtr Alice; son Rob exec; overs Jn Wither, Wlm Tybbots & Thos Webe

GRYFFYN, John - Newport, Berkeley

Rich Edwardes; Joan Buchear; Michael Wodward; bro Phil; Thos Gudridge; Agn Bavnton; Jn Shewen; Robin May; exec sis Cath Wodward

LEVEGE, John - Hill

son Rob; exec wife Joan; overs Henry Russell

RYCARDS, James - Wanswell, Berkeley

childr Anthony, Rich, Joan & Jms; Eliz Hurt; execs dtr Ede & wife Kath; overs Thos Smythe & Jn Bradley

SYMONS, Humphrey - Hill

childr Thos, Margt, Geo, Anthony & Rich; Agn Nicolas; Alice More; Eliz Daye; Edward Dylle; 1 other dtr; wife Eliz exec; overs Wlm Tybbotts, Rob Benete & Anthony Yoan

TURNER, David - Middleton, Berkeley

bros Humphrey, Jn, Rich & Geo; Wlm Flemyng curate; Thos Smythe; wifes childr; Jn End; wife Margery exec; overs Rich Atwod & Jn Bradley


ANDROWE, Joan - Helmor, Berkeley, widow

son Thos; svt Kath Morsse; Nothys wife; execs son Wlm & dtr Margt; overs Rich Atowde, Jms Denes & Jn Andrewes

BANDE, Alice - Bevynton, Berkeley

Anne Cltrboke; son Rob; bro Thos Cloterboke & his son; Joan & Jn Hillynge; Wlm Cowlaye; son Jn Dyryat & his son Wlm; exec son Jn Dyryat; overs Jn Davys

HERYNGE, William - Ham, Berkeley, husb

dtr Eliz Carpenter; son Rob; wife Eliz exec; witn Thos Carpenter

HORNE, John - Hinton, Berkeley

son Matt; tenement called Grasscaught; son Thos exec; overs Jn Bradeley, Jn Smythe of Middleton, Rob Clottrboke, Jn Tought & Jn Horne

PEARSE, Katherine - Claptone in the Marshe, Berkeley, widow

Thos Bacstar; dtrs Mary & Joan; Wlm son of Jms Toughte jr; Margt, Morris, Roger & Thos Baylye; Wlm & Rich Baker; Rich Johnsones bro in law; exec dtr Frances Wesborowe; overs bro in law Jn Boddyng & Jn Goodyng

SARGEANTE, Thomas - Stone, esquire

manor of Rodley; dtr Joan & her mother Alice; exec dtr Joan

TOUGHT, James - the Marshe, Berkeley

son Wlm; wife Eliz exec; overs bro Jn T & Jn Davis

TYLLADAM, Joan - the Marsh, Berkeley, widow

son Rich & his childr; 3 childr of Jn Baker; Alice Baker; Jn Taylor; exec dtr Christene; overs Wlm Tylldadam senr & jr


ANDREWS, Thomas - Ham, Berkeley

sis Margt; sis Alice Deninge & her 3 childr; Kath Morse; goddtr Alice Came; Thos Spyner; exec bro Wlm A

BOUCHER, Joan - Berkeley, widow

son Rich; dtr Kath Machyne; Eliz White; Thos & Cath Bocher; Joan Bocher & her sis Sara; Wlm Machyn & his childr Wlm, Margery & Jn; dtr Samfords childr Edward, Wlm & Agn; son Wlm B exec; overs Thos Berkeley, gent & Thos Scole

BROWNE, Walter - Berkeley

childr Jane, Mary, Walter, Eliz & Sam; Thos Browne; exec wife Ellen; overs Thos Dekyns & Thos Smyth

CLOTERBOKE, William - Berkeley

bro Rob & his childr; Anthony & Wlm Lewes; bros Jn & Rich C; godson Wlm Herne; goddttr Grace; mother; Thos Arrans; Rich Nelme; bro Thos & his childr; wife exec

COLYNBELL, Miles - Ham, Berkeley

godson Edward son of Jn Browne, taylor; Ralph Gefford; Joan Nelme widow; Davis Aprye; Aderye Johnson; Agn Atowde; Edward Hamans of Hinton; Rich Combe; Jn Heward; Kath wife of Henry Hollyster; Thos Ball; Jn Myles, clerk; Joan Dowle; Thos Arren; Rich Heryng; Anthony Wat of Hinton; Wlm & Rich Baker; Randolph S.. minster; Margt wife of Jn Browne; Joan Carpenter; Rich Belye; Thos Erner; Thos Denyng; Thos Thymane; Thos Yong; Thos James, shoemaker; Thos Malpas of Hinton; execs Jn Hurne & Thos Freare, shoemaker

HYCKES, Robert - Hill

Rob Russell; Jn & Margt Higgens; sis Margt Russell; dtr in law Kath Coole; svts Eliz & Agn; Jn Smythe; Rich Feilde; cousin Wlm Lacye; Agn Hyll; Rob Dyrram; Wlm Mychell; Rich Barton; Alice More; Thos Hobbes; Agn Nycols; execs dtrs Mary & Margt; overs Rich Hyxe, Thos Smythe, Jn James & Wlm Tybbots

PARTRIDGE, William - Byley, Berkeley, yeo (torn)

childr Eliz, Mary, Sarah, Jn & Thos; Joan Brewton; exec wife Edy; overs Edward Harvye

SMYTHE, John - Sanagar, Berkeley

sons Jn, Thos, Morris & Jeremy; dtr Mary; Eliz, Julian & Isab Cole; Jn Conoke; Thos Malpas; Thos Hychens; Rich Herryng; Thos Arren; Thos Denyng & his mother; wife Agn exec; overs Nicholas Thorpe esq, Morris Malet, Morris Sanager, Thos Smyth of Ham & Thos Harrys


ATCOCKE, Thomas - Stone

sis Joan Thorner of Hill; sis Jane Smit; uncle Wlm Damicre exec

BODINGE, John - Wearkes Colme, Berkeley, husb

childr Thos, Awnsell, Wlm, Jn & Joan; svt Joan Martche; wife Joan exec; overs Thos Teysam & Jn Tawght of Hinton

CROME, John - Stone, husb

childr Philippa, Joan, Thos & Alice; wife Eliz exec; overs Rich Crome & Thos Baile

DALLYE, Joan - Stone, widow

Matt Hoorne; Thos Hadleye of Nibley; Eliz Hurlstone; Thos Warnar; Edward Turner; exec Joan Hadley; overs Humphrey Hadley & Humphrey Michell

HEYWARD, John - Berkeley

son Thos; wife Maud exec; overs Thos Fryare & Jn Amias

HICKS, Margaret - the Marsh, Berkeley, widow

Agn James; Margery Russell; son in law Wlm Hicks; son Rich exec; overs Thos Smythe of Ham & Thos Smythe of the Marsh

HURNE, John - Berkeley

childr Wlm, Jn, Anthony, Thos, Margt & Agn; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Bowlton, Rob Clutterbuck & Wlm Robarts jr

MALLETT, William - Clapton, Berkeley

childr Eliz, Agn, Nicholas, Thos & Rich; Jn son of Rich Harawle; wifes son Maurice; son in law Rich Harawle; wife Welthian exec

SMITHE, John - Oldingter, Berkeley

childr Thos, Rob, Joan & Margery; Jn son of Wlm Smithe; son Thos & his dtrs Alice & Margery; Rich Holder; Thos Aram; wife Alice; execs sons Wlm & Maurice; overs Jn Bradley, Thos Smith & Jn Lewys


ADAMES, Katherine - Stone

Joan & Wlm childr of Jn James; Patricks wife of Hill; bros son Rob Adames; Kath Withere of Rockhampton; Edward Turner; Joan Michells; Jn Thoslere; Wlm Stamborn; exec Edmund Goff

HALL, Joan - Berkeley

Joan Sutton of Dursley; Joan dtr of Jms Tayson; Alice & Mary Tayson; Margery Heynes; sist Elnr Haines exec

JAMES, John - Hill

childr Joan & Wlm; cousin Wlm James & his 3 dtrs; cousin Thos Hewett; childr of bro Wlm J; mother in law; Jn Cloterboke; svt Jn Coke; poor folk: Patrick George, Alice More Dirame, Wlm Michell, Rich Barton, Margt Higgyns & Wlm Lasye; wife Eliz exec; overs bro Wlm J, cousin Wlm James, cousin Thos Hewets & Jn Higgyns

MALLETT, Welthian - Clapton, Berkeley

execs: childr Thos, Nicholas, Eliz & Agn; son in law Morris Mallett; mother Foster; overs Thos Peyres & Wlm Howell

NICOLAS, Joan - Clapton, Berkeley

childr Eliz, Jn & Ellen; Wlm Nycolas; Joan Hurne; Joan Gillman; Wlm & Eliz Lanye; execs of Wlm Malletts estate; son Thos exec; overs Wlm Telladam senr, Wlm Gillman, Jn Gillman, Thos Peyres

PACKER, Juliane - Peddington, Berkeley, widow

Thos Lyncke & his childr Jn, Rich, Alice & Frances; Martha Lincke; Kath Lincke widow; Thos Byddle & his childr Rich, Jn & Rob; Elnr Biddle; Joan wife of Thos Biddle; son Thos Biddle & his dtr Joan Watts; Henry & Sam Packer; Susan dtr of Rich Teassanne of Bristol; Kath Tromplyn; exec Rich Packer; overs Thos Biddle, Jn Smyth & Morris Somers

PERINE, Richard - Stone

mother Eliz Higgins; wife Ellen exec


ATWOOD, John - Hinton, Berkeley

wife Alice; dtr Agn Bence & her husb; exec son Jn

BOWDLEY, William - Berkeley

childr Jn & Joan; mother; sis Anne Bowdley; wife Joan exec; overs Thos Nelme & Thos Redde

CLOTTERBOKE, John - Hinton, Berkeley

childr of Thos Clotterboke; Margt Charles; childr of Rob Clotterbuck; wife Joan exec

CLOTTERBUCK, Katherine - Hinton, Berkeley, widow

sons Rich & Rob; Rich Nelme & his mother; Wlm Nelme of Halmer; Rich Knyghte; Jn Eude; Maud Rychards; Rich Teythe; Rich & Btrtholomew Mylle; Wlm Backer; Thos Wrone; dtr Joan Harte; Rob Clutterbuck & his dtrs Frances, Kath & Margt; son in law Thos Clotterbuck; Jn Kyllynge; sis Ellen Traplyn; Rob Barne; Isab Colle; Thos Spynner; Sam Clotterbucke; Thos Hourne; Thos Malpas; overs Jn Brawdley

CLOTTERBUCKE, Eleanor - Hinton, Berkeley, widow

Thos son of Wlm Clotterbuck; son Wlm exec; overs Geo Lewys & Jms Lewys

CURRYARE, Thomas - Ham, Berkeley

Anne dtr of Morris Bower; kinsman Wlm Bowdlay & his dtr Joan; bro Jn Bowdley & his dtrs Agn & Elnr; svts Thos Humfraye & Joan Stocks; Joan dtr of Jn Stramford; wife Joan exec

HARRYS, Thomas - Sanagar, Berkeley

childr Jn, Morris, Joan & Isab; son in law Thos Phelps; dtr in law Joan Phelps; wife Alice exec; overs Morris Saniger, Thos Coollessen, Wlm Haryes & Jn Clotterbuck

LEWYS, John - Halmer, Berkeley

childr Jeremy, Grace, Mary & Sam; wife Agn exec; overs Jn Lewys of Hyatts & Jn Phelps

LYNCK, Thomas - Peddenton, Berkeley

childr Jn, Rich, Alice, Kath, Frances & Martha; wife Kath exec; overs Wlm Laurence & Jn Smyth

MALLETT, William - Berkeley

wifes relative Joan Diare; sis Margery; Thos Adames of Bristol; relative Wlm Hickes; attorney Jn Dicke; execs son Edward & wife Kath; overs bro Morris M & Edward Halle

SMYTHE, Thomas - the Marshe, Berkeley

childr Wlm, Margt & Joan; bro Rich; wife Agn exec; overs Wlm Teladam senr, Rich Elyatts, Wlm Hicks & Thos Peares

TOWGHTE, James - Hinton, Berkeley

dtr in law Alice Tawghte; dtr in law Agn Rykards; son in law Wlm Rykards; Jms Barnard; bro Rich T; Geo Balle; Rich Teyeth; Rich Atlye; Jn Towghte of Whyts; son in law Rob Everod & his son Jms; Thos Malpas; exec wife Margery; overs Rich Tawghte sen, Jn Smyth of Kyngshyll & Rob Everad


CROME, Henry - Stone, weaver

son Rich; 3 other childr; wife Joan exec; overs Rich Crome & Nicholas Edies

DENYNG, William - Ham, Berkeley

bros childr Thos & Margery D; Thos son of Wlm Baylye; Thos Himan; wife Joan exec

DRINER, William - Alkenton, Berkeley (surname

might be Driver) sons Thos & Maurice; wife Kath exec

GREFFYNE, Robert - Ham, Berkeley

dtrs Margt & Jane; Wlm Bayllye & his childr Jane, Eliz & Thos; Anncell Bodyng; Jms Kemyes; wife Joan exec; overs Wlm Howell & Jn Smyth

HARBERT, Margaret - Hill

Edward, Margt & Joan Nicolas; dtr Ellen & her dtrs Margt & Joan; Eliz Dirham; Alice Turner; son in law Thos N; son Anthony exec; overs Wlm Tibbotts, Jn Smithe & Thos Davis

HAROWLD, Richard - Berkeley

childr Rich, Morris, Jn, Sam, & Cicely; dtr Ann Baylye; Jn Hayward & his dtrs Kath & Joan; wife Margery exec; overs Wlm Lawrence gent & Jn Bradley

POWELL, Thomas - Berkeley

son Sam; aunt Pegler; mother & Jn Curnocke sen; master Thos Scott; wife Juliane exec; overs Lawrence Gowghe

ROBERTS, Philip - Woodford, Stone

bro Wlm & his son Sam; wife Mary exec

ROGERS, John - Alkenton, Berkeley

land in Nibley; childr David, Thos, Alice & Edward; wife Eliz exec

SMYTHE, Agnes - the Marshe, Berkeley

dtrs Joan & Margt; Margt Nicolas; sis Alice Smyth; son Wlm exec; overs Jn Smythe, Rich (Ellyats?), Wlm Hicks & Thos Nicolas

SPENCER, Margaret - Berkeley

son Jn, his wife & their dtr Margt; son Wlm; son Thos exec; overs Thos Sanyger senr & David Howlssone

THOMAS, Thomas - Stone, tanner

Rich Harowld & his sons Andrew, Thos, Jn & (Edinde?); exec Thos Harowld; overs Edward Turner

WALLYES, Robert - Saniger, Berkeley

Gabriel Barcker; Susan Vedler; Jn Gryphone; Thos Saniger sen & Julian Saniger widow; wife Alice exec; overs Morris Saniger & Thos Saniger