Abstracts of Wills Proved at Bristol for which the Testators died elsewhere than the immediate Bristol area.

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COLLETT, John - Knoll, Warwickshire, blacksmith



JOHNSON, Jacob - Rotterdam, Holland, mariner



HANMAN, Hugh - Morton, Thornbury, Gloucestershire

OLIVER, James - merchant in East India, at the factory of Mocho



BISHOP, Joan - Badminton Magna, Gloucestershire, widow

GRAFTON, Thomas - Halmer, Berkeley, Gloucestershire



FLETCHER, Theophilus - late of London, now of Bristol, gent

SMITH, Thomas - Rankum [Rendcomb], Gloucestershire, yeo



SAMES, Ursula - Shaftesbury, Dorset, widow of Gerard Sames of Totham, Essex, militis (also proved at Canterbury)



JONES, Henry - Keevil, Wiltshire, gent



FARR, John - late of Weeke, Somerset, now of Bristol, gent

OWENS, Hugh - Virginia, cowper (administration)



HOLISTER, Margery - Publow, Somerset, spinster



CHAMPNEIS, John - Cowhill, Thornbury, Gloucestershire, yeo

HOPSON, Thomas - Ringwood & the Isle of Wight, esq

YOUNGE, John - Youghal, Ireland, mariner



PENNINGTON, James - of the Island of St Christopher, planter



BROWNE, Thomas - Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire, husb



BECHER, Phane - lieutenant colonel, general of forces at Drogheda; died in Ireland



FRANCKUM, John - of the Island of Nevis, planter



SATCHFIELD, Mary - Long Ashton, Somerset, widow



BROWNE, Richard - Bristol, merchant aboard the ship Seaflower, bound for Barbados

BRICKER, James - Chewton Keynsham, par. Keynsham, co Somerset

DANDER, John - Bristol, cooper on the states frigate (Tewbury?) in the service of the Commonwealth

TAUNTON, Edith - Bath, co Somerset, widow



WATKINS, Thomas - Bristol, barber chirurgion, on voyage beyond the seas



ARTHERS, Anne - Failand, par. Wraxall, co Somerset

ELLIS, Edmund - St Fagans, co Glamorgan, minister

SPENCER, William - Bristol, mariner, resident in Barbados



EDWARDS, Alice - Sellack, co Hereford, widow



KIRKE, Elizabeth - London, now of St Stephens, Bristol, widow

WHEELER alias PRIGG, John - Bedminster, co Somerset, bound beyond the seas - mother Margaret wife of Richard Husband of Thornbury, Gloucester, curryer



BROWNE, John - London, grocer

PHEARD (or PEARD) - Bristol, mariner of the ship Amity - father Steven P of Northam by Barnstaple [co Devon] blacksmith



SANDERS, John - aboard the Pearle



JACKOMAN, John - Island of Nevis - brother James Jackoman in Chattam, England; cousin James Jackoman in Jamaica; wife Catherine in Bristol

JENKINS, William - Bristol, merchant, bound to sea

TUCKEY, William - Bristol, mariner - kinsman William Young of Axbridge, Somerset, husb



COTTRELL, William - Pensford, co Somerset, baker

METTES, John - age 22, of Barbados & St Augustine - father Marren M



MORRISH, Daniel - Brislington, co Somerset, husb

LLOYD, Robert - Whitford, co Flint, now of Bristol, mariner

SEAKAM, John - Bristol, shipwright - William son of brother Charles Seakam, in Mumbles by Swansea, Wales



BORNE, Francis - Bristol, mariner, now in Island of Nevis; money in Montserrat; exec Jms Hall of Nevis

TAYLOR, Morgan - Bristol, mariner - tenement in Chepstow, Monmouth; ship Robert gone to Virginia; overs Henry Ramsey of Sirrbrooke, Monmouth gent & Wlm Huggutt of Tidnam, Gloucester gent

WRIGHT, Michael - Bristol, merchant - bur St Walburga; son Michael returned from overseas; lease of Wltr Broad of South Molton, co Devon, his son Wlm married to Margt dtr of Jn Badcocke of Barnstable [Devon] now of Bristol; Hmfry Buckinham of South Molton



ROYDON, William - Bristol, mariner, on voyage to Virginia

PHELPS, Joseph - Bristol, cooper - Joan Curtis widow of Axbridge, co Somerset

FOWLES, Samuel - Bristol, cooper - bro Edmund F of Longhope, co Gloucester yeo

BAYLEY, Joan, widow of Michael B, St Peters, Bristol - sis Alice wife of Roger Thomas of London mariner

HAINES, William - Bristol, mariner, on ship John Pinch

FRY, Jane - Bristol, widow - bro Emanuel Trevellick of Island of Scilly, husb & his chldr Jane, Blanche & David T & Eliz wife of Anthony Oates husb; sis Anne wife of Henry Cornish of Scilly husb; cousin Lettice Hooper of London; Thos Higgins of Scilly merchant



EDWARDS, Thomas - Bristol, surgeon - bro Jn E of Biddisham, co Somerset; mother Mary E of Compton Bishop, co Somerset

HUBAND, Gilbert - Bristol, barber surgeon - son Gilbert in Virginia; son Thos in London

MACKING, William - Almondsbury, Gloucester, yeo - land in Berkeley

HUBAND, Jane - Bristol, widow - son Gilbert H in Virginia; son Thos in London

HYMAN, William - Bristol, cooper, on voyage



DAVIS, Margaret - Bristol, widow - son Jn D esq & decsd son Thos D merchant, both of Barbados

FISHER, Joseph - St Michael, Bristol, clothier - bro Jn F of Portbury [Somerset]

PHILPOTT, Elizabeth - Bristol, widow - dtr Joan wife of Wlm Davis of Felendre, Hereford yeo; dtr Eliz wife of Jms Morgan of town of Monmouth mercer; poor of St Weonards & Marstow, co Hereford



BEVILL, John - Bristol, arms painter - son Jn B in London

HARRIS, Ann - Tockington, Olveston, Gloucester, widow - knswmn Mary Noate of Cirencester

PARY, Edith - Temple, Bristol, widow - knswmn Martha wife of Morris Wilkins of West Dundry, Somerset

PORTER, William - Bristol, mariner - Jn & Thos sons of Jn Wall of Cleeve, Somerset

FIELD, Edward - Bristol, collarmaker - father Jeremy F of Devizes, Wiltshire collarmaker; bro Rich F of Warminster, Wiltshire collarmaker

MEREDITH, Jane - St Mary Port, Bristol, widow of John M, glazier - nephew Jms Birke of Wotton Under Edge; knsmn Jn Wood of Westerleigh

MASEY, Richard - Bristol, soapmaker - Henry Hosier of Bristol soapmaker, now of Maryland; widow Browne of Calne, Wiltshire

BARTON, John - Compton Greenfield, Henbury, Gloucester, cordwainer - son Jn B of London & his chldr in Shenstone, co Stafford



COOKE, Frances - Bristol, widow - dtr Mary in Exeter [co Devon]; dtr Charity in Cardiff [Glamorgan]; exec son Thos Woodward

CARRIER, Josiah - Henbury, Gloucester, husb - Mary wife of Jn Sheppard of Warminster, Wiltshire

MOUNTAINE, Elizabeth - Itchington, Tytherington, Gloucester

LEWIS, John - Bristol, cooper - overs Mr Francis Lewis of North, Isle of Purbeck clerk & Jn Eyres of Poole gent, co Dorset



CLAXON, James - St Peters, Bristol - 2 sons abroad

BROWNE, Thomas - Bristol, watchmaker - son Thos overseas; wife Sarah exec

GRIGG, William - Bristol, tanner - Mr Jn Cox soapmaker of Thame St, London

DANIELL, Jane - Bristol, spinster - born in Gwinniard [Gwinear?], Cornwall; cousin Jn Daniell parson of Curstanton [Constantine] Cornwall