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Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993


DUFFETT James Red Ware Potter Barton Hill,Bristol
DUFFETT John Red Ware Potter Pipe Lane, Temple back, Bristol
DUFFETT William Day School Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
DUKE Mary Fringe & Coach Livery Lace Mfr 1 St Nicholas St, Bristol
DUNBAR James Gent Ashton Gate, Bedminster, Bristol
DUNN Eliza Straw Hat Maker 23 Trenchard Street, Bristol
DUNN John Tailor Paul Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
DUNN Richard Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 4 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
DUNN Richard Patten Maker Baldwin Street, Bristol
DUNN Sophia Fringe & Coach Livery Lace Mfr 59 Castle Street, Bristol
DUNN William Baker Hotwell Road, Bristol
DUNPHY James Boarding / Lodging House 15 College Green, Bristol
DUNSCOMBE J. Master "The David" Bristol to Jamaica
DUNSCOMBE Mary Boarding / Lodging House Long Ashton, Bristol
DUNSFORD Jno. Blacksmith Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
DUNSFORD Samuel Wine & Spirit Merchant 12 St James Barton, Bristol
DUNSTAN Eliz. Milliner Rownham Place, Hotwells, Bristol
DUPE Charles Boot & Shoe Maker Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
DURBAN Joseph Cheese Factor / Dealer 9 Maryport Street, Bristol
DURBIN Nehemiah Cheese Factor / Dealer 6 & 7 Maryport Street, Bristol
DURHAM Thomas Cider Dealer Redcross Street, Bristol
DUTTON William Millwright Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
DUTTON William Tavern / Public House Raven, 17 Maryport St, Bristol
DWYER James Accountant Shannon Court, Corn Street, Bristol
DYER S. & E. Misses 25 Park Street, Bristol
DYER & HARPER Sadler's Ironmonger 15 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
DYER Benjamin Turner England Court, Rosemary La, Bristol
DYER David Boot & Shoe Maker 4 Tower Lane, Bristol
DYER James Ironmonger Stoney Hill, Bristol
DYER James Saddler & Harness Maker Stony Hill, Bristol
DYER James Tailor 23 Penn Street, Bristol
DYER Maria ?? Mrs Stoke's Croft, Bristol
DYER Robert Chymist / Druggist 3 Clare Street, Bristol
DYER Septimus Carver / Guilder 5 Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
DYER Thomas Tavern / Public House Sea Horse, Upper Maudlin St,Bristol
DYER Thomas Webb Physician 63 Park Street, Bristol
DYKE William Chymist / Druggist Redcliff Hill, Bristol
DYMOND George Architect 33 Castle Green, Bristol
EACOTT Martha Straw Hat Maker 24 Bath Street, Bristol
EALES George Gardener / seedsman Beaufort Bdgs, Stapleton Rd
EAMES Susannah Pawnbroker 29 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
EAMES Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker 1 Lower Montague St, Bristol
EARL Thomas Tin Plate Worker 5 Lower College Street, Bristol
EARL William Brazier / Tin Plate Worker Hotwell Road, Bristol
EARL William Gent's Boarding School 23 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
EARL William Tin Plate Worker 77 Hotwell Road, Bristol
EARLE Jno. Charles Resident Surgeon Dispensary, Queens Square, Bristol
EARLE John Charles Surgeon 32 Queens Square, Bristol
EARNESBY William Baker 10 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
EASTWAY George Shopkeeper / Dealer Jacobs Well, Bristol
EATON George & Sons Iron Merchants / Ironmonger 12 Redcliff Street, Bristol
ECKLEY Richard Livery Stables Keeper Frogmore Street, Bristol
EDEN Mrs. 11 Queens's Parade, Bristol
EDEN John Revd. 6 Queen's Square, Bristol
EDEN John Working Jeweller 12 St John Street, Bristol
EDEN John Rev. Vicar St Nicholas, Bristol
EDGAR & Son Coppersmith / Brazier 101 Thomas St, & 2 Temple St,
EDGAR & Son Pewterer 101 Thomas Street & 2 Temple St.
EDGECUMBE John & Nathl Watch & Clock Maker 15 Old Market Street, Bristol
EDGELL Martha Preparatory School Ashton Gate, Bedminster, Bristol
EDGELL Richard Butcher Lower Nelson Street, Bristol
EDGELL Richard Surgeon College Green, Bristol
EDGEWORTH F. Rev. Roman Catholic Priest Trenchard Street, Bristol
EDGEWORTH Francis Revd. (Catholic) 21 Trenchard St, St Michael's
EDKINS Michael Painter - House, Sign Etc 9 North Street, Bristol
EDKINS William Painter - House, Sign Etc 37 Bridge Street, Bristol
EDMUNDS William Brightsmith & Bellhanger Whitson Street, Bristol
EDWARDS & SHUTE Distiller / Rectifiers 24 Redcliff Street, Bristol
EDWARDS & SHUTE Wine & Spirit Merchant 24 Redcliff Street, Bristol
EDWARDS David Master "The Elizabeth" Bristol to Lancaster
EDWARDS Edward Tavern / Public House St Augustins Tavern, Frogmore St,
EDWARDS George Boot & Shoe Maker 26 Small St & 11 Broad St, Bristol
EDWARDS George Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pitahy, Bristol
EDWARDS George Music & Musical Instmt, seller 31 Upper Arcade, Bristol
EDWARDS George Teacher of Music 31 Upper Arcade, Bristol
EDWARDS George Wine & Spirit Merchant 32 College Green, Bristol
EDWARDS Henry Tavern / Public House Full Moon, Avon St, St Philips
EDWARDS James Cheese Factor / Dealer 35 Welch Back, Bristol
EDWARDS James Corn Factor 35 Welch back, Bristol
EDWARDS James Grocer / Tea Dealer 35 High Street, Bristol
EDWARDS Jno. Brass Founder & Brazier 19 Broadmead, Bristol
EDWARDS Jno. Tavern / Public House Bacchus, 2 Lower Castle St,Bristol
EDWARDS John Day School 2 Maudlin Lane, St Michaels,Bristol
EDWARDS John Glazier 7 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
EDWARDS John Master "The Friends" Bristol to Barnstaple
EDWARDS John Master "The Unity" Bristol to Portreath
EDWARDS John Saddler & Harness Maker 45 Stokes Croft, Bristol
EDWARDS John Shopkeeper / Dealer Guinea Street, Bristol
EDWARDS Js. Carpenter / Builder Merry Bush La, St Philip's,Bristol
EDWARDS Samuel Master "The Catherine" Bristol to Portreath
EDWARDS Thomas Gabriel Cheese Factor / Dealer 17 Castle Street, Bristol
EDWARDS Thomas Gabriel Corn Factor 17 Castle Street, Bristol
EDWARDS Thomas Lyddon Esq. Brisington, Bristol
EDWARDS William Haberdasher 19 Clare Street, Bristol
EDWARDS William & Co. Hat manufacturer / Dealer Corner of Maryport St, Bristol
EDY George jun Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Limekiln Lane, Bristol
ELBURY James Nursery & Seedsman Montpelier, Bristol
ELDERTON Mrs. Major 3 Somerset Place, Clifton Down
ELFORD William Tailor Frogmore Street, Bristol
ELIOTT John Shopkeeper / Dealer West St, St Philip, Bristol
ELIOTT Mary Butcher 54 Redcliff Hill,Bristol
ELLAWAY Edward Tailor Broad Quay, Bristol
ELLIOTT Alex. Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Rownham Place, Hotwells, Bristol
ELLIOTT John Carpenter / Builder 14 Southwell Street, Bristol
ELLIOTT John Carpenter / Builder Clifton Hill, Clifton, Bristol
ELLIOTT John Tavern / Public House Hope and Anchor,Jacobs Well,Clifton
ELLIOTT Philip Esq. Clifton Down, Bristol
ELLIOTT Robert Perfumer / Hairdresser 29 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
ELLIOTT Thomas Baker Rownham Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
ELLIOTT Thomas Chymist / Druggist 14 Lower Arcade, Bristol
ELLIOTT Thomas Tavern / Public House Rownham Tavern, Rownham, Hotwells
ELLIOTT Thomas B. Carpenter / Builder Frog Lane, Bristol
ELLIOTT William Marine Stores Dealer 8 Horse Fair, Bristol
ELLIOTT William Tavern / Public House Crown, Crown Crt, Wine St, Bristol
ELLIS Francis Revd. 36 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
ELLIS John Basket Maker 4 Baldwin St, Bristol
ELLIS William Tavern / Public House Lamb & Flag, Temple St, Bristol
ELLISON Mary Mrs. Picton Street, Bristol
ELSE S. Mrs. 33 St James' Place, Kingsdown,
ELSWORTHY Ann Child Bed Linen Warehouse 11 under the Bank, Bristol
ELTON Henry Captain 17 Lower Crescent, Clifton,Bristol
ELTON Jno. Esq. Redland Parade, Redland, Bristol
ELTON, BAILLIE, AMES, Bankers - Old Bank Corn Street, Bristol
ELWORTHY Mary Ann Milliner Love Street, Bristol
ELWORTHY William M. Carpenter / Builder Love Street, Bristol
ELWYN F. Revd. Richmond Lodge, Clifton, Bristol
EMBLIN William Linen Draper 44 Wine Street, Bristol
EMDEN Lionel Tavern / Public House Lamb & Lark, Thomas St, Bristol
EMDIN Joseph Law Stationer All Saints Lane, Bristol
EMDIN Rosetta Straw Hat Maker 33 Redcliff Street, Bristol
EMENY John Inn / Hotel Keeper Bath Hotel, opp Down, Clifton,
EMERSON & BAKER Milliner 7 Unity Street, Bristol
EMERSON & LLEWELLIN Brass Founders 81 Temple Street, Bristol
EMERSON & LLEWELLIN Clock Maker 81 Temple Street, Bristol
EMERSON & LLEWELLIN Coppersmith / Brazier 81 Temple Street, Bristol
EMERSON J. Master "The Harriet" Bristol to Jamaica
EMERSON John Cooper 64 Milk Street, Bristol
EMERY James Tavern / Public House Ship, Griffin Lane, Bristol
EMERY John Printer - Letter Press Park Buildings, Bristol
EMERY William Corn Factor 5 Tontine Warehouses, Quay, Bristol
EMPSON Ellen Dress Maker 17 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
EMRA Jno. Revd. Vicar of St George's, Bristol
ENGLAND George Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 9 Rosemary Lane, Bristol
ENGLAND Henry Tavern / Public House Old Three Tuns, Lawrence Hill
ENGLAND James Tobacconist 7 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
ENGLAND Joel Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Horfield Road, Bristol
ENGLAND Stephen Export Surveyor Excise Office, Queens Sq, Bristol
ENGLEDUE Phoebe Straw Hat Maker 15 Cumberland Street, Bristol
ENGLISH Elinor Dress Maker Montague Hill, Bristol
ENTWISLE Rev. Methodist Minister Old Market Street, Bristol
EPLETT Betsey Shopkeeper / Dealer 51 College Street, Bristol
EPLETT Charles Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 2 Lower College Green Bristol
ESCOTT J. Master "The William Miles" Bristol to Jamaica
ESCOTT James Salt Dealer 12 Bedminster Parade, Bristol
ESIN Alexander Teacher of Music 29 Orchard Street, Bristol
ESSEX Humphrey Bookbinder 22 Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
ESTLAN S. Mrs. 8 Upper Berkeley Pl, Clifton,Bristo
ESTLIN & BALL Attorney 1 St Stephen Street, Bristol
ESTLIN Alfred Banker - Savings Bank Bridge Parade, Bristol
ESTLIN J.B. Eye Surgeon Frogmore Street, Dispensary,Bristol
ESTLIN John Bishop Surgeon 47 Park Street, Bristol
ETHERIDGE Thomas Linen Draper 9 High Street, Bristol
ETHERIDGE Thomas Warden - Quay Wardens Office Dial Slip, Quay, Bristol
EVANS Ann Tailor Bristol Steps, St Michaels Hill
EVANS Benjamin Boot & Shoe Maker 6 St John Street, Bristol
EVANS Daniel Agent for John Soule Quay Head, Bristol
EVANS Daniel Agent for Vineger Maker Quay Head, Bristol
EVANS Daniel Wharfinger Quay Head, Bristol
EVANS David Carpenter / Builder 18 Clarence Place, Kingsdown,
EVANS David Master "The Ann" Bristol to Aberthaw
EVANS David Revd. Pill, Bristol
EVANS Edith Shopkeeper / Dealer East Street, Bedminster, Bristol
EVANS Frances Haberdasher 101 Temple Street, Bristol
EVANS Francis Blacksmith Jacob's Well, Bristol
EVANS Francis Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 7 Hillgrove Street, Bristol
EVANS George Furniture Broker Horse Fair, Bristol
EVANS George Furniture Broker & Chair maker 54 Castle Street, Bristol
EVANS George Shopkeeper / Dealer Earl Street, Bristol
EVANS Grace Child Bed Linen Warehouse 64 Park Street, Bristol
EVANS James Shopkeeper / Dealer Unity St, St Philips, Bristol
EVANS James Tavern / Public House New Globe, Christmas St, Bristol
EVANS James & William Stone & Marble Mason Upper Wells Street, Bristol
EVANS Jenkin Tavern / Public House Berkeley Castle, 18 Berkeley Pl,
EVANS John Baker 9 Horse Fair, Bristol
EVANS John Butcher New Market Steps, Bristol
EVANS John Hat manufacturer / Dealer 28 Wine Street, Bristol
EVANS John Trunk Maker Baldwin Street, Bristol
EVANS John Holman Attorney 17 Small Street, Bristol
EVANS Margaret Mrs. 28 Trinity Street, Bristol
EVANS Mary Boarding School 10 Granville Place.Clifton, Bristol
EVANS Mary & Catherine Misses 2 Grove Place, Durdham Down,Bristol
EVANS Rebecca Confectioner Frogmore Street, Bristol
EVANS Sarah Straw Hat Maker 15 Union Street, Bristol
EVANS Thomas Clerk to Clifton Gas Light Limekiln Lane & 26 Clare St,Bristol
EVANS Thomas Master "The Equity" Bristol to Aberystwith
EVANS Thomas Woollen Draper 13 Horse Fair, Bristol
EVANS Thomas Mullett Attorney 26 Clare Street, Bristol
EVANS William Boarding / Lodging House 13 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
EVANS William Nursery & Seedsman Gloucester Road, Bristol
EVANS William Revd. Pil, Bristol
EVANS William Shopkeeper / Dealer Fewing, Stony Hill, Bristol
EVANS William & Co. Colour Manufacturer Castle Green, Bristol
EVE Charles China, Glass &c Dealer 72 Redcliff Street, Bristol
EVE Charles Tobacco Pipe Maker 72 Redcliff Street, Bristol
EVELEIGH Ann Mrs. 22 Kings Square, Bristol
EVENS Thomas Spirit Dealer - Retail Redcliff Hill, Bristol
EVERIS William Dyer / Calenderer 25 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
EVINS Mary Ladies' Boarding & Day School Stapleton Road, Bristol
EXLEY Thomas Teacher of Mathematics 17 Portland St, Kingsdown, Bristol
EXON Matthew Boot & Shoe Maker 72 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FALLS William Surgeon 13 Dowry Parade, Hotwells, Bristol
FARGUS John Auctioneer / Appraiser 4 Clare Street, Bristol
FARLER John Grocer / Tea Dealer 37 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
FARLEY Hannah Shopkeeper / Dealer Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
FARLEY Thomas Coal Merchant Cheese Lane, St Philip's, Bristol
FARMAN William Accountant Ashley Place, Bristol
FARMER Edward Accountant 29 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
FARNALL & FARNALL Attorney 29 Clare Street, Bristol
FARQUHARSON Jno. Gent. St James' Place, Bristol
FARR F. Master "The Hector" Bristol to Cuba.
FARR James Last / Boot Tree Maker Host Street, Bristol
FARR Jno. Gent 2 Southwell St, Kingsdown, Bristol
FARR John Silversmith / Jeweller 27 Clare Street, Bristol
FARR John Watch & Clock Maker 27 Clare Street, Bristol
FARR Thomas Silversmith / Jeweller 39 Broad Street, Bristol
FARR Thomas Watch & Clock Maker 39 Broad Street, Bristol
FARRINGTON Thomas Clock Maker George Street, Bristol
FAULDER John Day School Pembroke Street, Bristol
FEAR Henry Tailor 4 Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol
FEAR James Baker Frogmore Street, Bristol
FEAR William Baker Horse Fair, Bristol
FEAR William Carpenter / Builder West St, St Philips, Bristol
FEATHERSTONE Jno. Cooper 25 Montague Hill, Bristol
FEDDEN John Boarding / Lodging House 40 Queen's Square, Bristol
FEDDEN Olcher Agent London Crown Insurance 15 Corn Street, Bristol
FEDDEN Olcher Consul for Brazil 15 Corn Street, Bristol
FEDDEN Olcher & Wm. Broker Commercial 15 Corn Street, Bristol
FELIX Mathias Physician 2 Trinity Street, Bristol
FELTON Thomas Butcher 143 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
FENN Hester Mrs. Long Ashton, Bristol
FEREBEE Sarah Tavern / Public House Queens Head, 14 Philadelphia St
FERRAR Ann Tavern / Public House Waggon & Horses, Stapleton Rd,
FERRIS Thomas Butcher 51 Temple Street, Bristol
FIELD Ann Milliner 23 Lower Arcade, Bristol
FIELD Jacob S. Day School East Street, Bedminster, Bristol
FIELD William Tavern / Public House Rose & Crown, North St, Bedminster
FIFOOT William Baker 45 Old Market Street, Bristol
FILER James Umbrella & Parasol Maker Sim's Alley, Horse Fair, Bristol
FILER Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker 21 Picton St, Bristol
FINCH John Tavern / Public House Punch House, Redcliff Back, Bristol
FINLAYSON Jno. Lieut. 4 Granville Place, Bristol
FISH Harriet Stay Maker Cannon St, St James, Bristol
FISHER & BARNARD Repository 65 College Street, Bristol
FISHER Abraham Boot & Shoe Maker Granby Hil, Clifton, Bristol
FISHER Andrew Hat manufacturer / Dealer 2 Frogmore Street, Bristol
FISHER Edward Infants' School Meadow Street, Bristol
FISHER Elizabeth Dress Maker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
FISHER George & Sons Sailmaker Quay, Bristol
FISHER James Currier / Leather Cutter 42 Castle Street, Bristol
FISHER James Master "The Taunton" Bristol to Bridgewater
FISHER John Boot & Shoe Maker 9 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
FISHER John Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Meadow Street, Bristol
FISHER John Tavern / Public House St Patrick, Broad Quay, Bristol
FISHER John Wine & Spirit Merchant 43 Welsh Back, Bristol
FISHER Peter Cutler Cnr Redcliff & Thomas St, Bristol
FISHER Peter Ironmonger cnr Redcliff St & Thomas St,Bristol
FISHER Thomas Tobacco Pipe Maker 70 Temple Street, Bristol
FISHPOOL Elizb. Upholsterer 49 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
FISKE, WILLS & Co. Wholesale Grocers. Counterslip, Bristol
FITCHEW E. Mrs. 2 Harford Place, Bristol
FITZGERALD Ann Infant School Merchants Pde Ave, Hotwells,Bristol
FITZGERALD Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker 18 Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
FITZGERALD William Tailor Rownham Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
FITZHERBERT Robert Sailmaker Princes Street, Bristol
FLAMBARD Adrian Louis Victor Teacher of French 4 Granby Place, Clifton, Bristol
FLEAY John Brightsmith & Bellhanger Hotwell Road, Bristol
FLEMING John Basket Maker Moorfields, Bristol
FLEMING William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 25 Clarence Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
FLETCHER & Sons Linen Draper 38 Wine Street, Bristol
FLETCHER J. Mrs. 16 York Place, Clifton,. Bristol
FLETCHER Robert Accountant Small Street Court, Bristol
FLETCHER Robert Agent Guardian Insurance Small Street Court, Bristol
FLETCHER William Soap & Candle Maker 50 Castle Street, Bristol
FLOOD John Agent for Isaac WILLIAMS & Co. 127 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FLOOD Jonathan Red Ware Potter Temple Back, Bristol
FLOOK Thomas & Son Wine & Spirit Merchant Gloucester Lane, Bristol
FLOWER James Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 5 West St, St Philips, Bristol
FLOWERS John Butcher East St, Bedminster, Bristol
FOLEY Charles Currier / Leather Cutter 8 Withington's Court, Bristol
FOLWELL Joseph Livery Stables Keeper Wilder St, Bristol
FOORD William Coal Merchant Redcliff Back, Bristol
FORBES A. Miss 1 Kington Buildings, Bristol
FORD Mrs. Harley Cott, Clifton Down, Bristol
FORD Alexander Mrs. Clifton Wood, Bristol
FORD F. & E. Misses Clifton Hill, Bristol
FORD James & William Bonded Warehouse Keepers King St Hall, Bristol
FORD James & William Keepers of Bonded Warehouse King St, Hall, Bristol
FORD Jno. Turner of Ivory and Hard Woods Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
FORD John Furniture Broker 95 Temple Street, Bristol
FORD John Plumber 17 Lewins Mead, Bristol
FORD Michael Confectioner 24 Charles Street, Bristol
FORTESCUE Eliza Mrs. Portland Cottage, Kingsdown,Bristol
FOSTER & MEES Carpenter / Builder 4 Pembroke Street, Bristol
FOSTER James Surveyor 10 Upper Culver Street, Bristol
FOSTER John Recd. Stapleton, Bristol
FOSTER Susannah Haberdasher 1 Old Market, Bristol
FOSTERS & OKELY Architect 13 Orchard Street, Bristol
FOTHERGILL Henry Brass Founder 3 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FOTHERGILL Henry Ironmonger 3 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FOULKES Arthur Esq. Redland House, Bristol
FOURACRE Daniel Hairdresser Narrow Weir, Bristol
FOWLER Henry George Merchant 137 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FOWLER John Plasterer / Tiler 15 Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
FOWLER Richard George Consul for France 137 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FOWLER Robert Pawnbroker Pithay, Bristol
FOWLER William Esq. 26 Berkeley Square, Bristol
FOX Charles James Last / Boot Tree Maker 36 Host Street, Bristol
FOX Edward Horse Dealer Old Church Yard, Milk Street
FOX Edward Long Physician - Pvte Lunatic Asylum Brislington, Bristol
FOX Francis Ker Physician - Pvte Lunatic Asylum Brislington House, Bristol
FOX Frederick Furniture Broker Pithay, Bristol
FOX George B. Carpenter / Builder Providence Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
FOX Henry Hawes Physician 25 Berkeley Square, Bristol
FOX Poyzes Basket Maker 80 Broad Quay, Bristol
FOX Tobias Horse Dealer Stapleton Road, Bristol
FOX William Horse Dealer Limekiln Lane, Bristol
FOX William Livery Stables Keeper 22 College St, Bristol
FOXHILL Francis Butcher 8 North Street, Bristol
FRAMPTON Mrs. 8 York Place, Clifton, Bristol
FRANCIS Elizabeth Day School 1 Dowry Place, Hotwells, Bristol
FRANCIS Jane Cooper Hotwell Road, Bristol
FRANCIS Thomas Tavern / Public House Three Tuns, Lawrence Hil, Bristol
FRANCIS William Carpenter / Builder 11 Old King Street, Bristol
FRANCIS William Currier / Leather Cutter Clarence Road, Bristol
FRANCIS William Henry Undertaker (Furnishing) West St, St Philips, Bristol
FRANCOMBE George Hairdresser Redcliff Hill, Bristol
FRANCOMBE Matthew Hairdresser Hotwell Road, Bristol
FRANK Arnee Pin Maker Upper Easton, Bristol
FRANKHAM John Tavern / Public House Kings Arms, Narrow Wine St,Bristol
FRANKLIN John Glass Cutter - Flint Church Lane, Temple St, Bristol
FRANKLYN Jas Norroway Tobacco & Snuff maker 12 Welsh Back, Bristol
FRANKLYN John Attorney 17 Small Street, Bristol
FRANKLYN John Perfumer / Hairdresser 29 College Green Bristol
FRAY John Boot & Shoe Maker 26 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FRAY William Gent. 12 Polygon, Clifton, Bristol
FRAYNE John Shopkeeper / Dealer Prince Eugene La, Temple St,Bristol
FRAYNE William Fishmonger / Dry & Salt fish 68 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FREAME William H. Lieut. Thistle Street, Bristol
FREEMAN James Brightsmith & Bellhanger 19 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
FREEMAN James Carrier White Hart, Old Market Street
FREEMAN James Gent. 10 Upper Berkeley Pl, Clifton,
FREEMAN James Wm. Lace Maker / Dealer 9 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
FREEMAN John Copper & Brass Merchant Small Street, Bristol
FREEMAN Joshua Boot & Shoe Maker 15 St Augustine's Parade, Bristol
FREEMAN Phillis Boarding / Lodging House 39 Queen's Sqaure, Bristol
FREEMAN William & Co. Lace Maker / Dealer 15 Wine Street, Bristol
FREER William Grocer / Tea Dealer Frogmore Street, Bristol
FREETH Thos. Augustus Hairdresser Love Street, Bristol
FREMAN Thomas Hat manufacturer / Dealer 1 Ellsbridge Passage, Bristol
FRENCH James Silversmith / Jeweller 49 High Street, Bristol
FRENCH James Watch & Clock Maker 49 High Street, Bristol
FRENCH Samuel Baker Cheese Lane, St Philip's, Bristol
FRENCH Samuel Baker 8 Gloucester Lane, Bristol
FRIENDS Mary Day School 33 King Street, Quaeen's Sq,Bristol
FRIPP & Co. Soap & Candle Maker 47 Castle Street, Bristol
FRIPP James Esq. King's Square, Bristol
FRIPP James Physician Kings Square, Bristol
FRIPP M. Mrs. Kingsdown Parade, Bristol
FRIPP Sidney Charles Revd. 14 Park Row, Bristol
FROST John Baker 74 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FROST Joshua Tavern / Public House Lamb & Flag, Frogmore St, Bristol
FROST Richard Shopkeeper / Dealer Narrow Weir, Bristol
FROST Thomas Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Narrow Weir, Bristol
FROST William Butcher Mead St, St Philip's, Bristol
FRY Charlotte, Martha, & Elizabeth. Preparatory Sch. Clifton Place, Clifton, Bristol
FRY George Butcher 2 Princes Street, Bristol
FRY George Day School Hotwell Road, Bristol
FRY John Baker 47 Broad Quay, Bristol
FRY John Slop Seller 3 Broad Quay, Bristol
FRY John Tailor 47 Broad Quay, Bristol
FRY Jos. Storrs & Sons Chocolate & Cocoa Makers 13 Union Street, Bristol
FRY Joseph Store Gent. Redland, Bristol
FRY M. Miss 38 St James Place, Kingsdown
FRY Samuel Brown Haberdasher 4 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
FRY Thomas Agent Provident Life 18 Lower College Green Bristol
FRY Thomas County Fire Agent 18 Lower College Green Bristol
FRY Thomas Periodical Publication W/hse 18 Milk Street, Bristol
FRY Thomas Undertaker 18 Lower College Green, Bristol
FRY William Chymist / Druggist 105 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FRY William Cider Dealer 5 Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
FRY William Oil & Colourman 105 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FRY Zephaniah Woollen Draper 30 Castle Street, Bristol
FRY, FERRIS & BROWN Chymist / Druggist 4 Union Street, Bristol
FRYER Benjamin Timber Measurer 23 Trinity Street, Bristol
FRYER John Bookbinder 75 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
FRYER Mary Boarding / Lodging House 2 Unity St Frogmore St, Bristol
FRYER Thomas Surgeon 52 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
FRYER William Mark Teacher of Music Jacobs Well, Bristol
FUDGE George Stone & Marble Mason Pipe Lane, Temple Gate, Bristol
FUIDGE Thomas & Richd. Grocer / Tea Dealer 5 Clare Street, Bristol
FUIDGE Thos. & Richard Wholesale Grocers. 5 Clare Street, Bristol
FULLER James & Co, Coach Maker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
FULLER Jno. Gent. Ashton Gate, Bedminster, Bristol
FULLER John G. Agent Suffolk Insurance 50 Wine Street, Bristol
FULLER John Gardner Printer - Letter Press 50 Wine Street, Bristol
FURLONG T. Master "The Lavinia" Bristol to Jamaica
FURNEAU John Baker 41 Redcliff Street, Bristol
FUSS William Gent. 2 Somerset Pl, Clifton Down,Bristol
FUSSELL S. Mrs. Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
FYSON Henry Cork Cutter 42 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GAB & SHURMER Carrier 13 Temple Street, Bristol
GABRIEL Samuel Tavern / Public House Three Cups & Salmon, 84 Redcliff St
GADD Sarah Milliner Limekiln Lane, Bristol
GADD Thomas Gent. 10 Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
GADD Thomas Tavern / Public House Lord Nelson, Redcliff Hill, Bristol
GAGE Sophia Boarding & Day School Easton Road, Bristol
GAISFORD Robert Baker Moorfields, Bristol
GAISFORD Robert Commission Agent 37 Castle Street, Bristol
GALE Thomas Grocer / Tea Dealer 11 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GALLOP Joseph Grocer / Tea Dealer East St, Bedminster, Bristol
GALLOP Richard Grocer / Tea Dealer Barton Alley, Bristol
GAMLEN John Hairdresser 47 Temple Street, Bristol
GAMMON George Carpenter / Builder Easton Road, Bristol
GAMMON William Tavern / Public House Ship, Cathay, Bristol
GANE Elizbth & Cath Dress Maker 3 Nelson Street, Bristol
GANE George Cheese Factor / Dealer Cheese Market Store & 13 Maryport
GANE Philip Tavern / Public House Volunteer, Milk Street, Bristol
GANE Thomas Tailor 3 Nelson Street, Bristol
GANGE & FRANCIS Bookbinder 39 Maryport Street, Bristol
GANGE William Tailor 82 Old Market Street, Bristol
GARDEN J. Master "The Ann " Bristol to Jamaica
GARDENER William Hat manufacturer / Dealer 2 Bath Street, Bristol
GARDINER F.A. Capt Lower Crescent, Clifton, Bristol
GARDINER Joel & Co. Hat manufacturer / Dealer Broadmead, Bristol
GARDINER John Brightsmith & Bellhanger St Michael's Hill, Bristol
GARDINER John Gent 31 College St, Bristol
GARDINER John & Co. Woollen Draper Maryport Churchyard, Bristol
GARDINER Mary Mrs. 8 Bishop St, Bristol
GARDNER John Umbrella & Parasol Maker 4 Broad Weir, Bristol
GARDNER John Woollen Draper 88 Castle Street, Bristol
GARDNER Robert Tavern / Public House Red Lion, 7 Redcliff St, Bristol
GARDNER S. Master "The Eden" Bristol to Jamaica
GARDNER T. & J. Carrier Broadmead, Bristol
GARDNER Thomas Pin Maker 1 Seymour Placed, Stapleton Rd
GARLAND Ann Milliner Love Street, Bristol
GARLAND Mary Ann Straw Hat Maker Redcliff Hill, Bristol
GARLICK Jonathan Shopkeeper / Dealer Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
GARNDER Jas, Anthony Soap & Candle Maker 39 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GARRATT M. Mrs. 1 King's Parade, Clifton,Bristol
GARRATT Mary & Co. Tea Dealer Bristol Bridge, Bristol
GARRETT John Haberdasher 92 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GASTRELL James Haberdasher 57 High Street, Bristol
GATH Thomas Watch & Clock Maker Parade, St James, Bristol
GAWLER Henry Haberdasher Mall Place, Clifton, Bristol
GAY George Carpenter / Builder Lawrence Hill, Bristol
GAY Jno. Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 4 Rosemary Lane, Bristol
GAY Richard Master "The Albion" Bristol to Bideford
GAY W.H. Rev. Independent Minister Green St, Hotwells, Bristol
GEACH William Foster Attorney 17 Small Street, Bristol
GEARY John Boot & Shoe Maker 17 Denmark Street, Bristol
GEATER Henry Watch & Clock Maker 82 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GEE Mary Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? 3 King St, Queen's Sq, Bristol
GEE Richard & Thomas Agent for Vineger Maker 141 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GEE Richard & Thomas Tobacco & Snuff maker 141 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GEEN T. Master "The St Vincent" Bristol to Jamaica
GELLETT Thomas Wine & Spirit Merchant 45 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GEORGE Christopher Laed Manufacturer & Blacksmith Redcliff Hill, Bristol
GEORGE David Tobacco Pipe Maker St Philips Plain, Bristol
GEORGE James Esq. Cotham Hil, Bristol
GEORGE James Furniture Broker 46 Merchant Street, Bristol
GEORGE James Hat manufacturer / Dealer 15 Broad Street, Bristol
GEORGE James Stone & Marble Mason Love St, Hotwells, Bristol
GEORGE James Tobacco Pipe Maker Ann Street, Bristol
GEORGE James Tobacco Pipe Maker George Street, Bristol
GEORGE John Blacksmith Avon St, St Philip, Bristol
GEORGE Philip Esq. Redland, Bristol
GEORGE Thomas Master "The Eleanor" Bristol to Swansea
GEORGE Thomas Tobacco Pipe Maker Ann Street, Bristol
GEORGE William Furniture Broker 45 Merchant Street, Bristol
GEORGES & RICKETTSES Porter Brewers Bath Street, Bristol
GERMAN Richard Master "The Moira" Bristol to Weymouth, Poole, Portsmt
GERMAN Walter Chymist Manufacturing St Philip's Marsh, Bristol
GERMAN William Master "The Agenoria" Bristol to Weymouth, Poole, Portsmt
GERRING Lois Boarding School Ashton Gate. Bedminster, Bristol
GERRISH William Fruiterer 3 Broadmead, Bristol
GERRISH William Warner Pilot Pill, Bristol
GEST James Tailor Quay Street, Bristol
GEVERS John Iron Founder Thomas Street, Bristol
GIBBINS Francis Gent. 7 Gloster Street, Bristol
GIBBINS Francis Maltster Clifton Hill, Bristol
GIBBONS & GARRETT Miller Hook's Mills, Bristol
GIBBS Mrs. Colston Parade, Bristol
GIBBS A. Mrs. Redland Parade, Redland, Bristol
GIBBS Daniel Painter - House, Sign Etc Gloster Road, Bristol
GIBBS Griffen Surgeon Long Ashton, Bristol
GIBBS James Oil of Vitriol Makers Avon St, St Philips, Bristol
GIBBS James & Co. Wire Worker 4 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GIBBS John Butcher 92 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
GIBBS Son & BRIGHT Merchant (West India) 28 Orchard Street, Bristol
GIBBS Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Providence Pl, Sion Rd, Bristol
GIBBS Thomas Washer Hop Factor / Dealer Temple Gate, Bristol
GIBBS Thomas Washer Maltster Temple Gate, Bristol
GIBBS Thos.W.& Daniel Soap & Candle Maker 85 & 86 Redcliff St & 46 College Gr
GIBBS William Tavern / Public House Hope and Anchor, Redcliff Hill
GIBSON Robert Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 3 Old King Street, Bristol
GIDDEN & GRANGER Currier / Leather Cutter King Street, Bristol
GIDDEN Jno. Leather Seller Hamilton Crt, Culver Street,Bristol
GIDDEN Thomas Currier / Leather Cutter 15 Ellbroad Street, Bristol
GIFFORD Jno. Tavern / Public House George & Dragon, Castle St,Bristol
GIFFORD John Porter & Bottle Liquor Merchan 39 College Green Bristol
GIFFORD John Tavern / Public House The George, Castle Street, Bristol
GIFFORD John Wine & Spirit Merchant 39 College Green, Bristol
GILBERT John Merchant (Commission) Little Kings Street, Bristol
GILBERT Mary Ann Milliner 78 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
GILBERT Thomas Field Dyer / Calenderer 32 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
GILBORSON Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger Ellsbridge Passage, Bristol
GILBY William Physician 13 Dowry Square, Bristol
GILES & THOMAS Linen Draper 46 Wine Street, Bristol
GILFORD Thomas Accountant 11Park Row, Bristol
GILLARD Henry Attorney 6 Bridge Parade, Bristol
GILLARD John & Samuel Rope and Twine Maker 117 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GILLARD John & Samuel Sack & Sacking Maker 117 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GILLARD Robert Nation Accountant 1 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
GILLARD Thomas Stone & Marble Mason Clifton Hill, Bristol
GILLCHRIST James Tea Dealer Wilson St, St Pauls, Bristol
GILLER William Tavern / Public House Post Office Tavern, New Market Pass
GILLET James Gunsmith 24 Clare Street, Bristol
GILLET James Hardwareman 24 Clare Street, Bristol
GILLET James Silversmith / Jeweller 24 Clare Street, Bristol
GILLETT James Cutler 24 Clare Street, Bristol
GILLETT John Chair Maker Temple Back, Bristol
GILLHAM Richard Shopkeeper / Dealer Carolina Pl, Hillgrove St, Bristol
GILLINGHAM Emanuel Blacksmith 90 Temple St, Bristol
GILMORE John Pilot Pill, Bristol
GILPIN James Woollen Draper 2 Dolphin Strret, Bristol
GIROUX Madam Teacher of Dancing 43 Queens Square, Bristol
GISS & FOWLER Hosier 9 Wine Street, Bristol
GLAIRE Thomas Gent Stapleton Rd, Bristol
GLANDFIELD Jno. Machine Maker East St, Bedminster, Bristol
GLASCOTT Barachias Broker Commercial Quay, Bristol
GLASS George Master "The Star" Bristol to Dartmouth & Exeter
GLASS James Watch & Clock Maker 31 Old Market Street, Bristol
GLASS William & Uriah Agent Spencer's Wilts Beer Temple Back, Bristol
GLASS William & Uriah Coal Merchant Temple Back
GLASS William & Uriah Flour Factor Temple Back, Bristol
GLASSON George Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? 30 Princes Street, Bristol
GLENIE L. Mrs. 4 Lower Cres. Clifton, Bristol
GLOVER W.R. Rev Curate & Evening Lecturer St Johns Bedminster, Bristol
GLOVER William L. Revd. 17 Somerset Square, Bristol
GLUMBEEN John Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pitahy, Bristol
GODDARD Jn. Tavern / Public House Coach & Horses,Long Ashton, Bristol
GODFREY Elizaberth Shopkeeper / Dealer Power St, Hotwells, Bristol
GODFREY George Tavern / Public House Union Cellars, 21 Union St, Bristol
GODFREY Isaac Carver / Guilder Hotwell Road, Bristol
GODFREY John Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Narrow Weir, Bristol
GODFREY Mary Matron - Female Penitentiary Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
GODFREY Simon Working Jeweller 11 Lower Arcade, Bristol
GODFREY Susan Poulterer 6 Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
GODWIN & FINCH Wire Worker 138 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GODWIN & HENSLEY Haberdasher 32 & 33 Castle Street, Bristol
GODWIN & HENSLEY Woollen Draper 32 & 33 Castle Street, Bristol
GODWIN Elizabeth Milliner 14 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GODWIN John Corn Factor Under the Bank, Bristol
GODWIN William Currier / Leather Cutter 12 Old Market Street, Bristol
GODWIN, SMITH & Co. Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 71 Old Market Street, Bristol
GOLDFINCH Elinor Mrs. 14 Bishop Street, Bristol
GOLDNEY & AMATT Worsted & Yarn Manufacturer Cheese Lane, Bristol
GOLDNEY Gabriel Esq. Clifton Hill, Bristol
GOLDNEY Hannah Mrs. Clifton Wood, Bristol
GOLDNEY Thomas Agent Eagle Life Assurance 16 St Paul's Street, Bristol
GOLDSWORTHY James Rope and Twine Maker Temple Gate, Bristol
GOLDSWORTHY James Sack & Sacking Maker Temple Gate, Bristol
GOLDSWORTHY Thomas Lace Maker / Dealer 17 Upper Arcade, Bristol
GOLDWYER Henry Surgeon 25 Kings Square, Bristol
GOOD Charles Joseph Ironmonger 8 Old Market Street, Bristol
GOODE John Tavern / Public House Bathurst Hotel, Wapping, Bristol
GOODE Thomas Tavern / Public House Rodney, Pill, Bristol
GOODENOUGH Jno. Jos. Revd. Unity Street, Bristol
GOODEVE William James Surgeon 15 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
GOODFORD M. Mrs. 13 Gloucetser Row, Bristol
GOODLAND William Master "The Harriet" Bristol to Cork
GOODLAND William Pilot Pill, Bristol
GOOLDEN John Attorney 14 St John Street, Bristol
GOOLDEN Samuel Broker Commercial 21 Small Street, Bristol
GORDAN Jas A. Esq. Nash House, Near Pill, Bristol
GORDON A. Major Paul Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
GORDON Henry R. Esq. Upper Easton, Bristol
GORDON James Surgeon Dentist 22 College Green, Bristol
GORDON Jno. Esq. 2 Harley Place, Clifton, Bristol
GORDON John Collector of Customs Customs House, Queens Square
GOSLING Jno. Butcher 138 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
GOSS Charles Boot & Shoe Maker Old Park, Bristol
GOSS Edward Maltster 6 Pritchard St, St Paul's, Bristol
GOUGH Charles Attorney Shannon Court, Corn St, Bristol
GOUGH John Tailor Jacobs Well, Bristol
GOUGH Thomas Miller Mill Lane, Bedminster, Bristol
GOUGH Thomas Millwright Avon Street, Grt Gardens, Bristol
GOULD Francis Gent. 5 King's Parade, Bristol
GOULD George China, Glass &c Dealer 63 Castle Street, Bristol
GOULD John Stone & Marble Mason Walker St, Kingsdown, Bristol
GOULD Robert Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pitahy, Bristol
GOULD Thomas Linen Draper 74 Castle Street, Bristol
GOULDING, STOREY & Co. Slop Seller 29,30 & 31 Welsh Back, Bristol
GOULDING, STOREY & Co. Tea Dealer 29,30 & 31 Welsh Back, Bristol
GOULSTONE William Gents' Boarding School Bedminster Hse, Bedminster, Bristol
GOVER William Blacksmith 76 Thomas Street, Bristol
GRACE Elizabeth Ladies' Boarding & Day School Long Ashton, Bristol
GRACE James Grocer / Tea Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
GRAHAM Sarah & Co. Milliner 64 High Street, Bristol
GRAHAM William Linen Draper 56 Wine Street, Bristol
GRAHAM William Fuller Pawnbroker Horse Fair, Bristol
GRAINGER William Landing Surveyor of Customs Customs House, Queens Square
GRANGER Charles & Son Cooper Lewin's Mead, Bristol
GRANGER Frederick Surgeon 13 Park Street, Bristol
GRANGER George Baker Durdham Down, Bristol
GRANGER George Cooper Welsh Back, Bristol
GRANT Mrs. 12 Redcliff Parade, Bristol
GRANT A. & H. Misses Clifton Hill, Bristol
GRANT Andrew Surgeon 23 Christmas Street, Bristol
GRANT Edwin Surgeon 1 Paragon, Clifton, Bristol
GRANT Harry Russ Surgeon 15 Queens Square, Bristol
GRANT James Ross Leather Seller 67 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GRANT Joseph Auctioneer / Appraiser Frogmore Street, Bristol
GRANT Joseph Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Frogmore Street, Bristol
GRANT Seth Burge Hat manufacturer / Dealer 85 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GRATTON John Shopkeeper / Dealer 20 Welsh Back, Bristol
GRAVELL John Master "The Speedwell" Bristol to Carmarthen
GRAY & MORRIS Wine & Spirit Merchant 31 College Green, Bristol
GRAY Charles Revd. Bishop's Palace, Bristol
GRAY John Gent. 12 Dowry Parade, Bristol
GRAY Robert Right Revd. DD Lord Bishop of Bristol, The Palace
GRAY Robert Rt Rev Lord Bishop Bristol Cathedral, Bristol
GREADY Thomas Confectioner Thunderbolt Street, Bristol
GREAVES Samuel Surgeon 2 Princes Pl, Clifton, Bristol
GREEN Benjamin Gent. 2 Cotham Vale, Bristol
GREEN George Baker 5 Callow Hill St, Bristol
GREEN George Straw Hat Maker Narrow Weir, Bristol
GREEN George Willow Square Maker 9 Narrow Weir, Bristol
GREEN Henry Revd. Great George Street, Bristol
GREEN Henry Rev. Vicar All Saints, Bristol
GREEN John Maltster Ashley Place, Baptist Mills,Bristol
GREEN John Ship & Boat Builder Cannons Marsh, Bristol
GREEN Joseph Brewer (Retail) West Street, Bedminster, Bristol
GREEN Joseph Hairdresser Clarence Road, Bristol
GREEN Peter Watch & Clock Maker Power St, Hotwells, Bristol
GREEN Peter jun Watch & Clock Maker 7 Portland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
GREEN Rhoda Hosier 3 Wine Street, Bristol
GREEN Richard Tavern / Public House Crow, Crow Lane, Bristol
GREEN Samuel (old) Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 23 Castle Green, Bristol
GREEN Samuel Senr Day School 23 Castle Green, Bristol
GREEN Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker 1 Barr's Street, Bristol
GREEN Thomas Grocer / Tea Dealer 13 Lodge Street, Bristol
GREEN Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer Ann Street, Bristol
GREEN Thomas Surgeon 9 Queens Square, Bristol
GREEN William Baker 69 Redcliff, Bristol
GREEN William Cutler Back Street, Bristol
GREEN William Watch & Clock Maker 43 High Street, Bristol
GREEN William & Son Wine & Spirit Merchant 3 Unity Street, Bristol
GREENAWAY Henry Painter - House, Sign Etc 65 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GREENFIELD E.J. Mrs. 9 York Place, Clifton, Bristol
GREENHAM Js. Boarding & Day School Whitehill, Bristol
GREENHAM Richard Coach Maker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
GREENHAM Samuel Carpenter / Builder 17 Penn Street, Bristol
GREENING George Watch & Clock Maker 8 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
GREENLY Mrs. 1 Harley Place, Clifton, Bristol
GREENSLADE & ACRAMAN Bellows Makers Thomas Street, Bristol
GREENSLADE & ACRAMAN Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker Thomas Street, Bristol
GREENSLADE & ACRAMAN Plane Maker Thomas Street, Bristol
GREENSLADE, BARTLETT & JAMES Hop Factor / Dealer 6 Bridge Parade, Bristol
GREENSLADE, BARTLETT & JAMES, Corn Factor 6 Bridge Parade, Bristol
GREENSLADE, BARTLETT Butter factor 6 Bridge Parade, Bristol
GREENWAY Jno & Olive Statuary Limekiln Lane, Bristol
GREGORY & SMITH Attorney 23 Small Street, Bristol
GREGORY John Saddler & Harness Maker 50 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GREGORY Sophia Boarding / Lodging House 13 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
GREGORY William Butcher 15 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GRENFELL Nicholas Master "The Bristol Packet" Bristol to Penzance
GRENFELL Richard Master "The St Austle" Bristol to Fowey
GRESLEY Anna Maria Mrs. 5 Wells Street, Bristol
GRESLEY Charles Broker Commercial All Saints Lane, Bristol
GREVILE Charles Agent Globe Insurance 4 Small Street, Bristol
GREVILE Charles Attorney 4 Samll Street, Bristol
GREVILE K.C. Rev. Rector St Stephens, Bristol
GRIFFIN George Butcher St Nicholas Street, Bristol
GRIFFIN Richard Brightsmith & Bellhanger East St, Bedminster, Bristol
GRIFFIN Richard Cutler 30 Redcliff Street, Bristol
GRIFFITH Joseph Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 2 Stapleton Road, Bristol
GRIFFITH William Master "The Betsey" Bristol to Pembroke & Milford
GRIFFITHS & LEWIS Anchor smith Marsh Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS & LEWIS Iron Founder Marsh Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS & LEWIS Iron Merchants / Ironmonger Marsh Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS & LEWIS Ironmongers and Slopsellers. Marsh Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS & LEWIS Ship Chandler Marsh Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS George Brightsmith & Bellhanger 9 Temple Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS Griffith Shopkeeper / Dealer 9 Maudlin Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS James Tailor 1 Charlotte Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS Jas. Perfumer / Hairdresser 6 St James Barton, Bristol
GRIFFITHS John Carpenter / Builder 9 Princes Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS John Master "The Mary" Bristol to Cardigan
GRIFFITHS John & Co. Plumber 26 Bath Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS Richard Furniture Broker 17 West Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS Richard Tavern / Public House Crown & Dove, Bridewell Lane,
GRIFFITHS Susanna Oil & Colourman 23 Maryport Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS Thomas Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 6 Great James Street, Bristol
GRIFFITHS Thomas Physician St James Barton, Bristol
GRIFFITHS Thomas Plasterer / Tiler Old Park, Bristol
GRIGG Francis Henry Agent Eagle Life Assurance 60 College St, Bristol
GRIGG Francis Henry Agent Protector Fire Ins. 60 College Street, Bristol
GRIGG Robert Mrs 13 Cumberland Street, Bristol
GRINDON Jos. Attorney & Coroner for Bristol Union Court, Corn St, Bristol
GRINDON Thomas Evans Painter - House, Sign Etc 7 Culver Street, Bristol
GRINDON Thomas Evans Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 7 Culver Street, Bristol
GRINFIELD T. Revd. 25 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
GRINFIELD T., Rev Curate St Mary-le-Port, Bristol
GRISTOCK Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer East St, Bedminster, Bristol
GROGAN Michael W. Tavern / Public House Flitch of Bacon, Host St, Bristol
GROSETT H. Miss 5 Harley Place, Clifton, Bristol
GROVE Mrs. 28 Royal York Crescent, Clifton
GROVES Charlotte Egg / Butter/ Salt Fish Dealer 12 St James's Churchyard, Bristol
GROVES William Straw Hat Maker 10 St Michaels Hil, Bristol
GRUMLY Mary Ann Boarding School Charlotte St, Park St, Bristol
GRUNDON Eliz. Mrs. 5 Freeland Place, Bristol
GUEST Joseph Esq. Stapleton, Bristol
GUGE Anthony Shopkeeper / Dealer Avon St, St Philips, Bristol
GULLEY James Tavern / Public House Queen Bess, St Nicholas St, Bristol
GULLEY Lionel Wine & Spirit Merchant 50 Wine Street, Bristol
GULLY Ann Milliner Brandon Hill Steep, Bristol
GUMERSON John Butcher St James' Back, Bristol
GUMMER Esther Milliner 24 Lower Arcade, Bristol
GUNNING Jane Dress Maker 34 Upper Arcade, Bristol
GUNNINGHAM Hester Milliner Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
GUNTIS John Currier / Leather Cutter Easton Road, Bristol
GUPPY Brothers Sugar Refiner The Friars, Bristol
GUPPY Sarah Mrs. 8 Clifton Road, Bristol
GURNEY Benjamin Tavern / Public House Carpenters Arms, Merchant Street
GURNEY Hannah Boarding & Day School Caroline Row, Bristol
GURNSEY Henry Rope and Twine Maker Gloster Lane, Bristol
GUTCH John Matthew Newspaper Publisher Felix Farleys Bristol Journal
GUTCH John Matthew Printer - Letter Press 15 Small Street, Bristol
GUY Job Tavern / Public House Three Blackbirds, Stapleton Rd,
GUY W.H. Revd. 18 Dowry Parade, Bristol
GWILLIAM Charlotte Day School Wilson Terrace, Bristol
GWILLIAM George Soap & Candle Maker Ellbroad Street, Bristol
GWYER & GIBBS Ironmonger Bath Street, Bristol
GWYER Ann Mrs. 1 Harford Place, Bristol
GWYER Charles & Fredk. Hemp and Flax Dresser Temple Gate, Bristol
GWYER Henry & Fredk. Maltster Temple Gate, Bristol
GWYER Henry & Fredk. Rope and Twine Maker Temple Gate, Bristol
GWYER Henry & Fredk. Sack & Sacking Maker Temple Gate, Bristol
GWYER James Baker 10 Temple Street, Bristol
GWYER James Sail Cloth Maker 10 Tedmple Street, Bristol
GWYER John Thorne Day School 11 Princes Street, Bristol
GWYER William & Jos. Merchant (Russia) Temple Bank, Bristol
GWYTHER George Tailor 4 Parade, St James Church, Bristol
GWYTHER Mrs. Day School 27 Langton Street,Redcliff, Bristol
GYNGELL Thomas Furniture Broker 13 Host Street, St Michael's
GYNGELL Thomas Tavern / Public House Bull, George Street, Bristol
HABERFIELD Jno Kelre Attorney 1 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
HACKER Elizabeth Stay Maker Thornhill Place, Bristol
HACKER John Tailor Thornhill Place, Upper Maudlin Lane
HADDEN Joseph Butcher 37 Castle Street, Bristol
HADLEY Elizabeth Mrs. 15 Bishop Street, Bristol
HAGGETT James Tavern / Public House Cherry Orchard, St Georges, Bristol
HAGGETT Thomas Baker 3 Nelson Pl,Clifton, Bristol
HALE Francis Butcher 25 North Street, Bristol
HALE George Shopkeeper / Dealer 10 Merchant Street, Bristol
HALE M. Mrs. 1 Kingsdown Parade, Bristol
HALE W. Revd. 2 Kingsdown Parade, Bristol
HALL & WELLS Brightsmith & Bellhanger 36 Redcliff Street, Bristol
HALL Benjamin Coach Lamp Maker 2 Barns Street, Bristol
HALL Benjamin Glass Bender 2 Barrs Street, Bristol
HALL Benjamin Glazier 2 Barrs Street, Bristol
HALL Elias Tavern / Public House Three Horse Shoes, 13 Gloster Lane
HALL Henry Rudge Glass Bender 2 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
HALL Henry Rudge Glazier 2 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
HALL Henry Wait Attorney Exchange Buildings, Bristol
HALL J. Rev. Curate St Werburghs, Bristol
HALL James Agent: C of E Tract Society 6 Clare Street, Bristol
HALL James Potato Dealer 20 Charles Street, Bristol
HALL Jane & Co. Tea Dealer 43 Castle Street, Bristol
HALL John Attorney 23 Broad Street, Bristol
HALL John Revd. 1 Clifton Wood, Bristol
HALL John & Co. Glass Warehouse Broadmead, Bristol
HALL John & Son Glass Bender Broadmead, Bristol
HALL John C. Woollen Draper 20 Union Street, Bristol
HALL John Wesley Merchant 71 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
HALL Joseph Chair Maker West St, St Philip's, Bristol
HALL Joseph Grocer / Tea Dealer 43 & 44 Maryport Street, Bristol
HALL Joseph Mayor Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 35 Broad Street, Bristol
HALL P. Miss 31 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
HALL Robert Revd. (Baptist) Ashley Place, Bristol
HALL Robert Rev Pastor Baptist Broad Mead, Bristol
HALL Samuel Plumber Pump & WC Maker. 42 Broadmead, Bristol
HALL William Linen Draper 84 Redcliff Street, Bristol
HALL William Master "The Saint George" Bristol to Cork
HALL William Shopkeeper / Dealer 13 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
HALL William Soap & Candle Maker West St, St Philips, Bristol
HALLETT John Shopkeeper / Dealer Tower St, Great Gardens, Bristol
HALSALL Edward Watch & Clock Maker 19 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
HALSE Edward Surgeon 8 Bath Street, Bristol
HALSER William Gent. Upper Wells Street, Bristol
HAM John Brewer (Retail) Charlotte St, St Paul's, Bristol
HAM William Tavern / Public House Union, St Nicholas St, Bristol
HAM William Nicholas Turner of Brushes Passage Street, Bristol
HAMILTON Mrs. 7 Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol
HAMILTON E. Miss 11 York Place, Clifton, Bristol
HAMILTON Js.?? Tavern / Public House Hatchet Tavern, Frogmore St,Bristol
HAMLEN Richard Tripe Curer 20 Baldwin Street, Bristol
HAMLEY Ann Straw Hat Maker 8 Bridge Street, Bristol
HAMLEY George Port Gaugers of Customs Customs House, Queens Square
HAMLEY William Stone & Marble Mason Commercial Road, Bristol
HAMMANS Jno. Tavern / Public House Three Queens, Thamos St, Bristol
HAMMET Elizabeth Boarding / Lodging House 2 Albemarle Row, Hotwells, Bristol
HAMMET Henry Thorne Boarding / Lodging House 1 Albemarle Row, Hotwells, Bristol
HAMMET Henry Thorne Library (Circulating) 5 Cumberland Place, Hotwells,
HAMMET Henry Thorne Perfumer / Hairdresser 5 Cumberland Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
HAMMET Henry Thorne Stationer 5 Cumberlanmd Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
HAMMOND F. Master "The Elizabeth" Bristol to Newfoundland
HAMMOND Jeremiah Whiting Manufacturer Temple Back, Bristol
HAMMOND Joseph Spirit Dealer - Retail 8 Dolphin Street, Bristol
HANCOCK Harriet Confectioner Hotwell Road, John
HANCOCK Jesse Shopkeeper / Dealer Somerset St, Redcliff Rd, Bristol
HANCOCK Joseph Shopkeeper / Dealer 60 Temple Street, Bristol
HANCOCK Mary Boarding School Hope Cottage, Clifton Rd, Bristol
HANCOCK Robert Minature Painter 12 St John Street, Bristol
HAND John Boot & Shoe Maker Paul St, Kingsdown, Bristol
HANDFIELD Mrs. 7 Trinity Street, Bristol
HANDFORD James Butcher 54 Thomas Street, Bristol
HANDLEY John Boot & Shoe Maker 9 Castle Street, Bristol
HANDS Richard Tavern / Public House Coffee Pot, St James Barton,Bristol
HANDSOMBODY Frederick Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Lower Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
HANMORE Samuel Pilot Pill, Bristol
HANN George Carpenter / Builder 4 Berkeley Place, Clifton, Bristol
HANSARD Frederick Surgeon 6 Grosvenor Place, Bristol
HANSON Richard Charles Surgeon 5 Park Street, Bristol
HARDCASTLE William Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 14 Clare Street, Bristol
HARDING George Butcher Exchange Shambles, Bristol
HARDING George Butcher 7 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
HARDING George Millwright Queen St, St Philips, Bristol
HARDING George Tailor 24 Broad Street, Bristol
HARDING James Eating House Keeper 1 St James's back, Bristol
HARDING John Master "The Friends" Bristol to Dartmouth & Exeter
HARDING M. Mrs. 25 Paul Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
HARDING Matthew Boot & Shoe Maker 35 Lower Arcade, Bristol
HARDING S. Mrs. Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
HARDING Thomas Bellows Maker 53 Castle St, Bristol
HARDING William Saddler & Harness Maker 46 Thomas Street, Bristol
HARDING William Harris Day School Jubilee Pl, Redcliff Hill, Bristol
HARDING, COX & Co. Soap & Candle Maker 5 Old Market Street, Bristol
HARDWICK Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer Redcross Street, Bristol
HARDWICK Thomas Carpenter / Builder 12 Parade, St James', Bristol
HARE & LITTLE Attorney New Buildings, Small St, Bristol
HARE John & Co. Colour Manufacturer Temple Gate, Bristol
HARE John & Co. Floor Cloth Manufacturer Temple Gate, Bristol
HARE John & Co. Oil Merchant Temple Gate, Bristol
HARE William Ody Sub-Sheriff - Sheriffs Office Small Street, Bristol
HARFORD BROTHERS & Co. Iron Manufacturer Small Street, Bristol
HARFORD BROTHERS & Co. Iron Merchants / Ironmonger Small Street, Bristol
HARFORD Co. Iron Founder St Philip's, Bristol
HARFORD Henry Attorney Guildhall Chambers, Bristol
HARFORD Joseph Esq. Stapleton, Bristol
HARFORDS & BRISTOL Brass Battery & Wire Co. 18 Corn Street, Bristol
HARIS Thomas Cooper 4 King Street, Bristol
HARKEY & LANG Ironmonger 24 Bridge Street, Bristol
HARMAN Edward Gardener / seedsman Upper Easton, Bristol
HARMAN John Working Jeweller Castle Green, Bristol
HARMAR William Jun Attorney St John's Bridge, Bristol
HARPER Charles W. Warehouse Keeper (Customs) Customs House, Queens Square
HARPER Thomas Agent Royal Exchange Ins. 27 Castle Street, Bristol
HARPER Thomas Gent. 2 Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol.
HARPER Thomas Gent. Newfoundland Street, Bristol
HARRIES William Revd. 11 Picton Street, Bristol
HARRIL Job Auctioneer / Appraiser City Mart, Corn Street, Bristol
HARRILL Ann Dress Maker 25 Bath Street, Bristol
HARRILL Emma Ladies' Boarding School 11 Gloucester Row, Clifton, Bristol
HARRILL Richard Teacher of Music 11 Gloucester Row, Clifton, Bristol
HARRIS & GREGORY Soap & Candle Maker 115 Redcliff St, Bristol
HARRIS & JONES Sailmaker Broad Quay, Bristol
HARRIS Alexander Post Master Pill, Bristol
HARRIS Ann Milliner Gloucester Terr. Hotwells, Bristol
HARRIS Ann Straw Hat Maker 11 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
HARRIS Clement Pilot Pill, Bristol
HARRIS Frederick Carpenter / Builder 32 College Street, Bristol
HARRIS George Master "The Navarino" Bristol to Honduras & Quebec
HARRIS George E. Chymist / Druggist 15 Upper Arcade, Bristol
HARRIS Grace Saddle Tree Maker 36 Redcliff Street, Bristol
HARRIS James Butcher 101 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
HARRIS James Corn Factor 12 Nelson Street, Bristol
HARRIS James & Son Carpenter / Builder 3 Lower College Green, Bristol
HARRIS Jn. Merchant (West India) 26 Trinity Street, Bristol
HARRIS John Boot & Shoe Maker 2 Penn Street, Bristol
HARRIS John Shopkeeper / Dealer White Hall, Easton Rd, Bristol
HARRIS John Tailor 1 Withingtons Court, Horse Fair
HARRIS John & Edward Miller Stapleton, Bristol
HARRIS Lydia Tavern / Public House Leopard, Frogmore St, Bristol
HARRIS M. Miss 15 Meridian Place, Clifton, Bristol
HARRIS Philip Stone & Marble Mason Harford St, Redcliff Mead,Bristol
HARRIS Richard Tailor 5 Temple Street, Bristol
HARRIS Robert Livery Stables Keeper 11 Sion Row, Clifton, Bristol
HARRIS Thomas Millwright Temple Back, Bristol
HARRIS Thomas Tavern / Public House Adam & Eve, Lewins Mead, Bristol
HARRIS Thomas Tavern / Public House Thatch'd Ho, Tavern, Limekiln Lane
HARRIS Thomas Timber Merchant & Dealer Penn Street, Bristol
HARRIS Thomas & Co. Distiller / Rectifiers St Philip's, Bristol
HARRIS William Boot & Shoe Maker 12 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
HARRIS William Gent 10 Guinea Street, Bristol
HARRIS William Linen Draper 27 High Street, Bristol
HARRIS William Miller Limekiln Dock Mill, Bristol
HARRIS William Tavern / Public House Ship, Grt James St, Bristol
HARRIS William Wood Turner 11 Lower Castle St, Bristol
HARRIS William W. Inn / Hotel Keeper Steam Packet Hotel, Cumberland Basi
HARRIS Wintour Clerk to the Paving Office Small Street, Bristol
HARRIS Wintour Fire Office Agent - Alliance Small Street Court, Small St,
HARRIS Wintour & Jas. Attorney Small Street Court, Bristol
HARRISON John Surgeon 44 Park Street, Bristol
HARRISON Thomas Carpenter / Builder 2 Seymour Place, Stapleton Rd,
HARRISON William Baker Redcliff Hill, Bristol
HARRISS Richard R. Coal Merchant St John's Bridge, Bristol
HARSE Susannah Furniture Broker 94 Old Market Street, Bristol
HART John Brass Founder 45 Milk Street, Bristol
HART Joseph Surgeon Dentist 68 College Street, Bristol
HART Sarah Mrs. 13 Belle Vue, Clifrton, Bristol
HART Thomas Butcher 147 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
HART William & Son Coal Scoop Makers Bear Lane, Temple Back, Bristol
HARTLAND & Son Lime Burner Stapleton Rd, Bristol
HARTLAND Elizabeth Tavern / Public House New Dock Gates, Hotwell Rd, Bristol
HARTLAND James Tavern / Public House Cornish Mount, Broad Quay, Bristol
HARTLAND Jn. & Son Carpenter / Builder 17 Castle Green, Bristol
HARTLAND William & Son Brick & Tile Maker Lebeck, Stapleton Rd, Bristol
HARTLEY S. Mrs. Durdham Down, Clifton, Bristol
HARTLEY William P. Proctor - Ecclesiastical Court 28 Broad Street, Bristol
HARTLEY William Powell Attorney All Saints Court, Bristol
HARTNALL Samuel Haberdasher 11 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
HARTNELL Aaron Gents' Boarding School The Fort, Bristol
HARTNOLL Richard Master "The Torridge" Bristol to Barnstaple
HARTOPP Edmund Craddock Sir 40 Lower Crescent Clifton, Bristol
HARTWELL Elizabeth Ladies' Boarding School 20 Orchard Street Bristol
HARVARD Rev. Methodist Minister Limekiln Lane, ,Bristol
HARVEY Ann Mrs. 3 Wells Street, Bristol
HARVEY Christopher Baker 54 Milk Street, Bristol
HARVEY Eliza. Milliner 11 St James' Church Yard, Bristol
HARVEY James Newspaper Agent 11 St James Churchyard, Bristol
HARVEY John Master "The Maria" Bristol to St Ives & Hale
HARVEY Priscilla Earthenware Dealer 2 Berkeley Place, Bristol
HARVEY William Patten Maker 53 Castle Street, Bristol
HARWELL William Carpenter / Builder 52 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
HARWOOD Jno.B.& Daniel Edward -Wholesale Grocers. Counerslip, Bristol
HARWOOD John Master "The Tredegar" Market Boat to Newport
HARWOOD William Broker Commercial 16 Portland Square, Bristol
HARWOOD William Wheelwright North St, Bedminster, Bristol
HARWOOD William Wholesale Dealer in Sugar Lewin's Mead, Bristol
HASELL Richard Soap & Candle Maker 125 Thomas Street, Bristol
HASELL William & Thos Brewers Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
HASELL William & Thos. Wine & Spirit Merchant Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
HASSALL John Stone Ware Potter Leek Lane, Bristol
HASSALL Matthew Chymist / Druggist 4 Southwell St, Kingsdown, Bristol
HASSALL Matthew Gent. 10 King's Square, Bristol
HASSELDEN Frances Mrs. 28 Queen's Square, Bristol
HASSELL Josias Gent. 7 Cathay, Bristol
HASSELL Martha Mrs. 8 Cumberland St, Bristol
HASSELL Robert Tanner Bedminster, Bristol
HASSELL Robert & Wm. Leather Factor Back Hall, Baldwin St, Bristol
HASSELL Thomas Gent. Milsom's Buildings, Cotham, Bristol
HATCH Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker 15 West Street, Bristol
HATCH William Boot & Shoe Maker 3 West Street, Bristol
HATCHER Edmund Leather Factor Baldwin Street, Bristol
HATHERLEY Samuel Tavern / Public House Colstons Arms, Temple St, Bristol
HATHERLY Henry Tin Plate Worker 43 Stokes Croft, Bristol
HATHWAY William & Co. Woollen Draper 48 High Street, Bristol
HATTON William Tailor 3 Horse Fair, Bristol
HAUTENVILLE William Esq. Batth Cottage, Clifton Rd, Bristol
HAWES M. Mrs Grosvenor Pl, Clifton, Bristol
HAWKES R. Tavern / Public House Bunch of Grapes, 4 Denmark Street
HAWKINS Caroline Tailor 42 College Street, Bristol
HAWKINS Eliz. Milliner 15 Lower College Street, Bristol
HAWKINS John Grocer / Tea Dealer 67 Park Street, Bristol
HAWKINS Matthew Attorney 17 Old Market Street, Bristol
HAWKINS Matthew Gent 8 Oxford St, Kingsdown, Bristol
HAWKINS Peter G. Baker Host Street, Bristol
HAWKINS William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Paul St, Kingsdown, Bristol
HAY Elizabeth Carpenter / Builder Tankard's Close, Bristol
HAY George Tailor 1 Oxford Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
HAY John Shopkeeper / Dealer Horfield Rd, Bristol
HAYDON William B. Tavern / Public House Towers, St Stephen St, Bristol
HAYES Charles Coach Maker 16 Temple Street, Bristol
HAYES Charles Tavern / Public House Giants Castle, Temple St, Bristol
HAYHURST Elzbth & Mary Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer East Street, Bedminster, Bristol
HAYLAND James Leather Hat & Fur Cap Maker Barrs Street, Bristol
HAYMAN Jno. Butcher 126 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
HAYMAN John Clothes, &c, Salesmen Gloucester Lane, Bristol
HAYMAN Michael Plasterer / Tiler Love Street, Bristol
HAYMAN William Tailor 49½ Broadmead, Bristol
HAYMES George Painter - House, Sign Etc Durdham Down, Bristol
HAYMES George Plumber Durdham Down , Bristol
HAYNES Ann Mrs. 14 Lodge Street, Bristol
HAYNES Catherine Mrs. Clifton Wood, Bristol
HAYNES Charles Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 3 Charles Street, St James, Bristol
HAYNES Charles junr Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 5 Charles Street, St James, Bristol
HAYNES E. Mrs. 47 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
HAYNES Sophia Miss 13 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
HAYNES William Colston's Hospital School St Augustine's Place, Bristol
HAYTHORNE John & Co. Merchant (Wool) King Street, Queen's Square,Bristol
HAYTHORNE Jos. Henry Soap & Candle Maker 4 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
HAYTHORNE Joseph Banker - City Bank High Street, Bristol
HAYWOOD Eleanor Tavern / Public House Ship, Butts, Bristol
HAZARD Edward Block & Pump Maker Quay, Bristol
HAZARD James File Manufacturer Temple Back, Bristol
HAZARD James Plumber St Michaels Hill, Bristol
HAZARD John Day School High Street, Bristol
HAZARD Robert Confectioner Mall, Clifton, Bristol
HAZEL John Butcher 49 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
HAZELDINE Samuel Tavern / Public House Sedan Chair, Broad Quay, Bristol
HAZELL Richard Pilot Pill, Bristol
HAZELL Thomas H. Confectioner Temple Street, Bristol
HAZELTINE Edward Agent 5 Fort Lane, Bristol
HEAD Mary Stay Maker 5 Upper Arcade, Bristol
HEAD William Shopkeeper / Dealer 14 Gloucester Lane, Bristol
HEADFORD James Lime Burner Upper Easton, Bristol
HEADFORD Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker 45 Broadmead, Bristol
HEARD John Blacksmith Avon St, St Philip, Bristol
HEARD William Boot & Shoe Maker Jacob's Well, Bristol
HEATH & POWELL Hat manufacturer / Dealer 3 High Street, Bristol
HEATH Charles Carver / Guilder Broad Street, Bristol
HEATH George Tavern / Public House Pine Apple, Limekiln Lane, Bristol
HEATH Jane Shopkeeper / Dealer 34 Montague Hill, Bristol
HEATH John Agent for Wilts Strong Beer Co 65 Castle Street, Bristol
HEATH John Commission Agnet 65 Castle Street, Bristol
HEATH Mary Ann Day School 2 Oxford Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
HEATH William Gent 10 Trinity Street, Bristol
HEATH William Gent 12 Harford Place, Bristol
HEATHCOCK James Patten Maker 84 Castle Streetm, Bristol
HEAVEN Cam Gyde Attorney 2 St Stephen Street, Bristol
HEAVEN Dennis Timber Merchant & Dealer Commercial Road, Bristol
HEAVEN Thomas & Son Merchant (West India) Grove, Bristol
HEBDITCH David Boot & Shoe Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
HEBERT John (sic) Tailor Montague Street, Bristol
HEDGES Daniel Whip & Thong Maker 124 Thomas Street, Bristol
HEDGES Joseph Shopkeeper / Dealer 11 Dighton Street, Bristol
HEFFER Henry Coach Maker Commercial Road, Bristol
HEFFER Richard Cork Cutter 16?? Peters Street, Bristol
HEIGHWAY Elizabeth Mrs. Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
HELLICAR Ames Revd. Dock House, Hotwells, Bristol
HELLICAR Ames Rev. Curate St Nicholas, Bristol
HELLICAR Joseph Agent Norwich Union Assurance Corn Street, Bristol
HELLICAR Thomas & Jos. Merchant Welsh Back, Bristol
HEMERS John Tavern / Public House Three Tuns, Ann St without, Bristol
HEMMING & Son Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? 17 Lewin's Mead & Under Bank,
HEMMINGS Isaac Tailor 72 Old Market Street, ,Bristol
HEMMINGS Phoebe Patten Maker 9 St James Churchyard, Bristol
HEMMINGS Samuel Tailor Clarence Road, Bristol
HEMMINGS William Linen Draper 35 Upper Arcade, Bristol
HENDERSON Bethel Merchant (Newfoundland) Bedford Pl, St James's, Bristol
HENDERSON David Surgeon 26 Kings Square, Bristol
HENDERSON Sarah Mrs. Park Row, Bristol
HENDERSON William Gent. 14 Meridian Place, Bristol
HENESS William Glazier 3 Ellbroad Street, Bristol
HENLEY Richard Accountant 6 Southwell St, Kingsdown, Bristol
HENSLER Anthony Bacon factor 20 Maryport Street, Bristol
HENSLER Anthony Provision Factor 20 Maryport Street, Bristol
HENSMAN Ann Miss 2 Polygon, Clifton, Bristol
HENSMAN J. Rev Curate Clifton Church, Bristol
HENSMAN J. Rev. Minister Dowry Square Chapel, Bristol
HENSMAN John Revd. Clifton Hill, Bristol
HENWOOD Luke City Surveyor 34 College Street, Bristol
HENWOOD Luke Surveyor 34 College Street, Bristol
HENWOOD Luke Timber Measurer 34 College Street, Bristol
HEPBURN William Esq. 10 Clifton Road, Bristol
HERAPATH William Maltster 56 Old Market Street, Bristol
HERBERT John Captain Stapleton Road, Bristol
HEREFORD Mrs. Clifton Down, Bristol
HERN John Butcher Hotwell Road, Bristol
HERNEMAN Thomas Wheelwright Long Ashton, Bristol
HERNIMAN William Fishmonger / Dry & Salt fish 22 Bridge Street, Bristol
HETLING William Surgeon 24 Royal York Cres, Bristol
HETLING? William E. Attorney 61 Broad Street, Bristol
HEWITT William Coal Merchant Welch Wharf, Queens Street, Bristol
HEWLETT Jane Day School 3 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
HEWLETT John Undertaker 3 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
HEWLETT John Fredk. Gents' Boarding School Coronation Road, Bristol
HEWLETT Susannah Tavern / Public House Golden Heart, Unity St, St Philips
HEWLETT William Lieutenant Royal Navy Thistle Street, Bristol
HEWLINGS & WILLIAMS Currier / Leather Cutter Lawrence Hill, Bristol
HEWSON John Esq. 6 Paragon, Clifton, Bristol
HEYLAND James Furrier Barrs Street, Bristol
HEYNES James Comb Maker St James' Barton, Bristol
HEYNES Luke Wood & Ivory Turner 10 Parade St James, Bristol
HICKS Mrs. 3 Trinity St,St Augustine's,Bristol
HICKS Charles Wine & Spirit Merchant Quay Street, Bristol
HICKS John Boot & Shoe Maker 67 Broad Quay, Bristol
HICKS John Shopkeeper / Dealer Church St, Great Gardens, Bristol
HICKS Joseph Organ Builder St Thomas Street, Bristol
HICKS William Tailor Brislington, Bristol
HIGGINS Mrs. 32 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
HIGGINS Jonathan Shopkeeper / Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
HIGGINS Thomas Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 23 Wilder Street, Bristol
HIGGS John Stone & Marble Mason Beaufort Bldgs, Stapleton Rd,
HIGGS Sarah Day School 8 Gloucester Street, Bristol
HIGGS William Tavern / Public House Black Horse, West Street, Bristol
HIGHMAN James Plumber Gloster La & St Michaels Hill,
HIGHMAN Js. Tavern / Public House King David, St Michaels Hill
HIGMAN Phil & Co. Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer 15 North Street, Bristol
HIGMAN Philip & Co. Shopkeeper / Dealer 15 North Street, Bristol
HILHOUSE George & Co. Ship & Boat Builder Cumberland Rd, Bristol
HILHOUSE Martin Dock Master Bristol Dock Co. Broad St, Bristol
HILL Ann Umbrella & Parasol Maker 6 Sims Alley, Horse Fair, Bristol
HILL George Carpenter / Builder Beaufort Bldgs, Clifton, Bristol
HILL Henry Carpenter / Builder Redcross Street, Bristol
HILL Isaac Straw Hat Maker 10 Lower Arcade, Bristol
HILL J. Master "Codrington" Bristol to Antigua
HILL James Ship & Boat Builder Nova Scotia, Cumberland Basin,
HILL James Tavern / Public House Stag & Hounds, Merchant St, Bristol
HILL James Timber Merchant & Dealer Merchant Street, Bristol
HILL Jeremiah Consul for Spain Wells Street, Bristol
HILL Jeremiah Esq. 21 James' Parade, Bristol
HILL John Brightsmith & Bellhanger 2 Baldwin Street, Bristol
HILL John Landing Surveyor of Customs Customs House, Queens Square
HILL John Shopkeeper / Dealer Magdalen Terr, Baptist Mills,
HILL John & Thomas Co. Merchant (Russia) 48 Corn Street, Bristol
HILL Jonathan Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 34 Castle Street, Bristol
HILL Jonathan Lath Render Philadelphia Street, Bristol
HILL Jonathan Tea Dealer 34 Castle Street, Bristol
HILL Jos. Tavern / Public House Plume of Feathers, Gloster Lane
HILL Joseph Tavern / Public House Mail Coach, 6 Redcliff St, Bristol
HILL Josiah R. Surgeon 50 Old Market Street, Bristol
HILL Richard & George Stone & Marble Mason Prince Eugene Lane, Grt Gardens,
HILL Robert Gents' Boarding School Guinea Street, Bristol
HILL Samuel Tailor East Street, Bedminster, Bristol
HILL Sarah Dress Maker 16 Small Street, Bristol
HILL Susan Toy Manufacturer & Dealer Montague Parade, Kingsdown,Bristol
HILL Thomas Stone & Marble Mason Moon Street, Bristol
HILL Thomas Tavern / Public House Kings Head, Kings Hd Crt, Wine St
HILL William Butcher Butcher Row, Bristol
HILL William Coach Maker 32 Temple Street, Bristol
HILL William Currier / Leather Cutter Lewin's Mead, Bristol
HILL William Dyer / Calenderer 4 Broadmead, Bristol
HILL William Tailor Durdham Down, Bristol
HILL William Cheney Carver / Guilder 12 Clare Street, Bristol
HILLES Sarah Miss 5 King's Square, Bristol
HILLHOUSE M. Miss 14 Prince's Buildings, Bristol
HILLIER & MAY Carrier 13 Temple Street, Bristol
HILLIER Ann Upholsterer 9 Wells Street, Bristol
HILLIER Charles Tavern / Public House Glostershire Ho. Broad Quay,Bristol
HILLIER James Tailor 5 Avenue, Kings Square, Bristol
HILLIER Richard Grocer / Tea Dealer 10 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
HILLIER William Basket Maker Gloucester Lane, Bristol
HILLMAN Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer West St, St Philips, Bristol
HILLYARD William Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 9 St John Street, Bristol
HILSON Gavin Physician 16 College Street, Bristol
HINGSTON Thomas Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 7 North Street, Bristol
HINTON Geo. Pullin Attorney 5 Exchange Buildings, Bristol
HINTON Geo. Pullin Attorney 27 Small Street, Bristol
HINTON James Pullin Fire Office Brit Commercial 5 Exchange Buildings, Bristol
HINTON John Baker Clarence Road, Bristol
HINTON Jos. Saddler & Harness Maker 24 Peter Street, St Philips,Bristol
HIPSLEY Luke Tavern / Public House Royal Oak, East St, Bedminster
HISCOCKS James Plumasier ?? (Plumosier) 28 Park Street, Bristol
HISCOX Jas. Butcher 38 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
HISCOX John Stone & Marble Mason Bridewell Lane,Bristol
HISCOX Joseph Master "The Thomas & Sarah" Bristol to Aberavon
HISCOX Thomas Tavern / Public House Coach & Horses, Grove, Bristol
HITCHCOCK John Tavern / Public House Star, Redcliff Hill, Bristol
HITCHCOCK William Baker 22 Merchant Street, Bristol
HITCHINGS John Chair Maker Barton Street, Bristol
HITCHINGS William Chair Maker North Street, Bedminster, Bristol
HITCHINS Ann Milliner 73 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
HITCHINS Henry Plumber 69 Stokes Croft, Bristol
HIXON William Baker 6 Cherry Lane, Bristol
HOARE & LAWRENCE Plumber 10 Merchant Street, Bristol
HOBBS A. Mrs. Great George St, Park St, Bristol
HOBBS Alfred Fruiterer Back of the Montague, Kingsdown
HOBBS Elizabeth Tin Plate Worker 120 Thomas Street, Bristol
HOBBS John Butcher 12 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
HOBBS John Tavern / Public House Trout Tavern, Cherry Lane, North St
HOBBS Matthew Chymist / Druggist 2 Charlotte St, Queens Sq, Bristol
HOBBS Samuel Painter - House, Sign Etc 19 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
HOBBS Samuel Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 19 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
HOBBS Thomas Morgan Ironmonger 46 Broad Quay, Bristol
HOBBS Thos. Morgan Iron Merchants / Ironmonger 46 Broad Quay, Bristol
HODDER Diana Shopkeeper / Dealer 6 Dowry Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
HODDER John Grocer / Tea Dealer 7 Chapel Row, Hotwells, Bristol
HODGES & Co. Stationer 29 Bridge Street, Bristol
HODGES Charles Music & Musical Instmt, seller 28 Clare Street, Bristol
HODGES Charles Oldaker Teacher of Music Blucher Cott, Clifton, Bristol
HODGES Edward Teacher of Music Cloisters, Bristol
HODGES Francis Teacher of Music Cobourg Villa, Clifton, Bristol
HODGES George Lloyd Captain Beckles' Cottage, Clifton, Bristol
HODGES Henry Tavern / Public House Bell, Pithay, Bristol
HODGES James Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Berkeley Pl,Clifton, Bristol
HODGES John Tavern / Public House Fourteen Stars, Counterslip,
HODGETTS John W. Ironmonger 11 Bath Street, Bristol
HODGETTS Mary Mrs. 2 King's Square, Bristol
HODGKINS Thomas Basket Maker 45 College Green Bristol
HODSON Ann Shopkeeper / Dealer 8 Charles Street, Bristol
HOGAN John Carpenter / Builder 12 Princes Street, Bristol
HOGARTH George Alex. Chymist / Druggist 34 Redcliff Street, Bristol
HOLBROOK Daniel Shopkeeper / Dealer Unity St, St Philips, Bristol
HOLBROOK George Plane Maker 10 All Saints Street, Bristol
HOLBROOK George Tailor Canynge St, Pennywell Rd, Bristol
HOLBROOK Jos. Glazier Bedminster Parade, Bristol
HOLBROOK William Undertaker 2 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
HOLDEN & VINING Sugar Refiner Stone Bridge, Quay Head, Bristol
HOLDEN & VINING Wholesale Grocer. Stone Bridge, Head of the Quay
HOLDEN John Master "The Sydney Trader" Market boat to Sydney
HOLDER Edward Hairdresser 4 Tower Lane, Bristol
HOLDER William Tavern / Public House Duke of Wellington, Pill, Bristol
HOLDER William Tavern / Public House White Horse, Horse Fair, Bristol
HOLDWAY Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Frogmore Street, Bristol
HOLE James Glazier 2 Houlton Street, Bristol
HOLE Sarah Boot & Shoe Maker 9 Christmas Street, Bristol
HOLE William Gunsmith 12 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
HOLLAND Susannah Mrs. 11 King's Square, Bristol
HOLLESTER Matthew Bookbinder 26 Montague Hill, Bristol
HOLLIDAY Robert Tailor Whitson Terrace, Bristol
HOLLINDISH Andrew Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 11 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
HOLLINS Sarah Shopkeeper / Dealer Horse Fair, Bristol
HOLLISTER Stephen Millwright Lawrence Hill, Bristol
HOLLOWAY Elizabeth Lancastrian School Red Cross St, Bristol
HOLLOWAY Thomas Painter - House, Sign Etc 13 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
HOLLWAY Martha Shopkeeper / Dealer St Philips Plain, Bristol
HOLLYMAN Jn. Butcher 114 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
HOLMAN Jos Jun. Tailor 28 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
HOLMES Frances Mrs. 10 Old Park, Bristol
HOLMES George Teacher of Painting Surry Street, Bristol
HOLMES Henry Broker Commercial 24 King Street, Bristol
HOLMES James Fishmonger / Dry & Salt fish 10 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
HOLMES John Esq. Milsom's Buildings, Cotham, Bristol
HOLMES Marcus Portrait & Landscape Painter 17 Wilson St, St Pauls, Bristol
HOLMES Mary Ann Ladies' Boarding School Brunswick Square, Bristol
HOLT & CHAPMAN Marine Stores Dealer Broad Quay, Bristol
HOMES Thomas Gent. 24 James' Place, Kingsdown, Bristol
HONE Jos. Furniture Broker & seedsman 12 Broadmead, Bristol
HONEYWELL Richard Esq. 3 Windsor Terrace, Clifton, Bristol
HONYCHURCH Jn. Carpenter / Builder Jacob St, St Philips, Bristol
HOO Richard Lyne Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Alfred Hill, St James, Bristol
HOOKEY Elkanah Shopkeeper / Dealer 4 Back Street, Bristol
HOOPER & STUCKEY Linen Draper 24 Wine Street, Bristol
HOOPER Mary Mrs. 25 St James' Place, Bristol
HOOPER Richard Maltster Thrissel Street, Bristol
HOOPER Richard Maltster Ann Street without, Bristol
HOOPER Richard Tavern / Public House Kings Arms, Moorfields, Bristol
HOPE Eliza Miss 6 Somerset Place, Clifrton, Bristol
HOPE Thomas Glazier 30 Montague Hill, Bristol
HOPE Thomas Revd. 9 Clifton Road, Bristol
HOPKIN William Spirit Dealer - Retail Temple Street, Bristol
HOPKINS Charles Miller Stapleton, Bristol
HOPKINS Elizabeth Milliner 6 Old Park, Bristol
HOPKINS George Butcher 84 Old Market Street, Bristol
HOPKINS Martha Mrs. 14 St James's Place, Kinmgsdown
HOPKINS Roger Tailor 6 Old Park, Bristol
HOPKINS S. & W. Carrier on the Canals 33 on The Bank, Bristol
HOPKINS Warren Tavern / Public House Weavers Arms, Temple St, Bristol
HOPKINS William Tavern / Public House Myrtle Tree, Thomas St, Bristol
HOPKINS William M. Paper Dealer 8 St Stephens Yard, Bristol
HORE William Shopkeeper / Dealer 9 Rosemary Lane, Bristol
HORLICK Charles Baker 76 Temple Street, Bristol
HORSEMAN Thomas Livery Stables Keeper Frogmore St, Bristol
HORSEY Robert Shopkeeper / Dealer Silver Street, Bristol
HORT John Butcher Church Lane, St Philip's, Bristol
HORT Thomas Butcher Redcliff Hill, Bristol
HORWOOD Edward Boot & Shoe Maker 8 Rosemary Street, Bristol
HORWOOD Thomas Butcher East St, Bedminster, Bristol
HORWOOD William Butcher 53 Redcliff Street, Bristol
HORWOOD William Day School Enmd of Denmark Street, Bristol
HORWOOD William Register Offices for Servants 1 Nelson Street, Bristol
HOSEY John Boot & Shoe Maker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
HOSIER Stephen Gent Colston Parade, Bristol
HOSKINS James Brightsmith & Bellhanger Whitson Court, Maudlin St, Bristol
HOSKINS R. Mrs. Grosvenor Pl, Clifton, Bristol
HOUGHTON Mary Mrs. 11 Prince's Buildings, Clifton
HOULDEN James Carpenter / Builder 63 Old Market Street, Bristol
HOUSE Henry Agent for Vineger Maker Quay Head, Bristol
HOUSE Samuel Tavern / Public House Wheat Sheaf, Thomas St, Bristol
HOUSE William Spirit Dealer - Retail 61 Temple Street, Bristol
HOUSE William Henry Veterinary Surgeon 5 Old King Street, Bristol
HOUSE William Milton Hallier and Wharfinger 2 St Paul's Street, Bristol
HOUSLEY George Tailor 2 St Augustins Place, Bristol
HOUSTON James Baker 35 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
HOW Robert Shopkeeper / Dealer 27 Trenchard Street, Bristol
HOWARD William S. Hairdresser 16 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
HOWE & SARRELL Child Bed Linen Warehouse 6 Upper Arcade, Bristol
HOWE Elizabeth Mrs. 10 Freeland Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
HOWE Jno. Umbrella & Parasol Maker 65 Wine St & Dolphin St, Bristol
HOWE Matthias Tailor 30 North Street, Bristol
HOWE Robert Revd. 17 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
HOWE Thomas Coal Merchant Temple Back, Bristol
HOWELL H. Master "The Snipe" Bristol to Honduras
HOWELL Jno. Physician 45 Royal York Cres,Clifton, Bristol
HOWELL John Gent. 10 Alfred Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
HOWELL John Livery Stables Keeper Back of the Montague, Bristol
HOWELL John Pump Maker Bedminster Causeway,Bristol
HOWELL John Shopkeeper / Dealer Great James Street, Bristol
HOWELL John Straw Hat Maker Redcliff Hill, Bristol
HOWELL John Tavern / Public House Boars Head, Bedminster Causeway
HOWELL John Timber Merchant & Dealer Cumberland Rd, Bristol
HOWELL Mrs. Ladies' Boarding & Day School 7 Guinea Street, Bristol
HOWELL Thomas Music & Musical Instmt, seller 13 Clare Street, Bristol
HOWELL Thomas Teacher of Music 13 Clare Street, Bristol
HOWELL William Baker 21 West Street, Bristol
HOWELL William Glazier Church Lane, St Philip's, Bristol
HOWELL William Tavern / Public House Bear, Love Street, Bristol
HOWELLS Henry Charles Gents' Boarding School Cotham, Bristol
HOWLAND John Carpenter / Builder Gideon Pl, Newfoundland St, Bristol
HUCKMAN Jas. Butcher 20 King St, Queen's Sq, Bristol
HUDD Samuel Currier / Leather Cutter Clarence Road, Bristol
HUDSON James Gent. 2 Dean Street, Portland Sq, Bristol
HUGGINS Ann Milliner Ellbroad Street, Bristol
HUGGINS Zachariah Inn / Hotel Keeper The Lamb, Old Market St, Bristol
HUGHES Ann Milliner & Stay Maker 2 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
HUGHES Bristol Linen Draper 1 Union Street, Bristol
HUGHES J. Coombe Gent. 15 Wilson Street, Bristol
HUGHES Jn. Tavern / Public House Crabswell Tavern, Frogmore St,
HUGHES Sarah Mrs. Paul Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
HUGHES Thos Jno. & Co. Chymist / Druggist Savill Hse, Clifton, Bristol
HUGHES Walter General Turner 29 Trenchard Street, Bristol
HUGHES William Shopkeeper / Dealer Back Street, Bristol
HUISH James Butcher 30 Broadmead, Bristol
HULBERT Charles Maltster Easton Road, Bristol
HULBERT Elizabeth Day School St James' Terrace, Bristol
HULIN George Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Stapleton, Bristol
HULL John Shopkeeper / Dealer 95 Stokes Croft, Bristol
HULL John Gainer Surgeon Cathay Parade, Bristol
HUMBERSTONE Jas Morley Carver / Guilder 52 Milk Street, Bristol
HUMBERSTONE Matthew Carpenter / Builder Hope Chapel, Hill, Hotwells,
HUMFREY Charles Commission Agnet 5 Alfred Place, Kingsdown, Bristol
HUMFREY Richard Esq. 27 Berkeley Sq, Bristol
HUMPAGE Benjamin Chymist / Druggist Barton Alley, Bristol
HUMPAGE Edward Surgeon 5 St Michaels Terrace, Bristol
HUMPAGE Thomas Revd. 5 Dean Street, Bristol
HUMPAGE Thomas Rev. Independent Minister St James Back, Bristol
HUMPHREYS Edith Boarding / Lodging House 7 Dowry Sq, Hotwells, Bristol
HUMPHREYS Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer 16 Broadmead, Bristol
HUMPHRIS William Prison Governor Cumberland Rd Prison, Bristol
HUNDERRAYS Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer 24 Clarence Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
HUNT Mrs. 56 Park St, Bristol
HUNT Arthur Baker & fancy Biscuits 28 St Augustine's Pde, Bristol
HUNT Charles & Edward Merchant Park Street, Bristol
HUNT Elizabeth Shopkeeper / Dealer 28 Guinea Street, Bristol
HUNT James Grocer / Tea Dealer 1 York Place, Clifton, Bristol
HUNT James Straw Hat Maker Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
HUNT James Tavern / Public House Seven Stars, 3 Penn St, Bristol
HUNT James Willow Square Maker 5 Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
HUNT John Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 56 Redcliff Street, Bristol
HUNT John & Son Comb Maker 1 Castle Street, Bristol
HUNT John & Son Cutler 1 Castle Street, Bristol
HUNT Richard Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 1 Nelson Street, Bristol
HUNT Richard Mrs. 6 Lower Cres, Clifton, Bristol
HUNT Richard & Co. Iron Merchants / Ironmonger Quay, Bristol
HUNT Richard & Co. Tin Plate Merchant Quay, Bristol
HUNT Thomas Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 31 King Street, Bristol
HUNT Thomas Butcher 24 Christmas Street, Bristol
HUNT Thomas Tailor 10 St Paul Street, Bristol
HUNT William Block & Pump Maker Quay, Bristol
HUNT William Brightsmith & Bellhanger New St without, Bristol
HUNT William Tavern / Public House White Hart, Hotwell Rd, Bristol
HUNT William Tavern / Public House Bell, Hillgrove St, Bristol
HUNT, WRIGHT & Co. Tea Dealer 50 Broad Street, Bristol
HUNTER Ms. Boarding / Lodging House 29 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
HUNTLEY Elizabeth Shopkeeper / Dealer Frogmore Street, Bristol
HUNTLEY William Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 5 St John Street, Bristol
HURD John Butcher 40 Temple Street, Bristol
HURDITCH Charles Inn / Hotel Keeper Saracen's Head, Temple Gate,Bristol
HUREL Charles Day School 20 Alfred Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
HURLE Mrs. Brislington, Bristol
HURLEY Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker 31 High Street, Bristol
HURMAN Mary Milliner 15 St John Street, Bristol
HURN Jas. Butcher Providence Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
HURN Jno. Butcher 4&5 Additional Market, Exchange
HURN Thomas Tavern / Public House Adam & Eve, Green St, Hotwells
HURNDALL Jno. Linen Draper 29 & 30 Upper Arcade, Bristol
HURNDALL Thomas Linen Draper 32 LOwer Arcade, Bristol
HUSBAND Thomas Gents' Boarding School Long Ashton, Bristol
HUSENBETH Fred & Chas. Wine & Spirit Merchant St Nicholas Steps, Bristol
HUSENBETH Fredk. Chas. Provision Factor Cnr of St Nicholas Steps, Bristol
HUSSEY John Baker 66 Redcliff Street, Bristol
HUTCHINGS Charles Printer - Letter Press Tower Lane, Bristol
HUTCHINGS Charles jun Printer - Letter Press Tower Lane, St Johns Steps, Bristol
HUTCHINGS John Brick & Tile Maker St Philip's Marsh, Bristol
HUTCHINGS John Surgeon Tower Lane, Bristol
HUTCHINGS Mary Upholsterer Frogmore Street, Bristol
HUTCHINGS Samuel Woollen Draper 15 Horse Fair, Bristol
HUTSTEIN Martin Tailor 32 College Green, Bristol
HUTTON John Boot & Shoe Maker Durdham Down, Bristol
HUXTABLE & CLARK Surgeons 3 Kings Square, Bristol
HUXTABLE James Broker Commercial 22 Welsh Back, Bristol
HUXTABLE James Wharfinger & Freestone Merchan 22 Welsh Back, Bristol
HUXTABLE John Furniture Broker Lower Castle Street, Bristol
HUXTABLE Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Griffin Lane, Bristol
HUXTABLE Philip Master "The Swansea Trader" Bristol to Swansea
HYBART John Carpenter / Builder 7 York Street, Bristol
HYBART Thomas Gent. 2 Jamaica St, Bristol
HYDER Richard Tailor 61 Broad Quay, Bristol
IDLE B. Mrs. Bishop Street, Bristol
IFIELD Edward Furniture Broker Milk Street, Bristol
ILEN Sarah Tavern / Public House Nelsons Arms, Hills Bridge Parade
ILES John Baker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
ILES Robert Baker 21 Upper Arcade, Bristol
ILES Robert Baker Lewin's Mead, Bristol
ILES William Baker 14 North Street, Bristol
ILSLEY William Inn / Hotel Keeper George & Dragon, Temple Gate,
INGRAM Stephen Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 4 Merchants Parade, Bristol
INGRAM William Grocer / Tea Dealer 15 Maryport Street, Bristol
INMAN John Printer - Letter Press King St, Queens Sq, Bristol
INMAN William Esq. 7 Berkeley Sq, Bristol
INMAN William & Co. Rope and Twine Maker 13 Princes Street, Bristol
IRVING Charles Merchant 10 Queen's Square, Bristol
IVATTS James Inn / Hotel Keeper Royal Gloucester, Albemarle Row,
IVEY James Painter - House, Sign Etc 33 Temple Street, Bristol
JACKSON Elizabeth Shopkeeper / Dealer Frogmore Street, Bristol
JACKSON J. & Son Watch & Clock Maker 17 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
JACKSON John Soap & Candle Maker 26 West St, St Philips, Bristol
JACKSON Mary Boarding / Lodging House 6 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
JACKSON Samuel Teacher of Drawing Trelawney Pl, Cotham, Bristol
JACKSON William Furniture Broker Leek Lane, Bristol
JACOBS Sarah Pawnbroker Broadmead, Bristol
JACQUES Thomas Attorney 23 Clare Street, Bristol
JAMES Mrs. Clifton Place, Bristol
JAMES & WEBBER Oil Merchant Queen St, St Philip, Bristol
JAMES --- Butter factor 6 Bridge Parade, Bristol
JAMES Ann Boarding / Lodging House 50 Queen's Square, Bristol
JAMES Anne Mrs. 4 Old Park, Bristol
JAMES David Carpenter / Builder Bridewell Lane, Bristol
JAMES Edward Consul for Sweden & Norway 15 Orchard Street, Bristol
JAMES Frances Stay Maker 10 Christmas Street, Bristol
JAMES George Bedstead Maker Bridewell Lane, Bristol
JAMES George Painter - House, Sign Etc 2 Mall Place, Clifton, Bristol
JAMES George Shopkeeper / Dealer Clarence Road, Bristol
JAMES Jane Undertaker 8 Dighton Street, Bristol
JAMES John Grocer / Tea Dealer Love Street, Bristol
JAMES John Master "The John" Bristol to Fishguard
JAMES John Tailor 11 Parade, St James', Bristol
JAMES Joseph Basket Maker 13 Christmas St, Bristol
JAMES Joseph Basket Maker 29 High Street, Bristol
JAMES Richard Carver / Guilder 2 Park Street, College Green
JAMES Robert Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 35 Broad Mead, Bristol
JAMES Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker 1 Castle Mill Street, Bristol
JAMES Thomas Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 58 Castle Street, Bristol
JAMES Thomas Carpenter / Builder Brislington, Bristol
JAMES Thomas Chair Maker 15 Cathay, Bristol
JAMES William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 71 Redcliff Street, Bristol
JAMES William Carpenter / Builder Somerset Terrace, New Cut, Bristol
JAMES William Shopkeeper / Dealer 34 Temple Street, Bristol
JAMES William & Co. Brewers Jacob St, St Philip, Bristol
JAMES William & Son Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 22 Cumberland St, Bristol
JANE Maria Shopkeeper / Dealer Pennywell Road, Bristol
JARDIN David Master "George the Fourth" Bristol to Carmarthen
JARMAN Francis Attorney All Saints Court, Bristol
JARMAN Henry Brightsmith & Bellhanger Church Lane, Temple St, Bristol
JARMAN Mary Ann Milliner 22 Lower Arcade, Bristol
JARRETT William Castle Bookbinder & Stationer 2 Old Park, Bristol
JARRITT Charles Eating House Keeper St Nicholas Steps, Bristol
JARVIS Harriet Inn / Hotel Keeper The White Hart, Broad St, Bristol
JARVIS James Gent 49 Park Street, Bristol
JARVIS William Green Grocer 2 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
JEFFERIES Charles(old) Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 69 Redcliff Street, Bristol
JEFFERIES Evan Library 24 Upper Arcade, Bristol
JEFFERIES Evan Stationer 24 Upper Arcade & 81 Old Market St.
JEFFERIES James W. Painter - House, Sign Etc 76 Old Market Street, Bristol
JEFFERIES Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer Moorfields, Bristol
JEFFERIES William Brass Founder 69 Redcliff Street, Bristol
JEFFERIES William Butcher 7 Christmas Street, Bristol
JEFFERIES William Steam Engine Manufacturer Easton Road, Bristol
JEFFERIS James Carpenter / Builder Adams Place, Stoke's Croft, Bristol
JEFFERY John Tailor 36 College Green, Bristol
JEFFREYS Humphry Gent 53 Park Street, Bristol
JEFFREYS Isaac Boot & Shoe Maker Redcross Street, Bristol
JELFS George Egg / Butter/ Salt Fish Dealer 29 Maryport Street, Bristol
JELFS John Egg / Butter/ Salt Fish Dealer 4 Old Market Street, Bristol
JENKINS General 8 Royal York Cres, Clifton, Bristol
JENKINS & POWELL Leather Factor Back Hall, Baldwin St, Bristol
JENKINS & POWELL Tanners Bedminster, Bristol
JENKINS Anne Mrs 12 College Street, Bristol
JENKINS B. Miss Montague Parade, Bristol
JENKINS Charles Surgeon 33 Old Market Street, Bristol
JENKINS Edward Dyer / Calenderer Captain Carey's Lane, Bristol
JENKINS Eliza Mrs. 21 Southwell Street, Bristol
JENKINS James Grocer / Tea Dealer 2 College Place, Bristol
JENKINS James Painter - House, Sign Etc 8 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
JENKINS John Tailor 4 Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
JENKINS Mary Dress Maker 3 Church Lane, Bristol
JENKINS Richard Gent. 50 Queen's Square, Bristol
JENKINS Thomas Corn Factor 27 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
JENKINS Thomas Dyer / Calenderer 45 Merchant Street, Bristol
JENKINS Thomas Master "The Friendship" Bristol to Swansea
JENKINS William Butcher East Street, Bedminster, Bristol
JENKINS William Carpenter / Builder 11 Lower College Street, Bristol
JENKINS William Day School 1 Tremchard Street, Bristol
JENKINS William Esq. 8 Royal York Cres, Clifton, Bristol
JENKINSON Henry Captain Royal Navy Brisington, Bristol
JENNINGS Benjamin Shopkeeper / Dealer Redcliff Hill, Bristol
JENNINGS Henry Linen Draper 1 Lower Arcade, Bristol
JENNINGS John Boot & Shoe Maker Frog Lane, Bristol
JENNINGS Maria Tavern / Public House Cork Tavern, Broad Quay, Bristol
JENNINGS Robert Boot & Shoe Maker Bristol Steps, Bristol
JENNINGS Robert Livery Stables Keeper Green St, Bristol
JENNINGS Robert Tavern / Public House Crown, Green St, Hotwells,Bristol
JENNINGS T.F. Rev. Curate St Thomas, Bristol
JENNINGS Thomas F. Revd. 3 Redcliff Cres, Bristol
JEREMIAH & PARSONS Wheelwright Meadow Sreet, Bristol
JERNINGHAM A. Mrs. 14 York Place, Clifton, Bristol
JEW Henry Sheriff's Officer Trenchard Street, Bristol
JEWELL Alfred Cork Cutter 139 Redcliff Street, Bristol
JEWRY John Boot & Shoe Maker St James' Barton, Bristol
JOEL Isaac Working Jeweller 27 Upper Arcade, Bristol
JOEL Solomon Pen & Quill Manufacturer 15 Culver Street, Bristol
JOHNS & Co. Ship Smiths Broad Quay, Bristol
JOHNS Edward Master "The Moderator Market Boat to Newport
JOHNS Isaac Carpenter / Builder 26 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
JOHNS Matilda Dress Maker 21 Cumberland Street, Bristol
JOHNS Richard Tailor 4 Lower College Street, Bristol
JOHNS Thomas Furniture Broker 33 Temple Street, Bristol
JOHNS Thomas Master "The George" Market Boat to Pillgwenlly etc
JOHNSON Ann Engraver/Copper plate printer 2 St John Street, Bristol
JOHNSON Ann Mrs. 15 King's Sq, Bristol
JOHNSON Benjamin Register Offices for Servants 1 Stokes Croft, Bristol
JOHNSON Henry Gent 9 Bishop Street, Bristol
JOHNSON James Esq. 12 Dowry Pde, Hotwells, Bristol
JOHNSON Johanna Miss St James' Place, Kingsdown, Bristol
JOHNSON Mary Day School 42 Picton Street, Bristol
JOHNSON Thomas Lace Maker / Dealer 33 Wine Street, Bristol
JOHNSON Thomas Milliner 33 Wine Street, Bristol
JOHNSON Thomas Silk Mercer 33 Wine Street, Bristol
JOHNSON Thomas Straw Hat Maker 33 Wine Street, Bristol
JOHNSON William Shopkeeper / Dealer 44 Merchant Street, Bristol
JOHNSON William & Saml Oil Merchant Temple Street, Bristol
JOHNSON Wm. & Samuel Colour Manufacturer Temple Street, Bristol
JOHNSTON David Upholsterer 4 Nelson Street, Bristol
JOLLIFFE James Boarding / Lodging House 5 Prince's Bldgs,Bristol
JOLLIFFE James Tailor 14 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
JOLLYMAN James Eating House Keeper Thunderbolt Street, Bristol
JONES & BOLT Bookbinder & Stationer Taylor's Court, Broad St, Bristol
JONES & WILCOX Builder St Michael's Hill, Bristol
JONES Abraham Baker Old King Street, Bristol
JONES Benjamin Cooper Lamb Street, Bristol
JONES David Master "The Lion" Bristol to Cardigan
JONES David Tavern / Public House Lamplighters Hall, Shirehampton
JONES Eden Thomas Chymist Manufacturing Temple Back, Bristol
JONES Edward Merchant (Commission colour) Lewin's Mead, Bristol
JONES Edward Oil & Colourman Lewins Mead, Bristol
JONES Edward Oil of Vitriol Makers Lewins Mead, Bristol
JONES Edward Watch ,Chronometer Clock Maker 1 Small Street, Bristol
JONES Elizabeth Mrs Matron - Asylum for the Blind Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
JONES Felix jun Stone & Marble Mason Portwall Lane, Bristol
JONES Frederick Esq. 18 Lower Cres, Clifton, Bristol
JONES George Blacksmith 6 Wilder St, Bristol
JONES George Builder 1 Cumberland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
JONES George Carpenter / Builder 7 Back of Royal York Cres, Clifton
JONES George Plasterer / Tiler / Painter York Place, Montpelier, Bristol
JONES George Tavern / Public House Waterloo House, Pill, Bristol
JONES Hannah Baker & Corn Dealer 36 & 37 Broadmead, Bristol
JONES Hannah Flour & Tea Dealer Exchange Buildings, Bristol
JONES Hannah Pawnbroker 7 Merchant Street, Bristol
JONES Hannah Stay Maker 7 St Michaels Hil, Bristol
JONES Henry Sturges Tailor Southwell Street, Bristol
JONES Howell Leather Seller 17 Peter Street, Bristol
JONES Isaac Shopkeeper / Dealer Brislington, Bristol
JONES Jacob Benjamin Chymist / Druggist 30 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
JONES James Dyer / Calenderer 46 Milk Street, Bristol
JONES James Grocer / Tea Dealer Gloucester Road, Bristol
JONES James Grocer / Tea Dealer 14 Maryport Street, Bristol
JONES James Tavern / Public House Carpenters Arms, Redcliff Back
JONES James Allen Attorney Shannon Court, Bristol
JONES Jno. Master "The John & Robert" Bristol to Nevis & St Kitts
JONES John Brightsmith & Bellhanger Tower Lane, St John St, Bristol
JONES John Butcher 13 Broad Weir, Bristol
JONES John Carrier on the River Severn 10 Tontine Warehouse, Quay Head
JONES John Cheese Factor / Dealer 15 Castle Street, Bristol
JONES John Coal Merchant Rownham Wharf, Hotwells
JONES John Gent 8 St James' Sq, Bristol
JONES John Plumber 13 Bedminster Parade, Bristol
JONES John Wharfinger & Quay Head, Bristol
JONES Joseph Carpenter / Builder Redcross Street, Bristol
JONES Joseph Furniture Broker 20 Merchant Street, Bristol
JONES Joshua Accountant & General Agent 14 Queen's Pde,Brandon Hill Bristol
JONES Joshua Timber Measurer 14 Quens Parade, Bristol
JONES M. Mrs. 12 Portland St, Kingsdown, Bristol
JONES Mary Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 12 Maryport Street, Bristol
JONES Mary Tavern / Public House Ship, Limekiln Lane, Bristol
JONES Philip & John Timber Merchant & Dealer Canons Marsh & Wapping, Bristol
JONES Richard Butcher Silver St, St James, Bristol
JONES Richard Tailor 93 Stokes Croft, Bristol
JONES Richard Tavern / Public House Kings Head, Back Street, Bristol
JONES Richard Tavern / Public House Sugar Loaf, St Nicholas St,Bristol
JONES Richard Teacher of Music Wilson PLace, Portland Sq, Bristol
JONES Robert Baker & Fancy Biscuits 5 St Auygustine's Pde, Bristol
JONES Samuel Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pithay, Bristol
JONES Samuel Surgeon Long Ashton, Bristol
JONES Sarah Straw Hat Maker 17 Horse Fair, Bristol
JONES Sarah Watch & Clock Maker 10 Dolphin Street, Bristol
JONES Sarah Wheelwright Clarence Rd, St Philips, Bristol
JONES Sophia Haberdasher 1 College Street, Bristol
JONES Stephen Teacher of Drawing 13 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
JONES Thomas Butcher Clifton Place, Clifton, Bristol
JONES Thomas Butcher Rownham Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
JONES Thomas China, Glass &c Dealer 15 Temple Street, Bristol
JONES Thomas Dyer / Calenderer St Michael's Hil, Bristol
JONES Thomas Master "The Arrow" Bristol to Liverpool
JONES Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer 13 West Street, Bristol
JONES Thomas Stone & Marble Mason Portwall Lane, Bristol
JONES Thomas Straw Hat Maker 11 Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
JONES Thomas & Co. Soap & Candle Maker 7 Redcliff Street, Bristol
JONES Thomas S. Attorney 20 Old Market Street, Bristol
JONES Timothy Grocer / Tea Dealer 81 Redcliff Street, Bristol
JONES W. Master "The Africa" Bristol to Jamaica
JONES William Baker 27 & 28 Bridge Street, Bristol
JONES William Currier / Leather Cutter Frome Bridge, Bristol
JONES William Esq. Heywood Hall, Bristol
JONES William Leather Factor Fromwe Bridge, Bristol
JONES William Plumber Cannon Street, Bedminster, Bristol
JONES William Secretary Asylum for the Blind Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
JONES William Shopkeeper / Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
JONES William Shopkeeper / Dealer Rosemary Lane, Bristol
JONES William Shopkeeper / Dealer Limekiln Lane, Bristol
JONES William Tobacconist Bridewell Lane, Bristol
JONES William Wood & Ivory Turner Mark Lane, St Augustins Back,
JONES William Henry Law Stationer 10 St Johns Street, Bristol
JONES Zebedee & James Trunk Maker 9 Corn Street, Bristol
JORDAN Eliz. & Sarah Ladies' Boarding School Somerset Square, Bristol
JORDAN Elizabeth Dress Maker 39 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
JORDAN Martha Boarding / Lodging House 2 Prince's Bldgs, Clifton, Bristol
JORDAN Sarah Register Offices for Servants 20 Denmark Street, Bristol
JORDAN Thomas Carrier on the Canals 22 Back, Bristol
JORDAN Thomas Teacher of Drawing 17 Queens Parade, Bristol
JORDAN Thomas Wharfinger & Back, Bristol
JORDAN William K. Tavern / Public House Spring Gardens, Hotwell Rd, Bristol
JORDON William Brazier / Tin Plate Worker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
JOSEPH & LEVY Silversmith / Jeweller 7 Union Street, Bristol
Surnames ABBOT to DUFFETT Surnames ABBOT to DUFFETT           Surnames JOSEPH to RINGER Surnames JOSEPH to RINGER     Surnames RINGER to ZINCRAFT Surnames RINGER to ZINCRAFT


[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand in January 1994]