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Help and advice for Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

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Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993


JOSEPH & LEVY Music & Musical Instmt, seller 7 Union Street, Bristol
JOSEPH & LEVY Pawnbroker 7 Union Street, Bristol
JOSEPH & LEVY Printers of Fancy Bibles 7 Union Street, Bristol
JOSEPH Judith Mrs. 5 Highbury Place, Bristol
JOY Jno. Robert jun Engraver/Copper plate printer 18 Upper Aracade, Bristol
JOY John Robert Engraver/Copper plate printer 5 All Saints Street, Bristol
JOYCE Thomas Accountant 22 Broad Street, Bristol
JOYCE Thomas General Agent 22 Broad Street, Bristol
JOYNT Andrew Surgeon 18 Pritchard Street, St Pauls,
JUKES Misses Gents' Preparatory School Marlboro' House, Kingsdown,Bristol
JULIAN Robert Coach Maker 56 Broadmead, Bristol
JULIUS Jane Mrs. 15 Pritchard Street, Bristol
KANE Christopher Tailor 47 Princes Street, Bristol
KATES Frederick Hairdresser 1 Bridge Street, Bristol
KAYES Prudence Confectioner Clifton Hill, Bristol
KAYES Thomas Tailor Clifton Hill, Bristol
KEAQUICK John Gent Upper Easton, Bristol
KEAST Philip Tailor 16 College Green, Bristol
KEBBY Isaac Butcher 86 Old Market Street, Bristol
KEBBY Thomas Agent for Alcock & Boyd 22 Castle Green , Bristol
KEEFFE Jeremiah Cattle Dealer Sion Road, Bristol
KEELER Ann Straw Hat Maker 1 Picton Street, Bristol
KEEPIN John Butcher 20 Horse Fair, Bristol
KEFT Arthur Resident Apothecary Dowry Square Dispensary, Clifton,
KEIGHTLEY William Woollen Draper 16 Horse Fair, Bristol
KELLAND David Blacksmith West St, Bedminster, Bristol
KELLY Jn. Tavern / Public House Old Salutation, St Philips Plain
KELSON Joseph Surgeon Park Row, Bristol
KEMBLE Lieutenant 33 Queen's Square, Bristol
KEMBLE Wm. Henry Lieut R.N. - Marine School 33 Queen's Square, Bristol
KEMEYS John K.G. Esq. Prospect Ho, Horfield Rd, Bristol
KEMP Jame Livery Stables Keeper College Place, Bristol
KEMP Sarah Stay Maker Somerset Cott, Clifton, Bristol
KEMPE Grace Mrs. 28 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
KEMPSON Mary Boarding / Lodging House 5 Albemarle Row, Hotwells, Bristol
KEMPSTER Jno. Boot & Shoe Maker Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
KENDALL Jn. Hairdresser Lower Portland St,Clifton, Bristol
KENDALL Luke Trunk Maker 14 Corn Street, Bristol
KENT Jemima Earthenware Dealer 19 North Street, Bristol
KENT Jno. Veterinary Surgeon 4 Unity Street, College Green
KENT John Butcher St Philip's Plain, Bristol
KENT John Wine & Spirit Merchant 4 Unity St, College Green, Bristol
KENTISH Edward M.D. Steam Vapour Baths College Green, Bristol
KENTISH Edward Physician 27 Park Street, Bristol
KEPPEL A. Master "The Emily" Bristol to Demerara
KERBY Benjamin Watch & Clock Maker 4 King St, Queens Sq, Bristol
KERNAN Frances Shopkeeper / Dealer 16 Bath Street, Bristol
KERSLAKE Jane Day School Frogmore Street, Bristol
KERSLAKE Thomas (old) Bookseller/Stationer/Binder Barton Alley, Bristol
KETHRO Thomas Tavern / Public House Jolly Tanners, George St, Bristol
KETTLE A. & Son Carrier Davies', Counterslip, Bristol
KEYES Joseph Carpenter / Builder Brandon Hill Steep. Bristol
KEYLOCK John Gent. Montpelier, Bristol
KEYSER Jacob Auctioneer / Appraiser 30 College Green, Bristol
KIDD Edward Saw Mills Temple Back, Bristol
KIDMAN Thomas Tavern / Public House Ship, Old Market St, Bristol
KIFT George & Co. Merchant 7 Tontine Warehouse, Head of Quay
KIFT George & Co. Ship Agent 7 Tontine Warehouse, Head of Quay
KIMBER George Gents' Boarding & Day School Hillgrove Street, Bristol
KIMBERLY Stephen Teacher of Music 4 Gloucester St, St Pauls,Bristol
KINDON Henry Basket Maker 25 Peter's St, St Philip's, Bristol
KING & BRETTELL Cheese Factor / Dealer Head of the Quay, Bristol
KING & BRETTELL Provision Factor Quay Head, Bristol
KING Charles Last / Boot Tree Maker Merchant Street, Bristol
KING Charles Tavern / Public House Bunch of Grapes, Exchange Market
KING Charles B. Tavern / Public House Crown, Exchange Market, Bristol
KING George Master Corn Meters Office, Welsh Back
KING George Tavern / Public House Angel, 78 Redcliff Street, Bristol
KING Henry Horse Dealer West Street, Bristol
KING Henry W. Agent London Union 7 St John Street, Bristol
KING Henry Wheeler Attorney 7 St John Street, Bristol
KING Isabella Lady Cornwallis House, Clifton, Bristol
KING James Broker Commercial 65 Broad Quay, Bristol
KING James Castle Green Charity School Castle Green, Bristol
KING Jn. Tavern / Public House Black Horse, Lower College Green
KING John Surgeon 26 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
KING John Tavern / Public House White Hart, Brislington, Bristol
KING John & Son Optician 2 Clare Street, Bristol
KING Samuel Spirit Dealer - Retail 9 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
KING Thomas City Crier Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
KING Thomas & Sons Merchant (African) 2 Redcliff Parade, Bristol
KING William Power China, Glass &c Dealer 60 Wine Street, Bristol
KINGDOM William Gardener / seedsman Stapleton, Bristol
KINGDON & MAHONY Saddler & Harness Maker 18 Small Street, Bristol
KINGDON John Infants' School Tower Street, Bristol
KINGSBURY Elizabeth Dress Maker 13 Culver Street, Bristol
KINGTON Jno. Barnett Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 9 Bath Street, Bristol
KINGTON William Carpenter / Builder 12 Frederick Place, Bristol
KINGTON William Pilot Pill, Bristol
KINSEY Caroline Mrs. 1 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
KINTON Jane Mrs. Colston's Parade, Bristol
KIRBY Jacob Hairdresser 13 Thomas Street, Bristol
KIRBY John Basket Maker East St, Bedminster, Bristol
KIRBY John Gent. 50 Queen's Square, Bristol
KNEATH David Carpenter / Builder Bedminster Parade, Bristol
KNIGHT Charles Tavern / Public House Goat, Bread St, St Philips,Bristol
KNIGHT George Butcher Gloucester Lane, Bristol
KNIGHT Isaac Tavern / Public House Portcullis, 5 Wellington Pl,Clifton
KNIGHT John Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 2 Easton Road, Bristol
KNIGHT John Coal Merchant Bread St, St Philip's, Bristol
KNIGHT Joseph Tailor 28 North Street, Bristol
KNIGHT Joshua Watch & Clock Maker 20 Bath Street, Bristol
KNIGHT Moses Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Coulston St, Redcliff Rd, Bristol
KNIGHT Richard Tavern / Public House Angel, Long Ashton, Bristol
KNIGHT Susannah Elbridge's Free Girls School Fort Lane, Bristol
KNIGHT Thomas Plasterer / Tiler / Painter George Street without, Bristol
KNIGHT William Baker Back Street, Bristol
KNIGHT William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 4 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
KNIGHT William Timber Merchant & Dealer Limekiln Dock, Bristol
KNIGHT William Watch & Clock Maker Under the Bank, Bristol
KNIGHT William Rev Rector St Michaels, Bristol
KNIGHTON Maria Day School 30 Guinea Street, Bristol
KNILL James Tavern / Public House Old Ship, Wade Street, Bristol
KNIPE Mrs. 6 Dowry Parade, Hotwells, Bristol
KNOTT James Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Point's Pool, Bristol
KNOWLES Margt. Tailor Green Street, Hotwells, Bristol
KNOWLES William Furniture Broker Horse Fair, Bristol
KNOWLES William Linen Draper Stone's Buildings, Clifton, Bristol
KNOX James Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 5 Peter Street, Bristol
LA BINGE A.P. Tavern / Public House West of England Tavern, Broad Quay
LA BINGE A.P. Wine & Spirit Merchant 1 Exchange Buildings, Bristol
LACEY Paul Watch & Clock Maker All Saints Lane, Bristol
LACEY William Shopkeeper / Dealer Clarence Road, Bristol
LACROIX Mrs. Lower College Green, Bristol
LACY Charles Livery Stables Keeper Lower College Green Bristol
LACY Charles Teacher of Music York Place, Brandon Hill,Bristol
LAKEMAN Alexander Linen Draper 16 Bridge Street, Bristol
LAKEMAN John Linen Draper Neson Street, Bristol
LALE W. Master "The Kingston" Bristol to Jamaica
LAMB Ann Ladies' Boarding School Old Park Hill, Bristol
LAMBART Frances Mrs. 20 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
LAMBDEN Henry Salt Merchant Captain Carey's Lane, Bristol
LAMBELL John Master "The Friends" Bristol to Plymouth
LAMBELL Samuel Stone & Marble Mason 96 Temple Street, Bristol
LAMBERT James Block & Pump Maker Quay, Bristol
LAMBERT R.W. Revd. (Minor Canon) Saville Place, Clifton, Bristol
LAMBERT Richard Junr Merchant 34 Princes Street, Bristol
LAMPREY Charlotte Tavern / Public House London Inn, East St, Bedminster
LANCASHIRE James Hairdresser 20 Peter Street, Bristol
LANCASTER & WALKER Statuary & Sculptor St Augustins Parade, Bristol
LANCASTER Eliz. Mrs. 28 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
LANCASTER Henry Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 23 Broad Street, Bristol
LANCASTER Thomas Auctioneer / Appraiser bottom of Broad St, Bristol
LANDCASTLE James Wood Turner Limekiln Lane, Bristol
LANDER Ann Day School 12 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
LANDER Elizabeth Ladies' Boarding School Gay Street, Bristol
LANDER Solomon Gunsmith Captain Carey's Lane, Bristol
LANE Mrs. Belle Vue, Clifton, Bristol
LANE & Co. Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 43 Wine St & All Saints St, Bristol
LANE & Co. Timber Merchant & Dealer Wine St & All Saints St, Bristol
LANE Eliza & Phoebe Milliner 3 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
LANE Eliza & Phoebe Straw Hat Maker 3 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
LANE Flora Fruiterer St Michael's Hill, Bristol
LANE George Watch & Clock Maker Jubilee Row, Wilder St, Bristol
LANE O.C. Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 6 Sion Place, Clifton, Bristol
LANE O.C. Library (Circulating) 6 Sion Place, Clifton, Bristol
LANE Richard Baker St Michael's Hill, Bristol
LANE Richard Butcher Limekiln Lane, Bristol
LANE Samuel Carpenter / Builder 40 Maryport Street, Bristol
LANE Sophia Grocer / Tea Dealer Horse Fair, Bristol
LANE Thomas Butcher 40 Milk Street, Bristol
LANE Thomas Printer - Letter Press 59 Redcliff Street, Bristol
LANE W. Port Gaugers of Customs Customs House, Queens Square
LANE Walter Tavern / Public House Star, St James Back, Bristol
LANE William Boot & Shoe Maker 3 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
LANE William Tea Dealer 19 Horse Fair, Bristol
LANGDON & WEEKS Builder Jacob Street, St Philip's, Bristol
LANGDON & WEEKS Carpenter / Builder Jacob Street, St Philip's, Bristol
LANGDON Mary Day School 3 Upper Culver Street, Bristol
LANGDON William Carpenter / Builder Wade Street, Bristol
LANGDON William Saddler & Harness Maker 14 & 63 College Street, Bristol
LANGFORD Ann Tavern / Public House Shakespeare, 22 Princes St, Bristol
LANGFORD William Watch & Clock Maker 52 Broad Quay, Bristol
LANGHAM F.A. Mrs. 8 Harley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
LANGLEY Jos. Attorney & Coroner Baldwin Street, Bristol
LANGMAID Abraham Master "The Bristol" Bristol to Plymouth
LANGMAID John Master "The Prothsea" Bristol to Plymouth
LANGMAN John Cooper Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
LANGRIDGE George Stay Maker 26 Lower Arcade, Bristol
LANGRIDGE George Stay Maker 61 Castle Street, Bristol
LANGSHAW John Accountant Old Park, Bristol
LANGTON Miss Montague Pde, Kingsdown, Bristol
LANHAM William Shopkeeper / Dealer 8 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
LANSDOWN Joel Tailor 90 Temple Street, Bristol
LANSDOWN Jos. Goodale Surgeon 9 St John Street, Bristol
LANSDOWN William Diocesan School Bedminster, Bristol
LARNE Thomas Brazier / Tin Plate Worker Bridewell Street, Bristol
LARNE Thomas Brazier / Tin Plate Worker 1 Merchant Street, Bristol
LASKEY Maria Milliner 1 College Green, Bristol
LASSALLE William Henry Surgeon 23 College Green, Bristol
LATCHAM Charles Attorney 38 Stokes' Croft, Bristol
LATCHOM John Cooper Long Ashton, Bristol
LATTIMORE Thomas Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker Pennywell Road, Bristol
LAVENDER James Wood Turner 4 Marlboro Street, Bristol
LAVER Edmund Boot & Shoe Maker Somerset Pl, Redcliff, Bristol
LAVERS John Edgcombe Linen Draper 21 Bridge Street, Bristol
LAVIS Ann Stay Maker Portland Place, Clifton, Bristol
LAW Robert Ironmonger 7 Bridge Street, Bristol
LAWES Henry Breeches maker & Glover St John Street, Bristol
LAWES John Corn Factor Counterslip, Bristol
LAWES John Flour Factor Counterslip, Bristol
LAWES John Maltster Counterslip, Bristol
LAWLEY John Clock Maker 15 Redcliff Street, Bristol
LAWRENCE Mrs. Catherine Pl, Stoke's Croft, Bristo
LAWRENCE Alexander Colonel 8 Belle Vue, Clifton, Bristol
LAWRENCE Edward L. Clerk to the Collector Excise Office, Queens Sq, Bristol
LAWRENCE John Carpenter / Builder 2 Merchant Street, Bristol
LAWRENCE Rachel Matron - Female Penitentiary Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
LAWRENCE William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 12 Horse Fair, Bristol
LAWSON Sarah Tavern / Public House Lamb, Pile Street, Bristol
LAX Joseph & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchant 35 Bridge Street, Bristol
LAX Robert Gent 3 Park Street, Bristol
LAZBURY James Butcher 15 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
LEACH Henry James Merchant (Commision) Grove, Bristol
LEACH Rev. Methodist Minister Portland Street, Bristol
LEADBETTER Hy. Bright Tailor 4 Lodge Street, Bristol
LEADER James Livery Stables Keeper Back of the Montague, Kingsdown.
LEAKER Ann China, Glass &c Dealer 21 Castle Street, Bristol
LEAKER James Surgeon 11 Old Market Street, Bristol
LEAKER William Tavern / Public House Bell, 76 Broad Quay, Bristol
LEAKEY Thomas Butcher 87 Old Market Street, Bristol
LEAPMAN Isaac Silversmith / Jeweller 17 Lower Arcade, Bristol
LEAPMAN Isaac Watch & Clock Maker 17 Lower Arcade, Bristol
LEAT Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer 65 Old Market Street, Bristol
LEDIARD Thomas Captain Bishport Ho, Bedminster, Bristol
LEDIARD,JONES MORTIMER Dry Salters Thomas Street, Bristol
LEDIARD,JONES,MORTIMER Orchill & Cudbear Manufacturer St Thomas Street, Bristol
LEE George Shopkeeper / Dealer Limekiln Lane, Bristol
LEE H. Mrs. St Vincent's Pde, Clifton, Bristol
LEE William Butcher Milk Street, Bristol
LEGG Mary St Augustine's Charity School Butts, Bristol
LEGG William Glazier Oxford Cottage, Clifton, Bristol
LEGG William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Oxford Cott, Clifton, Bristol
LEIFCHILD John Revd. Old Park, Bristol
LEIFCHILD John Rev. Independent Minister Bridge Street, Bristol
LEIGH Mrs. 2 Frederick Pl, Clifton, Bristol
LEIGH Nathaniel Poole Repository College Place, Bristol
LEIGH Nathaniel Poole Veterinary Surgeon 2 College Street, Bristol
LEMACROFT Hannah Stay Maker 46 College Street, Bristol
LEMAN James & Son Attorney 7 Queen's Square, Bristol
LEMAN Thomas Curtis Attorney 7 Queen's Square, Bristol
LEMAN William Boot & Shoe Maker Providence Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
LEONARD Fred. Silk Mercer 12 Upper Arcade, Bristol
LEONARD George Shopkeeper / Dealer 53 Old Market Street, Bristol
LEONARD Henry Butcher Hotwell Road, Bristol
LEONARD Isaac Surgeon 1 Brunswick Square, Bristol
LEONARD Robert Livery Stables Keeper Broadmead, Bristol
LEONARD Robert & Co. Hemp and Flax Dresser Welsh Back, Bristol
LEONARD Robert & Co. Rope and Twine Maker Welsh Back, Bristol
LEONARD Robert & Co. Sack & Sacking Maker 6 Welsh Back, Bristol
LEONARD, WARREN & Co. Iron Merchants / Ironmonger 30 Bridge Street, Bristol
LESSEY Richard Tavern / Public House Plume of Feathers, Hotwell Rd,
LETFORD John Shopkeeper / Dealer Princes Place, Clifton, Bristol
LEVY Joseph Clothes, &c, Salesmen 7 Lower College Street, Bristol
LEVY Joseph Gent. 33 College Street, Bristol
LEVY Levy Glass Warehouse 36 Upper Arcade, Bristol
LEWELLIN & Co. Inn / Hotel Keeper The Swan, Cnr of Bridge Street
LEWIS Misses 3 Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol
LEWIS Alfred Mineralogist Rownham Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
LEWIS Caroline Milliner 22 Broadmead, Bristol
LEWIS Frances Milliner 23 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
LEWIS George Cooper Temple Back, Bristol
LEWIS Israel Revd. Long Ashton, Bristol
LEWIS James Esq. 8 Rodney Pl, Clifton, Bristol
LEWIS James Horse Hair Chair Seating maker 45 Old Market Street, Bristol
LEWIS James Crossley Esq. 1 King's Sq, Bristol
LEWIS John Carpenter / Builder Hotwell Road, Bristol
LEWIS John Carpenter / Builder 30 Back of Royal York Cres,Clifton
LEWIS John Dyer / Calenderer Hotwell Road, Bristol
LEWIS John Mrs. Long Ashton, Bristol
LEWIS John Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Princes Pl, Clifton, Bristol
LEWIS John S. Cheese Factor / Dealer Small Street, Bristol
LEWIS Jonah Egg / Butter/ Salt Fish Dealer 95 Old Market Street, Bristol
LEWIS Lawrence Tavern / Public House White Hart, Lewins Mead, Bristol
LEWIS Mary Dress Maker 5 Fort Lane, Bristol
LEWIS Richard Boarding / Lodging House 6 Chapel Row, Hotwells, Bristol
LEWIS Richard Grocer / Tea Dealer 38 Castle Street, Bristol
LEWIS Thomas Dyer / Calenderer 64 Milk Street, Bristol
LEWIS Thomas Master "The Mary" Bristol to St Clear
LEWIS Thomas Master "The Mary" Bristol to Langarne
LEWIS Thomas Tailor 61 Park Street, Bristol
LEWIS William Boot & Shoe Maker Lodge St Place, Bristol
LEWIS William Boot & Shoe Maker 26 Horse Fair, Bristol
LEWIS William Day School Hotwell Road, Bristol
LEWIS William Master "The Union" Bristol to Pembroke & Milford
LEWIS William Stone & Marble Mason 49 Marlborough Street, Bristol
LEWIS William Tavern / Public House Anchor, 10 Rosemary St, Bristol
LEWIS Winifred Straw Hat Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
LEWORTHY William Master "The Commerce" Bristol to Barnstaple
LEWVY Moe Watch & Clock Maker Hanmers Buildings, Park St, Bristol
LEYCOCK George Henry Cane Worker 17 St James Churchyard, Bristol
LEYSON Maria Mrs. 6 College Street, Bristol
LIGHT Ed. Butcher 11 St Augustine's Parade, Bristol
LIGHT James Butcher 14 Castle Street, Bristol
LIGHT Thomas Teacher of the Harp 2 Nelson Buildings, Clifton,Bristol
LILLY Robert Trapp Brewers Pennywell Road, Bristol
LILLY Robert Trapp Maltster Pennywell Road, Bristol
LILLYCROP John Teacher of Music & Dancing 5 Newfoundland St, Bristol
LIMBRICK Martha Straw Hat Maker Leopard Lane, Stone Hill, Bristol
LINDEY Thomas Watch & Clock Maker 53 Redcliff Street, Bristol
LINEAM Samuel Stone & Marble Mason 2 Upper Maudlin Street, Bristol
LION Mary Day School 17 Horse Fair, Bristol
LISMORE Rt Hon Viscount Mall Buildings, Clifton, Bristol
LITTER J. Master "The Active" Bristol to Dartmouth & Exeter
LITTLE James Glazier 29 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
LITTLETON Thos. Miller Shopkeeper / Dealer Frogmore Street, Bristol
LIVETT Andrew & James Attorney 50 Broad Street, Bristol
LLEWELIN Henry R. Agent Redcliff Wharf, Bristol
LLEWELIN Henry R. Merchant (General) Redcliff Wharf, Bristol
LLEWELLIN Henry Attorney Guildhall Chambers, Bristol
LLEWELLIN Henry Hairdresser 65 Milk Street, Bristol
LLEWELLIN John Attorney 50 Broad Street, Bristol
LLEWELLIN Joseph Hairdresser 49 Old Market Street, Bristol
LLEWELLIN Martha Day School 29 Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
LLEWELLIN Thos. Hairdresser Jacob Street St Philip's, Bristol
LLEWELLIN Thos. Hairdresser Philadelphia Street, Bristol
LLEWELLIN William Hairdresser Lower Montague Street, Bristol
LLEWELLIN William Stone & Marble Mason 14 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
LLEWELLYN James Master "The Charles" Bristol to Llanelly
LLOYD Benjamin Master "The Hero" Bristol to Carmarthen
LLOYD Ebenezer Teacher of Writing 1 Culver Street, Bristol
LLOYD Henry Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 28 Castle Street, Bristol
LLOYD John Broker Commercial 12 Princes Street, Bristol
LLOYD Mary Tavern / Public House Ship, Earl Street, Bristol
LLOYD Thomas Carpenter / Builder Wilson Place, Bristol
LLOYD William Grocer / Tea Dealer 10 Clare Street, Bristol
LLOYD William Master "The Waterloo" Bristol to Aberystwith
LOCK James Boot & Shoe Maker Pennywell Road, Bristol
LOCK Mary Boarding / Lodging House 11 Upper Culver St, Bristol
LOCK William Linen Draper 59 Wine Street, Bristol
LOCKE James Tailor 20 Upper Arcade, Bristol
LOCOCK William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 36 Broad Quay, Bristol
LODGE Joseph Nursery & Seedsman Ashton Gate, Bedminster, Bristol
LODGE William Master "The Phoenix" Bristol to Swansea
LOFTUS John Druggist Wholesale 12 Bath Street, Bristol
LOFTUS John Oil & Colourman 12 Bath Street, Bristol
LOMAS Nathaniel Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 25 Castle Street, Bristol
LOMAS Nathaniel Printer - Letter Press 25 Castle Street, Bristol
LOMAX Colonel 9 Park Street, Bristol
LOMAX James Attorney 15 Corn Street, Bristol
LONDON James Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 23 Upper Maudlin Street, Bristol
LONG James Boarding / Lodging House 9 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
LONG James Shopkeeper / Dealer 9 Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
LONG Jane Tavern / Public House Princes Head, 17 Welsh Back,Bristol
LONG Thomas Stationer 25 Union Street, Bristol
LONGMAN George Gent. Wellington Pl, Stoke's Croft,
LONGMORE John Gent Clifton Wood, Bristol
LOOSMOOR John Butcher 28 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
LORD Charles Owen Gent. 3 Lodge Street, Bristol
LORD Elizabeth Miss 26 Park Street, Bristol
LORING John Shopkeeper / Dealer Limekiln Lane, Bristol
LORYMER James Merchant St Augustin's Hall, Bristol
LORYMER Samuel Starch Manufacturer Portwall Lane, Bristol
LOTT William Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 22 Redcliff Street, Bristol
LOVELL Elias Toy Manufacturer & Dealer 34 Lower Arcade, Bristol
LOVELL George Grocer / Tea Dealer Gloucester Road, Bristol
LOVELL Nicholas Surgeon Pill, Bristol
LOVELL William Stone & Marble Mason Montague Place, Bristol
LOVERING Ephraim Master "The Catherine" Bristol to Plymouth
LOVERING Thomas Marine Stores Dealer Broad Quay, Bristol
LOVERING Thomas Tavern / Public House West India Tavern, Quay, Bristol
LOWE Mrs. 19 Orchard Street, Bristol
LOWE Edward & Son Wood Turner Broad Quay, Bristol
LOWE Richard Surgeon 18 Park Street, Bristol
LOWE William General Turner 2 Denmark Street, Bristol
LOWTHER James Master "The Hope" Bristol to Liverpool
LUCAS Ann Milliner 1 Alfred Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
LUCAS James China, Glass &c Dealer 16 Corn Street, Bristol
LUCAS John Confectioner 86 Redcliff St & Bristol Bridge
LUCAS Samuel Wilfrid Confectioner 86 Redcliff St & Bristol Bridge
LUCAS Thomas Confectioner 86 Redcliff St & Bristol Bridge
LUCAS William Merchant Marsh Street, Bristol
LUCAS,COATHUPE & HOMER Glass Manufacturer St Nicholas Street, Bristol
LUCE John Woollen Draper 6 Union Street, Bristol
LUCKES John Master "The Ranger" Bristol to Minehead
LUCY Mary Mrs. 1 Trinity Street, Bristol
LUCY W Rev. Lady Huntingdon's Minister St Augustins Place, Bristol
LUCY William Revd. 1 Lodge Street, Bristol
LUDLOW Ebenezer Barrister & Town Clerk Council House, Bristol
LUDLOW Thomas Ironmonger 22 Old Market Street, Bristol
LUFF Oliver Timber Merchant & Dealer 39 Welsh Back, Bristol
LUMLEY John Day School Barton Hill, Bristol
LUNDBERRY Catherine Milliner 30 Maryport Street, Bristol
LUNELL George & Samuel Merchant 4 Nelson Street, Bristol
LUNT James Painter - House, Sign Etc 2 Trenchard Street, Bristol
LURY & Co. Merchant Ivory & Tortoiseshell Castle Green Bristol
LURY Hannah Mrs 9 Cave Street, Bristol
LURY Sarah Mrs. Brandon Hill House, Bristol
LUXTON George Brightsmith & Bellhanger Marshall Street, Bristol
LUXTON Samuel Ironmonger 31 Wine Street, Bristol
LYDDON Jno. & Son Pawnbroker 47 Old Market Street, Bristol
LYNCH Samuel Gent. Stapleton, Bristol
LYNE & Co. Malt Mill Makers Lower Castle Street, Bristol
LYNE Eliz. Mrs. Portland Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
LYNE Samuel Pawnbroker 85 Old Market Street, Bristol
LYON & BUSH Merchant 11 Nelson Street, Bristol
LYON Gilbert Physician 13 Berkeley Square, Bristol
M'ADAM John L. Jun General Surveyor - Roads Office 15 Small Street, Bristol
M'ADAM John Loudon General Surveyor - Roads Office 15 Small Street, Bristol
M'ADAMS G. Miss 14 Sion Row, Clifton, Bristol
M'BAYNE Lewis Esq. 44 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
M'CARTHY Daniel Thomas Stationer 1 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
M'CARTHY Dennis Ironmonger Love Street, Bristol
M'CARTNEY Jno. Tea Dealer Wilson St, St Pauls, Bristol
M'DONALD Charles Carpenter / Builder 2 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
M'DONNELL John Shopkeeper / Dealer Lewins Mead, Bristol
M'KAY William Tailor 7 Southwell Street, Bristol
M'KIERNIN Francis Poulterer Love Street, Bristol
M'NAMARA John Master "The Perseverance" Bristol to Bideford
M'PARLAN, MULHOLLAND Linen & Manchester Merchant King Street, Queen;s Sq, Bristol
M'QUEEN, M'GOWAN & GALLOWAY Linen Draper Wilson Street, Bristol
MABBERLY Daniel Hairdresser 27 Welsh Back, Bristol
MABY M.A. Tavern / Public House Queens Head, St James Barton
MABY Thomas Harpmaker Sussex Place, Ashley Rd, Bristol
MABY William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 8 Cannon St, St James, Bristol
MACDONALD George Surgeon St Michaels Rectory, Bristol
MacGAVIN James Boarding / Lodging House 1 Granby Pl, Clifton, Bristol
MACHIN James Dyer / Calenderer Ellbroad Street, Bristol
MACHON John Boot & Shoe Maker 4 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
MACK Ann Shopkeeper / Dealer Partition Street, Bristol
MACK John Shopkeeper / Dealer West St, St Philips, Bristol
MACKAY Sarah Dyer / Calenderer 73 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MACKIENN Mary Ann Straw Hat Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
MACKRELL William & Co. Grocer / Tea Dealer 11 Corn Street, Bristol
MacNISH Isabella Mrs. 9 Belle Vue, Clifton, Bristol
MADDEN Lewis Gent. 3 Portland Pl,Clifton, Bristol
MADDOCK John Nursery & Seedsman Lampblack Hill, Gloster Rd, Bristol
MAEER & HOBBS Baker 1 Green Street, Hotwells, Bristol
MAEER & HOBBS Confectioner 1 Green St, Hotwells, Bristol
MAFFLIN J. Master "The Avon" Bristol to Jamaica
MAGEACHY Mrs. 2 Windsor Terr, Clifton, Bristol
MAGGS Abraham Tavern / Public House Bell, Limekiln Lane, Bristol
MAGGS James Shopkeeper / Dealer 2 Green Street, Hotwells, Bristol
MAGGS Mary Mrs. Stapleton, Bristol
MAGGS Paul Tobacconist 7 Peter Street, Bristol
MAGGS, BIGG & MAGGS Tobacco & Snuff maker 15 Welsh Back, Bristol
MAHON Michael Tailor Stony Hill, Bristol
MAJOR Ann Printer - Letter Press Tower Lane, Bristol
MAJOR Solomon Pin Maker 40 Queen Street, St Philip, Bristol
MAKEPEACE Henry Coach Maker 2 Nelson Street, Bristol
MALCOM David Tavern / Public House Coach & Horses, 16 Gloster Lane,
MALE Robert Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 7 back of Royal York Cres, Clifton
MALE Robert Carpenter / Builder 11 Dowry Sq, Hotwells, Bristol
MALLARD William Accountant 27 Small Street, Bristol
MALLETT John Cooper Clarence Road, Bristol
MALSON Robert Tailor Jacobs Well, Bristol
MALTIN William File Manufacturer Ellbroad Street, Bristol
MANCHEE Thomas John Newspaper Publisher Bristol Mercury, The Quay head,
MANCHEE Thomas John Printer - Letter Press Quay Head, Bristol
MANFIELD Moses (old) Bookseller/Stationer/Binder Queen Street, Bristol
MANLEY George Currier / Leather Cutter 30 Temple Street, Bristol
MANLEY Jane Ladies' Boarding & Day School 1 Emerald Place, Bristol
MANLEY John Revd. Alfred Hill, Bristol
MANLEY Mary Linen Draper 1 Dowry Street, Hotwells, Bristol
MANLEY Revd. John Gents' Boarding School Alfred Hill, Bristol
MANLEY Samuel Carpenter / Builder Lewin's Mead, Bristol
MANLEY Thomas Surgeon 1 Alfred Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
MANNERS Thomas Major 3 Granby Place, Clifton, Bristol
MANNING James Grocer / Tea Dealer 52 Broad Street, Bristol
MANNING James Provision Factor 2 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
MANNING Jno. Green Grocer 5 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
MANNING Joseph Butcher St Nicholas Street, Bristol
MANNING Richard Harris & Co. Oil Merchant Temple Back, Bristol
MANNING Richard Harris Oil & Colourman Temple Back, Bristol
MANNING Richd Harris Colour Manufacturer Temple Back, Bristol
MANNING William Shopkeeper / Dealer Wilson Street, Bristol
MANSELL Louisa & Ann Straw Hat Maker 28 Lower Parade, Bristol
MANSFIELD & Son Plasterer / Tiler 7 Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
MANWARING Anna Toy Manufacturer & Dealer 16 Broad Weir, Bristol
MARCH Henry Shopkeeper / Dealer 106 Thomas Street, Bristol
MARE John Shopkeeper / Dealer 107 Temple Street, Bristol
MARKLOVE Mary Trunk Maker 8 Small Street, Bristol
MARKS Thomas Tavern / Public House Don Johns Cross, St Georges,Bristol
MARKS William Surgeon Stapleton Road, Bristol
MARLEY & SALTER Currier / Leather Cutter Ann St without, Bristol
MARLEY Henry Shopkeeper / Dealer Ann Street, Bristol
MARMONT James Surveyor 6 College Green, Bristol
MARRIOTT Richard Wm. Currier / Leather Cutter 8 All Saints Street, Bristol
MARSHALL Henry Teacher of Dancing 3 Berkeley Cres, Berkely Sq,Bristol
MARSHALL James Butcher 58 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MARSHALL John Furniture Broker Head of the Quay, Bristol
MARSHALL John Master "The Experiment" Bristol to Bideford
MARSHALL Richard Carpenter / Builder Wilder Street, Bristol
MARSHALL Robert Inn / Hotel Keeper The Montague, Montague Pde, Kingsdn
MARSHALL Susannah Tavern / Public House Royal George, Pill, Bristol
MARSHALL Thomas Tailor 2 Rosemary Lane, Bristol
MARSHALL William Henry Agent West of England Insuranc 1 Quay, Bristol
MARSON James Livery Stables Keeper Norfolk St, St Paul's, Bristol
MARSON James Tavern / Public House Dolphin, Marlboro' Street, Bristol
MARTIN Charles Gent Brislington, Bristol
MARTIN George Esq. Stapleton Road, Bristol
MARTIN James Chymist / Druggist West St, St Philip's, Bristol
MARTIN James Newspaper Publisher Felix Farleys Bristol Journal
MARTIN James Sailmaker Quay, Bristol
MARTIN Jane Day School Merchant's Pde Ave, Hotwells,
MARTIN John Grocer / Tea Dealer & Draper East St, Bedminster, Bristol
MARTIN John Nursery & Seedsman Lawrence Hill, Bristol
MARTIN Martha Ladies' Boarding & Day School Belle Vue Place, Bristol
MARTIN Mrs. Ladies' Boarding School Long Ashton, Bristol
MARTIN Nicholas Boot & Shoe Maker 83 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MARTIN Thomas Accountant 1 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
MARTIN Thomas Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 14 Horse Fair, Bristol
MARTIN Thomas Furniture Broker 3 Horse Fair, Bristol
MARTIN William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 12 North Street, Bristol
MARYCHURCH Francis Saddler & Harness Maker 6 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
MASCARENHAS A.B. De Consul for Portugal Commercial Rd, Bedminster Bridge
MASCARENHAS F.De Vice Consul for Portugal Commercial Rd, Bedminster Bridge
MASEY Edward Wine & Spirit Merchant 34 Queens Square, Bristol
MASEY Joseph & James Cooper 19 Princes Street, Bristol
MASTERS John Perfumer / Hairdresser 3 Parade, St James, Bristol
MATCHIN Benjamin Brown Ware Potter Wilder Street, Bristol
MATHER James Surgeon East St, Bedminster, Bristol
MATHEWS Joseph Publisher of Bristol Directory Quay Head, Bristol
MATHEWSON Thomas Hairdresser 8 Horse Fair, Bristol
MATHIAS Thomas Master "The Carleon" Market Boat to Newport
MATTHEWS Agnes Tavern / Public House Spread Eagle, St Philips Plain
MATTHEWS Flower Basket Maker 2 Gloucester Lane, Bristol
MATTHEWS Henry Butcher Butcher's Row, Bristol
MATTHEWS Henry Painter - House, Sign Etc Jacobs Well, Bristol
MATTHEWS Jacob Saddler & Harness Maker 23 West Street, Bristol
MATTHEWS Joel Basket Maker East St, Bedminster, Bristol
MATTHEWS John Cheese Factor / Dealer 8 Maryport Street, Bristol
MATTHEWS John Saddler & Harness Maker Lawrence Hill, Bristol
MATTHEWS John Upholsterer 9 Barton Street, Bristol
MATTHEWS Jonathan Basket Maker 1 Maryport St, Bristol
MATTHEWS Thomas Basket Maker Lawrence Hill, Bristol
MATTHEWS Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer Leek Lane, Bristol
MATTHEWS William Carpenter / Builder 25 Trenchard Street, Bristol
MATTHEWS William Chymist / Druggist 28 North Street, Bristol
MATTHEWS William Shopkeeper / Dealer 20 Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
MATTHEWS William Working Jeweller 16 St James's Churchyard, Bristol
MATTHEWS ]saac Saddler & Harness Maker West St, St Philips, Bristol
MATTHIAS Joseph Tavern / Public House Duke of York, Dings, Bristol
MATTOCKS Harriet Shopkeeper / Dealer 1 Host St, St Michaels, Bristol
MAUD S. Esq. Whitehall, Easton Rd, Bristol
MAULE & Co. Nursery & Seedsman Stapleton Road, Bristol
MAUNSELL Richard Revd. 3 Highbury Place, Bristol
MAUNSELL Richard Rev Curate St James, Bristol
MAURICE & JAMES Surgeon Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
MAURICE William Surgeon 28 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
MAXFIELD Esther Saddler & Harness Maker 88 Stokes Croft, Bristol
MAY Jane Dyer / Calenderer 10 North Street, Bristol
MAY Jno. Esq. 38 Royal York Crescent, Bristol
MAY John Banker - Bank of England Bridge Street, Bristol
MAY John Carpenter / Builder 81 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
MAY John Wesley Baker Broad Weir, Bristol
MAY John Wesley Corn Factor Broad Weir, Bristol
MAY Joseph Corn Factor Back Street, Bristol
MAY Robert Sueter Biscuit Maker - Ship Princes Street, Bristol
MAY Robert Sueter Corn Factor Princes Street, Bristol
MAY Stephen Dyer / Calenderer 93 Old Market Street, Bristol
MAYERS Henry Adams Barrister 3 Kibng's Parade, Redland, Bristol
MAYERS Henry Adams Steward Tolsey Court Offices 38 Broad Street, Bristol
MAYNARD Elizabeth Mrs. Bishoport, Bristol
MAYNARD John Gardener / seedsman Barton Hill, Bristol
MAYNE Harriet Boarding School Beaufort House, Clifton, Bristol
MAYNES Joseph Shopkeeper / Dealer 27 West Street, Bristol
MAYRES Peter Tavern / Public House Pilgrim, 15 Orange St, Bristol
MAZE Peter & Sons Iron Merchants / Ironmonger Grove, Bristol
MAZE Peter & Sons Merchant Grove, Bristol
MEABY Mary Mrs. 9 Marlboro' Hill, Bristol
MEAD Mary Boarding / Lodging House Lebeck Hse, Chapel Row, Bristol
MEALING James Gent. 1 Caroline Row, Bristol
MEALING John Tavern / Public House Swan, New Street, Bristol
MEARS John Wheelwright East St Bedminster, Bristol
MECHELIN Mrs. Boarding School Grove House, Redland, Bristol
MEDLAM Jno. Cider Dealer 2 Church Lane, St Michaels, Bristol
MEDLICOTT William Broker Commercial Broad Quay, Bristol
MEDLICOTT William Merchant (Commission) Broad Quay, Bristol
MEES John Carpenter / Builder Portland Row, Bristol
MELLIN Ann Milliner 10 Horse Fair, Bristol
MELSOM Harriet Milliner 10 Norfolk Street, Bristol
MELSOM Henry Horse Dealer Stapleton Road, Bristol
MELSOM John Painter - House, Sign Etc 11 Horfield Road, Bristol
MELSOM Maria Straw Hat Maker Horfield Road, Bristol
MELSOM Matilda & Sarah Straw Hat Maker 6 Temple Street, Bristol
MELSOM William Patten Maker 10 Norfolk Street, Bristol
MELSOM William Rope and Twine Maker 18 Temple Street, Bristol
MENDS Eliz. Lady 1 Gloster Place, Clifton, Bristol
MENGROVE Mary Blacksmith 27 Thomas Street, Bristol
MENGROVE Thomas Confectioner 54 Broad Street, Bristol
MENLOVE Thomas Grocer / Tea Dealer 22 Union Street, Bristol
MENZIES Jn. Table Linen Maker 5 College Green, Bristol
MERCER John & Son Biscuit Maker - Ship Marsh Street, Bristol
MERCER John & Son Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Marsh Street, Bristol
MERCER Robert Grocer / Tea Dealer 89 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MERCHANT Charles Boot & Shoe Maker Broad Weir, Bristol
MERCHANT James Tavern / Public House Antelope, Somerset St, Bristol
MERCHANT Joseph Cooper Cathay, Bristol
MERCHANT William Butcher Butcher's Row, Bristol
MERCHANTS Sarah & sisters Milliner 5 Peter Street, Bristol
MEREDITH Abraham Broker Commercial 36 Broad Quay, Bristol
MEREDITH Abraham Merchant 36 Broad Quay, Bristol
MEREDITH Elizabeth Milliner Love Street, Bristol
MEREDITH Thomas Confectioner Lower Montague St, Bristol
MEREDITH Thomas Confectioner Hotwell Road, Bristol
MEREWEATHER John & Son Fruiterer Corn Street, Bristol
MERRICK Jno. Boot & Shoe Maker Withington's Crt, Horse Fair,
MERRICK Mary Mrs. 10 College Street, Bristol
MERRICK Sarah Mrs. 10 York Place, Clifton, Bristol
MERRICK William jun Carpenter / Builder Redcliff Hill, Bristol
MERRIMAN Thomas Tavern / Public House Chequers, 12 Lower College Street
MERRY Edwin Baker Montague Place, Bristol
MERRY Henry Tavern / Public House Bank Tavern, St John St, Bristol
MERRY John Furniture Broker St John's Bridge, Bristol
MERRY William Baker Host Street, Bristol
METCALFE Julia Milliner 7 College Street, Bristol
METCALFE William Tailor 1 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
METFORD William Butcher Temple Street, Bristol
METFORD, BARNARD & LOW Linen & Manchester Merchant Maryport Street, Bristol
MEYER Anthony Watch & Clock Maker 143 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MEYERS Harriet Straw Hat Maker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
MICHELL Mary Tavern / Public House Brandy Cask, 34 Broadmead, Bristol
MIDDLETON John Gent. 6 Gloucester Row, Clifton, Bristol
MIHAN Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger York Place, Montpelier, Bristol
MILES & KINGTON Merchant (West India) 61 Queen's Square, Bristol
MILES Harry Wood Turner 2 Castle Green, Bristol
MILES Philip John Esq. Leigh Court, Bristol
MILES Samuel Shopkeeper / Dealer Lower Portland Pl Clifton, Bristol
MILES Susannah Boarding / Lodging House 11 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
MILES Thomas Gardener / seedsman Wilder Street, Bristol
MILES William Esq. Manilla Hall, Clifton, Bristol
MILES, HARFORD, BAYLY Bankers Corn Street, Bristol
MILLARD Benjamin Trunk Maker 55 Broad Street, Bristol
MILLARD Joseph Stay Maker 87 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MILLARD Samuel Surgeon St James', Barton, Bristol
MILLARD Stephen Register Offices for Servants 55 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MILLARD Thomas Gent. Gay Street, Kings Sq, Bristol
MILLER David Chymist / Druggist 42 High Street, Bristol
MILLER Jasper Rope and Twine Maker Barton Hill, Bristol
MILLER John Carpenter / Builder 16 Merchant Street, Bristol
MILLER John & Co. Nursery & Seedsman Durdham Down & Arnos Vale, Bristol
MILLER Jos. Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Rownham Place, Hotwells, Bristol
MILLER NElizabeth Mrs. Cotham Cottage, Bristol
MILLER Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger West St St Philip, Bristol
MILLER William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 19 Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
MILLNER Charles B. Teacher of Drawing St James Pde, Kingsdown, Bristol
MILLNER William Revd. Lower College Green, Bristol
MILLNER William Rev Curate St Augustins, Bristol
MILLS Charles Boot & Shoe Maker 39 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MILLS F. & Mme Amlin Ladies' Boarding School 10 Park Street, Bristol
MILLS John Coppersmith / Brazier 45 Castle Street, Bristol
MILLS John Newspaper Publisher Bristol Gazette, 46 St Nicholas St.
MILLS John Printer - Letter Press 46 St Nicholas St, Bristol
MILLS William China, Glass &c Dealer 24 Temple Street, Bristol
MILLS William Gent Gloucester Cott, Wellington Pl,
MILSOM Henry Tavern / Public House Lebeck Chaff Cutters, Stapleton Rd
MILSOM Jno. Sack & Sacking Maker Rings Buildings, Gt Gardens,Bristol
MILSOM John Stone Ware Potter 124 Temple Street, Bristol
MILSON Charles Stone & Marble Mason Jacobs Well, Bristol
MILSTED Robert Leather Hat & Fur Cap Maker Moor Street, Bristol
MILTON Lydia Shopkeeper / Dealer Lawrence Hill, Bristol
MINIFIE John Boarding / Lodging House 22 Portland Sq, Bristol
MINTORN Jn. Esq. Woodfield Cott, Redland, Bristol
MIREHOUSE Henry Revd. St George's Hill, Bristol
MITCHELL Edward Carrier Peter St & Narrow Wine St, Bristol
MITCHELL Francis Shopkeeper / Dealer Temple Street, Bristol
MITCHELL John Master "The Mounts Bay" Bristol to Penzance
MITCHELL Peter Blacksmith England Court, Bristol
MITCHELL Samuel Tailor Maryport Church yard, Bristol
MITCHELL Sarah Dress Maker 4 Park Lane, St Michael's Hill
MITCHELL Thomas Straw Hat Maker 18 Denmark Street, Bristol
MITCHELL William Gardener / seedsman 4 Park Pl, St Michael's Hill,
MITTON John Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 3 Montague Street, Bristol
MITTON William Glazier Brandon Cottage, Brandon Hill
MOBERLY Maria Mrs. 19 King's Square, Bristol
MOGG Ann Mrs. 10 Bishop Street, Bristol
MOGG Jesse Mrs. Stapleton, Bristol
MOGG Thomas Hairdresser 1 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
MOGG William & John Carpet Makers & Furn. Printers 1 Clare Street, Bristol
MOGGRIDGE William Painter - House, Sign Etc Mitchells Lane, Thomas St, Bristol
MOGRIDGE Jno. Tailor Somerset Place, Redcloff, Bristol
MOLLOY Esther Pawnbroker Gloucester Lane, Bristol
MONK George Carpenter / Builder Captain Carey's Lane, Bristol
monk John Brightsmith & Bellhanger Lower Castle St, Bristol
MONT Rose Jore Teacher of French 2 Clarence Pl, St Michaels Hill
MONTAGUE Charles Gent. 2 Freeland Place, Hotwells, Bristol
MOODY Stephen Tavern / Public House Bunch of Grapes, St James' Back
MOODY William Shopkeeper / Dealer Somerset St, Redcliff Mead, Bristol
MOON James Currier / Leather Cutter 17 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
MOON James Patten Maker 17 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
MOON Samuel (old&new) Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 7 Bath Street, Bristol
MOOR J.D. Master "The Edward Protheroe" Bristol to Demerara
MOORE Adlam & Co. Currier / Leather Cutter Broad Weir, Bristol
MOORE Charles B. Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 10 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
MOORE Elizabeth Day School 62 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
MOORE James Wine & Spirit Merchant Queens Sq Avenue, Bristol
MOORE Jn. Carver / Guilder 14 Clare St & 62 Stoke's Croft
MOORE Roger Soap & Candle Maker 123 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MOORE Samuel Butcher 27 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MOORE William Butcher 124 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
MOORE William Soap & Candle Maker 20 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MORDAUNT Mrs. Ashton Water, Bristol
MORE H. Mrs. 4 Windsor Terr, Clifton, Bristol
MORETON Francis Boarding / Lodging House 34/35 Royal York Cres, Clifton,
MORETON William Shopkeeper / Dealer 5 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
MORGAN , BROWN & Co. Linen & Manchester Merchant 33 Bridge Street, Bristol
MORGAN --- Rev Curate St Pauls, Bristol
MORGAN Alfred Venetian Blind Maker 7 Hotwell Road, Bristol
MORGAN Charles Pewterer Wilder Street, Bristol
MORGAN Charles Working Jeweller Maryport Churchyard, Bristol
MORGAN Charles Working Jeweller 4 Tower Lane, Bristol
MORGAN D. Master "The Fame" Bristol to Carmarthen
MORGAN Eliz. Miss 33 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
MORGAN Harriet Mrs Housekeeper - Guildhall Broad Street, Bristol
MORGAN Honor Shopkeeper / Dealer 10 Denmark Street, Bristol
MORGAN Isaac Furniture Broker West Street, Bristol
MORGAN James Boot & Shoe Maker Portland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
MORGAN James National School Clifton Gloucs Terr, Hot wells,
MORGAN James Tavern / Public House Three Crowns, Blacksworth, Bristol
MORGAN Jn. Carpenter / Builder 11 Caroline Row, Hotwells, Bristol
MORGAN Jno. Boarding / Lodging House 1 Boyce's Bldgs, Clifton, Bristol
MORGAN John Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 17 St John Street, Bristol
MORGAN John Carpenter / Builder Limekiln Lane, Bristol
MORGAN John Gent Stapleton, Bristol
MORGAN John Saddler & Harness Maker 34 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
MORGAN John Shopkeeper / Dealer 4 Penn Street, Bristol
MORGAN John Shopkeeper / Dealer Long Ashton, Bristol
MORGAN John Tavern / Public House Seven Stars, Callow Hill St,
MORGAN John jun Watch & Clock Maker 14 & 33 Union Street, Bristol
MORGAN Joseph Shopkeeper / Dealer Clarence Road, Bristol
MORGAN M. Mrs. 3 Avenue, King's Sq, Bristol
MORGAN Richard Brewer 59 Old Market Street, Bristol
MORGAN Rowland Carpenter / Builder 17 Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
MORGAN S. Mrs. 1 Gloster Row, Clifton, Bristol
MORGAN S.M. Miss Long Ashton, Bristol
MORGAN Samuel Linen Dealer 47 Wine Street, Bristol
MORGAN Simeon Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Orchard Street, Bristol
MORGAN Sophia Milliner Lower Nelson Pl, Clifton, Bristol
MORGAN Thomas Day School Lawrence Hill, Bristol
MORGAN Thomas Painter - House, Sign Etc Lower Nelson Pl, Clifton, Bristol
MORGAN Thomas Stationer 16 High Street, Bristol
MORGAN Thomas Stone & Marble Mason 58 Earl Street, Bristol
MORGAN Thomas Watch & Clock Maker 4 Broad Weir, Bristol
MORGAN Thomas jun Watch & Clock Maker James Square Lane, Bristol
MORGAN W.F. Apothecary Marlborough St Infirmary, Bristol
MORGAN William Boarding / Lodging House 4 Somerset Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
MORGAN William Butcher North Street, Bedminster, Bristol
MORGAN William Carpenter / Builder Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
MORGAN William Carpenter / Builder 14 Berkeley Place, Clifton, Bristol
MORGAN William Gent St James' Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
MORGAN William Glazier 6 Water Street, Bristol
MORGAN William Maltster 59 Old Market Street, Bristol
MORGAN William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter St Philips plain, Bristol
MORGAN William Ship & Boat Builder Pill, Bristol
MORLEY John Straw Hat Maker 18 Lower Aracade, Bristol
MORRIS Elizabeth Shopkeeper / Dealer East Street, Bristol
MORRIS Felix Butcher 76 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
MORRIS Henry Hat manufacturer / Dealer 23 Temple Street, Bristol
MORRIS J. Master "The Charlotte" Bristol to Jamaica
MORRIS James Boot & Shoe Maker Love St, Hotwells, Bristol
MORRIS Joshua Master "The Fonman Castle" Bristol to Neath
MORRIS Rev. Methodist Minister Bedminster, Bristol
MORRIS Robert Surgeon 58 Broad Quay, Bristol
MORRIS Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer Stony Hill, Bristol
MORRIS William Gent. Woodbine Cott, Easton Rd, Bristol
MORRIS William Maltster 11 Ellbroad Street, Bristol
MORRISH Jane Tavern / Public House Coopers Arms, King St, Bristol
MORRISH William Bacon factor 67 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MORRISH William Butcher 67 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MORRISH William Cheese Factor / Dealer 67 Redcliffe Street, Bristol
MORRISH William Provision Factor 67 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MORRISON Martin Coal Merchant Phoenix Wharf, Temple Back, Bristol
MORROSSON Samuel Tavern / Public House Two Trees, Wilder St, Bristol
MORSE Charles Brazier / Tin Plate Worker Lamb Street, Bristol
MORSE Henry Tobacconist 8 Welsh Back, Bristol
MORSE William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 26 Langton Street, Redcliff,Bristol
MORTIMER & WILSON Surgeon 33 Richmond Terrace, Bristol
MORTIMORE William Carpenter / Builder Canynge Street, Bristol
MOSES & Son Clothes, &c, Salesmen 67 & 68 Broadmead, Bristol
MOSES Howell Tavern / Public House Coopers Arms, Church St Gt Gardens
MOSES Sarah Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pithay, Bristol
MOSLEY Martha Boarding / Lodging House 7 Albemarle Row, Hotwells, Bristol
MOSS Isaac Clothes, &c, Salesmen 2 Redcliff Street, Bristol
MOSS James Stone & Marble Mason Tower Street, Gt Gardens, Bristol
MOSS Samuel Tailor 11 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
MOSS Thomas Carpenter / Builder The Friars, Bristol
MOUNTAIN Amy Dyer / Calenderer 38 Upper Arcade, Bristol
MOUNTAIN Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker 41 Old Market Street, Bristol
MOUNTAIN Thomas Horse Dealer 78 Old Market Street, Bristol
MOUNTJOY Jno. Tavern / Public House Three Crowns, Old King St, Bristol
MOUNTJOY William Boarding School St James Parade, Kingsdown, Bristol
MOUNTJOY William Rope and Twine Maker Cannons Marsh, Bristol
MOUNTSHER Mary Boarding / Lodging House 2 Cumberland Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
MOUTRIE James Musical Instrument seller 24 College Green, Bristol
MOXHAM John Accountant 50 Broad Street, Bristol
MOYES James Stay Maker 1 Upper Arcade, Bristol
MUCH Thomas Spirit Dealer - Retail Broad Street, Bristol
MUDON Amos Furniture Broker 120 Thomas Street, Bristol
MULLINS James Egg / Butter/ Salt Fish Dealer 4 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
MULVI Fras. Tailor 30 King St, Queens Square, Bristol
MUNBY L. Mrs. 6 Granby Pl, Clifton, Bristol
MUNRO G. Mrs. 8 Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol
MUNT Eleanor Boarding / Lodging House 14 Park Street, Bristol
MURPHY John Cattle Salesman & Comm, Agent 54 College Street, Bristol
MURPHY Mary Dress Maker 20 Trenchard Street, Bristol
MURPHY Mary Stay Maker 20 Lodge Street, Bristol
MURRAY John Tea Dealer 3 Rosemary Lane, Bristol
MURRAY Mary Mrs. Great George St, Bristol
MUSGROVE Mary Ann Boarding / Lodging House 12 Park Street, Bristol
MUSGROVE Richard Woollen Draper 48 Wine Street, Bristol
MUTTER Eliz. Tavern / Public House Rose & Crown, Jacob St, St Philips
MYERS Abraham Clothes, &c, Salesmen St James' Churchyard, Bristol
MYERS Thomas Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Lower Nelson Pl, Clifton, Bristol
NAISH & Co. Hosier & Sewing cotton maker 76 Castle Street, Bristol
NAISH Catherine Mrs. 13 Dean Street, Bristol
NAISH John Furniture Broker 2 Ellboard Street, Bristol
NAISH John & Son Tanners Ellbroad Street, Bristol
NAISH Joseph Auctioneer / Appraiser 8 Broadmead , Bristol
NAISH Joseph Furniture Broker 8 Broadmead, Bristol
NAISH William Boot & Shoe Maker 33 High Street, Bristol
NAISH William Shopkeeper / Dealer Church Lane, St Philips, Bristol
NAISH William Straw Hat Maker 96 Redcliff Street, Bristol
NANCE George Master "The John & Hannah" Bristol to Padstow
NAPPER Sarah Haberdasher West Street, Bristol
NAPTON Thomas Tavern / Public House Neptune, 52 College Street, Bristol
NARRAWAY John Fellmonger 9 St James's Square, Bristol
NASH & HILL Colour Manufacturer 6 Nelson Street, Bristol
NASH & HILL Oil & Colourman 6 Nelson Street, Bristol
NASH & HILL Oil Merchant Nelson Street, Bristol
NASH Elizabeth Mrs. Park Hill, Bristol
NASH George Shopkeeper / Dealer Somerset St, Redcliff Mead, Bristol
NASH Isaac Master "The Venus" Bristol to Falmouth & Truro
NASH J. Rev. Curate St Stephens, Bristol
NASH Jacob Revd. 51 Queen's Square, Bristol
NASH Jonathan Brewer Taylor's Court, Broad St, Bristol
NASH Matthew Baker Clarence Rd, St Philip's, Bristol
NASH Michael O'Hara Tavern / Public House Coach & Horses, Broadmead, Bristol
NASH Timothy Furniture Carver 10 Charles Street, Bristol
NATTRISS John Confectioner 6 Corn Street & 5 Wine St, Bristol
NAYLOR & HEAVEN Painter - House, Sign Etc 26 Host Street, Bristol
NAYLOR Elizabeth Mrs. 7 Dean Street, Bristol
NEADES Samuel Block & Pump Maker 30 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
NEANER William Poulterer Love Street, Bristol
NEAT William Butcher All Saints Row, Exchange, Bristol
NEBBS Herbert Brightsmith & Bellhanger Horfield Road, Bristol
NEEMS Frances Boarding / Lodging House 2 Granby Place, & 9 Hope Sq,Clifton
NEIL --- Rev Rector St Mary-le-Port, Bristol
NEILSON Anne Mrs. 21 Trinity Street, Bristol
NELMS Richard Eating House Keeper 24 Welch Back, Bristol
NELSOM Edward Shopkeeper / Dealer 12 Temple Street, Bristol
NELSON Josh. Tea Dealer 10 Wilson St, St Pauls, Bristol
NELSON Mary Day School 7 Somerset Square, Bristol
NEW Francis Thomas Revd. 4 Cave Street, Bristol
NEWALL Harriet & Siste Ladies' Boarding School 5 Berkeley Cres, Bristol
NEWBERY Francis Gent 6 Horfield Place, Bristol
NEWBERY Matthew Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 31 Lower Arcade & 72 Old Mkt Street
NEWCOMBE John W. Printer - Letter Press 3 St John Street, Bristol
NEWELL Samuel Gent. 4 Highbury Place, Bristol
NEWEY Susannah Shopkeeper / Dealer 38 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
NEWMAN Mrs. 7 Richmond Ter, Clifton, Bristol
NEWMAN James Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 47 Redcliff Street, Bristol
NEWMAN R.N. Physician 7 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
NEWMAN William Tailor 4 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
NEWTON Abraham Tavern / Public House Crown & Anchor, George St, Bristol
NEWTON Ann Mrs. 80 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
NEWTON Christopher Shopkeeper / Dealer Temple Gate, Bristol
NEWTON Isaac Tavern / Public House Three Blackbirds, Ellbroad St
NEWTON Sarah Boarding / Lodging House 36 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
NEYLER Henry Straw Hat Maker 36 Bridge Street, Bristol
NIBLETT Catherine Butcher 132 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
NIBLETT Isaac Inn / Hotel Keeper The White Lion, Broad St, Bristol
NICHOLAS John & Co. Glass Manufacturer Limekiln Glass House, Bristol
NICHOLAS William Boot & Shoe Maker Colstone St, Redcliff Mead, Bristol
NICHOLAS William Plumber 25 Trenchard Street, Bristol
NICHOLLS Edward Cooper 52 Old Market Street, Bristol
NICHOLLS Henry Butcher Hotwell Road, Bristol
NICHOLLS Isaac Gent St James' Place, Kingsdown, Bristol
NICHOLLS John Shopkeeper / Dealer Limekiln Lane, Bristol
NICHOLLS Richard Brewer Ellboard Street, Bristol
NICHOLS Ann Butcher 6 Picton Street, Bristol
NICHOLS Charles Butcher Gloucester Lane, Bristol
NICHOLS George Butcher 66 Milk Street, Bristol
NICHOLS John Butcher 19 Alfred Pl ,Kingsdown, Bristol
NICHOLS John Stone & Marble Mason 21 Milk Street, Bristol
NICHOLS Robert Butcher 6 All Saints' Row, Bristol
NICHOLS Stephen Butcher 141 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
NICHOLSON Hamor Cutler Back Street, Bristol
NICHOLSON Mark Revd. 14 Frederick Pl, Clifton, Bristol
NICKLESS Benjamin Collector Cnr of Broad Street, Bristol
NICKLESS John Pawnbroker 22 Temple Street, Bristol
NICKSON Colonel Hill Field Cott, Clifton, Bristol
NIGHTINGALE John Collector of Excise Excise Office, Queens Sq, Bristol
NIGHTINGALE John Esq. Queen's Square, Bristol
NIXON Francis Attorney 19 Clare Street, Bristol
NOAD & BENJAMIN Saddler & Harness Maker West Street, Bristol
NOAKE Isaac Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 4 Thomas Street, Bristol
NOBLE James Tailor Sion Pl, Stapleton Rd, Bristol
NOBLE Martha Shopkeeper / Dealer 108 Temple Street, Bristol
NOBLE Thomas & Mary Teacher of Harp & Piano 7 Granby Hill, Clifton, Bristol
NOCKER John Baptist Toy Manufacturer & Dealer 18 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
NOLAN James Shopkeeper / Dealer 99 Temple Street, Bristol
NORBURY John Baker 98 Temple Street, Bristol
NORCOTT Edward Master "The Maria" Bristol to Weymouth, Poole, Portsmt
NORMAN Jno. Fletcher Corn Factor 4 Welsh Back, Bristol
NORMAN John Saddler & Harness Maker Barrs Street, Bristol
NORMAN Richard Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Limekiln Lane, Bristol
NORMAN Thomas Ship & Boat Builder Hotwell Road, Bristol
NORMAN Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
NORMAN William Tailor 10 Cannon St, St James, Bristol
NORMAN William & Son Stone & Marble Mason Pump Court, Limekiln Lane, Bristol
NORRIS John Tavern / Public House White Hart, Gloucester Lane,Bristol
NORRIS Richard Maltster Thrissel Street, Bristol
NORRIS Robert Baker 58 Temple Street, Bristol
NORRIS William Wholesale Grocer. St Augustine's Hall, Bristol
NORRISH Jno. Tavern / Public House Bunch of Grapes, Milk Street,Bristo
NORRISH William Maltster Gloucester Lane, Bristol
NORTHCOTE Henry Gent. Somerset Sq, Bristol
NORTHCOTE Richard Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 4 Bridge Street, Bristol
NORTON B. H. & Co. Carrier Bear Yard, St Thomas St, Bristol
NORTON F. Master "The Pomona" Bristol to Trinidad
NORTON Frederick Boarding School 33 Old Park, Bristol
NORTON Jane Mrs. St Michael's Hill, Bristol
NORTON John Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 5 Corn Street, Bristol
NORTON Joseph Emmett Wine & Spirit Merchant Saville Cottage, Clifton, Bristol
NORTON Thomas Carpenter / Builder 16 Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
NOTT Richard & Son Iron Merchants / Ironmonger 9,10 & 11 Peter Street, Bristol
NOTT Richard & Son Ironmonger 9,10 & 11 Peter Street, Bristol
NOTT William Boot & Shoe Maker 63 Redcliff Street, Bristol
NOYES James Painter - House, Sign Etc 99 Redcliff Street, Bristol
NURSE William Basket Maker 149 Temple St, Bristol
NUTT Thomas Butcher Milk Street, Bristol
O'CONNOR Mary Catholic Charity School Trenchard St, Bristol
O'TOOL Mrs. 19 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
OAKLEY Samuel Carrier on the River Severn 10 Tontine Warehouse, Quay Head
OATRIDGE John Governor House of Correction Lawford Gate, Bristol
ODLUM Henry Captain Marlboro Hill, Bristol
OGBORN Benjamin Blacksmith West Street, Bristol
OGDEN Benjamin Corn Factor 36 Welsh Back, Bristol
OGILVIE John Revd. 25 Trinity Street, Bristol
OLAND John Accountant 36 Princes Street, Bristol
OLDFIELD William Tavern / Public House Kings Arms, West St, Bedminster
OLIVE & MATTHEWS & Co Dry Salters Castle Green , Bristol
OLIVE Jos. Tavern / Public House Greyhound, Cheese La, St Philips
OLIVE P. Mrs. 5 Rodney Place, Clifton, Bristol
OLIVER & STONE Tea Dealer 31 Clare Street, Bristol
OLIVER John Rope and Twine Maker 7 King St, St James, Bristol
OLIVER John Sack & Sacking Maker 7 King St, St James, Bristol
OLIVER John Trunk Maker Lower Church Lane, Bristol
OLIVER Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer New Street, Bristol
OLIVER Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer 6 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
ONLEY Susan Umbrella & Parasol Maker 2 Montague St, Bristol
ORAM Charles Stationer 57 Broad Quay, Bristol
ORCHARD Charles Stone & Marble Mason Durdham Down, Bristol
ORCHARD Thomas Gardener / seedsman 18 Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
ORCHARD William Butcher Butcher Row, Bristol
ORGAN Jacob Carpenter / Builder Ellbroad Street, Bristol
ORLIDGE Joseph & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchant 17 Small Street, Bristol
ORMEROD Thomas Gent 2 Dowry Parade, Bristol
OSBORNE & WARD Attorney 41 Broad Street, Bristol
OSBORNE Dennis Tavern / Public House Fire Engine, St Georges, Bristol
OSBORNE Jeremiah Distributor for the City Stamp Office, Corn St, Bristol
OSBORNE John Fruiterer Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
OSBORNE John Green Grocer Nelson Pl, Clifton, Bristol
OSBORNE John Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
OSBORNE Lucy Ladies' Boarding School Clifton Place, Clifton, Bristol
OSBORNE Robert Chain Cable Maker Redcliff Back, Bristol
OSBORNE Robert Cutler 68 Redcliff Street, Bristol
OSBORNE Samuel Tavern / Public House Three Horse Shoes, 71 Old Market St
OSGATHORP John Stay Maker 9 Denmark Street, Bristol
OSMAN Thomas Tavern / Public House Horse & Jockey, Frogmore St,Bristol
OSWALD James Tea Dealer Somerset Pl, Redcliff Mead, Bristol
OSWALD Thomas Tavern / Public House Scotchman & His Pack, St Michael Hl
OTTON John Ironmonger 10 Old Market Street, Bristol
OVENS Samuel Butcher 68 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
OVERBURY & WARD Oil Merchant Broad St, St Philips, Bristol
OVERBURY & WARD Turpentine Distiller Bread Street, St Philips, Bristol
OVERBURY Thomas Agent Scotch Allum Co., Dundas Wharf Redcliff St, Bristol
OWENS John Mineralogist Charleton Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
OXENHAM Robert Linen Dealer 66 Castle Street, Bristol
OXENHAM Roger Woollen Draper 23 Castle Street, Bristol
OXLEY Edward Physician 19 Portland St, Kingsdown, Bristol
OXLEY James Shopkeeper / Dealer 8 Marlborough Street, Bristol
OXLEY William Henry Hat manufacturer / Dealer 2 Wine Street, Bristol
OXLEY William Henry Hosier 2 Wine Street, Bristol
PACE Joseph Gardener / seedsman Tankard's Close, Bristol
PACHE Charles Engraver/Copper plate printer Head of the Quay, Bristol
PACKER Charles Butcher Butcher Row, Bristol
PACKER Elizabeth Butcher 97 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
PACKER James Clothes, &c, Salesmen 52 Temple Street, Bristol
PADFIELD Robert Tailor 2 Castle Street, Bristol
PAGE William Revd. Wilson St, Portland Sq, Bristol
PAIN Simon Butcher 8 Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
PAIN William Butcher Love St, Hotwells, Bristol
PAINS John Pilot Pill, Bristol
PAINTER James Blacksmith Queen St, St Philip, Bristol
PAINTER James Blacksmith 3 Walker St, Kingsdown, Bristol
PAINTER Joseph Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pithay, Bristol
PAINTER Sarah Milliner 3 Walker St, Kingsdown, Bristol
PAISER & PRITCHARD Wheelwright Lower Castle St, Bristol
PALLIN Elias Furniture Broker 6 Merchant Street, Bristol
PALLIN Henry Attorney Corner of Broad Street, Bristol
PALMER & HARDWICK Milliner 19 High Street, Bristol
PALMER & Son Attorney Broad Street, Bristol
PALMER Arthur Barrister 4 Dowry Square, Hotwells, Bristol
PALMER Arthur Prothonotary Tolsey Court 38 Broad Street, Bristol
PALMER Benjamin King Grocer / Tea Dealer 66 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PALMER Esther Straw Hat Maker 12 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
PALMER James Boot & Shoe Maker Queens St, St Michaels, Bristol
PALMER James Stone & Marble Mason 12 Wells Pl, Clifton, Bristol
PALMER John Basket Maker 136 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PALMER John Carver / Guilder 23 Upper Aracade, Bristol
PALMER John Gardener / seedsman Limekiln Lane, Bristol
PALMER Nathaniel Stone & Marble Mason Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
PALMER R. Mrs. 2 Berkeley Square, Bristol
PALMER Sarah Straw Hat Maker 11 Redcross Street, Bristol
PALMER Thomas Emery, Sand & Glass Papermaker 12 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
PALMER William Stone & Marble Mason 16 Wellington Place, Bristol
PALSER Mary Ann Milliner 3 Upper Arcade, Bristol
PALSER William Hat manufacturer / Dealer 39 Maryport Street, Bristol
PAPLOW Job Shopkeeper / Dealer Gloucester Lane, Bristol
PARADICE Ambrose Auctioneer / Appraiser 25 Snmall Street, Bristol
PARADISE Ambrose Baker East Street, Bedminster, Bristol
PARFITT George Master "The Sarah" Bristol to Greenock & Glasgow
PARFITT H.T. Master "The Sarah" Bristol to Greenock & Glasgow
PARFITT James Pilot Pill, Bristol
PARFITT Thomas Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 57 Broadmead, Bristol
PARIS John Tailor 9 Alfred Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
PARISH Sophia Day School 15 Portland Square, Bristol
PARISH Thomas Glass Cutter - Flint Eugene St without, Bristol
PARKER & JOHNSON Attorney 6 Bridge Parade, Bristol
PARKER Ann Baker St Philip's, Bristol
PARKER Edward Gent 4 College Green, Bristol
PARKER Edward Shopkeeper / Dealer 5 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
PARKER Elizabeth Nail Maker Gloucester Lane, Bristol
PARKER George Blacksmith Broadmead, Bristol
PARKER George Farrier 5 Catherine PLace, Bristol
PARKER John Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Old King Street, Bristol
PARKER John Painter - House, Sign Etc 17 Bath Street, Bristol
PARKER John Teacher of Writing 2 Dowry Place, Hotwells, Bristol
PARKER Joseph Bookbinder Thornhill Pl, Upper Maudlin Lane
PARKER Joseph Butcher 57 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
PARKER Joseph Butcher Staapleton, Bristol
PARKER Joseph Gent. 7 Upper Berkely Pl, Clifton,Bristol
PARKER Richard Gent. 8 Freeland Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
PARKER Richard Surgeon 69 Old Market Street, Bristol
PARKHOUSE Henry Glazier 10 West Street, Bristol
PARKIN Thomas Tailor 8 College Place, Bristol
PARKINSON Elizabeth Milliner 3 Old Market , Bristol
PARKMAN John Boot & Shoe Maker Easton Rd, Bristol
PARKS --- Esq. Brislington, Bristol
PARNELL John Carpenter / Builder 33 College Street, Bristol
PARNELL John Shopkeeper / Dealer 32 Milk Street, Bristol
PARNELL Thomas Haberdasher 7 St Augustine's Parade, Bristol
PARRY Abel & James Woollen Draper 61 Wine Street, Bristol
PARRY Arthur & Co. Oil & Colourman 24 Wine Street, Bristol
PARRY Arthur & Co. Tin Plate Worker 24 Wine Street, Bristol
PARRY Edward Coulston Boot & Shoe Maker 74 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
PARRY Henry Gent. 6 Clarence Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
PARRY Henry Gent. 21 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
PARRY Joseph Coulston Boot & Shoe Maker 34 Broad Street, Bristol
PARRY William Shopkeeper / Dealer 17 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
PARSLEY Catherine Tavern / Public House Coopers Arms, Merchant St, Bristol
PARSLEY Joseph Butcher 96 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
PARSLEY William Boot & Shoe Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
PARSLOW Stephen Stationer 1 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
PARSON William & Co. Printer - Letter Press 33 Upper Arcade, Bristol
PARSONS Edward Revd. Easton Road, Bristol
PARSONS James Baker Hotwell Road, Bristol
PARSONS John Revd. Redland, Bristol
PARSONS Revd Jno. Boarding School Redland, Bristol
PARSONS William & Co. Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 33 Upper Arcade, Bristol
PARSONS, HURLES & Co. Linen & Manchester Merchant High Street, Bristol
PARTINGTON Richard Tavern / Public House Black Boy, Princes St, Bristol
PARTRIDGE & HEPBURN Dress Maker 92 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PARTRIDGE Nathaniel Woollen Draper 11 Bath Street, Bristol
PASMORE Thomas Tailor Limekiln Lane, Bristol
PASRSONS Richard Tavern / Public House Black Horse, Hotwell Road, Bristol
PASSMORE Jane Tavern / Public House The George, Dinge, Bristol
PASSMORE John Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 23 Lewins Mead, Bristol
PAUL William Stone & Marble Mason Meadow Street, Bristol
PAUL, Sons & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchant 13 Old Market Street, Bristol
PAVEY Hannah Boarding / Lodging House 3 Albemarle Row, Hotwells, Bristol
PAVEY John Tailor 20 Thomas Street, Bristol
PAYNE Charles Merchant (West India) 1 St Stephens Street, Bristol
PAYNE Charles Henry Barrister 20 High Street, Bristol
PAYNE George Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pithay, Bristol
PAYNE George Furniture Broker St James's Back, Bristol
PAYNE Henry Glass Warehouse Host St, St Michael's, Bristol
PAYNE Jno. & Co. Brewer George St without, Bristol
PAYNE William Tavern / Public House Union, Marlboro Street, Bristol
PAYNTER C.T. Master "The Sylvia" Bristol to Jamaica
PAYTON Edmund Furniture Broker 14 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
PAYTON J. Master "The Eleanor" Bristol to Demerara
PAYTON Samuel Tailor Clifton Place, Bristol
PEACE Cecilia Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 83 Castle Street, Bristol
PEACE Thomas Librarian Bristol City Library King St, Queens Sq, Bristol
PEACH John Shopkeeper / Dealer Lewins Mead, Bristol
PEACOCK & DUNSTAN Fishmonger / Dry & Salt fish Welsh Back, Bristol
PEACOCK & DUNSTAN Fruiterer Welsh Back, Bristol
PEACOCK James Tavern / Public House Black Swan, Stapleton Rd, Bristol
PEARCE & Co. Carrier Bell, St Thomas St, Bristol
PEARCE Catherine Shopkeeper / Dealer 74 Broad Quay, Bristol
PEARCE Frances Tavern / Public House George & Dragon,Redcliff Hill,
PEARCE Isaac Newton Stationer 16 Bath Street, Bristol
PEARCE James Confectioner Barton Alley, Bristol
PEARCE James Dyer / Calenderer 14 Broadmead, Bristol
PEARCE James junr Dyer / Calenderer 24 North Street, Bristol
PEARCE Jno. Glazier Townsend's Yard, Broadmead, Bristol
PEARCE John Confectioner 44 Castle Street, Bristol
PEARCE Joseph Painter - House, Sign Etc Leek Lane, Bristol
PEARCE Joseph Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 80 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PEARCE Mary Dress Maker Durdham Down, Bristol
PEARCE William Bookbinder Durdham Down, Bristol
PEARCE William Bookbinder & Stationer Union Court, Bristol
PEARMAN Ed. Haberdasher 25 St Augustine's Parade, Bristol
PEARSON Thomas Cooper St James' Back, Bristol
PEART Jno. Esq. Waterloo Villa, Clifton, Bristol
PEAT Richard Captain 2 York Place, Clifton, Bristol
PEAT Thomas Minature Painter 9 York Place, Bristol
PECK William Spirit Dealer - Retail 53 Broad Street, Bristol
PECK William Wine & Spirit Merchant 53 Broad Street, Bristol
PEGLER Abraham Wood Turner 46 Old Market Street, Bristol
PELLING Dearing Perfumer / Hairdresser 47 College Green Bristol
PELLING Edward Perfumer / Hairdresser 29 Lower Arcade, Bristol
PELLINGER Ann Tavern / Public House Old Talbot, Redcliff Hill, Bristol
PENDUCK John Tailor 8 Merchant Street, Bristol
PENNY Thomas Currier / Leather Cutter Redcliff Hill, Bristol
PENNY Thomas Painter - House, Sign Etc 7 Clarence Road, Bristol
PENTON David Gent. Southwell St, Kingsdown, Bristol
PENTON Henry Slop Seller 4 High Street, Bristol
PENTON Henry Undertaker 4 High Street, Bristol
PENTON T. Master "The Susan" Bristol to Demerara
PEPPER Robert Tin Plate Worker Great James Street, Bristol
PERCIVALL Jno. Teacher of Music 24 Orchard Street, Bristol
PERINTON Thomas Gent. Montague Street, Bristol
PERKINS Charles Tailor Limekiln Lane, Bristol
PERKINS Edward Saddler & Harness Maker Bottom of Park Street, Bristol
PERKINS Joseph Gent. 18 Trinity Street, Bristol
PERKINS Matthew Attorney 1 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
PERKS Thomas Blacksmith Durdham Down, Bristol
PERRETT Jos. Tavern / Public House Stag & Hounds, Old Market St,
PERRETT Joseph Maltster Old Market Steet, Bristol
PERREY Charles Painter - House, Sign Etc 5 Pipe Lane, St Augustins, Bristol
PERRIN Lawrence Chymical Apparatus Sloperer 4 Pipe Lane, Temple Gate, Bristol
PERRIN Thomas Currier / Leather Cutter Wilder Street, Bristol
PERRIN Thomas Leather Factor Wilder Street, Bristol
PERRINGTON Robert Pilot Pill, Bristol
PERRINS & Co. Carrier White Lion, St Thomas St, Bristol
PERRY Ann Butcher 56 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
PERRY Charles James Surgeon 14 Cumberland Street, Bristol
PERRY Edwin Wood Turner & Cabinet Maker Nelson Street, Bristol
PERRY Elizabeth Dress Maker 4 Clark Street, Bristol
PERRY George Saddler & Harness Maker 26 & 139 Thomas Street, Bristol
PERRY Henry Inn / Hotel Keeper Reeves Hotel, College Pl, Bristol
PERRY John Bookbinder 4 Clark St, Milk Street, Bristol
PERRY Mary Butcher St James's Back, Bristol
PERRY Robert Perfumer / Hairdresser 64 Castle Street, Bristol
PERRY Robert Toy Manufacturer & Dealer 64 Castle Street, Bristol
PERRY Thomas Glazier Love Street, Bristol
PERRY Thomas Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Rownham Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
PERRY Thos. John & Jno Coach Maker 63 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
PERRY William Clock Maker 10 Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
PERRYMAN William Stone & Marble Mason 6 Walter Street, Bristol
PESTER James Tavern / Public House Kings Arms, St James Back, Bristol
PETERS Daniel Tailor 34 High Street, Bristol
PETERS Daniel Undertaker 34 High Street, Bristol
PETERS Edward Gent Long Ashton, Bristol
PETERS Edward Grocer / Tea Dealer 50 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
PETERS George Fishmonger / Dry & Salt fish Nelson Pl, Clifton, Bristol
PETERS George Fredk. Attorney 20 High Street, Bristol
PETERS Henry Gent. Long Ashton, Bristol
PETERS James Cooper Easton Road, Bristol
PETERS Jane Tavern / Public House Full Moon, North St, Bedminster,
PETERS John Butcher 73 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PETERS William & Son Tin Plate Worker 3 Thomas Street, Bristol
PETHERAM Frances Boarding / Lodging House 9 Old Park Hill, Bristol
PETHICK Humphrey Master "The Duporth" Bristol to Fowey
PETHYBRIDGE Eliz. Tavern / Public House Jolly Skinner, Wade St, Bristol
PEWTERS George Day School 3 Caroline Row, Hotweels, Bristol
PEWTERS Thomas Stationer 16 Clare Street, Bristol
PHELAN Dennis Soap & Candle Maker 15 Merchant Street, Bristol
PHELPS Miss 19 Park Street, Bristol
PHELPS Edward Chymist / Druggist 13 Corn Street, Bristol
PHELPS Edward Oil & Colourman 13 Corn Street, Bristol
PHELPS James Tavern / Public House Three Jolly Nailors, West St, St Ph
PHELPS Robert Tavern / Public House Woolpack, Ellbraod Street, Bristol
PHIILIPS James Tailor 3 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
PHIILIPS John Tailor 2 Dove Street, St James, Bristol
PHIILIPS Peregrine Tailor 34 Milk Street, Bristol
PHILLIPPS Alfred Chymist / Druggist 6 Augustin's Parade, Bristol
PHILLIPPS Philip Carpenter / Builder 5 Moon Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchant Nelson Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS & YORK Milliner 10 Southwell Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS Abraham Tavern / Public House Crown, 123 Thomas St, Bristol
PHILLIPS Alfred Attorney 30 Broad Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS Alfred Stone & Marble Mason 24 Milk Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS Andrew Master "The Chepstow" Marketboat to Chepstow
PHILLIPS Asneath Day School 60 St Michaels' Hill, Bristol
PHILLIPS Edmund John Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 124 Thomas Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS Edward Wine & Spirit Merchant 30 Broad Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS Henry Day School Cannon St, St James, Bristol
PHILLIPS J. Master "The Britannia" Bristol to Barbados
PHILLIPS Jabez Tailor 14 Ellbroad Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS James Master "The Merthyr Packet" Bristol to Cardiff
PHILLIPS James Tavern / Public House Crown & Cushion, Pill, Bristol
PHILLIPS John Boot & Shoe Maker Narrow Weir, Bristol
PHILLIPS John Furniture Broker 5 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
PHILLIPS John Tavern / Public House Freemasons Tavern, 34 Bridge St,
PHILLIPS M. Mrs. Brislington, Bristol
PHILLIPS Margt. Tavern / Public House St Johns Porter Ho, Under the Bank
PHILLIPS Mary Boarding / Lodging House 29 Orchard Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS Mary Ann Dress Maker 40 Milk Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS Mary Ann Lace Maker / Dealer 20 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
PHILLIPS Mary Ann Milliner 20 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
PHILLIPS Michael Day School Somerset Pl, Redcliff Mead, Bristol
PHILLIPS Price Butcher Gloucester Lane, Bristol
PHILLIPS Richard Grocer / Tea Dealer 20 Temple Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS Robert Butter factor Welsh Back, Bristol
PHILLIPS Robert Straw Hat Maker 2 York Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS S. Miss Rodney Place, Clifton, Bristol
PHILLIPS Sarah Straw Hat Maker 23 College Green, Bristol
PHILLIPS Stephen Cooper 2 Nelson Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS William Boarding & Day School Upper Easton, Bristol
PHILLIPS William Captain 24 Portland Square, Bristol
PHILLIPS William Hairdresser 1 Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
PHILLIPS William Timber Merchant & Dealer 41 Welsh Back, Bristol
PHILLIPS, THORN & Co. Agent for Vineger Maker 48 Thomas Street, Bristol
PHILPOTT Mrs. Boarding / Lodging House Down Cottage,8 Gloucs Row, Clifton
PHIPPEN Robert Esq. East St, Bedminster, Bristol
PHIPPEN Thomas Agen Colebrook Co.Iron Founder 82 Castle Street, Bristol
PHIPPS Jacob Timber Merchant & Dealer 31 Welsh Back, Bristol
PHIPPS Thomas Gent 10 Gay St, King's Sq. Bristol
PICKERING William Captain Royal Navy 4 Clifton Road, Bristol
PICKETT Jane Haberdasher 78 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
PICKETT Richard Boot & Shoe Maker Redcliff Hill, Bristol
PICKFORD & Co. Carrier on the River Severn Quay Head, Bristol
PICKFORD John Block & Pump Maker Quay, Bristol
PICKTER Henry Carpenter / Builder St Vincent Pl, New Cut, Bristol
PIERCE Mrs. 18 Portland St, Kingsdown, Bristol
PIERCE Harriet Day School Shield House, Clifton, Bristol
PIERCE William Grocer / Tea Dealer Paul St, Kingsdown, Bristol
PIGEON Mary Boarding / Lodging House 2,3 & 4 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
PIGEON Walter Attorney Shannon Court, Corn St, Bristol
PIGWOOD Jno. Butcher 6 West St, St Philip's, Bristol
PIKE J. Master "The Princess Charlotte Bristol to Jamaica
PIKE James Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Stapleton, Bristol
PIKE Robert Wheelwright Dings, Bristol
PIKE William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 42 Stokes Croft, Bristol
PILKINGTON Jn. Carver / Guilder Parson's Court, Redcross St,Bristol
PILL Samuel Master "The Erin" Bristol to Plymouth
PILL William Master "The Bristol Packet" Bristol to Bideford
PILLERS James Butcher Hotwell Road, Bristol
PILLINER Benjamin Gent 2 Rownham Place, Bristol
PILTER Lovell Broker Commercial Grove, Bristol
PIMM James Gent Cathay, Bristol
PINCE John Shopkeeper / Dealer 22 Milk Street, Bristol
PINCOTT Ann Day School Stapleton, Bristol
PINCOTT James Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Stapleton Road, Bristol
PINES W. Master "The Jane" Bristol to Nevis
PINESTONE John Printer - Letter Press 3 Great James Street, Bristol
PINGSTONE John Basket Maker Back Street, Bristol
PINK, COLLINS & Co. Tea Dealer 23 & 24 High Street, Bristol
PINNEY, AMES & Co. Merchant (West India) 9 Lodge Street, Bristol
PIPPIN Robert Shopkeeper / Dealer 85 Temple Street, Bristol
PITCHER Moses Brightsmith & Bellhanger Cannon Street, St James',Bristol
PITT Elizabeth Ladies' Boarding School 3 Harley Place, Clifton, Bristol
PITTMAN Ferdinand Tavern / Public House Three Sugar Loaves, Queen St,
PITTS James Shopkeeper / Dealer Tankards Close, Bristol
PITTS Richard Tavern / Public House New Inn, Rownham Ferry, Bristol
PLANT William Linen Dealer 17 High Street, Bristol
PLAYER John Brooks Wine & Spirit Agent 47 Queen's Square, Bristol
PLAYER Mary Boarding & Day School Catherine Pl, Stoke's Croft,Bristol
PLAYER Phoebe Shopkeeper / Dealer 45 Temple Street, Bristol
PLAYER William Corn Factor Wilder Street, Bristol
PLAYER William Miller Wilder Street, Bristol
PLENDERLEATH Charles Lieut Colonel 27 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
PLENTY John Fellmonger 6 Wade Street without, Bristol
PLOWMAN & WELLS Carrier White Lion, St Thomas St, Bristol
PLUM Robert Cutler & Surgical Inst Maker 4 Dolphin Street, Bristol
PLUMLEY George Poulterer 38 Maryport Street, Bristol
PLUMLEY Mary Ann Shopkeeper / Dealer 31 Temple Street, Bristol
PLUMLEY William Poulterer & Venison Dealer 8 St Nicholas St, Bristol
PLUMMER Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
POCOCK Mrs. Trelawney Place, Cotham, Bristol
POCOCK George Gents' Boarding School Lower Church Lane, St Michael's
PODBURY Robert Baker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
POINTING James Straw Hat Maker 12 Broad Street, Bristol
POINTING Richard Sheriff's Officer Taylors Court, Broad Street,Bristol
POLE Thomas Physician 16 St James Square, Bristol
POLGASE Emily Grocer / Tea Dealer 44 Old Market Street, Bristol
POLLARD & Son Broker Commercial Broad Quay, Bristol
POLLARD Mary Ann Slop Seller Broad Quay, Bristol
POLLARD William Linen Dealer 1 North Street, Bristol
POLTI Louis Carver / Guilder St John's Steps, Bristol
POMEROY George Plumber 26 College Street, Bristol
PONTING Edward jun Pawnbroker 15 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
PONTING William Whiting Manufacturer - Agent Temple Back, Bristol
POOK William Boarding / Lodging House 4 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
POOLE & Co. Plumber & Glazier Durdham Down , Bristol
POOLE Charles Shopkeeper / Dealer 1 Maudlin Street, Bristol
POOLE Francis Gent 1 Grosvenor Pl, Clifton, Bristol
POOLE George Butcher 104 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
POOLE Henry Attorney 22 Small Street, Bristol
POOLE James & Son Coal Merchant Hotwell Road, Bristol
POOLE John Hairdresser Back Street, Bristol
POOLE John Hall Ironmonger Barton Alley, Bristol
POOLE Sarah Dress Maker 26 Milk Street, Bristol
POOLE Thomas Butcher 95 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
POOLE William Baker 19 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
POOLE William Butcher New Street, Bristol
POOLE William S. Classical & Commmercial School 8 Dowry Square, Hotwells, Bristol
POPE Ann MMrs. 53 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
POPE Charles Compiler of Ship Import Guide Customs House, Queens Square
POPE Charles Comptrolling Surveyor Customs Customs House, Queens Square
POPE Christopher Copper & Brass Merchant Avon Mills, Bristol
POPE Christopher Spelter & Patent Zinc Maker Avon Mills, Bristol
POPE Christopher & C. Wire Manufacturer Avon Mills, Bristol
POPE Christopher & Co. Iron Manufacturer Avon Mills, Bristol
POPE Christopher & Co. Sheet, Battery & Brass Ingots Avon Mills, Bristol
POPE George Butcher 7 Paul Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
POPE James Butcher St Michael's Hill, Bristol
POPE Joseph Auctioneer / Appraiser 25 Baldwin Street, Bristol
POPE Richd Shackleton Architect 15 Corn Street, Bristol
POPE William Tavern / Public House Crown & Anchor, Cheese Lane,
POPHAM George Marine Stores Dealer 25 Castle Green, Bristol
PORTCH Thomas Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 59 Milk Street, Bristol
PORTER Benjamin Gent. 5 Harford Place, Bristol
PORTER Charles Spirit Dealer - Retail 8 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
PORTER John Haberdasher St James's Back, Bristol
PORTER Jos. Revds. Park Cott, Park St, Bristol
PORTER Joseph Rev. Rector St Johns, Bristol
PORTER William Physician 29 Portland Square, Bristol
POSTON Sarah Inn / Hotel Keeper Rummer, 41 High St & All Saints La.
POTTINGER William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 14 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
POTTOW Uriah Tavern / Public House Rising Sun, Lower Castle St,Bristol
POULTNEY John Baker Long Ashton, Bristol
POULTON Elizabeth Stay Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
POULTON Thomas Tavern / Public House General Elliott, East St, Bristol
POUND Daniel Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Easton Road, Bristol
POUNSBERRY Samuel Baker Lower Mandlin Street, Bristol
POUNTNEY & ALLIES Earthenware Potters Temple back, Bristol
POWE Thomas Boarding / Lodging House 4 Dowry Parade, Hotwells, Bristol
POWELL Mrs. Sion Cottage, Clifton, Bristol
POWELL Mrs. 8 Wells St, St Michael's Bristol
POWELL & Co. Coal Merchant St Augustin's Wharf, Bristol
POWELL & UNDERWOOD Engraver/Copper plate printer 47 High Street, Bristol
POWELL Ebenezer John Glazier Love Street, Bristol
POWELL Evan Tavern / Public House Blue Bowl, Pithay, Bristol
POWELL F. Mrs. 14 Trinity Street, Bristol
POWELL George Esq. Prince's Buildings, Clifton,Bristol
POWELL James Accountant Small Street, Bristol
POWELL James Fire Office Agent - Bristol New Buildings, Small St, Bristol
POWELL James Sub Distributor of the County Stamp Off, 3 St Paul St, Kingsdown
POWELL Jane Mrs. East St, Bedminster, Bristol
POWELL Jno. Gent 22 Paul St, Kingsdown,. Bristol
POWELL Jno. Gover Surgeon 9 Cumberland Street, Bristol
POWELL John Salt Merchant 56 Castle Street, Bristol
POWELL Jos. Gent 7 Somerset Place, Clifton, Bristol
POWELL Joseph & Son Cork Cutter 28 Redcliff Street, Bristol
POWELL Joshua Esq. Brislington, Bristol
POWELL Richard Surgeon 3 Bath Street, Bristol
POWELL Robert Merchant Clare Street Hall, Bristol
POWELL Samuel Boarding / Lodging House 3 Chapel Row, Hotwells, Bristol
POWELL Sarah Straw Hat Maker Jacobs Well, Bristol
POWELL Thomas Tailor 91 Old Market Street, Bristol
POWELL Thomas Tavern / Public House Ship on Launch, Hotwell Rd, Bristol
POWELL William Carpenter / Builder 5 Barrs Street, Bristol
POWELL William Tailor 1 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
POWELL William Tobacconist 9 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
POWELL William & Thos. Stoneware Potters Temple Gate, Bristol
POWELL Wm. & Thomas Glass Manufacturer Temple Gate, Bristol
POWELL, Son & Co. Merchant (foreign Wool) 15 Thomas Street, Bristol
POWER Richard Master "The Swift" Bristol to Greenock & Glasgow
POWER Richard Tavern / Public House Three Sugar Loaves, Broad Quay,
POWIS The Hon Miss. Duncan House, Clifton, Bristol
PRATT William Tobacco Pipe Maker New Street, Bristol
PRATTEN Benjamin Boot & Shoe Maker (Wholesale) Stoke;s Croft, Bristol
PRATTEN Benjamin Leather Seller Stoke's Croft, Bristol
PRATTEN Charles Boot & Shoe Maker 4 Maryport Street, Bristol
PRATTEN Mark Boot & Shoe Maker Clarence Road, Bristol
PRATTEN Mark & William Currier / Leather Cutter 3 & 4 Newgate Street, Bristol
PRATTEN Stephen Teacher of Music Coulston Pl, Milk Street, Bristol
PRATTEN Thomas Blacksmith 123 Thomas St, Bristol
PRATTEN Thomas Carpenter / Builder East St, Bedminster, Bristol
PREATER James Carpenter / Builder Duke St Cottage, Kings Sq, Bristol
PREATER Peter Morris Wood & Ivory Turner 5 York Street, Milk St, Bristol
PREDDY Robert Baker 5 Maryport Street, Bristol
PREDIGER John Baker 65 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
PREECE Thomas Hollin Tavern / Public House Rose & Crown, Narrow Wine St,
PREECE William Clock Maker Little George Street, Bristol
PRESS Thomas Master "The Union Packet" Bristol to Watchet
PRESTON John Boot & Shoe Maker 10 Under The Bank, Bristol
PRICE Ann Mrs. 24 Trinity Street, Bristol
PRICE Betsey Miss 21 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
PRICE Charles Cutler 145 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PRICE Charles Ironmonger 145 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PRICE Charles & Son Stoneware Potters Thomas Street, Bristol
PRICE Francis Attorney 12 St John Street, Bristol
PRICE George Lancastrian School Red Cross St, Bristol
PRICE Jno. Stone & Marble Mason Portland Row, Portland Square
PRICE John Blacksmith West St, St Philip, Bristol
PRICE John Carpenter / Builder Stapleton, Bristol
PRICE John Master "The Friendship" Bristol to Watchet
PRICE John & Co. Engraver/Copper plate printer 17 Broad Street, Bristol
PRICE John & Co. Printer - Letter Press 17 Broad Street, Bristol
PRICE John & Co. Stationer 17 Broad Street, Bristol
PRICE John, Hny & Chas Iron Manufacturer wrought iron 11 Clare Street, Bristol
PRICE John, Hny & Chas Ironmonger & Stoves etc. 11 Clare Street, Bristol
PRICE Joseph Ironmonger 141 & 142 Thomas Street, Bristol
PRICE M.A. Mrs. 8 Frederick St, Clifton, Bristol
PRICE Philip Brass Founder 62 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
PRICE Philip Butcher Gloucester Lane, Bristol
PRICE Richard Barrister 28 Corn Street, Bristol
PRICE Robert Carpenter / Builder 16 College Green, Bristol
PRICE Stephen Esq. 5 Granby Place, Clifton, Bristol
PRICE Thomas Plasterer / Tiler / Painter The Friars, Bristol
PRICE William Kerby Wire Worker 35 King Street, Bristol
PRICHARD Miss 2 King's Parade, Rwedland, Bristol
PRICHARD & CROFT Oil Merchant 17 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PRICHARD Jas. Physician Red Lodge, Lodge Street, Bristol
PRICHARD Thomas & Son Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 20 High Street, Bristol
PRICHARD William Brewer Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
PRICHARD William Maltster Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
PRICHARD William E. Surgeon 17 College Green, Bristol
PRICHARDS & CROFT Oil & Colourman 17 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PRIDDY Mary Dress Maker 5 Montague Street, Bristol
PRIDEAUX, Son, SHAPLAND & MARKER Woollen Drapers 17 & 18 Wine Street, Bristol
PRIDEAUX, Son, SHAPLAND & MARKER Wholesale Silk Mercer 17 & 18 Wine Street, Bristol
PRIMROSE William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Lower Montague Street, Bristol
PRING Benjamin Tavern / Public House White Bear, St Michaels Hill,
PRING John Leather Factor Back St, Baldwin Street, Bristol
PRING William Tin Plate Worker 3 Barrs Street, Bristol
PRISKE Thomas Gent 10 Queen's Parade, Bristol
PRITCHARD Jos. Butcher 100 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
PRITCHARD Thomas Stationer 11 Union Street, Bristol
PRITCHARD William Coal Merchant Head of the Quay, Bristol
PRITTEN James Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Wilder St, Bristol
PRITTEN James jun Stone & Marble Mason Wilder Street, Bristol
PROCTOR Henry China, Glass &c Dealer 29 Wine Street, Bristol
PROSSER D. Master "The Ebenezer" Bristol to St Vincent
PROSSER George Blacksmith Pil, Bristol
PROSSER George Tavern / Public House New Inn, Pill, Bristol
PROSSER James Grocer / Tea Dealer 1 Horse Fair, Bristol
PROSSER Jos. Day School Meadow St, St Paul's Bristol
PROSSER Thomas Tavern / Public House Three Compasses, Jacob St, St Philp
PROTHEROE & BROWN Timber Merchant & Dealer Butts Wharf, Bristol
PROTHEROE Fredk & Jas. Merchant Denmark Street, Bristol
PROTHEROE James Master "The Acorn" Bristol to Carmarthen
PROTHEROE John Hat manufacturer / Dealer 38 Bridge Street, Bristol
PROTHEROE Philip & Geo Merchant (West INdia) Berkeley Square, Park St, Bristol
PROTHEROE Thos Skyrme Esq. 3 Dowry Parade, Hotwells, Bristol
PROTHEROE William Merchant Park Row, Bristol
PROUT William Hairdresser 1 Lower College Street, Bristol
PROWLIN John Tavern / Public House Bell, Broad Weir, Bristol
PROWSE James Surgeon St James' Barton, Bristol
PRUST Stephen Merchant King Street, Queen's Sq, Bristol
PUGH David Hot Well Spring Baths New Pump Rooms, Hotwells, Bristol
PUGH William Stone & Marble Mason 11 Small Street, Bristol
PUGSLEY Charles Tavern / Public House Globe Cellars, St Nicholas St,
PULLEN John Butcher 35 Broadmead, Bristol
PULLMAN William Chas. Baker 41 Guines Street, Bristol
PULMAN James Boarding / Lodging House 3 Alfred Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
PULSFORD Abraham Tavern / Public House White Hart, Upper Maudlin Lane
PUMMELL William Tavern / Public House Star, Under the Bank, Bristol
PURCELL John Minature Painter 4 Granby Place, Bristol
PURNELL Ann Ladies' Boarding School 34 Richmonmd Terr, Clifton, Bristol
PURNELL Elizabeth Straw Hat Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
PURNELL John Day School 32 Milk Street, Bristol
PURNELL Priscilla Shopkeeper / Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
PURNELLS & Co. Tobacco & Snuff maker 119 & 120 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PURNELLS & Co. Vineger Maker 119 & 120 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PURTON Christopher Esq. 51 Royal York Crescent, Bristol
PYKE Walter Gent. Portland Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
PYNE James Landscape Artist 20 Small Street, Bristol
PYNE John Boot & Shoe Maker 32 Redcliff Street, Bristol
PYNE Thomas B. Accountant 21 Denmark Street, Bristol
PYNE Thomas B. Register Offices for Servants 21 Denmark Street, Bristol
QUARMAN Jos. Wood Turner 23 Lewins Mead, Bristol
QUICK & BROOKS Carpenter / Builder Redcross Street, Bristol
QUICK Paul Master "The Jane" Bristol to Falmouth & Truro
QUICK William Silversmith / Jeweller 3 Broad St & 13 St John St,Bristol
QUICK William (old) Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 91 Old Market Street, Bristol
QUINIAN Ann Straw Hat Maker 20 Castle Street, Bristol
QUINTON Henry Chidgey Timber Merchant & Dealer 42 Welsh Back, Bristol
QUIRE James Tailor 46 Thomas Street, Bristol
RACSTER William Attorney 3 Exchange Buildings, Bristol
RADCLIFFE Elizabeth Lady 13 Royal York Cres,Clifton,Bristol
RAE J. Master "The Clarendon" Bristol to Jamaica
RAFFEL John Carrier White Hart, Old Market St, Bristol
RAINSFORD C. Miss 8 Paragon, Clifton, Bristol
RAKE William Shopkeeper / Dealer Hillgrove Street, Bristol
RAKE William & Thomas Confectioner 23 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
RAMSTLER C.F. Rev. United Bretheren (Moravians) Upper Maudlin Street, Bristol
RAMSTLER Christian F. Revd. Upper Maudlin Lane. Bristol
RAND Elizabeth Mrs. 46 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
RANDALL Miss 2 Portland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
RANDALL James Carpenter / Builder 55 Milk Street, Bristol
RANDALL M. Mrs. 9 Dowry Square, Hotwells, Bristol
RANDALL Thomas Baker Bath Parade, Temple Gate, Bristol
RANDLE William Merchant Charlotte St, Queen's Sq, Bristol
RANDOLPH Francis Revd. Lower College Green, Bristol
RANKEN Charles Revd. Brislington, Bristol
RANKEN M. Mrs. 7 Windsorter, Clifton, Bristol
RANKIN Mrs. & Miss Ladies' Boarding School Park House, Clifton, Bristol
RANKIN Robert British Wine Manufacturer 10 Corn Street, Bristol
RANKIN Robert Fire Office - Bristol Union 10 Corn Street, Bristol
RANKIN Thomas Merchant Quay Street, Bristol
RANKIN Thomas Wine & Spirit Merchant Quay Street, Bristol
RANKS Joseph Blacksmith Limekiln Lane, Bristol
RANSFORD Thos & Edward Hat manufacturer / Dealer 21 Wine Street, Bristol
RANSFORD William Hat manufacturer / Dealer 19 Wine Street, Bristol
RANTON & TOZER Ladies' School 108 Thomas Street, Bristol
RATCLIFF Thomas W. Esq. 28 Berkeley Sq, Bristol
RAWLE John Umbrella & Parasol Maker 16 Union Street, Bristol
RAWLE Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker 75 Broad Quay, Bristol
RAWLE William Boot & Shoe Maker 4 Castle Green Bristol
RAWLES Ann Boot & Shoe Maker 51 Redcliff Street, Bristol
RAXWORTHY Thomas Tanner River Street, Bristol
RAY Thomas Pilot Pill, Bristol
RAY William Pilot Pill, Bristol
RAYNER Eliz. & Eliza Day School 74 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
READ Charles Tavern / Public House Britannia, St Nicholas St, Bristol
READ Henry Boarding / Lodging House Freeland House, Clifton, Bristol
READER Emily & Fanny Child Bed Linen Warehouse 16 Wine Street, Bristol
READHALL Job Tin Plate Worker 99 Temple Street, Bristol
RED Jacob Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Canynge St, Portwall La, Bristol
REDMAN J. Tavern / Public House Waggon & Horses, Redcliff Hill
REECE Jacob Shopkeeper / Dealer Colston St, Redcliff Mead, Bristol
REECE James Cooper 5 Anchor Lane, Bristol
REED Charles Eating House Keeper St Nicholas Street, Bristol
REED Charles Wine & Spirit Merchant 2 Charlotte St, Queens Square
REED Elizabeth Milliner 2 High Street, Bristol
REED Elizabeth Milliner 13 Caroline Row, Hotwells, Bristol
REED Francis Butcher 37 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
REED John Painter - House, Sign Etc 5 Old Park, Bristol
REED John Pilot Pill, Bristol
REED Thomas Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 17 Merchant Street, Bristol
REED Thomas Tavern / Public House Three Jolly Coopers, St James Back
REED William Boot & Shoe Maker 16 Park Square, Bristol
REED William Esq. Kingsdown Parade, Bristol
REED William Pilot Pill, Bristol
REES Baptist Minister Welch Baptist, Blackfriars, Bristol
REES & WILLIAMS Porter & Bottle Liquor Merchan 3 St Augustins Place, Bristol
REES David Master "The Good Hope" Bristol to Aberavon
REES Elizabeth Register Offices for Servants 4 St Augustins Place, Bristol
REES George Linen Dealer & Mercer 45 Wine Street, Bristol
REES Griffith Master "The Neath Trader" Bristol to Neath
REES James Gent. 14 Dean Street, Bristol
REES James Master "The Betsey" Bristol to Tenby
REES John Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 53 Wine Street, Bristol
REES John Boot & Shoe Maker Redcross Street, Bristol
REES John Brightsmith & Bellhanger Granby Hill, Clifton, Bristol
REES John Library & Reading Rooms 53 Wine Street, Bristol
REES William Breeches maker & Glover 62 Broad Street, Bristol
REES William Carpenter / Builder Hotwell Road, Bristol
REES William Master "The James" Bristol to Tenby
REES William Tavern / Public House Three Cups, 21 Welsh Back, Bristol
REES William Lee Lieut. Church Lane, Bristol
REEVES William Shopkeeper / Dealer Salmon St, Kingsdown, Bristol
REID James Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 7 Corn Street, Bristol
RENDLE John Shopkeeper / Dealer Redcross Street, Bristol
RENNISON John Cold Baths Stoke's Croft, Bristol
RENNISON William Tavern / Public House White Lion, St James Back, Bristol
RENNOLDS Samuel Superintendent of Coal Mines Bedminster, Bristol
REVELL Henry Silver Plater 19 Queens Parade, Bristol
REYNOLDS Jos. Esq. St Michael's Hill, Bristol
REYNOLDS Thomas Haberdasher 32 Wine Street, Bristol
REYNOLDS Thomas & Geo. Cutler 141 Redcliff Street, Bristol
REYNOLDS Thomas & Geo. Ironmonger 141 Redcliff Street, Bristol
REYNOLDS William Plumber , Painter & Glazier Limekiln Dock, Bristol
REYNOLDS William Soap & Candle Maker 18 Union Street, Bristol
RICE John Currier / Leather Cutter 3 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
RICE John Teacher of Dancing 20 Hillgrove Street, Bristol
RICH John Tanner Redcross Street, Bristol
RICH Richard Master "The Bristol Packet" Bristol to Dartmouth & Exeter
RICH Samuel Tavern / Public House Queens Head, 25 Redcliff St,Bristol
RICH Thomas Butcher Broad Weir, Bristol
RICHARDS George Carpenter / Builder Redcliff Hill, Bristol
RICHARDS George Porter & Bottle Liquor Merchan 1 & 2 Castle Green, Bristol
RICHARDS George Vineger Dealer 1 & 2 Castle Green, Bristol
RICHARDS Henry Master "The Milford Packet" Bristol to Milford & Haverfordwest
RICHARDS Henry Master "The Supple" Bristol to Milford & Haverfordwest
RICHARDS John Brewer (Retail) Somerset Terrace, Bedminster
RICHARDS John Gent. 18 Paul St, Kingsdown, Bristol
RICHARDS John Master "The Ann" Market Boat to Monmouth
RICHARDS John Master "The Cambrian Packet" Bristol to Milford & Haverfordwest
RICHARDS John Master "The Grace" Bristol to Dartmouth & Exeter
RICHARDS Martin Master "The Ann" Bristol to Padstow
RICHARDS Samuel Gent. St Michael's Hill, Bristol
RICHARDS Sarah Grocer / Tea Dealer 1 Sion Place, Clifton, Bristol
RICHARDS Thomas Carpenter / Builder Marlborough Street, Bristol
RICHARDS Thomas Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 14 Charles St, St James, Bristol
RICHARDS William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Upper Wells Street, Bristol
RICHARDSON & BOARD Chymist / Druggist 31 Corn Street, Bristol
RICHARDSON & BOARD Druggist Wholesale 9 Small Street, Bristol
RICHARDSON & BOARD Oil & Colourman 9 Small Street, Bristol
RICHARDSON Eliz. Earthenware Dealer Paul St, KIngsdown, Bristol
RICHARDSON George Gent. Nelson's Buildings, Bristol
RICHARDSON Henry Tavern / Public House Horse & Jockey, Broadmead,Bristol
RICHARDSON John & Wm. Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 6 Clare Street, Bristol
RICHARDSON Thomas Gent. 27 Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
RICHARDSON Thomas Treasurer -Mechanics Institute Princes Street, Bristol
RICHARDSON William Brightsmith & Bellhanger Castle Mill St, Bristol
RICHBALL Mary&Harriet Boarding / Lodging House Sion House, Clifton, Bristol
RICKARD Edward Carpenter / Builder Tower Lane, Bristol
RICKARDS & BUTCHER Wholesale Grocer. 25 Welsh Back, Bristol
RICKETTS Henry & Co. Glass Manufacturer Temple Gate, & Chesse Lane,
RICKETTS, LEONARD, RICKETTS & Co. Tobacco & Snuff 33 Maryport Street, Bristol
RICKMAN George Linen Dealer 37 Wine Street, Bristol
RIDDEL Elizabeth Dress Maker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
RIDDLE C. Mrs. 31 Lower Cres, Clifton, Bristol
RIDDLE Henry Attorney 30 Broad Street, Bristol
RIDDLE Isaac Auctioneer / Appraiser 32 Broad Quay, Bristol
RIDDLE Jacob Wheelwright Kilkenny, St Philips, Bristol
RIDDLE Jos. Brimble Provision Factor 78 Old Market Street, Bristol
RIDDLE Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker 3 Welsh Back, Bristol
RIDDLE Mary Mrs. 4 Queen's Parade, Bristol
RIDDLE Mary Ann Inn / Hotel Keeper The White Hart, 9 Old Market St.
RIDDLE Ths & HOOPER & HERBERT Lead Manufascturer Avon St, St Philip's, Bristol
RIDDLE Wm. & Isaac Brightsmith & Bellhanger 32 Broad Quay, Bristol
RIDDLE Wm. & Isaac Ironmonger 32 Broad Quay, Bristol
RIDER James Brass Founder Mitchells Lane, Thomas St, Bristol
RIDER Jos. Boot & Shoe Maker & Wholesale 27 Castle Street, Bristol
RIDGWAY, GREEN & Co. Merchant 12 Nelson Street, Bristol
RIDLER Fanny Stay Maker Hanover Street, Bristol
RIDLER Thomas Tea Dealer 1 All Saints Street, Bristol
RIGHTON John Hardwareman 9 & 10 Bridge Street, Bristol
RIGHTON John Ironmonger 9 & 10 Bridge Street, Bristol
RILEY Henry Physician 18 Berkeley Square, Bristol
RING Ann Morley Tea Dealer 15 Bath Street, Bristol
RING Elizabeth & Co. China, Glass &c Dealer 8 High Street, Bristol
RING Richard Frank Coal Merchant Pottery Wharf, Temple Back, Bristol
RING Richard Frank Tobacco Pipe Maker Ohio Manufactury, Temple Back
RING Robert M. Lime Burner Water Lane, Temple St, Bristol
RINGER William Agent Hope Insurance 22 High Street, Bristol
Surnames ABBOT to DUFFETT Surnames ABBOT to DUFFETT     Surnames DUFETT to JOSEPH Surnames DUFETT to JOSEPH           Surnames RINGER to ZINCRAFT Surnames RINGER to ZINCRAFT

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand in January 1994]