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Help and advice for Bristol Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1679

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Bristol Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1679

(Regretfully Incomplete)


This list was published originally in Gloucestershire Notes & Queries, vol. X, No. 91, April-June 1914.
Only pages 97 and 100-101 have been transcribed at the present time.

This transcription by Rosemary Lockie © 2001


26 Mar. 13 PERKINS, Thomas, Bristol. LEWIS, Mary, Castle precincts.
27 Mar. 11 STRATTON, William, Chew Magna, Somerset. GRIGG, Elizabeth, St. James.
28 Mar. 8 JONES, Morgan, Bremhill, Somerset. HURLLE, Anne, Redcliffe.
29 Mar. 8 ROWLAND, John, Bristol. OULDBURY, Elizabeth, Temple.
30 Mar. 18 LORD, John, Bristol. PAPNELL, Mary, St. Thomas
31 Apr. 23 HARRIS, John, Yatton, Somerset HILL, Hannah, w., St. Thomas.
32 Apr. 22 BISDEY, Edward, Bristol. FISHER, Mary, St. Michael.
33 Apr. 22 EATON, Thomas, Bristol. CANNONS, Elizabeth, w., Temple.
34 Apr. 18 EDWARDS, Shershar, Bristol. TONEY, Elizabeth, St. Stephen.
35 Apr. 17 MALLET, Samuel, w., Rockhampton, Glouc. DOWDINGE, Mary, Wootton, Gloucester.
36 Apr. 17 LONDON, Charles, Bristol. STATUM, Mary, St. Michael.
37 Apr. 16 MOSELEY, John, w., Bristol. WILLIAMS, Mary, w., St. Stephen.
38 Apr. 14 BIRD, William, Worcester. BELCHER, Elizabeth, St. Mary Port.
39 Apr. 14 WILCOX, John, w., Winver, Somerset. BROAD, Hester, -.
40 Apr. 11 BARNES, John, Bristol. PHILLIPS, Elizabeth, St Stephen.
41 Apr. 23 SAUNDERS, Valentine, Bristol. SMYTH, Mary, -.
42 Apr. 10 COKAYNE, Thomas, Bristol. MORGAN, Elizabeth, St. Stephen.
43 Apr. 1 HARTNELL, John, Bristol. TAYLARD, Sarah, Temple.
44 Apr. 8 HOWELLS, Joshua, Bristol. ANDREWS, Elizabeth, St. Phillip.
45 May 30 HITCHINGS, Nathan, Aust, Gloucester. CHURCHMAN, Catherine, Aust, Gloucester.
86 Aug. 6 WARREN, Benjamin, Bristol. GOUGH, Hanah, St. James.
87 Aug. 6 HERD, William, Bristol. MASON, Mary, St. Stephen.
88 Aug. 9 HIDE, Richard, Bristol. PIMFIELD, Sarah, w., St. Augustin.
89 Aug. 11 DONNE, John, St. Augustine. LEGG, Sarah, St. Augustine.
90 Aug. 11 WATKINS, Thomas, Bristol. GORE, Ann, Temple.
91 Aug. 13 KING, George, Lawfords Gate, Gloucester. HAYWARD, Bridgett, St. Michael.
92 Aug. 14 SANDFORD, Richard, St. Thomas. REDWOOD, Esther, St. Thomas.
93 Aug. 19 BATCHELAUR, John, Bristol. FRENCH, Honnor, St. Nicholas.
94 Aug. 24 DOLMAN, Thomas, w., Christ Church. BROAD, Anne, w., Christ Church.
95 Aug. 23 HODGES, Hercules, Clifton. FORD, Mary, w., -.
96 Aug. 25 SMITH, Benjamin, Lawfords Gate, Gloucester. LEWIS, Anne, Christ Church.
97 Aug. 26 HODGES, William, Cardiff, Glamorgan. EVANS, Bridgett, -.
98 Aug. 27 YEAMANS, John, St. Mary Redcliffe. GARLAND, alias TOVEY, Thomasine, St. Mary Redcliffe.
99 Aug. 30 BAKER, John, Wickwick, Gloucester. HANCOCK, Martha, Olveston.
100 Sep. 1 DOWLE, John, Bristol. GRIFFITH, Alice, Westbury.
101 Sep. 6 CROUCH, Godfrey, Bristol. LLOYD, Jane, Temple.
102 Sep. 15 SIMS, John, St. George, Somerset. NICHOLLS, Joane, w., Westbury upon Trim.
103 Sep. 10 BOUCHER, Christopher, St. John Baptist. PAYTON, Dinah, St. John Baptist.
104 Sep. 25 SAUNDERS, John, Almondsbury. STEVENS, Anne, Almondsbury.
105 Sep. 27 HAYES, Briant, All Souls. DUDLESTON, Alice, All Saints.
106 Sep. 30 EVANS, Thomas, St. Mary Redcliff. HAYTER, Elizabeth. St. Mary Redcliff.
107 Oct. 2 SILKE, Edward, Westbury upon Trim. PAINE, Mary, -.
108 Oct. 8 COLLETT, John, London. COLLETT, Abigail, St. Augustin.
109 Oct. 10 DAPWELL, John, Bristol. WOOD, Edborow, -.
110 Oct. 8 DAVIES, Stephen. Bristol. ENGLAND, Rachael, -.
111 Oct. 21 BEAMES, Ralph, St. Augustin. HAWKINS, Mary, St. Augustin.
112 Oct. 30 SHORE, John, w., Bristol. LEGG, Jane, St. Augustin.
113 Oct. 23 CHILD, Thomas, St. Mary Redcliff. WALTER, Elinor, St. Augustin.
114 Nov. 29 CARLISLE, John, St. Thomas. MARTIN, Mary, St. Thomas.
115 Nov. 22 GILBERT, Henry, St. Mary Port. JACKSON, Anne, w., St. Mary Port.
116 Nov. 22 DAPWELL, Thomas, All Saints. PARSONS, Grace, All Saints.
117 Nov. 15 WILLIAMS, Edward, Bristol. MEREDITH, Elizabeth, w., St. Nicholas.
118 Nov. 15 PARSONS, John, Castle precincts. WATKINS, Alleston, Bristol.
119 Nov. 15 BARRY, David, St. Stephen. SALISBURY, Mary, St. Stephen.
120 Nov. 11 MERRICKE, William, w., Bristol. BAUGH, Sarah, w., Bristol.
121 Nov. 11 BAYLEY, John, Box, Wilts. PITCHER, Elizabeth, w., -.
122 Nov. 7 TUCKER, Samuel, Bristol. WATHEN, Mary, St. Phillip.
123 Nov. 6 ROGERS, William, w., Temple. WOOD, Joyce, w., Temple.
124 Nov. 1 TYLLEY, John, Barton Regis. GRAY, Elizabeth, w., -.


[Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie 28th August 2001]