Bristol, Gloucestershire


Names extracted from 'Bristol Postscripts'

by George H. GIBBS, Lord Mayor's secretary, Bristol. 1947

The details on this page have been extracted from the book, 'Bristol Postscripts', by George H. GIBBS, Lord Mayor's secretary, Bristol (1947). The information was compiled exclusively from this publication by Tom Miller of Oakville, Ontario, Canada in September 1993.
Anne Queen visited Bristol in 1702 24
B-----e Rev. Mr. CAREW accosted him in Castle Street 45
BARKER Alderman W.R owned about 24 different Arms (Bristol) 33,35
BARROW R.G. Mayor of Bristol, 1852 113
BIDDULPH Rev., Mr. vicar of St.James, 1823 57
BIRD Edward (1772-1819) painter of Princess Caraboo 93
BIRD   painter of 'George III' 102
BISHOP George friend of Edward PYOT 82
BLACKWELL Jonathan was a wealthy Vintner 12
BLACKWELL Jonathan one of the Sheriffs of Bristol C1652 11
BLACKWELL Jonathan improved Christmas Steps, 1669 11-16
BRIGHT Richard owner of a house in Gt,George St., 1829 63
BURKE Edmund Bristol MP in 1774 52
BURKE Edmund painted by Sir Joshua REYNOLDS 102
BYRDE William presented Loving Cup, son of Wm.BYRDE 110-114
BYRDE William Mayor of Bristol, 1589 110-114
CANN Sir Robt. Mayor of Bristol before Sir John KNIGHT 78
CAREW Mr. father of Bammfylde, rector of Bickley 42
CAREW Polly wife of Bamfylde 42
CAREW Bamfylde Moore born in 1693 42-46
Charles II King visited Bristol about 1663 78
CHRISTMAS Richard mentioned in BLACKWELL's will 12
CHURCHILL Rt.Hon Winston Freeman of Bristol, 21 April 1945 50-51
CLARENCIEUX King of Arms granted Bristol a Crest, c1569 31
CLARK T.D. printed SMITHs preaching pamphlet, 1823 54
CLERKE Clementina pupil at Selina MILLS school 36-41
CLERKE Clementina eloped to Gretna Green, 19 March 1791 38
COCK Aaron a trader of St.Johns, Newfoundland 43-44
CROMWELL   dismantling of Bristol Castle, 1656 23
CROMWELL Lord Richard expected to visit Bath, 1658 61
CRUGER Henry Bristol MP in 1774 52
DANIEL Mr. Alderman empowered to deal with BRIGHT, 1829 63
de la WARRE The Barons founded a Chantry before 1277 14
DELAMOTTE   watercolour of Christmas Steps, 1825 15
DIMOND William Wyatt of the King Street Theatre 90
DRAKE Sir Francis bowling at Plymouth Hoe 21
DUNNING John Recorder of Bristol 102
Edward III King conferred the town Charter (1373?) 33
Elizabeth I Queen visited Bristol in 1574 18
ELTON Sir Abraham owner of house in St.James's Barton 63
EVANS Cdr. of Nailsea Court, restored the Chairs 103
FARE A.C. painting of House in St.James's Barton 62
FARGUS Mr. Auctioneer, 1836 66
FARLEY Felix the Bristol Journal, c 1800 70
FARLEY Felix wrote of Mrs SIDDONS c 1782 87
FARLEY Felix wrote of the benefit performances 92
FITZHARDING Robert endowment of the Abbey by 17
FOSTER John Mayor of Bristol, 1481 12
FOWNES John gave a sum to the Corporation, 1609 19-21
FOX George founder of the Quakers 80-81
Francis I Emperor   71
FREEMAN Mr. the Stranger's friend Society 97
GARRARD Thos. Chamberlain, c1831 102
GARRICK David actor, at Drury Lane, London 83
George Prince tried the Charvolant carriage 75
GEORGE James Mayor of Bristol, 1823 59-60
George IV King demonstation of the Charvolant, 1828 73
GIBBES Henry Mayor of Bristol, C1652 11
GIBBS Vicary Recorder of Bristol, 1794 40
GIBBS Sir Vicary Recorder of Bristol 102
GIBBS George H. Author of this book, Mayors Sec. 1947 n/a
GLASSE Rev. treatise dedicated to Hannah MORE 71
GORDON William entrusted with OGILVIEs affairs 38
GRACE Henry Mills married Martha POCOCK in 1931 77
GRACE W.G. grandson of George POCOCK 77
GWIN Paul 'a rude baptist' c1656 81
HABERFIELD J.K. Mayor of Bristol, 16 July 1838 60
HARFORD James owner of the corner residence, Queens Sq 63
HAWKINS John Mayor of Bristol, 1702 24
HAYTHORNE Aldmn., John Mayor of Bristol, 1817 93
HOOKE Sir Humphrey occupied the 'great house on the Marsh' 19
IVES James stole the c16 silver salver, 1831 100
JACKSON Mr. painting of The Mansion House, 1825 64
JAMES Gilbert S. Lord Mayor of Bristol, 1946-47 n/a
KEITH Rev. Mr. former owner of the POCOCK school 72
KEMBLE Sarah born 1755, married Wm SIDDONS at age 18 83
KERSLAKE Thomas of Clevedon, bequeathed painting to City 93
KING R.P. Mayor of Bristol, 1844 113
KITCHEN Robert made a gift of the Salver to the city 102
KNIGHT Sir John Mayor of Bristol, 1663-4 78-82
LATIMER   'the bowling green was new made', C1656 21
LAWRENCE Thomas painter of 'The Duke of Portland' 102
Le FREULIN Madamoiselle illegitimate daughter of Francis I 71
LUNSFORD Col. fell at the Siege of Bristol, 1643 16
LYDIATE The Merchant paid CAREW 7/10/00 44-45
MACKWORTH Maj. escaped with PINNEY & WETHERALL 107-109
MILLARD J. made a map of the city, 1673 12,20
MILLS Selina Opened a girls school, January 1790 36-41
MORE Hannah riding near Flax Bourton, c1776 68-71
MORE Hannah retired from boarding school, 1790 36
MUGLEWORTH Peter Swordbearer (1725-1735) 114
NEALE Mrs. Caraboo lodged with her in Bristol 96-97
OGILVIE   uncle of Clementina CLERKE 36
OSBORNE Jeremiah solicitor, pleaded for his father, 1746 52
OSBORNE Joseph father of Jeremiah, 1746 52
PALMER John proprietor of Theatres at Bath & Bristol 83-85
PAVEY John Swordbearer in Knivesmith St., C1532 14
PAYNE Charles Chief Magistrate of the City, c1836 66
PAZELY Mr. 'minister' at Gretna Green 39-41
PEEL Sir Robert wished to acquire the Salver 102
PENN Admiral distinguished in the conquest of Jamaica 80
PEPYS Samuel visited Alderman BLACKWELL, 1660 12
PERRY Richard Vining Eloped to Gretna Green, 19 March 1791 38
PERRY Clementina died in poverty in Bath c1812 41
PERRY Richard Vining emigrated Jamaica, assumed name OGILVIE 41
PERRY Richard Vining lived with his sister at 19, The Barton 36
PHIPPEN Mr. drank from the Loving Cup, c1854 113
PINNEY Charles Mayor of Bristol, 1831 65,99-109
POCOCK George opened a boarding school, 1795 72
POCOCK George Schoolmaster and Inventor 72-77
POCOCK George inventor of the Charlovant 73
POCOCK Martha youngest daughter of George, m.H.M.GRACE 77
POPE Aldermn John should have been Mayor in 1663-4 78-79
PRICE James a fletcher, permitted to trade 47
PROCTOR Alderman gave Elmdale House to the City, 1874 66
PYOT Edward Freeman of Brsitol, imprisoned by KNIGHT 80-82
REEDE Dr. vicar of St.Nicholas, C1699 22
REYNOLDS Sir Joshua painter of 'Edmund BURKE' 102
RICART   description of the Marsh 17,31
ROQUES J. map of Bristol, 1742 25,27
ROWBOTHAM T.S. painting of Silver Street 58
ROWBOTHAM   painting of Queens Square, 1827 28
ROWBOTHAM T.S. painting of St.James Churchyard, 1826 55
RYSBRACK   statue of William III, 1731 27,28
SCHUBART Mr. restorer painting of Princess Caraboo 93
SHAW J.G. Mayor of Bristol, c1854 112
SIDDONS Wm. Married Sarah KEMBLE 83
SIDDONS Sarah actress, of Bristol c1780 83-88
SMITH Rev. G.C. minister of the Gospel, 1823 54-60
SMITH Henry of Prince St., rescued a sword, 1831 100
STEEPLE James house, which was in the (St.James) fair 79
STEWART James made drawing of St.Michael's steps 1750 10
STREAMER Sheriff freed women with child from the prison 80
TAYLOR Mr. presenter of a benefit performance, 1801 90-91
TOWNSEND   a gardener, gaev untrustworthy evidence 107
VANBRUGH Sir John builder of Kings Weston 23
VANDYKE   painter of 'The Earl of Pembroke' 102
WEEKS John landlord of 'The Bush Inn', 1791 39, 89-92
WESLEY Mr. preacher 45-46
WETHERALL Sir Charles Recorder of Bristol, 1831 99, 105-09
WHITFIELD Mr. Preacher 45-46
WILKINSON Dr. interested himself in the Caraboo case 96
WILLIAMS Mr. a Goldsmith, restored the Salver 100-102
WOOD John of Bath, builder of The Exchange 23
WORRALL Samuel a magistrate of the county 95-98
WORRALL Mrs. sypathized with 'Princess Caraboo' 95-98
WREN Christopher   23
YEARSLEY Mrs Ann the Bristol Milkwoman, c 1776 69



The book also contains the following illustrations: page #
Sir Charles effected an exchange of dress frontispiece
St Michael's Hill Steps, 1750 10
Queen Street, 1761 13
Christmas Steps 15
The Marsh, 1673 (from Millerds Map) 20
Queen Square, 1742 (from Roques' Map) 25
Queen Square, 1827 28
16th Century coat of Arms 30
The Common Seal, 1216 32
Pommel of 14th Century sword 34
Park Street, 1825 37
Oath of a Burgess 49
Rt Hon Winston Churchill becomes Hon Freeman 51
St James's Churchyard, 1826 55
Silver Street 58
Proposed Mansion House, St James's Barton 62
The Mansion House, Queen Square 64
George Pocock and his Charvolant 74
Theatre Royal, King Street 84
Princess Caraboo 94
16th Century Salver and Ewer 101
Reverse side of Salver 104
Exalted Characters 108
The Grace Cup 112


[Compiled by Tom Miller of Oakville, Ontario, Canada in September 1993]