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Help and advice for Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

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Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993


RINGER William Tobacco & Snuff Maker 22 High Street, Bristol
RIPPINGALE Alexander Minature Artist 8 Lower Crescent, Bristol
RIPPON Robert Baker 10 Milk Street, Bristol
RITSON Charles Hat manufacturer / Dealer 3 Dolphin Street, Bristol
RITTERBANDT Henry Working Jeweller 14 Upper Arcade, Bristol
ROACH James Tailor Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
ROACH John Brick & tile Maker Easton Road, Bristol
ROACH Margaret Shopkeeper / Dealer Hills Bridge Parade, Bristol
ROBE Edward Master Pilot Pill, Bristol
ROBERTS Misses 1 Windsor Terr, Clifton, Bristol
ROBERTS & FRY Livery Stables Keeper St Michael's Hill, Bristol
ROBERTS Arthur Tobacco Pipe Maker George Street, Bristol
ROBERTS Benjamin Venetian Blind Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
ROBERTS Emma Miss Park buildings, Bristol
ROBERTS Hester Boarding / Lodging House 43 Queen's Square, Bristol
ROBERTS Isaac Bookbinder Taylor's Court, Broad St, Bristol
ROBERTS John Boot & Shoe Maker Waterloo Place, Clifton, Bristol
ROBERTS John & Co. Brick & tile Maker Hill's Bridge wharf, Temple Gate
ROBERTS John & Co. Coal Merchant Hill's Bridge Wharf, nr Temple Gate
ROBERTS John & Co. Lime Burner Hills-Bridge Wharf nr Temple Gate
ROBERTS Joseph Shopkeeper / Dealer Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
ROBERTS Samuel Grocer / Tea Dealer Paul St, Kingsdown, Bristol
ROBERTS Thomas Hop Factor / Dealer 8 Peter Street, Bristol
ROBERTS Thomas Revd. St James Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
ROBERTS Thomas Tobacco Pipe Maker George Street, Bristol
ROBERTS Thomas Rev. Baptist Minster Old King Street, Bristol
ROBERTS William Blacksmith Durdham Down, Bristol
ROBERTS William Master "The John" Bristol to Plymouth
ROBERTS William Pawnbroker 5 College Street, Bristol
ROBERTSON & FOTHERGILL Iron Merchants / Ironmonger Temple Street, Bristol
ROBERTSON & Sons Sailmaker Grove, Bristol
ROBERTSON Eliz. Milliner 10 Portland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
ROBERTSON Thomas Livery Stables Keeper 10 Portland Pl , Clifton, Bristol
ROBINSON Richard Esq. Richmond Cottage, Clifton, Bristol
ROBINSON Richard Jun Merchant (West India) Grove, Bristol
ROBINSON William Carpenter / Builder Clifton Place, Clifton, Bristol
ROBLYN Thomas Surgeon Dove House, Dowry Square, Bristol
ROCH Nicholas Esq. 1 Berkeley Sq, Bristol
ROCH Nicholas Glue Maker Houlton St, Frome Bridge, Bristol
ROCH Nicholas Parchment & Vellum Maker Houlton Street, Bristol
ROCH Richard Esq. 30 Portland Sq, Bristol
ROCHE William Merchant (Commission) Quay Head, Bristol
ROCHE William & Co Shipping Agent Quay Head, Bristol
ROCKE John, PANTER Co. Vineger Maker Houlton Street, Bristol
ROCKE Susan Mrs. 4 Portland Sq, Bristol
RODMAN Henry Apparitor Ecclesiastical Court 28 Broad Street, Bristol
ROE Charles Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer 122 Redcliff Street, Bristol
ROE Charles Hop Factor / Dealer 122 Redcliff Street, Bristol
ROE Mary & Jane Milliner 23 Queens Square, Bristol
ROGERS --- Dep Reg. - Ecclesiastical Court 28 Broad Street, Bristol
ROGERS David Master "The Amity" Bristol to Cardiff
ROGERS Francis Carpenter / Builder Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
ROGERS George Attorney 14 College Green, Bristol
ROGERS George Boot & Shoe Maker 23 Paul Street, Bristol
ROGERS James Carpenter / Builder Clifton Hill, Bristol
ROGERS James Tavern / Public House General Draper, St Vincents Pl,
ROGERS James Tavern / Public House Castle & Ball, Lower Castle Street
ROGERS John Tailor 4 Paul St, Kingsdown, Bristol
ROGERS John Tavern / Public House Cat & Wheel, Castle Green Bristol
ROGERS Mary Day School Hotwell Road, Bristol
ROGERS Miss Ladies' Boarding School 3 Royal York Cres, Clifton, Bristol
ROGERS Samuel S. Attorney 14 College Green, Bristol
ROGERS Samuel S. Proctor - Ecclesiastical Court 28 Broad Street, Bristol
ROGERS Stephen Ladies'Boot & Shoe Maker 1 Wine Street, Bristol
ROGERS William Coach Maker College Place, Bristol
ROGERS William Maltster Christmas Street, Bristol
ROGERS William Shopkeeper / Dealer 7 Castle Green Bristol
ROGERS William & Son Iron Boiler Maker Redfield Place, Bristol
ROGERS William Howard Tailor 5 High Street, Bristol
ROLFE William D. Surgeon St Augustins Place, Bristol
ROOM William Chair Maker Meadow Street, Bristol
ROOM, GRAZEBROOK & Co. Iron Manufacturer Marsh Street, Bristol
ROOM, GRAZEBROOK & Co. Iron Merchants / Ironmonger 19 Head of the Quay, Bristol
ROOM, GRAZEBROOK & Co. Ironmonger - Furnishing 20 Clare Street, Bristol
ROOTSEY Samuel Chymist / Druggist 6 North Street, Bristol
ROOTSEY Samuel Oil of Vitriol Makers 6 North Street, Bristol
ROSE Philip Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 20 Broadmead, Bristol
ROSE Philip Library 20 Broadmead, Bristol
ROSE Philip Printer - Letter Press 20 Broadmead, Bristol
ROSEVEAR John Gent. Clarence Road, Bristol
ROSEWELL Esau Boarding / Lodging House Park Row, Bristol
ROSEWELL Esau Carpenter / Builder Horfield Rd, St Michael's Hill
ROSSER Charles Shopkeeper / Dealer 3 Pipe Lane, Bristol
ROSSER Robert Boarding / Lodging House 9 Meridian Place, Clifton, Bristol
ROSSER William Spirit Dealer - Retail 74 Redcliff Street, Bristol
ROSSITER Charles Tavern / Public House Old England Tavern, Rennisons Bath
ROSSITER James Tavern / Public House Bell, 44 Welsh Back, Bristol
ROSSITER Moses Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker Penn Street, Bristol
ROSSITER Robert Spirit Dealer - Retail Lawrence Hill, Bristol
ROTHCHILD Joseph Clothes, &c, Salesmen 35 Redcliff Street, Bristol
ROUCH Thomas & Son Timber Merchant & Dealer Milk St & Canons Marsh, Bristol
ROUE George Boot & Shoe Maker 14 St John Street, Bristol
ROULLRIGHT John Tavern / Public House Ship, Limekiln Lane, Bristol
ROUSE James Tavern / Public House Boars Head, College Place, Bristol
ROW J. Rev. Unitarian Minster Lewins Mead, Bristol
ROW William Rev Roman Catholic Priest Trenchard Street, Bristol
ROWE J. Revd. 2 Southwell St, Kingsdown, Bristol
ROWE Mary Ann Pawnbroker Lewins Mead, Bristol
ROWLAND Samuel Watts Teacher of Pianoforte Caroline Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
ROWLAND Thomas Tavern / Public House Still, 34 Broad Quay, Bristol
ROWLAND Thomas & Edwd Optician 50 Broad Quay, Bristol
ROWLAND William Carpenter / Builder 18 Alfred Place, Kingsdown, Bristol
ROWLAND William Shopkeeper / Dealer 18 Alfred Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
ROWLES George Currier / Leather Cutter Mitchell's Lane, Thomas Street,
ROWLES Thomas Tavern / Public House Star, Pill, Bristol
ROWLES William Tavern / Public House Rose & Crown, Pill, Bristol
ROWLEY Thomas Straw Hat Maker 9 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
ROYAL Maria Miss Old Park, Bristol
RUDD S. Mrs. 10 Sion Row, Clifton, Bristol
RUDD Sarah Boarding / Lodging House 6 Prince's Buildings, Clifton
RUDHALL & CAMPLIN Silk Mercer 45 High Street, Bristol
RUDWOOD Langford Mrs. 33 Royal York Cres. Clifton,Bristol
RUGG James Plumber 34 Thomas Street, Bristol
RUMBOLD Joseph Saddler & Harness Maker 6 Bath Street, Bristol
RUMLEY Henry Architect & Surveyor 29 Clare St & 46 Queen's Sq,Bristol
RUMLEY James Painter - House, Sign Etc 16 Back Street, Bristol
RUMNEY William Pilot Pill, Bristol
RUMNEY William Jun Pilot Pill, Bristol
RUMSEY H. Miss 10 Hope Sq, Clifton, Bristol
RUMSEY William Saddler & Harness Maker 17 North Street, Bristol
RUSS Titus Brightsmith & Bellhanger Frogmore Street, Bristol
RUSSELL Edward & Co. Pawnbroker 13 Parade, St James, Bristol
RUSSELL James Graves Wine & Spirit Merchant 2 Frog Lane, Bristol
RUSSELL Jos. Wine & Spirit Merchant 22 St James Barton, Bristol
RUSSELL Robert Glazier 24 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
RUTTER & Co. Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 18 Castle Street, Bristol
RUVER ?? & Co. Bellows Maker 18 Castle Street, Bristol
RYAN John Gent. Catherine Place, Bristol
RYLAND John Esq. 21 Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
RYLAND Thomas Tyler Library 23 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
SADLER Henry Spirit Dealer - Retail 60 Baldwin Street, Bristol
SAGE & HETFORD Brick & tile Maker Easton Road, Bristol
SAGE Abraham Butcher Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
SAGE John Painter - House, Sign Etc Hotwell Road, Bristol
SAGE John Painter - House, Sign Etc Alden's Court, Broadmead, Bristol
SAGE William Corn Factor 21 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
SAGE William Provision Factor 21 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
SAINSBURY Hannah Upholsterer 5 Rosemary Lane, Bristol
SAINT Abraham Printer - Letter Press 54 Castle Street, Bristol
SALE George Gent Montague Parade, Bristol
SALMON Frances Mrs. 6 Unity Street, Bristol
SALMON William Surgeon 23 Kings Square, Bristol
SALTER Charles Baker Somerset Place, Redcliff, Bristol
SALTER John Baker Redcliff Hill, Bristol
SALTER John Grocer / Tea Dealer 21 Maryport Street, Bristol
SALTER William Tailor 18 Gloucester Lane, Bristol
SALVIDGE George Tavern / Public House The George, East St, Bedminster
SALWEY James Shopkeeper / Dealer Colston St, Redcliff Mead, Bristol
SAMPSON Charles Boot & Shoe Maker 13 Union Street, Bristol
SAMPSON James Boot & Shoe Maker 24 Milk Street, Bristol
SAMPSON John Boot & Shoe Maker Clarence Road, Bristol
SAMPSON W.H. Captain 19 College Street, Bristol
SAMPSON W.H. Master "The Lucy Anne" Bristol to Jamaica
SAMPSON William Butcher 54 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
SANDERS Ann Fishmonger / Dry & Salt fish 15 Broad St & Clifton Hill, Bristol
SANDERS Francis Upholsterer Hanover Street, Bristol
SANDERS Henry Wine & Spirit Merchant 9 Unity Street, College Green
SANDERS John Pin Maker Chancery Cott, Stapleton Rd,Bristol
SANDERS John Tavern / Public House Queens Head, Bread Street, Bristol
SANDERS Mary & Elizbth Ladies' Boarding School 15 Somerset St, KIngsdown, Bristol
SANDERS Susannah Milliner Clifton Pl, Clifton, Bristol
SANDERS Thomas Pin Maker Wade St without, Bristol
SANDERS Thomas & Co. Corn Factor 2 Bridge Parade, Bristol
SANDERS Thomas & Co. Hop Factor / Dealer 2 Bridge Parade, Bristol
SANDERS William Tailor Easton Road, Bristol
SANGAR James B. Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 13 St Augustine's Parade, Bristol
SANSOM Philip & Co. Salt Merchant & Palm oil 4 Welsh back, Bristol
SARGENT Daniel Sealing Wax & Wafer Maker Clarence Rd, St Philips, Bristol
SARGENT George Boot & Shoe Maker 2 Baldwin Street, Bristol
SARGENT Mary Patten Maker 55 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
SAUNDERS Edward A. Baker 22 Castle Street, Bristol
SAUNDERS John Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 5 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
SAUNDERS Joseph Baker 10 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
SAUNDERS Richard Boot & Shoe Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
SAUNDERS Robert Attorney 53 Queen's Square, Bristol
SAUNDERS Robert Carrier on the Canals 13 Welsh Back, Bristol
SAUNDERS S. Mrs. 54 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
SAUNDERS Samuel Brightsmith & Bellhanger 5 West Street, St Philip, Bristol
SAUNDERS Sarah Dress Maker 12 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
SAUNDERS William Haberdasher 19 Upper Arcade, Bristol
SAVAGE John & Francis Sugar Refiner Wilder Street, Bristol
SAVAGE Thomas Stationer Colonnade, Hotwells, Bristol
SAVAGE William Wine & Spirit Merchant Dowry Parade, Hotwells, Bristol
SAVERY Charles Attorney 12 Corn Street, Bristol
SAVILLE John Eating House Keeper 7 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
SAVING T. & J. Carrier Bear Yard, St Thomas St, Bristol
SAYER Abraham Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer 7 West Street, Bristol
SAYER William Inspector of Corn returns 9 Oxford St, Kingsdown, Bristol
SCAMP George Tailor 6 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
SCAMP Peter Tavern / Public House Three Horse Shoes, Elbridge Passage
SCARRETTS James Pilot Pill, Bristol
SCARTH W. Master "The Charles" Bristol to Nevis & St Kitts
SCHIMMELPENNING Lamber Esq, 8 Berkeley Sq, Bristol
SCHUBERT Gottlief A.P. Tavern / Public House Horse & Groom, Limekiln La, Bristol
SCHWEPPE James & Co. Soda Water Makers Bridge Street, Bristol
SCORY George Shopkeeper / Dealer Durdham Down, Bristol
SCOTT Elizabeth Haberdasher West St, St Philip's, Bristol
SCOTT John Master "The Bristol Packet" Market Boat to Newport
SCOTT Thomas Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Pithay, Bristol
SCOTT Vincent D. Baker 79 Redcliff Street, Bristol
SCOTT William Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer 25 Old Market Street, Bristol
SCOTT William Surgeon 11 North Street, Bristol
SCOTT William Timber Merchant & Dealer Nova Scotia Wharf, Cumberland Rd
SCOTT William & Son Ship & Boat Builder Wapping, Bristol
SCRASE Sarah Tripe Curer Rope Walk, Bristol
SCRASE Stephen Plumber 97 Temple Street, Bristol
SCRIVEN Elizabeth Mrs. 1 Granby Place, Clifton, Bristol
SCROOPE Simon Esq. 15 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
SCUTT William Cooper 7 Easton Road, Bristol
SEAGAR Stephen Tavern / Public House Phoenix, Pile St, Bristol
SEAGER Robert Hunt Currier / Leather Cutter West St, St Philip, Bristol
SEALEY John Gardener / seedsman Barton Hill, Bristol
SEALY Henry Esqa. 29 Berkeley Square, Bristol
SEALY Thomas Esq. Saville Place, Clifton, Bristol
SEAMEN Daniel Grocer / Tea Dealer East St, Bedminster, Bristol
SEARGANT Josiah Saddler & Harness Maker 72 Redcliff Street, Bristol
SEARL Charles Tailor 3 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
SEARL Henry Furniture Broker 3 Penn Street, Bristol
SEARL John Clarke Surgeon 84 Stokes Croft, Bristol
SEARL Sarah Day School 3 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
SEASON Ann Straw Hat Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
SEATON Matthew M. Attorney Corn Street, Bristol
SEBRY John Boot & Shoe Maker 31 Lower Arcade, Bristol
SEDWICK William Silversmith / Jeweller 2 Tower Lane, Bristol
SEIFFERTH Benjamin Gents' Boarding School 52 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
SELFE Isaac Chymist / Druggist 42 Old Market Street, Bristol
SELFE William Hairdresser 58 Broadmead, Bristol
SELLERS Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker Bridewell Lane, Bristol
SELSBY John Baker 5 Nelson PLace, Clifton, Bristol
SENNINGTON Joseph Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 4 Horse Fair, Bristol
SENNINGTON Samuel Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Leek Lane, Milk Street, Bristol
SENTER Jacob Tavern / Public House Mermaid, Lewins Mead, Bristol
SERASE Henry Tavern / Public House Cock & Bottle,Castle Green, Bristol
SERJENT Charles Barton Benevolent School St James' Barton, Bristol
SERLE Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker Brandon Street, Bristol
SEVIER James Esq. 20 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
SEVIER John Ford Attorney 9 St John Street, Bristol
SEVIER Rebecca Furniture Broker St James's Back, Bristol
SEYER Samuel Revd. 6 Berkeley Square, Bristol
SEYMOUR Mrs. 39 Lower Crescent, Clifton, Bristol
SEYMOUR Edward Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Wilder Street, Bristol
SEYMOUR Samuel Breeches maker & Glover 9 Castle Mill Street, Bristol
SHACKLETON J. Revd. 15 Lower Cres, Clifton, Bristol
SHADWELL Richard Esq. 11 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
SHAPCOTT Alexander Butcher 15 Christmas Street, Bristol
SHAPLAND & WREFORD Linen Dealer 22 Wine Street, Bristol
SHARLAND Samuel Currier / Leather Cutter 3 Old Market Street, Bristol
SHARMAN Margaret Mrs. 55 College Street, Bristol
SHARP Charles Fencing Master 20 Small Street, Bristol
SHARP John Gardener / seedsman Horfield Road, Bristol
SHARPLES E. Mrs. Lower Harley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
SHARRAM Thomas Currier / Leather Cutter 112 Temple Street, Bristol
SHATTOCK Jno. Tavern / Public House Old Globe, Christmas St, Bristol
SHATTOCK Richard Machine Maker (Agricultural) 25 St Thomas St, Bristol
SHAW & Co. Carrier on the Canals Bull Wharf, Redcliff St, Bristol
SHAW & Co. Wharfinger Bull Wharf, Redcliff St, Bristol
SHAW Robert Day School 87 Redcliff Street, Bristol
SHAW William Hairdresser 1 Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
SHEAT James John Tavern / Public House Three Crowns, John Street, Bristol
SHEERING Ann Tavern / Public House Glass House, Lawrence Hill, Bristol
SHEERING Samuel Tavern / Public House Crown, Lawrence Hill, Bristol
SHEERING William Tavern / Public House Woolpack, Eugene Street, Bristol
SHEFFIELD James Tavern / Public House Bear & Ragged Staff, Peter St
SHELL T. Master "The Dochfour" Bristol to Grenada.
SHELL Thomas Furniture Broker St James's Back, Bristol
SHELTON John Wheelwright Avon Street, St Philips, Bristol
SHEPHARD Richard Boot & Shoe Maker 11 Ellbroad Street, Bristol
SHEPHERD James Leather Seller St George's, Bristol
SHEPHERD Richard Boot & Shoe Maker Moorfields, Bristol
SHEPHERDSON Ann & Mary Misses Hillfield House, Clifton, Bristol
SHEPPARD Elizabeth Mrs. 2 Dove Street, Bristol
SHEPPARD Joseph Confectioner 60 Redcliff Street, Bristol
SHEPPARD M. Mrs. 9 Freeland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
SHEPPARD Thomas Corn Factor Little King Street, Bristol
SHEPPARD Thomas Pilot Pill, Bristol
SHEPPARD Thomas Provision Factor Little King Street, Bristol
SHEPPARD William Dealer in Patent Medicines Richmond Villa, Clifton, Bristol
SHEPPARD William & Co. Timber Merchant & Dealer Baltic Wharf, Cumberland Rd,Bristol
SHERBORNE J. Carrier Bell, St Thomas St, Bristol
SHERIFF Deborah Confectioner 62 Park Street, Bristol
SHERMAN Thomas Clock Maker Merrifields ct, Redcross St,Bristol
SHERRIFF Philip Furniture Broker Church Lane, St Philip's, Bristol
SHERRING Jos. B. Gent 28 St James's Pl, Kingsdown,Bristol
SHERRING Rd. Brodribb Gent 25 Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
SHEW & Son Surgeon Dentist 51 Park Street, Bristol
SHEWRING Hester Furniture Broker 118 Temple Street, Bristol
SHEWRING Luke Auctioneer / Appraiser 1 Bridge Street, Bristol
SHEWRING Luke Commission Agent 1 Bridge Street, Bristol
SHILSTONE Mrs. & Miss Boarding & Day School 11 Somerset Square, Bristol
SHORE Keturah Tavern / Public House Jolly Sailor, Guinea St, Bristol
SHORLAND John Surgeon 4 Kings Square, Bristol
SHORLAND William Shopkeeper / Dealer Warder Street, Bristol
SHORT Francis Attorney 37 Corn Street, Bristol
SHORT John Boot & Shoe Maker 42 Broad Street, Bristol
SHORT John Carpenter / Builder 24 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
SHORT Samuel & Co. Oil & Colourman 16 West Street, Bristol
SHORT Thomas Butcher 6 Castle Mill Street, Bristol
SHORT Thomas Hat manufacturer / Dealer 158 Redcliff Street, Bristol
SHORT Thomas Hall Fishmonger / Dry & Salt fish Back Street, Bristol
SHORTMAN Daniel Tavern / Public House Duke of Marlborough, Cheese Lane
SHORTMAN William Boarding / Lodging House 6 Albermarle Row, Hotwells, Bristol
SHURMER R. Carrier 13 Temple Street, Bristol
SHURMER Richard Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer 13 Temple Street, Bristol
SHUTE John Carpenter / Builder Griffin Lane, Bristol
SIDNEY Robert Baker East Street, Bedminster, Bristol
SIDWAY John Painter - House, Sign Etc 25 Temple Street, Bristol
SILCOCKS Edward Blacksmith Portwall Lane, Bristol
SILCOCKS Thomas Blacksmith Thomas Street, Bristol
SILCOX James Baker 17 Old Market Street, Bristol
SILCOX James Shopkeeper / Dealer Bread St, St Philips, Bristol
SILVER John Gardener / seedsman Pennywell Road, Bristol
SILVEY William Sheriff's Officer Horfield Road, Bristol
SIMEON Monsr. Teacher of French Alfred Pl, Guinea Street, Bristol
SIMMONDS Peter Boarding / Lodging House Saville Place, Clifton, Bristol
SIMMONS Jn. Gent Eugene St, without, Bristol
SIMMONS Richard Shopkeeper / Dealer 10 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
SIMMONS Samuel Gent 6 St Paul's Street, Bristol
SIMMS Richard Tailor Ellbroad Street, Bristol
SIMPKIN John Baker 74 Redcliff Street, Bristol
SIMPSON Mrs. Brislington, Bristol
SIMPSON William Surgeon 57 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
SIMPTON Hiram Hairdresser Paul St, KIngsdown, Bristol
SIMS & Co. Carrier on the River Severn Quay, Bristol
SIMS Phineas Perfumer / Hairdresser 9 & 10 Upper Arcade, Bristol
SIMS Phineas Toy Manufacturer & Dealer 9 & 10 Upper Arcade, Bristol
SIMS Robert Tavern / Public House Cask, Hotwell Road, Bristol
SIMS Thomas Rope and Twine Maker Temple Gate, Bristol
SIMS William Patten Maker Ann Street without, Bristol
SINCLAIR John Merchant (Herring) Grove, Bristol
SIONS Frederick Hat manufacturer / Dealer 4 Castle Street, Bristol
SIRCOM Jno Teacher of Mathematics 2 Dove Street, Bristol
SKEATES Edward Saddler & Harness Maker 24 Old Market Street, ,Bristol
SKEATES Robert Wick Iron Co. - Agent Castle Green Bristol
SKEEL John Boot & Shoe Maker Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
SKENFIELD Ann Timber Merchant & Dealer 36 Welsh Back Street, Bristol
SKINNER Daniel Glazier Frog Lane, Bristol
SKINNER James Tin Plate Worker 11 Old King Street, Bristol
SKINNER William Gent Ashley Place, Bristol
SKONE William Boarding & Day School 19 Newfoundland St, Milk St,Bristol
SLADE Christopher Maltster Upper Easton, Bristol
SLADE Edward Accountant Small Street Court, Bristol
SLADE Edward W. Baker 1 Park St, College Green, Bristol
SLADE Jno. Dyke Chymist / Druggist 10 St James's, Barton, Bristol
SLADE John Haberdasher Gloster Lane, Bristol
SLADE Robert Boot & Shoe Maker 15 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
SLADE T. & J. Carrier Bell, St Thomas St, Bristol
SLAUGHTER Richard Carpenter / Builder Morgan's Court, Limekiln La,Bristol
SLEEMAN John Shopkeeper / Dealer Avon Street, Great Gardens, Bristol
SLOCOMBE George Inn / Hotel Keeper Greyhound, Broadmead, Bristol
SLOPER & GARDNER Broker Commercial 10 Queen's Square, Bristol
SLOPER & GARDNER Commission Agent 10 Queen's Square, Bristol
SLOPER Ann Tavern / Public House Rose, Temple St, Bristol
SLOPER Richard Tailor 7 St Vincents Place, Bristol
SMALE William Tavern / Public House Globe, East St Bedminster, Bristol
SMALL John Pawnbroker 3 Broad Weir, Bristol
SMALL Mary Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? 89 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
SMALL Richard Master "The Vigilant" Bristol to Guernsey & Jersey
SMALLCORN George Tailor Thunderbolt Street, Bristol
SMART John & Jacob Coal Merchant Avon Street, St Philip's, Bristol
SMART John & Jacob Lime Burner Avon Street, St Philip's, Bristol
SMART Robert Steam Packet Agent 1 Quay, Bristol
SMART Robert Tavern / Public House Hole in the Wall, Princes St,
SMART Thomas Coach Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
SMART Thomas Dyer / Calenderer 28 Charles Street, Bristol
SMERDON Charles Surgeon 1 Portland Place, Clifton, Bristol
SMITH & KING Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 13 Trenchard Street, Bristol
SMITH & MORGAN Sheriff's Officer Trinity Street, Bristol
SMITH Abraham Jones Surgeon 27 Orchard Street, Bristol
SMITH Anm Shopkeeper / Dealer Old Park, Bristol
SMITH Ann Day School 5 Trotman's Bds. Lodge St, Bristol
SMITH Ann Miss 13 Marlboro' Hill, Bristol
SMITH Ann Straw Hat Maker 6 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
SMITH Ann Tavern / Public House White Horse, West St, Bedminster
SMITH Ann, Mary,Hannah Ladies' Boarding School 7 Portland Street, Bristol
SMITH Arthur Butcher East Street, Bedminster, Bristol
SMITH Benjamin Tailor 25 Union Street, Bristol
SMITH Brooke Attorney 1 Small Street, Bristol
SMITH Charlotte Dress Maker 2 Cumberland Street, Bristol
SMITH Elizabeth Stay Maker 41 College Green, Bristol
SMITH Francis Horse Hair Chair Seating maker 8 Merchant Street, Bristol
SMITH Francis Wheelwright St George, Bristol
SMITH Fred Stationer 18 Welsh Back, Bristol
SMITH Frederick Paper maker 11 Welsh back, Bristol
SMITH George Butcher 137 Redcliff Street, Bristol
SMITH George Grocer / Tea Dealer 2 Castle Mill Street, Bristol
SMITH George B. Corn Factor 9 Castle Green Bristol
SMITH Harriet Day School 85 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
SMITH Henry Attorney 19 Clare Street, Bristol
SMITH Henry B. Esq. 59 Queen;s Square, Bristol
SMITH Isaac Carpenter / Builder 3 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
SMITH James Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Ann Street, Bristol
SMITH James Tavern / Public House Cross Keys, 27 Welsh Back, Bristol
SMITH John Chair Maker Bridewell Lane, Bristol
SMITH John Chymist / Druggist Clarence Road, Bristol
SMITH John Hosier 6 Wine Street, Bristol
SMITH John Master "The Regulator" Bristol to Barnstaple
SMITH John Organ Builder 69 Castle Street, Bristol
SMITH John Perfumer / Hairdresser 10 Nelson Pl, Clifton, Bristol
SMITH John Printer - Letter Press 6 Broad Weir, Bristol
SMITH John Tavern / Public House Full Moon, 31 Broad Street, Bristol
SMITH John Tin Plate Worker 12 Denmark Street, Bristol
SMITH John Woollen Draper Bristol Bridge, Bristol
SMITH John & George Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Little George Street, Bristol
SMITH John C. Tailor 25 Upper Arcade, Bristol
SMITH John Clare Grocer / Tea Dealer 35 Old Market Street, Bristol
SMITH John H. Auctioneer / Appraiser 13 Bridge Street, Bristol
SMITH Jos. Butter factor Charlotte Street, Queen's Sq,
SMITH Joseph Assessor Court of Requests Council House, Bristol
SMITH Joseph Barrister Guildhall Chambers,Broad St,Bristol
SMITH Joseph Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Frogmore Cliff, Bristol
SMITH Joseph Ironmonger 137 & 138 Thomas St, Bristol
SMITH Joseph Tavern / Public House John Bull, Meadow St, Bristol
SMITH Joseph Grace Barrister Guildhall Chambers,Broad St,Bristol
SMITH L. Gent St Michael's Hill, Bristol
SMITH Mary Mrs. 22 Trinity Street, Bristol
SMITH Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer Back Street, Bristol
SMITH Nathaniel Surgeon 31 Park Street, Bristol
SMITH Orton Gent 2 Berkeley Cres, Berkeley SqBristol
SMITH Prince William Currier / Leather Cutter 16 Christmas Street, Bristol
SMITH Richard Surgeon 38 Park Street, Bristol
SMITH Richard Tailor 13 Upper Arcade, Bristol
SMITH Richard Tavern / Public House Glass House, Avon St, St Philips
SMITH Robert Saddler & Harness Maker 7 Nelson Pl, Clifton, Bristol
SMITH Samuel Tavern / Public House Kings Head, Philadelphia St,Bristol
SMITH Sarah Mrs. Montague Hill, Bristol
SMITH T. Master "The Airthry Castle" Bristol to New Brunswick
SMITH Thomas Baker Tower Hill, St Philip's, Bristol
SMITH Thomas Carpenter / Builder Beaufort Pl, Lower Montague St,
SMITH Thomas Currier / Leather Cutter 12 Milk Street, Bristol
SMITH Thomas Tavern / Public House Royal Oak, Princes St, Bristol
SMITH William Baker 37 Old Market Street, Bristol
SMITH William Bookbinder 41 College Green, Bristol
SMITH William Boot & Shoe Maker All Saints Street, Bristol
SMITH William Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker Church Lane, Castle St, Bristol
SMITH William Carpenter / Builder Ellbroad Street, Bristol
SMITH William Chair Maker 33 King Street, Queen's Square
SMITH William Corn Factor 24 King Street, Queen's Sq, Bristol
SMITH William Horse Dealer West Street, Bristol
SMITH William Livery Stables Keeper Clifton Hill, Clifton, Bristol
SMITH William Merchant (Commission) 24 King St, Queen's Sq, Bristol
SMITH William Printer - Letter Press 41 College Green, Bristol
SMITH William Provision Factor 24 King St, Queens Square, Bristol
SMITH, SON & BAKER Linen & Manchester Merchant 24 Small Street, Bristol
SMYTH Edward & Son Tin Plate Worker 29 Temple Street, Bristol
SMYTH F.G. Colonel Down Place, Clifton, Bristol
SNAPE D. Mrs Saville Place, Clifton, Bristol
SNELL & Co. Carrier St Thomas Street, Bristol
SNELL Abraham Tailor 7 Broad Street, Bristol
SNOOK John Wood Turner Temple Back, Bristol
SNOWDEN William Hairdresser Love Street, Bristol
SOLLIS John Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Frogmore Street, Bristol
SOLOMON Alexander Sale Rooms 9 Broad Street, Bristol
SOLOMON Barnard & Co. Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 81 Redcliff Street, Bristol
SOLOMON Israel L. Pawnbroker 81 Redcliff Street, Bristol
SOLOMON Samuel Clothes, &c, Salesmen 9 Broadmead, Bristol
SOLOMON Simon Clothes, &c, Salesmen 68 Castle Street, Bristol
SOLOMON Simon Furniture Broker All Saints Street, Bristol
SOMERTON William Henry Printer - Letter Press 9 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
SORTING Samuel Baker 21 Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
SOULE John Carrier on the River Severn Quay Head, Bristol
SOUTH Elizabeth Shopkeeper / Dealer Rownham Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
SOUTH Thomas Gent Somerset Villa, New Cut, Bristol
SOUTHCOTE Sarah Toy Manufacturer & Dealer 34 Old Market Street, Bristol
SOUTHCOTT William Watch & Clock Maker 4 Lower College Street, Bristol
SOUTHEY Jos. Tavern / Public House Prince Regent, College Pl,Bristol
SOUTHWELL Jno. Boarding / Lodging House Charlotte St, Park St, Bristol
SOWDEN Elizabeth Shopkeeper / Dealer 48 Stokes Croft, Bristol
SOWERBY Francis Grocer / Tea Dealer 1 Peter Street, Bristol
SPARE Henry Tailor 49 St Micheals Hill, Bristol
SPARE William Carpenter / Builder Pennywell Rd, Bristol
SPENCER George Stone & Marble Mason West Street, Bristol
SPENCER Henry Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Love Street, Bristol
SPENCER John Chymist / Druggist 10 Broadmead, Bristol
SPIKES John Hairdresser Frogmore Street, Bristol
SPILLER William Tavern / Public House Swan with Two Necks, Little Ann St
SPINING Elizabeth Dress Maker 65 Milk Street, Bristol
SPIRING Thomas Tavern / Public House Pack Horse, Lawrence Hill, Bristol
SPIRING William Accountant 3 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
SPOKES John Stoneware Potter Avon Street, Bristol
SPOKES Jonathan Shopkeeper / Dealer 77 Temple Street, Bristol
SPRAGG George Painter - House, Sign Etc Quay Street, Bristol
SPRODER Mises Brislington, Bristol
SPURIER ?? W. Master "The Charlotte" Bristol to New Brunswick
SPURRIER Charles Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 26 St Augustine's Parade, Bristol
SPURRIER Charles Carver / Guilder 26 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
SPURWAY Henry Carpenter / Builder Guilford Cottages, Ashley Road
SQUIRES John Master "The Dispatch" Bristol to Bridgewater
St VINCENT Mrs. 5 Grove Place, Durdham Down,Bristol
STABBINS Joseph Butcher St Nicholas Street, Bristol
STACEY George Shopkeeper / Dealer 8 Host St, St Michaels, Bristol
STACEY Jonas & Son Baker Milk Street, Bristol
STACEY Jonas & Son Grocer / Tea Dealer 20 Milk Street, Bristol
STACEY Joseph Maltster Pill, Bristol
STAFFORD George Stone & Marble Mason Milk Street, Bristol
STAITE John & Son Brewer 76 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
STAITE John & Son Maltster 76 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
STALLARD James Timber Merchant & Dealer Thomas Street, Bristol
STAMBREY Philip Shopkeeper / Dealer College Place, Bristol
STAMBURY James 2nd Clerk to the Collector Excise Office, Queens Sq, Bristol
STANFIELD Frances Mrs. 3 Dean Street, Bristol
STANSBURY John Adolphu Gent 23 St James' Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
STANTON Daniel Wholesale Grocer. Counterslip, Bristol
STANTON William Coal Merchant Butts, Bristol
STANTON William Maltster Thomas Street, Bristol
STANTON William Tavern / Public House Duke of York, Thomas St, Bristol
STANWORTH R. Master "The General Wolfe" Bristol to Quebec & Montreal
STAPLES Jos. Surgeon 8 Unity Street, Bristol
STARKEY James Baker 5 Bedminster Parade, Bristol
STARKEY Jno. Tailor Langton St, Redcliff Mead, Bristol
STARR George Shopkeeper / Dealer Bedminster Parade, Bristol
STEEL & GRACE Corn Factor Welsh back, Bristol
STEEL James Sup. Soc. of Merchant Venturer Bonded Dock Yard, Cumberland Basin
STEEL Thomas Printer - Letter Press St Stephens Avenue, Bristol
STEELE & GRACE Miller Welsh Back, Bristol
STEELE John Stone & Marble Mason 88 Thomas Street, Bristol
STEGER Robert Woollen Draper 2 Bridge Street, Bristol
STENSON Thomas Hosier 17 Union Street, Bristol
STEPHENS & DOUBTING Milliner Horse Fair, Bristol
STEPHENS & GOODHIND Attorney 19 Small Street, Bristol
STEPHENS Felix Shopkeeper / Dealer Tower St, Great Gardens, Bristol
STEPHENS Isaac Cheese Factor / Dealer 19 Maryport Street, Bristol
STEPHENS Isaac Grocer / Tea Dealer 19 Maryport Street, Bristol
STEPHENS Isaac jun Grocer / Tea Dealer 46 Castle Street, Bristol
STEPHENS James Gardener / seedsman 17 Alfred Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
STEPHENS James Hairdresser 31 Maryport Street, Bristol
STEPHENS John Baker 63 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
STEPHENS John Teacher of Music 68 Stokes Croft, Bristol
STEPHENS John jun Keeper Exchange Corn Street, Bristol
STEPHENS Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer 21 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
STEPHENS Nathaniel Carver / Guilder 8 Nelson Street, Bristol
STEPHENS Redigen Boarding / Lodging House 10 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
STEPHENS Robert & Jas. Gunsmith 54 Broad Quay, Bristol
STEPHENS Samuel Tavern / Public House Hop Pole, Back St, Bristol
STEPHENS Thomas Horse Dealer 46 Thomas Street, Bristol
STEPHENS William Diocesan School Nelson Srteet, Bristol
STEPHENSON Daniel Pawnbroker Redcross Street, Bristol
STERLING Elizabeth Boarding / Lodging House 13 Paragon, Clifton, Bristol
STERLING Susan Boarding / Lodging House 4 Paragon, Clifton, Bristol
STEVENS & FIELD Brightsmith & Bellhanger Frog Lane, Bristol
STEVENS James Butcher 23 Somerset St, Redcliff, Bristol
STEVENS John Tailor 36 Temple Street, Bristol
STEVENS Richard Carpenter / Builder 30 Harford Street, Bristol
STEWARD Hamilton Mrs. 49 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
STEWARD S. Mrs. 11 Paragon, Clifton, Bristol
STEWART Mark Working Jeweller 6 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
STEWART T. Master "The New Volunteer" Bristol to Demerara
STICHE Mrs. Brislington, Bristol
STIFF & BEDDOE Starch Manufacturer 29 Redcliff Street, Bristol
STILES Stephen Trunk Maker Pithay, Bristol
STINCHCOMB James Furniture Broker 46 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
STINTON Elizabeth Tavern / Public House Carpenters Arms, 89 Old Market St
STIVENS John Fruiterer 15 High Street, Bristol
STIVENS John Merchant (Leghorn) High Street, Bristol
STOATE Richard & Son Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 33 Braod Quay, opp Draw Bridge,
STOATE Richard & Son Undertaker 33 Broad Quay, opp Draw Bridge
STOATE Thomas Carpenter / Builder Earl Street, Bristol
STOCK Charles Boot & Shoe Maker 31 Castle Street, Bristol
STOCK Maria Milliner 8 Union Street, Bristol
STOCK Richard Butcher 18 North Street, Bristol
STOCK Robert Cupper 22 Orchard Street, Bristol
STOCK William Hairdresser 102 Temple Street, Bristol
STOCKDALE M. Mrs. Colston's Cott, Redland, Bristol
STOCKDALE Peregrine Esq. Paul Street, Bristol
STOCKDALE Sarah Mrs. Portland St, Kingsdown, Bristol
STOCKER Nathaniel Tavern / Public House Blacks Head, Clarence Rd, Bristol
STOCKER Walter Nail Maker Lawrence Hill, Bristol
STOCKER William Senr. Gunsmith Lawrence Hill, Bristol
STOCKFORD Richard Tailor St James Church Yard, Bristol
STOCKHAM John Baker 125 Redcliff Street, Bristol
STOCKHAM Mary Ladies' Boarding & Day School Church Lane, Castle Green Bristol
STOCKWELL Ann Dress Maker 4 Cathay, Bristol
STOCKWELL William Basket Maker Peter St, Bristol
STOCKWELL William jun Basket Maker 20 Peter Street, Bristol
STOKES Daniel Boarding / Lodging House 2 Nelson Street, Bristol
STOKES James Basket Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
STOKES James Butcher East St, Bedminster, Bristol
STOKES Joseph Painter - House, Sign Etc 22 Orchard Street, Bristol
STOKES Richard Butcher East St, Bedminster, Bristol
STOKES Samuel Inn / Hotel Keeper The Bush, Corn Street, Bristol
STOKES William Butcher 16 Bedminster Parade, Bristol
STONE James Pawnbroker 6 Old Market Street, Bristol
STONE James Tavern / Public House Swan, Temple Street, Bristol
STONE James Tavern / Public House Ring of Bells, Thomas St, Bristol
STONE Jane Tavern / Public House Ship & Castle, Marsh St, Bristol
STONE John Tailor 10 Wine Street, Bristol
STONE John Tavern / Public House Old Crown, Broad Weir, Bristol
STONE Philip Auctioneer / Appraiser 19 St Augustine's Place, Bristol
STONE Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker 31 Old Market Street, Bristol
STONE Samuel Cooper Easton Road, Bristol
STONE Sarah Milliner Frogmore Street, Bristol
STONE Thomas Carpenter / Builder 11 Denmark Street, Bristol
STONE Thomas Carver / Guilder (furniture) 8 Horse Fair, Bristol
STOOKE William Inn / Hotel Keeper York Ho Hotel, Dowry Square,Bristol
STOREY Esther Milliner 1 Parade St, St James, Bristol
STOREY George Master "The Langport" Bristol to Bridgewater
STOREY R. Assistant Surveyor Excise Office, Queens Sq, Bristol
STOTT Ann Mrs. Wellington Place, Bristol
STOWELL William Boot & Shoe Maker 9 Corn Street, Bristol
STRACHAN Charlotte Milliner 6 Granby Pl, Clifton, Bristol
STRACHAN James Accountant 25 Orchard Street, Bristol
STRACHAN John & Co. Tailor 60 Park Street, Bristol
STRADLING John Shopkeeper / Dealer George Street, Bristol
STRANGE George Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Limekiln Lane, Bristol
STRANGE Mary Boarding / Lodging House 8 Trinity Street, Bristol
STRANGFORD Dowager Viscountess 12 Gloucester Row, Clifton, Bristol
STRATTON James Boarding / Lodging House 2 Boyce Buildings, Clifton, Bristol
STRATTON Richard Wheelwright Clark St, St Pauls, Bristol
STRAWBRIDGE George Stone & Marble Mason Lower Montague Street, Bristol
STREET Jno. Esq. Somerset Hse, Clifton, Bristol
STREET Margaret Boarding / Lodging House Clifton Hill, Clifton, Bristol
STRICKLAND & Son Attorney Baldwin Street, Bristol
STRONG William Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 25 Clare Street, Bristol
STROUD John Agent for John Jones 10 Tontine Warehouse, Quay Head
STROUD John Agent for Samuel Oakley 10 Tontine Warehouse, Quay Head
STROUD Thomas Plumber 18 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
STRUTH N. Rev Rector St Peters, Bristol
STUART John Chas & Edw Ironmonger 10 Welsh Back, Bristol
STUART John Chas &Edwd Iron Merchants / Ironmonger 10 Welsh Back, Bristol
STUART Simeon Sir 12 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
STUBBS Thomas Butcher 14 St Nicholas St, Bristol
STUCKEY Abraham Carpenter / Builder Canynge Street, Bristol
STUCKEY John Master "The Mary" Market Boat to Newport
STUCKLEY George Tailor 10 Horse Fair, Bristol
STURGE Henry Violin Maker Lower Maudlin St, Bristol
STURGE James Shopkeeper / Dealer 41 Milk Street, Bristol
STURGE YOUNG & JACOB P Surveyor 1 Broad Street, Bristol
SUGG Benjamin Gardener / seedsman Gloucester Road, Bristol
SULLIVAN Thomas Glass Warehouse 3 College Place, Bristol
SULLIVAN Thomas Wine & Spirit Merchant 2 College Place, Bristol
SUMMER William Patten Maker Ellbroad Street, Bristol
SUMMERELL Samuel Carpenter / Builder Butts, Bristol
SUMMERLAND Timothy Wainbrook Iron Co., Agent Redfield Place, Bristol
SUMMERS John Brazier / Tin Plate Worker Griffin Lane, Bristol
SUMMERS William Boot & Shoe Maker 6 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
SUMPTION John Boot & Shoe Maker Lawrence Hill, Bristol
SUPLE Robert Linen Dealer 22 Union Street, Bristol
SURRAGE John & Co. Undertaker 44 High Street, Bristol
SURRAGE John & Co. Woollen Draper 44 High Street, Bristol
SURRAGE Thomas Lyddon Surgeon 2 York Buildings, Clifton, Bristol
SURTEES John Rev Vicar St Augustins, Bristol
SUTTON Richd Lindsay Haberdasher 3 Peter Street, Bristol
SWAIN Elizabeth Dress Maker Walker St, Kingsdown, Bristol
SWAIN James Sailmaker Broad Quay, Bristol
SWAINE Edward Gent 6 Dighton Street, Bristol
SWASH Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker 41 Castle Street, Bristol
SWAYNE John C. Surgeon St James' Barton, Bristol
SWAYNE Ray & Hoyte Attorney 15 Bridge Street, Bristol
SWEET Isaac Tavern / Public House George & Dragon, St Georges,
SWEET James Rudhall Basket Maker 28 Maryport Street, Bristol
SWEET Mary Tavern / Public House Queens Head, Upper Easton, Bristol
SWEETMAN John Machine Maker (Agricultural) East St, Bedminster, Bristol
SWEEY & HOUNSELL Tailor 21 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
SWETE J. Dr. Lecturer St James, Bristol
SWETE John Revd. Dr. Redland Hil, Bristol
SWETE Rev Dr. Chaplain Orphan Asylum Chapel, Bristol
SWETE Revd. Dr, Jno Boarding School Redland Hill House, Bristol
SWIFT & Co. Carrier on the River Severn Welsh Back, Bristol
SWIFT Hezekiah & Sons Timber Merchant & Dealer Canons Marsh & on the Back, Bristol
SYDES Edward Gent Montpelier, Bristol
SYLE Robert Hosier 32 Old Market Street, Bristol
SYMONS E.H. Miss Park Row, Bristol
TABBENOR William Grocer / Tea Dealer Clarence Rd St Philip's, Bristol
TAGGART Mrs. 10 Horfield Rd, Bristol
TALBOT Joseph Gent 7 Bishop Street, Bristol
TANBY William Rev. Rector St Werburghs, Bristol
TANDY Jno. Mayo & Son Accountant 25 Union Street, Bristol
TANDY John Mayo Agent Salamander Insurance 25 Union Street, Bristol
TANKINS John Butcher 115 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
TANKINS William Butcher 121 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
TANNER ---- Carrier White Lion, St Thomas St, Bristol
TANNER & BAYLIS Carrier Bell, St Thomas St, Bristol
TANNER Daniel Carpenter / Builder 72 Old Market Street, Bristol
TANNER Jas. Perfumer / Hairdresser 31 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
TANNER John Leather Factor Back St, Baldwin Street, Bristol
TANNER John Tanner Earls Mead, St Pauls, Bristol
TANNER William & Son Attorney Shannon Court, Bristol
TANTON Daniel Brightsmith & Bellhanger 74 Thomas Street, Bristol
TAPRELL Sarah Mrs. 16 Orchard St, Bristol
TARR James Stone & Marble Mason Gloster Street, Bristol
TARR Jane Shopkeeper / Dealer Lower Church Lane, Bristol
TARR Richard Grocer / Tea Dealer Lawrence Hill, St Philip's, Bristol
TASKER Richard Watch Glass Maker Maryport Church Yard, Bristol
TAUNTON William P. Barrister Exchange Buildings, Bristol
TAWTON Hugh Tavern / Public House Old Rose & Crown, St Philips Plain
TAYLER Edwin Grocer / Tea Dealer 69 Castle Street, Bristol
TAYLER Francis Spirit Dealer - Retail 1 Milk Street, Bristol
TAYLER Frederick Grocer / Tea Dealer 4 Old King Street, Bristol
TAYLER Frederick Soap & Candle Maker 4 Old King Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Ann Tin Plate Worker 6 Gloucester Lane, Bristol
TAYLOR Benjamin Tailor 27 Milk Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Charles Silversmith / Jeweller 37 High Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Charles Watch & Clock Maker 37 High Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Edward Shopkeeper / Dealer 6 Christmas Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Elizabeth Shopkeeper / Dealer Avenue, Kings Square, Bristol
TAYLOR George Gent Catherine Place, Bristol
TAYLOR George Maltster Cathay, Bristol
TAYLOR George Wine & Spirit Merchant 21 Redcliff Street, Bristol
TAYLOR George Edward Attorney 14 St John Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Henry Broker Commercial Broad Quay, Bristol
TAYLOR James Butcher 36 Old Market Street, Bristol
TAYLOR James Revd. Harley Place, Clifton, Bristol
TAYLOR James Stone & Marble Mason Stapleton, Bristol
TAYLOR James Rev Minister Clifton Church, Bristol
TAYLOR Jno. Tavern / Public House Golden Bottle, 23 Welsh Back,
TAYLOR Jno.Breathwaite Physician 12 Kings Square, Bristol
TAYLOR John Brightsmith & Bellhanger 56 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
TAYLOR John Brightsmith & Bellhanger 15 Berkeley Place, Clifton, Bristol
TAYLOR John Newspaper Publisher Bristol Mirror, 20 Small Street.
TAYLOR John Printer - Letter Press 20 Small Street, Bristol
TAYLOR John Shopkeeper / Dealer Lewins Mead, Bristol
TAYLOR John Trunk Maker 12 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Joseph Butcher Old King Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Joseph Gent 45 College Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Louisa Milliner Limekiln Lane, Bristol
TAYLOR Maria Dress Maker Ellbroad Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer 15 Gloucester Lane, Bristol
TAYLOR Michael Tavern / Public House Cross Keys, Hotwell Rd, Bristol
TAYLOR Miss Boarding School Lower Redland, Bristol
TAYLOR Philip Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer 48 Old Market Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Richard Butcher 82 Redcliff Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Richard Lace Maker / Dealer 55 Wine Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Samuel Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 7 Lower Arcade, Bristol
TAYLOR Sarah Hat manufacturer / Dealer 35 Castle Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger Redcliff Back, Bristol
TAYLOR Thomas Cooper Water Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer 2 Bedminster Parade, Bristol
TAYLOR Thomas Tavern / Public House Sugar Loaf, Water Street, Bristol
TAYLOR Walter & Alice Grocer / Tea Dealer 27 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
TAYLOR William Corn Factor 15 Catherine Pl,Stoke's Croft
TAYLOR William Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Black Horse Lane, Bristol
TAYLOR William National School Brislington, Bristol
TAYLOR William Printer - Letter Press 62 Redcliff Street, Bristol
TAYLOR William Trunk Maker 3 Thomas Street, Bristol
TAYNTON William Tailor 109 Redcliff Street, Bristol
TEMPLAR Benjamin Dyer / Calenderer 27 Redcliff Street, Bristol
TERRELL Frederick Surgeon 3 Charlotte St, Queens Sq, Bristol
TERRELL William Boot & Shoe Maker 4 Cathay, Bristol
TERRELL William & Son Butter factor 33 Welsh Back, Bristol
TERRELL William & Sons Corn Factor 33 Welsh back, Bristol
TERRELL William & Sons Hemp and Flax Dresser 17 Back, Bristol
TERRELL William & Sons Rope and Twine Maker 17 Welsh Back, Bristol
TERRELL William & Sons Sack & Sacking Maker 17 Welsh Back, Bristol
TERRELL William & Sons Wharfinger 33 Welsh Back, Bristol
TERRETT Thomas Pawnbroker Gloucester Road, Bristol
THACKWELL Thomas Watch & Clock Maker 95 Redcliff Street, Bristol
THAYAR Temperance Butcher 2 All Saint's Row, Bristol
THOMAS Alfred Grocer / Tea Dealer 5 Bridge Parade, Bristol
THOMAS Ann Haberdasher 34 Old Market Street, Bristol
THOMAS Arthur Pilot Pill, Bristol
THOMAS Benjamin Boarding / Lodging House King St, Queen's Sq, Bristol
THOMAS Benjamin Esq. Bedford Place, Bristol
THOMAS Charles Baker 39 Castle Street, Bristol
THOMAS Charles Baker Somerset Parade, Redcliff, Bristol
THOMAS Charles Carrier on the Canals 13 Welsh Back, Bristol
THOMAS Charles Corn Factor 13 Welsh back, Bristol
THOMAS Charles Wharfinger 13 Welsh Back, Bristol
THOMAS David Robert Boot & Shoe Maker Gloucester Lane, Bristol
THOMAS Edward Grocer / Tea Dealer Clifton Place, Clifton, Bristol
THOMAS Edward Porter & Bottle Liquor Merchan Clifton Pl, Clifton, Bristol
THOMAS Edward Tobacco Pipe Maker Little George St, Bristol
THOMAS Edward Wine & Spirit Merchant Clifton Place, Clifton, Bristol
THOMAS Elizabeth Mrs. 8 Lodge Street, Bristol
THOMAS Elizabeth Mrs. 2 Queen's Parade, Bristol
THOMAS Ellen & Sisters Ladies' Boarding School Pritchard St, St Paul's, Bristol
THOMAS Fred. S. Gent Lower Redland, Bristol
THOMAS Frederick Portrait Artist Park Row, Park Street, Bristol
THOMAS Frederick Teacher of Drawing Park Row, Park Street, Bristol
THOMAS George Tailor 20 North Street, Bristol
THOMAS Henry Boot & Shoe Maker Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
THOMAS Henry Carpenter / Builder Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
THOMAS Henry Gent. Durdham Down, Bristol
THOMAS James Agent Palladium Insurance 1 St Stephen Street, Bristol
THOMAS James Boot & Shoe Maker 2 Clare Street, Bristol
THOMAS James Capt. Redland, Bristol
THOMAS James Coppersmith / Brazier 4 West St, St Philip's, Bristol
THOMAS James Inn / Hotel Keeper The Full Moon, North St, Bristol
THOMAS James Undertaker 52 Castle Street, Bristol
THOMAS Jno. Sons & Co. Wholesale Grocer. 18 Redcliff Street, Bristol
THOMAS John Basket Maker 12 Lower Arcade, Bristol
THOMAS John Chymist / Druggist West St, Bedminster, Bristol
THOMAS John Master "The Providence " Bristol to Carmarthen
THOMAS John Shopkeeper / Dealer Ellbroad Street, Bristol
THOMAS Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker 35 Maryport Street, Bristol
THOMAS Joseph Carver / Guilder 23 Broadmead, Bristol
THOMAS Joseph Perfumer / Hairdresser 26 Upper Arcade, Bristol
THOMAS Josiah & Son Tailor 6 Trotmans Buildings, St Michael Hl
THOMAS Laby Carpenter / Builder 4 Cumberland Place, Bristol
THOMAS Llewellin Plasterer / Tiler 20 Marlboro' Street, Bristol
THOMAS Mary Mrs. 9 Upper Berkeley Pl,Clifton,Bristol
THOMAS Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer 9 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
THOMAS Mary Soap & Candle Maker 79 Castle Street, Bristol
THOMAS Richard Butcher 7 Old King Steet, Bristol
THOMAS Robert Mrs. 1 Dove Street, Bristol
THOMAS Sarah National School Clifton Gloucs Terr, Hot wells,
THOMAS Stephen Soap & Candle Maker 22 West Street, Bristol
THOMAS Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker 18 North Street, Bristol
THOMAS Thomas Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? 38 Welsh Back, Bristol
THOMAS Thomas Master "The Ebenezer" Bristol to Cardiff
THOMAS Thomas Tailor 20 Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
THOMAS Thomas Tavern / Public House Ostrich, Guinea St, Bristol
THOMAS Uriah Shopkeeper / Dealer All Saints Lane, Bristol
THOMAS W. Master "The Clara" Bristol to Jamaica
THOMAS William Attorney 61 Broad Street, Bristol
THOMAS William Butcher Ann Street without, Bristol
THOMAS William Hairdresser 22 North Street, Bristol
THOMAS William Hosier & Undertaker 14 Wine Street, Bristol
THOMAS William Livery Stables Keeper Portland House, Bristol
THOMAS William Tailor Sion Pl, Stapleton Rd, Bristol
THOMAS William Tavern / Public House Hotwell Tavern, Charleton Pl,Hotwel
THOMAS William Tavern / Public House Cross Keys, Temple St, Bristol
THOMAS William Timber Merchant & Dealer 5 Rosemary Lane, Bristol
THOMAS William H. Linen Dealer 23 Bridge Street, Bristol
THOMPSON Charles L. Blacksmith Brislington, Bristol
THOMPSON Daniel Boarding / Lodging House 4 Prince's Buildings, Clifton,
THOMPSON Richard Last / Boot Tree Maker 42 Merchant Street, Bristol
THOMPSON Ross Esq. 4 Rodney Pl, Clifton, Bristol
THOMPSON Stephen Painter - House, Sign Etc Lower Maudlin Lane, Bristol
THOMPSON Theodosia Boarding School Horfield Road, Bristol
THOMSON Martha Miss 5 Belle Vue, Clifton, Bristol
THORN Jno. Boarding / Lodging House 8 Albermarle Row, Hotwells, Bristol
THORN Jno. Carpenter / Builder 8 Albemarle Row, Clifton, Bristol
THORN John Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 27 Broadmead, Bristol
THORN John Tavern / Public House Old Crown, Redcross St, Bristol
THORN Richard Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer All Saint's Street, Bristol
THORN William Earthenware Dealer 1 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
THORN William Mrs. Spring Hill, Bristol
THORNE Ann Butcher 14 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
THORNE George Butcher 64 Temple Street, Bristol
THORNE George Esq. Portland House, Kingsdown, Bristol
THORNE James Butcher 42 Temple Street, Bristol
THORNE Mary Dress Maker Dove Street, St James', Bristol
THORNE Thomas Merchant (Newfoundland) Quay, Bristol
THORNE W. Master "The Wilberforce" Bristol to Newfoundland
THORNLEY Chas Fredk. Hat manufacturer / Dealer 21 Clare Street, Bristol
THORP Alfred Surgeon 5 Pritchard St, St Pauls, Bristol
THORP Elizabeth Mrs. 4 Pritchard Street, Bristol
THORP William Revd. 5 Pritchard Street, Bristol
THORPE George Tavern / Public House Seven Stars, Thomas Lane, Bristol
THORPE William Rev. Independent Minister Castle Green, Bristol
THORSBY Charlotte Day School 36 Princes Street, Bristol
THRESHER Jno. Broker Commercial Exchange Buildings, Bristol
THRINGS & NEWTON Milliner 6 Portland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
THRISSELL Edward Gent. Stapleton Rd, Bristol
THWAITES George Linen Dealer 49 Wine Street, Bristol
TIBBATTS William Upholsterer 27 Bath Street, Bristol
TIBBITS Elizabeth Straw Hat Maker Ellbroad Street, Bristol
TIDCOMBE & Co. Carrier Bell, St Thomas Street, Bristol
TILLADAM Mrs. 16 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
TILLEY John Tavern / Public House Red Lion, Pill, Bristol
TILLEY John Austin Watch & Clock Maker 9 Bath Street, Bristol
TILLEY William Chair Maker 30 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
TILLY John Maltster Upper Easton & Broad Plain, Bristol
TILLY Thomas Clifford Glazier 13 Horse Fair, Bristol
TILLY Thomas Clifford Plumber 13 Horse Fair, Bristol
TIMLETT Mary Milliner 17 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
TIMMINS Thomas Optician 33 Lower Arcade, Bristol
TIPPET Francis Furniture Broker 13 Merchant Street, Bristol
TIPPETT Francis Currier / Leather Cutter Wade Street, Bristol
TIPPETT Joseph Ship & Boat Builder Cannons Marsh, Bristol
TOBIN H.H. Mrs. 6 Harley Place, Clifton, Bristol
TOCKEY Elias Butcher 17 College Street, Bristol
TODD W.R. Fire Office Agent - Atlas Miles' Bank, Corn Street, Bristol
TOFT Benjamin Furniture Broker 70 Milk Street, Bristol
TOLEMAN Richard jun Stay Maker Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
TOLEMAN Samuel Druggist & Paper Hangings 17 Broad Street, Bristol
TOLEMAN Samuel Stay Maker 26 Castle Street, Bristol
TOMBS Samuel Brightsmith & Bellhanger Hotwell Road, Bristol
TOMKINS John senr Gent Brislington, Bristol
TOMKINS Joseph Shopkeeper / Dealer Brislington, Bristol
TOMPKINS & RICE Tin Plate Worker 13 Maryport Street, Bristol
TOMPKINS George Tin Plate Worker Little George Street, Bristol
TOMS Ann Dress Maker 62 College Street, Bristol
TOOMER & HILLIER Stay Maker 23 Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
TOOP John Tavern / Public House Dolphin, New Street, Bristol
TORR James Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 11 Bedminster Parade, Bristol
TOTHILL Charles & Co. Chymist Manufacturing Temple Back, Bristol
TOTHILL Charles & Co. Roman Cement & Plaster Maker Tample back, Bristol
TOTNESS Mary Milliner 26 College Green, Bristol
TOTTLE William Gent Redland Parade, Bristol
TOTTLE William Shopkeeper / Dealer Frogmore Street, Bristol
TOVEY & GRANGER Tripe Curer St James Back, Bristol
TOVEY George Tavern / Public House Plough & Windmill, West St, Bedmstr
TOVEY James Breeches maker & Glover 85 Castle Street, Bristol
TOVEY John Coach Lamp Maker Cannon St, St James's, Bristol
TOVEY Luke Whip & Thong Maker 21 Union Street, Bristol
TOVEY Robert Clothes, &c, Salesmen 69 Castle Street, Bristol
TOVEY Robert Pawnbroker 69 Broadmead, Bristol
TOVEY Thomas Butcher West Street, Bedminster, Bristol
TOWERS John Soda Water Makers 47 High Street, Bristol
TOWNLEY John jun Slate Merchant Merchant Quay, Bristol
TOWNLEY John senr Sailmaker Quay, Bristol
TOWNSEND Isaac Boot & Shoe Maker Griffin Lane, Bristol
TOWNSEND Richard Butcher Thunderbolt Street, Bristol
TOWNSEND Sarah Chymist / Druggist 4 Nelson Pl, Clifton, Bristol
TOWNSEND William Surveyor 1 Corn Street, Bristol
TOWNSEND, Son & Co. Coach Proprietors Bush Coach Office, Corn Street
TOWNSHEND George Tavern / Public House Duke of York, Brandon St, Bristol
TOYE Elizabeth Mrs. 18 Belle Vue, Clifton, Bristol
TRAIL Clarissa Mrs. 8 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
TRAPNELL Henry Last / Boot Tree Maker Queen Street, St Philip's, Bristol
TRAPNELL Robert Wire Manufacturer George Street without, Bristol
TRATMAN James Colour Manufacturer 77 Broad Quay, Bristol
TRATMAN James Ironmonger 77 Broad Quay, Bristol
TRATMAN James Oil & Colourman 77 Broad Quay, Bristol
TRATMAN James Ship Chandler 77 Broad Quay, Bristol
TRATT James Tailor 3 & 4 Thomas Street, Bristol
TRATT Jane Boarding / Lodging House Rownham Place, Hotwells, Bristol
TREBY Charlotte Milliner 4 Redcross Street, Bristol
TREBY John Tailor 4 Redcross Street, Bristol
TREEN William Tailor Hotwell Road, Bristol
TREMLETT Alfred Watch & Clock Maker Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
TREMLETT George Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 43 College Green, Bristol
TREMLETT George Library (Circulating) 43 College Green Bristol
TREMLETT George Stationer 43 College Green Bristol
TRENFIELD James Gent. Stapleton Road, Bristol
TRIBE Edward Surgeon 9 Portland St, Kingsdown, Bristol
TRICKEY & Son Carpenter / Builder 11 Denmark Srteet & Under the bank,
TRICKEY Robert Harding Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 14 College Green Bristol
TRIGGS Robert Baker 77 Redcliff Street, Bristol
TRIMNELL Thomas Saddle Tree Maker 22 College Street, Bristol
TRIPP Elizabeth Butcher St Nicholas Street, Bristol
TRIPP Henry Carpenter / Builder Pembroke Street, Bristol
TRIPP Henry Carpenter / Builder 11 Gloucester Pl, Gloucester St
TRIPP J. Master "The Bristol" Bristol to Jamaica
TRIPP John jun. & Co. Tailor 47 Corn Street, Bristol
TRIPP Robert & Co. Tailor 28 & 29 Bath Street, Bristol
TROTMAN Mrs. 6 York Place, Clifton, Bristol
TROTMAN & ADAMS Blacksmith Hotwell Road, Bristol
TROTMAN Richard Tavern / Public House Adam & Eve, Wine Street, Bristol
TROTT Jno. Grocer / Tea Dealer 12 Berkeley Place, Clifton, Bristol
TUCK Robert Livery Stables Keeper Duck Lane, Bristol
TUCKER Ann Butcher 13 Christmas Street, Bristol
TUCKER Anthony Hairdresser 100 Temple Street, Bristol
TUCKER Benjamin Gent 6 Caroline Row, Bristol
TUCKER James Infant School Merchants Pde Ave, Hotwells,Bristol
TUCKER James Tailor 1 Nelson Pl, Clifton, Bristol
TUCKER John Tavern / Public House Nelsons Hotel, East St Bedminster
TUCKER John Millard Surveyor Post Office Chambers, Bristol
TUCKER John Whaitfield Ship & Boat Builder Mardyke, Bristol
TUCKER Jos. Master "The Bude Packet" Bristol to Bude
TUCKER Joseph Carpenter / Builder Temple St, Bristol
TUCKER Mark Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Redcross Street, Bristol
TUCKER Nicholas Master "The Lanson Castle" Bristol to Bude
TUCKER Robert Maltster Lawrence Hill, Bristol
TUCKER Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer 19 Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
TUCKER William Tavern / Public House Duke of Devonshire, Ann St, Bristol
TUCKETT & Co. Woolstapler Wool Hall, Thomas Street, Bristol
TUCKETT Elias Helton Tea Dealer 18 Clare Street, Bristol
TUCKEY & Son Plumber 26 Milk Street, Bristol
TUGWELL George Shopkeeper / Dealer 1 Sion Place, Clifton, Bristol
TULLY Mrs. St James' Place, Kingsdown, Bristol
TURBEVILLE George Warehouse Keeper Excise Office, Queens Sq, Bristol
TURK Ann Shopkeeper / Dealer Providence Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
TURNBULL Johnson Wm. Furniture Broker Christmas Street, Bristol
TURNER Mrs. 7 Polygon, Clifton, Bristol
TURNER George Teacher of Pianoforte & singin 7 Old Park, Bristol
TURNER James Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer West St, St Philips. Bristol
TURNER Jane Soap & Candle Maker Gloucester Road, Bristol
TURNER Jno. Brass Founder & Gas fitter 51 Thomas Street, Bristol
TURNER John Coach Trimmer Limekiln Dock, Bristol
TURNER Joseph Blacking Maker (Paste & Liquid 41 Broadmead, Bristol
TURNER L. Mrs. 1 York Buildings, Clifton, Bristol
TURNER Thomas Master "The Thomas" Bristol to Plymouth
TURNER William Cooper 22 Back Street, Bristol
TURNER William Currier / Leather Cutter Little Ann Street, Bristol
TURNER William Lime Burner Lower Redland, Bristol
TURNER William Revd. York Buildings, Clifton, Bristol
TURPIN John William Bookbinder & Account Bookmaker 5 Small Street, Bristol
TURVEY Robert Livery Stables Keeper Wilder Street, Bristol
TUTTON Thomas Surgeon 8 Langton St, Redcliff Mead,Bristol
TWIGG John Grindery Dealer 10 Withingtons Crt, Horse Fair
TYLER & HOARE Stone & Marble Mason Frogmore Street, Bristol
TYLER Edith & Co. Milliner 4 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
TYLER John Tavern / Public House Bell, Gloucester Lane, Bristol
TYLER Laban Inn / Hotel Keeper King's Arms, Durdham Down, Bristol
TYLER Samuel Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? 27 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
TYLER William Gent. Sion Cott, Cumberland Rd, Bristol
TYLEY & Son Stone & Marble Mason Under the Bank, Bristol
TYLEY John Butcher 16 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
TYLEY Peter Stone & Marble Mason Stapleton, Bristol
TYSON William Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 21 Clare Street, Bristol
UNDERHILL George Oil & Colourman 3 Bridwell Lane, Bristol
UNDERHILL George Painter - House, Sign Etc 3 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
UNDERHILL Richard Shopkeeper / Dealer 8 Maudlin Street, Bristol
UNDERWOOD Charles Architect Exchange Buildings, Bristol
UNDERWOOD Charles Surveyor Exchange Buildings, Bristol
UNDERWOOD S. Rev. Independent Minister Callow Hill Street, Bristol
UNDERWOOD Stephen W. Day School Callow Hill Street, Bristol
UNDERWOOD Thomas Leather Hat & Fur Cap Maker 8 St James Street, Bristol
UNDERWOOD Wm. Seymour   17 Bishops Street, Bristol
UPHAM M.A. & E. Child Bed Linen Warehouse Barton Alley, Bristol
URCH Miss Urch's Cott, Clifton Down Bristol
URCH & PRICHARD Wine & Spirit Merchant 11 Denmark Street, Bristol
URCH James Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Temple Street, Bristol
USHER Misses 4 Chapel Row, Hotwells, Bristol
USHER Richard Tavern / Public House Golden Heart, Passage St, Bristol
VALENTINE John Patten Maker Opp Temple Church, Temple Street.
VALENTINE John Stay Maker Temple Street, Bristol
VALENTINE Thomas Last / Boot Tree Maker 38 Castle Street, Bristol
VANDERHORST Miss 47 Royal York Cres, Bristol
VARLOW Samuel Hairdresser Gloster Lane, Bristol
VARNHAM William Earthenware Dealer 72 Temple Street, Bristol
VAUGHAN Mrs 31 Royal York Cres, Bristol
VAUGHAN & GOFF Linen Dealer 27 College Green, Bristol
VAUGHAN Daniel Master "The Friends" Bristol to Cardiff
VAUGHAN James George Painter - House, Sign Etc 2 Mall Place, Clifton, Bristol
VAUGHAN Jno. & Philip Merchant (West India) 29 Corn Street, Bristol
VAUGHAN Mary Chair Maker 7 All Saints Street, Bristol
VAUGHAN Samuel Furniture Broker 4 Broadmead, Bristol
VAUGHAN Theophilus Shopkeeper / Dealer Avon St, Great Gardens, Bristol
VAUGHAN William Brightsmith & Bellhanger 61 Redcliff Street, Bristol
VAUGHAN William Shopkeeper / Dealer West St, St Philip, Bristol
VAUGHAN William George Agent Droitwich Salt Co. Tontine Warehouse, Bristol
VAUGHAN William George Corn Factor 7 Tontine Warehouse, Head of Quay
VAUGHAN William junr Brightsmith & Bellhanger 72 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
VEAL William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 2 King St, Queen's Sq, Bristol
VELVIN Daniel Surgeon 16 Queens Square, Bristol
VENN John Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pithay, Bristol
VENN John Tailor Lodge Place, Bristol
VENN Thomas Yandell Agent for Belsham & Co. 6 Tontine Warehouse, Bristol
VENN Thomas Yandell Commission Agent 6 Tontine Warehouse Head of Quay
VENN Thomas Yandell Dealer in Stourbridge Clay etc 6 Tontine Warehouse, Head of Quay
VENN Thomas Yandell Roman Cement & Plaster Maker 6 Tontine Warehouse, Quay Head,
VENN Thomas Yandell Wharfinger 6 Tontine Warehouse, Quay Head,
VENOUR M.A. Miss 12 Hope Sq, Clifton, Bristol
VERNEY & LEE Nursery & Seedsman 24 Lower Arcade, & Barton Hill
VERNUM George Brightsmith & Bellhanger Temple Back, Bristol
VERNUM Henry Bellows Maker 70 Temple Street, Bristol
VERRIERE Guillaume L Merchant (French & Italian) Quay, Bristol
VERRY Mary Ann & Son Coal Merchant Passage Street, Bristol
VERSTEIN Christopher Teacher of Music 14 Culver Street, Bristol
VERYARD Robert Hemp and Flax Dresser Bristol Bridge & Cathay, Bristol
VERYARD Robert Rope and Twine Maker Bristol Bridge & Cathay, Bristol
VERYARD Robert Sack & Sacking Maker Bristol Bridge & Cathay, Bristol
VICARY Jno Tailor 33 King Street, Queens Square,
VICKARY William Shopkeeper / Dealer St Philips Plain, Bristol
VICKERY Jane Milliner 7 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
VICKERY Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker 11 Withington Court, Horse Fair
VICKERY Levy Fishmonger / Dry & Salt fish 4 Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
VICKERY Thomas Stone & Marble Mason 48 Milk Street, Bristol
VIGOR Timothy Stonehse Revd. 15 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
VIGORS Jane & Sisters Day School 2 Charlotte Street, Bristol
VILOSOLA & DANSON Merchant (Wool) St Stephen's Avenue, Bristol
VINCENT Richard Tailor 48 & 53 Broad Quay, Bristol
VINER Miss 13 Clarence Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
VINES Benjamin Soap & Candle Maker 128 Redcliff Street, Bristol
VINEY Joseph Auctioneer / Appraiser Baldwin Street, Bristol
VINING Charles Corn Factor 34 Welsh back, Bristol
VINING Charles Maltster Tower St, Great Gardens, Bristol
VINING Joseph Broker Commercial 21 Small Street, Bristol
VINING Sarah Mrs. 3 Portland St, Bristol
VINING Thomas & Son Corn Factor 5 Welsh back, Bristol
VINING William Grocer / Tea Dealer 4 Bridge Parade, Bristol
VIRTUE Francis Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 26 Bath Street, Bristol
VISGER Harman Consul for America 6 Brunswick Square, Bristol
VIVIAN John Master "The Pendarves" Bristol to St Ives & Hale
VIZARD Mary Ann Dress Maker Middle Ave, Queen's Sq, Bristol
VIZER Robert Willis Agent Sun Life Insurance Bath Street, Bristol
VOISEY Humphrey Carpenter / Builder Three Queen's Lane, Bristol
VOISEY William Furniture Broker Queens St, St Michaels, Bristol
VOWLES John Machine Maker (Weighing) 38 St Thomas Street, Bristol
VOWLES John Shopkeeper / Dealer Waterloo Pl, Clifton, Bristol
VOWLES Mary Dress Maker 3 Cathay, Bristol
VOYES Isaac Tailor 8 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
WADE Josiah Gent. 3 Rownham Place, Bristol
WADE L.C. Proctor - Ecclesiastical Court 28 Broad Street, Bristol
WADE Nathaniel Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Under the Bank, Bristol
WADE Susan Dress Maker 2 Park Pl, St Michael's Hill,
WADE Thomas Carpenter / Builder 81 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
WADGE John & Son Carpenter / Builder Anchor Lane, Bristol
WADLEY Mary Mrs Matron Marlborough St Infirmary, Bristol
WAGG Michael Tavern / Public House Black Horse, Stokes Croft, Bristol
WAIT & JAMES Corn Factor Welsh back, Bristol
WAIT & JAMES Merchant Welsh Back, Bristol
WAIT & JAMES Tin Plate Merchant Welsh Back, Bristol
WAIT Charles Sailmaker Broad Quay, Bristol
WAIT Elizabeth Boarding / Lodging House 30 St James' Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
WAIT Emanuel Clerk to Gas Light Company Avon Street, St Philips, Bristol
WAIT George Chymist / Druggist 8 Castle Street, Bristol
WAIT George Oil & Colourman 8 Castle Street, Bristol
WAIT Henry Furniture Broker West St, St Philip's , Bristol
WAIT William Revd. 9 King's Square, Bristol
WAITE John Straw Hat Maker 16 Lower Arcade, Bristol
WAITE John Tavern / Public House Wheat Sheaf, Horse Fair, Bristol
WAKEFIELD Benjamin Hairdresser 68 Broad Quay, Bristol
WALCOT John Fringe & Coach Livery Lace Mfr 7 Denmark Street, Bristol
WALDO Edward Surgeon 4 Church Lane, St Michaels, Bristol
WALDRON & GILES Chymist / Druggist 52 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
WALDRON Jno. Speed Chymist / Druggist Rownham Place, Hotwells, Bristol
WALDRON John Gardener / seedsman Love Street, Bristol
WALDRON Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
WALES James Currier / Leather Cutter 110 Thomas Street, Bristol
WALKER ---- Gent 2 Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol
WALKER Charles Capt. Stapleton, Bristol
WALKER Charles Houlden Attorney 30 Broad Street, Bristol
WALKER David Tea Dealer Wilson Terrace, Bristol
WALKER George Shopkeeper / Dealer Bridewell Lane, Bristol
WALKER Harriet Mrs. Redland, Bristol
WALKER James Shopkeeper / Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
WALKER John Working Jeweller 2 Upper Arcade, Bristol
WALKER Jos. Ford Currier / Leather Cutter 7 Old King Street, Bristol
WALKER Sarah Shopkeeper / Dealer 22 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
WALKER William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Ann Street without, Bristol
WALKER William Steel Manufacturer Mill Lane, Bedminster, Bristol
WALL Ann Linen Dealer 3 Merchant's Parade, Bristol
WALL Frank Surgeon 14 Clarence Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
WALL Jno. Brown Undertaker Princes Pl, Milk Street, Bristol
WALL John Stone & Marble Mason Navarino Place, Bristol
WALL John Brown Auctioneer / Appraiser Princes Pl, Milk Street, Bristol
WALL M. Mrs. 12 Alfred Place, Kingsdown, Bristol
WALL Richard Smart Teacher of Music 14 Clarence Pl, St Michaels Hill
WALLER & JOHNS Milliner 1 Park Street, College Green
WALLER Edmund H. Timber Merchant & Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
WALLINGTON Jacob Oil & Colourman Broad Quay, Bristol
WALLINGTON Jacob Painter - House, Sign Etc Broad Quay, Bristol
WALLIS & MILES Architect Lower College Green, Bristol
WALLIS George Physician 30 Park Street, Bristol
WALLIS Jn. & Sl. Boot & Shoe Maker 2 Parade St, St James, Bristol
WALLIS John Butcher 13 Portland Pl,Clifton, Bristol
WALLIS Sarah Miss 15 Trinity Street, Bristol
WALLIS Swaine Woollen Draper 3 Castle Street, Bristol
WALLIS William Biscuit Maker - Ship 28 Frogmore Street, Bristol
WALSH & Co. Linen Dealer 7 Castle Street, Bristol
WALSH Richard Brick & tile Maker Easton Road, Bristol
WALTER Jos. Stationer 1 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
WALTER Jos. Umbrella & Parasol Maker 1 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
WALTER Richard Tavern / Public House Three Boars Heads, Horse Fair,
WALTER Sarah Baker 3 College Street, Bristol
WALTERS Daniel Master "The Castle" Bristol to Cardiff
WALTERS David Hosier 25 High Street, Bristol
WALTERS George Tin Plate Worker Clarence Road, Bristol
WALTERS Henry Tavern / Public House Jolly Sailor, East St, Bedminster
WALTERS Thomas Painter - House, Sign Etc Upper Maudlin Street, Bristol
WALTERS Thomas & Co. Confectioner 5 North Street, Bristol
WALTON Mrs. 12 Dowry Sq, Hotwells, Bristol
WALWYN Mrs. 48 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
WANKLYN John Vineger Maker 12 Small Street, Bristol
WANSBROUGH John Printer - Letter Press 12 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WANSBROUGH John Stationer 12 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WARD Mrs. 29 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
WARD George Shopkeeper / Dealer 7 Grove Pl, Durdham Down, Bristol
WARD Henry Perfumer / Hairdresser 33 College Green, Bristol
WARD Jno. Surgeon 17 Pritchard St, St Pauls, Bristol
WARD Mary Pawnbroker Guinea Street, Bristol
WARD Robert Painter - House, Sign Etc 9 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
WARD Robert Thomas Painter - House, Sign Etc Lower Castle Street, Bristol
WARD William Boot & Shoe Maker East St, Bedminster, Bristol
WARE George Cooper Hotwell Road, Bristol
WARE Henry Esq. York Place, Clifton, Bristol
WARE Samuel Tailor 1 Dolphin Street, Bristol
WARING Catherine Milliner 11 Upper Arcade, Bristol
WARING Jno. Merchant 11 Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
WARING Samuel Merchant (Commission) 25 King St, Queen's Square, Bristol
WARING Samuel Porter & Bottle Liquor Merchan 25 King St, Queens Square, Bristol
WARNE Jno. Revd. Wellington House, Clifton, Bristol
WARNE John Esq. Wellington House, Clifton, Bristol
WARNE John Rev. Curate Clifton Church, Bristol
WARNE William Tavern / Public House Duke of Cumberland, Pill, Bristol
WARNER Samuel Alfred Timber Merchant & Dealer Sea Bank, Bristol
WARR & PIGGOTT Tailor 32 Corn Street, Bristol
WARREN Benjamin Stone & Marble Mason Passsage St, St Philips, Bristol
WARREN Henry Revd. 27 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
WARREN J.N. Miss St Vincent's Parade, Hot Wells,
WARREN Martha Boarding / Lodging House 3 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
WARREN Thomas Butcher 28 Temple Street, Bristol
WARREN William Butcher 89 Temple Street, Bristol
WARRY John Watch & Clock Maker 101 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WASBROUGH William Attorney 11 Corn Street, Bristol
WASBROUGH, HALE & Co. Brass Founder & Gas fitter Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
WASBROUGH, HALE & Co. Clock Maker Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
WASBROUGH, HALE & Co. Coach Lamp Maker Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
WASBROUGH, HALE & Co. Coppersmith / Brazier Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
WASHER Harriet Matilda Day School 36 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
WASHER Jn. Edmonds Painter - House, Sign Etc 36 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
WASHER Selina Ann Day School 36 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
WASON James & Co. Timber Merchant & Dealer Sea Bank, Bristol
WASSON Js. Consul for Prussia Cannon's Marsh, Bristol
WATERS James Glue Maker Frome Bridge, Bristol
WATERS James Spirit Dealer - Retail 26 Stokes Croft, Bristol
WATERS Richard Architect Wilson Street, Bristol
WATHEN Charles Carpenter / Builder 10 Princes Street, Bristol
WATKINS Ann Straw Hat Maker St James' Church yard, Bristol
WATKINS Fredk. Nelson Grocer / Tea Dealer Rownham Place, Hotwells, Bristol
WATKINS James Shopkeeper / Dealer Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
WATKINS Jn. Webb Boot & Shoe Maker Rownham Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
WATKINS John Baker Rose St. Grt Gardens, Bristol
WATKINS John Hairdresser 8 Lower College Street, Bristol
WATKINS John Plasterer / Tiler 6 Horse Fair, Bristol
WATKINS Thomas Breeches maker & Glover 23 Peter Street, Bristol
WATKINS Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger Moon Street, Bristol
WATKINS William Butcher Rownham Place, Hotwells, Bristol
WATKINS William Optician 16 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
WATMORE John Hairdresser 12 Lewin's Mead, Bristol
WATSON Bristol & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchant 29 Broad Street, Bristol
WATSON John Carpenter / Builder 6 Pipe Lane, Bristol
WATSON John Carpenter / Builder Broad Quay, Bristol
WATSON R. Rev Rector Christ Church, Bristol
WATSON Robert Carver / Guilder Somerset Street, Redcliff, Bristol
WATSON Robert Shopkeeper / Dealer Redcliff Mead Lane, Bristol
WATSON Thomas Attorney 30 Broad Street, Bristol
WATTS Elizabeth China, Glass &c Dealer 10 Lower College St, Bristol
WATTS George Attorney Exchange Buildings, Bristol
WATTS George Boot & Shoe Maker 6 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
WATTS Henry Butcher 8 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
WATTS Isaac Sailmaker Broad Quay, Bristol
WATTS Jacob Boot & Shoe Maker 22 Peter Street, Bristol
WATTS James Grocer / Tea Dealer 13 Peter Street, Bristol
WATTS William Baker 17 Gloucester Lane, Bristol
WATTS William Tavern / Public House St Michaels Porter Ho, Host Street,
WATTS William Tavern / Public House Wheat Sheaf, Callow Hill St,Bristol
WAUGH Benjamin Tailor Montague Place, Bristol
WAY John Dyer / Calenderer Quay Street, Bristol
WAYLAND Joseph Plumber 84 Stokes Croft, Bristol
WAYMAN Josiah Butcher Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
WAYTE Fras. Grocer / Tea Dealer 3 Union Street, Bristol
WEARE Benjamin Tin Plate Worker Christmas Street, Bristol
WEARE Robert Brightsmith & Bellhanger Captain Carey's Lane, Bristol
WEARE William Esq. Gt George St, Bristol
WEAVER Edwin Wine & Spirit Merchant Shannon Crt, Corn Street, Bristol
WEAVER John Shopkeeper / Dealer Limekiln Lane, Bristol
WEAVER John N. Tailor 5 Denmark Street, Bristol
WEAVER Richard Tavern / Public House Two Anchors, Guinea St, Bristol
WEBB A. Mrs. 13 Portland St, Kingsdown,Bristol
WEBB Ann Rule Maker Earl Street, Bristol
WEBB Charles Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 20 & 52 Wine Street, Bristol
WEBB George Accountant 22 Union Street, Bristol
WEBB George & Co. Oil & Colourman Butts, Bristol
WEBB George & Co. Paper Hanging Manufacturer Butts, Bristol
WEBB George Radford Furniture Broker 50 Broadmead, Bristol
WEBB George Redford Auctioneer / Appraiser 50 Broadmead, Bristol
WEBB James Chymist / Druggist 79 Castle Street, Bristol
WEBB John Iron Merchants / Ironmonger Marsh Street, Bristol
WEBB Joseph Master St Peters Hospital for the poor
WEBB Mary & Sisters Linen Dealer 10 Castle Street, Bristol
WEBB Robert Tavern / Public House Crown, Jamaica Street, Bristol
WEBB Robt Henry & Wm. Provision Factor 22 Clare Street, Bristol
WEBB Robt, Henry & Wm. Cheese Factor / Dealer 22 Clare Street, Bristol
WEBB Stephen Clement Conveyancer 10 Dighton Street, Bristol
WEBB Susan Miss Clifton Down, Bristol
WEBB Thomas Gent. 45 Picton Street, Bristol
WEBB Thomas & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchant 4 Queens Square, Bristol
WEBBER George Baker 3 Christmas Street, Bristol
WEBBER George Boarding / Lodging House 19 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
WEBBER Joseph Furniture Broker Pithay, Bristol
WEBBER Robert Stone & Marble Mason Ellbroad Street, Bristol
WEDLOCK Jeremiah Tin Plate Worker Horfield Road, Bristol
WEDMORE Ann Milliner Hotwell Road, Bristol
WEDMORE Elizabeth Shopkeeper / Dealer Temple Street, Bristol
WEEKS Jas Saunders Tavern / Public House Cardiff Boat, Welsh Back, Bristol
WEEKS John Shopkeeper / Dealer St Philips Plain, Bristol
WEEKS Samuel Wood Turner Wilder Street, Bristol
WEEKS Susannah Basket Maker St James' Church Yard, Bristol
WEEKS William Leather Hat & Fur Cap Maker West St, St Philips, Bristol
WEIR H. Master "The Nelson" Bristol to Barbados
WEIR Mary Ann Hosier 61 Broad Street, Bristol
WELCH Thomas Hairdresser 79 Temple Street, Bristol
WELDY William Henry Captain. 6 Caroline Row, Hotwells, Bristol
WELLINGTON & PANTERS Starch Manufacturer Meadow Street, Bristol
WELLINGTON James junr Attorney 19 Bridge Street, Bristol
WELLON Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer 8 Berkeley Place, Clifton, Bristol
WELLON William Tavern / Public House Duncan, St Nicholas St, Bristol
WELSH Bartholomew Shopkeeper / Dealer Jacobs Well, Bristol
WENSLEY & SHEPPARD Provision Factor 62 Castle Street, Bristol
WERE Ann Mrs. Long Ashton, Bristol
WERE Joseph Ellis Tanner Bedminster, Bristol
WERE Thomas Esq. 21 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
WESLAKE James Baker Montague Street, Bristol
WEST Ann Boot & Shoe Maker East St, Bedminster, Bristol
WEST Edward Hill Auctioneer / Appraiser 1 Shannon Court, Bristol
WEST Sarah Clothes, &c, Salesmen Captain Carey's Lane, Bristol
WEST Sarah Milliner Rownham Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
WEST Stephen Hairdresser 5 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
WEST Thomas Coal Merchant Penner Wharf, Redcliff St, Bristol
WEST Thomas Fringe & Coach Livery Lace Mfr 4 Upper Arcade, Bristol
WEST, TAYLOR & Co. Corn Factor Head of Quay, Bristol
WEST, TAYLOR & Co. Merchant Quay Head, Bristol
WESTACOTT Michael Chymist / Druggist 23 Union Street, Bristol
WESTALL Jno. Hairdresser 36 King's St, Queen's Sq, Bristol
WESTAWAY Richard Carpenter / Builder 24 Trenchard Street, Bristol
WESTCOTE Thos.Potenger Gent. 8 Granby Hill, Clifton, Bristol
WESTCOTT Jasper Brass Founder 40 Thomas Street, Bristol
WESTCOTT Jasper Coppersmith / Brazier 40 Thomas Street, Bristol
WESTCOTT Nathl Rees Coppersmith / Brazier 64 Recliff Street, Bristol
WESTCOTT Nathl. Rees Brass & Bell Founder 64 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WESTEURA Joshua Colonel 16 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
WESTLAKE Jno. Capt. 3 Dowry Place, Bristol
WESTLEY & BINGHAM Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 13 Broad Street, Bristol
WESTLEY & BINGHAM Newspaper Agent 13 Broad Street, Bristol
WESTON John Painter - House, Sign Etc Redcross Street, Bristol
WESTON Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Portland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
WESTON Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer 46 Marlborough Street, Bristol
WESTWOOD Thomas Ironmonger East St, Bedminster, Bristol
WETHERHILT James Tavern / Public House Crown & Anchor, Hotwell Rd, Bristol
WEYMOUTH William Chair Maker 73 Thomas Street, Bristol
WHARBURTON Elizabeth Tavern / Public House Wheat Sheaf, Bedminster Pde,Bristol
WHARTON Thomas Day School 9 Union Street, Bristol
WHATLEY James Tavern / Public House Ship & Pilot Boat, Broad Quay,
WHEDDON Eliz. Day School 14 King's St, Queen's Sq. Bristol
WHEDDON Jn. Carpenter / Builder 14 King Street, Queen's Square
WHEELER Mary Day School Somerset Sq Ave, Bristol
WHEELER Thomas Master "The Brothers" Bristol to Cardiff
WHEELER Walter Daniel Surgeon 15 St Pauls Street, Bristol
WHEREAT Joseph Tin Plate Worker 70 Castle Street, Bristol
WHEREAT Samuel Shopkeeper / Dealer 88 Old Market Street, Bristol
WHIMPLE Henry Master "The Unity" Bristol to Barnstaple
WHIPPIE Thomas Esq. Clifton Wood, Bristol
WHISH M.R. Rev. Perpetual Curate & Lecturer St Thomas, Bristol
WHISH M.R. Rev. Vicar St Johns Bedminster, Bristol
WHISH M.R.Rev Minister St Mary Redcliff, Bristol
WHISH Martin Revd. 73 Ratcliff Hill, Bristol
WHITCHURCH George Surgeon 26 Somerset Street, Bristol
WHITCHURCH James Esq. 32 Lower Cres, Clifton, Bristol
WHITCHURCH Jos. Esq. Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
WHITE Mrs. 2 Beaufort Bldgs, Clifton, Bristol
WHITE Ann Milliner 52 Princes Street, Bristol
WHITE Charles Boarding / Lodging House 44 Queen's Square, Bristol
WHITE Charles Pump Maker 69 Milk Street, Bristol
WHITE Eliz. Eating House Keeper Cumberland Basin, Hotwells, Bristol
WHITE George Tavern / Public House Red Lion, Lawrence Hill, Bristol
WHITE James Hairdresser Back Street, Bristol
WHITE James Shopkeeper / Dealer 2 Montague Street, Bristol
WHITE John Patten Maker 1 Marlboro Street, Bristol
WHITE John Saddler & Harness Maker 1 College Street, Bristol
WHITE Joseph & James Potter Redcross Street, Bristol
WHITE Joseph sen Tobacco Pipe Maker Redcross Street, Bristol
WHITE Mary Mrs. Berkeley Cott, Berkeley Sq, Bristol
WHITE Samuel Attorney 24 King's Square, Bristol
WHITE Thomas Gent 38 Lower Cres, Clifton, Bristol
WHITE William Brightsmith & Bellhanger Ann Street without, Bristol
WHITE William Carpenter / Builder 16 Penn Street, Bristol
WHITE William Carver / Guilder 64 Old Market Street, Bristol
WHITE William Haberdasher Avenue, King's Sq, Bristol
WHITE William Hairdresser Princess Street, Bristol
WHITE William Wine & Spirit Merchant 29 Clare Street, Bristol
WHITEAIRE Catherine Milliner (fancy) Lower Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
WHITEHALL James Gent. 38 Castle Green, Bristol
WHITELOCK Jn. Esq. 5 Windsor Terrace, Clifton, Bristol
WHITFORD James Baker 7 Old Market Street, Bristol
WHITING Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger 54 Broadmead, Bristol
WHITLAW Abraham Teacher Tankards Close, St Michaels,Bristol
WHITMARSH & Co. Carrier Bell, St Thomas Street, Bristol
WHITMORE Robert Whip & Thong Maker 14 Thomas Street, Bristol
WHITNEY John Shopkeeper / Dealer Moorfields, Bristol
WHITNEY Luke Esq. Stapleton, Bristol
WHITNEY William U. Chymist / Druggist 30 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
WHITNEY William W. Surgeon 30 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
WHITTING Charles Plumber 53 Baldwin Street, Bristol
WHITTINGTON Thomas Auctioneer / Appraiser Blackhall Tavern, St Nicholas Steps
WHITTOCK Jos. Gent 8 King's Square, Bristol
WHITTUCK Charles Attorney Guildhall Chambers, Bristol
WICKETT Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
WIDGERY William Leather Seller 1 Merchant Street, Bristol
WIDGERY William Jun. Leather Seller Broad Weir, Bristol
WIGMORE John Patten Maker 33 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
WILBRAHAM Jane Mrs. 2 Granville Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
WILCOX George Wood & Stone Turner Church Lane, St Philips, Bristol
WILCOX William Hilhous Registrar Court of Conscience All Saints Lane, Bristol
WILD Ann Glass Bender 1 Horse Fair, Bristol
WILDE James Soap & Candle Maker Pill, Bristol
WILDGOOSE James Shopkeeper / Dealer West St, St Philips, Bristol
WILKINS Benjamin Confectioner 14 Broad Street, Bristol
WILKINS Cann Esq. 7 York Place, Clifton, Bristol
WILKINS Charlotte Dress Maker 10 Cumberland Street, Bristol
WILKINS Henry Surgeon 11 St James' Barton, Bristol
WILKINS Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger 16 King St, Queen;s Sq, Bristol
WILKINS William Pawnbroker 40 Castle Green Bristol
WILKINSON David Saddler & Harness Maker 24 Broadmead, Bristol
WILLCOCKS Roger Carpenter / Builder 4 Lower Castle Street, Bristol
WILLCOX Caroline Day School Wilson Terrace, Bristol
WILLETT & VICARY Straw Hat Maker 7 Parade, St James, Bristol
WILLETT Emma Teacher of Music 5 Picton Street, Bristol
WILLEY John Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer St Michael's Hill, Bristol
WILLIAMS Miss 3 Harford Place, Bristol
WILLIAMS Mrs. 2 Granby Place, Clifton, Bristol
WILLIAMS & HARRIS Linen Dealer 39 & 40 Wine Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS & PARKHAM Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pithay, Bristol
WILLIAMS Ann Child Bed Linen Warehouse 5 Bridge Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Ann Milliner 5 Bridge Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Ann Tavern / Public House Goat in Armour, Broad Quay, Bristol
WILLIAMS Ann Tobacco Pipe Maker Lamb Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Benjamin Cooper 62 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Charles Carpenter / Builder Canynge St, Pennywell Rd, Bristol
WILLIAMS Charles Marine Stores Dealer 28 Old Market St, Bristol
WILLIAMS Charles Stationer 61 Old Market Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Charlotte Dress Maker Hanover Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Daniel Linen Dealer 146 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS David Tailor 2 Lower College Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Edward Shopkeeper / Dealer Frogmore Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Eliz. Tavern / Public House White Swan, Stokes Croft, Bristol
WILLIAMS Eliza Dress Maker Charlotte Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Elizabeth Tavern / Public House Chequers, Broad Weir, Bristol
WILLIAMS George Teacher of Music Clarence Place, Bristol
WILLIAMS George Watch & Clock Maker 61 Broad Quay, Bristol
WILLIAMS Henry Butcher East Street, Bedminster, Bristol
WILLIAMS Henry Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Parsons Court, Bristol
WILLIAMS Hester Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 60 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Isaac Tavern / Public House Red Cow, West St, Bedminster,
WILLIAMS Isaac & Co. Brewer Bath,
WILLIAMS J.P. Surveyor 22 Broad Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS James Accountant Small Street Court, Bristol
WILLIAMS James Baker 18 West Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS James Boarding / Lodging House 58 Park Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS James Boot & Shoe Maker Barr's Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS James Fire Office - British & Westtr Shannon Court, Corn Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS James Shopkeeper / Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
WILLIAMS James Tavern / Public House Three Tuns, King St, Bristol
WILLIAMS James Shuter Salt Merchant West Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Jno. Cooper Cannon St, Bedminster, Bristol
WILLIAMS Jno. Sheriff's Officer Rivers Cottage, Clifton, Bristol
WILLIAMS Job Shopkeeper / Dealer Avon St, Great Gardens, Bristol
WILLIAMS John Coach Maker Coronation Road, Bedminster Bridge
WILLIAMS John Master "The Spraycombe" Bristol to Weymouth, Poole, Portsmt
WILLIAMS John Soap & Candle Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
WILLIAMS John Tailor Ellbroad Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS John Tavern / Public House Marquis of Granby, St James Back,
WILLIAMS John Tea Dealer 28 Broadmead, Bristol
WILLIAMS John Shutter Agent London Assurance 47 High Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS John Shutter Attorney 47 High Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker 15 Clare Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Josiah Hairdresser Back Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Josiah Tavern / Public House Windsor Castle, Back St, Bristol
WILLIAMS Margaret Grocer / Tea Dealer 1 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
WILLIAMS Mary & Fanny Milliner 1 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
WILLIAMS Peter Tobacco Pipe Maker Ann Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Philip Carpenter / Builder Durdham Down, Bristol
WILLIAMS R. Master "The Maria" Bristol to Jamaica
WILLIAMS Richard Thos. Surgeon 4 Old Park Hill, St Michaels
WILLIAMS Robert Silversmith / Jeweller 5 Tower Lane, Bristol
WILLIAMS Robert Timber Measurer Commercial Road, Bristol
WILLIAMS Robert Timber Merchant & Dealer Commercial Rd, Bedminster Bridge
WILLIAMS Samuel Gents' Boarding School 7 Royal York Cres, Clifton, Bristol
WILLIAMS Samuel Stationer Clarence Rd, St Philips, Bristol
WILLIAMS Samuel Surgeon 23 College Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Thomas Cork Cutter 5 Thomas Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Thomas Tavern / Public House White Hart, 29 Welsh Back, Bristol
WILLIAMS Thomas John Tailor 50 Park Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS Walter Brewer Lawrence Hill, Bristol
WILLIAMS Walter Coach Maker Temple Gate, Bristol
WILLIAMS Walter Pump Maker Johnsons Court, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Attorney All Saints Lane, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Boarding / Lodging House 3 Paragon, Clifton, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Boarding / Lodging House 3 Boyce Buildings, Clifton, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Boot & Shoe Maker 14 Bedminster Parade, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Boot & Shoe Maker 7 Dolphin Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Butcher 11 Gloucester Lane, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Carrier Broadmead, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Coach Maker Lampblack Hill, Gloucester Rd,
WILLIAMS William Colston's Blue Coat School Temple Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Grocer / Tea Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Iron Founder 43 & 44 Milk Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Ironmonger 43 & 44 Milk Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Master "The Dart" Bristol to Liverpool
WILLIAMS William Master "The Fidelity" Bristol to Weymouth, Poole, Portsmt
WILLIAMS William Shopkeeper / Dealer 9 Hill Grove Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Tailor 52 Broad Quay, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Tavern / Public House Bacchus, Temple Street, Bristol
WILLIAMS William Wheelwright Lampblack Hill, Bristol
WILLIAMS William sen Master "The Sisters" Bristol to Weymouth, Poole, Portsmt
WILLIS Francis Painter - House, Sign Etc Lawrence Hill, Bristol
WILLIS James Pawnbroker 17 King Street, Bristol
WILLIS John Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Under the bank. Bristol
WILLIS Samuel Infants' School Jonny Baugh Lane, Bristol
WILLIS T. Master "The Salvage" Bristol to Newfoundland
WILLIS William Tobacco Pipe Maker Ann Street, Bristol
WILLMENT John Baker 21 Montague Street, Bristol
WILLMOTT Eliz & Martha Haberdasher Broad Weir, Bristol
WILLMOTT Eliz & Martha Tea Dealer Broad Weir, Bristol
WILLMOTT William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 9 College Place, Bristol
WILLS Eliza Teacher 5 Lodge Street, Bristol
WILLS H.O. Mrs. 2 Portland Square, Bristol
WILLS James Basket Maker 93 Old Market Street, Bristol
WILLS Mary Tavern / Public House The George, Narrow Wine Street
WILLS,DITCHETT & WILLS Tobacco & Snuff Maker 110, 11 & 112 Redcliff Street,
WILLSHIRE Joseph Livery Stables Keeper 7 Milk St, Bristol
WILLSHIRE Thomas Stone & Marble Mason Navarino Place, Bristol
WILLWAY Susannah & Son Dyer / Calenderer 6 Denmark Street, Bristol
WILLWAY William Dyer / Calenderer Christmas Street, Bristol
WILMOT Mrs. 5 Lower Cres, Clifton, Bristol
WILMOT Daniel Glass Manufacturer Bedminster, Bristol
WILMOT Johanna Boarding / Lodging House 55 Park Street, Bristol
WILMOT Samuel R. Brewer 107 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WILMOT Samuel R. Maltster 107 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WILMOT William R. Carpenter / Builder 8 Temple Street, Bristol
WILSON Christopher Registrar Ecclesiastical Court 28 Broad Street, Bristol
WILSON John Hairdresser Rosemary Lane, Bristol
WILSON William Merchant 7 Queen's Parade, Bristol
WILTON John Shopkeeper / Dealer Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
WINCHESTER Samuel Tavern / Public House Kings Head, Passage St, St Philips
WINDEY Nathan Gent. 24 Park Street, Bristol
WINDHAM George Baker Pill, Bristol
WINDOW John Nail Maker Temple Back, Bristol
WINE James Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 122 Temple Street, Bristol
WINE John Chymist / Druggist 27 Temple Street, Bristol
WINGATE Thomas Attorney 34 Queen's Square, Bristol
WINNIATT Jno. Baker 15 Alfred Place, Kingsdown, Bristol
WINNIATT Richard Brewer (Retail) Jacob's Well, Clifton, Bristol
WINSCOMBE Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker 15 King Street, Bristol
WINSCOMBE William Carpenter / Builder Frogmore Street, Bristol
WINTER Andrew Comb Maker 26 Bridge Street, Bristol
WINTER Andrew Cutler 26 Bridge Street, Bristol
WINTER Andrew Hardwareman 26 Bridge Street, Bristol
WINTER Jno. & Son Comb Maker Jacob St, St Philip, Bristol
WINTER T. Rev. Baptist Minster Counterslip, Bristol
WINTER Thomas Carpenter / Builder 9 Horse Fair, Bristol
WINTERSON Samuel Smith Boot & Shoe Maker 16 Upper Aracade, Bristol
WINTERSON William Gardener / seedsman 22 Upper Arcade, Bristol
WINTERSON William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 7 Penn Street, Bristol
WINTLE Mrs. 8 St James' Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
WINTLE James Fishmonger / Dry & Salt fish 9 Baldwin Street, Bristol
WINTLE James & Co. Linen Dealer 3 Bridge Parade, Bristol
WINTLE Thomas & Jos. Linen Dealer 7 & 8 Clare Street, Bristol
WINWOOD John & Co. Iron Boiler Maker Cheese Lane, St Philip's, Bristol
WINWOOD John & Co. Iron Founder 43 & 44 Milk Street, Bristol
WINWOOD John & Co. Iron manufacturers & Engineers Cheese Lane, St Philip's, Bristol
WINWOOD John & Co. Steam Engine Manufacturer Cheese Lane, St Philips, Bristol
WISE Thomas Carpenter / Builder Bath Parade, Temple Gate, Bristol
WISE Wm. Henry St Augustine's Charity School Butts, Bristol
WISHART Mrs. 2 Gloucester Row, Clifton, Bristol
WITCHELL William Corn Factor 140 Redliff Street, Bristol
WITCHELL William Hop Factor / Dealer 140 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WITHERINGTON William Captain Brislington, Bristol
WITHERS George Hat manufacturer / Dealer All Saints Street, Bristol
WITHERS Isaac Cooper Captain Carey's Lane, Bristol
WITHERS John Carver / Guilder All Saints Street, Bristol
WITHERS William Cooper 20 Small Street, Bristol
WITHEY John Butcher 22 Berkeley Place, Clifton, Bristol
WITHINGTON Robert Gent 17 St James', Barton Bristol
WITHY, LITTLE & WITHY Woollen Draper 11 Bridge Street, Bristol
WOOD & OWEN Cooper Townsend's Yard, Broadmead,Bristol
WOOD George Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 13 Castle Street, Bristol
WOOD Henry Grocer / Tea Dealer Griffin Lane, Bristol
WOOD Henry Statuary College Place, Bristol
WOOD James Agent Phoenix & Pelican Ins 32 High Street, Bristol
WOOD James Chymist / Druggist 32 High Street, Bristol
WOOD James Organ Builder Lewins Mead, Bristol
WOOD John Inn / Hotel Keeper The Bell, St THomas Street, Bristol
WOOD Rev. Methodist Minister Old King Street, Bristol
WOOD Susannah Truss Maker 17 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WOOD Thomas Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 136 Thomas Street, Bristol
WOOD Thomas Tavern / Public House King of Prussia, Alders Quay,
WOOD William Tailor Pithay, Bristol
WOOD Wm & Son Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 43 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WOODCOCK William M. Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 1 Parade, St James', Bristol
WOODHAM & BUSH Millwright & Engineer Temple Back, Bristol
WOODHOUSE John Day School Cumberland Street, Bristol
WOODHOUSE Lucy Shopkeeper / Dealer 2 Temple Street, Bristol
WOODINGTON William Boot & Shoe Maker St Georges, Bristol
WOODLAND William Toy Manufacturer & Dealer 9 Temple Street, Bristol
WOODLAND William Unitarian Free School Stoke's Croft, Bristol
WOODMAN & DAVIES Carpenter / Builder 38 Grove, Bristol
WOODMAN John Hat manufacturer / Dealer 53 Castle Street, Bristol
WOODMAN William Gold Beater & Refiner 14 Small Street, Bristol
WOODMAN William Silversmith / Jeweller 14 Small Street, Bristol
WOODROFFE George Tobacco & Snuff maker 12 Welsh Back, Bristol
WOODS George Tavern / Public House Lamb, Crews Hole, St Georges,
WOODWARD & Co. Soap & Candle Maker 5 Christmas Street, Bristol
WOODWARD John Wheelwright 65 Thomas Street, Bristol
WOODWARD M. Surgeon 11 St James' Place, Bristol
WOOLDRIDGE John Rev. Independent Minister Newfoundland Street, Bristol
WOOLES Samuel Tavern / Public House Blue Bowl, Totterdown, Bristol
WOOLES William Undertaker 57 Castle Street, Bristol
WOOLLEY Mrs Admiral 25 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
WOOLLEY George Silversmith / Jeweller 25 Broadmead, Bristol
WOOLLEY George Watch & Clock Maker 25 Broadmead, Bristol
WOOLRICH Richard Linen Dealer 11 Castle Street, Bristol
WORKMAN Ann Mrs. 7 York Street, Bristol
WORKMAN Ruth Day School 13 Dighton Street, Bristol
WORLOCK John Tavern / Public House Bell, Stapleton, Bristol
WORLOCK John Veterinary Surgeon Stapleton, Bristol
WORLOCK Robert Butcher 90 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
WORNELL Thomas Haberdasher 14 High Street, Bristol
WORRALL Elizabeth Mrs. 7 Paragon, Clifton, Bristol
WORRELL Sophia Straw Hat Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
WORSLEY Sarah Mrs. The Fort, Bristol
WORTHINGTON Jno. Gent. 9 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
WREFORD & GERARD Corn Factor Baldwin Street, Bristol
WREFORD & GERARD Merchant Baldwin Street, Bristol
WREN William Teacher of Music Tankards Close, St Michaels,Bristol
WRIGHT & BAGNALL Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 35 Bridge Street, Bristol
WRIGHT & BAGNALL Printer - Letter Press 35 Bridge Street, Bristol
WRIGHT George Banker - City Bank High Street, Bristol
WRIGHT J. Secy: Refuge Female Penitents Lower Castle Street, Bristol
WRIGHT Thomas Timber Merchant & Dealer 16 Catherine Place, Stokes Croft,
WRIGHT William Wood Turner 3 Penn Street, Bristol
WRIGHTE A.B. Miss 1 Rodney Place, Clifton, Bristol
WRIGHTEN Sarah Emily Ladies' Boarding School 43 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
WYATT Francis Livery Stables Keeper Clifton Pl, Clifton, Bristol
WYATT John Maltster 30 High Street, Bristol
WYATT John Tavern / Public House Angel, 30 High Street, Bristol
WYATT William Cooper 6 Horse Fair, Bristol
WYLD George & Sons Distiller / Rectifiers 83 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WYLD George & Sons Hop Factor / Dealer 83 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WYLD George & Sons Wine & Spirit Merchant 83 Redcliff Street, Bristol
WYMAN Richard Shopkeeper / Dealer 52 Princes Street, Bristol
WYNDOWE Mary Mrs. 32 Portland Square, Bristol
WYNDOWE William C. Conveyancer 5 Exchange Buildings, Bristol
YABBICOMB Henry Sugar Mould Potter Temple Back, Bristol
YABBICOMB Henry & Thos Stoneware Potters Avon Street, Bristol
YALE John Shopkeeper / Dealer New Street, Bristol
YATES Charles Cooksey Barrister 28 Corn Street, Bristol
YATES George Boot & Shoe Maker Brandon Hill, Bristol
YATES Maria Milliner Brandon Hill, Bristol
YEATES Martha Tavern / Public House Lamb, West St Bedminster, Bristol
YEATES William Commission Agent 3 Emerald Place, Easton Rd, Bristol
YEATMAN Morgan Surgeon St James' Square, Bristol
YEO & VINE Stay Maker 5 College Place, Bristol
YEO Eliza Tavern / Public House Horseshoe & Talbot, West St. St Ph
YEO P. Mrs. Granby House, Hotwells, Bristol
YERBURY Jno. Esq. 2 Rodney Place, Clifton, Bristol
YORK Mrs. 7 Gloucester Row, Clifton, Bristol
YORK James Boot & Shoe Maker 23 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
YORK Richard Shopkeeper / Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
YOULTEN William Grocer / Tea Dealer 14 Christmas Street, Bristol
YOUNG Mrs. 17 Clarence Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
YOUNG Edward Merchant (Newfoundland) Lewin's Mead, Bristol
YOUNG Elizabeth Dress Maker 9 Wells Street, Bristol
YOUNG George Baker 24 Maryport Street, Bristol
YOUNG James & Co. Cork Cutter 18 Thomas Street, Bristol
YOUNG John B. Butcher Pill, Bristol
YOUNG Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker St James's Churchyard, Bristol
YOUNG William Stone & Marble Mason Durdham Down, Bristol
ZACHARY Mary Mrs. Ashley Place, Bristol
ZINCRAFT Edward Gent. Ashley Place, Bristol
ZINCRAFT Robert Gomer Spirit Dealer - Retail 15 Peter Street, Bristol
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[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand in January 1994]