Cheltenham and Neighbourhood, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

The list of names below numbering 1,248, has been extracted from the microfiche of Pigot's Directory for Gloucestershire, 1830, and consists of all the names listed therein for Cheltenham and neighbourhood.

In many instances tradesmen have been listed more than once under different occupational categories. No attempt has been made to eliminate these duplications.

The occupations had been grouped for example "Booksellers with Stationers" and it has therefore not been possible to state definitely to which trade these people were called.

The listing includes some nobility who are described as "Sir", "Bart", "Lady", "Gent", "Esq." etc.

The following abbreviations have been adopted:-


B School=Boarding School
D School=Day School
ABRAHAM JohnOpticianNext to Montpelier Rotunda
ACTON JohnEsq.4 St James Square
ADAMSON JohnBookseller/stationer20 Bath Street
ADDISON ThonmasEsq.9 Promenade
AGG ThomasSurgeon4 Portland Street
AGG William JohnEsq.Hewletts
AGLEN GeorgeCarver/Gilder410 High Street
AKHURST StephenBakerCharlton Kings
ALBERT George Fredk.Physician3 Exeter Buildings
ALDER JohnCabinet MakerAlbion Street
ALDER MrsLandscape artist25 Winchombe Street
ALDER ThomasChymist & Druggist109 High Street
ALDRIDGE ThomasCarpenter/JoinerJersey Street
ALEX IsaiahDentist414 High Street
ALEXANDER Jno.Capt5 Rodney Terrace
ALLAN AlexanderEsq.6 Grovesnor Place
ALLARDYCE JamesPhysician441 High Street
ALLENDr LLD (school)Springfield, Charlton
ALLEN DavidBoot & Shoe Maker167 High Street
ALLEN EdwinPainter & Decorator4 Gyde's Terrace
ALLIES Ts. Wm.Rev.18 Lansdown Place
ANDREWS AugustusColonel4 Oxford Street
ANSTEY John Mrs 10 Lansdown Place
APPLIN AugustinBoarding/Lodging HouseHigh Street
APPLIN AugustinVittoria HotelHigh Street
ARBUTHNOT Lady Montpelier Spa Buildings
ARCHER Jn.Swimming BathsPrestbury Road
ARCHER JohnTobacconist391 High Street
ARCHER JohnTavern & Public HousePittville Inn, Prestbury R
ARCHER WilliamBack Horse MstrSt George's Place
ARKELLMiss16 North Place
ARKELL CharlesGardnerKingsditch
ARKILL JamesMillerAlston Mill
ARKWELL HenryStone & Marble MasonCharlton Kings
ARNOLD ThomasFruiterer411 High Street
ARNOTT RobertNursery & SeedsmanCharlton Kings
ASHMEAD GilesGloverCharlton Kings
ASHWINMisses (B school)Prestbury
ASKEW ThomasMajor8 Berkeley PLace
AUBREY GeorgeColonelCambray Street
AVERILL CharlesSurgeon3 Rodney Terrace
BADGER WilliamConfectioner/Pastry Ck73 High Street
BAILEY JohnEsq.28 Gloucester Place
BAILEY JohnLinen & Woollen Draper171 High Street
BAKER & SonBrazier & Tin Plate324 & 409 High Street
BAKER JohnCoal Merchant & DealerGloucester Gate
BAKER JosephCoal Merchant & Dealer1 Chapel Place
BALDRY SamuelTavern & Public HouseMitre, Bath Road
BALLANTINE AnnMrs2 Priory Buildings
BALLINGER AnnMilliner/DressmakerChurch Street
BALLINGER HannahMilliner/Dressmaker10 Warwick Place
BALLINGER JosephLivery Stable KeeperRegent Street
BANBURY DavidHouse Surveyor57 St George's Place
BANBURY JohnGrocer/Tea Dealer22 Winchcombe Street
BANFIELD SamuelTailor414 High Street
BARNARD St.Watch & Clock Maker15 Arcade
BARNES SamuelShopkeeperNew Street
BARNES ThomasDyer13 Gloucester Place
BARNETT CharlesRiding MasterRegent Street
BARRETT EdmundMiller433 High Street
BARRETT EdmundMaltster433 High Street
BARRETT JohnOld Swan Inn60 High Street
BARRETT MargaretMrs.Charlton Kings
BARRETT Nathaniel M.Maltster10 Oxford Street
BARRON MichaelFruitererColonnade
BARTH SarahBoot & Shoe Maker9 Colonnade
BARTLEY EdwardGent.7 Gloucester Place
BARTON BarnabasBakerCommercial Road
BASKERFIELDMrs1 Montpelier Terrace
BASTIN RichardGloverChurch Street
BASTIN RichardTailorChurch Street
BATE JamesPlumber/Painter/GlazierBath Street
BATH JosephDyer2 St James's Street
BATTY SarahMrs14 Oxford Place
BAYLIS JoshuaShopkeeper303 High Street
BAYLIS SarahTavern & Public HouseEight Bells, Church Street
BAYLIS ThomasHardwareman316 High Street
BAYLIS WilliamEsq.3 Montpelier Terrace
BAYNTONMrs4 Paragon Buildings
BEAN NathanielEsqGothic Cott, Sandford Field
BEATTIECommodore2 Keynsham Place
BEAVAN Theophilus & CoChymist & Druggist114 High Street
BEAVEN JohnTavern & Public HouseRed Lion, High Street
BECHER & KENTBricklayerSidney Street
BECKINGSALE ThomasGrocer/Tea Dealer187 High Street
BEE ThomasTailorPrestbury
BELCHER JohnGent.264 High Street
BELL AndrewRev. Dr.Lindsay Cottage
BELL LouisaMrs.13 Oxford Place
BELL S.F.MrsLansdown Place
BELLINGER ThomasBlacksmithBurton Street
BELTHAM ?? EdwardBoot & Shoe Maker402 High Street
BENBOW ThomasLinen & Woollen Draper163 High Street
BENNETT ThomasStone & Marble MasonNear Bath Road
BERKELEY StephenCarpenter/JoinerQueen's Buildings
BERNARD WilliamPhysician7 Cambray Place
BERRY ThomasHouse Agent etc15 Clarence Street
BERRY Thomas HenryCabinet MakerClarence Street
BETTERIDGE JohnPoultererMarket House
BETTISON & COXCoal Merchant & DealerNr the Turnpike, Bath Rd
BETTISON SamuelBookseller/stationerHigh Street
BETTISON SamuelCheltenham LibraryHigh Street
BETTISON SamuelCoal Merchant & DealerHigh Street
BEVIL John WilliamTobacconist71 High Street
BICK William S.Corn & Flour Dealer7 Oxford Place
BIDMEAD WilliamPlumber/Painter/GlazierHewlett Street
BIDMEAD WilliamPlasterer/Bricklayer4 St James's Street
BILLEMORE C.Mrs.10 Oxford Parade
BILLINGSMiss1 Rodney Terrace
BILLINGS RichardHouse SurveyorManchester Ho, Manchester
BILLINGS ThomasNursery & SeedsmanBath Road
BINCKS DanielWine & Spirit Merchant48 St George's Place
BINFIELD WilliamMusic & InstrumentsPromenade
BINFIELD WilliamMusic Teacher2 Rodney Terrace
BINGHAM SarahMrs.4 Park Place
BIRD Harriet L.Milliner/Dressmaker121 High Street
BIRD MariaMilliner/Dressmaker2 Promenade Villa
BIRDSALL JohnRev.3 Somerset Place
BISHOP JohnBoot & Shoe Maker98 Albion Street
BISHOP ThomasTailor83 Winchcombe Street
BISHOP WilliamCoach & Fly Owner90 High Street
BLACKER LetitiaMissClaremont Cottage
BLAGDON JohnEsq.Westall Villa, Bath Road.
BLAIR RobertGardenerSun Street
BLAKENEY Misses 2, St Margaret's Terrace
BLAKEWAY RichardTavern & Public HouseWhite Hart, High Street
BLISS JessePoultererMarket House
BLIZARD JosephAttorneyEssex Place
BLIZARD ThomasPlasterer/BricklayerNorthfield Place
BOARDMAN W.Revd. (B school)Staverton House
BODE George(B school)12 Rodney Terrace
BOISRAGON Henry Chas.Physician11 Crescent
BOISSIN PeterEsq.8 North Place
BOND WINCOTT & Co.Silk MercerArcade
BOND, WINCOTT & CoLinen & Woollen DraperArcade
BONNER JohnIronmonger90 Winchcombe Street
BONNEWELL JemimaTavern & Public HouseCock, 221 High Street
BOUCHER DanielAuctioneers/Appraisers9-11 St George's Place
BOUCHER DanielCabinet Maker9-11 St George's Place
BOUCHER GeorgeCabinet Maker14 Henrietta Street
BOUCHER ThomasCabinet MakerBath Road
BOWLEY JamesEsq.3 Priory Buildings
BOWN BenjaminGrocer/Tea Dealer419 High Street
BOWN CharlotteStay Maker7 Well Walk
BOWN DavidBaker307 High Street
BOWN JacobGrocer/Tea Dealer309 High Street
BOWN Mrs RobertStay Maker417 High Street
BOWN William T.Grocer/Tea DealerBath Road
BOWYER Henry James WAttorney174 High Street
BOWYER JohnAttorney174 High Street
BOYCE RichardRevd8 Oriel Place
BRADNEY Mrs. 9 Lansdown Place
BRADSHAW EdwardShopkeeperCharlton Kings
BRADSHAW EdwardTurnerRegent Street
BRADSHAW Mrs. Charlton Kings
BRADY AnnShopkeeper22 Corpus Street
BRANDT Mrs. 4 Sandford Place
BRAY RobertTailor1 Montpelier Bazaar
BRAZILL SarahBoarding/Lodging House117 High Street
BREND JohnAttorney396 High Street
BRETT HenryEsq.Berkeley Street
BRIANE Eliz.Minature Artist5 Regent Street
BRICE Isaac BartrumLinen & Woollen Draper191 High Street
BRIDGEMAN JonathanBoot & Shoe MakerCharlton Kings
BRIDGEWATER John junBaker24 Gloucester Place
BRIDGWATER JohnCollector of Taxes24 Gloucester Place
BRIGGS JohnEsq.Berkeley Street
BROMFIELD HenryEsq.2 St James' Square
BROOKER JamesCarver/Gilder8 Clarence Street
BROOKES ThomasCarpenter/JoinerWindsor Terrace
BROOKS BartholomewBrewer (retail)Bath Road
BROOM ---Esq.2 St James' Square
BROOM SamuelCarpenter/JoinerNorthfield Terrace
BROOMAGE ThomasShopkeeperGrove Street
BROUGHTON Mrs. Charlton Kings
BROWN BenjaminPlumber/Painter/GlazierPromenade
BROWN JohnRevd.9 St George's Square
BROWN JohnRevd.Winchcombe Street
BROWN JohnEsq.2 Andover Place
BROWNING DavidPlumber/Painter/GlazieAmbrose Street
BRUNSDON ThomasButcher80 Winchcombe Street
BRUTON CharlesGrocer/Tea Dealer131 High Street
BRYAN Thomas Adams(school)34 St James's Street
BRYANT JohnTrunk makerColonnade
BRYDIE JohnSilversmith/Jeweller339 High Street
BRYER WilliamVeterinary Surgeon27 Winchcombe Street
BRYON Thos.Gent24 Gyde's Terrace
BUBB John & BenjaminAttorneyChester Cottage
BUCKLE HenryButcher352 High Street
BUCKLE ThomasFruiterer353 1/2 High Street
BUCKMAN Jno.Tavern & Public HouseWorcester Arms,Tewkesbury
BULGIN RobertHouse Agent/Undertaker112 High Street
BULGIN RobertCloth Factor112 High Street
BURDETT Sir William Claremont Lodge
BURKITT AlexanderSurgeon318 High Street
BURLINGHAM Joe & Saml.Boot & Shoe Maker355 High Street
BURN John HenryPlumber/Painter/Glazier25 Henrietta Street
BURNETT JohnTavern & Public HouseRegent Hotel, Regent Street
BURRELL Wm.Esq4 Oriel Terrace
BURROWS WilliamTavern & Public HouseNorwood Arms, Bath Road
BURSLEM CatherineMrs.1 Berkeley Place
BURT AllenButcher325 High Street
BUTLER Alexander B.Gun Maker166 High Street
BUTLER RichardEsq.West Hall
BUTT EdwardGrocer/Tea Dealer328 High Street
BUTT JamesBasket & Sieve Maker310 High Street
BUTT Mrs. Arle Court
BUTT Samuel (or BURT)Conveyancer1 Sussex Place
BUTT WilliamMusic TeacherGyde's Terrace
BUTT WilliamTailor327 High Street
BYAM EdwardGentParagon Terrace
CAHIRE ?? Mons.French Teacher3 Portland Place
CAIDWELL GeorgeRevd.5 Sandford Place
CAMPS HenryGrocer/Tea Dealer127 High Street
CAMPS HenryTallow Chandler127 High Street
CANNON AeneasPhysician10 Cambray Place
CAPEL ChristopherRevd.Soho Lodge, Prestbury
CAPEL SusanMrs.Prestbury House
CAPPER FrancesMiss9 Portland Square
CAPPER RobertEsq.Marle Hill
CARNELL JamesDairymanColonnade
CARR JonEsq.2 Montpelier Terrace
CARTER SamuelTavern & Public HousePrinn's Arms, Charlton King
CARTER WilliamFruitererChurch Street
CASTLE ElishaShopkeeper294 High Street
CHAMBERLAIN JohnTobacconist130 High Street
CHAMBERS JosephSpaImperial
CHAMPION JohnGardenerMaul's Elm.
CHAPMAN BenjaminTavern & Public HouseRose & Crown, R. & C.Passage
CHICHESTER JohnPhysician4 Bedford Buildings
CHILD JamesGrocer/Tea Dealer170 High Street
CHILDES Wm.(B school)Casino House
CHREIMAN FrancesStay MakerNear the Imperial Spa
CHRISTIE ThomasPhysician9 Cambray Street
CHURCHES JohnHatter137 High Street
CHURCHILL WilliamIronmonger77 High Street
CHURCHIS ThomasCarpenter/JoinerBelmore Place
CLARET GeorgeAuctioneers/AppraisersManchester Street
CLARET GeorgeEngraver & PrinterManchester Street
CLARET GeorgePrinter letter pressManchester Street
CLARIDGE RichardShopkeeper3 Suffolk Parade
CLARK & DEBENHAMSilk MercerSherborne Promenade
CLARK DanielManager Water WorksChurch Street
CLARK SamuelWhitesmith/Bell Hanger32 North Place
CLARK WilliamBaker67 Winchcombe Street
CLARKE & HERBERTCoach & Harness MakerQueen's Buildings
CLARKE GeorgeCarpenter/JoinerUnion Street
CLARKE ThomasBaker270 High Street
CLAYTON Lady 6 Oriel Terrace
CLEVELAND ThomasTavern & Public HouseDuke of Wgtn, St Jas. St.
CLIFFORD WilliamStone & Marble MasonKing Street
CLIFFORD Wm.Gent26 North Place
CLOSE FrancisRevd.Monson Villa
CLUTTERBUCK Jas.Esq.5 Berkeley Place
CLUTTERBUCK JemimaMiss6 Priory Street
COCKBURN Miss(B school)Charlton Villa
COLE & BASTARDTailor375 High Street
COLE ChristopherEsq.44 Montpelier Terrace
COLE JamesTavern & Public HouseBull, Park Street
COLE Jane ElizaMrs11 Lansdown Place
COLE Jno.MillerPrestbury Lower Mill
COLEY Richard WarrenPhysician12 Cambray Place
COLLETT HenryGrocer/Tea Dealer423 High Street
COLLIER RobertSecy Savings BankQueen's Buildings
COLLIER RobertAttorneyQueen's Buildings
COLLINGS GeorgeButcher321 High Street
COLLYER RobertIns. Agent ManchesterQueen's Buildings
CONSTABLE ---Esq.1 Oxford St
COOKE Charles TurnerSurgeonColumbia Place
COOKE HenryTurnerAlbion Street
COOKE JohnHouse Agent1 Regent Street
COOKE JohnAuctioneers/Appraisers1 Regent Street
COOKE L.Mrs13 Montpelier Terrace
COOKE ThomasHouse Agent1 Bedford Buildings
COOKE ThomasBaker21 High Street
COOKE ThomasCabinet Maker1 Bedford Buildings
COOKE Wm.Gent5 Sherborne Terrace
COOPER JosephBoot & Shoe Maker432 High Street
COOPER Miss Prestbury
COOPER Mrs WilliamMuisic TeacherOriel Villa Bath Road
COOPER William HenryPainter & Decorator190 High Street
COOTE Wm.Capt. Royal Navy15 Promenade
COPE EdwardBuilderCommercial Street
COPPING Sophia & LucyBoarding/LodgingHouse 55 High Street
CORDINGLEY Edw.Carpenter/JoinerGrafton Terrace, Bath Road
CORGAN Sarah & TheresaBoarding/Lodging HousePriory House
CORTI PhilipPrint sellerMontpelier Bazaar
COWPER Col.?Mrs2 Bedford Buildings
COX JohnCaptainPrestbury
COX JohnIns Agent Protector94 High Street
COX WilliamSilk Mercer367 High Street
COX WilliamWine & Spirit MerchantGyde's Terrace
COXWELL EstherMrsBaford Cottage, Charlton
CRATCHLEY JamesLivery Stable Keeper18 St Geogre's Place
CREED & HARRISPlumber/Painter/GlazierVernon Street
CREGOECaptainCharlton House
CRESSOR JeremiahCarpenter/JoinerPrestbury
CREWE Mrs. 4 Oxford Parade
CRITCHET RichardEsq.1 York PLace
CROAD John MeadenAttorney7 Regent Street
CROKER EdwardMajor3 Paragon Buildings
CROOK JohnToy Dealer/Perfumer429 High Street
CROOK WilliamGrocer/Tea Dealer86 High Street
CROOKSHANKSColonel30 Montpelier Retreat
CROSS MaryNational SchoolBath Road
CROWDER JohnColonel6 St Margaret's Terrace
CROWTHER DanielBricklayerKing Street
CRUMP JohnButcherHewlett Street
CUE CharlesHatter5 Winchcombe Street
CULL BenjaminCorn & Flour Dealer246 High Street
CULL ElizabethStraw Hat Maker313 High Street
CULLWICK ThomasSaddler/Harness Maker96 Winchcombe Street
CUTRISS SamuelGrocer/Tea Dealer17 St George's Place
DALE AbrahamGardener205 High Street
DALLAWAY Jos.Fancy Repository350 High Street
DANGERFIELD SusanTavern & Public HousePrince of Wales, Portland
DANGERFIELD WilliamBricklayerQueen's Buildings
DANGERFIELD WilliamTavern & Public HouseWellington Arms, Queens Bldg
DANTER ?? EdwinButcher13 Colonnade
DAVIES & WILDSilk Mercer399 High Street
DAVIES DanielWatch & Clock Maker6 Winchcombe Street
DAVIES HenryLibrarianMontpelier Spa
DAVIES ThomasBoot & Shoe Maker101 Albion Street
DAVIES WilliamCarpenter/JoinerPrestbury
DAVIS FrederickPainter & DecoratorSt Margaret's Street
DAVIS JamesEsq.Prestbury
DAVIS James GoodwinLinen & Woollen DraperArch'd Buildings, High St.
DAVIS JohnBakerPrestbury
DAVIS JohnCorn & Flour Dealer12 Winchcombe Street
DAVIS JosephPainter & DecoratorBath Road
DAVIS MaryBaker12 Winchcombe Street
DAVIS SusanFishmonger361 High Street
DAVIS WilliamTailor32 Gyde's Terrace
DAWES WilliamCoach & Harness Maker335 High Street
DAWSONMajorBell Vue House
DAY SarahBrazier & Tin Plate261 High Street
De AUGE MadameMilliner/Dressmaker365 High Street
De La HAY ThomasChymist & Druggist65 High Street
De La HAY ThomasSurgeon65 High Street
DEAVES IsaacButcherAmbrose Street
DECAMPOURCY Monsr.French Teacher9 Warwick Place
DELANCEY HannahMiss8 Priory Street
DENNE JohnWatch & Clock Maker112 High Street
DIX SamuelFruiterer8 Winchcombe Street
DODD JohnShopkeeper12 North Place
DODSWORTH Henry EdmundEsq.32 Montpelier Retreat
DODWELL JohnCarpenter/Joiner3 Sherborne Place
DOLLMAN JohnGentPrestbury Cottage
DOUGHTY ThomasBoot & Shoe Maker3 North Street
DOUGLASS Misses St Ann's Cott, Winchcombe St
DOVEY JohnGardenerSwindon Road
DOWLE CharlesBuilder21 Rodney Terrace
DOWLE WilliamGrocer/Tea Dealer426 High Street
DOWNEY BarnardLinen & Woollen Draper80 High Street
DOWRICK NathanielEsq.1 Oxford Parade
DOXEY ThomasCoach & Harness MakerAlbion Street
DRAKE Sir FrancisBart2 Keynsham Bank
DRAPER ThomasBoot & Shoe Maker379 High Street
DRAYTON J.B.Gent18 Montpelier Terrace
DREW JohnPlumber/Painter/GlazierKing Street
DREW WilliamBaker29 Henrietta Street
DRIVER SamuelCooper302 High Street
DUDFIELD Jno.Tavern & Public HouseBeaufort Arms, London Rd
DUMARESQ Mrs Wellington Street
DURELL Charles F.J.EsqBelmont House, Winchcomb St
DURHAM Misses Prestbury
DURLACHER AbrahamDentist83 Winchcombe Street
DWARRIS (sic)Mrs and Misses4 Priory Parade
DYCE General 26 Promenade
DYKE DanielHaberdasher406 High Street
DYKE Mrs D.Milliner/Dressmaker406 High St & 5 Bath Street
DYKE WilliamShopkeeperCharlton Kings
EAGLES ThomasCabinet Maker21 Corpus Street
EAGLES ThomasCorn & Flour Dealer1 Church Street
EASTHOPE Thos.Esq.Painswick Lawn
EDINS JohnTavern & Public HouseNew Inn, Prestbury Road
EDMUNDS Charlotte(B & D school)Manchester Street
EDOUART Monsr.Portrait Artist3 Colonade
EDWARDS DavidTavern & Public HouseQueen's Head, Tewkesbury Rd
EDWARDS GeorgeSurgeon2 North Place
EDWARDS JohnRevd.Prestbury
EDWARDS ThomasEsq.Prestbury
EICHBAUM M.D.Drawing TeacherSt George's Place
ELDRIDGE JohnEsq.15 Promenade
ELLDRIDGE ThomasWheelwrightJersey Street
ELLIOTT Mrs 64 Winchcombe Street
ELLIS RichardCapt10 Montpelier Terrace
ELLIS RobertCarpenter/JoinerRetreat Place
ELLIS Wm. RichardEsq.Suffolk Square
ELWES ---Esq.Colesbourne
EVANS Elizabeth & Jane(B School)Norwood Court House
EVANS Elizb.Mrs.4 Montague Place
EVANS JosephNursery & SeedsmanNear London Turnpike
EVANS M.J.Mrs1 Exeter Buildings
EVES AugustusSurgeon27 Gyde's Terrace
EYLES ThomasCabinet Maker36 St James's Street
FAGG BenjaminCoach & Fly OwnerCrescent Mews
FAGG BenjaminLivery Stable KeeperCrescent Mews
FALLAN James(B school)Exeter Buildings
FARMER ThomasEsq,2 Priory Street
FAULKNER Sir Arthur B. 4 Promenade & The Triannon
FENDALL JaneMrs.35 Montpelier Retreat
FIELD RichardPerfumer/Hair DresserBath Street
FIELD WilliamBaker7 Commercial Street
FINCH Ann(B school)North Parade
FINCH HannahMrs.Charlton Kings
FINCH JohnChymist & Druggist293 High Street
FINLAYSON JohnMusic & Instruments414 High Street
FISHER BenjaminHorse DealerPortland Street
FISHER RobertPlumber/Painter/Glazier81 Winchcombe Street
FISHER SamuelGrocer/Tea Dealer193 High Street
FISHER SamuelCheesemonger140 High Street
FITZGERALD Jas. David Esq. 3 Priory Terrace
FLEMING Wm.Gent19 Montpelier Terrace
FLOWERS GeorgeFishmonger92 Winchcombe Street
FLUCK CharlesBaker81 High Street
FOMBELLE Jn.Esq.3 St Margaret's Terrace
FORBES Jn.GentMontpelier Street
FORSTER RichardBrazier & Tin Plate378 High Street
FORTY ThomasCarpenter/JoinerNew Street
FOSBROKE JohnPhysician74 Studley Place
FOWLER CharlesSpaChalybeate
FOWLER CharlesSurgeon14 Bedford Buildings
FOWLER HenrySurgeon2 Crescent Place
FOX BarnabySaddler/Harness Maker324 High Street
FOY ThomasShopkeeper224 High Street
FRANCIS SamuelStraw Hat MakerVernon Cottage
FRANKLANDHon Mrs.1 Paragon Buildings
FRANKLIN JonathanTavern & Public HouseKing's Head, Charlton Kings
FRANKLIN ThomasCoach & Fly OwnerRegent Cottage
FREEMAN DanielBaths61 High Street
FREEMAN JohnCurrier/Leather Seller12 Henrietta Street
FRENCH ThomasGrocer/Tea Dealer124 High Street
FRICKER EdwardSurgeon3 Grosvenor Place
FROST PeterEsq443 High Street
FRUIN JohnBaker168 High Street
FRY JamesCarver/Gilder6 Henrietta Street
FURBER ThomasSilversmith/Jeweller380 High Street
GABB CharlesSurgeon13 Rodney Terrace
GALE SusanhMrs.Charlton Kings
GARDNER Aldan(School)Milsom Street
GARDNER JamesHaberdasher125 High Street
GARDNER Jno.Mattress MakerNew Bath Road
GARDNER JohnBrewerHigh Street
GARDNER JohnMaltster160 High Street
GARDNER Wm. MontagueEngraver4 Clarence Street
GARDNER Wm. MontagueSculptor4 Clarence Street
GARRETT FrancisCoach & Harness Maker418 High Street
GATER EllinorLace Maker3 Colonnade
GAY Aaron WillsCarpenter/Joiner14 Suffolk Parade
GEORGE AnnMilliner/Dressmaker23 Bath Street
GEORGE DavidBaker3 & 4 Arcade
GEORGE Lady 5 Montpelier Spa Buildings
GERMAN Jas.Mrs.2 Hanway Terrace
GIBBONS GeorgePainter & Decorator5 Commercial Street
GIBBONS ThomasBrewer (retail)Burton Street
GIBBONS ThomasPlumber/Painter/GlazierBath Road,
GIBNEY WilliamPhysician9 Rodney Terrace
GILLMAN JohnEsq.8 Grosvenor Place
GLADDING JanePoultererMarket House
GLOVER JosephShopkeeper271 High Street
GODSAL AnnMrs.6 Cambray Street
GODSAL Philip L.Esq.Montpelier Place
GOODINGHAM AnnStraw Hat Maker7 Chester Walk
GOODINGHAM ThomasPainter & Decorator7 Chester Walk
GOODWIN JohnCurrier/Leather Seller18 Henrietta Street
GOODWIN WilliamAttorneyOxford Passage
GORE RobertBrewer (retail)45 St George's Place
GORE Rt.Boarding/Lodging HouseSt George's Place
GOSLING Geo.Captain Royal Navy11 Priory Street
GOSS JohnBoot & Shoe Maker42 St George's Place
GOUGH JohnLinen & Woollen Draper385 High Street
GOULLET PeterSurgeon84 Winchcombe Street
GRAHAM MariaMilliner/Dressmaker3 Chester Walk
GRAHAM ThomasPlasterer/Bricklayer317 High Street
GRAY Thos.Esq.2 Montpelier Parade
GREEN AndrewEsq.Tachly Cottage, Prestbury
GREEN JosephGardenerPrestbury Road
GREENTREE ThomasColonel36 Montpelier Terrace
GREGORY GeorgeButcherYork PLace
GREGORY WilliamSurgeon307 High Street
GRETTON Miss-St George's Place
GRETTON Rev.(B school)Swinden
GRIFFITH Samuel YoungPrinter letter pressPittville Street
GRIFFITHS Samuel YoungCheltenham ChroniclePittville Street
GRIMES WilliamSaddler/Harness Maker18 Winchcombe Street
GROWTAGE Jos.Painter & DecoratorNorthfield Terrace
GUISE Sir WilliamBartRencombe Park
GUNTON JohnConfectioner/Pastry Ck110 High Street
GURNEY CharlesBaker15 St George's Place
GWINNELL Jas.Plasterer/Bricklayer10 Suffolk Parade
GWINNELL RichardPlumber/Painter/Glazier11 Sherborne Place
GWINNELL WilliamPlasterer/BricklayerSydney Street
GWINNETT Mary Mrs Gordon Cott, North Street
HADLEY John Jos.Printer letter pressQueen's Buildings
HADLEY John JosephCheltenham JournalQueen's Buildings
HAGUE RichardPainter & Decorator12 Gloucester Place
HAINES HenryBuilderWinchcombe Street
HAINES ThomasRoyal HotelHigh Street
HAINES WilliamAgent Royal Exchange8 Warwick Place
HALE CharlesMusic & Instruments307 High Street
HALE ElizabethGrocer/Tea Dealer422 High Street
HALE WilliamBakerMontpelier Retreat
HALEY HenryTurnerRose & Crown Yard
HALFORD WilliamCarpenter/Joiner9 Warwick Place
HALFORD WilliamBuilder9 Warwick Place
HALLGeneral4 Berkeley Place
HALL Joseph J.Boot & Shoe Maker222 High Street
HALL ThomasToy Dealer/Perfumer362 High Street
HALL ThomasTobacconist362 High Street
HALL WalterEsq.11 North Place
HALLIFAX RodaMiss.Batth Cottage
HAMBER WilliamPerfumer/Hair Dresser363 High Street
HAMILTON MaryMrs.11 Oxford Parade
HAMMER HannahMrs.2 Lansdown Place
HAMMERTON ---MajorLeckhampton House
HANCOCK JamesWhitesmith/Bell HangerLondon Road
HANDS WilliamTavern & Public HouseLower George, High Street
HANFORD WilliamPerfumer/Hair Dresser420 High Street
HANNINGTON AnnMrs.2 York Place
HANSON ThomasHouse Agent6 Well Walk
HANSON ThomasBoot & Shoe Maker6 Well Walk
HARDWICK & CONLENTailor4 Pittville Street
HARDWICK JamesCarpenter/JoinerOrchard Place
HARDWICK JamesBuilderOrchard Place
HARMAN RichardCarpenter/Joiner86 Albion Street
HARPER Samuel CharlesAuctioneers/Appraisers93 Winchcombe Street
HARPER Samuel CharlesBookseller/stationer93 Winchcombe Street
HARPER Samuel CharlesAgent West of England93 Winchcombe Street
HARPER Samuel CharlesPrinter letter press93 Winchcombe Street
HARRIS JosephButchertop of High Street
HARRIS Sophia Eliz.(B school)1 Essex Street
HARRIS ThomasButcher301 High Street
HARRISON CharlesSaddler/Harness Maker102 High Street
HARRISON JohnNational SchoolBath Road
HARRISON RichardsonEsq3 Oriel Terrace
HARRISON WilliamTallow ChandlerUnion Street
HART William B.H.Dancing TeacherMinin Cottage Prestbury
HARTELL SamuelTavern & Public HouseSidney Arms, Pittville St.
HARTLAND & SONSBankersHigh Street
HARTWRIGHT JamesTailor372 High Street
HARVEY JohnButcherSt James's Street
HASELL WilliamWine & Spirit Merchant342 High Street
HASELTON DanielPlumber/Painter/Glazier59 Regent Street
HASELTON WilliamBuilderPortland Street
HASELTON WilliamCarpenter/JoinerPortland Street
HASTINGS AlexanderButcherMount PLeasant
HASTINGS CharlesGrocer/Tea Dealer314 High Street
HASTINGS FrederickTailor383 High Street
HASTINGS WilliamCarpenter/Joiner316 High Street
HASTINGS WilliamBuilder316 High Street
HATCH EdwardAgent Provident LifeSt James's Street
HATHERILL AbrahamEsq.Keynsham House
HATTON JohnBuilder8 Promenade Villas
HATTON JoshuaMusic & Instruments195 High Street
HAWKER ThomasTailor425 1/2 High Street
HAWKES RobertBoot & Shoe Maker2 North Street
HAWKES WilliamBoot & Shoe Maker20 Winchcombe Street
HAWKINS JamesBoot & Shoe Maker25 Bath Street
HAWKINS W.Revd.157 High Street
HAWKINS W. Rev.Grammar SchoolHigh Street
HAYMAN HenryMrs.Holly Cottage
HAYWARD GeorgeHurdle MakerDevonshire Street
HAYWARD JohnBoot & Shoe MakerVernon Place
HAYWARD WilliamTavern & Public HouseKings Arms, Prestbury
HAZELDINE JohnBrewer (retail)Hewlett Street
HEALY EdwardTea Dealer117 High Street
HEALY EdwardWine & Spirit Merchant117 High Street
HEATH AnnShopkeeper20 Gloucester Place
HEATH Matthew & SonCoal Merchant & Dealer14 St George's Place
HEATHER William Flour Esq. 5 Park Place
HELSHAMJohn Esq.7 Oriel Terrace
HENLEY JohnVeterinary SurgeonAlbion Street
HENNEY ThomasEsq.5 Promenade Villa
HERBERT BertherHackney Horse MasterRegent Street
HERBERT JohnBakerCharlton Kings
HERBERT JohnBoot & Shoe Maker2 Arcade
HERBERT JohnTavern & Public HouseKings Head, High Street
HERBERT SusanMilliner/DressmakerRegent Mansion
HERBERT ThomasTavern & Public HouseSherborne Arms, Sherborne St
HERRIS Isabella M.Mrs.26 Gyde's Terrace
HEWLITT & TAYLORLivery Stable KeeperMontpelier
HEWSON JohnGent9 Suffolk Parade
HICKS Sir WilliamBartCheltenham
HICKS WilliamButcherMarket Place
HIGGINS ThomasFishmonger78 High Street
HIGGINS WilliamColonel26 Gloucester Place
HIGGS ---PoultererMarket House
HIGGS JohnHurdle Maker268 High Street
HIGGS WilliamHurdle Maker232 High Street
HIGGS WilliamCarpenter/JoinerEssex Cottage
HIGNALL JamesPlumber/Painter/Glazier15 Union Street
HILL DorothyStore Keeper to the Benevolent Soc300 High St
HILL JohnBoot & Shoe Maker10 Winchcombe Street
HILL JohnCooperSt James's Street
HILL PerkinsGentClare Terrace
HINGSTON AndrewChymist & Druggist98 High Street
HINTON JaneMilliner/Dressmaker12 St George's Place
HINTON WilliamCabinet Maker12 St George's Place
HITCHCOCK ThomasBakerSherborne Street
HOBBS AnnStraw Hat Maker5 Clarence Street
HOBBS RichardMillerSandford Mill
HOBERT RichardEsq.Prestbury Road
HODGES WilliamPlasterer/BricklayerAmbrose Street
HOGGE Jn.Lieut Colonel6 Lansdown Place
HOLDSHIP GeorgeBricklayerNorwood St, Suffolk Square
HOLDSHIP JosiahSpaRoyal Wells
HOLDSHIP TimothyTavern & Public HouseRoyal Oak, High Street
HOLLAND GeorgeButcherMarket Place
HOLLEWLEY CatherineBoot & Shoe Maker179 High Street
HOLLIS WilliamGun Maker407 High Street
HOLMES John(D School)24 Henrietta Street
HOMFRAY ----Esq.North Lodge
HOOPER HenryCooper167 High Street
HOPKINS A.Mrs.13 Lansdown Place
HOPTON ShadrachTimber DealerYork Place
HOWARD JaneMrs.7 Priory Street
HOWARD SamuelBoot & Shoe MakerPromenade
HOWLETT JohnWatch & Clock Maker19 Winchcombe Street
HUGHES ElizaMissRoydon Cottage
HUGHES JamesIronmonger180 High Street
HUGHES JohnBakerNew Street
HUGHES JosephButcherMarket Place
HUGHES WilliamGeorge Hotel118 High Street
HULBERT JohnBoot & Shoe Maker145 High Street
HUMFREYGeneral1 Priory Buildings
HUMPHREYS RichardLivery Stable KeeperWinchcombe Street
HUMPHRIES JosephButcherMarket Place
HUMPHRIS JamesBuilderKeynsham Bank
HUMPHRIS JohnBuilderSandford
HURLESTONE ElinorGardenerMaul's Elm.
HURLSTON ThomasFleece Inn162 High Street
HYETT JamesSaddler/Harness Maker186 High Street
IGULDEN EdwardEsq.Glenfall
INGLEDEW WilliamEsq,3 Suffolk Lawn
INNES Mrs.RobertMilliner/DressmakerBath Road
ISAACS LewisPawnbroker164 High Street
ISHER WilliamBakerCommercial Street
IZARD HenryShopkeeperHewlett Street
IZON Mrs. 2 Paragon Buildings
JACKSON JamesBoot & Shoe Maker326 High Street
JACOBS HenryLivery Stable KeeperBath Villa Mews
JAMES JohnAuctioneers/AppraisersBath Road
JAMES JosephTailorNorthfield Terrace
JAMES PhilipCarpenter/JoinerRetreat Place
JAMES ThomasCarpenter/JoinerChapel Street
JAMES Wm. Henry(D School)17 Gyde's Terrace
JAMESONMrs.5 Oxford Passage
JARVIS MarlaMrs.15 Crescent
JEENS Hy.Plumber/Painter/GlazierPriory Cottage, Hewlett St
JEFFS WilliamSaddler/Harness Maker2 Henrietta Street
JERRARD FrancisLinen & Woollen Draper152 High Street
JESSETT WilliamBoot & Shoe Maker153 High Street
JESSOP Charles HaleNursery & SeedsmanSomerset Ho Nursery St Jas
JESSOP WalterAttorneySomerset Cott. St James Sq
JESSOP WalterAgent Sun Ins Co.Somerset Cottage
JOBB BenjaminTailorRose & Crown Passage
JOHNSON Geo. PhillipsEngraver374 High Street
JOHNSON George PhilipsPrinter letter press125 High Street
JOHNSON JohnShopkeeperPrestbury
JOHNSON RichardGrocer/Tea Dealer317 High Street
JONES BaynhamEsqCambray House
JONES BeynhamBrewerAlbion Brewery
JONES BeynhamMaltsterAlbion Brewery
JONES Charles WilliamBuilderDorset House
JONES EdmundLivery Stable KeeperPrestbury
JONES IsaacPainter & DecoratorBrow Place
JONES JamesBoot & Shoe Maker3 Regent Street
JONES JohnCoal Merchant & DealerAlbion Street
JORDAN WilliamButcher424 High Street
JOSEPH SusanBoarding/Lodging HousePromenade
JOSEPH ThomasHatter345 High Street
KAY BrookCaptainBrook Bank
KEARSEY WilliamMaltsterPrestbury
KENT JosiahGrocer/Tea Dealer5 Bath Road
KERRIDGE HenryButcherHewlett Street
KERRIDGE Mary Ann(B & D school)1 Charlton Place
KINGHAM JosephButcher2 Suffolk Parade
KNIGHT & WAKEMANChymist & Druggist387 High Street
KNIGHT PepardColonelRegent House
KNIGHT, FALL & BIGGBrewerHewlett Street
KNIGHT, FALL & BIGGMaltsterHewlett Street
LAIT WilliamTavern & Public HouseNew Market Inn, Market Place
LAMB HenryLandscape artist421 High Street
LAMBERT GeorgeLivery Stable KeeperHigh Street
LANDON JohnMilliner/DressmakerWell Walk
LANE ThomasCarpenter/JoinerAmbrose Street
LANGDON MaryFancy Worsted Worker24 Bath Street
LATIMER JohnAttorneySherborne Villa
LAWRENCE JohnCabinet MakerCommercial Road
LAWRENCE LawrenceEsqSandywell Park
LAWRENCE ThomasNursery & SeedsmanHewlett Road
LAWRENCE ThomasPainter & Decorator4 Montpelier Retreat
LEA JonathanFurniture BrokerPittville Street
LEACEY PhilipBrewer (retail)opposite Sidney Street
LEACH BenjaminShopkeeper87 Albion Street
LEACY JohnWhitesmith/Bell HangerDuke Street
LEDIARD Jos.Plasterer/BricklayerClare Cott, Bath Road
LEE JohnProp; Assembly RoomsHigh Street
LEE MichaelColonel9 Oxford Parade
LEE RobertBoot & Shoe Maker92 High Street
LENNON ----Colonel4 Bath Buildings
LEONARD JamesMatting/Sacking Maker3 Ambrose Street
LEONARD WilliamBakerPrestbury
LEONARD William SamuelPortrait artist375 High Street
LEWIN Edward Benjamin Esq.-New Place, Pittville
LEWIS EdwardCorn & Flour DealerRegent Place
LEWIS JamesDentist7 Portland Street
LEWIS JohnGent12 Oriel Place
LEWIS JohnSculptor5 Pittville Street
LIDDELL RichardBoarding/Lodging HouseCircus Place
LIDDELL RichardClarence HotelNear the Crescent
LIDDINTON & MERCERMilliner/Dressmaker417 High Street
LIMOND AlexanderColonelPittville
LITLE Harriet(School)13 Portland Street
LLOYD GriffithMrs.3 Columbia Place
LOCK WilliamWatch & Clock MakerColonnade
LONG SamuelCooper203 High Street
LONG WilliamBaker196 High Street
LONGWORTH FraserEsq.Cotswell House
LORD George H.Ironmonger136 High Street
LOVESET HenryBaker4 Oxford Place
LOVESY Conway W.Esq.Cockshorn, Charlton Kings
LOVESY Mrs Knapp Cottage, Charlton King
LOYD EdwardCaptainPriory Cottage
LUCY HenryBuilderChapel House
LUCY Martha(School)255 High Street
LUGG RichardBakerBurton Street
M'CABE JamesPhysician18 Cambray Place
MacGACHAN Jn.Esq.7 St George's Place
MacLEAN HenryTallow ChandlerSherborne Street
MADDOCKS WilliamBaker74 High Street
MADEGAN ----Esq.Gloucester Place
MAGGS Sarah & SonsLinen & Woollen Draper344 High Street
MAJOR AnthonyTavern & Public HouseSuffolk Arms, Commercial Rd
MAJOR WilliamWatch & Clock MakerFair View Place
MALVERN CharlesBrush Maker120 High Street
MANNING JohnFruiterer2 Winchcombe Street
MANNING ThomasBaker329 High Street
MANSELL KathLady3 Lansdown Place
MANSELL RobertCaptainCharlton Kings
MARKLAND Fs.Gent4 Grosvenor Place
MARQUIS ThomasPerfumer/Hair Dresser1 Clarence Street
MARSHALL CharlesCrown InnHigh Street
MARSHALL RalphNursery & SeedsmanJersey Gdns, Hewlett Street
MARSHALL Richard EedeIronmongerClarence Street
MARTIN SamuelSilversmith/Jeweller395 High Street
MARTIN SamuelWatch & Clock Maker104 High Street
MASTERS RichardMaltsterPrestbury
MASTERS WilliamButcher141 High Street
MATHEWS & GARDNERTallow Chandler400 High Street
MATTHEWS EdwardPrinter letter press146 High Street
MATTHEWS JamesGrocer/Tea Dealer75 High Street
MATTHEWS Jane & AnnMilliner/Dressmaker32 Gloster Place
MATTHEWS JohnButcher341 High Street
MATTHEWS MatthewPoulterer147 High Street
MATTHEWS SamuelTailor2 Regent Street
MATTHEWS ThomasShopkeeperBath Road
MATTHEWS WilliamPoultererPrestbury Road
MAULE & PARKERBrewer (retail)27 Portland Square
MAULE AnnBasket & Sieve Maker4 Henrietta Street
MAWE JohnDiamond ImporterMontpelier Museum
MAYERBakerBirdlip Place
MAYER SamuelTailor2 Gyde's Terrace
MEACHAM ElizabethDyer5 St James's Street
MEACHAM MosesDyer68 High Street
MEADS WilliamEsqa.Evesham Lodge, Prestbury Rd
MEALL WilliamColonelBrixton House. Charlton
MERRET JohnBaker290 High Street
MERRETT JohnTailor396 High Street
MERRYMAN CharlesButcher273 High Street
MEWMARSHMrs.31 North Place.
MIDDLEMISS GeorgeGardenerTewkesbury Road
MIDDLETON RobertEsq.North Place
MIDWINTER WilliamMillerPrestbury Up Mill
MILES JohnTavern & Public HouseBritannia, Mount PLeasant
MILLWOODMrs.4 Columbia Place
MILSOM JohnPlasterer/BricklayerKing Street
MILSON AnnMilliner/Dressmaker9 Clarence Street
MINSTER ThomasSurgeon23 Cambray Place
MOLAND l.MissCobourg House
MOLES MaryMilliner/Dressmaker6 Arcade
MOLES WilliamIronmonger287 High Street
MOLYNEUXGeneral2 Wellington Place
MONRO RobertRevd.9 Oxford Street
MONTAGUEAdmiralCambray New Lodge
MOODY JohnConfectioner/Pastry Ck62 High Street
MOORE RobertHon.1 Keynsham Bank
MORGAN GeorgePlumber/Painter/Glazier425 High Street
MORGAN JamesTailor21 Bath Street
MORGAN JohnButcherMarket Place
MORGAN SarahClothes Dealer(unreadable)
MORGAN ThomasCarpenter/JoinerBath Terrace
MORHALL W. ChurchGentMilsome Street
MORRISMiss8 Rodney Terrace
MORRIS ---EsqCharlton Kings
MORRIS Jno.GentRose Cottage, Regent Place
MORRISH WilliamCheesemonger121 High Street
MORTIMER J. LewisEsq.4 Exeter Buildings
MORTON John BaptistEsq.6 Park Place
MOSES MosesPawnbroker199 High Street
MOSS SamuelChymist & Druggist148 High Street
MOSS Samuel J.Linen & Woollen Draper123 High Street
MOUGHAM WilliamCaptain Royal Navy3 Southampton Place
MOUNTJOY WilliamSurgeon371 High Street
MULLINSHon Major4 Rodney Terrace
MULLISS HenryBakerPrestbury
MURLEY Stephen H.SurgeonPortland House
MURRAY H.Lady3 Montpelier Parade
MUSTOE JohnCarpenter/JoinerNew Street
MYERS EliasClothes Dealer(unreadable)
NASH & FISHERGrocer/Tea Dealer275 High Street
NEALE ---EsqBoddington
NETTLESHIP MaryMrs.1 Sandford Place
NEW ElizabethPlumber/Painter/Glazier62 St George's Place
NEWBURYMrs.Stoneham Cottage
NEWELL ThomasPhysician5 St George's Place
NEWMAN & LANGBRIDGELivery Stable KeeperWinchcombe Street
NEWMAN Edmund LambertAttorneyNorth Street
NEWMAN JohnCarpenter/JoinerLondon Road.
NEWMAN Thomas & CoLinen & Woollen Draper365-366 High Street
NEWMAN Thomas & CoTailor365-366 High Street
NEWMAN Thomas & Co.Silk Mercer365-6 High Street
NEWNHAM ---Major2 Paragon Terrace
NEWSTEAD RobertRevd.8 St George's Square
NEWTON JohnBoot & Shoe Maker192 High Street
NEWTON ThomasBuilderRegent Street
NEYLER JamesPlough HotelHigh Street
NICHOLSON A.ColonelEast Court, Charlton
NICHOLSON JohnLinen & Woollen Draper126 High Street
NICHOLSON Mary Ann(School)Sherborne House
NORMAN BenjaminIronmonger119 High Street
NORMAN CharlesChina/Glass Dealer135 High Street
NOTTINGHAM JohnArt TeacherMontpelier Spa
OAKEY MaryMilliner/Dressmaker14 St James's Street
OBORN Emma & MaryStraw Hat Maker85 High Street
OLAVE ElizabethFishmongerNorth St & Market Place
OLDHAM SarahMrs.2 Sandford Place
OLLNEYColonelCam--ray Pavilion
ONLY SamuelCarpenter/Joiner64 High Street
ORME RichardGrocer/Tea Dealer142 High Street
ORMSBYMrs.1 Oriel Terrace
OVERTON Jos. & HenryLinen & Woollen Draper340 High Street
PACKWOOD JohnAttorneyGrosvenor House
PADMORE FreemanGent2 Oxford Villa.
PAGEMrs.1 Priory Parade
PAGE JohnButcherMarket Place
PAGE MaryStraw Hat Maker10 Arcade
PAGE WilliamChina/Glass Dealer146 High Street
PARDINGTON WilliamGrocer/Tea Dealer9 Arcade
PARKER ArthurSwimming BathsUpper Bath Street
PARKER JohnBookbinder8 St James's Street
PARKER JohnCarpenter/Joiner3 Corpus Street
PARKER WilliamSaddler/Harness Maker5 Henrietta Street
PARKINSON ThomasEsq.Link Lodge, Prestbury Road
PARSLO JohnClothes Dealer(unreadable)
PARSONS AbrahamTailorBath Road
PARSONS EmmaMilliner/Dressmaker413 High Street
PARTRIDGE JohnCarpet Maker14 St George's Place
PATRICKSONMrs.31 Gyde's Terrace
PATRICKSONMrs.16 Montpelier Terrace
PAUL RowlandIns Agent Phoenix7 St George's Square
PAUL RowlandHouse Surveyor7 St George's Square
PAULING MargaretGlover4 Regent Street
PAVIOUR IsaacConfectioner/Pastry CkRegent Place
PAYNEMajorRodney Lodge
PAYNE RichardUmbrella Maker71 High Street
PAYNTER Mrs(B school)1 Oxford Place
PAYNTER ThomasPaper Hanger3 Oxford Place
PEAR WilliamBlacksmithGaslight Green
PEARCEMiss2 Oreil Terrace
PEARSALL RobertDentist17 Rodney Terrace
PEEL ---Captain1 Suffolk Lawn
PERRY SarahMrs.5 Columbia Place
PHELPS JohnButcherMarket Place
PHILLIPSMrs. Captain1 Belle Vue Place
PHILLIPS BenjaminEsq.3 Berkeley Place
PHILLIPS R.W.Revd.7 Berkeley Place
PHIPPS HenryCooperBath Terrace
PHIPPS ThomasBrewer (retail)Bath Road
PIGOTT RichardNursery & SeedsmanGrosvenor Gardens
PILCHER ?? ElizaMilliner/Dressmaker4 Well Walk
PILLEY WilliamTailor18 Gloucester Place
PITT, GARDNER & CoBankers106 High Street
PITWAY EdwardButcher13 Colonnade
PLANT Edward LomaxHatter315 High Street
PLIMER AndrewGent1 Vittoria Walk
POACH JohnGrocer/Tea Dealer139 High Street
PODMORE Rd.Colonel3 Keynsham Bank
POINTER HenryWine & Spirit MerchantAlbion Street
POLLOCK MaryMrs.Priory Street
POOLEY JamesBlacksmithRailway Wharf
POPE CharlotteChild Bed Linen W/House4 Colonnade
POPE WilliamPrint seller4 Colonnade
PORTER WilliamBookseller/stationer7 & 8 Arcade
PORTIS Jno MalcolmRevd.Bath Road
POWELL EmmaMilliner/Dressmaker2 Well Walk
POWELL GeorgeFurniture Broker334 High Street
POWELL SamuelMillerCharlton Kings
POWELL WilliamBakerPark Street, London Rd
POWIS ThomasBakerBath Road
PRICEMisses5 Osford Parade
PRICEAuctioneers/Appraisers1 Portland Street
PRICE JohnCoal Merchant & DealerAmbrose Street
PRICE RichardButcher143 High Street
PRINCE & KELLAttorneyColonnade
PRINGLE DavidPerfumer/Hair Dresser408 High Street
PRINN Geo. B.P.Esq.Charlton Park
PRITCHARD AnnMrs.Hampden Cottage
PRITCHARD WestleyPoultererMarket House
PRITCHARD WilliamConfectioner/Pastry Ck2 Pittville Street
PROBERT JohnWhitesmith/Bell Hanger68 Albion Street
PROCTOR JamesCorn & Flour Dealer312 High Street
PROSSER WilliamTimber Merchant14 Park Place, Suffolk Sq.
PRUEN, GRIFFITH & P.AttorneyTown Hall
PUGH WilliamCurrier/Leather Seller197 High Street
PULLER SelinaMrs.Cleveland House
QUARRELLMrs.Oxford House, Margaret St.
RADFORD JonasEngraver10 Colonnade
RADNAGE Jno.Silversmith/JewellerManchester Street
RAINGER JosephBoarding/Lodging Housebottom of Clarence Street
RAINGER JosephCarpenter/JoinerClarence Street
RAMUS CharlesCaptain Royal NavyMontpelier Parade
RAWLINGS FrancisCabinet Maker76 High Street
RAWLINGS Francis & SonAuctioneers/Appraisers76 High Street
RAWLINGS ThomasAuctioneers/Appraisers386 High Street
RDWARDS JamesBoot & Shoe Maker269 High Street
READ & SCOTTMilliner/Dressmaker1 Crescent Place
READ ThomasGrocer/Tea Dealer6 Portland Terrace
READ Thomas & JosephWine MerchantSt James's Square & at Bath
REECE ----Esq.Hayden House
REEVES GeorgeVeterinary Surgeon320 High Street
RICH M.P.Milliner/Dressmaker403 High Street
RICH TimothyCabinet MakerNorthfield Terrace
RICHARDS Geo.Esq27 Promenade
RICHARDS JohnGent30 North Place
RICHINGS JohnTavern & Public HouseExmouth Arms, Bath Rd
RICKETTS Rt Tristram, Sir.BartElms
RIDLER WilliamIns. Agent GLS & BRKPitts Bank
RILEY JohnBaker69 High Street
RIVIERE JohnWatch & Clock Maker376 High Street
RIVIERE JohnSilversmith/Jeweller376 High Street
ROBERTS ElizabethClarence LibraryColonnade
ROBERTS JamesBaker59 High Street
ROBERTS ThomasGentTrafalgar Cott. Margaret St
ROBINS EdmundBaker100 Albion Street
ROBINSON Nich. WhiteRevd.4 Lansdown Place
ROBINSON WilliamTailor6 Colonnade
ROCHE JamesShopkeeper213 High Street
ROEBUCK JohnEsqa.7 Crescent
ROGERS Daniel & SonCoal Merchant & DealerBath Road.
ROGERS MarthaBoot & Shoe Maker150 High Street
RONE JosephTavern & Public HouseBerkeley Arms, Albion St
ROOK HarryGentPrestbury
ROSENHAGEN AnthonyEsq.32 Promenade
ROYCE EdwardRailway Co AgentRailway Wharf
RUSSELL GeorgeSuperintendent PoliceRussell Cottage
RUSSELL GeorgeHouse SurveyorRussell Cottage
RYAN PeterButcher1 Winchcombe Street
SADLER Jas. H.Esq.Keynshambury
SADLER JnoFishmongerMalvern Place & Market Place
SALMON ThomasCabinet Maker14 Albion Street
SALT CharlesSurgeon2 Suffolk Parade
SAUMAREZ Jas.Revd.Montpelier Lodge
SAUNDERS CharlesOriental painting)Winchcombe Street
SAUNDERS MrsDrawing TeacherWinchcombe Street
SAUNDERS RichardBoot & Shoe Maker93 High Street
SAVERY JnoEsq.12 Portland Square
SAXTON WilliamLivery Stable KeeperHewlett Street
SAYER JohnChina/Glass Dealer70 High Street
SCOTT J.R.EsqThirlestaine House
SCUDAMORE Thomas N.S.Chymist & Druggist(unreadable)
SEAGER CharlesSurgeon12 Crescent
SEILLER MathiasArtificial FlowerMontpelier Bazaar
SELLEY CharlesCoal Merchant & Dealer5 St George's Square
SELLEY HenryCoal Merchant & DealerGloucester Gate
SEMPERMrs MajorAllstone Cottage
SEWARD ThomasEsq.2 Berkeley Place.
SEXTIE JohnPerfumer/Hair Dresser7 Colonnade
SHANKEY Jas, & SonTea DealerAssembly Rooms
SHARLAND Jas. NoahTailor2 Cambray Street
SHARP GeorgeGent1 Paragon Terrace
SHEDER SamuelLinen & Woollen Draper350 High Street
SHELDON JohnCarpenter/JoinerOxford Parade
SHELDON Mary & SonYork Hotel83 High Street
SHENTON Ts. B.Printer letter pressRose & Crown Passage
SHEPHERD Jos. GeorgePoultererMarket House
SHERWOOD R.C.Esq.2 Suffolk Lawn
SHEW GeorgeDentist86 High Street
SHEWELL H.P.Esq.1 Lansdown Place
SHIPTON AbrahamButcherBath Road
SHIPTON Jos.Wine & Spirit MerchantArch'd Buildings, High St.
SHOT JamesBlacksmithRegent Place
SHOTTEN JohnTavern & Public HouseGreyhound, North Street
SIER JohnBaker353 High Street
SIMMONS WilliamTailorSt George's Place
SIMS RichardButcher330 High Street
SIMS SolomonTimber DealerRegent Place
SIMS ThomasCorn & Flour Dealer5 Montpelier Retreat
SISSONS HenryChymist & Druggist401 High Street
SKANE JohnLamb Inn116 High Street
SKELTON HenrySurgeonChelt Villa, Charlton King
SLACK WilliamButcher354 High Street
SLADER RichardCabinet Maker428 High Street
SLATER JohnGrocer/Tea Dealer151 High Street
SLOPER JacobBoot & Shoe Maker9 Clarence Street
SLY JosephTailor1 Corpus Street
SMART WilliamGun Maker104 Albion Street
SMELTMrs.8 Oxford Street
SMITHMissesMontpelier Parade
SMITH AbelPlumber/Painter/Glazier1 Essex Place
SMITH BenjaminBricklayerAlbion Terrace
SMITH CharlesMrs.10 Regent Street
SMITH CharlesHurdle MakerLondon Road.
SMITH DanielButcher267 High Street
SMITH EdwardShopkeeper3 Chester Walk
SMITH EdwinLinen & Woollen Draper382 High Street
SMITH EdwinSilk Mercer382 High Street
SMITH GeorgeTailor346 High Street
SMITH JamesColonel10 Berkeley Place.
SMITH JamesPerfumer/Hair Dresser319 High Street
SMITH JohnButcherBath Road
SMITH JohnHouse SurveyorNorthland Cottage, North St
SMITH John CarringtonColonelSt Margaret's House.
SMITH RobertTavern & Public HouseCross Keys, 214 High Street
SMITH ThomasBoot & Shoe Maker3 Gyde's Terrace
SMITH ThomasPlumber/Painter/GlazierRodney Terrace
SMITH WilliamBaker3 Winchcombe Street
SNELLING JamesPlumber/Painter/Glazier24 Manchester Street
SOUTHWELL WilliamPlasterer/Bricklayer31 Gloucester Place
SPEARMAN Rebecca & AnnMilliner/Dressmaker353 High Street
SPEEKMAN CharlesPlasterer/Bricklayer15 Corpus Street
SPINNEY ThomasManager Gas HouseTewkesbury Road
SPROULE HarrietMrs.5 Oriel Terrace
St GEORGE OliverCaptain4 Montpelier Spa Buildings
STALLARD ThomasBrewer (retail)New Street
STARR GeorgeCarver/Gilder3 North Street
STARR WilliamTailor410 High Street
STEPHENMrs.3 Oxford Villa
STEPHENS & BRICHANMilliner/Dressmaker79 High Street
STEPHENS JosephBaker258 High Street
STEPHENS SamuelAttorney94 Albion Street
STEVENSMrs.177 High Street
STEVENSON Geo.Esq.Baford House, Charlton
STOCK SusannahMilliner/DressmakerGothic Cottage, Portland St
STOCKWELL JohnButcherMarket Place
STOCKWELL JohnTavern & Public HouseSun, 235 High Street
STOKES JohnFruiterer349 High Street
STOKES JohnGardener349 High Street
STOKES JohnSculptor349 High Street
STONE ElizabethPerfumer/Hair Dresser331 High Street
STONE Jno. RillLieut1 Sherborne Terrace
STRAFORD & COXAttorneyManor Office. Bath Street
STRAFORD Jos. CooperAttorneyBath Street
STRANGE ThomasPlasterer/Bricklayerback of Sherborne Place
STRANGWAYSMiss1 Montpelier Terrace
STURT T.L.N.Esq.Lake House
SUTTON & WARBURTONMilliner/Dressmaker423 High Street
SUTTON Julia M.Miss5 St Margaret's Terrace
SWAN John W.Esq.2 Southampton Place
SWEET BartholomewTavern & Public HouseNag's Head, 233 High Stree
TANNER Robert TregozeAttorney89 High Street
TANNER WilliamBoot & Shoe Maker2 Chester Walk
TAYLOR JohnTavern & Public HouseShakespeare, High Street
TAYLOR John & JamesGrocer/Tea Dealer134 High Street
TAYLOR JosephFishmongerManchester Walk & Market Pl
TAYLOR JosephCabinet Maker7 Swindon Place
TAYLOR SarahGrocer/Tea Dealer19 Bath Street
TAYLOR ThomasButcher348 High Street
TAYLOR WilliamButcher282 High Street
TAYLOR William junButcher284 High Street
TEALL JamesBoot & Shoe MakerManchester Street
THACHE JohnGrocer/Tea Dealer115 High Street
THOMAS Charles WillardPhysician8 Portland Street
THOMAS HenryLinen & Woollen Draper129 High Street
THOMAS JenkinRevd.1 Oriel Place
THOMAS JohnPhysician8 Portland Street
THOMAS JoshuaTailor6 Pittville Street
THOMPSON HenryMrs.Bath buildings
THOMPSON Mary AnnStraw Hat Maker18 Colonnade
THOMPSON P.Esq.17 Lansdown Place
THOMPSON PearsonMontpelier BathsBath Road
THOMPSON PearsonSpaMontpelier
THOMPSON PearsonMake of Chelt. SaltsBath Road
THORNTONMiss104 High Street
THORNTON WilliamCupper22 Winchcombe Street
TIMINSCaptainOriel Lodge
TINKLER JamesBasket & Sieve Maker176 High Street
TOGWELL JohnBaker228 High Street
TOMBS George & JohnTailor1 Arcade
TOMBS RobertStay Maker11 Arcade
TONGE Eliza(Boys prep School)Sandford Lodge, Corpus St.
TOVEY ThomasPlasterer/BricklayerEaton Place
TOWNLEY SamuelBoot & Shoe Maker81 High Street
TRAPAUDMrs. GeneralKeynsham Terrace
TREVITT SarahConfectioner/Pastry Ck8 Colonnade
TRIGG EdwardSaddler/Harness MakerGyde's Terrace
TRINDER WilliamRegent BathsRegent Street
TRUFUSISHin Miss14 Rodney Terrace
TUCKER John Revd.(B school)Ham House, Charlton
TURK CharlesMaltsterCharlton Kings
TURK GeorgeSaddler/Harness Maker28 Winchcombe Place
TURK JosephGardenerTewkesbury Road
TURK ThomasTailor317 High Street
TURNBULL BenjaminChild Bed Linen W/House389 High Street
TURNBULL BenjaminToy Dealer/Perfumer389 High Street
TURNER ----Esq,Oakland House, Prestbury Rd
TURNER EvanButcherMarket Place
TURNER George ExtonAuctioneers/Appraisers13 Portland Square
TURNER JamesShopkeeperCharlton Kings
TURNER WilliamBricklayerCharlton Kings
TUSTIN JamesBedstead Maker216 High Street
TUSTIN Thomas & Wm.Plasterer/Bricklayer1 Bath Terrace
TUSTIN WilliamPlasterer/Bricklayer20 Park Place, Bath Rd
TYLER John & WilliamBakerPrestbury
TYLER John ChatfieldEsq.Vittoria House
TYSON MiriamMrs.9 Oriel Place
UNDERWOOD SarahShopkeeperBath Road
UNDERWOOD TimothyWhitesmith/Bell HangerMilsom Street
UNIACKE MaryMrs.6 Oxford Placed
URCH JohnCarpenter/Joiner16 Gloucester Place
UTTERSTONE JohnGardenerSwindon Road
VAILLANT Miss 17 Promenade
VARDY WilliamBakerBath Road
VICK ThomasPainter & Decorator4 Sherborne Place
VINES WilliamStone & Marble MasonAmbrose Street
VIZERPlumber/Painter/GlazierQueen's Buildings
WAITE JamesTurner347 High Street
WAITE ThomasWatch & Clock Maker347 High Street
WAKEFIELD RobertButcherBirdlip Place
WALKER JamesPainter & DecoratorPrestbury Road
WALKER John Revd.(Classical school)White Horn House
WALLACE HenryCaptainPriory Lodge
WALLINGTON ArabellaMrs.4 Priory Street
WALLIS ElishaGrocer/Tea Dealer198 High Street
WALTER & BILLINGSAttorney6 Regent Street
WALWYN EdwardLinen & Woollen Draper133 High Street
WALWYN JamesLinen & Woollen Draper364 High Street
WARD JohnEsq.Clare Villa
WARD JosephFishmonger144 High Street
WARD Wm. CookAttorney67 St George's Place
WARE RichardNursery & SeedsmanSherborne Walk
WASLEY ThomasButcher308 High Street
WATCHAM Augusta M.Milliner/Dressmaker148 High Street
WATCHMAN WilliamBaker320 High Street
WATERFALL JamesConfectioner/Pastry Ck377 High Street
WATKINS JohnGlass Dealer22 Gloucester Place
WATLING Charles HenryRevd.1 Gloster Place
WATSONMrs. Doctor3 Priory Street
WATSON William ArthurArchitectYork Place
WATSON William ArthurBuilderYork Place
WATTS OliverBookseller/stationer128 High Street
WATTS OliverLibrarian128 High Street
WEALE WilliamBaker320 High Street
WEATHERSTONE JohnGrocer/Tea DealerSherborne Street
WEAVER ThomasGardenerSt James's Square
WEBB AnnConfectioner/Pastry Ck2 Montpelier Bazaar
WEBB Charles (old)Bookseller/stationer4 Gyde's Terrace
WEBB JohnBookbinder28 Henrietta Street
WEBB John & Co.Linen & Woollen Draper94 Winchcombe Street
WEBBER WilliamGrocer/Tea Dealer230 High Street
WEBSTER JamesEsq.Bahama Villa
WELLER & KING(Ladies B School)Bath Villa, Bath Road
WELLER John SawyerAttorneyHigh Street
WELLER Thomas EdmundBookseller/stationerHigh Street
WELLER Thomas EdmundLiterary SaloonHigh Street
WELLINGTON Joseph(Charity School)Suffolk Square
WELLSMrs & Misses14 North Place
WELLS Dorothea(Ladies B School)Castleton Ho, Charlton King
WELLS Edward GeorgeChymist & Druggist(unreadable)
WELLS JamesCarpenter/JoinerManchester Street
WELSH ---Esq,Aryle
WESTELL ThomasPainter & DecoratorKing's Place
WESTON & GURNERCarpenter/JoinerPrestbury Road
WHATLEY Jos. CliffordAttorney11 Regent Street
WHEELER CharlesButcher411 High Street
WHEELER DanielGentPrestbury
WHEELER MaryBlacksmithAlbion Street
WHEELER WilliamWhitesmith/Bell HangerTerrace Place, High Street
WHINYATESMisses10 North PLace
WHITE FrederickPainter & DecoratorAlbion Street
WHITE James C.Saddler/Harness Maker101 High Street
WHITE John C.Grocer/Tea Dealer66 Winchcombe Street
WHITE ThomasWheelwrightTewkesbury Road
WHITE WilliamFurniture Broker11 Gyde's Terrace
WHITE WilliamCabinet Maker11 Gyde's Terrace
WHITECARMissnear the London Road
WHITMORE JohnBuilder12 Chester Walk
WHITMORE WilliamSurgeon49 St George's Place
WHITTARD Rd.HatterArch'd Buildings, High St.
WICKES CharlesChymist & Druggist(unreadable)
WICKSMiss1 Belle Vue Place
WILDEY JamesPoulterer357 High Street
WILKINS JohnFruiterer67 High Street
WILKINS ThomasBaker88 Albion Street
WILLETT SamuelPainter & Decorator1 Belmore Place
WILLIAMS CharlesBuilderSt James's Square
WILLIAMS CharlesStone & Marble MasonSt Jas. Cottage, St Jas. St
WILLIAMS Geo. ArthurIns Agent Norwich Union393 High Street
WILLIAMS GeorgeBell Inn107 High Street
WILLIAMS George ArthurBookseller/stationer393 High Street
WILLIAMS George ArthurWilliams' Library393 High Street
WILLIAMS Henry HughRevd.173 High Street
WILLIAMS JohnBrush Maker5 Arcade
WILLIAMS JohnLinen & Woollen Draper165 High Street
WILLIAMS JohnTavern & Public HouseTalbot, Duke Street
WILLIAMS MaryStraw Hat Maker378 High Street
WILLIAMS RobertRevd.Ruby Cottage
WILLIAMS RobertBuilder276 High Street
WILLIAMS RobertShopkeeper276 High Street
WILLIAMS RobertWheelwrightGrafton Place, Bath Road
WILLIAMS ThomasAuctioneers/Appraisers178 High Street
WILLIAMS ThomasAttorney406 High Street
WILLIAMS ThomasCoal Merchant & DealerRailway Wharf & Bath Road
WILLIAMS ThomasGrocer/Tea Dealer14 Winchcombe Street
WILLIAMS WilliamCarpenter/JoinerNorthfield Terrace
WILLIAMSON JamesPhysician2 Priory Parade
WILLS WilliamGentFarm? Cottage
WILSON CharlesTailor7 Winchcombe Street
WILSON JohnGent14 Montpelier Retreat
WILSON William S.Esq.13 Park Place
WILSON Wm.GeneralDedham Lode, Prestbury
WINKWORTH JnoEsq.Andover Lodge
WINSTANLEY CharlesRevd.11 Gyde's Terrace
WINTERBOTHAM RaynerAttorney396 High Street
WITHY HenryRevd.7 North Place
WITTS IsaacLivery Stable KeeperBath Street
WITTS IsaacButcher416 High Street
WOOD CharlesAuctioneers/AppraisersHewlett Street
WOOD GeorgeCoal Merchant & Dealer96 Winchcombe Street
WOOD JamesCabinet MakerSt George's Place
WOOD JamesFurniture BrokerSt George's Place
WOOD JohnStone & Marble MasonUnion Street
WOOD WilliamSurgeon11 Cambray Place
WOODCOCK ElizaMrs.21 Cambray Place
WOOLLEY EstherMrs.29 North Place
WOOLSLEY R.Sir Bart20 Cambray Place
WORDIEMiss17 Cambray Place
WORGAN RichardGentPrestbury
WOZENCROFT SamuelSurgeon30 Gloucester Place
WYMAT ??Mrs6 Oxford Parade
YATES JosephChina & Glass Dealer373 High Street
YEARSLEY MosesYearsley's Hotel156 High Street
YOUNGMrs. Colonel12 Priory Street
YOUNG ThomasFishmongerColonnade


[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 4th October 1993]