Chipping Sodbury


Extract from Slater's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1850

Transcription by Paul A. Best © 2006


Sodbury is a parish in the upper division of Grumbalds Ash --- the market town, which is sometimes called Chipping - Sodbury, to distinguish it from two other Sodburys in this County --- is 108 miles w. by s. from London, 28 south from Gloucester, 11 n.e from Bristol, and about 14 n. from Bath ; is situated at the foot of a hill on the little Avon, near to the source of that stream, on the roads leading from Malmesbury and Cirencester to Bristol, and near the line of the Bristol and Birmingham Railway. On a range of hills, about three miles from Sodbury, are the remains of a Roman encampment : from this spot the prospect is very extensive. Immediately before the camp stands Little Sodbury Manor House --- distinguished as the place where Tyndall commenced his translation of the Testament. The town owes its chief support to it's market and fairs (the former well - noted for the sale of wheat and cheese), to the carriage of lime and coal and the malt trade ; to which may be added considerable advantages derived from the passage of travellers, for whose accommodation there are some excellent inns --- amongst which, the "Portcullis" is an admirably conducted commercial house. A good description of iron ore has been found convenient to the town : a Staffordshire Company has taken the workings of it in hand, and so far their labours have been successful. By Charles II the town was incorporated ; but, at the request of the inhabitants, the charter was annulled in 1690 ; since which period it has been governed by certain officers elected annually at the court of the lord of the manor, Winchcombe Henry Howard Hartley, Esq. Sodbury is a polling station at the election of members for West Gloucester. The magistrates hold petty sessions at the Cross Hands Inn, Old Sodbury, on the first and third Friday of every month ; and Sodbury is included in the fiftyfifth circuit of towns, under the County Court Act of 1826, for the recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding £20.

The places of worship are the parish church of Saint John the Baptist --- a large structure, and chapels for Baptists, the Society of Friends, and Roman Catholics. The living of Sodbury is a perpetual curacy, annexed to the vicarage of Old Sodbury, in the gift of the vicar. The market is held on Friday, and the fairs May 23rd and June 24th for cattles ; and statues for hiring servants on the Fridays before Lady - day and Michaelmas - day. Sodbury parish contained in 1831, 1,306 inhabitants, and in 1841, 1,273.

WICKWAR is a small market and borough town, in the same hundred as Sodbury, between 3 and 4 miles n.w by n from that place ; situated near to the river Avon and the Bristol and Birmingham Railway --- for which line it is a station. It was formerly of considerable celebrity as a cloth - mart, being in the centre of the clothing district, but this trade no longer exists. The government of the town is vested in a mayor and an indefinite number of aldermen ; the mayor being alderman after, during life. Lord Ducie is in possession of the manorial rights, and holds a court leet every third or fourth year. The parish church of Holy Trinity is a large structure with a very handsome tower. The Independents and Methodists have each a place of worship ; and there is a well endowed free grammar school, founded by Alexander Hosea, a native of this town, who endowed it with a property producing about £100 per annum. A Mechanics Institution has been recently and successfully established here : the members have a library and reading - room in the town - hall. The market is held on Monday, and fairs April 6th and July 2nd, chiefly for cattle. The parish contained in 1841, 1,125 in habitants.

IRON ACTON is a parish, partly in the hundred of Thornbury, and extending into that of Grumbalds Ash --- the village is between 2 and 4 miles w. from Sodbury on the road to Thornbury. This locality was formerly famous for the iron ore dug here, and for the extensive works used in finishing the iron for market ; these have long since ceased to be noted ; but there are some coal mines in the neighbourhood, which give employment to many persons. The places of worship are the parish church of Saint James, and a chapel for Wesleyan Methodists. The living of Acton is a rectory in the presentation of the Dean and Canons of Christ Church, Oxford ; the Rev. John Salter is the present incumbent. Fairs are held on the 13th September and 25th April. The parish numbered in 1841, 1,342 inhabitants.

Post Office, Sodbury, Edward Higgs, Post Master ---Letters from London and all parts of the South and East arrive (from Chippenham) every morning at twenty minutes past six, and are despatched thereto at a quarter past seven in the evening.

Letters from all parts of the North, likewise from Wales and Ireland arrive (from Wootton - Under - Edge), every morning at ten minutes before ten, and are despatched therto at a quarter past three afternoon.

Letters from Cromhall and neighbourhood arrive every evening at a quarter past six, and are despatched at a quarter past seven in the morning.

Post Office, Wickwar, Charlotte White, Post Mistress --- Letters from all parts arrive (from Wootton - Under - Edge) every morning at a quarter past eight, and are despatched therto at a half past four afternoon.

Post Office, Iron - Acton, James Henry Smith, Post Master --- Letters from all parts arrive (from Bristol) every morning at a quarter past six, and are despatched at a quarter past seven in the morning.



Beaufort His Grace the Duke of, Badminton.
Bennet Mr. Robert., Wickwar.
Codrington Sir William, Doddington Park.
Cooper Rev. Ralph M., Sodbury.
Dutfield Mrs. Elizabeth, Sodbury.
Eccleston Miss Caroline, Yate.
Foster Rev. Thos. Draker, Doddington.
Harvey Rev. George L., Yate.
Hasluck Rev. Edward, Sodbury.
Hattersley Mr. Richard, Wickwar.
Hetling Thomas, Esq. Sodbury.
Higgs Mrs. Elizabeth, Sodbury.
Hopkins Mr. Thomas, Wickwar.
Lemen the Misses Ann & Ellen and Emily, Iron - Acton.
Longstaff Mrs. Elizabeth, Sodbury.
Noel Mrs. Jane, Wickwar.
Parker Mr. Edward Hancock, Sodbury.
Parker Miss Jane, Sodbury.
Randolph Rev. Henry J. Yate House.
Ray Mr. Henry, Iron - Acton.
Roleston Rev. Francis Hammond, Sodbury.
Salter Rev. John, Iron - Acton.
Sheppard Mrs. Mary, Sodbury.
Smith Mrs. Ann, Sodbury.
Smith Rev. Thomas, Sodbury.
Vassall Leonard, Esq. Brook House, Sodbury.
Wickham Miss Sarah, Sodbury.
Williams Mr. Gabriel, Sodbury.

Not Otherwise Described are Day Schools

Cook Mary Ann, Iron - Acton.
Cull Martha, Iron - Acton.
Cullimore, Sohia, (boarding) Wickwar.
Desmond Agnes, (dancing & music) Sodbury.
Free Grammar School, Wickwar --- Henry Dursey, Master.
Gifford Ann, Iron - Acton.
Infants School, Sodbury --- Francis Eardley, Master ; Caroline Porter, Mistress.
Mills Elizabeth, Sodbury.
National School, Iron - Acton --- George Stff, Master ; Ann Evans, Mistress.
National School, Wickwar --- Willaim Barber, Master.
Neath Edward, Iron - Acton.
Stokes Sarah Eliza & Celia Annis (boarding) Wickwar.
Willia Eleanor, Sodbury.


Cox Alfred, Sodbury.
Trenfield John, Sodbury.


Brown Charles, Wickwar.
Davis Henry, Wickwar.
Higgs John, Sodbury.
Holborrow George, Sodbury.
Iles George, Sodbury.
Pullin Isaac, Sodbury.
Shipp Elizabeth, Sodbury.
Watkins Grace, Sodbury.


National Provincial Bank Of England (Branch), Sodbury --- (draw upon the London & Westminster Bank) --- Richard Arnold, agent.


Barrett William, Sodbury.
Howell Elizabeth, Sodbury.
Philpot John, Wickwar.


Allsop Charles, jun., Sodbury.
Beames William, Sodbury.
Carter James, Sodbury.
Park Daniel, Wickwar.
Savery Daniel, Iron - Acton.
Stickler John, Iron - Acton.


Amos Daniel, Iron - Acton.
Amos Edwin, Iron - Acton.
Barns Robert, Iron - Acton.
Brown Daniel, Wickwar.
Drinkwater William, Wickwar.
Franklin Joseph, Wickwar.
Hancock William, Yate.
Hooper William, Iron - Acton.
Kendall Solomon, Iron - Acton.
Marmont John, Wickwar.
Marsh Charles (& leather dealer), Sodbury.
Neale Edward, Sodbury.
Short George, Sodbury.


Isaac John, Wickwar.
Marsh James, Sodbury.
Pritchard Joseph, Sodbury.


Allen William, Wickwar.
Brown Joseph, Wickwar.
Dee James, Sodbury.
Dee John, Sodbury.
Grant Elizabeth, Sodbury.
Hadway John (pork), Sodbury.
Hobbs Nicholas, Sodbury.
Iles James, Sodbury.
Keepen John, Iron - Acton.
Oliff Peter, Wickwar.
Pearce William (pig) Wickwar.
Shipp Elizabeth, Sodbury.
Tily William, Sodbury.
Wiclham James, Sodbury.
Williams James, Iron - Acton.


Allen John, Yate.
Allsop Chearles, Sodbury.
Fugill John, Iron - Acton.
Phillpot William, Wickwar.
Prior Edward, Sodbury.
Rice William, Sodbury.
Smith Henry James, Iron - Acton.
Warner John, Sodbury.
Watkins John, Sodbury.
Webb William, Wickwar.


Box John, Sodbury.
Gale Charles, Wickwar.
Mongan Helen & Eliza (druggists), Wickwar.
Wheeler John, Sodbury.


Alden Moses, Sodbury.
Amos Moses, Wickwar.
Vick Nathaniel, Sodbury.


Atlas, Edgar Fairbourn Marsh, Sodbury.
Crown 9life), Paul D. Leman, Sodbury.
Globe, Alfred Cox, Sodbury.
Norwich Union, Thomas Hitchman Prior, Sodbury.
Sun, Daniel Morton, Sodbury.


Gibson James, Sodbury.
Marsh Charles, Sodbury.
Marsh George, Sodbury.
Marsh William, Sodbury.
Vizard Betty, Sodbury.

Market thus * are also Drapers.

*Arnold John & Richard, Sodbury.
*Cole Geo. (& newsagent), Sodbury*Hooper William, Iron - Acton.
*Iles George, Sodbury.
Iles Henry, Sodbury.
*Marsh Edgar, Sodbury.
Morton Daniel (and corn factor), Sodbury.
*Nichols Daniel (and rope maker), Iron - Acton.
Oliff Peter, Wickwar.
*Prior Thomas, Sodbury.
Robinson Augustus, Wickwar.
*Tyler Mary, Wickwar.

(see also Taverns & Public Houses)

George ( and inland revenue office), Isaac Limbrick, Sodbury.
Portcullis Inn ( & commercial hotel), John Watts, Sodbury.
Railway, John Beak, Yate.


Isaac John, Wickwar.
Marsh James, Sodbury.
Pritchard Joseph, Sodbury.


Hancock James, Sodbury.
Milsom George, Sodbury.
Watts John, Sodbury.

See under the head Grocers, &C.


Arnold Thomas & Co. (and brewers), Wickwar.
Gibbs George, jun., Iron - Acton.
Godwin John Anthony K., Sodbury.
Minett Joseph, Wickwar.
Nichols John, Iron - Acton.
Plaister William, (& cheese factor), Wickwar.
Watts Thomas (and corn factor), Sodbury.


Clarke Thomas, Old Sodbury.
Shepherd William, Iron - Acton.
Trotman Stephen, Sodbury.


Amos Mary, Wickwar.
Birt Caroline, Sodbury.
Bruton Jane, Sodbury.
Dowding Eliza, Sodbury.
Eyles Jane, Sodbury.
Ford Elizabeth, Iron - Acton.
Griffiths Lucy, Iron - Acton.
Harvey Sarah A., Wickwar.
Morgan Ellen & Eliza, Wickwar.
Vick Grace, Sodbury.


Arnold Thomas, Sodbury.
Isaac John, Wickwar.
Marsh James, Sodbury.
Morgan Charles Francis (painter & stone cutter), Sodbury.
Parker George William, Wickwar.
Pritchard Joseph, Sodbury.


Amos Thomas, Sodbury.
Bruton John, Sodbury.
Davies Daniel, Wickwar.
Mills John, Sodbury.
Stiff Enoch, Iron - Acton.
Stiff Edward, Sodbury.
Stiff Robert, Iron - Acton
Voules John, Iron - Acton.
White Lewis, Wickwar.
White William, Wickwar.


Bryant Charles, Wickwar.
Fletcher William. Sodbury.
Nichols Daniel, Iron - Acton.
Phillips James, Sodbury.
Phillips Thomas, Wickwar.


Allen John, Yate.
Brown Charles, Wickwar.
Cooper Hannah, Iron - Acton.
Fugill John, Iron - Acton.
Higgs John, Sodbury.
Holbrow George ( & earthenware), Sodbury.
Iles George, Sodbury.
Isaac Cornelius, Wickwar.
Kent Ann, Sodbury.
Lovell Samuel, Sodbury.
Morgan Helen & Eliza, Wickwar.
Plaister William, Wickwar.
Price William, Sodbury.
Rice William, Sodbury.
Russell George, Sodbury.
Russell William, Sodbury.
Scott Joseph, Iron - Acton.
Short Frederick, Sodbury.
Thompson Sarah, Sodbury.
Turner Thomas, Sodbury,
Vizard William (and earthenware), Sodbury.
Watkins Grace, Sodbury.
Wernett Elizabeth, Yate.
Yates Jonathan, Wickwar.
Young William, Sodbury.


Bowyer William, Sodbury.
Caradine Charles, Sodbury.
Heaven John, Wickwar.
Lovell Daniel, Wickwar.
Lovell Thomas, Wickwar.
Mills George, Iron - Acton.
Mills James, Sodbury.
Mills John, Sodbury.
Morgan Charles Francis, Sodbury.
Morgan George, Sodbury.
Morgan William, Sodbury.
Turner Thomas, Sodbury.
Webb John, Wickwar.


Amos Hannah, Iron - Acton.
Bruton Mary Ann, Sodbury.
Eyles Jane, Sodbury.


Atkinson Thomas, Sodbury.
Brookman Hugh M.D., Sodbury.
Day Edwin, Iron - Acton.
Hay John, Iron - Acton.
Leman Paul Downton, Sodbury.
Parker Edward, Sodbury.
Roberts John, Wickwar.
Stokes Adrian, M.D., Wickwar.


Birt George, Sodbury.
Franklin Josseph, Wickwar.
Kerrick George, Sodbury.
Prosser John, Sodbury/
Prosser Robert, Sodbury.
Randall James, |Sodbury.
Tannar George, Wickwar.
Thompson John, Sodbury.


Beaufort Arms, Charles Bryant, Wickwar.
Crown, Thomas Parker, Iron - Acton.
Crown, Lewis White, Wickwar.
Grapes, Joseph Roberts, Sodbury.
Lamb, James Williams, Iron - Acton.
New Inn, William Pearce, Wickwar.
New Inn, Sarah Roberts, Sodbury.
Royal Oak, Thomas Roberts, Sodbury.
Swan, John Weight, Sodbury.
White Hart, Jonathan Holder, Yate.
White Horse, Mary Ann Watts, Wickwar.
White Lion, Daniel Summers, Yate.


Clarke Thomas, Old Sodbury.
Hathway Daniel, G., Sodbury.
Higgs William, Wickwar.
James Alfred, Yate.
Milsom Charles, Sodbury.
Park Daniel, Wickwar.
Sargeant Edwin, Sodbury.
Sargeant James, Sodbury.
Scott Joseph, Iron - Acton.
Shipp Elizabeth, Sodbury.
Shipp Robert, Wickwar.
Stephens Henry, Iron - Acton.
Trotman Stephen, Sodbury.


Roberts John Sodbury.
Limbrick Isaac, Sodbury.


Alsop Charles, jun., Sodbury.
Clarke Robert, Sodbury.
Fugill John, Iron - Acton.
Pratt Henry, Wickwar.
Smith James Henry, Iron - Acton.
Varlow Daniel, Sodbury.

The names without address are in Sodbury.

Amos David, maltshovel maker and wood turner, Wickwar.
Arnold Richard, sub-distributor of stamps.
Ball Willaim, hair dresser.
Birt George, glover.
Frewin James, watch maker.
Griffin John, printer and bookmaker.
Hazell James, fly owner.
Iles Hope, collector of poor rates.
Inland Revenue Office, at the George Inn.
Limbrick Isaac, quarry owner.
Long & Keeling, coal owners, Yate.
Mainstone James, nail maker, Iron - Acton.
Mechanics Institute, Wickwar --- John Arnold, secretary ; Hy Park librarian.
Morley Charles, lath render, Wickwar.
Police Station, Sodbury, Wickwar and Iron - Acton --- Thos. Gordon, super*******
Reed George, inland revenue officer.
Rice William, licensed to let post horses.
Russell George, tallow chandler.
Stamp Office, Sodbury --- John Arnold, sub-distrbuter.
Taylor Samuel & Charles, dealers in stone, Yate.
Tenet Louisa, hair dresser.
Trenfield John, clerk to the commissioners of roads &c.
Willis Ellinor, circulating library & dealer in periodicals.

And Their Ministers.

Saint John The Baptist Church, Sodbury --- Rev. Thomas Smith, perpetual curate ; Rev. Edwar Hasluck, curate.
Holy Trinity Curch, Wickwar --- Rev. Thomas Everest, rector.
Saint James Church, Iron - Acton --- Rev. John Salter, rector.
Baptist Chapel, Sodbury --- Rev. Francis Hammond Roleston.
Independent Chapel, Wickwar --- (ministers various)
Friends Meeting House, Sodbury --- (ministers various)
Wesleyan Chapels, Wickwar and Iron - Acton, (ministers various)
Roman Catholic Chapel, Sodbury --- Rev. Ralph M. Cooper, priest.

Of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

Superintendent Registrar --- Ethelbert Holbbrow, Yate.
Registrar Of Marriages --- Stephen Barcombe Duffield.
Registrar Of Birth & Deaths.
John Anthony Keepen Godwin, Sodbury. and Wm B. Limbrick, Iron - Acton.


Workhouse, Yate, near Sodbury.
Govenor -- John Croome.
Matron -- Sarah Croome.
Schoolmaster -- George Price.
Schoolmistress, Elizabeth Britten.
Chaplain -- Rev. Edward Hasluck.
Surgeon -- Hugh Brookman M.D.
Cleark to the Board of Guardians -- Elthelbert Holbrow.
Relieving Officers -- John James & William B. Limbrick.

On The Bristol and Birmingham (or Midland) Line.

Stations at Yate, about one mile and a half from Sodbury, and at Wickwar, on the same line -- Thomas Ponting, station master.

From Sodbury.

To Badminton, Isaac Alden, from his house, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
To Bath, Richard Hambridge, from the New Inn, and James Hazel, from his house, every alternate Wednesday.
To Bristol, William Higgs, from his house, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday ; Isacc Alden and Samuel Eyles, from their houses, Monday, Thursday and Saturday, and Joseph Bond, from the George Inn, on Tuesday.
To Didmarton,, Joseph Bond, from the George Inn, Tuesday.
To Dodlington, Isaac Alden, from his house, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
To Malmesbury, Thomas Harris, from the George Inn, Wednesay and Sturday.
To Tetbury, Mrs Lock, from the George Inn, Wednesday and Saturday.
To Wotton - Under - Edge, Richard Hambridge, from the New Inn, every alternate Thursday.

From Wickwar.

To Bath, Richard Hambridge, from the New Inn, every alternate Wednesday.
To Wotton - Under - Edge, Richard Hambridge, from the New Inn, every alternate Wednesday.

From Iron - Acton.

To Bristol, George Minestone, from his house, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.



[Transcribed by Paul A. Best in April 2006 from a personal copy of the Directory]



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