1868 - The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland

P.R.O. Reference # RG12/2033 : Folios 144-148 : Pages 1-6

Transcribed by Tony Woodward © 2002

A full description of the district, and notes on the abbreviations and codes used in this transcription, can be found following the census listing.

Cirencester Union Workhouse

  Folio 146 Page 1
01 PART William IM W M 62 Watercress Seller   GLS Maiseyhampton
02 WHEELER William IM W M 82 Nursery Gardener   GLS Cirencester
03 ARKELL Charles IM S M 38 Farm Labourer   GLS Cirencester
04 PARROTT Edward IM W M 69 Shoemaker (Journeyman)   OXF Charlbury
05 COLLETT Thomas IM W M 69 Road Labourer   WIL Kemble Blind
06 BOWLEY John Ody IM S M 16 -   WIL Somerford Keynes
07 ELSEGOOD George IM W M 49 Gardener (Domestic)   KEN Cliffe
08 ELSEGOOD Robert G IM S M 19 Discharged from RN Training Ship   GLS Poulton Dumb
09 TOWNSEND William IM S M 58 Farm Labourer   GLS Poulton
10 EVANS John IM W M 52 Farm Labourer   MON Raglan
11 HOWARD George IM S M 52 General Labourer   DEV Newton
12 JONES George IM S M 41 General Labourer   CHS Chester
13 HENDERSON George IM S M 25 Groom (Stableman)   KEN Ashford
14 SIMS LOUISA IM M F 38 Charwoman   WIL Bradford
15 BEAMES John IM S M 61 Farm Labourer   WIL Somerford Keynes
16 TOWNSEND George IM W M 68 Hurdle Maker   GLS Preston
17 SMITH Edwin IM M M 64 Farm Labourer   GLS Cirencester
18 JORDAN Richard IM W M 72 Farm Labourer   GLS Upper Leigh
19 COOPER Thomas IM S M 60 Cooper (Journeyman)   GLS Cirencester
20 MANN Stephen IM W M 70 Stone Mason (Journeyman)   GLS Doughton
21 WITHERS George IM S M 45 General Labourer   GLS Cirencester
22 COWLEY Julius IM S M 59 Mason's Labourer   GLS Fairford
23 WOOD Henry IM M M 59 Farmer   GLS Siddington
24 SCOTT George IM W M 70 Ostler   WAR Birmingham
25 ELLIOT John IM M M 73 General Labourer   GLS Cirencester
  Folio 146 Page 2
01 WOOD William IM S M 43 Mason's Labourer   GLS Cirencester
02 KING John IM S M 54 Farm Labourer   GLS Fairford
03 JONES Richard IM S M 72 Shoemaker   WIL Oaksey
04 RICKETTS William IM W M 67 Farm Labourer   GLS Down Ampney
05 BROAD Emmanuel IM S M 63 General Labourer   GLS Cirencester
06 BROWN Richard IM S M 57 Farm Labourer   GLS North Cerney
07 CURTIS William IM S M 22 -   GLS Cirencester Imbecile (from childhood)
08 TOWNSEND William IM S M 65 Railway Labourer   GLS Coates
09 TRUSTHAM Richard H IM S M 22 -   GLS Fairford Imbecile (from childhood)
10 BELCHER Enoch IM S M 52 -   GLS Down Ampney Imbecile (from childhood)
11 BRIDGES Rebecca IM S F 42 Sempstress   GLS Cirencester
12 BRIDGES Albert Edward IM - M 12 Scholar   WAR Birmingham
13 BRIDGES Dan IM - M 8 Scholar   GLS Cirencester
14 MAY Ellen IM S F 21 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS Fairford
15 BOULTON Kate IM S F 23 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS Bibury
16 BOULTON Maggie IM - F 3m     GLS Cirencester
17 STEPHENS Richard IM W M 79 Nursery Gardener   WAR Warwick
18 FARR John IM W M 73 Tailor (Journeyman)   WIL Milton Lilbourne
19 CHURCH Thomas IM S M 62 Farm Labourer   GLS Quenington
20 STRANGE Thomas IM S M 72 Quarryman Slate dresser   GLS Ampney St Peter
21 WORVILL John IM W M 79 Farm Labourer   GLS Winchcomb
22 JONES John IM S M 62 Cater   GLS Ampney St Peter
23 CARTER William IM S M 54 Domestic Servant (under Baker)   GLS Upton St Leonards
24 BUNCE Joshua IM W M 72 Farm Labourer   OXF Shilton
25 BELLENGER Joseph IM M M 62 Farm Labourer   WIL Latton
  Folio 147 Page 3
01 MORSE Joseph IM W M 81 Farm Labourer   GLS Siddington Blind
02 LOOKER Thomas IM M M 52 Farm Labourer   GLS South Cerney
03 PAINE William IM S M 55 House Painter (Journeyman)   GLS Cirencester
04 LAFFORD Robert IM S M 61 General Labourer   GLS Maiseyhampton
05 ILES John IM S M 55 General Labourer   GLS Rodborough
06 HUGHES George IM S M 52 -   GLS Cirencester Imbecile
07 SHAYLER Richard IM S M 38 Hatter (Journeyman)   GLS Cirencester Imbecile
08 MERCHANT Harry IM S M 35 Mason's Labourer   GLS Cirencester
09 GREENWOOD Lewis IM S M 22 -   GLS Cirencester Imbecile (from childhood)
10 HULBERT George IM W M 53 Shoemaker (Journeyman)   GLS Cirencester
11 BLACKWOOD John IM W M 50 Farm Labourer   WIL Eastcourt
12 MIDWINTER Edward IM S M 86 Farm Labourer   GLS Winstone
13 WITTS Henry IM S M 72 Carter   GLS Cirencester
14 GRIFFIN William IM W M 71 Quarryman (Stone)   GLS Poulton
15 SNOW James IM W M 73 Farm Labourer   GLS Winstone
16 MAWBY Robert IM M M 52 Outfitter's assistant   WAR Atherstone
17 SESSIONS William IM W M 73 Tailor (Journeyman)   GLS Cirencester
18 MIDWINTER William IM M M 78 Farm Labourer   GLS Winstone
19 JONES George IM S M 35 Farm Labourer   LND Clapham [Surrey]
20 KENT James IM S M 28 Seaman RN (Discharged)   GLS Quenington
21 SHERMER Richard IM W M 73 Farm Labourer   GLS Driffield
22 MESSENGER William IM W M 71 Farm Labourer   GLS South Cerney
23 HODGES Rachel IM W F 79     GLS Barnsley
24 WICKS Susan IM W F 74     GLS Down Ampney
25 SMITH Sarah IM W F 68     GLS Hazleton
  Folio 147 Page 4
01 DAWES Sarah IM S F 70 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS Fairford
02 LUDLOW Harriet IM W F 69     GLS Cirencester
03 FISHER Susan W IM W F 91     WIL Malmesbury
04 WAITE Mary A IM W F 79     GLS Cirencester
05 NOAD Elizabeth IM M F 38 General Servant (Domestic)   WIL Crudwell
06 NOAD Henry J IM - M 12 Scholar   SOM Bath
07 NOAD Frederick IM - M 9m     GLS Cirencester
08 LONG Sarah IM S F 20 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS Cirencester
09 JONES Charlotte IM S F 43 General Servant (Domestic)   LND Clapham [Surrey]
10 TAYLOR Mary IM W F 30 Charwoman   WIL Hannington
11 SCRIVEN Georgina IM S F 34     GLS Ampney St Peter
12 ASH Prudence IM W F 72 Farm Labourer   GLS Bisley
13 SPENCER Mary IM S F 69 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS Baunton Imbecile
14 IRELAND Mary IM M F 43     GLS Maiseyhampton Imbecile
15 HEMMING Ellen IM S F 28     GLS Lechlade Imbecile (from birth)
16 CREW Sarah IM W F 70     GLS Cirencester Imbecile
17 DOWNING Elizabeth IM S F 36     LND (locality not known) Imbecile (from birth)
18 ASH Ellen IM S F 36     GLS Cirencester Imbecile (from birth)
19 WEAVING Emma IM M F 50 Farm Labourer   GLS Sutgrove
20 WEAVING Frederick IM M   13 Scholar   GLS Churchdown
21 WEAVING Edwin IM M 10       GLS Cirencester
22 ROBERTS Elizabeth IM W F 84     GLS Sapperton
23 WALKER Elizabeth IM W F 78     GLS Cirencester Blind & Deaf
24 PERRY Alice M M IM S F 21 Hotel Waitress   GLS Cirencester
25 PERRY Constance A IM - F 4m     GLS Cirencester
  Folio 148 Page 5
01 WilliamS Eliza IM S F 35 Charwoman   WIL Kemble
02 HUNT Hannah IM W F 76     NFK Thetford
03 EVANS Hannah IM W F 92     GLS Beverstone
04 SMETUS Caroline IM W F 79       Germany
05 PEART Susan IM S F 53     GLS Kempsford
06 CURTIS Emily IM S F 50     GLS South Cerney Imbecile
07 DANCE Lydia Jane IM S F 20 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS Stratton
08 DANCE Florence IM F 2m       GLS Daglingworth
09 DAVIS Ellen IM S F 21     GLS Ampney St Peter
10 MORSE Elizabeth IM S F 26 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS Barnsley
11 JUGGINS Jane IM S F 29     GLS Duntisbourne Abbotts Imbecile from birth
12 NORRIS Maria IM W F 74     GLS Barnsley
13 GOSLING Sarah Ann IM W F 32 Needlewoman   GLS Kempsford
14 GOSLING Harry IM - M 11 Scholar   GLS Kempsford
15 GOSLING Margaret E IM - F 9 Scholar   GLS Kempsford
16 GOSLING Charles J IM - M 7 Scholar   GLS Kempsford
17 GOSLING Hephzibah IM - F 6 Scholar   GLS Kempsford
18 GOSLING Lilian IM - F 11m -   GLS Cirencester
19 SMITH Susannah IM S F 24 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS Cirencester
20 SMITH Charles S IM - M 7 Scholar   GLS Cirencester
21 SMITH George E IM - M 6 Scholar   GLS Cirencester
22 SMITH Elsie M IM - F 3 -   GLS Cirencester
23 JONES Agnes IM - F 9 Scholar   GLS Cirencester
24 VINES Mary Ann IM - F 13 Scholar   GLS Sapperton
25 VINES Frank IM - M 11 Scholar   GLS Sapperton
  Folio 148 Page 6
01 JONES Amelia IM S F 32 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS South Cerney
02 JONES Ernest H IM - M 10 Scholar   GLS Cirencester
03 JONES William C IM - M 8 Scholar   LND Poplar
04 JONES Esther A IM - F 2 Scholar   GLS Cirencester
05 WALKER Frank IM - M 14 Scholar   GLS Avening
06 TAYLOR William H IM - M 8 Scholar   GLS Cirencester
07 WAKEFIELD Elizabeth IM S F 53 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS North Cerney
08 WEAVING Elizabeth A IM S F 19 Dressmaker (apprentice)     Not known
09 CURTIS Ruth A IM M F 27 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS Chedworth
10 SMITH Alice M IM S F 21 General Servant (Domestic)   GLS Cirencester
11 SMITH Eveline A IM - F 2     GLS Cirencester
12 CLAPHAM Sophia IM S F 26     GLS North Cerney Imbecile (from birth)
13 TAYLOR Fanny IM - F 2     GLS Cirencester
14 FREEMAN Robert C HE M M 46 Master of the Workhouse X GLS Cirencester
15 FREEMAN Emily J MA M F 46 Matron of the Workhouse X GLS Cirencester
16 FREEMAN Robert W SO S M 17 Draper's apprentice X GLS Cirencester
17 FREEMAN Thomas E TE S M 25 Schoolmistress X GLS Cirencester
18 WHEELER Mary A NU M F 30 Workhouse Nurse X MON Bedwellty
19 MARTIN George PO M M 33 Workhouse Porter X GLS Westbury on Severn
20 MARTIN Harriet AS M F 34 Workhouse Assistant Matron X GLS Cinderford




There are 25 lines on each Page in a census book for an institution. This is the line number.


"RELATION to Head of Family, or Position in the Institution":
AS = Assistant
HE = Head
IM = Inmate
MA = Matron
NU = Nurse
PO = Porter
SO = Son
TE = Teacher


"CONDITION as to Marriage", [i.e. marital status]:>
M = Married
S = Single
W = Widow or Widower

SEX and AGE:

The original census form has separate columns for the ages of males and females, but I have used just one column for age and added a column containing M or F to indicate whether the person is male or female.


This column is an amalgamation of three columns in the original census form:
E = Employer
X = Employed
N = Neither Employer nor Employed (N.B. this could mean either out of work or self-employed).


County of birth. This has been standardized to a three-letter "Chapman" county code.

The column listing infirmities has been omitted.  Details are given in the NOTES column.


Registration District: 331 Cirencester (Glos.)
Registration Sub-district: 2B Cirencester
Enumeration District No.:  
Chief Resident Officer: Robt. Freeman
Registrar: Robt. Freeman
Superintendent Registrar: W. L. Cooke[?]

For the undermentioned Institution.

Name: Cirencester Union Workhouse
Description: Workhouse
Where Situated: Cirencester (Tithing of Chesterton)
This institution is situated within the Boundaries of the
Civil Parish of: Cirencester
Urban Sanitary District: Cirencester
Town of: Cirencester
Parliamentary Division: Cirencester
Civil Parish of: Cirencester
Ecclesiastical Parish of: Cirencester


  Males Females Total
Total Number of Officers 2 4 6
Number in Officers' Families 1   1
Able-bodied 4 8 12
Not able-bodied 56 37 93
Children 16 12 28
Casuals 4 1 5
TOTAL 83 62 145

[Contributed by Tony Woodward on 2nd April 2002]

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