Circencester, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

No attempt has been made to remove duplicate entries of those persons who had entries under more than occupational category in the directory.

In some cases occupations had to be condensed in transcription so the directory itself may contain a little more information for a small number of entries.

ACOT John Perfumer/Hairdresser Dyer Street
ACOTT Richard Ship Tavern Dyer Street
ADAMS John Tailor Dyer Street
ALEXANDER Jas. Ironmonger & Turner Castle Street
ALEXANDER William Carpenter/Joiner etc Stratton
ALEXANDER Wm. Dollen Ironmonger Dyer Street
ALLEN Richard Baker Dyer Street
ANDREWS Daniel Shop Keeper Dyer Street
APSLEY Rt Hon Lord M.P. Cirencester
ARCHER John Dyer Dyer Street
BALDWIN Joseph Carpenter/Joiner etc Thomas Street
BATHURST Rt Hon Earl   Cirencester
BATHURST Wm. Lennox Hon. Cirencester
BEDWELL & Son Surgeons Dyer Street
BEVIR George Attorney Dollar Street
BINGHAM Daniel Cabinet Maker Black Jack Street
BISHOP & HALL Grocer/Tea Dealer Cricklade Street
BISHOP Charles Boot & Shoe Maker Cricklade Street
BISHOP Mary Straw Hat Maker Silver Street
BLACKWELL Charles Cabinet Maker Stratton
BLACKWELL George Esq Ampney Crucis
BLACKWELL Nicholas Sun Tavern Dyer Street
BLACKWELL William Cabinet Maker Castle Street
BLISS John Shop Keeper Gloucester Street
BLIZZARD Sarah Wheat Sheaf Tavern Cricklade Street
BOND George Blacksmith/Farrier Park Street
BOND Richard Blacksmith/Farrier Gloucester Street
BOULTON Edward Carpenter/Joiner etc Gloucester Street
BOULTON Edward Butcher Black Jack Street
BOULTON John Stone/Marble Mason Coxwell Street
BOURTON Daniel Mealman Dollar Street
BOUVESIE Hon.   Downampney House
BOWLY Christopher Gent Castle Street
BOWLY David & Samuel Cheese Factor Queen's Lane
BOWLY Devereux Esq Chesterton
BOWLY Edward Maltster Queen's Lane
BOWLY Richard Linen/Woollen Draper Dyer Street
BOWLY Richard Phoenix Assurance Dyer Street
BOWLY William Miller Queen's Lane
BOWLY William Mealman Queen's Lane
BOWLY William C. Miller Cricklade Street
BOYES Ann & Fanny Day School Cricklade Street
BRAMBLE Charles Baker Cricklade Street
BREWER Hannah Grocer/Tea Dealer Gosditch Street
BREWIN Hop & Seed Merchant Coal Wharf
BREWIN Jn Maltster & Seedsman Queen's Lane
BREWIN John Coal Mewrchant Coal Wharf
BREWSTER Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Park Street
BRIMBLE John Fleece Inn Dyer Street
BROWN & Sons Wine & Spirit Shop Gosditch Street
BROWN Ann Milliner/Dressmaker Cricklade Street
BROWN Edward Carpenter/Joiner etc Cricklade Street
BROWN James Shop Keeper Sheep Street Lane
BROWN Mary Swan Inn Dollars Ward
BROWN Mary & Ann Misses Gloucester Street
BROWN Thomas Painter/Plumber/Glaz Cricklade Street
BRUMSDON Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker Cricklade Street
BRYDGES William Stone/Marble Mason Gloucester Street
BUCKLE Francis Revd. Siddington
BUDD Richard Woolstapler Coxwell Street
BYRCH Thomas & John Cheese Factor Dyer Street
CAMBRIDGE John Plasterer/Slater Cricklade Street
CANTER John Painter/Plumber/Glaz Gloucester Street
CARPENTER William Boot & Shoe Maker Stratton
CARR John Cabinet Maker Thomas Street
CHAMBERLAIN William List Manufacturer Watermoor
CHAPMAN Joseph Butcher Dyer Street
CHAVASSE Joseph Bookseller/printer Dyer Street
CLAPPEN Elizabeth Straw Hat Maker Cricklade Street
CLAPPEN Mary Furniture Broker Cricklade Street
CLARE William Baker Dyer Street
CLARK Charles Blacksmith/Farrier Cricklade Street
CLARK Elizabeth Mrs. Park Street
CLARKE Jas. Tailor Dyer Street
CLARKE Thomas Baker Coxwell Street
CLIFT William Bookseller/printer Gosditch Street
CLIFT William Chymist & Druggist Gosditch Street
CLINCH John Volunteer Tavern Gloucester Street
CLINCH William Tailor Dyer Street
CLINCH William Cooper Dyer Street
COATES & Co. Hop & Seed Merchant Cricklade Street
COATES Charles Confectioner/pastry Dyer Street
COATES John & Co, Maltster Cricklade Street
COATES Robert Boot & Shoe Maker Dyer Street
COCKERELL George Boot & Shoe Maker Dollar Street
COLE Christopher Tallow Chandler Cricklade Street
COLE Christopher Grocer/Tea Dealer Cricklade Street
COLE Richard Bishop Blaize Tavern Cricklade Street
COLE William Plasterer/Slater Cricklade Street
COLLIER W. Three Horse Shoes Cricklade Street
COOLE John Grocer/Tea Dealer Dyer Street
CRIPPS & Co. Banker Coxwell Street
CRIPPS & Co. Clothier Stratton Mill
CRIPPS John Captain Ashcroft House
CRIPPS Joseph Esq Stratton
CRIPPS Joseph Esq M.P. Coxwell Street
CRIPPS Joseph & Co. Brewer Cricklade Street
CROOME Jas. Salamander Insurance Dollar Street
CROOME Robert Esq. Dyer Street
CROOME William Mrs. Dyer Street
CROOME William Esq. North Cerney House
CRYER George Gunsmith Gosditch Street
CULL William Confectioner/pastry Black Jack Street
CULL William Baker Black Jack Street
CULLES Mrs. Cirencester
CUMBERLAND Susan Mrs. Cricklade Street
DADGE James & Thomas Baker Gloucester Street
DATE Elizabeth King's Head Inn Dyer Street
DATE Henry Cheese/Bacon Factor Dollar Street
DAVIS William Horse & Groom Tavern Thomas Street
DEIGHTON John Edge Tool Maker Cricklade Street
DERBY John Boot & Shoe Maker Thomas Street
DIKE Joshua Tailor Park Street
DIKE Thomas Tailor Thomas Street
EBSWORTH Rd. Flock Maker Cricklade Street
EBSWORTH William Anchor Tavern Gloucester Street
EDWARDS Maurice Hop & Seed Merchant Dollar Street
EDWARDS Maurice Wine & Spirit Shop Dollar Street
EDWARDS Maurice Bennet Pawnbroker Dyer Street
ELLIS Robert Linen/Woollen Draper Gosditch Street
ELWES Henry Esq. Colesbourne
EVANS Thomas Pack Horse Tavern Cecily Hill
EVANS William Coal Mewrchant Coal Wharf
EVANS William Boot & Shoe Maker Castle Street
FIELD Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Cecily Hill
FISHER Benjamin Currier/Leather Dlr Castle Street
FISHER Elizabeth Shop Keeper Cricklade Street
FLUX Thomas Master Boys' Day Charity School
FLUX William Carpenter/Joiner etc Gloucester Street
FORDER Misses Dollar Street
FORESHEW Robert Linen/Woollen Draper Dyer Street
FORESHEW Robert Tailor & Draper Dyer Street
FOWLER Thomas Savings Bank  
FOWLER Thomas Master Boys' Day Charity School
FOWLER William Bookseller/printer Cricklade Street
FOX Jno & Sons White Hart Inn Dyer Street
FOX John & Sons Wine & Spirit Shop Dyer Street
FOX Sarah Miss Stratton
FREW Robert Tea Dealer & Linen Dyer Street
FRYERS William Tailor Silver Street
GALLIENNE Richard Chymist & Druggist Gosditch Street
GARDNER James Baker Cricklade Street
GARDNER John Plasterer/Slater Cricklade Street
GARDNER John Umbrella Maker Gosditch Street
GARDNER Samuel Grocer/Tea Dealer Dyer Street
GARLICK Elizabeth Boot & Shoe Maker Dyer Street
GEARING William Nag's Head Tavern Dyer Street
GEGG & Son Hat Manufacturer Dyer Street
GEORGE John Salt Merchant Wharf
GILLMAN E. Esq. Cecily Hill
GILLMAN Joseph Esq. Cecily Hill
GILMAN Lentulus Painter/Plumber/Glaz Gloucester Street
GILMAN Samuel Blacksmith/Farrier Black Jack Street
GILMAN Thomas Painter/Plumber/Glaz Cricklade Street
GODWIN Charles Brush & Patten Maker Castle Street
GODWIN John Clothier Gloucester Street
GOLDING John Waggon & Horses Tavr Dyer Street
GORDON Robert Esq. M.P., Kemble
GRAHAM George Esq. Blackwell
GREGORY & Son Nursery & Seedsman Gosditch Street
GREGORY & Son Hop & Seed Merchant Gosditch Street
GRIFFIN Matthew Basket & Sieve Maker Gloucester Street
GRIFFITH John Cooper Dyer Street
GUEST James Glover/Breeches Dollar Street
GUEST William Boot & Shoe Maker Lense Lane
GUISE William Sir Bart. M.P. Rendcombe Park
GUNNELL William Three Compasses Tavr Castle Street
HABGOOD James Bull Tavern Dyer Street
HABGOOD Robert Kimber Linen/Woollen Draper Dyer Street
HABGOOD Sarah Milliner/Dressmaker Cricklade Street
HALL George Painter/Plumber/Glaz Black Jack Street
HALL Richard Surveyor/Land Agent Dollar Street
HALL William Carpenter/Joiner etc Gloucester Street
HALLING Mary Linen/Woollen Draper Gosditch Street
HAMLET Henry Plasterer/Slater Castle Street
HAMPTON Edward Shop Keeper Castle Street
HANCOCK John Blacksmith/Farrier Dyer Street
HANCOCK Richard Blacksmith/Farrier Cricklade Street
HANKS Martha Milliner/Dressmaker Park Street
HARDING Elizabeth Bear Tavern Dyer Street
HARDING James Cooper Dollar Ward
HARRIS Henry Crown Life Assurnace Coxwell Street
HARRISON John Boot & Shoe Maker Cricklade Street
HARRISON Richard Royal Oak Tavern Gloucester Street
HARRISON William Carpenter/Joiner etc Park Street
HART Ann Shop Keeper Castle Street
HARTNALL Thomas Watch & Clock Maker Dyer Street
HATHAWAY John Baker Coxwell Street
HAVILAND Richard Turner Gloucester Street
HAVILAND Richard Machine Maker Gloucester Street
HAWKINS Richard & Co. Grocer/Tea Dealer Gosditch Street
HAWKINS William Wheelwright Stratton
HAYNES James Boot & Shoe Maker Dyer Street
HAYWARD John Maltster Stratton
HAYWOOD William Bookbinder etc Leuse Lane
HEWER Jeremiah Maltster Cricklade Street
HEWER Jeremiah Confectioner/pastry Cricklade Street
HILL William Coal Mewrchant Coal Wharf
HIND Mary Straw Hat Maker Cecily Hill
HINTON George Carpenter/Joiner etc Castle Street
HINTON William Carpenter/Joiner etc Castle Street
HINTON William Turner Park Street
HITCHINGS Sarah Milliner/Dressmaker Dollar Street
HOARE Charles Woolstapler Coxwell Street
HOARE David Wine & Spirit Shop Dollars Ward
HOARE George Grocer/Tea Dealer Dollar Street
HOARE George Cheese/Bacon Factor Dollar Street
HOARE Stephen Miller Siddington Mill
HODGES Jas. Crown Inn Gosditch Ward
HOLYOAK William Carver & gilder Dyer Street
HOOPER John Grocer/Tea Dealer Cricklade Street
HOWELL William Linen/Woollen Draper Gosditch Street
HOWSE Joseph Gent Dyer Street
HUGHES Thomas Attorney Dyer Street
HUNT William Gunsmith & Cutler Castle Street
HUNT William Cutler Castle Street
JASPER Mary Mrs. Coxwell Street
JEFFRIES John Basket & Sieve Maker Dyer Street
JENKINS Mary Butcher Gosditch Street
JENNINGS John Shop Keeper Cricklade Street
JONES Ann China & Glass Dealer Dyer Street
JONES William Blacksmith/Farrier Black Jack Street
KIMBER Thomas Black Horse Tavern Castle Street
KNOWLES James Perfumer/Hairdresser Dyer Street
LANE Elizabeth & Son Edge Tool Maker Cricklade Street
LANE Jane Shop Keeper Stratton
LANE John Miller Barton Mill
LANE John Shop Keeper Cricklade Street
LANE Mary Ann B & D School Gloucester Street
LANE Richard Maltster Castle Street
LANE Robert Baker Gloucester Street
LANE William Turner & Chair Maker Cricklade Street
LANE William Edge Tool Maker Cricklade Street
LAWRENCE & NEWMARCH Attorney Castle Street
LAWRENCE George Blacksmith/Farrier Black Jack Street
LAWRENCE S. Mrs. Black Jack Street
LAWRENCE William Plasterer/Slater Gloucester Street
LAWRENCE William Esq. Dyer Street
LEDIARD & THOMPSON Attorney Dyer Street
LINE Ann Mrs. Wharf
LUCAS John Glover/Breeches Dyer Street
LUDLOW William Girth Web Weaver Gloucester Street
LYSONS Daniel Revd. Rodmarlow
MANNING Charles China & Glass Dealer Castle Street
MANNING Charles Grocer/Tea Dealer Castle Street
MANNING James Brush & Patten Maker Cecily Hill
MARKS John Dolphin Tavern Cecily Hill
MASTER Jane Miss. Abbey House
MASTERS Ann & Cath Milliner/Dressmaker Gosditch Street
MASTERS John Maltster Thomas Street
MASTERS John Brewer Thomas Street
MATTHEWS James Perfumer/Hairdresser Gloucester Street
MATTHEWS Joseph Tailor Stratton
MEDDLECOTT Joseph Phoenix Tavern Park Street
MERCHANT James Woolstapler Cricklade Street
MERRICK Arnold Music Teacher Queen's Road
MIFLIN William Booth Hall Inn Dyer Street
MILES Thomas Painter/Plumber/Glaz Gosditch Street
MILES Thomas China & Glass Dealer Gosditch Street
MILLER William Tallow Chandler Dyer Street
MILLER William Grocer/Tea Dealer Dyer Street
MILLIGAN Mary Miss Cotswold House
MILLIGAN Robert Esq. Dunsborne House
MILLS John Cabinet Maker Park Street
MILLS John Stone/Marble Mason Thomas Street
MILLS John Carpenter/Joiner etc Gloucester Street
MILLS Richard Stone/Marble Mason Gloucester Street
MORRIER Harriet Ladies Board School Silver Street
MOSS Thomas Baker Stratton
MOUNTAIN Joseph Attorney & Coroner Cecily Hill
MULLINGS Joe. Randolph Attorney Dyer Street
MUSGRAVE James Sir. Bart Barnsley Park
NEWCOMB Thomas Stone/Marble Mason Cricklade Street
NIBLETT Thomas Red Lion Tavern Dollar Street
NORRIS Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Castle Street
ORUM James Painter/Plumber/Glaz Dyer Street
OSBORNE Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Dyer Street
PADBURY John Cabinet Maker Gloucester Street
PADBURY John Watch & Clock Maker Castle Street
PAGETT Henry Master Boys' Day Charity School
PAGETT Henry Painter/Plumber/Glaz Dollar Street
PAINTER William Shop Keeper Siddington
PAISH Charles Basket & Sieve Maker Gloucester Street
PALFREY Horatio Auctioneer/Landagent Dollar Street
PARSON Joseph Bell Tavern Cricklade Street
PARSONS Maria Saddler/Harness Maker Castle Street
PARSONS Maria Grocer/Tea Dealer Castle Street
PARSONS Mary Tea Dealer Black Jack Street
PARSONS Sarah Blacksmith/Farrier Black Jack Street
PATER Richard Day School Gloucester Street
PAUL William Wheelwright Sheep Street Lane
PAYNE Daniel Maltster Sheep Street Lane
PAYNE John Cabinet Maker Gloucester Street
PAYNE William Three Cocks Tavern Castle Street
PERRING Edward Barley Mow Tavern Park Lane
PERRING Edward Currier/Leather Dlr Park Lane
PIKE William Watch & Clock Maker Leuse Lane
PINCOTT Sarah Shop Keeper Dyer Street
PITT Jos. jnr Stamp distributor Dollar Street
PITT, BOWLY, CROOME & WOOD- Bankers Silver Street
POLLARD George Cloth Factor Dyer Street
POUND John Shop Keeper Dollar Street
PRICE Albert King's Arms Tavern Castle Street
PYE Henry Anthony Revd. Thomas Street
RADWAY Richard Machine Maker Stratton
RICARDO David Esq. Gatcomb Park
RICE Edith Milliner/Dressmaker Black Jack Street
RICHARDSON & Son Grocer/Tea Dealer Dyer Street
RICHARDSON & Son China & Glass Dealer Dyer Street
RICHARDSON Richard Tailor Dollar Street
ROBERTS Richard Wool Dealer Coxwell Street
ROBINSON Newman Accountant Black Jack Street
ROGERS John Revd. Gloucester Street
RUCK Thomas Baker Park Street
SANGER Jno. Wine Dealer Dyer Street
SANGER Mildred Timber Merchant Dyer Street
SAVOURY Richard Stay Maker Dollar Street
SEALY Daniel Brazier/Tin Plate Dyer Street
SEALY Daniel Ironmonger Dyer Street
SEARCH William Ironmonger Dollar Street
SELF Sarah Mrs. Dyer Street
SELWIN John Carpenter/Joiner etc Dyer Street
SESSIONS Thomas Carpenter/Joiner etc Thomas Street
SHAW F. & J.S. & Co. Cheese Factor Sheep Street Lane
SHEPPARD Mary & Elizb. Day School Coxwell Street
SHERGOLD Ann Milliner/Dressmaker Dyer Street
SILK Joseph Carpet Maker Gloucester Street
SIMMONDS William Hat Manufacturer Dyer Street
SKIPTON Jas Fredk. Watch & Clock Maker Dyer Street
SLATTER Robert Butcher Dyer Street
SLATTER Thomas Woolstapler Gloucester Street
SLATTER William White Lion Tavern Gloucester Street
SMITH Alexander Hop & Seed Merchant Dyer Street
SMITH Alexander Nursery & Seedsman Dyer Street
SMITH Eliza & Mary B & Day School Coxwell Street
SMITH George Currier/Leather Dlr Cricklade Street
SMITH James Coal Mewrchant Coal Wharf
SMITH John Surgeon Castle Street
SMITH John Fishmonger etc Gloucester Street
SMITH John Chymist & Druggist Dyer Street
SMITH William Chymist & Druggist Gosditch Street
SMITH William Brazier/Tin Plate Coxwell Street
SOUTHAM Henry Basket & Sieve Maker Dyer Street
SOUTHAM Henry Furniture Broker Dyer Street
SPARKS & TATE Surgeon Park Street
STEPHENSON Mary Miss Dyer Street
STEVENS Martha Straw Hat Maker Leuse Lane
STEVENS Richard Plasterer/Slater Coxwell Street
STEVENS Timothy Day School Cricklade Street
STEVENS Timothy Attorney/Town Clerk Park Street
STEVENS Timothy Sun Life Ass. Park Street
STEVENS William Hardwareman Dyer Street
STEVENSON Joseph Tailor Cecily Hill
SUTTON John Greyhound Tavern Siddington
SWEETMAN John Saddler/Harness Maker Dyer Street
TAYLOR John Butcher Park Street
TAYLOR Thomas Currier/Leather Dlr Park Street
TELLING Robert Duke of York Tavern Gloucester Street
THOMAS Daniel Hat Manufacturer Cricklade Street
THOMAS John Boot & Shoe Maker Castle Street
THOMPSON William jnr Attorney Gosditch Street
TIDMAS Joseph Wharfinger Wharf
TILLEY Richard Boot & Shoe Maker Park Street
TIPPER Henry Wheelwright Beeches
TOMBS George Grocer/Tea Dealer Gosditch Street
TOMBS William Blacksmith/Farrier Park Street
TOVEY Elizabeth Mrs. Wharf
TOVEY Robert Salt Merchant Castle Street
TOWNSEND George Cheese/Bacon Factor Gloucester Street
TOWNSEND George Butcher Dollar Street
TOWNSEND William Butcher Dyer Street
TOWNSEND William Carpenter/Joiner etc Coxwell Street
TOWNSEND William Brazier/Tin Plate Park Street
TRINDER Daniel Surveyor/Land Agent Dyer Street
TUCK Elizabeth Shop Keeper Dollar Street
TUDWAY Clement Mrs. Dollar Street
TURNER John Tailor & Draper Gosditch Street
TURNER William Confectioner/pastry Dyer Street
VAISEY Mrs. Cecily Hill
VAISEY Thomas Maltster Stratton
VINER James Hosier Dollar Street
WAKEFIELD Mary Ann Milliner/Dressmaker Coxwell Street
WAKEFIELD Thomas Three Bottles Tavern Watermoor
WARNER Chas Bruce &Tho Surgeons Dyer Street
WATKINS Phil. Protector Assuarnce Dyer Street
WATKINS Philip Bookseller/printer Dyer Street
WEAVER Jno & Rd. Ram Inn Gosditch Street
WEBB Frederick Boarding School Castle Street
WEBB Wm. Freeman Hosier Gloucester Street
WELSH Job Currier/Leather Dlr Cricklade Street
WEST Robert Carpenter/Joiner etc Cricklade Street
WESTMACOTT Walter Poulterer Black Jack Street
WHATLEY & Son Attorney Dyer Street
WHEATLEY Mary Infants' School Thomas Street
WHITE Daniel Revd. Cecily Hill
WHITE Martha Milliner/Dressmaker Silver Street
WHITEHEAD William Plasterer/Slater Gloucester Street
WICKS Matthew Stone/Marble Mason Cricklade Street
WILBRAHAM Edward Esq Cecily Hill
WILKINS Ann Mrs. Dollar Street
WILKINS William Blacksmith/Farrier Siddington
WILLES Edward Revd. Stratton
WILLIAMS Hannah Ironmonger Cricklade Street
WILSON William Art Teacher Dyer Street
WINSTONE George Boot & Shoe Maker Coxwell Street
WINSTONE Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Gloucester Street
WOOD Henry Revd. Park Street
WOOD Henry Boarding School Stratton
WOOD James Rope and Sack Maker Gloucester Street
WOOD John Rope and Sack Maker Black Jack Street
WOOD Rev Henry Free Grammar School Park Street
WOOD Richard Carpenter/Joiner etc Coxwell Street
WOOD Richard Gent Gloucester Street
WOOLS Abraham Boot & Shoe Maker Cecily Hill
WOOLS Thomas Saddler/Harness Maker Black Jack Street
WRIDDICK Thomas Tea Dealer Cricklade Street
YOUNG Edmund Butcher Cricklade Street
ZACHERY Henry Mealman Park Street


[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 12th October 1993]