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Abstracts from

WILLS 1568 - 1589

for Cromhall, Rangeworthy, Tytherington & Wickwar

Contact: Leslie Mahler

Complete Documents can be seen on L.D.S. Film #0091378 thru to #0091379 obtainable at your local L.D.S. Family History Library.

The parish registers for Cromhall begin in 1653; those for Rangeworthy in 1704; Tytherington in 1662; Wickwar in 1689. There are some bishops transcripts available, but they are generally fragmentary. Therefore, the following wills provide information that may be unavailable elsewhere.


DODDE, Edward - Wickwar

dtrs Agn & Jane; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Rowche, Thos Bassett, Thos Wooddall & Geo Kyrkeman

MARTEN, Thomas - Tytherington, husb

wife Cath exec; overs Thos Smithe & Jn Agrove

ROCHE, William - Wickwar

childr Nicholas, Thos & Eliz; exec wife Christian; overs bro Nicholas R & Henry son of Rob Wolworthe alias Webe


TYLER, John - Ichington, Tytherington, yeo

childr Thos, Edward, Wlm & Mary; son in law Thos Gibbs of Olldsonne; wife Joan exec; overs Rob Benton & Thos Gybbes


ARNOLD, Robert - Cromhall

sons Thos & Rob; Wlm Rogers jr; Ede Everod; bro Rich; Rich Atkyns; Jn Lacy; wife Eliz exec; overs Wlm Rogers

BYCKE, Robert - Wickwar, husb

childr Jn, Rob, Susan & Agn; unborn child; mother Agn Bicke; dtrs in law Kath, Edith & Joan; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Hill, Jn Hurne & Jn Underwood

COLE, William - Wickwar, weaver

childr Rob, Henry, Wlm & Margt; wife Joan exec; overs Geo Hopper & Jn Viser

ROCHE, William - Wickwar (duplicate of will found under 1568)

YATES, Hugh - Tytherington, husb

Roger Stych; Rob Brutton; Wlm Mannshill; Jn Packer; execs childr Benjamin, Judith & Mary


BARNARD, Robert - Rangeworthy (Thornbury), husb

sons Wlm & Rob; house at Hethend; Morris, Eliz, Kath, Joan & Edith James; sis Margery; execs: dtrs Gillyan & Margt; overs Rob Hobbes of Iron Acton, Rich Hooper & Nicholas Hooper

DYMERE, Henry - Ichington, Tytherington

dtrs Eliz & Margt; Gylyan Barnard; wife Susan exec; overs Rob Brueton, bro Thos & Peter Hycks

FOORDE, Thomas - Wickwar, minister

poor of Alderley; sisters Joan, Dorothy & 2 named Margt; bro Rich; bro Rob & his childr; Henry Mylle; Chris Plom; Francis Came; Nicholas Walkeley; Thos Welshyre; Jn Stock; Rob Coole; execs bro Rob F & Thos Came

HOBBS, William - Tytherington (same will found in 1574)

childr Jms, Rob & Eliz; wife Christobel exec; overs father in law Peter Webb & Rich Hobbs

LENNY, Thomas - Cromhall

four children; wife Agn exec

PACKER, John - Cromhall, weaver

dtrs Alice & Agn; bro Rich; wife Susan exec

PARKER, Nicholas - Rangeworthy, smith

Juliane Webb & her husb; son Nicholas; wife Margery exec; overs Jn Lynsaye & Rich Hoper

ROGERS, Agnes - Cromhall

Thos Dymry; Alice Paker; son Rich exec

TOMES, Thomas - Cromhall

lease at Estwod; childr Eliz & Rich; 2 sons & their childr; wife Agn exec

WHITINGE, William - Wickwar, carpenter

childr Jn & Alice; wife Edith exec; overs father in law Jn Hill, bro in law Thos Daw & bro Jn W


COLLYMER, John - Ichington, Tytherington

childr Eliz, Mary, Margt & Wlm; wife Ellen exec; overs Peter Webb & Henry Agrove

FYSSHER, John - Wickwar

Jms Webley; Benedict Willms; childr Jn, Alex & Alice; dtr Susan & her 3 childr; 2 childr of Rich Smith; wife Jane exec; overs Wlm Proute & Henry Tomes

MERET, Edward - Tytherington

bro Rich M; wife Edith exec


COLLYMORE, Robert - Tytherington

childr Jn, Rich, Mary, Joan & Ellen; dtr Edith Browne & her dtr Agn; Thos son of Jn Bruton; Giles son of Jn Pirriman; wife Isab exec; overs Rob Bruton & Anthony Houlder

FYDLER, Richard - Cromhall, husb

dtrs Joan & Agn; wife Joan exec

LEGGE, Edward - Tytherington

dtrs Margt & Agn; dtr Ellen & Jn Hobbs senr of Itchington (her husb?); wife Agn exec

NEYLE, Walter - Cromhall

wife Joan exec

PARKER, Margery - Rangeworthy, widow (given as Thornbury in index)

son Nicholas; Jn Ragland; dtr Eliz Ragland exec

WOODE, Margaret - Tytherington

dtr Joan exec


BREWTON, William - Cromhall

childr Morgan, Ann, Rich, Thos, Edward, Cath & Joan; wife Mary exec; overs Edward Atwells, Thos Hicks & Thos Marten

DYMERY, Thomas - Cromhall, clothman

wife Margt; childr Rob, Rich & Alice; 2 sons named Jn; Eliz Arnaull; execs son Thos & Jn jr; overs Thos Larrance & Rich Mode

HOBBES, William - Tytherington (same will found in 1571)

childr Jms, Rob & Eliz; unborn child; wife Christobel exec; overs Peter Webbe & Rich Hobbes


DANYELL, John - Cromhall, weaver

childr Anthony & Susan; unborn child; uncle Wlm Danniell; sis Joan Dannell; wife Margt exec; overs father Thos D & Thos Demery of Bibstone

FORDE, William - Wickwar

childr Arthur, Margt & Agn; unborn child; wife Edith exec; overs Henry Webe alias Wolwoorth & Edward Mill

STICHE, Roger - Tytherington

childr Oswald, Eliz, Christian, Joan & Agn; Jn Woode; svts Cicely Jonson & Thos Bruton; wife Kath exec; overs Thos Price, clerk, Jn Hobbs & Rich Hicks


FLEMINGE, William - Cromhall, clerk parson

wife Joan; childr Edith, Ursula, Henry, Sam, & Wlm; wifes childr Joan, Margt & Morgan; Thos Lawrence; execs: sons Michael & Thos; overs Humphrey Elcocke & Wlm Rogers

HOBBES, Richard - Rangeworthy, husb (given as Thornbury in index)

sons Jn & Matt; Eliz dtr of Thos Hobbes; svt Agn Wyllcoke; Andrew Wyther; son Thos exec; overs Rich Hopper & Jn Weynall

LYNZEY, John - Rangeworthy

childr Thos, Elnr & Mary; dtr Gillian wife of Jms Roche & their son Wlm; Thos Sherman; Andrew Wyther; Edward Webbe; Anthony Tiladam; wife Margt exec; overs Jn Ferisse, Alex Lynzey, Alex Stynchcam & Edward West

RADMAN, Thomas - Rangeworthy, smith

wife Edith; execs sons Jn & Hugh; overs Giles Dymrie & Rich Hopper


HOBBES, John - Tytherington

childr Rich, Jn & Ellen; bro Rob H; son Wlm exec


LENNIE, Agnes - Cromhall

son Rich & his wife Joan; Morgan Lenny; son Morris exec

ROBERTS, Agnes - Wickwar

Joan Smith; son Jn & his childr; son in law Thos Rodman of Rangeworthy & his sons Jn & Hugh; dtr married to Jn Roch & their 2 dtrs; son Thos exec

SMITH, Alice - Tytherington

Wlm, Rob, Jn & Margt Pache; Martha Smythe; sons Jn Phelps & Andrew Patch of Bristol; son Rich Patch; Agn Collimore; Margt Thowsend; son in law Jn Hill exec

SMITH, Thomas - Tytherington, yeo

Agn dtr of Rich Smith; son Rich; wife Alice; execs Wlm & Martha Smith; overs Rich Hicks & Wlm Higgins


ADLAND, Robert - Rangeworthy, mason (given as Adlam in index)

Giles Banton; Jn Ills; execs wife Dorothy & dtr Edith; overs Rob Hobbs, Nicholas Tucker & Rich Hopper

HAULE alias COLLYMORE, Elizabeth - Tytherington, widow

sons Peter, Rob & Andrew Collymore; son in law Rich Pache; bro Peter Webbe; kinswmn Mary Colymore; exec son Abraham Colymore; overs Wlm Hyggynes, Wlm Browne & Wlm Smythe

HOLDER, Christopher - Itchington, Tytherington (given as Eytherington in index)

childr Martha, Margt, Thos, Anthony, Chris & Nicholas; wife Susan exec; overs Peter Hyckx, Wlm Cullymer & Rich Lennye


CREW, Peter - Tytherington

wif Eliz; dtrs Anne, Susanna, Sara & Joyce; dtr Mary wife of Henry Stamborne; cousin Edward Atwell; dtr in law Rebecca Webbe; son Edmund; overs Jn Hobbes, bailiff, Abraham Webbe & Wlm Browne

CROME, Thomas - Tytherington

sons Jn & Rich; son Rob & his wife Agn; dtr Dorothy wife of Jms Pullen; wife Agn exec

FYDLER, Joan - Cromhall

Rich Daniell jr; Wlm Fydler jr; Jn Barnes; Jn Somers jr of Wickwar; Geo Alda; Rich Allen; Rich Andresse; Thos Warde; execs dtrs Joan & Agn

HOBBES, Richard - Tytherington

childr Wlm, Nicholas, Joan, Martha & Alice; wife Agn exec

MARTEN, Thomas, senr - Cromhall

dtrs Alice, Helen, Eliz, Margt & Susan; son Thos; wife Edith exec; overs Alex Neale & Wlm Rogers


CREWE, Isabel (or Elizabeth) - Tytherington

sons Abraham & Isaac Webbe; dtr Judith wife of Rich Alynche; Christian Webb; godtr Isab Webb; Peter Ayleworth; late husb Peter Crewe; execs dtrs Rebecca Webbe & Susanna, Sara & Joyce Crewe; overs Wlm Higgins, Wlm Brown, Jn Hobbs & Abraham Webb


HOBBS, Thomas - Rangeworthy, husb

childr Eliz, Jn, Rob & 1 other dtr; Alice Hambyn; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Pherisse, Rich Hooper & Wlm Barnard

HOOPER, Nicholas - Rangeworthy, husb

wife Kath; son in law Phil West; dtr Eliz wife of Giles Sherman; dtr Mary West; Jn son of Nicholas Hooper; Joan Eckyns; son Nicholas exec; overs Rob Hobbs & Rich Hooper

PRIWET, Thomas - Tytherington (given as Privett in index)

wife Margt exec; witns Thos Houlder, Jn Wod & Jms Wawle

STOCKE, Robert - Wickwar

sons Jn, Rich, Henry & Thos; Eliz wife of Wlm Bisshop; Agn dtr of Wlm Bishope; wife Agn exec; overs Edmund Simes & Jn Cornocke


CAME, Thomas - Wickwar (given as "Caine" in index)

poor of Hawkesbury & Horton; land in Horton to wife Margt & son Thos; godson Thos Came; Wlm & Jn sons of Thos Came; childr Francis, Henry & Mary; Thos & Margt childr of Henry Tomes; Thos, Jn & Henry sons of Alex Tomes; execs wife Margt & son Thos; overs Alex Tomes

COLLIMORE, William - Wickwar

Agn & Margt dtrs of Rob Webbe; Wlm son of Rich Cooke of Westerley; svt Eliz Neale; bro Jms C; son in law Jn Harroule; sister in law Agn Collimore of Tytherington; son in law Rob Webbe; exec son in law Rich Cooke of Westerley; overs Thos Hanchorne & Jn Hyll of Wickwar

COOKE, John - Wickwar

Agn & Margt Webe; childr of Henry Webe; execs dtr Margt & wife Margt; overs Geo Hopper & Jn Ford senr

HICKES, Thomas - Cromhall

son Wlm; wife Agn exec; overs Edward Atwell & Thos Crewe of Hawkesbury

STINCHCOMBE, Alexander - Rangeworthy, husb

son Thos & his bro in law Wlm Raynoulde; dtrs Alice & Jane; son Jn; land in Wickwar; wife exec; overs Henry Mopas & Wlm Jeffries


ADAMES, James - Tytherington

childr Mary, Rob & Jn; son Oswald & his son Roger; Jms son of Geo Adames; wife Edith exec

FARRE, Richard - Cromhall

childr Rich, Joan, Rob & Wlm; dtr Christian Dannell; Helen Dannell; wife Margt exec; overs Wlm Rogers & David Farre; witns Wlm Dannell

HORWOOD, William - Rangeworthy, taylor

childr Thos, Anne, Joan, Jn & Rich; mother; wife Ellen exec; overs Jn Pherisse & Thos Horwood


BRUTON, Richard - Cromhall

childr Arthur, Jn & Agn; wife Agn exec

FERRIS, John - Rangeworthy, yeo

childr Edmund, Jn, Eliz, Margt & Edward; wife Margt exec; overs Jn Weynall, clerk & Wlm Raynolls

FORDE, John - Wickwar, husb

childr Thos, Rob, Margt, Wlm & Jn; wife Elnr exec

WALCOTT, Thomas - Rangeworthy

dtrs; execs son Rob & wife Agn; overs Thos Hanckorne & Arthur Baker


COLLINS, Ann - Wickwar, widow

Margery wife of Henry Byshope, parson; godson Jn Squalle; exec Christian wife of Thos Byshope; overs Thos Byshope


ATWELL, Edward - Cromhall, yeo

advowson of Cromhall to son Rich; childr Jn, Susan & Jane; wife Margt exec; overs cousins Jn Powell of Cheltenham, gent, Edward Tomlin of Toddenham, gent & Matt Crewe of New Mills, Oldbury, clothier

DYMERIE, Thomas - Cromhall

childr Rich, Agn, Jn, Henry, Margt & Alice; wife Isab exec; overs Jn Crome, Rob Arnold & Rob ... fey

FYDLER, William - Cromhall

son Jn; dtr in law Bennet Baylie; Margt Taner; dtr in law Isab Barne; 3 childr of Wlm Barnes; Eliz Thorner; Jms Dymerie; son in law Jn Clercke exec; overs Jn Goodman, Wlm Peseley & Thos Daniell

KYRKMAN, George - Rangeworthy

son Rob; wife Alice; execs dtr Ellen & Edith; overs Jn Hardinge & Thos Antonye

TOMES, Henry - Wickwar, yeo

childr Margt, Rich, Alex & Agn; kinsman Alex Tomes; bros in law Hugh Venne & Walt Osburne; wife Margery exec; overs Geo Hooper, Henry Crome & Jn Osburne

WOLWORTH alias WEBB, Richard - Wickwar, clerk

Arthur Wolworth & his son Rich & other childr; son in law Rich Colwell, his wife Edith & their dtr Agn Cooke; land at Charthills; son Arthur; wife Dorothy exec; overs Arthur Vizer & Arthur Came senr


BRUTON, Robert - Tytherington

childr Marian, Alice, Ellen & Jn; Giles Perriman; wife Joan exec; overs Rob Forde, Wlm Clarke & Wlm Brewton

HICKES, Peter - Tytherington

dtr Rebecca; Peter son of Rich Hickes; Judith Hicks; Joan & Peter childr of Edward Tyler; Jn Bruton of Burstall; Mary Peryeman; Peter son of Jn Hyckes; Geo Waule; son Chris exec; overs Jn Latye, Jn Hicks, Rich Hicks & Edward Tyler

SMYTH, Edward - Tytherington

childr Joan, Peter, Jms & Thos; Agn Boarname of Yate; son Jn exec


ALLEN, Thomas, jr - Cromhall

land in Thornbury to sis Susanna A; sis Margt A; exec mother Jane Allen

DANIELL, William - Cromhall

childr Rich, Joan & Martha; wife Margt exec; witns Jn Goodman, Jn Dymerye & Thos Daniell

GROVE, John - Tytherington, yeo

wife Margery; dtr Agn; dtr Judith Jones; 2 sons named Rich; Eliz dtr of Rich Grove; Joan dtr of Abraham Coolimore; Morris & Joan childr of Henry Jones; Thos Howlbrocke; Margt Goffe & Susanna Whiting; dtr Ellen exec; overs Wlm Browne & son Rich G jr

HOBBS, Robert - Tytherington, taylor

Peter Ayler; bro Jms H exec

HOLDER, Mary - Tytherington

childr Jms, Wlm & Alice; execs childr Andrew, Joan, Kath & Margt; overs Thos Pullin, Rob Colimor & Andrew Pullin

HOULDER, Thomas - Tytherington

childr Jms, Wlm, Andrew, Alice, Joan, Kath & Margt; wife Mary exec; overs Wlm Hobbes & Thos Pullin

PULLYN, Margaret - Tytherington

son Andrew P exec; witns Jn Hobbes, Rob Cullymore & Brice Mannsell

WESTE, Joan - Rangeworthy, widow

son Edward & his wife Margt; Joan dtr of Edward West; son Anthony; dtr Julian wife of Nicholas Hoopp; son in law Rich Taylor; exec Agn Maynstone

WORLOCK, John - Cromhall

childr Thos, Kath & Joan; wife Alice exec