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Abstracts from

WILLS 1600 - 1614

for Cromhall, Rangeworthy, Tytherington & Wickwar

Contact: Leslie Mahler

Complete Documents can be seen on L.D.S. Film #0091387 thru to #0091393 obtainable at your local L.D.S. Family History Library.

The parish registers for Cromhall begin in 1653; those for Rangeworthy in 1704; Tytherington in 1662; Wickwar in 1689. There are some bishops transcripts available, but they are generally fragmentary. Therefore, the following wills provide information that may be unavailable elsewhere.


COOKE, John - Wickwar, carpenter

sons Geo & Jn; wife exec; overs Jn Symes & Henry Roberts

VENERY alias PECKE, John, senr - Cromhall, weaver (surname given as "Venell" in index)

childr Thos, Alice & Margt; godson Jn Venery alias Picke son of Thos Picke; godson Jn Croome; Alice dtr of Rob Croome; kinsman Rich Venerie alias Picke; Alice Alpasse; godson Jn Alpasse; dtr Joan Croome; execs sons Wlm & Rob; overs son Jn & Guy Lawrence

WHOPER, George - Wickwar, husb

Geo Owen; Jn son of Kath Tomes; Christian Riche; Yedy Sarney & her dtr Mary; Chris Cumpear; Jms Howell; Geo & Eliz Cole; Thos Ledeat; Thos Tomes; Agn Burgis; execs wife & Thos Everett; overs Rich Whopper, Jn Wolfurd & Sander Tomes


AGROVE, Henry - Itchington, Tytherington, husb

dtrs Susan & Joan; dtr Ellen Hix; Ellen wife of Wlm Hyx; exec bro Rich Agrove of Buckover; overs Jms Frynd of Buckover

ALLEN, Thomas - Cromhall

dtrs Margt Pullen, Joan Baker & Helen Crome; sisters son Thos Alpas; Thos Curnocke; Cicely Gromwich; son Rob exec; witns Rob Arnold, Jms Pullen, Wlm Baker, Rich Crome & Jn Wall, rector

ATWELL, Margaret - Cromhall, widow

late wife of Edward Atwell; poor of Hawkesbury & Wickwar; Jn Snigge; husbands godtr Joan Wall; dtr Margt widow of Thos Hicks; childr Rich, Jn & Jane Atwell; dtr Susan wife of Rob Webbe; godtr Margt dtr of Arthur Hixe; grandchildr; bro Michael Crewe & his son Wlm; sis Susan wife of Nichls Webbe; exec son Arthur Hixe; overs Jn Wall, clerk, Matt Crewe of Alderley, clothier, Thos Dauncey of Uley & Jn Crewe of Hillesley, fuller

GROVE, Thomas - Tytherington

childr Joan, Mary & Jn; Abraham Cullimore; sisters Judith & Agn; bro Jn G & his dtr Cath; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Pullen & Oswald Stitch

HOLDER, Joan - Tytherington, singlewoman

Isaac Collymore; bros & sisters; witns Edith Wall, Agn Cullymore & Cath Holder


BISHOPP, Thomas - Wickwar, yeo

wardship of Alice, Christian & Eliz dtrs of Thos Tomes decsd; wife Christian exec; overs Henry Cambe & bro Henry B

BRAYNE, Thomas - Wickwar, tanner

dtrs son Rich Meryke; Jn Tomes; wife Eliz exec; witns Rob Sparry, clerk, Jn Tomes, Jn Wyllshier, Jn Hoper & Jn Smith

CURNOCK, John - Wickwar, weaver

Margt & Edith dtrs of Jn Symmes & his wife Anne; Emme dtr of Thos Wimboll & his wife Edith; sons Giles & Jn; son in law Giles Fouler of Hillesley; execs dtr Winifred & son in law Thos Wimbolle; overs Jn Cooke & Thos Stocke

DYMERY, Richard - Cromhall

childr Rich & Edith; wife Margt exec

TYLER, Thomas - Tytherington

7 childr including 2 sons; wifes mother Susanna Cullmore; exec present wife Eliz


COKE, John - Wickwar, shoemaker

(land?) in Sobbury to son Francis; childr Joan, Henry, Margt & Eliz; execs son Francis & wife Alice; overs Jn Benat of Hoklege, parish of Tandies & Wlm Bences of Haxbury Uptone; witns Alex Dornie & Wlm Hancorne

HANCHORNE, Thomas - Wickwar, innholder

land in county Warwick to son Wlm; kinswmn Joan Longly; wife Alice exec; overs Jn Cooke, Henry Webb & Thos Davies

HILL, Anthony - Rangeworthy

dtr Joan; wife Julian exec; witns Wlm Rainouldes


LAWRENCE, Joan - Cromhall, widow

son Thos; Rich & Jane childr of Thos Lawrence; dtr Margt & her 5 childr by Jn Jobbyns; Joan dtr of Jn Dymerie of Callbruck ende; Jn Dymerie & his childr Anthony & 5 others; Rich Baker & his sis Joan wife of Rich Dymerie; Guy Lawrence, his wife Joan & their childr Ellen, Alice, Margt, Eliz & Wlm; Henry Lawrence & his childr Jn, Thos, Jms & Anthony; svt Agn Roberts; dtr Joan & her childr Deanes Hiett & Thos & Jn Baker; execs sons Guy & Henry L; overs Jn Wall, clerk & Jn Dymery of Talruckx

STREETE, James - Wickwar

Rich Harris; sis in law Joan Pride; wife Edith exec; overs Rob Belcher & Rich Butting


AYLEWORTH, Robert - Tytherington

son in law Wlm Howlder; childr Jms, Arthur & Matt; wife Joan exec; overs Arthur & Nichls Hobbes

BARNE, William - Cromhall, husb

dtr Ellen; dtr Eliz Maunsell; son Thos exec; overs Peter Bruton & Henry Goodman; witns Jms Demery & Rob Gryffyn

CROME, Joan - Cromhall

son Edward & his dtr Susan; childr Jn, Rob & Alice; Thos, Jms & Jn sons of Rich Crome; Jn son of Rob Crome; svt Agn Forde; son Rich C; execs sons Peter & Oswald C; overs Jn Dymerye & Rob Griffyn

DAINGERFIELD, John - Rangeworthy, weaver

bro Thos D & his childr Jn, Edward, Eliz & Mary; Edy Roache; Edward Marett; sis Joan D; Mary Chandler & her dtr Ursula; poor of Wickwar; dtr of Alice Grayle of Huntingford; bro Thos D exec; overs Jn Wolford & Thos Stocke; witns Jn Mayo; scriptor Jn Harris

DORNEY, John - Cromhall

son in law Wlm Adye & his 3 childr; son Rob; dtr Christian; son in law Thos Gower; wife Christian exec; witns Jn Garlock & Rob Arnold

GENNINGS, Thomas - Wickwar

childr Jn, Edie & Joan; unborn child; sis Avis; wife exec; overs Wlm Past & Jn Tayler; witns Rich Colwell & Thos Taylor alias Rodman

JONES, Joan - Wickwar (listed as missing)

bro Thos Daingerfeilde & his childr Jn, Edward, Thos, Eliz & Mary; Eliz dtr of Edward Chandler; Sarah Tratman; Ursula Chandler; Kath Mabat; sis Kath Tratman; Eliz dtr of Edward Tratman; sis Alice Mabat; Eliz dtr of Chris Tratman & his wife Eliz; bro Jn Tratman & his son Jn; Edy Roach; Anthony Houlder; bro in law Edward Chaundler of Hill, husb;cousin Chris .. of Winterborne clothier; exec Jn son of Thos Daingerfeild; overs Thos Stoke & Wlm Paste

SYMMES, Edmund - Wickwar, baker

childr Geo, Rich, Thos & Joan; son Jn & his dtr Margt; other childr; son Jn exec; overs Wlm Paste & Wlm Farre; witns Jn Walter, Jn Kyete, Jn Foorde & Joan Symmes


BARNES, John - Cromhall, mason

sisters Eliz & Ellen; bro Thos exec; witns Wlm Barnes, Jn Venrie alias Picke senr, Arthur Bruton, Susan & Eliz Barnes

BERRY, Richard - Tytherington

childr Peter, Susan & Mary; wife Elnr exec; witns Wlm Lacie, Andrew Pullen & Jms Pullen jr

DANYELL, John - Cromhall

son Rob; Henry Packer; execs dtrs Alice & Eliz; overs Thos Tratman, Arthur Hixe & Rob Patche; witns Thos Farr, Rob Crome & Wlm Baker

SYMES Joan - Wickwar, virgin

Kath & Joan Norton; Maud Child; wife of Arthur Ford; bro Geo S; Matt Dooddinge; Eliz Hill; Alice Hancorne; Jn Sims jr; Edith & Margt Simes; Jn Knight; bro Jn S exec; witns Giles Curnocke & Julian Foord


BROWNE, William - Stidcote, Tytherington

Henry Wisse & his wife Deenes, & her previous husb Rob Colimore; Thos & Joan Wicks; wife Eliz; Jn Agrove; Henry, Kath & Julian childr of Henry Wisse; dtr Deenes & her childr by Rob Colimore :Jn, Wlm, Isaac, Thos, Nichls, Jms, Agn & Eliz; exec Henry Wisse; overs Henry Shilde

FARR, Richard - Wickwar

dtrs Joan & Isab; godson Rich Gale; father Wlm F; bro Thos F; sis Joan; childr of Rich Grove; wife Edith exec; overs bro in law Wlm Smith & Thos Farr; witns Rob Walker, Wlm Past & Jn Underwoode

JOHNSON, Michael - Tytherington, husb

dtrs Ellen & Anne; wife Martha exec; witns Henry Wisse, Henry Sheilde, Wlm Smithe & Edward Packer

LONGDEN, Marian - Wickwar

bro Wlm L & his dtr Mary; bro Jn L senr & his childr Jn, Thos, Wlm, Judith & Mary; bro Jn L jr & his childr Thos, Jn, Jane, Edith, Joan & Elnr; Cicely dtr of Joan Ford; Thos Fobes, uncle of Thos son of Jn Fobes; exec bro in law Thos Fobes; overs Chris Tratman, clothier & Wlm Past, weaver; witns Geo Webbe, Edward Merett & Joan Daingerfield

WORLOCKE, Richard - Cromhall

childr Rich & Agn; Jn & Eliz Fidler; Wlm son of Edward Worlocke; son Edward & his mother in law Joan Worlocke; godson Rich Gale; wife Joan exec


DAGGE, Alexander, senr - Rangeworthy

son Jn; dtr Eliz exec; witns Rich Doll & Jn Rodman

DRAYCOTE, Richard - Cromhall, butcher

Edith Farr; Geo Goodchepe; Wlm Jones; Rob Edwards; Henry Walkeley; David Mayowe; Henry Allen; Rich Younge; Thos, Jms & Jn Demery; Lucy Cornocke; Kath Gromage; Francis Very; Rich Houlder; dtr of Jn Kimerley; Jn & Agn childr of Rich Cutler of Kingswood; Ursula Cole; Eliz Fidler; Agn Ploweman of Little Deane & her husb; Jn Cooke of Wickwar; wife exec; overs Rob Pache & Rob Gryffin

HOOPER, Agnes - Wickwar, widow

3 childr of Geo Cole of Winterborne; son Alex Tomes & his childr Thos, Jn & Mary; godsons Henry Cole senr, Wlm Foord & Wlm Hancorne; godtr Agn wife of Jn Cole; Wlm Iles; exec son Alex Tomes; overs Benedict Webb of Kingswood & Arthur Cambe of Wick, Berkeley

MARTEN, Edith - Cromhall, widow

dtr Eliz wife of Rob Gryffin; Edith Gryffin wife of Thos Taylor; godson Rich & other childr of Rob Gryffyn; dtr Margt wife of Jn Francombe; godson Jn Francombe; Jn Francombe & his sis Eliz; dtr Susan wife of Jn Seborne; Chris & Margt & 4 other childr of Jn Seborne; cousin Arthur Hickes; grandtr Edith Marten; Rob Curnock; Nichls Parsloe; Edith Mason; Edith Lenny; Elnr & Christian Francombe; Agn Hicks; Jn Wall; Edith dtr of Jn Howlder; execs sons in law Rob Gryffyn & Jn Francombe; overs Wlm Rogers & Rob Webb

ROGERS, William - Cromhall, yeo

wife Margt & bequests to her from Margt Atwood & Thos Tratman; Wlm Skey & his childr Thos, Edith, Kath & Margery; godson Rich Dannyll; exec father Wlm R; overs Rob Arnold & Wlm Clerke

TRATMAN, Thomas - Cromhall, yeo

poor of Wotton, Thornbury, Wickwar, Tortworth & Tytherington; dtr Eliz wife of Arthur Hickes & their childr Thos, Morgan, Arthur, Jn, Agn, Edith, Kath & Eliz; sisters Maud Gore, Alice Hughs, Mary Chandler & Kath Tratman; Mary Tratman; kinsmen Sam Neale, Edmund Tucker & Morgan Hickes senr; godchildr Jn Stock, Jn Tratman & Margt Webb; bro Jn T & his son Jn; exec son in law Arthur Hicks; overs bros Edward, Wlm & Francis T

TYLER, Edward - Tytherington

childr Edward, Wlm & Rebecca; house at Wodlands to dtr Helen; execs wife Rebecca & son Peter; overs Wlm Hobbes & Wlm Cullimore


DOLLE, Richard - Rangeworthy, tanner (listed as missing)

childr Alice & Giles; execs wife Dorothy & son Wlm; overs Rob Hobbes & Jn Hooper; witns Henry Hooper weaver

FRINDE, William - Tytherington, husb

childr Mary, Jn & Wlm; bro Thos & his childr; bro Jms & his childr; Eliz Mannsell; Phil Chamberlayne; Jms Webb; Thos Woode of Thornbury; wife Isbl exec; overs bros in law Thos & Jn Huys; witns Wlm Phelipps

HOOPER, Nicholas - Rangeworthy, husb

sons Henry & Rich; son Jn & his dtr Eliz; son Jn exec; witns Thos Goare curate & Humphrey Harris

NEALE, Alice - Rangeworthy, widow

son Geo & his son Geo; execs sons Jn & Geo N; overs Jn Rodman & Stephen Jones; witns Thos Gooure clerk

PERRIMAN, John - Wickwar

Henry Hiet; Morris & Jn Barrat; Wlm Swaure; Arthur & Rob Foord; Thos Yles; Mary Beavan; sis Eliz Basforde & her son Jn Dagge; Joan Dodinge; Joan Perriman; son in law Phil Whitcote; wife Eliz exec; overs Henry & Wlm Monsell; witns Wlm Hickes

ROGERS, Robert - Cromhall

sons Rob, Thos & Jn; dtr Eliz Clementes & her dtr Joan; wifes sons dtr Agn Allen; wife Agn; overs Guy Lawrence & Arthur Hickes

SHILDE, Henry - Tytherington

land in Pamington, Ashchurch to son Wlm; son in law Rowland Higgins; dtr in law Joan Higgins; Susanna dtr of Nichls Higgins; Henry Hix; Kath Wisse; house at Porteberrie; son Henry; Jn Smyth of Nibley; wife Edith exec; overs bro Jn S, Wlm Hobes & Wlm Cullimore

TAYLOR, Joan - Wickwar

son Jn T exec; witns Henry Wollworthe, Alice Neale, Rob Walker, Edith Fare & Yeane Walker


BAKER, Henry - Cromhall

sis Martha; Nichls Yonge; wife Alice exec; overs Jn Longe & Wlm Wynbery; witns Jn Yeomans, Rich Yonge & Rob Arnold

HOOPER, Richard, senr - Rangeworthy, husb

execs son Rich & dtr Christian; witns Thos Colliby, Wlm Hooper & Edmund Stone

WARNER, George - Rangeworthy, husb

wife Mary; kinswmn Eliz Weynall; son Rich exec; overs Rob Hobbs of the Parke & bro Rich W; witns Rob Peasley, Jn Rodman, Jn Hoop, Humphrey Harris & Abrm Pratt

WATERFORD, John - Cromhall

wife Alice; dtr Martha; Jn Worlocke; Jn Dorney; dtr Alice exec; overs Rob Webb & Rob Patch; witns Jn Walls

WHITECOTE, Philip - Tytherington, appariter

godhchildr Phil Chamberlayne & Mary Packer; Joan Hicks; Phil Maunsell; Jn Browne senr; svt Helen Walter; David Lewes; sis Margt Lewes; wife Helen exec; witns R Hooper parson of Acton, Jms Pullen jr & Jn Browne jr


BUDGGOOD, John - Itchington, Tytherington

dtrs Edith, Anne & Margt; wife Sara exec; overs Jms Houlder & Wlm Bruton jr

CHAUNDLER, Richard - Rangeworthy

Nichls Chaundler & his childr Rich, Arthur & Margt; wife Eliz; exec son Nichls C; overs Thos Tylladam & Chris Wodward

PULLEN, Thomas - Tytherington

legacies of mother & Alice Colimor to son Henry; childr Alice, Ellen, Mary, Jn, Rich & Jms; wife Joan; exec son...; overs Jms Pullin, Wlm Hobbes, Rob Colimor & Andrew Pullin

TROTMAN, Amy - Tytherington, widow

sons Jn, Wlm & Rich T; son in law Morgan Hix; execs dtrs Anne T & Mary Hix; witns Wlm Jones clerk & Jn Pullen


DIMBERY, Elizabeth - Cromhall, widow

late husb Thos D; son Henry, his wife & their son Rob; son Rich; dtr Margt Urle; son in law Jn Urle & his dtr Anne; son Jn & his childr Thos, Anne & Deenes; son Rich & his dtr Eliz; dtr Alice Baker exec; overs Rob Arnold & Rob Griffin

FORD, John - Wickwar, shoemaker

son Ellis; wife Julian exec; witns Rich Batten, Rich Duning, Alex Webly & Wlm Batten

HOLDER, Anthony - Rangeworthy, weaver

bur at Cromhall; poor of Cromhall; bro Thos of Cromhall; bros Rich & Jn; wifes father Wlm Short; house in Wickwar to father in law Wlm Neall senr of Yate & his son Martin & to Margt Hill of Ircott; execs Wlm, Agn & Mary childr of sis Agn Jones of Cromhall


PULLEN, Joan - Tytherington, widow

Rob & Jn sons of Rob Busher; Mary Busher; Thos son of Jn Weste; Edith dtr of Edmund Stiffe; Ellen Stiffe; Roger Porter; Thos son of Jms Pullen; dtr Alice; Wlm Jones of Tedrington; son Rich P exec; overs Wlm Jones; witns Isaac Collimor

SMITH, William - Tytherington

Thos son of Anthony Danyell; childr of sons & dtrs; Nichls, Thos & Helen Grove; Agn Hill; son Nichls; son Wlm exec; witns Jn Lacye & Jms Pullen

STOCK, Henry - Wickwar, weaver

dtrs Agn, Alice, Kath, Eliz & Margt; wife Kath exec; overs Rich & Thos Stock; witns Henry Byshopp, Jn Burnell, Thos Cambe & Arthur Cambe

WOLWARTH alias WEBB, Henry - Wickwar, yeo

son Jms & his son Henry; childr Sam, Eliz, Agn & Elnr; Henry son of Jn Crewe; son in law Henry Jones & his dtr; son Thos exec; overs Henry Byshoppe clerk & Wlm Past


BARNARD, Dorothy - Rangeworthy, widow

Agn dtr of Thos Lideatt; dtr Dorothy Dole; exec Giles Dole; witns Rob Hoop, parson of Acton & Maurice Lenny

MORMAN, William - Wickwar, husb

sons Jn & Rainall; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Walker of Yate & Wlm Paste; witns Rich Colwell