Abstracts from

WILLS 1615 - 1624

for Cromhall, Rangeworthy, Tytherington & Wickwar

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Complete Documents can be seen on L.D.S. Film #0091394 thru to #0091398 obtainable at your local L.D.S. Family History Library.

The following probate record extracts from the registry at Gloucester are for a group of parishes which have registers which commence at a late date.

The registers for Cromhall begin in 1653; those for Rangeworthy in 1704; Tytherington in 1662; Wickwar in 1689. There are some bishops transcripts available, but they are often fragmentary. Therefore, the following wills provide information that may be unavailable elsewhere.


LENNY, Richard - Cromhall, mason 1615

wife Kath; dtr Joyce; dtr Margt Burtone; dtr Edy Dymery; Mary Burtone; goddtr Ann Dymery; Rob Edwards; Henry Wakley; Jms Dymery; Agn Jonnes; exec son Oswald; overs: Jn Pullen, Morris Lenny & Jms Pullen


GOODMAN, Edward - Cromhall, husb 1616

kinswm Jane Wilkins; godson Edw Goodman; sis Perpet; Rich West; dtrs Mary & Jane; wife Eliz exec; overs: Jn Attwells, Henry Goodman & Brice Webb

HAWKES, John - Tytherington, taylor 1616

goddtr Agn Hungerford of Alveston; Jone Pruett; wife Agn exec; witns Edw Holaway, Edw Legg, Chris Legg & Jn Hickes

LAWRENCE, Guy - Cromhall, yeo 1616

dtrs Johane & Alice; dtrs Margt Parnell & Ellen Adams; granddtr Johane Parnell; bro Thos L; wife Johane exec; overs: sons in law Nich Parnell & Rich Adams

PARKER, Richard - Cromhall 1616

son Wlm; dtr Agn; wife exec; overs: Jn Attwells, Thos For & bro Nich P

TYLER, Robert - Tytherington 1616

dtr Rebecca; Joan dtr of Jms Lawrence; Jn & Thos sons of Landresse Taylor; son Edw exec; overs: Landresse Taylor & Wlm Bruton jr


COLWALL, Richard - Wickwar, weaver 1617

sis Margt; Jone & Mary dtrs of Wlm Smyth; kinsm Rich Colwall; wife Edith; cousins Margt Burges & Eliz Compi; son in law Arthur Coocke; goddtrs Eliz Webb & Eliz Colwall; exec kinsman Wlm Coocke; overs: Thos Fobbs, Thos Webb & Jn Dangerfield

HIRDINE, Edith - Wickwar, widow 1617

son Edw Serney overseas; sons Wlm & Jn Serney; Edw son of Jn Burges; neph Edw Burges; Wlm Jobbins; svt Edith Symes; bro Franc Sawle; execs: son Arthur Serney & dtr Mary Burges; overs: bro Geo Buck & Tobias Higgins


HOBBES, William - Tytherington, taylor 1618

wife Agn exec; witn Geo Webb & Rich Hobbes

PACKER, Henry - Cromhall 1618

sons Jn & Rob; wife exec; overs: Jn Attwells, Jn White & Ansell Chandler

PULLEN, John - Tytherington, yeo 1618

sons Wlm, Thos, Rob, Jn & Oswald; grandchildren; dtr Mary wife of Jn Collymore; wife Agn exec; overs: bros in law Arthur Hobbs & Jn Dymery

ROGERS, William - Cromhall 1618

Wlm Skey of Falfield & his child Edith, Margy, Kath, Oriana, Anne &Thos; svts Rich Greene, Rich Ovecall & Avis Holder; son Jn R & his son Wlm; wife Margy exec; overs: Mr Jn Graile, clerk & Rob Patche


CAM, Francis - Wickwar, yeo 1619

sons Franc, Arth, Henry; dtrs Mary & Jone; wife Jone exec; land in Iron Acton to son Thos; overs: cousin Jn Comes of Wickwar & son in law Henry Roberts

COLLIMORE, John senr - Itrington, Tytherington 1619

my sons child Jn & 4 others; son Jn exec; overs: Wlm Collimore & Wlm Bruton jr of Itrington

HOBBES alias CLARK, John senr, Tytherington, husb 1619

son Wlm; dtr Joan exec

PULLEN, James, senr - Tytherington 1619

son Wlm; 2 sons named Jn; dtrs Eliz & Joan; wife Margt exec; overs: Jms Pullen & Wlm Smith


GOODMAN, Henry - Cromhall 1620

child: Thos, Jn, Edw, Jms, Adam, Margt, Agn, Frances & Eliz; wife exec; overs: Jn Atwels, Brice Webb & bro Jn G

LENNY, Maurice - of Thornbury and Rangeworthy, mason 1620

sons Wlm & Rich; son in law Rob Hobbs; godchild: Jn Hobbs & Maurice son of Rob Hobbs; wife Eliz exec; overs: Jn Hopper & Abram Prat

PULLEN, Agnes - Tytherington, widow 1620

sons Thos, Oswald & Rob; dtr Mary, wife of Jn Collimore & their child Henry, Eliz & 6 others; deceased son Jn of Horton & his son Sam P; dtr Alice; son Wlm & his dtr Agn P; son Wlm exec; svt Martha Gyllam; overs: bro Arthur Hobbs of Tyth & bro in law Jn Dymery of Cromhall


LENNY, Elizabeth - Rangeworthy, widow 1621

son in law Wlm Lenny; sis Margt Barnard; son in law Jn Rodman & his sons Jn & Thos; execs: sons Rob & Jn Hobbes; overs: Abrm Pratt & Wlm Doale

ROGERS, Margery - Cromhall, widow 1621

Edith & Thos child of Wlm Skey; Kath, Margy, Ann, Oriana & Johane Skey; Wlm & Margy child of Jn Rogers & his wife Edith; dtr Edith Skey; exec son in law Wlm Skey; overs: Rob Arnold & Rich Arnold

ALLEN, Robert - Cromhall 1621

sons Jn, Rob, Edw, Wlm, Rich, Arthur & Jms; dtrs Margt, Frances & Marie; dtr Eliz Arnold; wife; exec son Thos; overs: Jn Yeamans of Tortworth & Rob Webb

FOBES, Thomas - Wickwar 1621

bro Rob F; sis Alice Bily; cousin Wlm Kight; Jn son of Edw Fobes; Eliz dtr of Wlm Fobes; wife Agn exec; overs: Wlm Past & Alex Russell

JOPSON, Thomas - Cromhall 1621

child Henry, Thos, Francis & Margt; svt Christian Cole; wife Margy exec; overs: Arthur Dawe of Hawkesbury & Arthur Hickes


CHAUNDLER, Ansell - Cromhall, weaver 1622

child Thos & Agn; dtr Margt wife of Jn Worlocke; wife exec; overs: Jn Attwell & Morgan Hixe

FOBES, Edward - Wickwar 1622

child Jn, Mary & Hester; bro Benedict F; wife Judith exec

HOLBOROWE, Elizabeth - Wickwar 1622

bro Arthur H & his wife Margt; sis Deens & Margt H; goddtr Margt H; sis Mary Dawes; Jn Peare; bros Rich & Jn H; exec: bro in law Ralph Dawes; overs: Jms Webb & Jn Kight

ROBERTS, Henry - Wickwar 1622

sons Thos, Jn, Franc & Arthur; 2 sons named Henry; Elnr dtr of Jn Roberts; wife Eliz exec; overs: Jn Tomes & Thos Holborow

PATCH, Robert - Cromhall, husb 1622

wife Martha; grandsons Rob & Thos Griffin ; exec son in law Thos Griffin; overs: Jn Attwell & Jn Baker

COMPIER, Thomas - Wickwar 1622

sis Sarah C; cousins Mary & Ann dtrs of Jn Tomes; bro in law Jn Tomes; Henry Higgines; Thos Tomes; sis Ann Tomes; exec father Thos C; overs: Jn Tomes jr

GRIFFIN, Thomas - Cromhall 1622

sons Rob & Thos; bros Jn & Rich G; sis Eliz & Susan G; wife Prudence exec; overs: Rob Crome, Jn Baker & Rob Griffin

MABBOTT, Thomas - Wickwar 1622

Eliz, Alice & Rob child of Susan Webb; aunt Joane Cook; uncle Leonard Iles; cousin Henry Cook; exec 'my dame' Susan Webb; overs: Wlm Past & Wlm Russell


MANSELL, Edith - Rangeworthy

dtr Eliz in Bristol; Eliz dtr of Simon Bevin; son Phil & his wife; Rob son of Steven Jones; Jn & Mary childr of Giles Houlder; childr Jn, Susanna, Mary, Dorothy & 1 other dtr; Edith dtr of Phil Mansell; Edith dtr of Arthur Mansell; Rob Mansell; wife of Jn Mansell; svt Eliz Bevin; son Thos M exec; overs Phil Yeoma & Walter Farr


BELCHER, William - Wickwar (supposedly missing)

sons Jn & Wlm; wife Grace exec; witns Nicholas Vizard

BRUTON, Peter - Cromhall , yeo

son in law Edward Goodman & his 2 childr; cousin Wlm Bruton of Tytherington; wife exec; overs Wlm Patch of Tytherington & Brice Webb

HIX alias BRIDGENTON, William - Tytherington

Eliz & Alice Hix; son Daniel & his wife & childr; son Jn; Susanna dtr of Jn Hix; Ellen Hix & her childr; exec N Hix; overs Edward Higgins & Rich Arnold