Abstracts from

WILLS 1625 - 1635

for Cromhall, Rangeworthy, Tytherington & Wickwar

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The following probate record extracts from the registry at Gloucester are for a group of parishes which have registers which commence at a late date.

The registers for Cromhall begin in 1653; those for Rangeworthy in 1704; Tytherington in 1662; Wickwar in 1689. There are some bishops transcripts available, but they are often fragmentary. Therefore, the following wills provide information that may be unavailable elsewhere.


BLANCHE, Jeromy - Cromhall

Jn Tanner; Rob Crom; bro Rich B & his son Rich; sis married to Edw Radmon; godson Edw Radman; godson Jeremy Smeth; wife; exec dtr Sara B; overs Rob Webb, Jn Attwell & N (Herrlen?)

CARLE, Thomas - Wickwar

Mary Carle; son Jn; execs: wife Agn & son Wlm; overs: Tobias Higgins, parson of Wickwar, Morris Andris & Jn Tomes

COMPIER, Thomas - Wickwar

dtr Sara; dtr Ann wife of Jn Tomes & their dtrs Mary & Eliz; deceased son Thos; bro Rob C; svt Margt Simes; present wife Alice exec; overs: Jn Sarnye & Jn Wolforde jr

PAST, William - Wickwar

dtr Joan; kinswmn Margt Smyth; godson Wlm Russell; cousins Wlm Past, Thos Russell, Mary Smith & Sarah Russell; Joan Russell; dtr Agn Russell; exec son Thos P


ALLEN, Thomas - Cromhall

son Rob; unborn child; bros Edward, Jn, Rob & Wlm; sisters Eliz Arnoll, Margt Earle, Frances Barton & Mary Alleine; wife exec; overs father in law Rob Webb & uncle Jn Wells

CARLE, Ann - Wickwar (missing)

DIMERY, Agnes - Cromhall

late wife of John Dimery senior; dtrs Mary & Alice; dtr in law Edith D; dtr in law Joan Rymer & her son Jn R; sons in law Thos & Jms D; son in law Anthony D & his dtr Eliz; son in law Jn D & his dtr Agn; exec son Henry; overs bro in law Jn Dymery, Thos Hicks, Morgan Hicks & Rob Hale

HICKS alias BRIDINGTON, William - Tytherington

Eliz Hix; son Jn & his dtr Susanna; son Daniel & his wife; Ellen Hix & her childr; exec Alice Hix; overs Edward Higgins & Rich Arnold

VOBES, William - Wickwar

sis Alice Bily; bro Rob V; cousin Eliz Vobes; Margt Cook; wife Elnr; dtr Eliz exec; overs: Alex Dorney & Jn Stock

WOLFORD, John - Wickwar

execs son Jn & wife Eleanor


ARNOLD, Robert - Cromhall, yeo

dtr Margt Smith; son Rich; wife Isab exec; overs Jn Dimery jr, bro in law Thos Hicks & Rob Webb

HIXE, Nicholas - Tytherington, labourer

Florence Pullen, widow; Millicent, 4 year old dtr of cousin Thos Hix

STINCHCOMBE, Thomas - Cromhall, dyer

son Jn; dtrs Susan, Jane, Alice & 1 other; goddtr Susan Birton; son Thos exec


BAINTON, Giles - Cromhall, husb

dtr Eliz; svt Margt Worlocke; wife exec; overs Wlm Dole & Brice Webb

FARR, Thomas - Cromhall, weaver

relatives Martha Taylor & Isab Farr; Mary dtr of Wlm Taylor; Joan wife of Jn Stocke & their dtr Anna; Alice dtr of Henry Walkeley; Kath Goodcheape & her dtr Kath; Jane dtr of Rob Gale; Margery dtr of Jn Underwood; exec N Taylor; overs Walter Farr of Rangeworthy & Oswald Lenny of Cromhall

FOBES, Agnes - Wickwar, widow

relatives Mary, Judith & Joan Longden; bro Jn Longden & his dtr Mary; Kath dtr of Benedict Fobes; Jn & Mary childr of Edw Fobes; exec Mary Longdon svt of Jn Wolford; overs Rob Burnell & Jn Wolford

GRIFFIN, Robert - Cromhall

bros Rich & Jn; Thos & Agn Taylor; Thos Gainer; Oswald Crome; Wlm, Joan & Agn Griffin; Rob & Thos sons of Prudence Griffin; exec Prudence Griffin

PICKARD, Richard - Tytherington

sons Rich, Jms & Wlm; dtrs Margt & Mary; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Benye & Henry Dowdinge

ROCHE, Nicholas - Wickwar

land in Charfield to sons Wlm & Rich; dtr Eliz

STOCK, Robert - Wickwar

bro Jn & his childr Tobias, Agn & Hannah; sis Agn Goffin; Wlm & Rich Rouch; sis Eliz exec; overs father Thos Stock & Rich Russell


CREW, William - Cromhall

dtrs Agn & Joan; wife exec; overs: cousins Rob Webb & Jn Attwells

HIX, Peter - Ithchington, Tytherington

childr Martha, Agn, Susan, Joan, Henry & Peter; execs: son Jn & wife

LENNY, Joyce - Cromhall

exec bro Oswald Lenny

TURNER, William - Wickwar

childr Jn, Wlm, Sarah & Nicholas; wife Anne exec; overs Jn Tomes & Jn Stock


CROOME, Thomas - Cromhall (missing)

DIMERY, Thomas - Cromhall, yeo sisters Mary & Alice D; bro Henry & his dtr Agn; bro Jn & his dtr Edith; svt Wlm Atkins; bros Anthony & Jms; bros in law Rich Cranell & Benedict Rymer; bro Rich D exec; overs Morgan Hickes & Rob Hale

DORNEY, Alexander, senr - Wickwar

dtr Joan; dtrs Eliz Sumers & Mary Fford; wife Rachel exec; overs son Alex & Tobias Higgins, minister

DORNEY, John - Wickwar

dtr Dorcas (or Doris?); dtr Mary; wife Joan exec; overs Henry Mansell & Alex Dorney

HOBBES, Amy - Tytherington, widow

son Jn & his dtrs Eliz & Mathewe; son Arthur; son Wlm & his dtr Mary; dtr Mathewe Higgins & her childr Eliz, Anne, Edward & Jn; execs: all 4 children

PACKER, Robert - Cromhall

bro Jn; Wlm Grifer; Alice Rubra; mother exec

PULLEN, William, jr - Tytherington, yeo

son Joseph; lease called Tinweles; mother Margt P; late father Jms P; wife Joan exec; overs Wlm Pullen senr & Thos Pullyn yeo of Tytherington


COMPIER, Robert - Wickwar

childr Margt, Hannah, Martha, Mary & Thos; wife Alice; overs Jn Smalwood & Jn Plumer

HOBBES, Robert - Itchington, Tytherington

dtrs Hannah, Sarah & Mary; exec dtr Agn; overs Jn Purlyn of Thornbury, blacksmith & Wlm Parker of Thornbury, woollendraper

PACHE, Martha - Cromhall, widow

dtrs sons Thos & Rob Grifen; cousins Jn Fedler & Eliz Banton; Eliz dtr of Eliz Banten; svts Wlm Polen & Jn Wilcoks; exec dtr Prudence Grifen; overs Jn Atwell, Anthony Janell & Jn Baker


SMITH, William - Tytherington

son Joseph; Henry Tanner; wife Mary exec; overs Wlm Pullen & bro Edward

WEBB, Robert - Cromhall

land at Moorton; childr Rob, Christian, Ursula & Eliz; dtr Margt Allen & her son Rob; bro Brice W; sisters Margt Crewe, Martha Smith, Maud Tindall & Agn Webb; wife Susan exec; overs bros & kinsmen Jn Attwells, Thos Hickes, Brice Webb & Thos Tindall


SMITHE, John - Tytherington, senior

dtr Christobell & other childr; wife Eliz exec


ARNOLL, Isabel - Cromhall

dtrs Margt Smyth & Margery Loyd; dtrs sons Wlm & Rich Smyth; svt Eliz Derret; Mary, Jn & Susanna Derret; Nathaniel Derret & his dtr Eliz; Deborah Straford; goddtr Sara Dimbury; Arthur, Wlm & Jms Hobbs; dtr in law Eliz Arnoll; Rob, Jane & Margery Arnoll; Thos Hickes; son Rich A exec; overs bro Jn Dimbury & relative Rich Dimbury

ATWELLS, Edward - Cromhall

mother; bro Jn, his wife Edith & their childr Rich & Agn; mother in law Alice Mayo; bro in law Wlm Mayo; Jn Mayo & his dtrs Sara & Joan; bro in law Chris Andras & his son Chris; son Jn; land at Bibston, Cromhall; Alex Webley of Wickwar; Nicholas Neole of Cromhall; Joan Rusell; Agn Holder; exec father Jn A; overs bro in law Jn Mayo of Charfield & bro Jn A of Tortworth

HOOPER, John - Rangeworthy, husb

childr Jn, Eliz, Mary & Joan; son Wlm & his childr Jn, Wlm & Sara; son in law Jn Hale & his childr Jn & Eliz; wife Eliz exec; overs neighbs Henry Hooper & Wlm Dole of Rangeworthy

STOCKE, Thomas - Wickwar

dtrs Eliz Hobbs & Agn Goffin; Jn Stock & his childr Tobias, Hannah, Agn & Nathaniel; son Jn exec; overs bro Rich S & Rich Rusell

WEBBE, Robert - Wickwar (not found)