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Cromhall Bishops' Transcripts, Gloucestershire.

Burials 1770 to 1812.

Transcribed by Geoff Peacey © 2007

This web page contains Burial data as transcribed from Cromhall BT's
Every effort has been made to transcribe as written.
* = unreadable letter(s). ? = some doubt.

Events are listed in reverse order of year.

Edward Fearon Bourke Jan'y 23
Hester Pullin March 18
Hannah Morris April 7
Sarah Apperley June 4
Martha Tanner July 16
William Ford Sept'r 19
Sarah Scott Sept'r 21
Hannah Pick Sept'r 24
Mary Pick Oct'r 20
Robert Careless Oct'r 29
Robert Baker Oct'r 31
John James Nov'r 18
Anne Bruton Nov'r 20
Joseph Pullin Dec'r 16
Philip Ecott Jan'r 6
Joseph Birt Jan'y 16
Shadrack Hobbes March 3
Elizabeth Adlam March 12
Elizabeth Scott July 10
Elizabeth Codrington July 25
Sarah Baker Aug't 27
Betty Ecott Sept'r 30
James Whitfield October 20
Elizabeth Ford Oct'r 27
Maria Careless Decem 22
Absolem (best guess) Pick March 7
William Waine March 15
Sarah Hale April 12
Anne Arthurs May 6
Mary Croome June 19
Sarah Pick August 19
William Scott August 19
William Ecott September 4
Thomas Pick October 3
Celia Painter November 4
Elizabeth Kendall November 14
Sarah Croome December 1
James Lynes August 24th
Martha Tanner September 6th
William Pick November 10th
Betty Phillimore December 24th
Robert Manning December 28th
January 20th Elizabeth Jotcham
March *'nd Maria Pick
March 10th? Elizabeth Pick
March 13th Mary Pullin
April 3'd Joseph Ashbee
May ? Anne Ecott
Oct'r 1st Thomas Ford
Oct'r ? Elizabeth Grove
Nov'r 4th Jeremiah Stafford
Nov'r 16th David Pope
Jan'y 11th Mary Hobbes
Jan'y 18th Francis Angood
Feb'y 1st Henry Angood
March 24th Thomas Jotcham
April 21st Robert Croome
May 1st Robert Harklove
May 10th Elizabeth Hale
june 30th Elizabeth Dyer
July 14th John Pick
July 17th John Pick
Aug't 9th Mark Brothers
Oct'r 17th William Ecott
Oct'r 23rd John Smith
Oct'r 30th Elizabeth Manning
Dec'r 23'd Elizabeth Bruton
April 28th Thomas Beetson
May 30th Mary Pullin
Augf't 5th Elizabeth Rowles
Aug't 17th Elizabeth Pope
September 14th Elizabeth Nichols
December 14th Samuel Taylor
1805 & 1804 - missing  
February 1st? Mary Holder
May 2nd John Ecott
May 4th William Codrington
September 8th Henry Pullin
December 20th Sarah Crew
Jan'y 12th Susanna Chisholme
april 4th James Pool
may 3'd Hannah Pullin
June 5th Thomas Gough
July 31st Elizabeth Williams
august 3'd Nicholas Rowles
aug't 26th Mary Cooper
oct'r 27th Robert May
nov'r 20th Thomas Webb
april 19th Hannah Marklove
May 7th Elizabeth Denning
Sept'r 6th Elizabeth Croome
Oct'r 8th Sarah Pullin
Nov'r 27th John Jotcham
Dec'r 16th William Pick
January 3'd John Pullin
February 21st Rachael Stinchcombe
March 4th James Ford
March 23'd Martha Pain
June 4th Elizabeth Ford
June 8th John Phillimore
June ?th George Fry
June 13th Martha Smith
July 13th Anne Groves
August 6th Mrs Mary Bourke
October 20th Sarah Keel
Jan'y 20th Mary Hunt
Feb: 5th Francis Hayward
Feb: 7th Lydia Kennet
June 5th William Morris
June 21st Joseph Hale
Sept'r 29th William Pullin
Nov'r 17th Daniel Morris
Nov'r 26th Mary Davies
Jan'y 19th Susanna James
April 27th Agnes Chisholme
Aug't 5th Jane Bibee
Aug't 16th Anne Ecott
Oct'r 9th Hannah Ford
Oct 28th Hannah Pick
Dec'r 6th Charlotte Pick
January 29th Sarah Parker
March 5th Rachael Baker
March 8th Sarah Pick
April 2'd Job Davies
April 6th Thomas Wilkes
July 20th William Williams
October 26th Robert Stinchcombe
Dec'r 10 Unitty Chappel
Jan'y14th James Roberts
Feb: 21st James Pullin
March 13th John Smith
June 14th Frederick Lovell
July 24th Thomas Hale
Aug't 5th Elizabeth Stinchcombe
Oct'r 23'd Thomas Pullin
Dec'r 10th Matthew Stinchcombe
March 25th Jonah Whitfield Ford
Mat 1st Joseph Mousel
May 22'd Thomas Pick
Aug't 1st Peter Bruton
Nov'r 3rd William Taylor
1795 cont.  
Nov'r 27th Nathaniel Pick
Dec'r 27th Joseph Croome
Dec 30thy Elizabeth Allen
Jan'y 6th Benedict ?imer
March 3'd William Philpot
April 2'd Hester Pick
July 8th Thomas Hickes
July 21st Anne Heaven
Oct'r 20th Hannah C***s Pickersgill
Dec 18th Henry Lee   Pauper
Jan'y 6th Elizabeth Phillimore
February 4th Mary Pick
-----------10th Eleanor Dimery
March 10th John Pickersgill
April 30th Hannah Pool
May 2'd Sir Charles Grandison
------4th Sarah Hickes
------4th Joseph Hickes
June 23rd Anne Marklove
-------23 Mary Smith
Sept'r 11th Hester Cole
Dec'r 2'd Nicholas Hickes
--------4th James Pick
Jan'y 25th Edmund H(F?)e*ron Rowles?
March 11th Sarah Pick
May 4th John Pick
Sept'r 29th Joseph Crew
Oct? 1st? Daniel Goodman
January 12th Margaret Cheshire
January 16th Anne Williams
February 4th Sarah Kingsley
November 28th Thomas Morgan
Jan'y 2'd William Pick
Feb: 22'd Sarah Croome - Pauper
April 20th Thos: Croome - Pauper
June 20th Martha Selman - Pauper
Nov'r 21st Richard Hayward
Dec'r 6th John Codrington
January 7th Maria Bruton
February 2nd Mr Nicholas Andrews
March 1st Thomas Birt - Pauper
April 19th Sarah ford
July 25th Richard Codrington
........30th Martha Short - Pauper
Aug't 13th Mary Roberts
Oct'r 6th William Fishpool
January 4th Hester Manning
March 31st Sarah Baker
June 25th William Pinnell - Pauper
Aug't 29th Thomas Short
Oct'r 5th William Cxodrington
------17th Tho's Webb
Nov'r 16th Elizabeth Davies
Jan'y 11th Susanna Pack
------- 28th John Pullin
Feb'y 15th Sarah Ford
March 26th Hannah Pullin
May 6th Tho's Pinnel
July 10th Mary Park
No more given  
Sept'r 20th Robert Croome
Oct'r 6th Anne May
------- 22nd Phebe Wathen
Nov'r 14th Robert Ecott.
Jan'y 11th Elizabeth Pain
Feb'ry 8th John Hall - Pauper
-------- 22nd Samuel Ecott - Pauper
April 8th Margaret Minett
------- 10th Isaac Sellman   P
May 12th Joseph Keel
------ 18th Thomas Wilkes
June 2nd Hannah Hale   P
------ 8th Daniel Pool
------ 22nd Flower Nelmes
July 24th Amy Croome
Aug't 24th Lewis Baker
Sept'r 11th Dan'l Pratt
-------- 13th Abraham Pick
Nov'r 28th Mary Smith
January 7th William Norman
-------- 15th Thomas Cox
Feb: 8th William Poole
April 1st Robert Mousel
May 1st Elizabeth Meek
May 7th Mary Croome
----- 11th Abraham Rogers
----- 16th Mary Penn
---- 21st Rev'd William Skay?
Oct'r 19th John Andrews
Nov'r 12th Tho's Tanner
Feb'y 16 Elizabeth Hayward
May 19 Elizabeth Cook
------28 Mary Hickes
June 2 Elizabeth Andrews
Sep'r 5 John Stafford
------ 21 Mary Bryant
------ 26 Elizabeth Norman
Dec'r 23 George Tanner
------- 23 Ann Hobbs
------- 25 Mary Eacott
Jan 15 W'm Ecott
Mar. 27 Tho Morris
No more given  
Jan'y 31st Samuel Taylor
Feb'y 25 Samuel Lathan
March 22'd Mary Frampton
June 4th Elizabeth Shepherd
July 25th Ann Ford
Aug'st 16th Ja's Hickes
Aug 22nd W'm Bruton
Sept'r 15th Mary Pick
Nov'r 4th Ann Robbins
Nov'r 4th John Wathen
January 7 William Croome
--------- 12 Rachel Codrington
May 2 Anne Blanch?
----- 25 Elizabeth Pick
June 16 Mary Ford
August 20 Thomas Ford
--------- 20 Margaret Ch***nie*?
October 1 William Baker
---------- 13 Sarah Webb
Nov'r 20 Anne Jo**ham
Dec'r 10 Anne Painter
Jan'y 12th Mary Norman
------ 18th Sarah?? Frampton
------ 24 Elizabeth Pick
------ 29 Sarah Taylor
Feb'y 14 Ann Morris
------- 28 Mary Smith
March 2'd Ann Codrington
April 7th Mary Cox
------ 8th Hannah Eacott
------ 25th James Gardiner
------ 27th Ursula? Pratt
May 4th John Blunt
June 27th Richard Painter
**** 2* Paul Tomkins
Sept'r 15th Margaret Pick.
Elizabeth Eddington Jan'y 28th
Rev'd Thomas **ey? Clk March 5th
Eleanor Eacott March 11th
Betty Tanner May 7th
William Pearce July 21st
Scaly Rogers July 24th
William Painter August 10th
Mary Pick Aug' 21st
John Pick Sept'r 10th
Anne Lee Oct'r 10th?
Jan'y 28th Eliz'th Painter
Aug't 8th Matthew Stinchcombe
Seo'r 10th John Smyth
Nov'r 20th William Hayward
Oct 13th Sarah Davies
Oct 27th James Goodman
Oct 27th Jane Pool
Oct 30th William Taylor
Dec'r 23'd Sarah Attwood
Dec'r 29th Mary Croome
Sarah Ind Jan'y 13
Elizabeth Pick Feb'y 12
Mary Dimery Do 18
Hester Dimery Do 27
The Rev Henry Ebrey May 10
Anne Hickes June 6
Thos Tanner July 11
John S of W'm & E? Cro***? 7ber 24
Thos S of J's & Hannah Poole 8ber 8
William Escott 8ber 31
Isaac Ridall 10ber 1
Joseph Cole Do 3
Mary Ridall 4
Mrs Arnold 8
William Wathen 8
Jno Morris. Mary Dimery )  
& William Robins ) 10
Martha Hicks 12
Jane Pick 19
Edward Painter & Eliz'th Hendall 24
Aside. 7ber = Sept. 8ber = Oct etc.  
The Rev'd John Penn M.A. Rector March 15
Hannah S***ing? Child of Christopher May 30
Ann Salmon May 22
Hannah Atkins June 17
John Eacott Oct'r 4
W'm Hayward Oct'r 9
Mary Daughter of Joseph & Hannah Birt Dec'r 17
James Goodman Feb'y 5
John Painter Feb'y 22
Thomas Hayward Feb'y 26
Ann Croom Mar 1
John Croom Mar 28
John Croom Mar 31
William Withen May 19
Hannah Croom June 20
Edmund Attwood Aug 1
John Bruton Aug 11
Mary Pool Aug 15
George King Sep'r 12?
Thomas Badger Sep'r 22
Ann Rogers March 25
Thomas Rogers April 14
Daniel Chesher October 13
Daniel Hickes November 1
Thomas Norman December 21
Rachael the Daughter of John & Ann Codrington    Jan 2
Sarah Croome Febru'y 8
Elizabeth the base child of Sarah Cook Febru'y 19
Mary the Wife of Richard Hale April 2'd
Dorathy Edington May 29th
Flower the Wife of John Hale June 4th
Charles Croome July 9th
Mary Painter   Widow July 16th
Thomas the Son ofThomas and Mary Gough August 10th
James the Son of John and Elizabeth Jotcham October 30th
David Mousell Decem'r 25th
William Moreton of Charfield February 21st
Richard Rowles of Charfield May 13th
William the Son of John and Elizabeth Ecott July 22nd
Hannah the Daughter of Mary Goodman September 5th
Samantha Daughter of John Pettygroves? September 16th
Mary Howell October 7th
John the Son of John Pulleyne? October 25th
Isaac the Son of Isaac Resthall November 4th
Eleanor the Daughter of Mr? Skey of Wickwar December 2nd?
Jane the Daughter of Robert Marklove December 2nd
Ann the Daughter of Daniel Morris December 16th
Frances Stinchcombe   Widow December 25th.

[Contributed by Geoff Peacey on 3rd October 2007]