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Cromhall Bishops' Transcripts, Gloucestershire.

1571 to 1640.

Transcribed by Leslie Mahler © 1999
from LDS FILM 0425390
bap 7 jun Wlm son Geo Silda
bap 17 jun Joan dtr Thos Dymery of Bibston
mar 21 jun Morris Sennagr & Joan Bruton
mar 3 jul Rich Parker & Joan Wether
bur 15 jul Rich Fydler
bur 18 jul Rich Crome
bap & bur 20 jul Thos son Jn Mannsell
bur 26 jul Wlm Prowte
bur 27 jul Eliz dtr Rich Lenny
bur 10 aug Jn son Thos Lawrence senr
bap 17 aug Edward son Jn Martyn
mar 23 aug Rich Fower & Margt Ryche
bap 27 aug Edith dtr Chris Caston
bap 8 sep Joan dtr Rob Barne
bap 22 sep Margt dtr Rich Parker
bap 8 oct Rich son Rob Farre
mar 16 oct Rich Androse & Agn Sennagr
bur nov Wltr Neale
mar 15 nov RIch Greene & A...
bur 14 dec agn dtr Jn Houlder
bap 17 dec Thos son Thos Stynchcombe

bap 4 jan Rob son Thos Dymery senr
mar 17 jan Gabriel Ward & Eliz Putley
mar 2 feb Rob Arnold & Eliz Dymery
mar 2 feb a Smith of Tytherington & dtr of an Coffe of the same parish was baptized then
bap 8 feb Joan dtr Wlm Farre
bap 16 feb Joan dtr Wlm Baker
bur 20 jul Joan dtr Thos Dymery of Bybston
bap 22 jul Wlm son Rob Grayle
bur 25 jul Edith dtr Jn Worlocke
mar 2 jul Wlm Bowdinge & Joan Atkyns
bap 13 jul Edward son Jn Crome
mar 28 jul Thos Smyth & Dorothy Bruton
bap 18 aug Margt dtr Rich Lenny
bap 13 sep Edward son Jn Gardner jr
bap 20 sep Humphrey son Rich Sands
bap 20 sep Margt dtr Jn Holder
bap 17 oct Rich son Rich Farre
bap 25 oct Jn son Rich Androse
mar 5 nov Rich Worlock & Agn Hill
bur 6 nov Ursula Stockinge
mar 12 nov Thos Hobbs & Eliz Martyn
bur 2 dec Jn son Rob Arnold
bur 16 dec Humphrey son Rich Sands
bap 25 dec Alice dtr Jn Picke

mar 22 jan Jn Stockinge & Jane Hill
bur 17 feb Thos Dymery of Calbruckes End
bap 22 feb Anthony son Jn Danyell

bap 17 apr Alice dtr Thos Scryver
bur 22 apr Susan wife Rich Allen
bur 27 apr Margt dtr Jn Holder
bap 12 jun Joan dtr Wlm Rogers
bur 16 jun Joan dtr Wlm Rogers
bur 3 jul Wlm Bruton
mar --- Rich Francombe & Joan Danyel
mar 22 nov Jn Marshe & Anne Atwell
bap 5 dec Eliz dtr Jn Bruar

mar 10 jan Rich Allen & Mary Bruton
bap 23 jan Anthony son Jn Holder
bap 24 jan Susan dtr Thos Allen
bur 29 jan Mary wife of Rich Allen
bap 25 feb Eliz dtr Jn Martyn
bur 23 mar Jn Daniell
bur 24 mar Thos son Wlm Rogers
bap 8 apr Joan dtr Rich Farre
bap 17 apr Joan dtr Chris Caston
bap 8 may Margt dtr Rob Arnold
bur 22 may Margt wife Jn Androse
mar 21 jun Jn Baker & Agn Colicke
mar 30 jun Rich Allen & Agn Wethely
bap 10 jul Joan dtr Rich Sands
bap 14 sep Margt dtr Geo Alda
bap 17 sep Eliz dtr Jn Goodman
mar 20 sep Henry Worlocke & Alice Write
bap 25 sep Wlm son Jn Gardner
bap 2 oct Edward son Rich Worlocke
bur 8 oct Eliz dtr Jn Goodman
bur 24 oct Jn son Thos Allen
bap 6 nov Joan dtr Thos Stynchcombe
mar 8 nov Geoffrey Fygyns & Agn Reve
bap 13 nov Wlm son Rich Androse
mar 26 nov Wlm Barnard & Margt Daniell
bur 10 dec Agn Brokes

bap 16 jan Thos son Jn Dymery
bap 4 mar Eliz dtr Wlm Rogers
bap 16 mar Thos son Wlm Baker
bap & bur - mar Jn son Jn Browne
bap 23 mar Oswald son Jn Crome
bap 23 mar Henry son Rich Allen
bap 7 apr Rich son Edward Atwell
bur 1 may Wlm Fleminge parson
bap 10 jun Arthur son Geoffrey Fygens
bap 7 oct Jn son Henry Worlocke
bap 28 oct Jn son Wlm Holder
mar 27 nov Thos Dawncey & Margt Atwell

bap 7 jan Alice dtr Jn Brual alias Stocke
bap 17 feb Joan dtr Jn Martyn
bap 31 mar Rich son Rob Arnold
bap 7 apr Margt dtr Jn Picke
bur 11 apr Eliz dtr Jn Martyn
bur 22 apr Jn Whitinge
bap 22 apr Eliz dtr Henry Belchar
bap 1 may Rich son Jn Browne
mar 6 may Jn Patch & Helen Martyn
bur 8 jun Agn Lenny
bap 16 jun Jn son Thos Stinchcombe
bur 3 jul Wlm Stynchcombe
bap 14 jul Alice dtr Jn Holder
mar 12 aug Thos Lawrence & Eliz
bap 15 sep Rich son Rich Parker
bap 22 sep Susanna dtr Edward Atwell
bur 21 nov Morgan son Joan Fleming
bur 21 nov Helen a poor woman
mar 27 nov Rich Wall & Margery Tanner
bap 29 dec Thos son Rich Sands
bap & bur 29 dec Jn son Rich Sands

bur 14 jan Thos son Rich Sands
bur 18 jan Joan dtr Rich Sands
bap 18 feb Alice dtr Thos Dymery
bur 15 mar Susan wife Geo Alda
bap 18 may Wlm son Rich Maddock
bap 25 may - son Thos Curnock
bap 24 jun - dtr Rich Wall
bap 4--- son Rich Androse
----- son Jn Crome

bur --- Agn dtr .. Danyell
bur 9 -- Agn Roberts
bap 7 jul Henry son Jn Mason
bur 15 aug Jn Barne
bap 1 sep Joan dtr Rich Yonge
bap 15 sep Thos son Jn Venery
bur 29 sep Wlm Barne
bur 4 oct Jn son Jn Picke
bur 1 oct Margt Draycot
mar 14 oct Jn Houlder & Edith Wylliams
bur 21 nov Wlm son Guy Lawrence
bur 27 dec Jn Dorney
bap 28 jan Eliz dtr Brice Webb
bap 8 feb Martha dtr Jn Waterforde
bap 15 feb - son Rob Crome
bur 21 feb Jms Crome
Jn Wall, rector

--- Alice Rowles
bap 22 -- Rich son -- Webbe
bur -- Eliz dtr - Wall, clerk
bap 14 -- Anne dtr - Danyell
mar 19 -- Rob Boye & Alice
bur -- may widow Hobbes
bur 3 jun Eliz wife Thos Jobson
bap 28 jun Ellen dtr Edward Crome
-- 29 jul -- son Morgan Hicks
bap -- Rich son Rob Allen
bap 20 aug Alice dtr Jn Dymery of Calbruck
mar 6 oct Rich Blanche & Agn Parker
mar 9 oct Thos Jobson & Margery Dawe
bap 22 oct Thos son Wlm Crewe
bur 28 oct Thos son Wlm Crewe
bur 3 nov Wlm Fydler
mar 27 nov Wlm Venery & Cicely
bap -- Jn son Jn Houlder
bap 21 dec -- son Rich Dymery
bap 4 jan Thos son Rob Yeddard
bur 4 feb maid of Wlm Stockes
Jn Wall, rector; Wlm Barnes & Rob Crome

bap -- son Rob Venerye
bap -- may -- son Rich Blanche
mar 1 jun -- & Margt Dymery
bap 7 jun Agn dtr David Mayoe
bap 14 jun Henry son Jn Rogers
bap 21 jun Adam son Henry Goodman
bur 20 jul Rich Woorlocke
bur 13 sep Adam son Henry Goodman
bap 4 oct Rob son Wlm Picke als Venery
bap 25 oct Mary dtr Wlm Bruton
bap & bur --nov Rob son Peter Patch
bap 13 dec Jane dtr Henry Allen
bur 13 dec Helen dtr Rob Patch
bap 22 dec Jane dtr Rob Gale
bap 17 jan Wlm son Wlm Stocke
mar 18 jan Wlm Crandall & Margt dtr Jn Wall clerk
bap 7 feb Joan dtr Anthony Daniell
bap 14 feb Margt & Susan dtrs of Jn Oliver
bap 28 feb Thos son Brice Webb
bur 11 mar Thos son Rob Gale

bur -- sep Jn Dymery
bur 26 nov Rob Rogers
bur 10 dec Jn son Jn Waterford
bur 12 dec Wlm son Rich Danyell
bap 17 dec Thos son Thos Jopson
bur 20 dec Thos Stinchcombe
bap 22 jan Agn dtr Wlm Crewe
bur 24 jan Arthur Hixe
bap 28 jan Thos son Rich Parker
bur 31 jan Eliz dtr Rob Griffin
mar -- feb Wlm -- & - Worlocke
bur 16 feb Jn Waterford
bur -- feb -- son -- Baker
bap 25 feb -- son Wlm Benton
bur 23 mar Susan dtr Jn Olyver
witns Jn Wall

bap 9 -- Edith dtr --
bur -- Martha dtr - Forde
bur 24 -- Kath dtr -
bur 30 may Thos son Wlm Stocke
bap 24 jun Rich son Brice Webbe
bur 22 jun Thos son Rich Parker
mar 16 jul Jn Dymery & Edith Lennye
bur 22 jul Frances Venyr
mar 24 sep Wlm Baker & Alice Dymerye
mar 2 oct Anthony Dymery & Alice Waterford
mar 8 oct Morgan Hixe & Mary Trotman
bur 9 oct Rob Gale
bap 4 nov Jms son Rob Allen
bur 10 nov Henry son Edward Goodman
bap 18 nov Eliz dtr Wlm Bluet
bap 25 nov Margt dtr Wlm Kymerley
bap 6 jan Helen dtr Henry Allen
bur 7 jan Rob son Rob Patche
bap 20 jan Jn son Rich Danyell
bap 24 feb Ursula dtr Rob Webbe
bap 3 mar Jn son Jn Olyver
witns Jn Wall

mar ---- Jeremy Blanch & (Ann Parslon?)
mar 11 oct Wlm Jones & - (Cole?)
bap 11 oct Anna dtr Rich (Holder?)
mar -- oct Jms Sherman & Mary Richman
bap 28 oct Eliz dtr Jn Mason
bur 30 oct Jms son Rob Allen
bap 18 nov Thos son Thos Grifing
bap 18 nov Thos son Jn Baker
bur 23 nov Thos son Jn Baker
bur 30 nov Jane Bruton
bur 27 dec Margt wife Rich Purloyne
bap 10 feb Jn son Brice Webb
bap 10 feb Edith dtr Jn Dymery jr
bap 17 feb Joseph & Benjamin sons Morgan Hickes
bap 17 feb Eliz dtr Thos Hooper
bur 1 mar Anselm Chandler
bur 20 mar Joseph son Morgan Hickes

mar 12 apr Rich Flyd of Bristowe & Margery Arnall of Cromhall
bap 22 jun Rob son Thos Allin
bap 22 jun Julian dtr Jn Oliveare
bap 22 jul Joan dtr Arthur Hickes
bru 22 jul wife Arthur Hickes
bap 10 aug Jn son Thos Bruton
bap 17 aug Rebecca dtr Henry Haurding
bap 1 sep Wlm son Wlm Bluet
bap 24 sep Mray dtr Jn Kerle
bap 11 jan Joseph son Brice Webbe
bap 25 jan Jn son Rob Hale
bap 1 feb Thos son Giles Bicke
bap 1 feb Thos son Thos Stinchcom
bap 8 feb Henry son Giles Williams of Hope
bap 15 feb Eliz dtr Lawrence Parsly
bap 14 mar Eliz dtr Jn Griffine

bap 11 apr Sarah dtr Abel Curnoke
bur 20 may Mary wife Jn Baker
bap 20 may Rob son Jn Mason
bap 20 jun Margt dtr Morgan Hicks
bap 26 sep Sarah dtr Wlm Hicks
bur 9 oct Thso son Giles Bicke
bur 11 oct Arthur son Morgan Hicks
mar 11 oct Rich Trotman & Joan White
bur 30 oct Jn son Rob Hale
bap 31 oct Kath dtr Jms Eddis
bap 14 nov Judith dtr Rich Trotman
bur 26 jan Geo Goodcheap
bap 6 feb Rich son Wlm Jones
bap 13 feb Dorothy dtr Rich Crome
bur 21 feb Jeremy Blanch
mar 24 feb Jn Fidler & Joan Jones
churchwardens: Thos Hicks & Rob Fidler

churchwardens: Brice Webb & Thos Dimery
bap 5 apr Ann dtr Wlm Goodcheape
bap 12 may Agn dtr Jn Rowles
bap 1 jun Sara dtr Oswald Crome
bap 22 jun Agn dtr Henry Dymery
bap 29 jun Jn son Wlm Bruton
mar 1 jul Jn Rowles & Mary Crome
bur 5 jul Rob Griffin
bap 27 jul Sara dtr Jn Mason
bap 10 aug Jn son Arthur Hicks
bap 10 aug Jn son Thos Mason
bap 17 aug & bur 29 aug Jn son Jn Crome
bap 31 aug Jn son Rob Hale
bur 15 sep Rich Batt
bur 9 dec maid child of Rich Holder
bap 9 dec & bur 15 dec Mary dtr Rich Holder
bur 21 jan Rob Crome
bap 15 feb Rich son Jn Baker
bap 15 feb Jn son Thos Hicks
bap 22 feb Rich son Rob Mason
bur 3 mar Thos Lawrence
bap 22 mar Jn son Wlm Jones
bap 22 mar Ruth dtr Geo Crome
Jn Hoell rector; churchwardens Ussell Crome & Jms Goodman

churchwardens Thos Dimery & Thos Bruton
mar 5 apr Jn May & Mary Ffrend
mar 16 apr Wlm Griffin & Mary Goodwan
bur 19 apr Jn Dimery senr
mar 27 apr Ussell Lenny & Eliz Crome
bur 8 may Eliz dtr Jn Mason
bap 13 jun Jn son Jn & Philip Packer
bur 26 jun Thos Pick
bur 28 jun Rich Griffin
bap -- jul Jn son Arthur & Mary Eddards
bap 29 jul Francis son Jn & Sara Knight
bur 15 aug Thos son Lawrence Parsly
bap 19 aug Thos son Thos & Agn Dymery
bap 7 oct Sara dtr Jn & Margt Holder
bur 20 oct Ellen dtr Rob Pick
bur 23 nov Thos Barnes jr
bap 24 nov Eliz dtr Morgan & Winifred Hix
bap 29 nov Nichls son Rich & Mary Hix
bap 6 jan & bur 12 apr Rich son Thos & Prudence Dimery
bap 20 jan Rich & Sara childr of Rich & Joan Trotman
bur 26 jan Rich son Rich Trotman
bur 4 feb Jms son Rich Crome
bap 10 feb & bur 26 mar Eliz dtr Nichls & Eliz Smith of Hope
bap 10 feb Anne dtr Giles & Agn Gloyd
bap 3 mar Geo son Wlm & Faith Goodcheape
bap 10 mar Rich son Oswald & Eliz Lenny
bur 20 mar Wlm Pick
signed Thos Bruton & Wlm Allen

mar 13 apr Jn Fford & Hanna Parker
bur 27 apr Alice wife Rob Picke
mar 28 apr Nichls Parnell & Joy Berrye
mar 8 jun Thos Waters & Dorothy Holder
bur 15 jun Abel Curnuck
mar 18 jun Thos Screen & Agn Curnuck
mar 22 jun Wlm Allen & Jane Griffin
bap 28 jun Henry son Rich & Judith Allen
bap 28 jun Eliz dtr Nichls & Eliz Smith
mar 6 jul Thos Goodman & Agn Daniell
bur 14 sep Joan wife Arthur Heines
bap 18 nov Martha dtr Thos & Prudence Dimery
bur 21 dec Davy Reese
bur 2 jan Mary wife Anthony Hicks
bur 8 jan Joan Bruton widow
bur 23 jan Mary Mansell
bap 31 jan Eliz dtr Jn & Phillip Packer
bap 14 feb Eliz dtr Wlm & Mary Griffin
bur 23 feb Frances wife Rob Mason
bur 23 mar Arthur Emmet
Jn Hoal rector (next year of transcripts - 1670)

[Contributed by Leslie Mahler on 10th January 1999]