Dursley, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

DURSLEY is in the hundred of Berkeley and lies 15 miles from Gloucester. The present Lord of the Manor of Dursley is Thomas Grinston Bucknall ESTCOURT Esq. and Edward SHEPPARD Esq, is the Lord of the Manor of Woodmancote. The parish church is dedicated to St James. Dursley was the birthplace of Edward FOX, Bishop of Hereford in 1535. The number of residents at the last census (1821?) was 3,186. CAMBRIDGE (or Cambridge Inn) in the parish of Cam is about three miles from Dursley upon the river Cam, from which it takes its name. The parish of CAM in 1821 had 1,855 inhabitants. ULEY parish lies about three miles from Dursley and contained 2,655 persons in the last Parliamentary returns.
ADEY George & Co Woollen Cloth Maker Uley
ARDREY John Cooper Parsonage Street
AUSTIN Abraham Shopkeeper Uley
AYLIFF Charles Innkeeper Old Bell, Long Street
BAKER William Lloyd Revd. Uley
BALDWIN Edwin Miller Dursley Mill
BALDWIN Sarah Postmistress Long Street, Dursley
BENDALL Stephen Baker Market Place
BENNETT Mrs & Miss Academy/School Woodmancote
BIRD John Butcher Parsonage Street
BISHOP Henry Attorney Long Street
BLAGDEN Richard Gent Uley, Dursley
BLOXSOME & PLAYER Banker Long Street
BLOXSOME Edward Fire Office Agent Hope, Long Street
BLOXSOME, WELLS etc Attorney Long Street
BOX Ann Shopkeeper Silver Street
BOX Henry Boot & Shoe Maker Parsonage Street
BOX Henry Shopkeeper Silver Street
BOX John Watch & Clock Maker Parsonage Street
BOX Mrs. Milliner / Dress Maker Parsonage Street
BREWER Thomas Innkeeper Crown & Sceptre, Uley
BROOKS & JAMES Coal & Salt Merchant Cambridge Wharf
BUTLER Nathaniel Iles Woollen Cloth Maker Upper Cam.
CAM Joseph Tippetts Woollen Cloth Maker Cam Mill
CHAMPION Peter Hat Manufacturer Parsonage Street
CHAMPION Samuel Rope & Twine Maker Parsonage Street
CHAMPION Samuel Saddler/Harness Maker Parsonage Street
CHINNOCK Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Woodmancote
COMLEY & JONES Woollen Cloth Maker Rockstowes Mill, Uley
COOK John Breeches Maker Parsonage Street
CRUMP Daniel Saddler/Harness Maker Parsonage Street
DANGERFIELD George Grocer & Tea Dealer Uley
DAUNCEY George & James Woollen Cloth Maker Uley
DIMERY Harry Maltster Parsonage Street
DORNEY Elizabeth Miss Uley, Dursley
DREW Joseph Wheelwright Parsonage Street
DREW Robert Wheelwright Woodmancote
DUBERLY William Attorney Parsonage Street
EBSWORTH William Bookseller/stationer etc Parsonage Street
EDWARDS John Blacksmith Parsonage Street
EXELL & COWLE Milliner / Dress Maker Parsonage Street
EXELL Samuel Shopkeeper Parsonage Street
FEREBEE John Taverns/Public Houses Old Crown, Uley
FIRKINS William Grocer & Tea Dealer Uley
FISHER Giles Wire Drawer Woodmancote
FISHER Giles Card Maker - Wire Woodmancote
FISHER John Fire Office Agnet Atlas, Parsonage Street
FISHER John Attorney Parsonage Street
FORD Aaron Tailor Market Place
FOXWELL John B. Woollen Cloth Maker New Mills
FRANCIS James O. Card Maker - Wire Long Street
FRAPE Joseph Stone Mason Parsonage Street
FRAPE William Stone Mason Parsonage Street
FREAM William Wheelwright Cam.
FREEM Daniel Taverns/Public Houses Golden Heart, Long Street
FRENCH George Painter/Plumber/Glazier Long Street
FRIAR William Revd. Cam, Dursley
FRY William Esq. M.D. Woodmancote
GABB William Butcher Silver Street
GAINER Charles Taverns/Public Houses Bell, Cam.
GAINER Easu Taverns/Public Houses White Lion, Parsonage Street
GARDNER Isaac Line/Woollen Draper Silver Street
GAZE Isaac Butcher Lonmg Street
GIDDINGS William Basket Maker Parsonage Street
GODWIN Edward Cooper Parsonage Street
GODWIN Maria Milliner / Dress Maker Parsonage Street
GODWIN Richard Carpenter/Joiner/Builder Parsonage Street
GOODRICH Edmund Clothes Dealer Parsonage Street
GOODRICH Richard Boarding & Day School Near Parsonage Street
GREGORY ------ Captain Woodmancote
GREGORY Thomas Chymist/Druggist Parsonage Street
GRIFFITH Thomas Revd. Norman Hill, Cam.
HANCOCK James Painter/Plumber/Glazier Silver Street
HANDS Misses Boarding School Tilsdown, Cam
HARDING Charles Tailor Long Street
HARDING Daniel Wire Drawer Lower Mill
HARDING James Rope & Twine Maker Parsonage Street
HARDING James Ironmonger Silver Street
HARDING Jno. Grocer & Tea Dealer Long Street
HARDING Robert Surgeon Uley
HARRIS & KING Painter/Plumber/Glazier Parsonage Street
HARRIS Alpheus Wool Broker Lower Mill
HARRIS Ann Shopkeeper Market Place
HARRIS George & Son Woollen Cloth Maker Lower Mills
HAWKER Charles Gent Uley
HAYWARD Jehoiachim Esq, Uley
HEGGERTY Mrs. Boarding School Prospect House
HEWLETT William Carpenter/Joiner/Builder Silver Street
HICKES Baptist William Wine & Spirit Merchant Long Street
HICKES Baptist William Fire Office Agent Norwich Union, Long St
HICKES Baptist William Cheese Factor Long Street
HINE Daniel Brazier/Tin Plate worker Parsonage Street
HINTON William Gent Uley
HOLDER Thomas Taverns/Public Houses Star, Silver Street
HOLLOWAY James Blacksmith Cam
HOLLOWAY Samuel Wine & Spirit Merchant Sandpits, Cam.
HOLLOWAY Samuel Grocer & Tea Dealer Sandpits, Cam.
HOLLOWAY Thomas Carpenter/Joiner/Builder Cam.
HORWOOD William Nail manufacturer Silver Street
HOWARD Jno & Son Woollen Cloth Maker Townsend Mill
HOWELL George Baker Uley
HURCOMBE William Basket Maker Uley
JACKSON Alfred Fire Office Agent Crown Life, Long Street
JACKSON Charles Stone Mason Uley
JACKSON Mary Shopkeeper Long Street
JAKEWAY Ephraim Millwright Woodmancote
JEENS Joseph & Son Woollen Cloth Maker Uley
JEFFS John Grocer & Tea Dealer Cambridge
KING Charles Butcher Parsonage Street
KNIGHT Samuel Taverns/Public Houses Shears, Uley
LANCE James Grocer & Tea Dealer Silver Street
LANCE John Butcher Back Street
LANCE John jun Butcher Back Street
LEACH Benjamin Boarding & Day School Uley
LEWIS Joseph Line/Woollen Draper Uley
LEWTON John Plasterer/tiler Parsonage Street
LISTER George Wire Drawer Rivers Mill.
LISTER George Card Maker - Wire Rivers Mill
MABBATT Charles Blacksmith Cambridge
MEAR Thomas Watch & Clock Maker Silver Street
MEAR Thomas Fire Office Agent Bristol, Silver Street
MERRITT William Stone Mason Cam.
MOORE Charles Field Auctioneer Market Place
MOORE Eliz. Grocer & Tea Dealer Market Place
MOORE Thomas Ironmonger Market Place
MOORE Thomas Fire Office Agent Sun, Market Place.
MORSE Mrs. Long Street
NEALE Daniel Brewer Uley
NEETON George Revd. Dursley
ORCHARD Daniel Taverns/Public Houses White Lion, Cambridge
ORCHARD William Taverns/Public Houses Bell, Cambridge
ORGAN George Butcher Long Street
PAYNE Ann Taverns/Public Houses Bell & Castle, Parsonage St.
PAYNE Samuel Bookseller/stationer etc Market Place
PEARCE & SAMPSON Blacksmith Parsonage Street
PEARCE Martha Ironmonger Uley
PEARCE Samuel Miller Draycott Mill, Cam.
PLAYER James & Son Line/Woollen Draper Long Street
PLAYER Joseph C. Fire Office Agent Protector, Long Street
POLE Charles Road Surveyor Parsonage Street
PRICE Samuel Fire Office Agent County, Uley
PRICE Samuel Brewer Uley
PRICE Samuel Grocer & Tea Dealer Uley
PRUEN Thomas Revd. Parsonage House
PURNELL J.P.B. Esq. Stancombe Park
PURNELL Robert John Esq. King's Hill
REDY Charles Plasterer/tiler Near Parsonage Street
RICHARDS Thomas & Son Maltster Parsonage Street
RICKARDS Eliz. Milliner / Dress Maker Silver Street
RICKARDS Elizabeth Shopkeeper Silver Street
RICKARDS William Bookseller/stationer etc Silver Street
RICKARDS William Auctioneer Silver Street
ROAN George Patten Maker Parsonage Street
ROBERTS Mary Taverns/Public Houses King's Head, Parsonage Street
ROBERTS William Taverns/Public Houses Boot, Silver Street
ROBINSON William Baker Woodmancote
ROBINSON William Maltster Woodmancote
ROE James Baker Long Street
ROE Richard Tailor Long Street
RUDDER Nathaniel Tailor Silver Street
SELWAY Robert Currier & Leather seller Long Street
SHEPPARD Edward & Sons Woollen Cloth Maker Uley
SMITH Benjamin Baker Cambridge
SMITH Edward Surgeon Parsonage Street
SMITH Henry Woollen Dyer Rockstowe's Mill, Uley
SMITH James Brewer Uley
SMITH James Plasterer/tiler Uley
SMITH John Plasterer/tiler Long Street
SMITH John Gillman Grocer & Tea Dealer Silver Street
SMITH M.A. Miss Sandspit House, Cam
SMITH Sidney Grocer & Tea Dealer Parsonage Street
STAGG James Shopkeeper Silver Street
STIFF Thomas Gent. Wresden, Uley
STIFF William Tailor Parsonage Street
SUMMERS Frederick Tailor Parsonage Street
TANNER William Taverns/Public Houses Berkeley Arms, Cam.
TAYLER James Taverns/Public Houses Bull, Woodmancote
THURSTON John Boot & Shoe Maker Parsonage Street
TILTON John Painter/Plumber/Glazier Parsonage Street
TILTON John Brazier/Tin Plate worker Parsonage Street
TILY Thomas Veterinary Surgeon Dog & Duck Lane
TROTMAN Arabella Line/Woollen Draper Parsonage Street
TROTMAN Samuel Taverns/Public Houses New Bell, Long Street
TYNDALL Thomas Butcher Woodmancote
TYNDALL Thomas Cheese Factor Woodmancote
UNDERWOOD John Blacksmith Parsonage Street
UNDERWOOD William Blacksmith Cam.
UNDERWOOD Wm. & Robert Edge Tool Maker Coaley
VICK Charles Painter/Plumber/Glazier Uley
VICK Charles Ironmonger Uley
VIZARD Chas. & George Woollen Cloth Maker Long Street
VIZARD Henry Esq. Ferney Hill
VIZARD John Fire Office Agent Salamander, Long Street
WALKMAN William Watch & Clock Maker Parsonage Street
WALL Henry Baker Market Place
WALL Thomas Carpenter/Joiner/Builder Woodmancote
WALLINGTON John Esq. Long Street
WARNER Abraham Surgeon Parsonage Street
WARRILOW Jas. & Mrs Boarding & Day School Uley
WATKINS Mary Milliner / Dress Maker Parsonage Street
WATTS Ann & Eliza Boarding School Woodland Villa
WEIGHT John Banker Savings Bank, Long Street
WEIGHT William Card Maker - Wire Woodmancote
WENT Ann Mrs. Uley
WEST Edward Carpenter/Joiner/Builder Parsonage Street
WHITE Robert Rowles Chymist/Druggist Parsonage Street
WHITE Thomas Baker Silver Street
WHITTARD Thomas Line/Woollen Draper Market Place
WILKINS John Plasterer/tiler Silver Street
WILKINSON Marlow Watts Revd. Uley
WILLIAMS Charles Brewer Long Street
WILLIAMS Elizabeth Baker Silver Street
WILLIAMS John Surgeon Parsonage Street
WILLIAMS Samuel Taverns/Public Houses Lamb, Market Place
WILLIAMS Thomas Esq. Long Street
WILLIAMS William Henry Grocer & Tea Dealer Market Place
WOOD James Carpenter/Joiner/Builder Near Parsonage Street
WOOD John Card Maker - Wire Parsonage Street
WORKMAN Cs. Grocer & Tea Dealer Woodmancote
YOUNG Henry Attorney Long Street
YOUNG Henry Brewer Long Street
YOUNG James Attorney Woodmancote
YOUNG John Taverns/Public Houses George, Cambridge

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 21st October 1993]