Dursley, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

DURSLEY is in the hundred of Berkeley and lies 15 miles from Gloucester. The present Lord of the Manor of Dursley is Thomas Grinston Bucknall ESTCOURT Esq. and Edward SHEPPARD Esq, is the Lord of the Manor of Woodmancote. The parish church is dedicated to St James. Dursley was the birthplace of Edward FOX, Bishop of Hereford in 1535. The number of residents at the last census (1821?) was 3,186. CAMBRIDGE (or Cambridge Inn) in the parish of Cam is about three miles from Dursley upon the river Cam, from which it takes its name. The parish of CAM in 1821 had 1,855 inhabitants. ULEY parish lies about three miles from Dursley and contained 2,655 persons in the last Parliamentary returns.
ADEY George & CoWoollen Cloth MakerUley
ARDREY JohnCooperParsonage Street
AUSTIN AbrahamShopkeeperUley
AYLIFF CharlesInnkeeperOld Bell, Long Street
BAKER William LloydRevd.Uley
BALDWIN EdwinMillerDursley Mill
BALDWIN SarahPostmistressLong Street, Dursley
BENDALL StephenBakerMarket Place
BENNETT Mrs & MissAcademy/SchoolWoodmancote
BIRD JohnButcherParsonage Street
BISHOP HenryAttorneyLong Street
BLAGDEN RichardGentUley, Dursley
BLOXSOME & PLAYERBankerLong Street
BLOXSOME EdwardFire Office AgentHope, Long Street
BLOXSOME, WELLS etcAttorneyLong Street
BOX AnnShopkeeperSilver Street
BOX HenryBoot & Shoe MakerParsonage Street
BOX HenryShopkeeperSilver Street
BOX JohnWatch & Clock MakerParsonage Street
BOX Mrs.Milliner / Dress MakerParsonage Street
BREWER ThomasInnkeeperCrown & Sceptre, Uley
BROOKS & JAMESCoal & Salt MerchantCambridge Wharf
BUTLER Nathaniel IlesWoollen Cloth MakerUpper Cam.
CAM Joseph TippettsWoollen Cloth MakerCam Mill
CHAMPION PeterHat ManufacturerParsonage Street
CHAMPION SamuelRope & Twine MakerParsonage Street
CHAMPION SamuelSaddler/Harness MakerParsonage Street
CHINNOCK JosephBoot & Shoe MakerWoodmancote
COMLEY & JONESWoollen Cloth MakerRockstowes Mill, Uley
COOK JohnBreeches MakerParsonage Street
CRUMP DanielSaddler/Harness MakerParsonage Street
DANGERFIELD GeorgeGrocer & Tea DealerUley
DAUNCEY George & JamesWoollen Cloth MakerUley
DIMERY HarryMaltsterParsonage Street
DORNEY ElizabethMissUley, Dursley
DREW JosephWheelwrightParsonage Street
DREW RobertWheelwrightWoodmancote
DUBERLY WilliamAttorneyParsonage Street
EBSWORTH WilliamBookseller/stationer etcParsonage Street
EDWARDS JohnBlacksmithParsonage Street
EXELL & COWLEMilliner / Dress MakerParsonage Street
EXELL SamuelShopkeeperParsonage Street
FEREBEE JohnTaverns/Public HousesOld Crown, Uley
FIRKINS WilliamGrocer & Tea DealerUley
FISHER GilesWire DrawerWoodmancote
FISHER GilesCard Maker - WireWoodmancote
FISHER JohnFire Office AgnetAtlas, Parsonage Street
FISHER JohnAttorneyParsonage Street
FORD AaronTailorMarket Place
FOXWELL John B.Woollen Cloth MakerNew Mills
FRANCIS James O.Card Maker - WireLong Street
FRAPE JosephStone MasonParsonage Street
FRAPE WilliamStone MasonParsonage Street
FREAM WilliamWheelwrightCam.
FREEM DanielTaverns/Public HousesGolden Heart, Long Street
FRENCH GeorgePainter/Plumber/GlazierLong Street
FRIAR WilliamRevd.Cam, Dursley
FRY WilliamEsq. M.D.Woodmancote
GABB WilliamButcherSilver Street
GAINER CharlesTaverns/Public HousesBell, Cam.
GAINER EasuTaverns/Public HousesWhite Lion, Parsonage Street
GARDNER IsaacLine/Woollen DraperSilver Street
GAZE IsaacButcherLonmg Street
GIDDINGS WilliamBasket MakerParsonage Street
GODWIN EdwardCooperParsonage Street
GODWIN MariaMilliner / Dress MakerParsonage Street
GODWIN RichardCarpenter/Joiner/BuilderParsonage Street
GOODRICH EdmundClothes DealerParsonage Street
GOODRICH RichardBoarding & Day SchoolNear Parsonage Street
GREGORY ------CaptainWoodmancote
GREGORY ThomasChymist/DruggistParsonage Street
GRIFFITH ThomasRevd.Norman Hill, Cam.
HANCOCK JamesPainter/Plumber/GlazierSilver Street
HANDS MissesBoarding SchoolTilsdown, Cam
HARDING CharlesTailorLong Street
HARDING DanielWire DrawerLower Mill
HARDING JamesRope & Twine MakerParsonage Street
HARDING JamesIronmongerSilver Street
HARDING Jno.Grocer & Tea DealerLong Street
HARDING RobertSurgeonUley
HARRIS & KINGPainter/Plumber/GlazierParsonage Street
HARRIS AlpheusWool BrokerLower Mill
HARRIS AnnShopkeeperMarket Place
HARRIS George & SonWoollen Cloth MakerLower Mills
HAWKER CharlesGentUley
HAYWARD JehoiachimEsq,Uley
HEGGERTY Mrs.Boarding SchoolProspect House
HEWLETT WilliamCarpenter/Joiner/BuilderSilver Street
HICKES Baptist WilliamWine & Spirit MerchantLong Street
HICKES Baptist WilliamFire Office AgentNorwich Union, Long St
HICKES Baptist WilliamCheese FactorLong Street
HINE DanielBrazier/Tin Plate workerParsonage Street
HINTON WilliamGentUley
HOLDER ThomasTaverns/Public HousesStar, Silver Street
HOLLOWAY JamesBlacksmithCam
HOLLOWAY SamuelWine & Spirit MerchantSandpits, Cam.
HOLLOWAY SamuelGrocer & Tea DealerSandpits, Cam.
HOLLOWAY ThomasCarpenter/Joiner/BuilderCam.
HORWOOD WilliamNail manufacturerSilver Street
HOWARD Jno & SonWoollen Cloth MakerTownsend Mill
HOWELL GeorgeBakerUley
HURCOMBE WilliamBasket MakerUley
JACKSON AlfredFire Office AgentCrown Life, Long Street
JACKSON CharlesStone MasonUley
JACKSON MaryShopkeeperLong Street
JAKEWAY EphraimMillwrightWoodmancote
JEENS Joseph & SonWoollen Cloth MakerUley
JEFFS JohnGrocer & Tea DealerCambridge
KING CharlesButcherParsonage Street
KNIGHT SamuelTaverns/Public HousesShears, Uley
LANCE JamesGrocer & Tea DealerSilver Street
LANCE JohnButcherBack Street
LANCE John junButcherBack Street
LEACH BenjaminBoarding & Day SchoolUley
LEWIS JosephLine/Woollen DraperUley
LEWTON JohnPlasterer/tilerParsonage Street
LISTER GeorgeWire DrawerRivers Mill.
LISTER GeorgeCard Maker - WireRivers Mill
MABBATT CharlesBlacksmithCambridge
MEAR ThomasWatch & Clock MakerSilver Street
MEAR ThomasFire Office AgentBristol, Silver Street
MERRITT WilliamStone MasonCam.
MOORE Charles FieldAuctioneerMarket Place
MOORE Eliz.Grocer & Tea DealerMarket Place
MOORE ThomasIronmongerMarket Place
MOORE ThomasFire Office AgentSun, Market Place.
MORSEMrs.Long Street
NEALE DanielBrewerUley
NEETON GeorgeRevd.Dursley
ORCHARD DanielTaverns/Public HousesWhite Lion, Cambridge
ORCHARD WilliamTaverns/Public HousesBell, Cambridge
ORGAN GeorgeButcherLong Street
PAYNE AnnTaverns/Public HousesBell & Castle, Parsonage St.
PAYNE SamuelBookseller/stationer etcMarket Place
PEARCE & SAMPSONBlacksmithParsonage Street
PEARCE MarthaIronmongerUley
PEARCE SamuelMillerDraycott Mill, Cam.
PLAYER James & SonLine/Woollen DraperLong Street
PLAYER Joseph C.Fire Office AgentProtector, Long Street
POLE CharlesRoad SurveyorParsonage Street
PRICE SamuelFire Office AgentCounty, Uley
PRICE SamuelBrewerUley
PRICE SamuelGrocer & Tea DealerUley
PRUEN ThomasRevd.Parsonage House
PURNELL J.P.B.Esq.Stancombe Park
PURNELL Robert JohnEsq.King's Hill
REDY CharlesPlasterer/tilerNear Parsonage Street
RICHARDS Thomas & SonMaltsterParsonage Street
RICKARDS Eliz.Milliner / Dress MakerSilver Street
RICKARDS ElizabethShopkeeperSilver Street
RICKARDS WilliamBookseller/stationer etcSilver Street
RICKARDS WilliamAuctioneerSilver Street
ROAN GeorgePatten MakerParsonage Street
ROBERTS MaryTaverns/Public HousesKing's Head, Parsonage Street
ROBERTS WilliamTaverns/Public HousesBoot, Silver Street
ROBINSON WilliamBakerWoodmancote
ROBINSON WilliamMaltsterWoodmancote
ROE JamesBakerLong Street
ROE RichardTailorLong Street
RUDDER NathanielTailorSilver Street
SELWAY RobertCurrier & Leather sellerLong Street
SHEPPARD Edward & SonsWoollen Cloth MakerUley
SMITH BenjaminBakerCambridge
SMITH EdwardSurgeonParsonage Street
SMITH HenryWoollen DyerRockstowe's Mill, Uley
SMITH JamesBrewerUley
SMITH JamesPlasterer/tilerUley
SMITH JohnPlasterer/tilerLong Street
SMITH John GillmanGrocer & Tea DealerSilver Street
SMITH M.A.MissSandspit House, Cam
SMITH SidneyGrocer & Tea DealerParsonage Street
STAGG JamesShopkeeperSilver Street
STIFF ThomasGent.Wresden, Uley
STIFF WilliamTailorParsonage Street
SUMMERS FrederickTailorParsonage Street
TANNER WilliamTaverns/Public HousesBerkeley Arms, Cam.
TAYLER JamesTaverns/Public HousesBull, Woodmancote
THURSTON JohnBoot & Shoe MakerParsonage Street
TILTON JohnPainter/Plumber/GlazierParsonage Street
TILTON JohnBrazier/Tin Plate workerParsonage Street
TILY ThomasVeterinary SurgeonDog & Duck Lane
TROTMAN ArabellaLine/Woollen DraperParsonage Street
TROTMAN SamuelTaverns/Public HousesNew Bell, Long Street
TYNDALL ThomasButcherWoodmancote
TYNDALL ThomasCheese FactorWoodmancote
UNDERWOOD JohnBlacksmithParsonage Street
UNDERWOOD WilliamBlacksmithCam.
UNDERWOOD Wm. & RobertEdge Tool MakerCoaley
VICK CharlesPainter/Plumber/GlazierUley
VICK CharlesIronmongerUley
VIZARD Chas. & GeorgeWoollen Cloth MakerLong Street
VIZARD HenryEsq.Ferney Hill
VIZARD JohnFire Office AgentSalamander, Long Street
WALKMAN WilliamWatch & Clock MakerParsonage Street
WALL HenryBakerMarket Place
WALL ThomasCarpenter/Joiner/BuilderWoodmancote
WALLINGTON JohnEsq.Long Street
WARNER AbrahamSurgeonParsonage Street
WARRILOW Jas. & MrsBoarding & Day SchoolUley
WATKINS MaryMilliner / Dress MakerParsonage Street
WATTS Ann & ElizaBoarding SchoolWoodland Villa
WEIGHT JohnBankerSavings Bank, Long Street
WEIGHT WilliamCard Maker - WireWoodmancote
WENT AnnMrs.Uley
WEST EdwardCarpenter/Joiner/BuilderParsonage Street
WHITE Robert RowlesChymist/DruggistParsonage Street
WHITE ThomasBakerSilver Street
WHITTARD ThomasLine/Woollen DraperMarket Place
WILKINS JohnPlasterer/tilerSilver Street
WILKINSON Marlow WattsRevd.Uley
WILLIAMS CharlesBrewerLong Street
WILLIAMS ElizabethBakerSilver Street
WILLIAMS JohnSurgeonParsonage Street
WILLIAMS SamuelTaverns/Public HousesLamb, Market Place
WILLIAMS ThomasEsq.Long Street
WILLIAMS William HenryGrocer & Tea DealerMarket Place
WOOD JamesCarpenter/Joiner/BuilderNear Parsonage Street
WOOD JohnCard Maker - WireParsonage Street
WORKMAN Cs.Grocer & Tea DealerWoodmancote
YOUNG HenryAttorneyLong Street
YOUNG HenryBrewerLong Street
YOUNG JamesAttorneyWoodmancote
YOUNG JohnTaverns/Public HousesGeorge, Cambridge

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 21st October 1993]