Fairford, Lechlade & Neighbourhoods, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

"FAIRFORD is in the hundred of Bright-wells Barrow and lied 8 miles from Cirencester in the Cotswolds. The foundation of the church was by opulent merchant John TAME who in 1493 brought stained glass from Italy. The Lord of the Manor in 1830 was John Raymond BARKER Esq. In 1821 the parish contained 1,547 inhabitants." "LECHLADE lies about four miles from Fairford and is near where the Counties of Wilts, Bucks and Gloucester unite. George MILWARD was Lord of the Manor in 1830. In 1821 Lechlade had a population of 1,154 inhabitants."
ADAMS William Blacksmith Fairford
ANDREWS Joseph Gent Lechlade
ANDREWS William Saddler Fairford
ANGELL William Tailor Lechlade
AVERY Robert Miller Quenington
BAKER John Baker Fairford
BAKER John Maltster Fairford
BARKER John R. Esq. Fairford Park
BARR Elizabeth Ironmonger Lechlade
BARR Joseph Royal Exchange Fire Off. Lechlade
BARR Joseph Grocer / Draper Lechlade
BARRETT James Butcher Fairford
BATTERTON Rose Ironmonger Fairford
BEACH Michael H. Esq. Williamstrip Park
BEAL Edward Tailor Fairford
BEAL John Tailor Lechlade
BEAL John Watch Maker Fairford
BEAL Thomas Tailor Fairford
BEALE Elizabeth Milliner / Dressmaker Fairford
BEALE John Linen Weaver Fairford
BEENHAM Thomas Schoolmaster Charity Free School, Fairford
BENNETT Edward Revd. Leigh, Lechlade
BOSBERRY Robert Miller Fairford Mill
BOSBERRY Robert Painter/Plumber/Glazier Fairford
BOULTON Robert Carrier Fairford
BRIGHT John Edward Surgeon Lechlade
BROOKES Robert Painter/Plumber/Glazier Lechlade
BROWN Thomas Gent. Colne
BURGE John Saddler Fairford
CASWELL Jno. Carrier Fairford
CASWELL John Baker Fairford
CHURCH Henry Revd. Fairford
CLACK Charles Boot & Shoe Maker Lechlade
CLACK Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Lechlade
CLINCH David Cooper Fairford
CLINCH John Cooper Fairford
COCKBILL Daniel Carpenter Lechlade
COCKBILL Daniel Wheelwright Lechlade
COLLETT Henry Butcher Fairford
COMBLEY Thomas Slater / Plasterer Fairford
CONSTABLE Richard Fishmonger Lechlade
COOKE William Slater / Plasterer Lechlade
CORNWALL Charles Surgeon Lunatic Asylum Fairford
CORNWALL Charles Surgeon Fairford
COULING Dorothy Shopkeeper Fairford
COWLEY Robert Stone Mason Fairford
COX Peter Civil Engineer Fairford
CRESWELL Sackville Revd. Bibury
CROUCH Christopher Surveyor & Land Agent Fairford
CROUCH William Protector Fire Office Fairford
DAWKINS Nicholas Innkeeper Bull Inn, Fairford
DAWSON John Baker Fairford
DAY Charles Boot & Shoe Maker Lechlade
DUTTON James Hon. Bibury House
EDGE Joseph Shopkeeper Colne
EVANS Daniel Auctioneer Fairford
FARMER Richard Stone Mason Lechlade
GEORGE William Grocer / Draper Lechlade
GILES James Tailor Fairford
GILES Richard Clothes Dealer Fairford
GILES William Maltster Lechlade
GILES William Miller Lechlade
GOULDING Robert Grocer / Draper Lechlade
GREEN Walter Maltster Fairford
GREENHALF Thomas Innkeeper New Inn, Lechlade
HALL William Postmaster Lechlade
HALL William & Thomas Grocer / Draper Lechlade
HANKS William Carrier Fairford
HAWKINS John Wheelwright Fairford
HAWKINS John Carpenter Fairford
HAWKINS Joseph Schoolmaster Lechlade
HAYWARD Robert Baker Fairford
HEWER Richard Tailor & Draper Fairford
HIGNALL Robert Boot & Shoe Maker Fairford
HILL Isaac Stay Maker Lechlade
HONEYBONE Richard Watch Maker Fairford
HONOR Thomas Tavern / Public House Crown Inn, Lechlade
HOOPER Jeremiah Baker Colne
HOOPER Jeremiah Miller Colne
HUGHES Stephen Blacksmith Lechlade
ILES Alexander Prop: Lunatic Asylum Fairford
ILES Elizabeth Milliner / Dressmaker Fairford
ILES Richard Carrier Fairford
ILES Richard Auctioneer Fairford
ILES Richard Globe Fire Office Agent Fairford
ILES Richard Grocer / Draper Fairford
INMAN Mary Baker Fairford
IVIN Richard Shopkeeper Quenington
IVIN Richard Stone Mason Quenington
JACOBS John Butcher Lechlade
JOHNSON Thomas Butcher Lechlade
JONES Thomas Day & Boarding School Fairford
JONES William Revd. Lechlade
JOY James Boot & Shoe Maker Lechlade
JOY Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker Lechlade
JUSTER William Tailor Lechlade
KEBLE John Revd. Fairford
KEBLE John junr Revd. Fairford
KENT Thomas Shopkeeper Fairford
KENT Thomas Maltster Fairford
KEYLOCK William Carrier Fairford
KNIGHT Charles Boot & Shoe Maker Fairford
KNIGHT Edward Boot & Shoe Maker Fairford
LAWRENCE William Shopkeeper Colne
LEA Stephen Tailor Fairford
LEIGH Francis Revd. Hatherop House
LOCKWOOD John Maltster Lechlade
LOCKWOOD John Wine & Spirit Merchant Lechlade
LOUGHTON John Wheelwright Fairford
LOUGHTON John Carpenter Fairford
LUDLOW Henry Tavern / Public House Red Lion Inn, Lechlade
MABBATT Robert Blacksmith Fairford
MARGETTS Cornelius Carpenter Fairford
MARGETTS Cornelius Shopkeeper Quenington
MATTHEWS Richard Tavern / Public House Swan Inn, Lechlade
MILLER Thomas Butcher Fairford
MILLS John Tailor Fairford
MILLWARD George Esq. Manor House, Lechlade
MINCHIN William Butcher Fairford
MITCHELLS William Carpenter Fairford
MONDAY William Tavern / Public House Bell Inn, Lechlade
NASH Elizabeth Mrs. Lechlade
PACE Richard & Son Surveyor Builder Architect Lechlade
PETERS John William Revd. Quenington
PINNOCK James Cooper Lechlade
PODMORE William Grocer / Draper Fairford
POPE Richard Shopkeeper Colne
PORTER John Maltster Colne
PRICE John Grocer / Draper Fairford
PRICE Robert Gent Quenington
RADWAY Joshua Carby Paper Maker Quenington Mill
RICE Francis Revd. Fairford
RIXON John Miller Lower Mill Lechlade
ROBINS Jasper Tailor Lechlade
ROSE Richard Machine Maker Fairford
ROSE Richard Tavern / Public House White Hart Inn, Fairford
RYMAN William Coal Merchant Lechlade
SAUNDERS William Blacksmith Fairford
SAVORY Jno Blacksmith & Ironfounder Fairford
SCRIVEN Thomas Slater / Plasterer Fairford
SHUGER Thomas Coal Merchant Lechlade
SIMPSON William Maltster Colne
SLAYTER George Surgeon Lechlade
SMITH Robert Tailor Fairford
SMITH William Baker Lechlade
SPICER Francis Carpenter Lechlade
STANLEY Richard Saddler Lechlade
STEVENS George Tailor Lechlade
STEVENS William Saddler Fairford
STRONG George Stone Mason Fairford
THOMAS William Revd. Fairford
THOMPSON Edward Wool Stapler Fairford
TOVEY Edward Gardener &c. Lechlade
TOVEY Henry & Robert Miller Fairford
TOVEY Henry & Robert Maltster Fairford
TOVEY John Slater / Plasterer Fairford
TOVEY Robert Slater / Plasterer Lechlade
TOVEY William Painter/Plumber/Glazier Lechlade
TOVEY William Slater / Plasterer Fairford
TOWNSEND John Gent. Fairford
TRUBY Giles Butcher Lechlade
TUCKWELL William Gent. Colne
TURNER Thomas Grocer / Draper Lechlade
VINES Jacob & Samuel Maltster Fairford
WACE Catherine Mrs. Lechlade
WAKEFIELD Charles ---- Quenington
WAKEFIELD John Boot & Shoe Maker Fairford
WALKER Richard Gent. Lechlade
WALKLET William Wheelwright Lechlade
WANE John Hurst Wine & Spirit Merchant Fairford
WANE Jonathan Esq. Fairford
WANE William Gent Fairford
WEBB Jane Shopkeeper Fairford
WHEELER William Ironmonger Lechlade
WHEELER William Blacksmith Lechlade
WHETMATH Charles Basket Maker Fairford
WICKES William Shopkeeper Fairford
WICKES William Coal Merchant Fairford
WILKINS Richard Baker Fairford
WILLIAMS John Baker Lechlade
WILLIS Thomas Baker Lechlade
WILLIS Thomas Confectioner Lechlade
WILSON John Grocer / Draper Fairford
WILSON Robert Innkeeper George Inn, Fairford
WILSON Robert Postmaster Fairford
YEATMAN Henry Apothecary &c. Lechlade
YELLS David Confectioner Fairford

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 22nd October 1993]