Fairford, Gloucestershire


Extract from Slater's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1850

Transcription by Paul A. Best © 2006


Fairford is a parish in the hundred of Brightwells Barrow - the market town is 80 miles W. by N. from London, 25 S.E by E from Gloucester, and 8 E. from Cirencester (the nearest railway town) ; situated at the foot of the Cotswold hills, near the banks of the river Colne, in an exceedingly fertile and pleasent county The town is governed by a constable and two tythingmen under him, appointed at the court leet of the lord of the manor, John Raymond Barker, Esq. held annually in October. The magistrates hold petty sessions monthly, at the George Hotel ; and a county court is held once during the same period, under the County Court Act of 1846, for the recovery of any small amounts not exceeding £20. There or two or three good inns in this town - the Bull may be spoken of as a comfortable commercial, and good posting house ; and it has the peculiar recommendation of a fine trout stream (well preserved), which flows through the grounds of the establishment.

Fairford may be said to have obtained its celebrity from its beautiful church, and the exquisitly painted glass that adorns its windows. This eligant building (dedicated to Saint Mary) owes its foundation to an opulent merchant, John Tame, who, about the year 1492 captured a Flemish vessel, bound Rome, on board of which was a quantity of valuble stained glass ; and, having purchased the manor of Fairford, commenced building the church, in 1493, for the reception of the glass -- but, dying in 1500, it was completed by his son, Sir Edmund Tame, Knight. The imperfections now apparent in the windowws originated in the taking them down during the civil war, to preserve them from the indiscriminating zeal of the fanatics.

The assemblage here displayed in this peculiar art is unrivalled, except by the windows of King's College chapel, and is well worth the inpection of all who feel interested in the church decoration. The living of Fairford is a vicarage, in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Gloucester cathedral : the present incumbent is the Rev. Francis William Rice. There are places of worship for Baptists, Independents and Roman Catholics -- the later of recent erection. 'Fairford Retreat' and Asylum, is an admirably conducted establishment for the reception and cure of persons affected with nervous or mental diseases ; and the managment of the cases of this description is conducted with the first rate skills, and upon the the most appoved systems applicable to the respective patients. The grounds and gardens belonging to the Retreat are extensive, and the locality is well known for its salubrity. The market is held on Thursday, and the fairs May 14th, and November 12th, for cattle, sheep, and pedlery. The parish contained, in 1831, 1,547 inhabitants, and in 1841, 1,672.

LEACHLADE is a parish and small market town, in the same hundred as, and between 3 and 4 miles east from Fairford ; situated near the point where the counties of Wilts, Berks and Gloucester unite. The town, which is pleasant and neatly built, stands near the margin of the Isis (afterwards the Thames), and consists principally of one long and wide street. George Milward Esq., is lord of the manor, and hold a court leet triennially, when a constable, and tythingmen are appointed. The church of Saint Lawrence is as beautiful edifice, of the style of architecture that prevailed in the the reign of Edward VII ; it is adorned with a noble spire, which, for symmetrical proportion, may vie with any in the county : the living is a rectory, of which the Rev. Henry Carnegir Knox is the patron and incumbent. A chapel each for Baptists and Independents, and a school, conducted upon the national plan, are within the parish. The market, which is now little noticed, is held on Friday ; and a fair September 9th. The Population of the parish by the returns made to the government in 1831, was 1,244, and by those for 1841, 1,300.

POST OFFICE, Fairford, John Wilson, Post Master. -- Letters from London and all parts arrive every morning at half - past five, and afternoon (Sunday excepted) at half - past three, and are despatched every morning (Sunday excepted) at eight, and evening at the same hour.

POST OFFICE, Lechlade, John Lockwoos, Post Master. -- Letters from London and all parts arrive every morning (Sunday excepted) at a quarter before four, and afternoon at a quarter before three, and are despatched every morning (Sunday excepted) at eight, and evening at twenty minutes past eight.



Arkell Mrs Hannah Fairford.
Barker John Raymond Esq Fairford Pak.
Beach Michael H. Esq. Williamstrip Park.
Carter Mr John Fairford.
Cole Captain William John, R.N. Lechlade.
Dawkins Mr John Fairford.
De Mauley Right Hon Lord, Hatherop.
Dutton Hon. James Bibury House.
Frise Rev. John Fairford.
Gearing Mr William Lechlade.
Giles Mr Willaim Lechlade.
Humphreys Miss Mary Fairford.
Knox Rev. John Fleetwood Fairford.
Mauley Mr Robert Thomas Fairford.
Milward George Esq. Lechlade.
Nicholson Rev. Mark Anthony Fairford.
Parker Mr Henry Fairford.
Payne Mr George Fairford.
Rice Rev. Francis William Fairford.
Rickards Mrs Mary Lechlade.
Smith Charles R. Esq. Southerop.
Thomas Mr Benjamin Fairford.
Thomas Rev. William Fairford.
Vines Mr Samuel Fairford.


Free School Fairford. William Russell master, Louisa Hinton mistress. Fairford.
Iles Jane & Elizabeth (boarding & day) Fairford.
Kemp Mr & Mrs (ladies boarding) Fairford.
Miller Robert (boarding & day) Fairford.
National School Lechlade, Frederick Price master, Ann Price mistress.
Savory Jane Fairford.
Wills Rev. Charles (boarding and day) Lechlade.


Crook Noah Fairford.
Dawson John Fairford.
George Martha Lechlade
Giles James Fairford.
Godwin Edward Lechlade.
Haines John & Alfred Fairford.
Hayward Mary Fairford.
Hemmings Edward Lechlade.
Jones Thomas Lechlade.
Telling William Fairford.
Tovey Robert and Ann Fairford.
Willis John Lechlade.


Dawes James Fairford.
King Moses Fairford.
Whetmath Charles Faiford.


Harrison Henry Fairford.
Richards Charles Fairford.
Saunders Mathew Fairford.
Saunders Thomas Fairford.
Savoury John (& Iron Founder) Fairford.
Wheeler Edward (& Plough maker) Lechlade.
Wheeler William Lechlade.
Willis Henry Lechlade.


Bond James Fairford.
Clack Charles Lechlade.
Clack George Lechlade.
Cowley John Lechlade.
Cowley Robert Fairford.
Day Charles Lechlade.
Day Warren Lechlade.
Godwin William Lechlade.
Herbert Charles Fairford.
Knight Ann Fairford.
Knight Edward Fairford.


Harvey John & Giles Fairford.
Mitchell John & Thomas Fairford.
Pace Richard Lechlade.
Spicer Richard Lechlade.


Hiett William Lechlade.
Miller Thomas Fairford.
Slatter George Lechlade.
Slatter Richard Fairford.


Cockbill Daniel Lechlade.
Hall Thomas Fairford.
Loughton George Fairford.
Mitchell John & Thomas Fairford.
Spicer William Lechlade.
Walker Thomas Lechlade.


Dance & Wall (& News Agents) Fairford.
Matthews Simon Lechlade.


Adams Joseph Lechlade.
Painter John Fairford.
Phipp Thomas Lechlade.
Ryan William Robert Lechlade.


Dawson John Fairford.Haines John & Alfred Fairford.
Strange Anthony Fairford.
Willis John Lechlade.


Clinch David Fairford.
Pinnock James Lechlade.
Shurmer Thomas M Lechlade.


Accidental Death George Symmonds White Fairford.
Alfred (life) George Symmonds White Fairford.
English Widows Fund (life) Dance & Wall Fairford.
Farmers & General Dance & Wall Fairford ; John Fowler Lechlade.
Imperila Richard Iles Fairford ; Thomas & Thomas Hall Lechlade.
Norwich Union Joseph Adams Lechlade
Phoenix Fire William Crouch Fairford ; Simon Matthews Lechlade.
Royal Exchange John Lochwood Lechlade.
Sun George Symmonds White Fairford.
United Kingdom Cattle Richard Iles Fairford.


Herbert Charles Fairford.
Sewell Thomas Fairford.
Tovey Edward Lechlade.


Dance & Wall Fairford.
George Martha Lechlade.
Hall Thomas & Thomas Lechlade.
Lea Thomas Fairford.
Matthews Richard Fairford.
Mitchell Thomas Fairford.
Price Charles James Fairford.
Wakefield William Fairford.
Willis Silvester Lechlade.


Kitton John Charles Fairford.
Tame Thomas Lechlade.


Bull Hotel commercial and posting and coach office John Nash Ferris Fairford.
George, Richard Iles Fairford.
New Inn (& inland revenue office) John Jacobs Lechlade.
Swan, James Harrex Lechlade.
White Hart, Luke Cross Fairford.


Freeman Richard Lechlade.
Hayward Robert Fairford.
Richard Charles Fairford.


Adams Joseph Lechlade.
Jones Thomas Lechlade.
Tovey Robert & Ann Fairford.
Watts Joseph Lechlade.


Jones Thomas Lechlade
Smith Edward Little Farringdon.
Tovey Thomas Fairford.
Walker Richard Lechlade.


Beale Elizabeth Fairford
Brown Mary Ann Fairford.
Day Hannah Fairford.
Hopkins Jane Fairford.
Inman Mary & Ann Fairford.
Wheeler Elizabeth Lechlade.


Clifton John Lechlade.
Haywood Robert Fairford.
Tovey Edward Lechlade.
Tovey George Fairford.
Wentworth Eliza Lechlade.
Winkus Eleanor Lechlade.


Burge Ann Truby (& fellmonger) Fairford.
Slatter Joseph Lechlade.


Boyce John Lechlade.
Cole William Lechlade.
Cowley Isaac Fairford.
Forty John Fairford.
Godwin William Lechlade.
Hewer Jeremiah Fairford.
Honeyborne Elizabeth Fairford.
Miles Caroline Mar Lechlade.
Robins Jasper Lechlade.
Salmon William Fairford.
Tovey Ann Lechlade.
Tovey Robert Lechlade.
Townsend Joseph ( & marine store dealor) Fairford.
Vines Jacob Fairford.


Combley Thomas Fairford.
Tovey John Fairford.


Cowl*y Isaac Fairford.
Harvey John & Giles Fairford.
Lane Willam Lechlade.


Brown Mar Ann Fairford.
Clinch Ann Fairford.
Richards Sarah Fairford.


Cornwall Charles Fairford.
Higgon William Fairford.
MacCormack Michael M.D Lechlade.
Powell Alfred Lechlade.


Crouch William Fairford.
Pace Richard Lechlade.


Hewer Jeremiah Fairford.
Higgs Thomas Lechlade.
Howard Charles Fairford.
Lea Thomas Fairford.
Price Charles Fairford.
Robins Jasper (& hatter) Lechlade.
Shewrey Thomas Lechlade.
Smithe Bartholomew Fairford.
Stevens Charles Lechlade.


Bell, George Hawkins Lechlade.
Bull Inn Tap, John Naish Ferris Fairford.
Crown, Robert Miller (& sheep dealer) Lechlade.
Red Lion, John Jacobs Lechlade.
Trout, Bejamin Hodges Lechlade.


Baldwin Thomas Lechlade.
Crook Noah Fairford.
Fletcher Richard Fairford.
Forty John Fairford.
Goodman Philip Fairford.
Green Walter Fairford.
Hunt William Fairford.
James Thomas Fairford.
Marshall William Fairford.
Mutlow Daniel Fairford.
Newman Susannah Lechlade.
Phipp William Lechlade.
Salmon William Fairford.
Strange Anthony Fairford.
Wakefield Joseph Fairford.


Beale John Fairford.
Freeman Richard Lechlade.
Honeybone George Fairford.


Cockbill Daniel Lechlade.
Hawkins John Fairford.
Hinks William Fairford.
Loughton George Fairford.
Walklet William Lechlade.


Lockwood John Lechlade.
Wane John Hurst (& brick and tile maker) Fairford.


Brown Richard cabinet maker and upholsterer Fairford.
Chapman Alfred China and earthenware dealer Lechlade.
Crouch William conveyancer Fairford.
Fairford Retreat (Lunatic Asylum) Fairford --- Messrs Alexander Iles & Sons, proprietors and managers ; Mr James Cornwall, resident surgeon.
Ferris John Naish, mail contractor and coach proprietor Fairford.
Fox John Berlin wool dealer Lechlade.
Frankis Charles sack and twine maker Fairford.
Green William mealman Fairford.
Hoare Jno inland revenue officer Lechlade.
Lewis Robert brazier & tinman Fairford.
Mackelcan George Josiah agricultural implement maker Lechlade.
Matthews Simon actuary to Savings Bank and assessor and collector of taxes Lechlade.
Police Station Fairford Isaac Bayli serjeant.
Police Station Lechlade Thos Clark constable.
Price Charles James sub distyibuter of stamps Fairford.
Rose Richard millwright Fairford.
Slatter Thomas corn dealer Fairford.
Wakefield Hosph auctioneer & appraiser Fairford.
White George Symmonds clerk to the magistrates Fairford.


To Faringdon Road Station, the Royal Mail, from the Bull Hotel Fairford, every morning (Sunday excepted) at eight, and a Mail Cart, from the Post Office, every evening at a quarter befor eight.


The nearest Station is at Cirencester, on the Western Union, a line in conextion with the Great Western Railway, 8 miles w. from Fairford.
Faringdon Road Station on the Great Western line is 14 miles s.se from Fairford and 101/2 from Lechlade.


To Cirencester, --- Giles, from the White Hart Fairford, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and George Hawkins, from his house, Lechlade, Monday and Friday.
To Faringdon, John Kent's van, from the White Hart Fairford, daily ; Henry Bradford, from same house, on Monday and George Hawkins from Lechlade, on Tuesday.
To Highworth George Hawkins from his house, Lechlade, Wednesday.

[Transcribed by Paul A. Best in March 2006 from a personal copy of the Directory]