Gloucester, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

The following list of names, occupations and addresses has been transcribed from microfiche of Pigot's Directory of 1830 for the City of Gloucester.

In many instances a person is listed under more than one trade or occupation and is therefore listed more than once in the directory. No attempt has been made to eliminate these duplications.

In the returns for 1821, the City of Gloucester had 9,744 inhabitants.

There used to be such a an abundance of salmon in the River Severn, that it became customary for a clause in the indentures for apprentices stating that they should not be obliged to eat salmon oftener than a certain number of days in the week.!!!!

ABELL & CLUTTERBUCKAttorneyBlackfriars
ABELL AnnTavern / Public HouseThe Fox, Mercer's Entry,Westgate St
ABRAHAMS MichaelClothes DealerSouthgate Street
ADY RichardGentBarton Street
ALLEN ElizabethMilliner / Dress MakerFarmery
ALLEN GeorgePlasterer / SlaterNorthgate Street
ALLEN RichardDay SchoolBlackfriars
ALLEN WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerSouthgate Street
ALLEN WilliamBlacksmithSpring Gardens
ALLEN WilliamWhitesmithSt Catherine Street
ALLIES WalterChymist / DruggistWestgate Street
AMES GeorgeShip BrokerQuay
AMES GeorgeCommercial AgentQuay
AMES GeorgeWharfingerQuay
ANDREWS JohnSoap ManufacturerLower Northgate Street
ANDREWS JohnGrocer / Tea DealerLower Northgate Street
ANDREWS JohnTallow ChandlerLower Northgate Street
ANDREWS Jos.Grocer / Tea DealerLower Northgate Street
ASTLEY RichardRevd.Wotton
BAGLEY JohnTavern / Public HouseSwan & Falcon, Bolt Lane
BAILEY JohnRevd.Barnwood
BAILEY ThomasSaddler & Harness MakerWestgate Street
BAILEY WilliamSaddler & Harness MakerWestgate Street
BAIRD HanselBakerWestgate Street
BAIRD HanselGrocer / Tea DealerWestgate Street
BAKER T.I.L.Esq.Hardwick Court
BALDWIN JosephTavern / Public HouseMaidenhead, North Street
BALL GeorgeMajor3 Norfolk Terrace
BALLINGER WilliamTavern / Public HouseBishop Blaize, Barton Street
BAND JamesTavern / Public HouseMarquis of Granby, Barton Street
BANKS EdwardRevd. Prebendary 
BARKWORTH & SPALDINGTimber MerchantCanal Basin
BARNARD AmbroseBank of England AgentNorthgate Street
BARNARD SamuelTavern / Public HouseThe Fleece, Cheltenham Road
BARNES JohnCheesemonger / Bacon DlrEastgate Street
BARON JohnPhysicianBear Land
BARRETT CharlesTavern / Public HouseGeorge (Upper), Westgate Street
BARRETT RobertPainter House / SignCloisters
BARRY Misses Palace Yard
BAYLIS JohnShopkeeperNorthgate Street
BAYLIS ThomasBakerWestgate Street
BAYLIS ThomasGrocer / Tea DealerWestgate Street
BAYLIS Wm. HumphrisWoolstaplerLower Northgate Street
BAYLY F.T. Revd.ChaplainLunatic Asylum
BAYNON JohnShopkeeperSouthgate Street
BEARD GeorgeCoal DealerQuay Street
BEARD MaryTavern / Public HouseDuke of Gloucester, Quay Street
BEDWELL FrancisGentBarton Street
BELCHER CharlesTavern / Public HouseThe Pelican, Water Street
BENNETT WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerLower Northgate Street
BETHEL ChristopherRt Revd. Lord BishopPalace
BETTISS GeorgeTimber MerchantCanal Basin
BEVAN BenjaminConfectionerEastgate Street
BICK EdwinBoot & Shoe MakerSouthgate Street
BICK GeorgeBlacksmithLondon Road
BILLINGHAM PhoebeDay SchoolMelton Place, London Road
BINING SarahToy DealerBolt Lane
BIRD JohnBoat /Barge BuilderCanal Basin
BIRD JohnShip BuilderCanal Basin
BLACKFORD AnnConfectionerWestgate Street
BLACKFORD BenjaminSaddler & Harness MakerWestgate Street
BLETCHLEY EnosTailorSt Aldate Street
BLOXSOME JamesHorse & Groom,White Hart, Southgate Street
BLUNDELL ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerEastgate Street
BOND JosephNursery / SeedsmanEastgate Street
BOND WilliamTavern / Public HouseThe Red Lion, Barton Street
BONNOR BenjaminSavings BankWestgate Street
BONNOR BenjaminAttorneyCollege Green
BONNOR BenjaminProctorCollege Green
BONNOR BenjaminRoyal Exchange Fire AgentCollege Green
BONNOR CharlesAuctioneer / AppraiserWestgate Street
BOSLEY ThomasChymist / DruggistNorthgate Street
BOUGHTON EdmundIronmongerWestgate Street
BOUGHTON EdmundCurrier / Leather DealerWestgate Street
BOURN WilliamShopkeeperSouthgate Street
BOWDEN HenryCurrier / Leather DealerNorthgate Street
BOWDEN JohnCurrier / Leather DealerWestgate Street
BOWER EdwardCurrier / Leather DealerEastgate Street
BRADLEY ThomasTavern / Public HouseNew Bear, Bolt Lane
BRAINSFORD EdwardTavern / Public HouseGolden Cock, Hare Lane
BRETHERTON AnthonyPerfumer / Hair DresserEastgate Street
BRETHERTON EdwardCheesemonger / Bacon DlrWestgate Street
BREWER ThomasTavern / Public HouseThe Nag;s Head, Westgate Street
BRIMALL MaryTavern / Public HouseThe Bolt, Bolt Lane
BRIMMELL JamesRope & Sacking MakerEastgate Street
BRIMMELL WilliamRope & Sacking MakerSouthgate Street
BROWNMiss3 Norfolk Street
BROWNThe Hon. Mrs.Worcester Street
BROWNMrs.London Road
BROWN & SonWharfingerCanal Basin
BROWN FrancisAttorneyLongsmith Street
BROWN FrancisMaltsterWestgate Street
BROWN JohnPatten / Clog MakerEastgate Street
BROWN RobertWatch & Clock MakerWestgate Street
BROWN WilliamAttorneyConstitution House
BROWN WilliamIronmongerEastgate Street
BRUORTON WilliamCarpenter / JoinerSt Mary's Square
BRUOTON WilliamAuctioneer / AppraiserWestgate Street
BULGIN JohnBookseller / StationerWestgate Street
BULLOCK GeorgePainter House / SignWorcester Street
BULLOCK JohnAuctioneer / AppraiserNorthgate Street
BULLOCK JohnTavern / Public HouseThe Plough, Lower Northgate Street
BULLOCK PeterTavern / Public HouseNorfolk Arms, Castle Street
BURGESS JohnCork CutterWestgate Street
BURROWS Mary AnnMilliner / Dress MakerWorcester Street
BURRUP ? JohnAttorneyBerkeley Street
BUSSELL ElizabethBuilderWestgate Street
BUSSELL JohnBuilderLongsmith Street
BUSSELL WilliamBuilderKing Street
BUTLER JohnCommissary GeneralBrunswick Cottage
BUTT RichardSoap ManufacturerWestgate Street
BUTT RichardTallow ChandlerWestgate Street
BUTT RichardWine & Spirit MerchantWestgate Street
BYARD RichardCarpenter / JoinerQuay Street
BYLES James HodgeEsq.Bowden Hall
CALTON ThomasPerfumer / Hair DresserWestgate Street
CAMPBELL ColenCaptainBrunswick Square
CANNING RobertEsq.Hartpury
CARGILL ,JohnCivil EngineerSt Mary's Square
CARPENTER ThomasBuilderLondon Road
CARTER JosephAttorneyBarton Street
CARTER JosephSun Fire AgentBarton Street
CARTER Richard HodgesAttorneyBell Lane
CARTER WilliamCorn & Flour DealerWestgate Street
CARVETH RichardGrocer / Tea DealerSouthgate Street
CASE GeorgeCarver / GuilderEastgate Street
CASTLE AnnDay SchoolBarton Street
CASTREE JosiahSurveyor - Land etcBarton Street
CASTREE WilliamProtector Fire AgentCollege Street
CASTREE WilliamLibrarianGloucester Permanent, College Court
CHADBORN Jno.Law Life AgentBarton Street
CHADBORN JohnAttorneyBarton Street
CHANDLER PowellCurrier / Leather DealerKing Street
CHANDLER Richd. PowellTavern / Public HouseThe Boot, Westgate Street
CHARLES JamesCarpenter / JoinerEastgate Street
CHESTERTON JohnMaltsterSouthgate Street
CHESTERTON JohnTavern / Public HouseThe Talbot, Southgate Street
CHESTON Jos. B.Revd.Longford House
CLARK JosephInspector of TaxesKings' Holm
CLARK ThomasBakerSouthgate Street
CLARK ThomasMaltsterSouthgate Street
CLARK WilliamPlasterer / SlaterEastgate Street
CLAXSON BenjaminEsq.Eastgate Street
CLAXSON Benjamin S.Revd.Eastgate Street
CLAYTON WilliamVeterinary SurgeonWorcester Street
CLIFFORDMissesBrunswick Square
CLOSE EphraimBrewerAlvin Street
CLUTTERBUCK CharlesSurgeonNorthgate Street
CLUTTERBUCK DanielMaltsterSt John Street
CLUTTERBUCK MaryTavern / Public HouseRoe Buck, Northgate Street
CLUTTERBUCK ObadiahCabinet Maker/UpholstererBarton Street
COLEMAN Wm ThomasComptroller Customs HouseCuston House, St Mary's Square
COLEY RichardAttorneyBlackfriars
COLEY RichardAlliance Fire AgentBlackfriars
COLLERICK JaneTavern / Public HouseCrown & Thistle, Barton Street
COLLINGHAM WilliamShopkeeperWestgate Street
COLLINGWOOD JohnArchitect / SurveyorFolley Place, Barton Street
COMMELINE SamuelAttorneyBear Land
COOK CharlesTavern / Public HouseThe Sun Dial, Southgate Street
COOK EdmundWine & Spirit MerchantWestgate Street
COOK JohnTavern / Public HouseThe Red Lion, Lower Northgate St.
COOK JohnTavern / Public HouseThe Swan, Westgate Street
COOK ReubenBakerLower Northgate Street
COOK SamuelMaltsterLower Northgate Street
COOK ThomasTavern / Public HouseThe Dolphin, Northgate Street
COOKE CharlesPlumber / GlazierQuay Street
COOKE HenryPlasterer / SlaterNear Brunswick Square
COOKE JamesBuilderLower Northgate Street
COOKE JamesStone & Marble MasonLower Northgate Street
COOKE Jno. FreemanSurgeonCollege Green
COOKE JohnProctor & County CoronerHalf Street
COOKE Philip B.AttorneyWorcester Street
COOKE RobertPlasterer / SlaterHare Lane
COOKE WilliamGentLower Northgate Street
COOPER Robert JennynRevd.2 Beaufort Buildings
CORNISH DanielMaltsterLower Northgate Street
CORNISH JohnCooperNorthgate Street
CORTES WilliamSaddler & Harness MakerLower Northgate Street
COTHER WilliamEsq.Wotton
COTHER WilliamSurgeonBerkeley Street
COTTON Jos.Tavern / Public HouseThe Sun Dial, St Mary's Square
COUNSEL George WorrallAttorneyCollege Green
COUNSELL Geo. WorrallProctorCollege Green
COURT John & JosephCoach Builder/Harness MkrLower Northgate Street
COWLES HenryShopkeeperLongsmith Street
COX Buchanan & SonEdge Tool MakerBerkeley Street
COX CharlotteStraw Hat MakerCollege Street
COX ElizaDay SchoolParker's Row
COX GeorgeConfectionerCollege Street
COX IsaacCoal DealerCanal Basin
COX ThomasPlumber / GlazierLower Northgate Street
COX WilliamStay MakerEastgate Street
COX WilliamTurnerBerkeley Street
CRADDOCK JamesTailorBerkeley Street
CRADDOCK JohnTailorSt Aldate Street
CRADDOCK ThomasTailorSouthgate Street
CRADOCK CharlesFishmongerWestgate Street
CREED JohnAuctioneer / AppraiserWotton
CREED WilliamShopkeeperWestgate Street
CRIPPS CharlesBank of England AgentNorthgate Street
CRIPPS CharlesEsq.Northgate Street
CRITCHLEY MariaInn KeeperGreyhound, Eastgate Street
CRITCHLEY WilliamTavern / Public HouseThe Mermaid, Quay Street
CROOK WilliamAttorneyHalf Street
CULLIS WilliamBakerNorthgate Street
CUNNINGHAM ThomasGovernor County Gaol-------
CURTIS A.F.HaywardMrs.Quedgeley House
CURTIS ThomasCoal DealerWestgate Street
DANCE ThomasAttorneySouthgate Street
DANIELL EdwardEsq.13 Brunswick Square
DANIELL EdwardBarrister13 Brunswick Square
DANIELL GeorgePainter House / SignEastgate Street
DANIELL JohnCarpenter / JoinerWestgate Street
DAVIE John ChristieSurgeonWorcester Street
DAVIESMrs.6 Wellington Parade
DAVIESMissAlfred Place, Bristol Road.
DAVIES ThomasBookseller / StationerLower Northgate Street
DAVIS GilbertFishmongerWestgate Street
DAVIS JamesCollector's ClerkCuston House, St Mary's Square
DAVIS JaneMilliner / Dress MakerPalace Street
DAVIS SamuelTavern / Public HouseThe Welsh Harp, London Road
DAVIS ThomasAttorneyBell Lane
DAVIS ThomasProctorBell Lane
DAVIS ThomasWheelwrightDockham
DEIGHTON JamesEsq.Northgate Street
DENTON BenjaminButcherWestgate Street
DEVONPORT JohnPainter House / SignWestgate Street
DEW CarolineBoarding SchoolBarton Street
DEWEY JamesBuilderFolley Place, Barton Street
DIKE DanielTailor & DraperWestgate Street
DILKESCaptain Royal NavyNorfolk Street, Spa.
DOBBIN RichardTavern / Public HouseThe Lamb, St Mary's Square
DOBBINS JohnBoot & Shoe MakerWestgate Street
DODD RobertPatten / Clog MakerWestgate Street
DOWELL BenjaminTallow ChandlerWestgate Street
DOWELL BenjaminGrocer / Tea DealerWestgate Street
DOWLING Jno.Horse & Groom,King's Head Hotel, Westgate Street
DRAPER JamesPlumber / GlazierSt Aldate Street
DRAPER WilliamPainter House / SignSt Aldate Street
DRINKWATER JamesBakerSouthgate Street
DUDFIELD SamuelVeterinary SurgeonBolt Lane
DURNFORD & Co.Pin ManufacturerNew Inn Lane
DYER WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerWestgate Street
EBSWORTH RichardContractor of TollsNorfolk Street, Spa
EDMUNDS ThomasTailorWestgate Street
EDWARDS & HAWKINSIronmongerSouthgate Street
EDWARDS JohnBaker & GrocerNorfolk Buildings, Spa
ELTON ElizabethMissBarton Street
EMBLEY RichardConfectionerNorthgate Street
EVANSMrs.Fly Grove
EVANS A.B. RevdHeadmasterCathedral School
EVANS Arthur BenoniRevd.Cloisters
EVANS DavidCoal DealerQuay Street
EVANS DavidTavern / Public HouseThree Kings, Quay Street
EVANS GeorgeStone & Marble MasonCanal Basin
EVANS H.B.Revd.Fly Grove
EVANS ThomasRevd.College Green
EVANS Thomas Revd.Second MasterCathedral School
EVANS WilliamWhitesmithHare Lane
EVANS William MaitinAttorneySt Mary's Square
FARR JoshuaNational Boarding SchoolLower Northgate Street
FISHER BenjaminCurrier / Leather DealerWestgate Street
FISHER JamesTavern / Public HouseThe Squirrel, Southgate Street
FISHER JohnMillerBarton Street Mill
FISHER JohnCorn & Flour DealerLower Northgate Street
FISHER ThomasTavern / Public HouseThe Trumpet, Littleworth
FLETCHER ElizabethMrs.Barton Street
FLETCHER RalphSurgeonBarton Street
FORD EdwinMaltsterLower Northgate Street
FORD JosephCheesemonger / Bacon DlrWestgate Street
FOSTER John JamesPaper HangerLower Northgate Street
FOURACRE RobertChymist / DruggistCross
FOWLER Jn.Boot & Shoe MakerNorthgate Street
FOXTON Jno.Gent9 Brunswick Square
FRAMES John M.Brazier / Tin PlateWestgate Street
FREAM & PROSSERChymist / DruggistWestgate Street
FREEMAN WilliamCarpenter / JoinerBear Land
FRICKER Edward & SonTailor & DraperSt Aldate Street
FROWDMrs.Alfred Place, Bristol Road
FULLJAMES ThomasEsq.Hasfield Court
GABB DanielBlacksmithQuay Street
GALESPY GeorgeCoal DealerWestgate Street
GARDNER JohnTailorWestgate Street
GARDNER JohnWhitesmithWestgate Street
GARDNER JosephWhitesmithWestgate Street
GARDNER MaryLadies Boarding SchoolBarton Street
GARDNER MaryMilliner / Dress MakerSouthgate Street
GARDNER ThomasBlacksmithSpa Wharf
GARDNER ThomasRegistrar to the DioceseCollege Green
GAY HesterUpholsterer10 Brunswick Square
GEORGE SamuelBoarding & Day SchoolSt Mary's Square
GEORGE William BradleyAttorneySt Mary's Square
GIBBS S.MissWhite Cottage, Barton Street
GILLER HenryChina Glass DealerWestgate Street
GLOVER ThomasHat Maker / HatterLower Northgate Street
GODDARD WilliamTavern / Public HouseMerry Fellows, Barton Street
GOODRICH WilliamEsq.Wootton House
GOODWIN & WHITETurnerEastgate Street
GOODWIN RichardTavern / Public HouseThe Mitre, Mitre Street
GOULDAR WilliamPawnbrokerSouthgate Street
GRAFTON EstherConfectionerCollege Street
GRAFTON WilliamLinen / Woollen DraperNorthgate Street
GRANSMORE DorotheaButcherEastgate Street
GRANTMrs.Lower Northgate Street
GRANT ----Gent's Boarding SchoolHatherleigh
GREEN EdwardChina Glass DealerWestgate Street
GREEN EmmaMilliner / Dress MakerLongsmith Street
GREEN WilliamCoal DealerLittleworth
GREENING SamuelPerfumer / Hair DresserLower Northgate Street
GREGORY GeorgeCaptainParker's Row
GRIFFITH CharlesAttorneyLongsmith Street
GRIFFITH WilliamAttorneyBarton Street
GRIFFITHS JohnTavern / Public HouseThe Severn Trow, Quay Street
GRIFFITHS WilliamTavern / Public HouseThe Crown & Anchor, Westgate Street
GRIMES JamesLinen / Woollen DraperWestgate Street
GROVES ThomasShopkeeperLower Northgate Street
GROWTAGE Edward & JohnPlasterer / SlaterSt Mary's Square
GUISEGeneralThe Grange
GUISE WilliamSir. M.P.Rendcomb Park
GUMM WilliamBookseller / StationerWestgate Street
GUMM WilliamSalamander Fire AgentWestgate Street
GUNN ThomasPerfumer / Hair DresserNorthgate Street
GURNEY WilliamWhitesmithSouthgate Street
GWINNETT WilliamMaltsterBell Lane
HAINES JosephGrocer / Tea DealerWestgate Street
HAIR John NewtonGrocer / Tea DealerWestgate Street
HALE GeorgeArchitect / SurveyorSpa
HALE GeorgeTimber MerchantSpa.
HALE MaryMusical Instrument sellerCollege Court
HALFHIDE EdwardGrocer / Tea DealerEastgate Street
HALFORD JohnCabinet Maker/UpholstererMitre Street
HALFORD WilliamShopkeeperWestgate Street
HALL BenjaminPermit WriterExcise Office, St Mary's Square
HALL ENGLISH & Co.Pin ManufacturerBear Land
HALL EphraimSaddler & Harness MakerSouthgate Street
HALL George WilliamRevd. DDCollege Green
HALLING ? JohnTavern / Public HouseThe Ship, Quay
HALLING JohnCoal DealerQuay Street
HAMBLETON SarahTavern / Public HouseBerkeley Arms, Southgate Street
HANCE RichardFishmongerLower Northgate Street
HANCOCK IsaacBakerBarton Street
HANMAN JohnGrocer / Tea DealerSouthgate Street
HANMAN RichardBakerWestgate Street
HANMAN ThomasGrocer / Tea DealerBarton Street
HARDING FrancesMrs.Barton Street
HARDING JosephShopkeeperQuay Street
HARDING ThomasCoal DealerCanal Basin
HARDING ThomasStone & Marble MasonCanal Basin
HARDING WilliamShopkeeperLower Northgate Street
HARDWICK CharlesRevd.Barton Street
HARDWICK MaryMrs.Barton Street
HARDY JesseDay SchoolWestgate Street
HARMAN WilliamWheelwrightDockham
HARRIS GabrielStay MakerJohn Street
HARRIS HenryBoot & Shoe MakerBerkeley Street
HARRIS ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerNorthgate Street
HARRIS WilliamCarver / GuilderGloster Place, London Road
HARWARDCaptain Royal NavyMarsemore Lodge
HASTINGS ThomasHorse & Groom,Lower Northgate Street
HATCH JohnTavern / Public HouseNew Inn, Northgate Street
HATTON SusannaLeather cutterWestgate Street
HAVILAND HenryTavern / Public HouseThe Fleece, Westgate Street
HAVILAND RichardWriting & Geogrpahy Sch.Barton Street
HAVILAND WilliamBoarding & Day SchoolWorcester Street
HAVILAND WilliamWine & Spirit MerchantWestgate Street
HAWKINS WilliamStone & Marble MasonCanal Basin
HAYCOCK SamuelIronmongerWestgate Street
HAYNES EdmundEsq.Wotton Cottage
HAZELDINE ThomasButcherWestgate Street
HEANE EdwardMaster Batholomews Hosp:Westgate Street
HEANE James PeatSurgeonEastgate Street
HEATH MatthewCoal DealerQuay
HEAVAN Sarah & HarrietLadies Boarding SchoolBellevue House
HELPS James & RichardWoolstaplerBarton Street
HERBERT Eliza & CarolMilliner / Dress MakerWorcester Street
HERBERT ThomasFurniture BrokerKing Street
HERBERT WilliamGentWotton
HERBERT WilliamLinen / Woollen DraperNorthgate Street
HEWLETT & WARNERCabinet Maker/UpholstererEastgate Street
HEWLETT DanielStone & Marble MasonEastgate St, & Frampton on Severn
HEWLETT WilliamCarpenter / JoinerSouthgate Street
HEWLETT WilliamCheesemonger / Bacon DlrSouthgate Street
HICKMAN WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerEastgate Street
HICKS WilliamArchitect / SurveyorWestgate Street
HICKS WilliamBuilderWestgate Street
HIGGINS MaryBoarding SchoolLower Northgate Street
HIGGS WilliamBakerBarton Street
HIGGS WilliamMillerUpton
HILL BenoniTavern / Public HouseThe Bull, Bull Lane
HILL JamesMillerBarnwood Lower Mill
HILLIER SamuelPainter House / SignBarton Street
HILLIER SamuelTavern / Public HouseWellington Arms, Barton Street
HIPWOOD EdwardBoat /Barge BuilderQuay
HIPWOOD EdwardMast & Block makerQuay Street
HIPWOOD JohnSailmakerQuay
HITETH ? S.Surgeon & SuperintendentLunatic Asylum
HOBBS JosephBakerWestgate Street
HOBBS JosephCommercial AgentWestgate Street
HOBBS JosephCorn & Flour DealerWestgate Street
HOBBS JosephMaltsterWestgate Street
HOBBS ThomasGrocer / Tea DealerSouthgate Street
HODGES FrancisCoal DealerWestgate Street
HODGES JamesCheesemonger / Bacon DlrNorthgate Street
HODGES John PowellShopkeeperAlvin Street
HODGETTS JohnGrocer / Tea DealerEastgate Street
HOLBERT RobertNursery / SeedsmanSouthgate Street
HOLFORD HenryBoot & Shoe MakerWestgate Street
HOLLAND JohnSaddler & Harness MakerSouthgate Street
HOLMES B.Rt Revd.Wellington Parade
HOLTHAM WilliamHorse & Groom,Spread Eagle, Northgate Street
HOOPER JosephGrocer / Tea DealerWestgate Street
HOPKINS PhilipHatterEastgate Street
HOPKINSON Eliz.Mrs.Wotton Court
HOPKINSON GeorgeEsq.Wotton
HUDSON JohnCommercial AgentCanal Basin
HUDSON RobertHatterSouthgate Street
HUDSON ThomasTailorWestgate Street
HUGHES Wm. Henry & JnoLinen / Woollen DraperWestgate Street
HULBERT & Co.Tea DealerWestgate Street
HULLS Robert WilliamAttorneyKing Street
HUMPIDGE AnnMilliner / Dress MakerNorthgate Street
HUNT MaryMrs.Palace Yard
HUNT William LanthonyShip BuilderWharf Canal Basin
HUSBANDS WilliamClothes DealerSouthgate Street
HUTCHINSON MatthewLinen / Woollen DraperWestgate Street
HYETT AnnCooperBear Land
HYETT ThomasTavern / Public HouseCross Keys, Cross Keys Lane
HYETT ThomasMaltsterCross Key Lane
INCH Jos.Painter House / SignWestgate Street
INGRAM ElizabethSilversmith / JewellerSouthgate Street
JACKSONMrs.2 Brunswick Square
JACKSON AdamCarpenter / JoinerLongsmith Street
JACKSON John J.Wire workerLower Northgate Street
JACKSON ThomasButcherBarton Street
JACKSON William & Co.Dyer, BleacherWestgate Street
JACOB ThomasCollector's ClerkExcise Office, St Mary's Square
JACQUES CharlesBuilderMitre Street
JACQUES JohnArchitect / SurveyorWorcester Street
JACQUES WilliamCarpenter / JoinerMitre Street
JAKEMAN AnnGrocer / Tea DealerWestgate Street
JAMES JamesChina Glass DealerSouthgate Street
JEFFS CharlesTailorSt Aldate Street
JELF WilliamGrocer / Tea DealerSouthgate Street
JENKINS Arthur H.AttorneyWestgate Street
JENKINS ThomasTavern / Public HouseCoach & Horses, Catherine Street
JENKINS ThomasCollector of TaxesCuston House, St Mary's Square
JENNINGS MarthaShopkeeperLower Northgate Street
JENNINGS WilliamTailorSt Mary's Square
JEW JamesSilversmith / JewellerCross
JEW ThomasBookseller / StationerWestgate Street
JOHNSON Rich. Wm.& BenWine & Spirit MerchantBell Lane
JOHNSON Richd Wm.& BenMerchantBell Lane
JONES AnthonyPork ButcherSouthgate Street
JONES CharlesSailmakerQuay
JONES EdwardTavern / Public HouseThe Crown, Cross Keys Lane
JONES GeorgeGent6 Norfolk Terrace
JONES JosephBoot & Shoe MakerSouthgate Street
JONES MargaretMrs.Palace Yard
JONES RichardRevd.Barton Street
JONES SamuelCabinet Maker/UpholstererBolt Court, Eastgate Street
JONES Samuel & SonBrush MakerWestgate Street
JONES ThomasRevd.Hempstead
JONES ThomasStraw Hat MakerWestgate Street
JONES WilliamTawerWater Street
JOSSE AbbeRevd.Lower Northgate Street
KEEN ElizabethRope & Sacking MakerWestgate Street
KEENE ThomasTavern / Public HouseCooper's Arms, Westgate Street
KEMPTHORNE Jno.Revd.Parker's Row
KENDALL JohnAccountantBlackfriars
KENDALL JohnNorwich Union AgentBlackfriars
KENDALL RobertLinen / Woollen DraperNorthgate Street
KENDALL WilliamShip BrokerWestgate Street & Quay
KENDALL WilliamCommercial AgentWestgate Street & Quay
KENDALL WilliamCoal DealerQuay
KENDALL WilliamWestminster Life Ass.Westgate Street
KENDALL WilliamBritish Fire AgentWestgate Street
KENDALL WilliamWharfingerQuay & Westgate Street
KENT WilliamCorn & Flour DealerNorthgate Street
KENT WilliamTailorSouthgate Street
KIMBER JamesTavern / Public HouseThe Bell, Barton Street
KIMBER WilliamAuctioneer / AppraiserNorthgate Street
KING GeorgeConfectionerSouthgate Street
KING WilliamCarpenter / JoinerSt John Street
KING WilliamLivery Stable KeeperParker's Row
KIRBY BEARD & KIRBYPin ManufacturerWestgate Street
KIRK Joseph BustleAuctioneer / AppraiserNorthgate Street
KIRK Joseph BustleCabinet Maker/UpholstererNorthgate Street
KNOX WilliamPlasterer / SlaterCollege Green
KNOX William junPainter House / SignCathedral Yard
KNUST HenryTavern / Public HouseThe Fountain, Westgate Street
LACEY JohnCommercial AgentWestgate Street
LANDERMrs.4 Wellington Parade
LANDER CharlesTavern / Public HouseBlack Swan, Southgate Street
LANE JohnBasket / Sieve MakerBell Lane
LANE JosephBoot & Shoe MakerWestgate Street
LANE WilliamCurrier / Leather DealerBell Lane
LAPINGTON ThomasButcherSouthgate Street
LAWRENCE JamesMaltsterBarton Street
LEA JamesButcherWestgate Street
LEA John EdwardBookseller / StationerWestgate Street
LEA John EdwardClerical & Medical AgentWestgate Street
LEA WilliamFurniture BrokerLower Northgate Street
LEIGHTON ThomasAttorneyCollege Green
LEWIS JamesBlacksmith & FarrierLower Northgate Street
LEWIS JamesStay MakerSouthgate Street
LEWIS JamesTailorSt John Street
LEWIS JohnPlumber / GlazierNorthgate Street
LEWIS Jos.Bristol Fire AgentEastgate Street
LEWIS JosephAccountant4 Norfolk Street, Spa
LLOYD MarkLibrarian(Circulating) Near the Spa.
LONG EdwardButcherLongsmith Street
LONG FrancisStraw Hat MakerWestgate Street
LONG HarrietNational Boarding SchoolLower Northgate Street
LONG JohnMillerBarnwood
LONG JohnTurnerBlackfriars
LONG JosephButcherWestgate Street
LOVEDAY AnnBoarding SchoolKings Holm
LOVESY Robert EbsworthWheelwrightCastle Street
LOVESY Robert EbsworthTimber MerchantCastle Street
LOVETT JohnChymist / DruggistNorthgate Street
LOWE GeorgeSilversmith / JewellerWestgate Street
LOWE GeorgeWatch & Clock MakerWestgate Street
LUCASMrs. & Miss4 Beaufort Buildings
LUCY GeorgeCorn MerchantCanal Basin
LUNDIE DavidGents Boarding & Day SchBlackfriars
MADDY EdwinEsq.King Street
MADDY EdwinBarristerKing Street
MAITLAND Harry SaunderEsq.Spa
MAITLAND Samuel R.Revd.Spa
MALIPHANT CharlesCarpenter / JoinerLower Northgate Street
MANN ThomasWine & Spirit MerchantEastgate Street
MANSELL ThomasStone & Marble MasonCanal Basin
MANSFIELD John.Tea Dealer & HaberdasherWestgate Street
MARSH George & JnoCoach Builder/Harness MkrLower Northgate Street
MARSH JohnCooperWestgate Street
MARSH ThomasInn KeeperBell Hotel, Southgate Street
MARSH WilliamMillerSteam Mills
MARTIN & WASHBOURNWine & Spirit MerchantBell Lane
MASONLieut. Col.Norfolk Terrace
MATTHEWS SarahBrush MakerSouthgate Street
MATTHEWS SarahWine & Spirit MerchantSouthgate Street
MATTHEWS WilliamAttorneyCollege Green
MATTHEWS WilliamImperial Fire AgentCollege Green
MAYER Thomas & Fran.Grocer / Tea DealerNorthgate Street
MAYO JohnPawnbrokerWestgate Street
MAYO WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerLower Northgate Street
MAYSER JohnPainter House / SignLittleworth
MAYSEY ElizabethTavern / Public HouseLeather Bottle, Leather Bottle Lane
MAYSEY JohnButcherNorthgate Street
McWILLIAMS Jas.Tea DealerSt George's Place
MEADOWS CharlesPainter House / SignLondon Road
MEADOWS DanielFruitererLittleworth
MEADOWS GeorgePerfumer / Hair DresserWestgate Street
MEDDY PhiloCurrier / Leather DealerWhitefriars
MELSOM CharlesAuctioneer / AppraiserBell Lane
MERRETT JohnConfectionerWestgate Street
MEYLER William MorganSurgeonQueen Street
MIDDLETON WilliamButcherNorthgate Street
MILES Edward EdwinTailor & DraperWestgate Street
MILES JohnTavern / Public HouseKing's Arms, Tewkesbury Street
MILES ThomasTavern / Public HouseIndia House, Barton Street
MILLARD Joseph BondAuctioneer / AppraiserWestgate Street
MILLARD Joseph BondHosier / HaberdasherWestgate Street
MILLARD SarahTavern / Public HouseBarley Mow, Tewkesbury Street
MILLARD StephenTailor & DraperWestgate Street
MILLS ElizabethMissBarton House
MILLS ThomasWatch & Clock MakerSouthgate Street
MILNER JohnSupervisorExcise Office, St Mary's Square
MITTCHELL & TAYLORTailor & DraperWestgate Street
MONK RobertBlacksmithLittle Norfolk Street
MONRO Frances M.Mrs.College Green
MONTAGUE & CHURCHIron MerchantWestgate Street & Quay
MONTAGUE & CHURCHIronmongerWestgate Street
MONTAGUE WilliamIronfounderWestgate Street
MOORE WilliamConfectionerWestgate Street
MORGAN JohnShopkeeperSouthgate Street
MORGAN JohnStraw Hat MakerSouthgate Street
MORGAN RichardTavern / Public HouseBlack Dog, Northgate Street
MORGAN T. Mrs.Ladies Boarding SchoolWhitefriars
MORRIS GeorgeCorn Merchant3 Wellington Parade, London Road
MORRIS JamesGrocer / Tea DealerWestgate Street
MORRIS JosephGrocer / Tea DealerNorthgate Street
MORRIS RobertCorn MerchantCanal Basin
MORRIS RobertTannerWestgate Street
MOSES MosesPawnbrokerKing Street
MOSS WilliamWhitesmithMitre Street
MOUNTAIN JohnEsq.London Road
NEALE FrancisBarristerKing Street
NEALE FrancisEsq.King Street
NEEDHAM JosephBookseller / StationerWestgate Street
NEST ElizabethBakerWestgate Street
NEST JamesGrocer / Tea DealerWestgate Street
NIBLETTMrs.Matson House
NIBLETT D.I.Esq.Haresfield Court
NIBLETT JohnCheesemonger / Bacon DlrNorthgate Street
NICHOLLS SamuelButcherBarton Street
NICHOLS JosephTavern / Public HouseThe Duke, Westgate Street
OAKLEYMissBrunswick Square
OAKLEY SamuelWharfingerQuay
OAKLEY ThomasBrush MakerEastgate Street
OKEY CharlesBrazier / Tin PlateBell Lane
OKEY HenryPlasterer / SlaterSt Mary's Square
ORTON JamesPainter House / SignWestgate Street
ORTON MaryStraw Hat MakerWestgate Street
OSMAN JohnStone & Marble MasonLongsmith Street
PACE Mary & ElizaMilliner / Dress MakerLittle Norfolk Street
PACKER JohnCabinet Maker/UpholstererSouthgate Street
PAINE AbelAuctioneer / AppraiserWestgate Street
PAINE AbelCabinet Maker/UpholstererWestgate Street
PALLING Edward T.MillerBarnwood Upper Mill
PALMER JamesConfectionerWestgate Street
PARKER CharlesAttorneyPalace Yard
PARKER CharlesCoal DealerQuay Street
PARROTT JamesDyerWestgate Street
PARRY JamesBakerWestgate Street
PAYNE JamesStone & Marble MasonCanal Basin
PEACH JamesFurniture BrokerWestgate Street
PEARCEMrs.3 Beaufort Buildings
PEARSON AnnaDay SchoolWorcester Street
PEART AnnMrs.Lower Northgate Street
PEDLINGHAM EdwardTailorSouthgate Street
PENNY MaryStraw Hat MakerLower Northgate Street
PENNY MaryMilliner / Dress MakerLower Northgate Street
PENTON MaryTavern / Public HouseThe globe, Quay Street
PERKES WilliamTailorSouthgate Street
PERKS JohnTailor & DraperWestgate Street
PERRING DanielCapt.London Road
PERRIS JohnBlacksmithQuay Street
PERRY ThomasFurniture BrokerWestgate Street
PHILLPOTTS JohnBarristerBear Land
PHILLPOTTS JohnEsq.Bear Land
PHILLPOTTS JohnMrs.Brunswick Square
PIERREPOINTMrs.Longsmith Street
PIFFE Elizabeth & AnnGrocer / Tea DealerEastgate Street
PIFFE WilliamButcherSouthgate Street
PIKE WilliamFruitererWestgate Street
PITT James ThomasChair Maker & TurnerLower Northgate Street
PITT MaryMrs.Palace Street
PLAYNE GeorgeSurgeonInfirmary
PLAYNE GeorgeSurgeon & SecretaryInfirmary, Southgate Street
PLAYNE Margt. & HesterBoarding SchoolWorcester Street
PLAYNE WilliamSaddler & Harness MakerWestgate Street
POCOCK GeorgeGents Boarding SchoolWorcester Street
POLLARD EdwinAttorney5 Norfolk Street Spa
POOLE CharlesConfectionerLower Northgate Street
POOLE JamesCarver / GuilderCollege Street
PORTLOCK HenryTailorCross Keys Lane
PORTLOCK RichardCooperLower Northgate Street
POWELL Eliza & SarahLadies Boarding SchoolSt James's Street
POWELL ThomasAccountantLower Northgate Street
POWELL ThomasCooperLower Northgate Street
POWELL ThomasGlobe Fire AgentLower Northgate Street
POWER EdwardPrinter - Letter PressWestgate Street
PRATT ThomasGentKings Holm
PREEDY GeorgeBakerLittleworth
PRICE & WASHBOURNMerchantQuay Street
PRICE & WASHBOURNTimber MerchantQuay Street
PRICE JohnCabinet Maker/UpholstererSouthgate Street
PRICE JohnShopkeeperSouthgate Street
PRINCE JosephRope & Sacking MakerNorthgate Street
PRITCHARD Eliz.MrsKings Holm Cottage
PROBARD ThomasEating HouseWestgate Street
PROLE GeorgeGeneralSpa Villa
PROSSER WilliamGun MakerWestgate Street
PROTHEROE DavidBoot & Shoe MakerWestgate Street
PURBRICK HannahDay SchoolSt Mary's Square
PURNELL OnesiphorusCurrier / Leather DealerLower Northgate Street
RAVENHILL WilliamCoal DealerCanal Basin
RAWLINGS JohnInn KeeperBooth Hall Westgate Street
RAYMOND Charles HenryCapt.Sherborne Villa, Spa
REA WilliamBakerWestgate Street
REA WilliamBakerBarton Street
REA WilliamMaltsterBarton Street
READ WilliamEsq.Brunswick Square
REECE ThomasIronmongerNorthgate Street
REES WilliamBuilderBarton Street
REES WilliamArchitect / SurveyorLower Northgate Street
REEVE JosephBrush MakerBerkeley Street
REEVES Jas.PoultererBerkeley Street
RICE EdwardRevd & Hon.-------
RICHARDS JohnCarpenter / JoinerBerkeley Street
RICHARDS WilliamPlasterer / SlaterWestgate Street
ROBERTSMissNorfolk Street
ROBERTS JohnGrocer / Tea DealerNorthgate Street
ROBERTS JosephPrinter - Letter PressWestgate Street
ROBINS WilliamGentSpa Villas
ROCK SamuelBasket / Sieve MakerBolt Court, Eastgate Street
ROLLS SamuelDay SchoolLongsmith Street
RUDGE Benj. JohnsonCabinet Maker/UpholstererEastgate Street
RUDHALL JohnBell FounderOxbody Lane
RUSSELL & SKEYBankerEastgate Street
RUSSELL ThomasEsq.London Road
RYDER & TOOBYLinen / Woollen DraperWestgate Street
SADLER ElishaGentKings Holm
SADLER ElishaSurveyor - Land etcSouthgate Street
SALOWAY BenjaminHosier / HaberdasherSouthgate Street
SANSOME ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerNorthgate Street
SANTS JosephBoot & Shoe MakerWestgate Street
SAUNDERSMrs.3 Brunswick Square
SAUNDERS Daniel EllisMrs.Berkeley Street
SAUNDERS Jno. M.Esq.Wotton Lodge
SAUNDERS ThomasTailor & DraperWestgate Street
SELWYN TownsendRevd.Prebentary---------
SESSIONS JamesCabinet Maker/UpholstererPalace Street
SEYMOUR Jn. HobartRevd. Prebentary----------
SHERWOOD ElizabethMilliner / Dress MakerSouthgate Street
SHIPTON J.M.Lieut. Royal MarinesClarence House Spa.
SHIPTON Maurice & JasMerchantCanal Basin
SHIPTON Maurice & JasTimber MerchantCanal Basin
SHUTE HardwickPhysicianParker's Row
SIKES HenryDancing SchoolBarton Street
SIMMS ThomaspavierKing's Holm
SLATTER ElishaLivery Stable KeeperKings Holm
SLATTER Thomas & JnoFellmonger / LeatherWorcester Street
SLOMAN RobertChair Maker & TurnerWorcester Street
SMALLMAN John S.Boarding HouseSpa
SMALLRIDGE CharlesAttorneySt Mary's Square
SMALLRIDGE CharlesProctorSt Mary's Square
SMART GilesBoot & Shoe MakerTewkesbury Street
SMART ThomasCarpenter / JoinerLondon Road
SMITH ---Revd.Kings Holm
SMITH AaronTavern / Public HouseThe Parrot, Berkeley Street
SMITH AaronCooperWestgate Street
SMITH ElizabethMrs.Palace Yard
SMITH EphraimTimber MerchantParker's Row
SMITH EstherMilliner / Dress MakerSouthgate Street
SMITH GeorgeBakerWestgate Street
SMITH GeorgeLinen / Woollen DraperEastgate Street
SMITH GeorgeMaltsterWestgate Street
SMITH IsaacPlumber / GlazierLongsmith Street
SMITH IsaiahPlumber / GlazierWestgate Street
SMITH JohnTailorLower Northgate Street
SMITH JohnGrocer / Tea DealerBarton Street
SMITH MaryMrs.Whitefriars
SMITH PearceBakerTewkesbury Street
SMITH RobertRevd.Palace Yard
SMITH ThomasAttorneyLower Northgate Street
SMITH ThomasPainter House / SignSouthgate Street
SMITH ThomasTavern / Public HouseRobins Wood, Hill House.
SMITH WilliamHallier ??Barbican House
SMITH WilliamTimber MerchantSouthgate Street
SMITH WilliamTavern / Public HouseThe Shakespear, Lower Northgate St.
SOMERSETLordHempstead Court
SPIER ThomasHat Maker / HatterWestgate Street
SPILLMAN SamuelTailorSt Aldate Street
SPRING HenryTavern / Public HouseMason's Arms, Westgate Street
SPRING WilliamBakerLower Northgate Street
SPRING WilliamMaltsterLower Northgate Street
STANHOPE Edwin ScudamoSir BartLondon Road
STANLEY ThomasCabinet Maker/UpholstererNorthgate Street
STEGER George G.Landing & Coast WaiterCuston House, St Mary's Square
STEPHENS JohnBrush MakerCollege Court
STEPHENS John ThomasPerfumer / Hair DresserWestgate Street
STERRY CharlesTavern / Public HouseThree Cocks, Three Cocks Lane
STERRY WalterCarpenter / JoinerEastgate Street
STEVENS WilliamBrazier / Tin PlateSouthgate Street
STEVENS Wm. ThomasPlumber / GlazierLower Northgate Street
STOCKMrs.4 Norfolk Street
STOCK ElizabethButcherWestgate Street
STOCKWELL GeorgePainter House / SignLady Bell Gate
STOKES WilliamBookseller / StationerCollege Court
STONE RobertFurniture BrokerLower Northgate Street
STOPFORD CharlesHat Maker / HatterNorthgate Street
STRATFORD JohnCabinet Maker/UpholstererBlackfriars
STRINGER ThomasWheelwrightBarton Street
STROUD GeorgeStone & Marble MasonSt Mary's Square
SYKES FrancesLadies Boarding & Day SchWhitefriars
TANNER JamesStone & Marble MasonSt James' Place
TANNER Joel JohnTavern / Public HouseGreen Dragon, Southgate Street
TAYLOR ElizabethConfectionerWestgate Street
TAYLOR JamesRope & Sacking MakerWestgate Street
TAYLOR JohnCabinet Maker/UpholstererNorthgate Street
TAYLOR JohnTailorWestgate Street
TAYLOR JohnGrocer / Tea DealerSouthgate Street
TAYLOR JohnWine & Spirit MerchantSouthgate Street
TAYLOR ThomasTavern / Public HouseThe Oxbody, Mitre Street
TAYLOR WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerWestgate Street
TAYSUM AnnPawnbrokerWestgate Street
THACKWELL JosephWatch & Clock MakerCollege Street
THOMAS DanielTailorNorthgate Street
THOMAS JamesTavern / Public HouseCity Arms, Bell Lane
THOMAS JoshuaTavern / Public HouseThe Lord Nelson, Littleworth
THOMAS SarahMilliner / Dress MakerBarton Street
THOMPSON Charles G.Hosier / HaberdasherWestgate Street
THOMPSON Charles G.WoolstaplerWestgate Street
THURSTON JohnBrazier / Tin PlateWestgate Street
TIBBITTS JohnTailor & DraperNorthgate Street
TIDMARSH WilliamChina Glass DealerEastgate Street
TIPPETTS & SonPlumber / GlazierEastgate Street
TIPTON RichardAttorneyWestgate Street
TIVEY JohnShopkeeperWestgate Street
TOLLEY & TRIMMERBrewerLower Northgate Street
TOOMBS ElizabethTavern / Public HouseNew Inn, Longford
TORY AnthonyHardwaremanWestgate Street
TOWNSEND JosephCabinet Maker/UpholstererBlackfriars
TOWNSEND RichardCabinet Maker/UpholstererWestgate Street
TOWNSEND ThomasFurniture BrokerSouthgate Street
TRENCH DanielHon & Revd.---------
TRICKEY JohnBasket / Sieve MakerLower Northgate Street
TUCKER ElizabethStraw Hat MakerEastgate Street
TUCKER JohnBoarding & Day SchoolWestgate Street
TUCKER Robt RobertsChymist / DruggistLower Northgate Street
TUFFLEY WilliamBakerWestgate Street
TURK CharlesMaltsterLower Northgate Street
TURNER EdwardSurveyor - Land etcBarton Street
TURNER JohnKeeper City PrisonSouthgate Street
TURNER JosephLivery Stable KeeperBull Lane
TURNER ThomasEsq.5 Spa Villas
TYERS JamesHorse & Groom,Ram, Southgate Street
ULETT CharlesWhitesmithNew Inn Lane
UNDERWOOD CharlesWhitesmithWestgate Street
URSELL FrancisPlumber / GlazierBell Lane
VEALE BenjaminButcherWestgate Street
VEALE JohnCollectorExcise Office, St Mary's Square
VERRINDER ElizabethCorn & Flour DealerSouthgate Street
VERRINDER WilliamPrinter - Letter PressSouthgate Street
VICK SylvanusSaddler & Harness MakerSouthgate Street
VOGT JosephWooden Clock MakerNorthgate Street
WAKEMAN ThomasSurveyor - Land etcQueen Street
WALDEN WilliamPrinter - Letter PressNorthgate Street
WALKER AnnShip BrokerQuay
WALKER AnnCommercial AgentQuay
WALKER AnnWharfingerQuay
WALKER DavidNewspaper Prop:Gloucester Journal,Westgate Street
WALKER David & SonPrinter - Letter PressWestgate Street
WALKER WilliamTavern / Public HouseThe Saracen's Head, Eastgate Street
WALTERS DavidEsq.Barnwood House
WALTERS Jas.Esq.Barnwood House
WARD HenrySurgeonSouthgate Street
WARING ElijahGas Company Office---------
WARNE JohnButcherWestgate Street
WARWICK ElizabethTavern / Public HouseCurrier's Arms, Barton Street
WARWICK HenryBlacksmithBarton Street
WASHBORNE NathanielConfectionerSouthgate Street
WASHBOURN George & SonBakerEastgate Street
WASHBOURN George & SonMaltsterEastgate Street
WASHBOURN JohnCommercial AgentCommercial Salerooms, St Aldate St
WASHBOURN JohnGuardian Fire AgentSt Aldate Street
WASHBOURN Margt.Mrs.London Road
WASHBOURN, MORGAN ROSEChymist / DruggistEastgate Street
WASHBOURNE JohnAuctioneer / AppraiserCommercial Salerooms, St Aldate St
WASHBOURNE Nath. & GeoLinen / Woollen DraperWestgate Street
WATHARN HenryBoot & Shoe MakerSouthgate Street
WATHEN CharlesHorse & Groom,Spa Hotel, Spa
WATHEN WilliamTavern / Public HouseThe Queen's Head, Catherine Street
WATKINS JohnCarpenter / JoinerBarton Terrace
WATSON JohnLinen / Woollen DraperSouthgate Street
WATTS SamuelBrazier / Tin PlateSouthgate Street
WEAVER CharlesPhoenix Fire AgentKing Street
WEAVER JohnBoot & Shoe MakerNorthgate Street
WEBB JohnRevd.Barton Street
WEBB JosephCheesemonger / Bacon DlrEastgate Street
WEBB Wm. StephenBoot Tree & Last MakerSt Aldate Street
WELCH JohnBoot & Shoe MakerSt John Street
WELLING SarahDay SchoolBerkeley Street
WELLS CharlesMillerUpton St Leonard
WEMYSS FrancisMajorLondon Road
WETHERELL HenryRevd. Prebentary 
WETHERELL JamesRevd.1 Beaufort Buildings Spa.
WHEELERMrs.Southgate Street
WHEELER AnnTavern / Public HouseThe Ten Bells, Westgate Street
WHEELER CharlesStone & Marble MasonLower Northgate Street
WHEELER JamesCarpenter / JoinerWestgate Street
WHEELER James CheslinNursery / SeedsmanNorthgate Street
WHEELER Jas. DanielNursery / SeedsmanLower Northgate Street
WHEELER WilliamLinen / Woollen DraperNorthgate Street
WHEELLER JamesFellmonger / LeatherSouthgate Street
WHEELLER JamesHosier / HaberdasherSouthgate Street
WHEELLER JamesWoolstaplerSouthgate Street
WHITCOMB RobertMillerUpton Up. Mill
WHITCOMBE & GRIFFITHAttorneyTewkesbury Street
WHITCOMBE Chas. UptonButcherSt Leonards
WHITCOMBE JamesButcherBarton Street
WHITCOMBE Jno. AubreyDistributorStamp Office, Tewkesbury Street
WHITE John MotleyPerfumer / Hair DresserWestgate Street
WHITE JosephGrocer / Tea DealerWestgate Street
WHITEHEAD JamesBoot & Shoe MakerCollege Court
WHITEHEAD WilliamStraw Hat MakerCollege Street
WHITFIELD ThomasLadies' Boot & Shoe MakerWestgate Street
WHITTARD RichardHatterNorthgate Street
WHITTICK Mary AnnToy DealerCollege Street
WILKES BenjaminBakerKings Holm
WILKES JamesTailorNorthgate Street
WILKINS JamesStraw Hat MakerNorthgate Street
WILKINS JamesPerfumer / Hair DresserNorthgate Street
WILKS WilliamUmbrella & Parasol Maker15 Southgate Street
WILLEYMrs.Westgate Street
WILLIAMS & JONESTannerLower Northgate Street
WILLIAMS BenjaminSilversmith / JewellerWestgate Street
WILLIAMS ElizabethStraw Hat MakerSouthgate Street
WILLIAMS Herbert R.SurgeonWestgate Street
WILLIAMS JohnBoot & Shoe MakerLower Northgate Street
WILLIAMS RichardTavern / Public HouseThe George (lower), Westgate Street
WILLIAMS RobertGentWotton Parade
WILLIAMS SamuelTavern / Public HouseDuke of Wellington, Westgate Street
WILSON AlexanderSir Bart.Hillfield House
WILSON GeorgeProvision DealerWorcester Street
WILSON JohnShopkeeperWestgate Street
WILSON JohnLinen / Woollen DraperBarton Street
WILSON JohnTea DealerBarton Street
WILTON Henry & RobertAttorneySt John Street
WILTON John WilliamSurgeonBerkeley Street
WILTON RobertWest of England AgentJohn Street
WILTON SarahMrs.Eastgate Street
WILTON WilliamSurgeonCollege Green
WINGATE JamesBuilderWorcester Street
WINGATE Job.BookbinderNorthgate Street
WINGATE Mrs H.Prop: of Wingate's PillsPalace Street
WINGATE WilliamCarpenter / JoinerBarton Street
WINGATE WilliamCabinet Maker/UpholstererLower Northgate Street
WINTLE Jas.Esq.Saintbridge House
WINTLE JohnEsq.Barton Street
WINTLE John & Co.Wine & Spirit MerchantEastgate Street
WISH John K.Revd.Spa Villas
WITHERS JohnCoal DealerWestgate Street
WOOD JamesBanker (Old Bank)Westgate Street
WOOD JamesLinen / Woollen DraperWestgate Street
WOOD Jas.Provident Fire AgentWestgate Street
WOOD Jas.County Fire AgnetWestgate Street
WOOD JohnMaster Blue Coat SchoolEastgate Street
WOOD MatthewEsq. M.P.Berkeley Street
WOODBRIDGEMrs.Barnwood House
WOODCOCK FrederickPostmasterPost Office, St Aldgate Street
WOODLIFF ThomasWoolstaplerLower Northgate Street
WOODWARD & JOHNSONSCabinet Maker/UpholstererHalf Street
WOOTON CharlesBakerWorcester Street
WORKMAN John & SonTailorEastgate Street
WORTHINGTON George Hy.Captain.Lower Northgate Street
WRIGHT HannahTavern / Public HouseThe White Hart, Kings' Holm
WRIGHT HenryBoot & Shoe MakerHare Lane
WRIGHT HenryTavern / Public HouseRoyal Oak, Westgate Street
YATES BenjaminCoal DealerBlackfriars
YATES HarrietTavern / Public HouseThe SDtar, Quay Street
YOUNG HannahMrs.5 Wellington Parade
YOUNG JosephWhitesmithHare Lane

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 24th October 1993]