Extract from Kelly's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1861


Transcribed by Brian Kings in Geraldton, West Australia © 1996

"LYDNEY is a parish, town, and railway station: the parish is bounded on the east by the river Severn, which is here connected with the Wye by means of a tramway; the town is situated on the high road from Gloucester to Chepstow and Swansea, distant from Chepstow 9 miles north- east, 123 miles west-by-north from London by road, and 134 by rail, and 20 south-west from Gloucester, in the Bledisloe hundred, union and county court district of Chepstow, rural deanery of the Forest. Gloucester archdeaconry, and bishopric of Gloucester and Bristol.

The church of St. Mary is a large structure in the Early English style of architecture, with a square tower, surmounted by a handsome spire, nave, north and south aisles, chancel, clock, and a peal of 6 bells; it has been restored and repewed at considerable expense; a new and beaut- ifully carved stone pulpit, a modern font, and several handsome painted windows (by Wailes, of Newcastle,) have been added. The living is a vicarage with the chapelry of Ailburton annexed, annual value 600 Pounds in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Hereford; the Rev. Benjamin PHILPOT, M.A., late archdeacon of Sodor and Man, and formerly Fellow of Christ College, Cambridge, is the incumbent, and the Rev. Smithett SWINFORD, M.A., is curate.

There is a boys' and girls' school, educating about 250 children, hitherto supported by Charles BATHURST, Esq. There are places of worship for Baptists, Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists. Here is also a mechanics' institute. Fairs are held on May 4th and November 8th, and a general wool and stock fair on 25th June.

Lydney is by some writers supposed to have been the Roman station "Abona," and there are certain evidences of its occupation by the Romans. In Lydney park, where stands the mansion of the late Charles Bathurst, Esq., are remains of a Roman villa and of two camps; and near a Roman bath, in tolerably perfect preservation, fragments of tesselated pavement, urns, statues, coins, &c., have likewise been found.

The population in 1861 was 2,285; the acreage is 4,861; rateable value, 10,761.18s.1d Pounds. The Rev. William BATHURST, Edward Owen JONES, and James CROOME, Esqs., are chief landowners. There are charities of about 5 Pounds yearly value.

The town is situated in the district of the Forest of Dean. In the vicinity numerous coal and iron mines are worked, and a very superior kind of stone is quarried. There is also an extensive iron and tinplate works. The Lydney station on the Gloucester, Carmarthen and Swansea line is about half a mile east of the town. Petty sessions are held at the Feathers hotel every four weeks. Lydney creek, port of Gloucester, is the term given to the harbour; the width of the outer gates is 26 feet; and within, vessels of 400 tons find birth."

"AILBURTON is a tithing in the parish of Lydney, and lies on the high road, 1 mile south-by west. The church was rebuilt in 1857, at the expense of Charles Bathurst, Esq., except 25 Pounds given by the lessee of the great tithes. The acreage is 1,506a. 1r. 16p.; rateable value, 2,844.19s.10d Pounds. The population in 1861 was 604. Parish Clerk, John HADFIELD."


ALLAWAY Thomas, Esq. J.P.   Highbury
BATHURST Rev. William   Lydney park
CROOME Daniel, Jun. Esq.   Lydney
DAVIES David, Esq.   Althorpe house
GIMBLETT John, Esq.   Tuthill house
GOLLOP James, Esq.   Lydney
GREENHAM Charles, Esq.   Highfield house
HILL Mr. William Yevily   Moorlands
HOLDER Mrs   Lydney
HOOKE Mr. Richard   Lydney
KEELING George Baker, Esq.   Severn cottage
NICHOLSON Thomas, Esq.   Lydney
PHILPOT Rev. Benjamin, M.A. (incumbent)   Lydney
PROUDFOOT Thomas, Esq.   Lydney
RIDLEY Rev. Morris S. (Baptist)   Lydney


ALLAWAY Wm. & Sons iron & tinplate works Lydney
BAILEY William blacksmith Newerne
BAILEY Thos. Pearce farmer Dairy farm
BARNARD John Fisher. grocer, draper, baker & farmer Rodley's Manor farm
BARNES Frederick William butcher Lydney
BATTEN Jemima (Mrs.) Feathers Hotel & posting house Lydney
BOON Robt. market gardener Ayland Ldg.
BRICE Thomas butcher Lydney
BUDDING Thos. photographer Newerne
CLIFT John farmer Purton farm
COLLINS John ironmonger Newerne
COLLINS Thomas agent Spring cottage
CORBETT & Co. coal proprietors Lydney
COURTEEN George Albert Inn & maltster Newerne
CRADDOCK James haulier Lydney
CROOME Daniel, jun. solicitor Lydney
DAVIES Edward E. agent for New Lydney Trading & Carrying Co. Lydney
DAVIS David shipwright Lydney lock
DEAN & Son plumbers, painters, glaziers & paperhangers Lydney
DEAN Emily Harriet (Miss) draper Lydney
EDWARDS Benjamin wheelwright Lydney
EDWARDS Charles beer retailer Lydney
EDWARDS Thomas farmer Gurshill farm
FARMER Thomas Henry hairdresser Lydney
FREEMAN Charles tailer Lydney
FREEMAN George carpenter Lydney
GARLAND Charles general agent Lydney
GIMBLETT John surgeon Tuthill house
GLANVILLE Elizabeth (Mrs.) milliner Lydney
GLANVILLE Oliver Thomas stationer Lydney
Gloucestershire Banking Co. (Edward Owen JONES, manager) Lydney
GOLLOP, RIDLER & Co. coal merchants Lydney
HARRIS Charles boot & shoe maker Lydney
HATHAWAY Frederick Henry chemist & druggist, stationer, stamp dbtr. & agent for the Birmingham fire office Lydney
HENDERSON John agent for J. MORRELL - coal proprietor Lydney
HEWLETT Thomas farmer Lydney
HILL & FISHER grocers, drapers & tallow chandlers Lydney
HILL Charles butcher Newerne
HOLDER Samuel maltster & hop merchnt Lydney
HOLFORD James blacksmith Lydney
HOWELL James shopkpr & beer retlr. Newerne
ILES Albert farmer Hurst farm
JAMES John ironmonger Newerne
JAMES Margaret (Mrs.) beer retailer Forest road
JENKINS Thomas sawyer & beer retlr. Lydney
JONES Edward Owen Mgr. for Gloucestershire Banking Co. Lydney
JONES George Swan (Innkpr.) Lydney
JONES Richard shopkeeper Lydney
JONES William beer retailer Lydney
JORDAN Charles shoemaker Lydney
KEELING George Baker Sec. to the Severn & Wye railway & Canal Co. Lydney
KELSEY James grocer, asst. overseer & collector of Income & assessed taxes, & agent for Norwich fire & life. Lydney
LEE John farmer Warrens
LONG George farmer Duffield farm
Lydney Trading & Carrying Co. (George PROVIS, manager) Lydney
MERRETT John shopkeeper, beer retlr. & harbour master - Lydney lock Lydney
MERRICK Samuel saddle & harness maker Lydney
MORGAN Richard shoemaker Lydney
MORRELL James coal proprietor (John HENDERSON, agent) Lydney
NELIU'S Charles shoemaker Lydney
New Lydney Trading & Carrying Co. (Edward E. DAVIES, agent) Lydney
NEWMAN John Blanton manager of the Co-op. Ind. Society's stores Lydney
OAKEY Giles farmer Clift farm
Park End Coal Co. (James Wood SULLY, manager) Lydney
Pearce & Robinson iron foundry Lydney
POPE Alfred tailer Newerne
POWELL James carpenter Lydney
POWELL John Veterinary surgeon Lydney
POWELL Joseph blacksmith Newerne
PROTHEROE Richard beer retailer Lydney
PROUDFOOT Thomas physician Lydney
PROVIS George Mgr. for the Lydney trading & carrying Co. Lydney
READ William custom house officer Lydney
REYNOLDS George boot & shoe maker Lydney
RIDLER James farmer Soilwell farm
RIDLER John Railway hotel Lydney
ROBERTS Thomas plumber & glazier Forest road
SAINSBURY Thomas farmer Nass farm
SANDERS John farmer Nass
SANDERS Thomas farmer Blackrock farm
SAUNDERS Thomas beer retailer Lydney
SAUNDERS Wm. butcher & beer retlr. Lydney
Severn & Wye Railway & Canal Office (George Baker KEELING, secretary) Lydney
SMALE John Rowe grocer & draper Lydney
SMITH John chemist, druggist & stationer Lydney
SMITH Thomas accountant Lydney
SMITH William shopkeeper & baker Newerne
SMOOTHY Stephen steward to Rev. W. BATHURST Lydney park
STEPHENS Mary (Mrs.) saddler Newerne
SULLY James Wood Mgr. for Park End Coal Co. Lydney
TAMPLIN John, jun. farmer & spirit mrchnt. Lydney
TAYLOR Joseph farmer Holmes farm
TAYLOR Joseph shoemaker  
TAYLOR Walter farmer Wards
THOMAS Rees tailor Lydney
THORNTON John watch & clockmaker Newerne
TROTTER Thomas & Co. coal & stone proprtrs Lydney
VALE Charles ferry, & Purton Passage hotel Purton
WALKER Charles mason Lydney
WATTS Elizabeth (Mrs.) grocer & draper Newerne
WATKINS William hairdresser Newerne
WESCOTT William accountant Lydney
WILLIAMS Fredk. farmer Allistone court
WILLIAMS Mary Rose (Mrs.) cooper Newerne
WILLIAMS Thomas farmer Nass Court farm & Nass house
WINTER John butcher Newerne
WINTER Richard carrier Lydney
WOOLES George tiler & plasterer Lydney
WOOLES William Beer retlr. tiler & plasterer Lydney


ADDISON William Thos. Esq.   The Warrens
GEM George, Esq.   Tankerhopes
KNIGHT Mrs. Sarah   Devonshire villa
TROTTER Theophilus, Esq.   Ailburton
TUCKWELL William John Stephens, Esq.   Ailburton


BRINKWORTH George nailmaker Ailburton
COWELL Henry cooper Ailburton
DAVIS John shopkeeper Ailburton
GARDINER Mary Anne (Miss) bookseller Ailburton
GARLAND Samuel farmer Lodge farm
GARLAND Thomas farmer Park farm
GARLAND William farmer Cross
GARLAND William farmer Tump farm
HANDCOCK William shoemaker & postmaster Ailburton
HOWELL Felix beer retailer Ailburton
HOWELL Henry grocer & draper Ailburton
JONES Herbert boot & shoemaker Ailburton
LEWIS Sarah (Miss) shopkeeper Ailburton
LIGG James beer retlr. & shpkpr. Ailburton
LUCAS Emanuel farmer Bream lodge
PAGE Phoebe (Mrs.) farmer Ailburton
POWELL John beer retailer Ailburton
POWELL William blacksmith Ailburton
ROBBINS James shopkeeper Ailburton
ROWLAND John beer retailer Ailburton
TUCKWELL Wm. John Stephens surgeon Ailburton
WATKINS William shopkeeper & butcher Ailburton
WILLIAMS William miller Ailburton
YOUNG Andrew Hare & Hound (Innkpr.) Ailburton

POST OFFICE & POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK.- William IMM, postmaster. money orders are granted and paid at this office from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.
Letters from London & all parts arrive at 3:11 a.m. & are delivered at 7; dispatched 9:40 p.m., box closes 9:15. Letters with an extra stamp - affixed may be posted till 9:30. North mail arrives at 8 a.m.; dispatched 5:55 p.m. Box closes 5:30. Mail from Coleford arrives 11:20 a.m.; dispatched 4:40 p.m.

POST OFFICE, NEWERNE.- John Rowe SMALE, receiver. Letters are posted - here till 7 p.m.

MAGISTRATES.- George ORMOROD, Esq., Sedbury park; Major Edward A. NOEL, Clannafalls; Robert Castle JENKINS, Esq., Beachley lodge; William Aeneas SEYS, Esq., Tutshill lodge; & Thomas ALLOWAY, Esq., Highbury.

Birmingham Fire, Frederick Henry HATHAWAY.
Eagle, John R. SMALE.
Life Association of Scotland, Thomas SMITH.
Norwich Fire & Life, James KELSEY.

Severn & Wye Railway & Canal Office, George Baker KEELING, secretary.

RAILWAY STATION, William ALLEN, station master.


STAMP OFFICE, Frederick Henry HATHAWAY, sub-distributor.

HARBOUR OFFICE, Lydney lock, John MERRETT, harbour master.


POLICE STATION, Charles TANNER, sergeant.

PUBLIC OFFICERS.- Assistant Overseer & Collector of Assessed, Property & Income Taxes, James KELSEY.

Harbour Master, John MERRETT, Lydney lock.

Free School (boys), Elijah HOOK, master; (girls), Mrs. Sarah MATHEWS & Mrs. Fanny MORGAN, mistresses.

CONVEYANCE.- Mail coach from Coleford arrives at the Feathers hotel, thence to the Railway station, every morning (sundays excepted) at 11, returning at 4:30 p.m.

New Lydney Trading & Carrying Co. between Lydney & Bristol; takes in goods at the former place every monday, & leaves on tuesday morning & takes in goods at the latter place on thursday, & leaves for Lydney on friday morning, Edward E. DAVIES, agent.

Lydney Trading & Carrying Company
TO COLEFORD- James DOBBS, three or four times a week; Richard WINTER, every saturday.

[Transcribed by Brian Kings in Geraldton, West Australia on 5th October 1996]